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(cabr) n. frog Ety/362 MS *kabr, OS *kapro "leaper" (KAP).

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H . I . S . W . E . L . O´ . K . E¨
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“Hiswelókë – Le Dragon de Brume” is an independent journal devoted to the study of J.R.R.
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Lexicon 0.95 (1690 unique words, 2299 entries).

c The Sindarin dictionary project, 1999–2001
Dictionary compiled and annotated by Didier Willis,

Script conception by Didier Willis and Cédric Fockeu,

Various contributions by Helge Kåre Fauskanger, David Salo, Lisa Star,

Etymological reconstructions c David Salo,
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according to regular shifts in Tolkien’s conception of the phonology of Sindarin. and his later revisions are not documented in any published text (supposing that he ever wrote them down – he might as well have applied them without record- ´ 1. pp. Conversely. from the ‘Noldorin’ presented in the Etymologies2 to the ‘Sindarin’ exemplified in The Lord of the Rings. Not only did Tolkien change the name of the language and the people speaking it. Tolkien decided that the Noldor should finally speak Quenya – more precisely a dialectal variant known as Ñoldorin and only differing from Vanyarin Quenya on a fairly small number of phonological rules. As noted by Edouard Kloczko in his excellent work on Quenya3 . The things. Greenwood Press. were made quite sys- tematically. Gobeth e-Lam Edhellen: dictionary of the language of the Grey Elves as it was pre- sented in the writings of John Ronald Reuel Tokien. Nevertheless. quite rightly at that time. 1987. as it will be seen. and this welsh-inspired language was therefore intended to replace the Gnomish id- iom from 1916–1917. however. When the Etymologies were written. Despite their differences. K LOCZKO Edouard. are more complex than this rapid sketch seems to imply. GooldMaggot Publishers. ‘Noldorin’ is but the successor of Gnomish4. Tolkien’s ever-changing conception. Unfortunately. the old conception underlied in his Book of Lost Tales was still valid. the reader will have understood that the ‘Noldorin’ words from the Etymolo- gies should now be treated as ‘Sindarin’. they are included in this dictionary. edited by Carl F. ‘Gnomish is Sindarin’. showing an undeniable continuity of inspiration.BUILDING UP A DICTIONARY “Creating a dictionary is a long process” wrote Ryszard Derdzi´nski in his foreword to his own Sindarin dictionary. it was attributed to the exiled Noldor who settled in Middle-earth. Sindarin dictionary 3 . This is especially true for an invented language such as Sindarin. but he also applied several changes to its words. Most Tolkienian scholars nowadays agree that they constitute a same language. Tolkien abandoned the Etymologies shortly before the completion of the first volume of his famous trilogy. 1995 – See especially “Le choix du corpus”. volume I (Quenya). the language finally known as Sindarin presents several difficulties of its own. 20–21.R. and renamed ‘Sindarin’ on that very occasion. it was first named. The former ‘Noldorin’ tongue was then attributed to the Grey Elves. 341–400 (Beleriandic and Noldorin names and words: Etymologies). Although the linguistic structures had en- tirely been reworked by Tolkien. Beside a few casual entries. the Qenya dialect from the Etymolo- gies does not fundamentally contradict the later Quenya from the Lord of the Rings period.R. Gobeth e-Lam Edhellen1 . Tamise. H OSTETTER and Verlyn F LIEGER. the language spoken by the High Elves had already reached a fairly stable state in the late thirties. during the writing of the Lord of the Rings appendices. G ILSON Christopher. following Fëanor in his rebellion against the divine Valar. when one has to face J. Some of these structural modifications. Dictionnaire des langues elfiques. The Lost Road. 2000. And indeed. At this point. ‘Noldorin’. and notwithstanding small orthographic revisions. Henceforth. pp. 2. Unwin Hyman. in Tolkien’s Legendarium. 4. 3. Essays on ‘The History of Middle- earth’. 2000. D ERDZI NSKI Ryszard.

It should just be mentioned here that the present dictionary attempts to handle all these difficult points seriously. whereas Ryszard Derdzi´nski arranges them more consistently. vi. I hope that Tolkien’s fans will enjoy both dictionaries. but it would not have existed without the efforts of many other peoples. They were done for different purposes. Lisa Star (editor of Tyalië Tyelelliéva) and Helge Kåre Fauskanger (webmaster of Ardalambion) gave me precious advices and encouragments at the beginning of the project.R. the present lexicon includes David Salo’s etymological reconstructions. They can only be guessed from short notes here and there in the later sources. Ryszard’s dictionary also includes all the words marked as ‘Doriathrin’ and ‘Ilkorin’ in the Etymologies6 whereas mine only contains the ‘(Exilic) Noldorin’ forms. “Get both of them”. —❦— As a final word. I immediately answered without hesitation. 9–11). On the other hand. a friend once asked me whether he should wait for its completion. A few examples are provided in the introductory chapter. Ryszard’s dictionary gives Tolkien’s own etymologies. and is also more consistent (or so I believe) in its treatment of misreadings and in its normalization of ‘Noldorin’. this dictionary provides the phonetic transcription for all entries. I called it “my dictionary” above. To this respect. reflecting the understanding and the ideas of there respective authors. as appearing in the published texts. For the sake of brevity. In conclusion. I will not try to list in this foreword all the rules required to migrate the old ‘Noldorin’ words into Sindarin. see especially ´ Ryszard D ERDZI NSKI ’s comments on p. Sébastien Mallet and the members of the ELFLING the new rules in written form). whose primary aim was to provide a complete and accurate Sindarin search engine on the Internet. David Salo sent me his own lexicons. presenting different points of view or different solutions for problematic issues. This dictionary intensively relies on FAUSKANGER’s work (see pp. Helge Kåre FAUSKANGER’s Ardalambion web site on the Internet is a strongly recommended source of in- formation. The entries were produced auto- matically in alphabetical order. Tolkien en Version Française) offered his technical skill in scripting languages. In especial. for their support during this long project. and this complex subject is also better presented elsewhere5 . as well as disk space to host the original on-line search engine. My thanks are also addressed to Ryszard Derdzi´nski. and from careful comparisons of words occurring both in the Etymologies and in The Lord the Rings. My friend Cédric Fockeu (webmaster of J. but present several advantages for the study of the ‘ultimate’ form of the language. and regard them as complementary. 5. This work initially began as an independent project. B. I will leave it to the reader to decide whether it is a success or a failure. Philip Jonsson.R. Respectively interpreted as ‘Silvan’ and ‘North Sindarin’ dialects in the later linguistic context. —❦— While I was still struggling to achieve this work. Finally. 4 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . or whether he should try to obtain Ryszard Derdzi´nski’s dictionary instead. Dorothea Salo. they certainly enrich each other. 6. and kindly accepted that I use his reconstructed etymologies in this dictionary. Several articles are devoted to the study of the relations between ‘Noldorin’ and ‘Sindarin’. which sometimes slightly differ from Tolkien’s explanations. I would like to thank all the persons who made this work possible. The fact that there are now two Sindarin dictionaries in existence should not be regarded as a problem.

addressing not only Tolkien’s fans wishing to understand the elvish sentences from The Lord of the Rings or to build simple sentences in Sindarin. Therefore. For instance. and although the language known as ‘Noldorin’ in the Etymologies evolved into Sindarin when The Lord of The Rings was written. though we had no words yet. Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth] Sindarin is the language of the Grey Elves. Generally the compiler had neither a real scolarship in elvish linguistics. Tolkien’s invented languages are in great need of a true dictionary. but we would conceivably have to update it into *hebaid in order to use it in a Sindarin text. This is a simple example. it underwent several fundamental changes. but also scholars wanting to study Sindarin for what it is: the complex linguistic invention of a philology professor. Most of these probable errors are listed on Helge Kåre FAUSKANGER’s Ardalambion website. They often consist in mere compilations of the material available in The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. the cognate word hammad ‘clothing’. there is often no attempt to mention and to correct the evident errors7 from The Silmaril- lion index or from the Etymologies. and we began to make them. Sindarin dictionary 5 . Tolkien. that would try to be complete. Tolkien’s hard choice” and “LH and RH (not to mention HL and HL)”. 9. chapter IV).R. [J. learning was difficult. that the attested plural should be edair in Sindarin. But we know from later sources. Similarly. For instance. called a lenition. 8. Ignoring the ‘Noldorin’ words leaves us with very few words. The Etymologies list the plural of adar ‘father’ as eder. but they are generally inaccurate and outdated. accurate and consistent in its 7. notably Morgoth’s Ring.R. nor the will to build a real dictionary worthy of the name. it appears that serious students of J. the so-called ‘Noldorin’ vocabulary is not clearly identified and distinguished from Sindarin. Tolkien constantly revised his languages. the term for ‘word’ is given as beth in The Silmarillion (following Gandalf’s lasto beth lammen in The Lord of the Rings. indication of use and textual reference. the plural of habad ‘shore’ is given as hebeid. Most of these lexicons do not deserve to be called dictionaries.LEXICONS & DICTIONARIES We understood the Voice in our hearts.R. and also a beautiful piece of art. book I. and the making of words was slow. Hence- forth. edeir. without taking into account the The History of Middle-earth series. And when the latter source is used. but there are some complex issues involved when dealing with the ‘Noldorin’ material. hamnia ‘to clothe’ is conceivably a misreading for *hamma. cf. But we were few. Words are listed without any annotation. This work aims at being a complete Sindarin dictionary.R.R. A few Sindarin lexicons – not to mention Quenya – are floating here and there around the Internet. Tolkien and exemplified in his masterful epic story The Lord of the Rings. The initial /b/ in the inflected form is caused by a characteristic consonant mutation in Sindarin.R. but on the other hand using this vocabulary requires some care8 . beside being usually unimpressive in appearance. Some of these problems are presented by Helge Kåre FAUSKANGER in his articles “AE or OE. invented by J. Though we greatly desired to understand. See also p. and it seems that Christopher T OLKIEN made a few errors or misinterpretations. and the world was wide and strange. Then the desire for words awoke in us. but it should actually read peth. The problems raised by the Etymologies are somewhat different: the manuscript text was in parts extremely difficult to decipher.

hypothetical forms and deduced words9 may be listed. in hope that they will be useful to all readers and students of the linguistic inventions of J. Probable misreadings should be corrected and mentioned to the reader. All these things I have tried to include in the following pages. Tolkien. information not indicated by Tolkien himself but derived from his own presentation of the language would make an highly valuable contribution to the study of the Sindarin language. Among these improvements. the Sindarin words shall be presented with their definition (either a translation or an explanation). phonetics. the word *gwathren ‘shadowy’ (plural *gwethrin) is not attested in the sources. For instance. and the textual references (books and pages where the word is mentioned). their grammatical role (part of speech).R. —❦— 9. 6 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . cognate entries and inflected forms shall be related to each other. On a minimal basis.presentation.R. For a pertinent use. Additionally. but can be de- duced from gwath ‘shadow’ and Ered Wethrin ‘Shadowy Mountains’ (where the loss of the initial /g/ is due to the lenition phenomenon already mentioned above).

