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2.4/FortiOS 5.How to work with Fortinet Support Supported Upgrade Paths – FortiOS SysAdmin Notes FAQ Tips Take-out Menu Glossary Info Suggest a recipe Comment Policy Documentation Forum Visual Resources & Links Cookbook Team Haut du formulaire Search for: Search Bas du formulaire FortiGate/FortiOS 5. 2014 by Bill Dickie .5+/WiFi Explicit proxy with web caching Posted on November 5.3/FortiOS 5.0/FortiOS 5.2.

you will add explicit proxy with web caching to your wireless network.* Watch the video . WAN Optimization web caching is added to reduce the amount of Internet bandwidth used and improve web browsing performance.i Rate this recipe In this example. All devices on the wireless network will be required to connect to the proxy at port 8080 before they can browse web pages on the Internet.

Enabling WAN Optimization and configuring the explicit web proxy for the wireless interface Go to System > Config > Features.1. . edit the wireless interface and select Enable Explicit Web Proxy. Ensure that Explicit Proxy and WAN Opt & Cache are enabled. Go to System > Network > Interfaces.

Select Enable Explicit Web Proxy for HTTP/HTTP S. Adding an explicit web proxy policy Go to Policy & Objects > Policy > Explicit Proxy and create a new policy.Go to System > Network > Explicit Proxy. 2. Make sure that Default Firewall Policy Action is set to Deny. Turn on Web . Set Explicit Proxy Type to Web and the Outgoing Interface to the Internet- facing interface.

Some browsers may have to be configured to use the device’s proxy settings. Select Web Proxy (HTTP) and configure the proxy settings. Go to Connection s > LAN Settings and enable and configure the Proxy Server. The IP address of the server is the IP address of the FortiGate’s wireless interface (in the example.80.Cache. Windows Vista/7/8: Open Internet Properties. Configuring devices on the wireless network to use the web proxy To use the web proxy. . Mac OS X: Open Network Preferences > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Proxies. 3. all devices on the wireless network must be configured to use the explicit proxy server. 10.10.1) and the port is 8080.

Android: In WiFi network connection settings. edit the wireless network. Edit the wireless network. 4.iOS: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi. configure a Manual proxy and enter the proxy settings. Scroll down to HTTP PROXY select Manual and configure the proxy settings. Force HTTP and HTTPS traffic to use the Web Proxy Block HTTP and HTTPS access to the Internet . Select Show advanced options.

You can also add a policy to the top of the list that Denies HTTP and HTTPS traffic. attempt to connect to the Internet from the wireless network using a device that has not been configured to connect to the proxy. Configure the device to use the proxy. Access should be blocked. 5. You should now be able to connect to the Internet. You can edit or delete policies that allow HTTP or HTTPS access. Results* To confirm that the proxy is processing traffic.from the wireless network so that the only path to the Internet is through the explicit proxy. Go to WAN .

Monitor to view WEBPROXY traffic in the Traffic Summary. & Cache > Monitor > Cache Monitor to view web caching activity.2 Handbook.C heck the Bandwidth Optimizatio n graph for WEBPROXY traffic Go to WAN Opt. check out The FortiGate explicit web proxy in the FortiOS 5.Opt. For further reading. & Cache > Monitor > WAN Opt. About Latest Posts .

4-feature-platform-matrix).June 13.June 8.October 17.Bill Dickie Our Fearless Documentation Leader at Fortinet After completing a science degree at the University of Waterloo. 2016 High Availability with two FortiGates .fortinet. You can skip the WAN Optimization Web Caching steps if your FortiGate does not support this feature. Tech writing stints at all sorts of companies finally led to joining Fortinet to write the first FortiGate-300 Administration Guide. WiFi Post navigation Older post Blocking Facebook Newer post . Newfoundland and fell into technical writing after moving to Ottawa in the mid '80s. 5. Your FortiGate does not require WAN Optimization Web Caching to configure the explicit proxy.2. For information about which models support this feature see the FortiOS Feature/Platform matrix (http://docs. Bill began his professional life teaching college chemistry in Corner Brook. 2016 High Availability with FGCP (Expert) . Latest posts by Bill Dickie (see all) FGCP High Availability Troubleshooting . This step is only available if your FortiGate supports WAN Optimization and Web Caching. 2016 Share this recipe: WAN Optimization and WAN Optimization Web Caching is not available on all FortiGate models.

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