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HRO383 Assignment Guidance

General Format and Content Info

Total word 3000 Tables, graphs, references, bibliography and appendices
count are not included in word count
To ensure an effective assignment you should follow the case analysis approach
Introduction Note the purpose of the report
Highlight which topic you have chosen to review and your rationale
for doing so (state why this topic is important in your organisation
(relate this to the problem)
Clearly articulate the problem in the case study organisation in
relation to the topic area
Literature Provide definitions of the topic areas (use at least two definitions) and
Review ensure you underpin the definitions with appropriate references
Discuss the key messages in the definitions
Identify the importance of the topic within organisations so, if you
have chosen how management approaches impact on change for your
topic note what writers on the subject say about the importance of
managers approaches on change in organisations
Identify, discuss and critically debate some models relating to your
topic. This involves identifying some models, noting the key
characteristics/elements of the models, debate these critically by
comparing and contrasting what a range of authors say about the
models, highlight the potential benefits and limitations of them
(underpinning with supporting references as you go)
Synthesise the literature this involves providing a summary of the
key messages in the literature, what is it that you judge the writers
are really saying about the topic? (again, remember to underpin this
with references)

Organisational Compare and contrast the case study organisations approach to your
Analysis topic - do this by comparing their practice against the literature you
discussed in your literature review e.g. how does the organisation
compare to your definitions? Why is the topic under review important
in the organisation? How does the organisations approach compare
and contrast to the models discussed? (remember to use
examples of organisational practice to support your analysis)
also remember to underpin with references where

Identifying key Highlight the key findings from your analysis i.e. what are the key
strengths and strengths and weaknesses within the case study in relation to the
weaknesses in topic you have chosen? And note the implications for the organisation
the (try to support your conclusions on the strengths and weaknesses by
organisation referring to literature which supports your points)
relating to the
problem and
topic you have
Conclusion In your conclusion highlight the key messages from the report e.g.
what can you conclude overall?
Recommendati Note your recommendations for improvement this can be done in a
ons tabulated format for clarity and ease of reading and ensure you
And action provide a comprehensive supporting action plan in the appendices
Reference list APA style
Appendices Use this section for any supporting information and ensure a full
action plan is located in appendix one