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Risk Assessment

Risk What could How to make it Location

happen safe
Breaking The equipment Be aware of the London
equipment could be dropped surrounds and hold Train
the equipment in the Station
correct position.
Falling down One of us could One of use should London
stairs whilst fall down the be behind the one Train
filming stairs, if we are filming to watch out Station
filming. for any hazards.
Camera falling The camera could To every half an Train
off tripod become loss, hour make sure that Station
when filming and that camera is
could result in it attacked to the
falling on the tripod and to weigh
floor down the base with
weight, so if there is
a gust of wind then
the tripod wont fall
Falling on the We could fall over For use to be vigilant London
pavement on the pavement
due to a drip in
the pavement
It raining The camera To check the London
equipment could weather before we Train
become too low go out and if it is Station
going to then the
get a protective
cover for it.
Slipping on a wet We could slip on Be aware of our Train
platform the floor. surroundings Station
Fall onto the rails We could slip and We should stay Train
fall onto the rails behind the yellow Station
Traffic We could be run Only cross the road London
over at crossings.
Tripping over on We could trip on Be aware of our London
the curb the curb and surroundings
harm ourselves
Ice We could fall over Be aware of our London
and harm surroundings and try Train
ourselves and not walk on any Station
icy patches.
Trapped in the When getting on Arrive to the train Train
doors the train, then we promptly Station
could get trapped
in the doors