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Chris Wyse:

It is very possible there could be some

more collaboration with Kiss members
on Ace's new album"
Check out our new interview with Chris Wyse, bass player
on Ace Frehley's band, before coming to Argentina with the

Kiss Army Argentina: Hi Chris, thanks for sharing your time with Kiss
Army Argentina. In a few days you will be in our country for some shows
as a member of Ace Frehleys band. How are you getting ready? You
have just closed a leg of the West Usa tourwhat was that like?

Chris Wyse: Hi Kiss Army Argentina! Thanks for the interview. Can't wait
for Argentina! I do some running and yoga. I also like to work out some
NEW bass solo pieces before each tour. I like to do things a little different
for each leg. Our USA recent tour was really fun and many shows were
sold out. The crowds were very excited and we had a blast. The band
really kicks ass live! Great line-up Ace put together with Richie, Scot and
myself. We have a strong chemistry

Kiss Army Argentina: Chris, would you like to tell us how you joined Ace
s band? You first cooperated in Behind the Player DVD, and from that
moment onwards, you became Aces bassist.

Chris Wyse: I was a guest on Ace's DVD in I think 2009 and we hit it off
quite well! We both had the feeling we would be working together in the
future. When the "Space Invader" 2014 recording sessions started
several years later I was a guest again on a couple songs and that lead to
a tour guesting as well. We also did "Origins Vol 1" and in 2015 I was
offered the Ace gig full time and parted with The Cult on good terms. It
has been a great time these last couple of years with Ace and a great
new opportunity. The Cult are my rock and roll brothers. We spent lots of
time together recording and touring for many years

Kiss Army Argentina: Before working with Ace, you have been many
years with The Cult, recording some studio material and you were also
part of many tours. (in between them, in the year 2011, you have been in
Argentina) In the meantime, you have cooperated with Ozzy Osbourne in
the Under Cover Album. What do you recall from those days with The
Cult and having worked with such a rock legend as Ozzy.

Chris Wyse: Yes this will be my 4rth tour of South America and
Argentina. The last time was 2011, 2009 and 2000 all with The Cult until
now. I am excited to return! Ozzy was great and we had lots of fun! He
loved all the added bass riffs I did and we had lots of laughs. Geezer and
Sabbath are a favorite of mine. It was a great honor. With The Cult I spent
a decade with and also a run in 2000 recording and touring "Beyond
Good and Evil". I came back in 2006 for almost ten years a recorded a
few records and countless world tours. I learned a lot and we are still

Kiss Army Argentina: As you may know, playing with Ace, makes you
be automatically related to the Kisstory, and these days the bound
between Ace with Paul and Gene is getting stronger, more than in the
past. To begin with, Paul Stanleys participation in the Origins Vol 1
album and the Fire and Water videoclip. And more recently, with Gene
Simmons appearance in Aces show located in Beverly Hills, some
weeks ago. What can you say about those meetings? What was the

energy between them like? From the outside, the relationship seems to
be in a very good moment.

Chris Wyse: I had some history also playing with Paul's solo band
ironically but when he sang the track on the record I was blown away. He
did so great on it. It is a special thing to be in the middle of after Ace and
Paul hadn't worked together in something like 18 years. I love the track
and it meant a lot. When we got word about Paul doing the video we were
on tour in Florida and had to fly back to LA "The Roxy" to shoot the video
on a day off. Crazy running around stuff but we were very excited. Scot
and I jumped in the cato the airport early am and Ace said "Here we go to
make history"! Exciting and surreal. I think it all came out great and it was
awesome to hang out with Paul and the video shoot. It was great. Gene
watched our whole show in Beverly Hills and stood on my side of the
stage. I loved it! He was very nice and complimentary. I think the vibe is
good. Who knows what can happen? I think it is very possible there could
be some more collaboration with Kiss members on Ace's new album but
beyond that I don't know.

Kiss Army Argentina: After Argentinas, Brazils and Mexicos tour, what
are Ace Frehleys next plans? In recent interviews, Ace said that he is
working on a new album. What pieces of news can you share with us, as
regards this year?

Chris Wyse: There is a new original Ace album on the way. We will be
getting in the studio after this tour!! That is next on the list! There will be
more tour and show announcements as well.

Kiss Army Argentina: What can you tell us about your own OWL project,
which has now have some years?

Chris Wyse: Owl has been something I have done behind the scenes of
all the bands I have done over the years. I front the the band as lead
singer and play more upright bass as well as bass guitar. It has a strong
artistic and musical side. I formed the banned with childhood friend Dan
Dinsmore who is a monster drummer and talent. We did our latest ep
"Things You Can't See" at Dan's Roman Catholic Church converted to a
studio/media company called "Overit" in Albany NY. This band has a
mystical vibe and the church added to it. We have three releases! Check
it all out at We have videos and lots of music there to
check out. Also on iTunes-

Kiss Army Argentina: Before starting a new tour with Ace Frehley, how
do you decide on the songs setlist? Ace has a lot of material to play live,
either his songs during Kiss times, Frehley Comets material, or his solo

material. Do you suggest songs, or would you like to play any song not
performed yet?

Chris Wyse: "We try and get the set to flow and play a balance of
KISS,ACE and a couple covers off "Origins Volume 1". I would like to
play "Watching You" or "Save Your Love". We may try some new ones
soon. Lately I like playing "Emerald". Slash was a guest on that one in the

Kiss Army Argentina: Talking about the set list, we must undoubtedly
congratulate you when you perform Strange Ways

Chris Wyse: Thanks. That one became my song every night. I love
singing it! I get to play a bass solo before it every night and that has been
a really fun thing. Im getting to really give you a piece of what I do. The
spotlight goes around the room. Ace is cool like that. It was his idea for
me to do a solo. Great fun and the crowds eat it up.

Kiss Army Argentina: Thank you so much for your time and kindness
Could you leave a message for the Argentine fans?

Chris Wyse: It is my pleasure!! :) I am looking forward to playing

Argentina very much! The people there have been so nice to me over the
years and are some of the best crowds in the world. Thank you for your
support from The Cult to Owl and now the Ace Frehley Band. Wishing you
all the best!

Interview: Diego Ferreyra and Marcelo Garca (Kiss Army Argentina)

Translation: Marcela Montalto
February 2017