Gerund & Infinitive Dominoes

doing enjoy reading having imagine

visiting hate eating need to go spend time

watching can't stand going love to do intend

drinking miss playing need to see not mind

visiting love being expect to go want

to join intend to start like living plan

to live expect to go finish studying want

to go want to eat hope to learn avoid

putting need to see expect to talk like

to find hope to get would like to do want

to email decide to have try to write would like

to buy start wearing hope to have plan

listening would like to meet want to go start

Teach-This.com ©20I4 Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.

Procedure Split the class into groups of four and hand out a set of domino cards to each group. Before class. Teach-This. One student in each group deals out six dominoes to each player then places one domino face up in the middle of the table. If a student can't think of a sentence or the sentence is incorrect. Students take it in turns to make a complete sentence using a gerund or infinitive by placing one of their dominoes at either end of the domino line. make one copy of the domino cards for each group of four and cut as indicated. the students look at their cards.com ©20I4 Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use. They do this by matching a verb (in bold) to a gerund or infinitive or vice-a-versa. They then make a sentence to show it's correct. Play continues until one player has used all their cards. TEACH-THIS. they take a card from the pile and play passes to the next player.COM Gerund & Infinitive Dominoes In this enjoyable dominoes game. This student is the winner. Keeping their domino cards secret. . students practice making sentences by matching verbs to gerunds or infinitives. The other domino cards are placed face down in a pile.

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