the sounds of Sindarin were not pronounced by Men as an Elf always pronounced Q%R'S speaking his own native tongue would have done. the most valid form in Classical Sindarin is retained as the main headword. but may be deduced from place names or inflected forms occurring in a published text. shadowy k Ered Wethrin Sindarin dictionary 7 . adj. Rochirrim. X/EI MS *keir. pl. T Deduced entries A few words in the dictionary are not attested in full form in Tolkien’s writings.). such as Rohan.ENTRY ARRANGEMENTS P TUTORIAL GUIDE The language presented in this dictionary is Classical Sindarin. As far as possible. its grammatical role and its definition. appendix A). In Appendix E. It is therefore intended to be the language described in The Lord of the Rings. see ‘Cair Andros’ in The Lord of the Rings. That change “had been recognized in a few names. its inflected forms (plural for a noun. T Words immediately followed by a small star ( ) are attested in Sindarin (in that case. ship Ety/365. this dictionary attempts to restore the original grey-elven orthography and phonetics: Rochann. etc. Anórien”. In that case. LotR/A(iv). Rohirrim”. OS *kiria (KIR). A typical entry looks as follows: cair TUQ%V'W XZY\[]S ^ _ (ceir) n. they are printed in italic: gwathren S/432. where this term is to be under- stood as “Third Age Sindarin as spoken by the Grey-Elves”. “in the Third Age final /nd/ in long words had become n from nn. TaQcb]deW Xf*[]gZh'S . gwethrin TiQcb]deW g*f*[]j h'S . Tolkien notes that /ch/ was in the speech of Gondor. except at the end of words. Similarly. The ‘Noldorin’ words are also listed at the proper place in the dictionary when their orthography differs from Sindarin: ceir ` cair . past tense for a verb. Indeed. but without all the peculiarities of the pronunci- ation used in Gondor. Main entries Each word is given with its attested variants between parenthesis. When several variants are provided by Tolkien. as in Ithilien. Rohan. etc. A word without this sign is attested in the ‘Noldorin’ dialect only (generally in the Etymologies).

a complete index of cognate words occurring in the definitions is provided after the dictionary (p. Several probable errors have been corrected in the dictionary.. to clothe s t Ety/363 OS *kh amph a. 15). as they only occur as part of the defini- tions. However it may be somewhat frustrating for peoples who actually wish to express them- selves in Sindarin or to write texts or poems in this language. providing consistent and understandable etymologies (see p. Christopher Tolkien’s original reading is always mentioned after the corrected word: hamma. Therefore. However. —❦— 8 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . don’t! WJ/371 Used as a negative adverb before an t imperative: avo garo “don’t do it!”. l%m'n o*p pqor v. according to our understanding of the Sindarin phonology.hamnia hammad ger. of ava. Sometimes used as prefix: avgaro OS *aba å (ABA). Each related word is given with its grammatical role. David has spent much of his time understanding how Sindarin words are derived from Common Elvish. 79).(KHAP) Etymologies t The etymological reconstructions presented in this dictionary are based on David Salo’s re- search and are introduced by a diamond ( ). avo ulcn o*v'wBr u s imp. Please note that these words should not be regarded as translations. His notes try to extend Tolkien’s ever- changing rules. such as inflected forms of the main entry. Cognate English words Looking for a Sindarin word in the dictionary is certainly useful for occasional readers of The Lord of the Rings wanting to understand the meaning of a peculiar Sindarin sentence or place name.Probable misreadings Tolkien’s handwriting is sometimes difficult to decipher. Notes and related entries The symbol introduces related entries. in order to check in which context it should be used. Therefore the reader should always refer to the associated Sindarin entries before using a word given in this list. This symbol is also used to introduce notes and editorial comments.

and should probably be transcribed with a voice- . medial /ph/ should also be used when for the assimilation of a former p or pp (as in ephel < *et + pel-. X/W. as usual. so that the reader may understand which kind of normalization has been applied. In the dictionary. letter no. 12) and Sindarin are far from satisfying. as in English ‘of’ (pro- is expected finally (derived from a former p or kw). an additional reference is provided.THE ‘NOLDORIN’ MATERIAL Updating ‘Noldorin’ entries from the Etymologies (as well as a few words from other sources) to valid Sindarin words is a rather complex process involving several rules. According to the conventions presented in the previous chapter. 34). Moreover. the orthograph /hw/ has been retained (see also p. However. final yc†c€ always consistent with this rule in the Etymologies. In this dictionary. and his explanations con- cerning the differences between Quenya (which uses hwesta. and he sometimes used /f/ for that is always transcribed as /ph/. it should be written /ph/. nounced yc„…ƒ'€ X/PH: Tolkien uses the letter /f/ to represent the sound ). Tolkien was not sound. following the rule ‘X/W’. nedhu xzy%{'| }*~*'€  (nedhw) n. by opposition with deduced ‘Noldorin’ entries. Sindarin dictionary 9 . However. Tolkien is not very clear in Appendix E. X/HW: Except in one case (hwand ‘fungus’. and therefore appear in italic in this dictionary. words which were not updated x by Tolkien himself are marked as ‘deduced’. bolster. They are also marked as Sindarin ( ). the books where the word is given. where the other variants are also attested). However. The references include. They would be written in Tengwar using the letter hwesta sindarinwa (no. Conversely. cushion Ety/378. In the above example. regarding how a word should be written when tran- scribed in the latin alphabet. for instance alph ‘swan’. when the sound yc†c€ y%ƒ'€ finally.+ pata). these words less /hw/ y%‚e€ all derive from roots beginning in *sw. and aphadon < *ap. Transcription issues Some changes are merely orthographic. Tolkien uses the combination /chw/ for several words in the Etymologies. the ‘Noldorin’ word nedhw has been updated to nedhu in Sin- darin. All these normalization rules are briefly summarized below. According to Appendix E of The Lord of the Rings. 19).

X/IU: According to Appendix E of The Lord of the Rings. whereas the latter is likely to be discarded. This rule was apparently added at a late stage by Tolkien. But several early ‘Noldor- in’ words from the Etymologies have either -/u/ or -/w/.g. In the Etymologies. had it occurred anciently in Sindarin. although /ei/ is still restored in compounds: aran. showing that Tolkien was uncer- tain about this issue at that time. several words are conceivably given in their earlier Sindarin form. megli ‘bear’). X/LD: The late example coll (II) ‘hollow’. final /ll/ has been systematically adopted for all these words. but are regarded as earlier forms. and several words from the Etymologies do not follow it (*iu evolves into /io/ in Noldorin.g. belt is derived from Old Sindarin *belda). X/W: After a consonant. In The War of the Jewels. See PM/344: “If Finwë had been treated as a word of this form would have been. iu”. and is thus written mm in cases where otherwise the stress might be in doubt”. Several ‘Noldorin’ words in the Etymologies form their plural in /ei/ or /e/. compare ram ‘wall’ with rammas ‘great wall’.Etymological issues In a few cases. it would have been Finu”. until it reached the ‘Classical Sindarin’ (CS) considered as the standard in this dictionary. They have all been normalized to -/u/ in this dictionary. ylf (II) ‘drinking vessel’. most differences between ‘Noldorin’ and Sindarin can only be explained as major changes in Tolkien’s conception of the phonology of the language. Conceptual changes However. All these words have been updated in the dictionary. within the context of the natural evolution of the language. but Ereinion ‘Scion of Kings’. In this dictionary. the changes performed by Tolkien may be regarded under a diachronical angle. plural edeir or eder. for instance iolf ‘brand’ from primitive *yulm¯a). final vocalic -/w/ (from primitive Elvish *-w¯e) became -/u/ in Sin- darin. e. plural erain ‘king’. as a form taken by the word in ‘Middle Sindarin’ (MS). this rule was not applied consistently (e. the vowel /y/ “partly derived from older diphtongs eu. There are some evidences that it should conceivably remain /dl/ in Sindarin (see also X/TL below). Some changes undoubtedly enter in this category (for instance ‘X/IU’). attested in The War of the Jewels where it is derived from primitive Elvish *kuld¯a. For instance. X/MB: According to Appendix E of The Lord of the Rings. A few other changes could perhaps be explained by diachrony. X/DL: In the Etymologies. the cluster /dl/ in compound words sometimes evolves into /gl/ (e. this change remains highly hypothetical: only one late example is clearly attested. 10 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . although we believe it would seem quite far-fetched. Feir ‘Mortal’.g. Nevertheless. X/EI: Old Sindarin final /ei/ was changed to /ai/ in Classical Sindarin. The former should be updated to /ai/ in Classical Sindarin. These words should conceivably be updated (iolf should probably read ylf in Sindarin). for instance adar. but still counted as a long consonant for purposes of stress. These ‘Noldorin’ words are not rejected. implies that final *ld evolves into /ll/ in Sindarin. primitive “mb became m in all cases.

X/ND4: This issue is fully discussed in Helge Kåre Fauskanger’s article “The question of nd and nn”. as they could not fit the Sindarin phonology as we understand it. X/ND2: This issue is fully discussed in Helge Kåre Fauskanger’s article “The question of nd and nn”. X/TL: In the Etymologies. atlant ‘oblique. egledhi ‘to go into exile’). slanted’). X/ND3: This issue is fully discussed in Helge Kåre Fauskanger’s article “The question of nd and nn”. refer to the entries bass. Tolkien’s hard choice”. X/ND1: This issue is fully discussed in Helge Kåre Fauskanger’s article “The question of nd and nn”.g. There are some evidences that it should conceivably evolve into /dl/ in Sindarin. bassoneth and bessain in the dictionary. section 1 (“The behavior of final nd in monosyllables”). —❦— Sindarin dictionary 11 .g. For a good example of such a normalization.X/LH: This complex issue is fully discussed in Helge Kåre Fauskanger’s article “LH and RH (not to mention HL and HR)”. the cluster /tl/ in compound words remains unchanged (e. X/RH: This issue is fully discussed in Helge Kåre Fauskanger’s article “LH and RH (not to mention HL and HR)”. X/Z: Miscellaneous – Several ‘Noldorin’ words from the Etymologies have been updated. X/OE: This issue is fully discussed in Helge Kåre Fauskanger’s article “AE or OE. or evolves into /gl/ (e. section 4 (“The behavior of final nd in polysyllabic words”). section 3 (“The behavior of nd before r”). section 2 (“The behavior of nd between vowels”).

12 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 .

