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Gondor Clarifications and Errata (unofficial)


The hexside between 2101 and 2201 should be a Wall on the Gondor map.


Phase E in the outline of the Sequence of Play should read:

E. Second Magic Leader Movement Phase

Players repeat Phase A with the following exceptions: Leaders that cast Spells (whether successful or
not) in A may not do so in this Phase; and the Sauron Magic Leaders move (or cast Spells) first in this


Case 7.12 should read:

[7.12] The range for Archers or Bowmen is two hexes. Catapults used as anti-personnel units have a

range of two also, and a Missile Combat Strength of e. This range includes the target hex, but excludes
the firing units hex.


Case 7.31 should read:

[7.31] In a given Combat Phase, after all Missile and Leader Combat has been resolved, each Phasing

combat unit that is in the ZOC of one or more Enemy
combat units must attack one of the Enemy
combat units whose ZOC the Phasing unit is in. The Phasing combat unit may not attack more than one

Enemy unit; it must attack one.

The example after Case 7.33 should read .. If he throws, say a 10, nothing has happened and that combat is

Add to Case 7.37: Fanatical units bypass the Casualty Probability Table for both Missile and Melee Combat.


Add to Case 7.55: The presence of a Ladder or Siege Tower does not allow a unit to retreat across an
impassable hexside. For example, a unit may not retreat across a wall hexside and onto a hex containing a Siege

[8.5] MAGIC
Case 8.52 should read:

Compiled by bryanbeecher @ BGG

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license
Players will note that there are two Magic Leader Movement Phases in a Game-Turn Thus, Magic
Leaders may move twice during a Game-Turn. They may ONLY move in the Magic Leader Movement
Phase; they may NOT move in the Forces of Sauron Movement Phase or the Westernesse Movement
Phase. Further, they may NOT move in any Magic Leader Movement Phase in which they cast (or
attempt to cast) a spell.


The Nationality of Gothmog is Mordor.


Each of the three Cauldrons also come with three Oil counters, and each of the three Dummy Cauldrons comes
with three Dummy Oil counters. The Nationality of Imrahil is Gondor.


The reference to the three units of Axemen (Harad) should list them as B-3-Y, consistent with the counters. The
Nationality of the King of Harad is Harad.


The Gimli and Legolas Leader units should also be listed among those reinforcements arriving on Game-Turn
ten. For game purposes their Nationality is Men, the same as Aragorn. Eomer, Eowyn, and Theoden have a
Nationality of Rohan.

[14.3] MUMAKIL
Add these new Cases:

[14.33] Mumakil have a Movement Allowance of six.

[14.34] Cavalry units that would be forced to retreat next to a Mumakil unit are eliminated instead.


Add these new Cases:

[16.16] Units may neither enter a hex containing enemy Siege Equipment nor pass through such a hex
during the Movement Phase.

[16.17] If a unit stacked with Siege Equipment (i.e., a Siege Tower, a Ladder, a Catapult, a Ladder, a
Cauldron, or Grond) suffers any adverse result in Melee Combat, the Siege Equipment is eliminated.

[16.18] A Forces of Sauron combat unit may eliminate adjacent Westernesse Siege Equipment units
(Catapults and/or Cauldrons) during his Combat Phase if the Forces of Sauron unit is not in an enemy
ZOC. Likewise, a Westernesse combat unit may eliminate adjacent Forces of Sauron Siege Equipment
(Catapults, Towers, Ladders, and/or Grond) during his Combat Phase if the Westernesse unit is not in an
enemy ZOC.

Compiled by bryanbeecher @ BGG

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license
[16.19] Siege Equipment may never stack with other Siege Equipment. A hex may have only one item -
a Siege Tower, a Catapult, a Ladder, or Grond - of Siege Equipment in it. The Forces of Sauron may,
however, voluntarily eliminate a unit of Siege Equipment (exception: Grond) during the Siege Phase.
For example, the player could eliminate a Ladder in a hex during the Siege Phase, and then move a
Siege Tower into that hex during the Movement Phase.


Case 16.43 should state that Ladders are placed during the Forces of Sauron Siege Phase by any Sauron infantry
unit which is adjacent to a Wall or Gate or Tower hexside. The unit then may then move in the Forces of
Sauron Movement Phase if not in an enemy ZOC, but must attack an adjacent enemy unit in the Forces of
Sauron Combat Phase if in the ZOC of one or more enemy units. [credit: robertg611 @ BGG ]


Add these new Cases:

[16.76] If a combat unit carrying an Oil counter is forced to retreat for any reason, the Oil counter
should be left behind abandoned. That same combat unit, or another friendly combat unit, may pick up
the Oil on a later turn using the same mechanics as described in 16.72. Further, if an Oil counter is in an
enemy-controlled hex at the end of any Combat Phase, the Oil counter is eliminated.

[16.77] A combat unit currently carrying an Oil counter may move back into a hex containing a
Cauldron, and drop off the counter there. A different unit may pick up that same Oil counter on that
same turn, or a different turn. And the original combat unit may also return to the Cauldron on later
turns to pick up the Oil again.


Add the following sentence to the end of Case 18.14: If the Westernesse Leader stacked with the Banner
transfers per rule 18.24, transfer the Banner with the Leader.

Compiled by bryanbeecher @ BGG

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license