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Joseph Horovitz Sonatina for clarinet and piano CLARINET IN B flat [No part of this publication may be copied or reproduces in any form or by any means without she por permission of Novello & Company Litted Permission to perform this work in public must be obtained from The Perfocmvng Right Society Limite, 29/33 Bernese Siret, London WIP 4AA or from the atiiated Society overses ‘Order No: NOV 120541 NOVELLO PUBLISHING LIMITED 18/9 Frith Street, London WIV STZ, Programme Note Allegro calmato—Lento quasi andante—Con brio. ‘The work was composed between January and April 1981, at the request of Gervase de Peyer and Gwenneth Pryor, who first performed it at the Wigmore Hall, London, on the 12th May that year. De Peyer and Horovitz first met as students at the Royal College of Music in London during 1948, respectively as pupils of Frederick ‘Thurston (clarinet) and Gordon Jacob (composition), A further year of study brought them together again in Paris, under Louis Cahuzac and Nadia Boulanger. This friendship has resulted in several compositions by Horovitz, including “Concertante for clarinet and strings" (ed, Chester & Co.) and ‘Two majorcan pieces’ and ‘Concerto for clarinet and string orchestra’ (both ed. Belwin Mills) ‘The Sonatina is lighthearted and follows a traditional pattern of the three movement division. The first, in classical sonata form, concentrates on the middle register of the clarinet, mainly lyrical against a rippling piano background. The second movement is an A-B-A song structure employing some of the lowest notes of the wind instrument in a long cantilena over a slow chordal accompaniment. The finale is a kind of rondo which alternates two themes in equal proportions, exploiting the upper register of the clarinet. The harmonic idiom of the whole work is obviously tonal, and, like ‘most recent compositions of Horovitz, the Sonatina is melodically and rhythmically much influenced by Jazz and other popular music. It calls for equal virtuosity from both players. DURATION ABOUT 15 MINUTES v for Anna SONATINA for clarinet and piano CLARINET IN Bb I er iaeeee Allegro calmato [4 -112-116] =f poco rubato SU oe © Novello & Company Limited 1982 All Rights Reserved CLARINET IN Bb : poco rit. Pit moderato D a — "§ = Peamando === anne Lyoentt tS Pid moderato rubato a tempo Ce A “te . wz (ae eee Pe, —P int Pit moto oe teZe) = Chet Etter pochiss. Tempo primo ee ~ Gl 2 4 CLARINET IN Bb _ 1 sempre animando ee "Tempo simiar to 3 before (E] f Poco accel. wT accel. commodo CLARINET IN Bb 5 Poe, stringendo zo “gE te tie Be | E eae i FE con fuoco dim. Un poco piit moto . CLARINET IN Bb of — i poco rubato meno mosso_ PRS — ~~ a Sa = —7 F poco liberamente molto rit. e smorzando z 27 WW v v CJ a F giocoso CLARINET IN Bb 3 Pro, un poco string. cantando 8 CLARINET IN Bb i> z ee f mf ¢— > Be FT acion = no. oe solo thee tesa id Gy Tempo pitt mosso ia = 2 of — _——— CLARINET IN Bb 9 Poco piti moto fe Ee grees Zz, SP rarcato L Published by Novello Publishing Limited ancor pit vivo =a — ae for Anna SONATINA for clarinet and piano JOSEPH HOROVITZ I (1981) Allegro calmato [¢ = 112-116] ee Clarinet ‘Gectual sound) PIANO - P ben articolato aie pe —== x 2 © Novello & Company Limited 1982 All Rights Reserved ——* poco rubato un poco stringendo 2 3 & 2 & 8 3 & Pia moderato Sat betes molto crese : a Pett x vate —o a Nee "S con calore ‘Tempo primo a, eiter cere t * Tempo simiar o 3 before [E] th me te Or = a . BES ra ca poco accel. } f ¥ me iz 5 molto stringendo * rinforzato FP = == Sa rall. Si Il Oe. = I i = 2 3 2 $2 e¢ P sabre Ucar pemierico : ; 2S SS Ss SS “gu ¥F SF Z espressivo 7 — i basso sonoroso B poco rubato pd poco liberamente molto rit. ¢ smorzando =r 4 == zt Con brio [2 ca88] 6h Se a ee Poco pi moto a Sp un poco stringendo 20 => leggiero 23 v t ver e235 how ¢ # FS SF a tempo pe ir bee ef = bz = ang 4 =o = bi Published by Novello Publishing Limited Printed in Great Britain by Headway Press Ltd 1796 0463)