R. where XXX is the acronym of a book. MR: Morgoth’s Ring. Tolkien. Therefore.R. LotR/VI:III “Mount Doom”. PM: The Peoples of Middle-earth. Books Ety: The Etymologies (in The Lost Road). chapter yy. see above. SD: Sauron Defeated. LB: The Lays of Beleriand. Artist & Illustrator. e.g. LotR/Map — General map of Middle-earth. TAI: J. Tolkien.g. and nnn the page number. Letters/nnn always refers to page nnn (not to letter no. e. Letters: The Letters of J. RGEO: The Road Goes Ever On (Second Edition). Page numbers vary between editions of The Lord of the Rings.g. RS: The Return of the Shadow. LotR/X — Appendix X. LotR/ii. LotR/A(y) — Subsection y of Appendix A. LotR/E “Appendix E”. nnn). LR: The Lost Road. Sindarin dictionary 13 .g. textual references are specified as XXX/nnn in the dictionary. e. R. e. Only used for entries not provided in the Etymologies.R. LotR/y — Subsection y of the Prologue. H: The Hobbit (pages are not provided). LotR: The Lord of the Rings. LotR/A(iv). the following conventions have been used: LotR/XX:yy — Book XX.BIBLIOGRAPHY ‡ EXTERNAL DOCUMENTS Unless otherwise stated. LotR/Index — Index.

scripts. message nn. issue no. an independent technical journal of Elvish Lore. journal of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship. TT/xx:nn stands for Tyalië Tyelelliéva. we especially recommend Manuel de linguistique descriptive. Chapters 5–6 and 14 are of particular interest for anyone wishing to learn more about phonetics. issue A few other books were also consulted to build this dictionary. le point de vue fonctionnaliste by Jean-Michel Builles. —❦— 14 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . WJ: The War of the Jewels. page nn. xx. 9–11). xx. HL/nn refers to page nn (pagination is continuous). For readers knowing French. TI: The Treason of Isengard. Le Dragon de Brume (in French). Mythopoeic Society. Periodicals HL: Hiswelókë.dcs.TC: A Tolkien Compass. xx. phonology and the conception of bilingual TL: The Tolkien Language List (TolkLang) TL/xx:nn refers to digest no. VT/xx:nn stands for Vinyar Tengwar. UT: Unfinished Tales. languages. page nn.ed. Nathan. sciences and arts in Middle-earth. WR: The War of the Ring. TT: Tyalië Tyelelliéva. 1998. http://move. Web sites Ardalambion: Helge Kåre Fauskanger’s Ardalambion (see VT: Vinyar Tengwar. http://www.

aes ˆc‰ Š‹*Œ= n. the literal translation of minuial is “first twilight”: minuial iˆ%‘q ’ “'‰ ”*•—–%Š˜L n. *axs. . Ž Additional letters A specific orthographic convention is used in the etymological notes. via Middle Sindarin *ais: Classical Sindarin aes < Middle Sindarin *ais < *axs < Old Sindarin *apsa. cooked food. ñ Velar nasal ñ. or ˆ%ˆ%™'‘œ›=  ˆ%ˆ%™‘š.FROM COMMON ELVISH TO SINDARIN The etymological notes included in the dictionary provide the intermediate forms of each entry. Syllabic /ñ/ µ ν Voiceless /m/ Voiceless /n/ ˆ%ˆc“ ˜›=›=  m n. λ ρ Voiceless /l/ Voiceless /r/ ˆ%ˆc  ¢›=£. in order to represent ar- chaic sounds in Middle Sindarin or Old Sindarin. The pronunciation of Classical Sindarin is well known and is detailed on p. from the more recent one to the oldest. meat Ž  Ety/349 MS *ais. OS *minuiañala. when the star fade LotR/D min+uial “first twilight”. In this example. γ h w Fricative /g/ Aspirated Labialized ˆ%ˆ%¨—ª«  å j Long low back vowel (¸o¯ ) Palatalized ˆ ©\ The phonetics indicated for these historical phonemes are hypothetical. Literal meaning The etymologies are also useful to interpret the meaning of a compound word. Syllabic /m/ Syllabic /n/ ˆ%ˆc“žŸš. In the following example. OS *apsa (AP1). Sindarin dictionary 15 . 19.š.  evolved differently depending on their position in the word. ‘morrowdim’. They did not survive in Classical Sindarin. the time near dawn. φ ω Bilabial /f/ Voiceless /w/ ˆ%ˆ%¡e¤q θ β Fricative /t/ Fricative /b/ ˆ%ˆ%¥'§' υ δ Fricative /m/ Fricative /d/ ˆc¦ £. the word aes is based on a primitive root AP1 and derives from Old Sindarin *apsa.

16 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 .

adverb MS Middle Sindarin art. irregular masc. past tense part. future tense ger. impersonal inf. plural pp. article CS Classical Sindarin aux.v. unknown (part of speech) v. mutated form n. class plural Dr Drúadan (Wose) coll. preposition pron. refer to unkn.USED IN THE DICTIONARY adj. imperative impers. feminine fut. for instance etym. interjection irreg. pronoun q. t. collective plural conj. adjective OS Old Sindarin adv. see also Kh Khuzdul (Dwarvish) class pl. etymologically fem. present participle perf. perfective participle pers. past participle prefix prefix prep. gerund imp. masculine mut. by extension Q Quenya cf. person pl. infinitive interj.g. numeral pa. auxiliary CE Common Elvish by ext. noun num. verb —❦— Sindarin dictionary 17 . conjunction e.

18 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 .

finally (as in Englisn sing).g. Eryn Vorn). a “spirant m or a nasal v” in Tolkien’s own terms. 129–131. Sindarin dictionary 19 . Tolkien used to render it as a digraph /oe/ in his texts. the ancient plural of Golodh. as ­c±*¯ although it should not be confused with the diphtong ­c³B±*¯ in Gœlydh. ­%Îq¯ ­%»'¯ Archaic Sindarin also had an additional fricative . e. typically hathol. But it was always pronounced in the Third Age. Similarly. idher (in the Etymologies) should conceivably be *idhor in Classical Sindarin. magol.¯ The syllabic consonants and are usually realized as -/ol/ and -/or/ respectively.¯¯ /t/ /th/ /ng/ /r/ /d/ /dh/ /s/ /rh/ /c/ /ch/ /h/ Syllabic /l/ ­ °—¯ /g/ /hw/ /w/ Syllabic /r/ Initial /i/ The digraph /ph/ may represent either the sound ­c·c¯ (when used finally. . this letter is noted /mh/ (suilannad mhellyn în phain “to greet all his friends”). In Aragorn’s letter to Samwise.PRONUNCIATION OF SINDARIN ¬ USING THE IPA The phonetics of each headword are given.g. also given as hathel (in the Etymologies) and *hathal (in the name Hathaldir). using the symbols of the International Phonetic Association (IPA). ephel < *et + pel-). alph). it was always pronounced . the letter /œ/ is used in this dictionary to represent the umlauted form of /o/. Sauron defeated pp. ­c­c®±*¯ ¯ Vowels and diphtongs /a/ as in father /ai/ ­c­c®Z®°—±*¯ ¯ ­c­c²L³B¯ ¯ /e/ as in were /i/ as in machine /ae/ /ei/ ­c­c±ž³B°—±*¯ ¯ ­%­%´'µ'¯¯ /o/ as in for /u/ as in brute /oe/ /ui/ ­%­c´*®*°—´'¯ ¯ /y/ as in French lune /au/ (final -/aw/) By convention. In Classical Sindarin. ­%­%¶'º'¯¯ Consonants /p/ ­c­%»'·c¯ ¯ /f/ or /ph/ ­%­%¸q¼'¯ ¯ /m/ ­c­c¹L¹½=¯ ¯ /l/ ­%­c¾\¯ ¯ /b/ ­c­c¿Ã¯¯ /v/ or -/f/ ­%­cÀ'Ä=¯ ¯ /n/ ­%­%Á]Á ½=¯ ¯ /lh/ ­%­cÅ'Ê˯¯ ­%­%ÆÇÌe¯ ¯ ­%­%È'Íe¯ ¯ ­c­%Á ¹ É.¯ ­%Á É. hence the regular transcription Gelydh in later sources. as attested in many other mutated names (e. or the sound ­c·c·c¯ The digraph /ng/ is pronounced ­%À'¯ (when resulting from an assimilation. but ­%À'Ê˯ between vowels (as in English finger).É. A few dialectal variants are apparently attested. ­c¹ É. dagor.

The final vowel in chaered (fourth verse) ÏcÝ*Ñ allophone of . the fact that Tolkien himself uses different realizations of /o/ and /e/ is a good indication that the pronunciation could stand some variations. —❦— 20 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . since /ia/ is not a diphtong in Sindarin and counts as two syllables as far as meter is concerned). the length mark is applied to long vowels (transcribed with an acute accent. dúnadan) as well as prolonged vowels in monosyllabic words (circumflex accent. it was only weakened to in the speech of Gondor. Neverthe- less. and there is no reason why Elrond should speak with a mannish accent – unless the dialect of Imladris is strongly influenced by Quenya. Variants and allophones The phonetic transcription adopted in these pages is simplified for the sake of clarity. and is actually closer to . allophones certainly existed. As in any real language. ÏcÖ*Ñ is also more open than the vowel heard in nef. as well as dialectal varieties of pronunciation. perian . ÏcÏcÐÓ ÑÑ ÏcÏcÒÔ%ÑÑ Miscellaneous signs Primary stress Length mark Secundary stress ÏcÒ Ñ Syllabic break Since there is no ambiguity. The standalone preposition o in the third verse is pronounced with a sound more rounded than . although would be expected in true Sindarin: according to Appendix E. Ï%Õ'Ð ÖZ×]ØLÔ%Ù*Ú'Ñ The syllabic break ÏcÔ%Ñ is only represented between clusters of independent vowels (e. the same letters were probably used for different sounds. dûn). and probably implies that is sometimes an Ï%Þ'Ñ Ï%Þ'Ñ Ï%ßÇÑ Tolkien’s pronunciation cannot be entirely trusted. chapter I) ÏcÛBÑ ÏcÜÑ are very instructive. as observed by several Elvish scholars. Anyway. book II. Chaered is pronounced with a strong and clear aspiration .g. Records of Tolkien singing A Elbereth Gilthoniel (in The Lord of the Rings.

edair (eder. a human being (elvish å æ adlanna-ázâcãñõLé ã*ëë'ãä *atlanda (Á-TALAT). ad+uial "second twilight". pl. pl. aderthad ger. vengeance WJ/254. snowthorn (plant) — adanath coll. X/TL OS *atlanth a á âcãñé ÷*ò—ø%ãõLä mutated in composition OS *akh asse (Á-TALAT). (edeb). see gaear OS *aiare á âcé ãì*ø%ã*ï]ê…ë'ä adab . after — 2. re. æ slanting Ety/390. aegas áóâcé ãì*ùËãð=ä âcé ãì*ùËãZò—ð=ä æ aegais á å adan . house Ety/390. mountain peak PM/324. edeir). reunion S/409 OS âcìZç'é ìZëë'í ë'ä abonnen . n. lake. aeglos n. n. n. pl. as a noun. ocean æ WR/379-80. pl. LotR/VI:IV. fear Daerachas (atlant) adj. pl. mere Ety/349.(AP2). aduial n. å æ . pl. the evening. man. one of the ‘fathers of aeg+lîr. KAR1). behind."to make á a II interj. LotR/Index á c â é  ã  ñ * ã ' ë * ì  ô ä ael á âcé ãì*õLä á âcé ãì*õLí ë'ä MR/373. æ aearon n. S/427. ab. n. X/OE OS *ailin. men 2.A AELIN à MR/373. icicle UT/417. v. see gaearon OS *aiarondo (ÁJ-AR). CE *atkarnâ of . OS *atuiañala. adar . X/OE OS *aikasse (ÁJAK). å adel (AT1). LIN1). adanadar á âcãñé ã*ë'ãñã*ï]ä á æ (AT2-AN) adanath coll. pl. edenedair mountain peaks Ety/349. X/TL. CE *atéles á c â  ã  ñ é Z ì ] ï  ô  ã ä LB/354. SD/129-31. OS *aponth ena (ONO). of . sloping. daddy (hypocoristic) aear n. S/427.(ER) á âcã*ç'ä æ è á âcãñé ìZï]ôãñä å adertha. 1. å á å á âcé ì*ñãZò\ï]ä á æ ael á MR/349 adan+-eth. building. great sea. å æ (oegas). CE Tolkien changed this word several times. adaneth å âcé ãñã*ï]ä æ n. pl. OS *aterth a. Sindarin dictionary 21 . Aderthad S/409 ad+erth a. 1. oblique. time of ad adv. á âcé ãñã*ë'ãôä á å æ men’ MR/373 adan+adar. (atlanno) inf. later Abonnen aderthad ger. edain . of . n. LotR/II:II. and adj.(Á-TALAT) inf. slant Ety/390. Letters/308 See ah for the (TÉL-ES). (oeges). OS *aikalîre. aelin (oelin). n. father. *ailini (AJ. WJ/387. in rear (of) å Ety/392 OS *atele. and LotR/II:IV. range of âcì*ñé ìZë'å ì*ñãZò\ï]ä æ . aeglir (oeglir) n. dread. (ÁJ-AR). to slope. æ á (*A). æ adlanno á name for men) WJ/387 ab-+onnen v. fem. X/EI OS *atape. achas á âcé ã*îÇãð=ä è adlant á âcé ãñõLã*ëö\ä "reaction" (AT2. pool. ‘one of the Second People’ (elvish name for men) LotR/A(v). X/TL. Letters/282 Q atan á á âcé ãì*ùËõLí ï]ä å Ety/349. slant OS á âcé ã*îÇæ ã*ïcë'ä å adlanno ázâcãñõLé ã*ëë'êBä "after-born". one born later tilted Ety/390. æ ada n. prefix after. WJ/187 This might also be *gachas. sea Tolkien changed this âcé ãñã*ç'ä edaibå á âcé ì*ñãZò\ç'ä Ety/349 Shortening of CS adar (AT1). back. S/428. (mortal) woman (oel). X/OE á âcé ãì*ùËåõLêBð=ä . born later. to reunite æ á câ ãä å æ before a vowel OS *ar (AR1). form that this conjunction might take æ è adertha. adlanna-á å acharn n. O ! Letters/308 OS *a one again". pl. of adan . father Ety/349. PM/324. *atlanth a. X/ND4 OS than the elves. X/EI OS *ataro æ a Iá âcãä á (ar ) conj. to slope. of . aeg+loss. å æ n. man. ebœnnin adlann á âcé ãñõLã*ëë'ä *aterth ata (ER). aelin pl. á c â * ã ' ç é … ê  ë ' ë Z ì ' ë ä á WJ/387 OS *apa. reuniting. âcãñì*õLä æ prep. âcãñä å æ å æ (*AKH). word several times. again.Ety/349 OS star-opening (‘evendim’) LotR/D âcé ãñãä æ å á âcé ãì*ø%ã*ï]ä *ata (AT2). born (atland) adj. WJ/301 OS *akkh arna. ázâcé ãñã*ë'ä áóâcé ì*ñãZò\ë'ä aegais á aegas á *atakw ê (A-TAK). n. OS *aikalosse.

