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Anushaktinagar, Mumbai-400094

Social Science-Summative Assessment 2 (2016-17)


Time: 2 1/2 Hours Class: VIII

Maximum Marks:90

Section A
(1x8=8 Marks)
Fill in the blanks.

a) Sayyid Ahmed Khan founded the____________________ which later became

the Aligarh Muslim University.
b) __________________was the nephew of Rabindranath Tagore.
c) Gandhiji started the Non-Cooperation Movement in the year_________.
d) Silicon Valley is the ________________ of California.
e) The most precious assets of a nation are____________.
f) The Muslims are _______% of Indias population.
g) Article___states that untouchability has been abolished from our country.
h) About __% of personal income tax is taken the Tax Revenue of Central
Section B
(2x8=16 Marks)

Answer the following questions. (30-40


a) What is meant by the word Madrasa?

b) Give reasons why English continued to be used in India after
c) What were the reasons for the great craze for printed Indian cotton
textiles in England and Europe in the late 17th century?
d) Differentiate between a farm in the U.S.A and in India.
e) What are the Emerging Industries?
f) What are the social factors affecting the population?
g) What is the standard set by the Urban Water Commission for water usage?
h) What do Article 22 of the Constitution states?
Section C
(3x14=42 Marks)
Answer the following questions.
(50-60 Words)

a) Give reasons why did Jones feel the need to study Indian history,
philosophy and law.
b) Write a note on Dandi March.
c) What is Council?
d) What were the developments of the 1937-47 period that led to the
formation of Pakistan?
e) What is understood by the term-Khilafat Movement?
f) Distinguish between Emigrants and Immigrants.
g) Why has the cotton textile industry rapidly expanded in the financial
h) Why do high technology industries group together?
i) What are the favourable conditions required by the Maize to be grown?
j) How do population pyramids help us to know about the population of a
k) Do Muslims have the equal access to basic necessities? Why?
l) What are the Fundamental Rights in the Constitution that Dalits can
depend on upon to be treated with dignity and as equals?
m) What are the various schemes implemented by the government for
the welfare of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes?
n) Why do you think that if there is lack of access to proper sanitation, it
affects women and girls more acutely?
o) Do you think the victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy got justice? Why?
Section D
(4x6=24 Marks)
Answer the following questions.

a) What are Pathshalas? Describe.

b) What is Jallianwala Bagh? What atrocities were committed there? How
were they committed?
c) What is meant by the term Industry? Classify the types of industries and
describe them.
d) Why are companies and contractors able to violate environmental laws?
e) Why did the Safai Karamchari Andolan file a PIL in 2003? What did they
complain about in their petition?
f) On the outline Map of India locate the following:
i. An Adivasi area.
ii. The place where the TATA Steel Plant was chosen to set up.
iii. Silicon Plateau.
iv. The place where Veda Samaj was formed.
Note: Detach the map from the question paper and attach securely and safely to the
answer book.