(unknown meaning)  SD/129-31 Some scholars believe this scholars consider that "and" and "with" (in the comitative sense) are not exclusive of word to be cognate to Quenya nai "may it each other. ai  interj. (unknown meaning. ú ûcü ý Lýþ *la. impetuous  song’)  RGEO/70.(LA). ‘song about the sea’ or possibly ‘holy alag   adj. X/ND4  aer+lind ûcü ýþ "sea-song"(?). The context in which this word occurs (The so-called "King’s Letter") is not clear enough to intepret it with úóûcü ûcý ü ý *ah. and regard ah as the form taken be". aith  n. rushing. CE *ekti (EK). behold! (?)  UT/40  ûcü ý Lý aerlinn OS *alaj-. CE ú ûcü ýþ ÿÿ *aire (ÁJ-AR). aes .   n. OS *airelinde. spearpoint  Ety/355  OS aerúzûcü ýþ %ý certainty. prefix no.AEN AMLOTH aenúzûcü ýþZÿ unkn.   n. CE *as (*AS). al. ah!  LotR/I:XII. sea Tolkien changed this word several times. Others think that it is the pronoun by this conjunction before a vowel  OS "they". alae   interj. not  Ety/367  OS *al-. see aear. gaear  OS ûcý *ekth è.

n. alagos  . meat  Ety/349  ûcü ý Lý Ety/348  OS *alaka (Á-LAK). cooked food.

OS *apsa (AP1). S/427. X/PH  OS Ety/348. t. agor I   (agr) adj. LotR/A(i). amben) adv. ûcý *alph a. UT/316. úóûcü ý   ÿ n.  n. sloping upwards  Ety/348.  adj. and adj. of car. 1. X/ND4  am+pend. S/434  alf alph . ú ambenn !#  (ambend. ambend  ambenn. immortal — aewen úzûcü ýþ eþZÿ  OS *aiwe (AJW). doom ú ûcü ý …ÿÿ aglond  aglonn . am !" prep. LotR/VI:IV. upon  aglareb    adj. fate. aglonn    (aglond. CE *alkw â (Á-LAK). pl. S/427. UT/55. X/ND3. aglar   n.  Ety/372. amar !  (ambar) n. (small) bird  Ety/348. upwards — 2.(A-MBAR). ar "and". S/427.(A-KAR2). agar   n. brilliance  alph   (alf). up. aglon  aglonn . 1. S/427. as a noun. also used for another small white flower  LotR/V:IX. amarth !  (ammarth) n. swan  Ety/348. n. bartâ (MBÁRAT). úzûcü þ úóûcü ý Lý S/378  agar+gwaen. UT/303. ‘uprising flower’.. and they render it as "with". WJ/412  OS *aklaripa. referring to the flower or floreate device 22 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . óú ûcü ý UT/417  al-+firin. OS *alph irinè. agor II pa. CE ûcü ý qý Ety/348  OS *amba (AM). blood  Agarwaen S/378 gentle colours. storm of wind  Ety/348 aew úóûcü ýþ MS *ais. OS *akra (AK).   adj. alfirin ú  OS *alakosse (Á-LAK). defile. uphill. glorious  Ety/348. glory. pass between high walls  Ety/348. LotR/E. aglon) n. ah  prep. eilph   . úú úóûcü ý qý OS *ambar. amdir !"$  n. ûcü ý 'þZÿÿ ú MS *agr. *axs. bell-like and running through many soft and úóûcü ý Ëý S/434  OS *aiwena or *aiwina (AJW). Ety/380. úzûcý agr  agor I. narrow  Ety/348  amben  ambenn. . TC/183  OS *ambarth a. LotR/II:I. with  MR/329 The title Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth is translated úóûcü ý OS *ambapenda. CE *m ambar  amar. bloodstained  Letters/402. ûcü ý X/ND4  OS *aklonde (AK. úzûcü ý Lý ]þ RGEO/73  OS *aklare (Á-KAL-AR). hope based on reason  as "converse of Finrod and Andreth". Other *ambatire. but MR/320  am+tîr "looking up". n. LON). agarwaen   úóûcý Ëü ý eýþZÿ  OS *akar. name of a flower. of birds  Linaewen 2. earth  Ety/372  *aklarikw â (Á-KAL-AR). úóûcü ý amloth !"  n. OS some scholars actually believe this word to be unrelated with the conjunction a.

for us % ang01'( )?. Helge Fauskanger notes: the element and anna.gol. (100 Valian Years) % Ety/382. age long and short vowels) % LotR/I:XI. deep lore. X/EI & an+*íra-. n. Ety/391. r-.(*IR). SD/129-31 With suffixed of anglenna-0 . anglennatha01')?-+ ( 233)<). steep-sided mount % (extended version of the Cirth) % S/427. CE *añkâ adj. OS -nn. a verse andeith / andaith0 .8 3. sunrise". to give % "long cycle". WJ/322 & and+fang amlug '( )*"+ . 3rd pers. n. pron. anc '( )39. prep.AMLUG ANNO used as crest fixed to the point of a anfang '( )3>)?. (ann) adj. of us. Ety/387. OS of the ‘Longbeards’ (a tribe of dwarves) *ambalotth e.). ‘Longbeards’ (a tribe of ammarth / amarth0 . ang+gwedh "iron-bond". n. . n. and it is unclear whether or not an. . sign used in writing alphabetic tengwar. hill. east. by % Ety/374. pl. long-mark. CE *ambasrôna. anglenna-01')?-+ ( 233). magic % *ananda. however. to approach Ety/384. elephant the word (VT/41:9).(G-LED) anglennatha0 3rd an. anfangrim0 class pl. amrûn01'( )*#7. OS *anîra. pron. S/428. & OS *añga (AÑG). angol I '( )?-4+ . would then revert to and. X/ND4 ann / and0 . n. amon01'( )*"453.gole (ÑGOL). chain % Ety/397 & S/427. Ety/370 & OS *ambaλλûkè. *andambunda (MBUD). one helmet % WJ/318 & am+loth. LB/354 & an+men (ME).-. OS *añgaweda. (anrand) n. ann-thennath0F'( )33GH<( 233)<. long rune-rows (emuin). over a vowel to indicate that it is aníra-01')3( @ 8 7). lit. OS *randa (RAD). S-LOK). to desire % SD/129-31 & lengthened. an01')3. of anna-. MS *annabond (irreg. & OS *an (ANA). (he) will approach % article and elision in aglar’ni Pheriannath SD/129-31. ‘long-shorts’ (alternance of andrann 0='( )37)33. pers. mode. (andabon) n.')3. row of teeth % Ety/348.'( )33). dwarves) % WJ/322 & anfang+rim. PM/347 LotR/II:IV. v. angren0='( )?-723. n. emyn01'( 2*#63. pl. iron % Ety/348. this second d % Ety/372. long. Sindarin dictionary 23 . % Ety/348. n. but d is lost because there is another d in annabon '( )33)I453. Ety/377 & OS *ñ. X/ND1 & OS *anda (ÁNAD). inf. Ety/374 & OS *añkh a. .(ÑOL). adv. long % Ety/348. to give & OS *anth a (AN) ‘long’ would normally be preserved before anno inf. OS *ambaρρûna. dragon % Ety/349. LotR/VI:IV.<. CE anfangrim01')3>( )?-7@ *". n. towards.& and+*rand anno '( )334. OS angol II '( )?-4+ . . LotR/E & am+rhûn B anglennatha SD/129-31 & "uprising. ammen01'( )*#*"23. n. class pl. to. for a long time % *ñ. angwedh '( )?-C2D. stench % Ety/378 & OS anann01'( )3)33. anim0E'( )3@ *". engrin0='( 2?-7@ 3. (andeith) n. See also enni & an+im. Ety/348. pl. *añgwaslôki (AÑGW. enfeng0='( 23>2?. . n. n. S/437. pl. of iron % Ety/348. orient % Ety/348. of anfang. % ónen0 1st pers. X/ND2 & and+*bond later disappeared in the change from -nd to "long-snouted". Ety/348. *añgrina (AÑG). and01'( )3:. OS *añglenna-. and+taith. CE an+*glenna-. LotR/E & and+certhas.(AM). for % LotR/II:IV. v. angerthas0 ')?-( 27<)A . cycle. Letters/308 & an+and. CE *ambalotsê. *angledna. andabon / annabon. UT/39. S/428 & OS (Á-NAK). prefix with. jaw. for myself % LotR/A(v) andaith01'( )3:). % LotR/E. LotR/E & OS *ambon. v.

ennynJ1KL QNNRNP . arad KL MYMXP n. anw Z anu J . LB/354. OS *arnotiata. endless. (NDU). always reliable. follower — 2. OS *anduia. sunset S Ety/376. daytime. because the final -u would drop. great region. male S Ety/360.I KMYP prefix without S Ety/349 T OS *ar- annûnJ=KL MNNUW NP n. element in the names of the kings of Arnor anrand Z andrann J . CE *n. without reckoning. followers. PM/348 T OS has been remodelled after anw. Ety/378. where it is also stated that inw. Lonnath-Ernin might have *apph ata. region S Ety/360 T OS rather be cognate to the Quenya adjective *arda (ÁR1-AD). pl.ANNON ARNEN annonJ1KL MNNO5NP . noble. aphadonJ1KL M^^MXO5NP . deer S WJ/156-157 T OS cognate to the Quenya noun hanu (*3anû) *arasse (A-RAS). west. INI. realm. ar-J II Z ara-J . great door or gate S Ety/348. and the etymology as *ap-pata. by ext. In WJ/387. *andûneitè (NDU). WR/294. ‘world’ corresponding to Quenya inya "female". CE *n. c Calenardhon S/386. adj. men (elvish annuiJ1KL MNNUVP adj. n. the second ext. to follow. royal arn(a)gon-ath with the phonological evidences. Noldorin anw cannot be arasJ KL MYMa P n. on a track or path’ S WJ/387 arnenJ KL MYNQNP . anu J KL MNUP (anw) adj.(PAT2). and Arthedain. the verb should LotR/V:I. aranJEKL MYMNP . LotR/E. Ety/349. If c water’) Emyn Arnen. It must ardh KL MYbP n. perhaps ‘royal aphad-. LotR/II:IV. but David Salo notes that the LotR/VI:VII. CE *hanwâ (HAN). royal AnorJ KL MNO5YP n. been intended to mean ‘royal havens’. along c arn JEKL MYNP adj. SD/129-31. S/428. However. aphad-J1KL M^^MXP v. pl. clearly Letters/427 T OS *arna (ÁR1-AN). hanwa (*3anwâ) attested under the stem ardhonJ1KL MYbO5NP n. pl. S/428. LotR/II:IV. ‘westron’. S/428 T ar-+nediad. the specified region) S Ety/389 T OS *aran common speech S PM/316 T OS (ÁR1-AN). The *ardondo (ÁR1-AD). man (elvish name for men) S element in Emyn Arnen ‘hills of Arnen’ is 24 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . by regular adjective.dûnê arJ=Z aJ I. erainJEKL QYMV\NP . WJ/387 T OS *apph ato(ndo) (PAT2) n. the verbal stem is given as n. TAI/150 T OS *andondo. noun. sun S Ety/348 T OS *anår. Letters/308 T OS *andûne. western S SD/129-31 T name for men) S WJ/387 T aphad-+rim. ant KL MN[\P n.dûjâ (NDU). of aphadonJ . âr KL MW YP n. CE *adnô (AD). (AR2). OS *anwa. OS Originally. Letters/426 T punctuation in The Etymologies is not OS *aran (ÁR-AN). (unknown meaning. aphadrimJ class pl. WR/370 perhaps read aphada. ‘to walk MS *arnœdiad. indicates that anw is actually an adjective T arnediad KMYNL QX_ dHMXP (arnœdiadJ ) MS *anw. countless. king X/W A literal interpretation of the (used of a lord or king of a specified Etymologies would class this word as a region) S Ety/360. 1. numberless S anwarJ KL MN]MYP n. etym. 1. LotR/VI:IV. *ando. Lonnath-Ernin we follow the latter. awe S UT/418. ar. innumerable. S S/428 T Reduced form of CS aran. pl. king (used of a lord or king of a annúnaidJ=KMNNL UW NMVXP n. aphadrimJ1KM^^L MXY_ `"P class pl. n. ephedynJ assuming the second element to be a KL Q^^QXRNP . ara-JEKMYMP (ar-J II) prefix high. combination of these two entries. erninJ KL QYN_ NP . behind. S/428. gift S Ety/348 T OS *anth a (AN). province — 2.T ab-+pad-. a day S Ety/349. CE *anâr (A-NÁR).

Used as a negative adverb before an arwen f1hi jkvqpn n. MR/329 e athra-+peth "cross-talk". *baδrond. *baδr. (A-SKAR). way o Ety/349. ford. OS *atth arata. OS *arph en-. dust o Ety/349 e OS *asto *aborna (BOR1).ARNŒDIAD BADHRON singular. debate. Sindarin dictionary 25 . n. o avof imp. OS *arwonodita. VT/41:9 Ety/349. I won’t o impetuous o Ety/386 e OS *askara WJ/371. the) lonely (ones)’. to forsake. (of the) royal (one)’ (by comparison with traverse o Ety/383. beaten track. (river-)crossing.(AT2). morning o arodf1hi jklmn adj. exalted’) won’t o WJ/371. awartha. to cross.(A-WAR). auth hi j}tn n. awarth hi jvjktn n.hjtn prefix on both sides. war. CE badhron hH{i j†kl5pn n. u Arthedain LotR e Q arta or OS *arth a. judge o Ety/350 e MS n. t. pathway o *ath rapetth a. u athra-f1hjtkjn prefix across Athrabeth thing o Ety/372 e OS *mbakh a MR/329 e OS *ath ra-. arth f1hi jktn adj. e OS *aråta. day. ware. Either we must assume a semantic athrada.(AR1. atlanno g adlanno f . CE *arkw en. bachor hH{i j‚k „n n.athrado inf. OS bâd hH{i j… mn n. countless. Ety/383. *oxθ. erphinf=hi qkrs pn . *aba å (ABA). o avamf 1st pers. asgar hi jw xjkn (ascar) adj. u Baravorn Hamfast. fem. understand it as an oblique construct ‘hill athrado hi jtkjmln inf. of ava-f . or we have to ath-+rada-. to cross. ‘kingsfoil’. pl. OS *okth a (Ó-KOTH). Sometimes used as prefix: avgaro e OS ascar g asgar. fast asogant pa. noble o WJ/376 e ar-+pen. ethraidf hi qtkj|mn . Ety/351 e OS *bata (BAT). avadfEhi j~jmn ger. a pers. staying. a healing o Ety/397 e OS *awarth a. of ava-f . e OS *awarth a (A-WAR). of athrada-.hjvi jktjn v. avadf ger. rushing. will not e OS *aba (ABA) ar-gonoded. UT/437 e OS *ath rata. ar-+nen "royal water" or OS *arnina. S/439 e OS *aure (UR1). battle o Ety/365. judge o Ety/350 e MS *ath aratâ (A-THAR). CE *ath ara (MBAKH). Ety/379 aronoded hjki l5plmqmn adj. badhor hH{i j†k „n n. innumerable. endless o Ety/378 e ava-fEhi j~jn aux. (ÁS2-AT). athelasf1hi jtqz jw n n. SD/129-31 e OS ast hi jwy\n n. OS *badro(ndo) (BAD). (unknown meaning. herb brought to Middle-earth by the  Númenóreans o LotR/V:VIII e Q athea "benefical. See also arn e hypot. pl.hi jtkjmjn v. don’t! o WJ/371 CE *arâtâ (AR1-ÁT). avamfhi j~j€"n 1st pers. noble woman u Arwen (name) LotR e ar-+gwend. noble o PM/363. conceivably meaning ‘home (of atland g adlann f . avonfEhi j~l5pn 1st pers. lofty. OS *mbañkh ro (MBAKH). pedlar o Ety/372 e MS athrabethf=hi jtkj{qtn n. atlant g adlant f . KWE-N). article (for exchange). bach hH{i j‚ƒn n. pl. beyond o SD/62. imperative: avo garo "don’t do it!". helpful" + CS las "leaf" (ATH). we perhaps ‘noble. abandon athanf1hjtjpn prep. traverse e shift to ‘hill (of) royal water’. violent. Bar Erib. reluctance o WJ/371 e OS *abata (ABA). of ava-f . CE *arâtâ (AR1-ÁT). abandonment o Ety/397 ath. across o Ety/349 e OS *atth a. refusal. OS *badro (BAD). (Á-THAR). arnœdiadfFg arnediad. e MS *ouθ. o avonf 1st arphenf=hi jkrqpn . of ava-f . sunlight. avorn fhi j~l5kpn adj. athradf hi jtkjmn . of soga-. pl. aurf1hi j}kn n. converse o *baxr. avofhi j~ln imp.

*mbaure (MBAW). dark *mbål-. pl. bar‡1ˆH‰Š ‹˜Ž . baw‡EˆH‰Š ‹¢Ž interj. bein — bain ‡ . 1. steep  Ety/351  OS  Ety/372. to doom  belain‡ pl. prison. oppressor  n. we would rather have expected (belein. OS bass.ˆH‰Š ‹˜š‹Ž v.(BAD). Quenya bellas ˆH‰Š ’‘ ‘ ‹œ Ž n. X/EI  MS *bein. tower. CE *bâ ((A)BA). 1.ˆH‰Š ‹•–‹Ž v. Ety/351  OS *baraha. golden brown. doomed  Ety/372  baugla. (MBÁRAT) bartho inf. *båd-. *mbaukla. of balan‡ . (M-BAD). X/Z band‡ ˆH‰Š ‹”Ž (bann) n. judgement  Ety/350  OS (MBAR). *bania (BAN). pl. fem. bread". *mbalkh a. bessain (as a regular cognate of Quenya divinity  Ety/350. fortress  Ety/351. bair‡1ˆH‰Š ‹Œ\˜Ž . fair  changed his mind and updated the word to Ety/351. brown. beautiful. don’t!  WJ/371  bartha. SD/129-31  OS *mbar baudh ˆH‰Š ‹ ™Ž n. bread-giver  PM/404-405. duress. Ety/372  OS *mbaukliro (MBAW). CE *barani (BARÁN). batho ˆH‰Š ‹š›Ž inf. bair‡ pl. n. safe-keeping  Ety/371. of baugla-. i-affection)  OS *mbassa (MBAS). TC/179  OS *baranè. swart. cruel  Ety/377  OS bassoneth ‡1ˆH‰Š ‹œ œ ž’šŽ (besoneth‡ ) n. no. bartho ˆH‰Š ‹˜š›Ž inf. batha. LotR/B  OS *barata (BAR-AT). of balan‡ . bauglo ˆH‰Š ‹ –‘ ›Ž inf. n. word for ‘bread’ is given as bast. S/428. bread  besain.BAIN BELLAS bain ‡EˆH‰Š ‹Œ\Ž (bein) adj. cruel. Sindarin besain. besoneth bell ‡EˆH‰Š ’‘ Ÿ\Ž (belt) adj. of balan‡ . of bar‡ . S/428. bread  Ety/372 See bass  banga. brown. CE *ñw gw âl. OS *mbastakorna. strong in body  PM/404-405 In the Etymologies. barad‡ II ˆH‰Š ‹˜‹”Ž . besoneth ‘bread-giver’. pl. *belde (BEL). Letters/427. Ety/372. baul ˆH‰Š ‹ ‘ Ž n. to oppress baradh ˆH‰Š ‹˜‹™Ž adj.ˆH‰Š ‹ –‘ ‹Ž v. yellow brown  baur ˆH‰Š ‹ ˜Ž n. bass ‡ ˆH‰Š ‹œ œ Ž n. bodily strength  Ety/352 masta. as shown in Quenya massánie. Ety/352. X/LD  OS *belda (BEL). OS *mbasånitth a MR/350. Ety/372. bara ˆH‰Š ‹˜‹Ž adj. to oppress  OS OS *mbarata (MBÁRAT). the Ety/352. See bass for a discussion regarding this custody. mighty  Ety/352.(MBAW) bauglo inf.(ÑGWAL). CE *barasâ oppressive  Ety/372  OS *mbauka (BARÁS). OS *bå. *mbañkh a. to trample  home — 2. loaf (of bread)  S/428  OS *beleka (BÉL-EK). Ety/365  bast+corn "round belein — belain‡ pl. *barada (BAR-ÁD). LotR/F. (MBAW).ˆH‰Š ‹š‹Ž v. beraid‡ ˆH‰Š ’˜‹Œ”Ž . X/ND1  OS *mbando (MBAS. CE *bâd. great. tyrant. to doom  OS *mbarth a. but it seems that Tolkien later  OS *beldasse. word  bass+oneth. balch ˆH‰Š ‹‘ “ƒŽ adj. inhabited land  S/428. fiery — 2. eager  baug ˆH‰Š ‹ –Ž adj. torment  Ety/377  OS baran‡1ˆH‰Š ‹˜‹Ž n. massánie) and bassoneth (without X/EI  OS *balano (BAL). bast ˆH‰Š ‹œŸ\Ž n. belen — belain‡ pl. to trample  OS *batth a- bann — band‡ . belain‡EˆH‰Š ’‘ ‹Œ\Ž dubious.(MBAKH). to trade  Ety/372  OS OS *mbasta (MBAS). CE *ñw gw alkâ (ÑGWAL). bauglir ˆH‰Š ‹ –‘ ¡ ˜Ž n. belen). divine power. These later Sindarin forms are however balan‡EˆH‰Š ‹‘ ‹Ž . (BAT) batho inf. 26 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . tyrannous. WR/379-80. S/439. basgorn ˆH‰Š ‹œ –›5˜Ž n. need  Ety/372  OS Ety/351. Ety/359. Vala. dwelling. barad I ˆH‰Š ‹˜‹”Ž adj. of batha-. beleg‡1ˆH‰Š ’‘ ’–Ž adj. of bartha-. AN).

(BAR-ÁD). brass ¥H¦¯¬ ­® ® © n. small pool ª Ety/372 berein £ bˆyr II býr pl. « OS *borna (*BOR2). Ety/376. red ª Letters/426-27 beor £ bˆyr ¤ I. faithful vassal ª Ety/353 « OS *boron bennas ¥H¦¬ §¨¨­® © n. according to the. X/ND1 « OS *branda RGEO/74 « OS *barath il (BARATH). 1. batter. brannon ¥H¦¯¬ ­¨¨³5¨© n. bereth¤ ¥H¦¬ §¯§°© n. out suddenly ª Ety/352. boe ¤ H¥ ¦¬ ³§© (bui) v.) ª Ety/380. besoneth¤´£ bassoneth ¤ . Sindarin dictionary 27 . brassen ¥H¦¯¬ ­® ® §¨© adj. high (in size) ª Ety/351. brethil¤ II pl.¥H¦¬ §¯°­© v. bold ª Ety/352 « OS bragol¤E¥H¦¯¬ ­º³¶ © adj. beraid¤ pl. wild. (BER) bertho inf. to need ª ben¤=¥H¦§¨© prep. violence. beria. beren II £ bˆyr II býr pl. trusty man. X/Z « OS *mbauia. Ety/351. Ety/352. to break (PALÁP) blâb 3rd pers. Ety/373 « OS *breka (BERÉK). CE *besnô (BES). suddenness ª bess¤1¥H¦¬ §® ® © n. of barad¤ II. CE *mbauja SD/129-31 « OS *be. born¤ ¥H¦¬ ³5¯¨© adj. silver birch ª flap (wings. corner ª Ety/352. of brethil¤ I. with suffixed article (MBAW). benn ¥H¦¬ §¨¨© n. MS *brexθa-. fierce ª besain¤F£ bessain ¤ . queen. steadfast. pl. NAS). blâb ¥H¦¶ ¬ ­· ¦© 3rd pers. to beat. fem. in the ª Ety/372. *beννo "husband". to protect ª « OS *brado(ndo) (BAR-ÁD).¥H¦¬ §¯± ²H­© v. hot. X/Z bregolas ¥H¦¯¬ §º³¶ ­® © n. Ety/352. to beat. lady ª Ety/351 « Ety/380 The Etymologies seem to list OS *brandille (BAR-ÁD). puddle. etc. CE *palapi. to ban. Ety/373 « OS *brekåla. « OS *mboth o (MBOTH). to break out suddenly « bior £ bˆyr ¤ I. lord ª Ety/351 berio ¥H¦¬ §¯± ²H³© inf. fem. this word as a noun. fem. flap (wings. spouse ª Ety/351. sudden ª S/429 « OS *berina (BER).((A)BA). fine — 2. brêg brerg ¥H¦¯¬ §· º© adj. both ¥H¦¬ ³°© n. *brakåla. breitho ¥H¦¯¬ § µ°³© inf. AN). of bertha-. OS *plapi-. n. masc. (*BE). bread-giver ª PM/404-405. fierce (BES). sudden. of bôr bór.(BERÉK) blab. batter. beats ª brennil ¥H¦¯¬ §¨¨± ¶ © n. brethil¤ II.¥H¦¶ ¬ ­¦© v. angle.BELT BRETHIL belt £ bell ¤ . of blab-. brethil¤ I ¥H¦¯¬ §°± ¶ © (brethel). breitha. (BOR1). « OS *båta-.¥H¦¯¬ § µ°­© v.(BEN. beech-tree. 1. CE *bâta. prohibit ª WJ/371 (BERÉTH). brand ¥H¦¯¬ ­¨¸© (brann) adj. n. noble. bˆyr II býr ¥H¦¬ ¹· ¯© (berein. (BAR) berio inf. pl. (young) woman — 2. white heat ª Ety/351 « OS bertha. ª Ety/352. fierceness ª Ety/352 See bass for a discussion regarding this « OS *brekålasse (BERÉK). white-hot ª Ety/351 bertho ¥H¦¬ §¯°³© inf. third person singular of the verb. CE *brakâlâ (BARÁK). breitho inf.) « Irreg. blebi ¥H¦¶ ¬ §¦± © inf. masc. *brekâlâ (BERÉK). beren I ¥H¦¬ §¯§¨© adj. word « OS *mbassanie (MBAS. beech. of bôr bór. TAI/150. lofty. man ª Ety/352 « OS beren II). violent. but it is clearly the brethel £ brethil¤ I. of blab-. CE bessain ¤ ¥H¦¬ §® ® ­µ\¨© (besain¤ ) n. impers. S/429 « OS *breth il- boda-¤ ¥H¦¬ ³¸­© v. bôr bór ¥H¦¬ ³· ¯© . SD/129-31 « OS *besse bregol ¥H¦¯¬ §º³¶ © adj. ª blebi inf. flaps. to dare ª « OS *brassina (BARÁS). etc. wife ª Ety/352. Ety/352 « OS *brekete (BERÉK). breged ¥H¦¯¬ §º§¸© n. to dare « OS *berth a- *brasse (BARÁS). of beria-. OS *brekth a. of breitha-. Ety/375 « OS *bennass. to protect « OS *baria- brann £ brand.

OS *katwåra. Ê the Etymologies à OS *kai(m). *kabr. Emended by Tolkien from earlier cabad.(KAL). lasting cabr Ñ cabor. lasting CE *katwârâ (KAT). snout. OS *kapro "leaper" (KAP). ship  Ety/365. CE. to hold caew »HÔ¾ ÈÐÏÁ n. sickness  brûn »H¼½¾ ËÅ ÇÁ adj. to survive à OS verbs should perhaps form their gerund in *brona-. WJ/100 brôg »H¼½¾ ÄÅ ÆÁ n. buia. cadu Î »HÔ¾ ÈÉËÁ (cadw) adj. LotR/V:I.  Ety/353 à OS *bronatåia (BOR1-ÓN). of buia-. light  Ety/362. to cadwor »HÔ¾ ÈÉÏÖ½ ÕÁ (cadwar) adj. vassal OS *kegle (KEG).»H¼¾ ËÌÍHÈÁ v. cairÎE»HÔ¾ ÈÌ\½Á (ceir) n. caiÎ »HÔ¾ ÈÌÁ n. LotR/Index à OS *bruia (*BUR). This is our sole late example that basic brona.(BOR1-ÓN) -ed. (KAJ1). bronadui »H¼½¾ Ä5ÇÈÉËÌÁ adj.  Ety/352. faith  Ety/353. CE *morokô (MORÓK). cape (of land)  Ety/372. of cab-Î . Ety/363 à OS *kailipa. CE *katwâ (KAT). fence or palisade of spikes bunn Ñ bund.  brono inf. bedridden. X/EI à MS *keir. of bronia-. CE *beurô caint Î pl. sick  à OS *brûna. CE *borônâ (BOR1-ÓN). 28 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . num. Ety/363 à OS *kaila (KAJ1).BRITH CALAR brith »H¼½¾ ¿ ÀÁ n. cadwar Ñ cadwor. SD/62 à OS cae ÎE»HÔ¾ ÈÐÁ (coe) n. Ety/363 à MS *kadwaur. to leap cabed S/386. resting-place  Ety/363 allegiance to  Ety/353. shaped. 1. of cant. bˆyr Î I »H¼¾ ÒÅ ½Á (bior. enduring. deep gorge  S/386. brono »H¼½¾ Ä5ÇÄÁ inf. and sharp stakes  UT/282 à MS *keil. buio »H¼¾ ËÌÍHÄÁ inf. noisy Bruinen (KEM). bronio »H¼½¾ Ä5Ç¿ ÍHÄÁ inf. OS Ety/362-363.(KÁJ2-AR). bronweÎ=»H¼½¾ Ä5ÇÏÐÁ n. lying in bed. to hold allegiance to à OS *buia-. This word is indeclinable. cailÎE»HÔ¾ ÈÌ× Á n.(BOR1-ÓN) bronio inf. gravel (from Ilkorin)  cabedÎ1»HÔ¾ ȼÐÉÁ ger. endurance. of brona-. *kair.(KAP) cabedÎ Ê calar ÎE»HÔ¾ È× È½Á n. whereas derived verbs are well attested bronad ger. X/IU à OS *biuro. bund »H¼¾ ËÇÉÁ (bunn) n. à MS *kaiυ. à OS *kalata (KAL-AT). leap — 2. nose — 2. mbundu (MBUD). UT/65 Ê cab-Î1»HÔ¾ ȼÁ v. aderthad) à OS *kapita bronad »H¼½¾ Ä5ÇÈÉÁ ger. shapely  survive  Ety/353. to last. WR/287 à OS *kalar. frog  Ety/362 à MS (BOR1-ÓN). according to WEG). X/OE *bronwege "enduring vigor" (BOR1-ÓN. Ety/353. to use -ad (cf. to serve.»H¼½¾ Ä5ÇÄÁ v. follower. WJ/100 à OS *kapi. CE *kailikw â bui Ñ boe Î . CE *borona. by ext. bˆyr II býr pl. X/ND2 à OS OS *kegia (KEG). hedge  UT/282 à MS *keiγ.»H¼½¾ Ä5Ç¿ ÍHÈÁ v. caladÎE»HÔ¾ È× ÈÉÁ ger. ten  Ety/363 à OS inf.(BEW) buio caer »HÔ¾ ÈнÁ adj. CE *beuja. cael »HÔ¾ ÈÐ× Á n. OS *broni. Ó LotR/A(iv). quality. X/W à MS *kadw. Ety/353 à OS *britth e (BIRÍT). that has long endured. to endure à Irreg. OS *kiria (KIR). OS *kaima (KAJ1). to endure  cadw Ñ cadu Î . lamp celerdain ger. earth  Ety/363. survival (KAP). formed  bronia. bear  Ety/374 à OS *broko. *mbundò. to last. 1. lair. CE *kaem brui Î1»H¼½¾ ËÌÁ adj. or in use  Ety/353 caeleb »HÔ¾ ÈÐ× Ð¼Á adj. *katwe. or been established. of bôr bór. (BEW). to serve. loud. of brona-. beor) n. old. Ê bronadui Ety/353 à OS *bronata cabor »HÔ¾ ȼ½ ÕÁ (cabr) n.

call ä conathØ coll. v. CE cand Ø=ÙHÚÝ Ûàßá (cann) adj. CE *kaolô (KOL). jaw ä S/429 å OS calbenØ1ÙHÚÝ ÛÜ æâàá . pl. t. cardh I è car. car-Ø1ÙHÚÝ ÛÞá . (KAR1) cared ger. Letters/282 å OS LotR/E å OS *karanè. S/429. pl. X/ND1 å OS *kanda (KAN2). to do î avo cefn ÙHÚÝ âêHàá (cevn) adj. feat ä Ety/362 Ety/361. calf è calph Ø . ä WJ/362. car ÙHÚÝ ÛÞá (cardh I) n.v. ceirdan è círdanØ . of car-Ø . soil ä Ety/363 å MS OS *kanth a (KAT). X/Z å OS *kemina (KEM). num. ‘mirian’ (q. silver coin caun Ø IV ÙHÚÝ Ûóàá . pl. tooth of rock ä calenØ1ÙHÚÝ ÛÜ âàá . n. PM/361-362 å OS *kåna (KAN1) can-Ø ÙHÚÝ Ûàá v. by ext. Sindarin dictionary 29 . ruler ä LotR/VI:IV. caun III è cofn. caw ÙHÚÝ Ûôá n. pl. S/429 å OS *kambe Dialectal carth å OS *kard.(KÁRAK). cebirØ1ÙHÚÝ âæç Þá . Ety/362 å MS *karδ. clamor ä camm è camØ . caulØ1ÙHÚÝ ÛóÜ á n. shout.(KEM). OS *kalapende (KAL. outcry. ‘quarter’. of hand ä Ety/367. carachØ1ÙHÚÝ ÛÞÛðƒá n.(KAR1). celinØ1ÙHÚÝ âÜ ç àá . OS *kard. ‘light caraes ÙHÚÝ ÛÞÛâí á n. X/ND4 å cam+land. n. ceif. *kalro(ndo) (KAL). palm VT/39:10 å OS *kaulo. shape î morchaint S/432. pl. Ety/371. stone ridge ä Ety/363. carag ÙHÚÝ ÛÞÛñá n. water-vessel ä S/429 å OS *karkh a (KÁRAK). earthen ä Ety/363. pa. valour ä Ety/362 å OS canad ÙHÚÝ ÛàÛßá adj. caunØ I ÙHÚÝ Ûóàá n. S/429. Ety/362 å cef ÙHÚÝ âõá . the fourth part of a n. WJ/376-377. all elves but the Avari î Helcharaes Ety/362 å MS *karais. (KÁNAT). bold ä Ety/362. agorØ II. top ä Ety/362 å OS *kå. KWE-N). cared ÙHÚÝ ÛÞâßá ger. lampwright ä LotR/V:I. fang ä Ety/362. pl. *karap. WR/287 å calar+tân (KAL. Ety/362. stake. OS *kem. WJ/415 å OS *kari. calph Ø1ÙHÚÝ ÛÜ êá (calf) n. PM/361-362 å OS *kani. celbinØ1ÙHÚÝ âÜ æç àá . garo WJ/371. S/437 å OS *keper- WJ/192. WJ/206 å OS *kanth asse (KAT). canathØ1ÙHÚÝ ÛàÛìá n. coninØ1ÙHÚÝ é5àç àá . shaping î Dorgannas LotR/II:VIII. prince. house. camm) n. jagged hedge of spikes person’). spike. camØ1ÙHÚÝ Ûë"á (camb. OS *karakse (KÁRAK). green Ety/362 å OS *karaka (KÁRAK). red ä Ety/362. cant ÙHÚÝ Ûàï\á . celerdainØ carabØ1ÙHÚÝ ÛÞÛæá n. TAN). Q cáno (KAN1). great burden. to cry out. *keυ. LotR/II:VII. tooth. camland è camlann Ø . ceif pl. doing camb è camØ . carasØ ÙHÚÝ ÛÞÛí á n. n. pl. making. n. Ety/362. of cef. X/PH å OS *kalph a (KALAP). outline. hero ä Ety/362 å OS ä Ety/362. spike. (KAR2-ÁN).) ä PM/45 å OS *kanatth a Letters/308 å MS *kaun.(KAN1). hat ä WJ/187 å OS ÙHÚâÜ Ý âÞßÛã\àá . four ä Ety/362 å *kåne (KAN2). î ceredir Ety/354 å OS *karita (KAR). n. *kâs (KAS). affliction ä camlann Ø1ÙHÚÝ Ûë"Ü Ûààá (camland) n. WJ/408-409 å *karaxs. (etymologically ‘bright-coloured’) ä caranØ1ÙHÚÝ ÛÞÛàá adj. city (built above ground) callon ÙHÚÝ ÛÜ Ü é5àá n. (KEPER). OS *kanata (KÁNAT).(*KARAP). carchØ=ÙHÚÝ ÛÞðƒá n.CALARDAN CEIRDAN calardan Ø1ÙHÚÛÜ Ý ÛÞßÛàá . deed. adj. cann è cand Ø . cebirØ pl. caun II ÙHÚÝ Ûóàá n. cannas ÙHÚÝ ÛààÛí á n. elf of the Great Journey (lit.(KAR1). used in Gondor. building ä ceir è cairØ . *karakkh . caint Ø1ÙHÚÝ Ûã\àï\á . CE *karani *kalina (KAL). ceberØ=ÙHÚÝ âæâÞá . of ceberØ . (KAB). hand ä cardh II ÙHÚÝ ÛÞòá n.

worth Ety/367. like silver. chwîn  hwîn ö . n. chwest  hwest ö .CELAIR COLL celair öE÷Høù úû üý\þÿ (celeir) adj. cleft. WJ/396. CE celbinö pl. celegö1÷Høù úû ú ÿ adj.  celebö1÷Høù úû ú ÿ n. chwand II  hwand. july (month)  celebren ÷H øúû ù ú þúÿ . adj. *kj elepê (KJELEP). S/429  OS *keleprina chwand I  hwand. pass between hills. celefn  celevon. gorge Ety/365  OS *kil. celerdainö pl. PM/353. of calardan ö . celebrinö pl. cirthö1÷Høù  þÿ . chwinn  hwind ö . OS *kirth a. cîl ÷Høù  û ÿ n. runic alphabet. celevon ÷Høù úû ú . Letters/426  OS *kelepe. CE *kj elekâ (KJELEK). cervethö=÷Høù úþ ú ÿ n.(KIL). agile. Ety/366. celeir  celair ö . pl. swift. of celebren. CE rune-rows LotR/E  certh+-as. rune Ety/362. pl. brilliant certhö1÷Høù úþÿ . hasty chwind  hwind ö . S/429. LotR/E. silver Ety/367. X/EI  OS *kalaria (KAL-ÁR). ÷Høúû ù ú þ ÿ . chwiniol  hwiniol ö . *kirtê "cutting" (KIR). certhasö ÷Høù úþü ÿ n. LotR/E  Irreg. of calbenö . VT/41:10  OS chwinio  hwinio ö . in hue or cevn  cefn . *keleka. celebrinö LotR/D. (KJELEP).

shipman. cerch ÷Høù úþƒÿ n. sight *kiritth e (KIR). masc. cerinö1÷Høù úþ ÿ n. 30 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . ceirdan) LotR/Map  OS *kella (KEL). river  Celon (name) LotR/VI:IX  cair+tân. mound Ety/365. Ety/390. celon ÷Høù úû ÿ n. void *kirkh a (KÍR-IK). of calenö . running — 2. celu öE÷Høù úû ÿ (celw) n. cen. cleft. by cirdan  círdanö . high climbing pass. Ety/362  OS *klåre. sickle Ety/365  OS cofn ÷Høù ÿ (caun III) adj. Ety/366  OS *kumna (KUM). ext. sailor Ety/363. of silver Ety/367  OS *kelemna. X/LD  OS *kulda (KUL2).(KEN) cened ger.  by ext.  cenedril TI/184  OS *kenita (KEN). CE *kemtanô. cirithö1÷Høù  þÿ n. coe  cae ö . n. 1. *kulda (KUL1). RS/466  cened+rill. hollow WJ/414  OS *korin. looking-glass. doer. OS *kiriatano Ety/363  OS *keluna (KEL). S/429 OS collö II ÷Høù û û ÿ adj. cêf+tân. empty. UT/426. OS *kenth ano. mirror claur ÷Høû ù ü þÿ n. 1. glory (poetical) TI/184. maker Ety/354 côl ÷Høù  û ÿ n. of certhö . *kiriapanda. rock S/387. seeing. cell öE÷Høù úû û ÿ adj. shipbuilder Ety/365. spring. haven Ety/380. cenedril ÷Høúù ú þ û ÿ n. celw  celu ö . X/W  MS *kelw. ceredir ÷Høù úþú   þÿ n. to see  cenedril TI/184  OS narrow passage cut through earth or *ken. splendour. (KIR.  cared+dîr.(KOR). (KJELEP). X/ND4  cair+pand. circular enclosure — 2. ÿ (celefn) adj. (KIR). CE *kalârê cennan ÷Høù úü ÿ n. flowing (of water)  Celduin círdanö1÷Høù  þü ÿ (cirdan. círbann ö ÷Høù  þ ü ÿ (cirban) n. gold (metal) Ety/365. cirthö pl. OS celinö pl. (golden) red Ety/365. OS *kelwe  Cirion (name)  OS *kirio(ndo) (KEL). source cirion öE÷Høù  þ ÿ n. of cen-. potter Ety/390  (KAL-ÁR). TC/181  OS cened ÷Høù úú ÿ ger. coll I ÷Høù û û ÿ adj. CE *kj elepnâ cirban  círbann  ö. TAN).÷Høù úÿ v.


!""# n. critho - .)(# v.(KIR-ÍK) critho inf. CE *kolnâ *krikth a. MR/385 % OS *kolla. mantle $ Thingol critha. to reap % MS *krixθa-. of critha-.)!# inf. cloak. OS S/421. to reap * conath&. (KOL).- .

! '.

(KURÚM).()# coll. left * Ety/366 % OS *krumba PM/361-362. of caun I. voices’. condir&. ‘many Ety/365. often applied to lamentation * crom - ! <=# n.

! '

+, -# n. masc. mayor * crum - /<=# n. left hand * Ety/366 % OS
SD/129-31 % caun+dîr. *krumbe (KURÚM).
conin pl. of caun  IV. crumui - /<?/ 01# adj. left-handed *
conui .

! '/ 01# adj. commanding, ruling (?) Ety/366 % OS *krumbåia, CE *kurumbâjâ
$ Argonui LotR/A(ii) % caun+-ui. (KURÚM).

! -23# n. cû&. crow * Ety/362 % OS *korkh .


@ # n. 1. by (KÓROK). arch. ext. crescent — 2. S/429 % OS *kû cordof&. bow * Ety/365.

! -+! 4.

pippin (seed of certain (KUH).# n. or more probably small red cugu . fruits.



corn . *kukûwa (KU). dove * Ety/365 % OS apple) * SD/129-31.# n.

! -'.

globed * Ety/365 % cuia-&. round.# adj.

cuio imp. cuil .(KOJ) OS *korna (KOR). to live % OS *kuia. / 01B(# v.

/ 01"# n. life * Ety/366 % OS *kuile coron&.

! -! '.

mound * Ety/365. 1. by (KOJ). ext. ball — 2.# n. S/429 % OS cuin . globe.

/ 09'.

# adj. alive * Ety/366 % OS *kuina *korone (KOR). (KOJ). coru &.

! -/.

. cunning.# (corw) adj. wily * cuina.

/ 09'.

X/W % MS *korw. to be alive % OS *kuina- Ety/366. cuinar &. corw 5 coru  . (KUR). OS *kurwa (KOJ) cuino inf.(# v. * cuinar  3rd pers. pl.

/ 09'.

pl.( -# 3rd pers. of cuina-. cost .

quarrel * Ety/365 % OS *kosta. !6879# n. CE *koth tâ (KOTH). cuino . (they) live $ i-chuinar Letters/417.

/ 09'.

!# inf. to be alive * coth . of cuina-.

1. Ety/365 % OS *kotth e (KOTH). cuio . enmity — 2. !)# n. enemy * Ety/366.

of cuia- . live! * craban &- ( :. / 01B!# imp.

( '.

pl.- . crebain.# .:.


LotR/VI:IV. raven * cum . n.# . kind of crow of large size. Letters/308.

cake of cûn . (KARÁKW). /<=# (cumb) n. Ety/365 % OS *kumbe (KUB). cumb 5 cum. heap * LotR/II:III % OS *krapan-. cram&- ( <=# (cramb) n. mound. CE *karakw an.


@ '.

containing honey and milk) * Ety/365.# adj. bowed. CE *kuhnâ (KUH).. bow-shaped. cund . bent * compressed flour or meal (often Ety/365 % OS *kugna.


LotR/II:VIII % OS *kramb.+# (cunn) n. cunn 5 cund  .(KARÁB). cramb 5 cram . crann - ( ''. prince * Ety/366. X/ND1 % OS *kundu (KUND).

ruddy (of face) * cúran 5 cúron  .# adj. Ety/362 % OS *kranna (KAR2-ÁN). cúron  .


@ -( '.

6>6># n. cleft. X/Z % cû+raun.# (cúran) n. moon * Ety/365. *krisse (KIR-ÍS). OS criss - . cut * Ety/365 % OS *kûråna. of craban  . curu . the crescent crebain pl.


Sindarin dictionary 31 . cleaver. OS *kristo (KIR-ÍS). craft. skill * Ety/366.# (curw) n.6879# n. crist - . OS *kurwe (KUR). curunir 5 curunír . sword * Ety/365 % X/W % MS *kurw.



dam DVF W `=M n. LotR/III:VIII. LotR/B O curu+dîr "man of skill" (KUR). hammer N Ety/375 O OS masc. dambethC. wizard N Ety/366. *ndamba (NDAM).DVF W `?X.J KL HM (curunir) n.

answer. this cyll CQDE.Y _M n. PM/395 In Tolkien’s manuscript. response N curw P curu.

F R.

damna DVF W `?`=WM . KWE-T). O OS *dat(a) (DAT). t. Tengyl form was rejected in favor of dangweth. damma. (NDAM). dammint. pa. dadbenn DVF WV X. U it must assumed that the word is valid per se.SSM n. bearer T Taengyl. to hammer N Ety/375 O OS *ndamba- dadben P dadbenn. downwards N Ety/354 *ndanapetth a (NDAN. OS dad DVF WVM adv. with a slightly different meaning. down. v. O dan+peth "back word". MR/385 O OS *kolli (KOL). However.


downhill. adv. inclined. prone N Ety/354.damna. danC&DVW I. of damma.M (dadben) dammint pa. Ety/380. X/ND4 O dad+pend. t.

against — 2. OS *datapenda. back N LotR/II:IV O OS *ndana (NDAN). dangen DVF W a. 1.M prep. etym.


M pp. of dag-, slain N
daeC&DVF WY M n. shadow N Ety/354, S/430 O
Ety/375 O OS *ndañkh ena (NDAK).
OS *daio, CE *dajô (DAJ2).
dangwethC&DVF W a

[bcY _M n. answer, reply
daedelu DVF WY VY S G

canopy N Ety/391 O giving new information N PM/395 O OS dae+telu. *ndanagweth a "back report" (NDAN. OS *daiotelume. daen DVF WYI.M n.

(DAT) daer C II DVF WYHM (doer) n. dant C II. great N UT/450. bridegroom N dannen pp. Ety/354. v. X/Z Written dant. CE *ndaer dannen DVF W II. the WJ/335 O OS *daira (DAJ1). Etymologies O OS *danth a. X/OE O OS *ndair. danna-C DVF W Id9M . t.M n. *ndagno (NDAK). corpse N Ety/375 O OS GWETH). Ety/375. WJ/187. to fall N daerC I DVF WYHM adj.


of danna-C . dâf DVF WL Z.M pp. fallen N (NDER). Ety/354 O OS *danth ena (DAT).

dag.(NDAK) dant C II pa. of danna-C . to slay O OS *ndaki. *danth a (DAT). fall N MR/373 O OS *dab. permission N Ety/353 O OS dantC I DVF W Id9M n. the Nandor (a dagnirC&DVF W[I. N degi inf. danwaithC DVF W IbcWe1_M n.DVF W[\M v.M n. t. dangen pp.(DAB).

*dari. dagr P dagorC . pit N Ety/354 O OD dagro DVF W[H^M inf.DVF W H_WM v. LotR/II:VI. OS *ndakro (NDAK) dar. dan+gwedh.DVF W IbcY fM n. dartha. ransom N S/384 O dagorCQDVF W[H ]8M (dagr) n.(DAR). Ety/353. N deri inf. dagorathC&DVF W[\^ HW_M coll. danwedhC. of dagra-. Ety/375. dath DVF W_M n.DVF W[HWM v.DVF W HM v. stop. slayer) N tribe of elves) N WJ/385 O dan+gwaith. ‘bane’ (lit.K HM n. (NDAK) dagro inf. S/430 O MS *dagr. of dar-. S/430 O dag-+dîr. to wait. stay. battle N Ety/375. endure dagra. to stay. N Ety/353 O OS *darth a. of dagorC . halt! stop! N the battles N UT/395-396. wait. last. daug DVF W G. to battle N *datth a (DAT).(DAR) daroC imp. hole. remain O OS dagorathC coll. all daroC DVF W H^M imp. to battle O OS *ndakra.

dalw P talu C . CE dalf P talf C I. 32 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . *ndâkô (NDAK). used of orcs) N Ety/375 O OS *ndåko.[\M n. soldier (chiefly dalath P talathC . of doltha-. t. warrior. daul pa.

by dilio hij tutwxn inf.DAUR DOR daurg&hij k lmn n. CE *dâr (DAR). Ety/354. league (about 3 miles) o UT/279. dîng I hij t€ |. pause. to stop up o ext. stop — 2. of dilia-. UT/285 p OS *dår. 1.

p MS *douυ. OS *dogme. night-time. silence o S/430.n n.(*DIN). LB/354 p daw hij k qcn n. CE *dohmê dîn II hij t€ |. gloom o Ety/354 OS *din.

(DEN). disgust. fear. horror o díneng. loathing. gap. to slay o Ety/375.hij t€ |. opening. mountains o Ety/354 p OS *dîn-. CE degi hij r s\tn inf. *dên.n n. of dag-. pass in (DO-H). del hj ir un n.


WJ/194 Ety/355 p OS *del. silent o S/430. p OS *dinina (*DIN).n adj. deleb hij r urv.(DJEL).

abominable. dineth hij t |.n adj. horrible.

other speaking race) o Ety/354. of delia-. man (archaic). conceal o Ety/355. mortal. masc. Ety/352 delio hij r utwxn (dœlio) inf.r ~n n. dîr hij t€ mn n. CE dî+neth. to p OS *ndîr. CE *ndêr (NDER). dírnaithg&hij t€ m|. bride o Ety/377-378 p loathsome o Ety/355 p OS *delipa. or of any (DUL) delio inf. to conceal p OS *dulia.hij r utwkn v. *dj elikw â (DJEL). an adult male (elf. referring to delia.

MS *delγoss. formation on open ground o UT/282 p deloth z delos. loathing o Ety/355 p distance against an enemy massing but del+gos. *delegotth e. wedge-formation launched over a short detestation. a military delos hij r uxy>n (deloth) n. OS not yet arrayed. OS delu g&hij r u l.k}1~n n. abhorrence. dîr+naith "man spearhead". or against a defensive *delegosse. delγoθ.

X/W p MS *delw. delw z delu g . fell *ndîrnekth a. dem hij r{=n adj. sad. doer z daer g II. OS *delwa dîs hij t€ y>n n. fem. Ety/375 p (DJEL). OS *ndisse (NDIS). hateful.n (delw) adj. bride o Ety/352. o Ety/355. gloomy o Ety/354 No dofn hij x|. deadly.

the people of Denwe o *dolo (DOL). S/430 p OS of elves). Noldorin from context and phonological dolg z dôl. gloomy o Ety/355 p OS language indication in the Etymologies. dolen hij xur|.n adj. 1. the Nandor (a tribe or mountain o Ety/376. hill denwaithg&hij r|qck}1~n n. by ext. WJ/385 p Den(we)+gwaith. dôl hij x€ un (dolg ) n. head — 2. but *dumna. CE *dubnâ (DUB). evidence p OS *dimba (DIM).

deri hij rmtn inf. Ety/376. to conceal o OS *ndihè. dœlio z delio. under dolt I z doll. Ety/355 p OS *dulth a.(DUL) dolen dîl hij t€ un n. of doron.n pp. CE *ndisi (NDIS).(DIL).(DOL). hidden o Ety/355 p OS *daulena (DUL). fem.hij xu~kn . woman o Ety/352. wait. concealed. p OS *ndissa (NDIS). of dar-. doll hij xuun (dolt I) adj. fem. di-g&hitn prefix beneath. X/LD p OS *ndulla. stopper. stopping. n. dusky. dylt. v. round knob. Ety/376 p OS *dolth . young woman o Ety/375 o Ety/355. pa. Ety/354 p OS *dil. dark. *ndulda. RGEO/72. stop. CE *ndulnâ. donn hij x ||. to stay. Ety/354 p doltha. of doltha-. stuffing o pp. daul. nduldâ (N-DUL). dî hij t€ n n. obscure dess hij r y>y>n n. boss o Letters/278. remain o Ety/353. pl. t. deren pl. dolt II hij xu ‚9n .  di-nguruthos LotR/IV:X.

hij tutwkn v. Sindarin dictionary 33 . to stop up p OS *dilia. swarthy o Ety/355. dilio inf.(DIL) X/ND1 p OS *dunna (DUN). dilia.n adj. dorgƒz dôrg . swart.

DÔR DÚNEDHIL dôr„&…†‡ ˆ‰ Š‹ (dor„ ) n.…† Š‡ —. *druγ. Dr druγu drúath„ coll. region where certain people live Œ drúadan„. dwelling-place. land.

‰ ’†’ Ž.

Letters/417  …† Š‡ —. drúedain„ Ety/376. WJ/413. pl. S/430.‹ .

‰ š †’ž9Ž.

‘drû-man’ Œ UT/385  drû+adan. lit.‹ . wise man. wose. n. dorn„&…†‡ ˆ ŠŽ. OS *ndore (N-DOR).

‹ adj. tough Œ WJ/413  drúath„. stiff.…† Š‡ —.

v. of the Drû (q. the woses Œ UT/385. dornhoth„&…†‡ ˆ ŠŽ.). the people OS *dorna (DOR).‰ ’‘‹ coll. of drû„ .

 .

‘the thrawn drúedain„ pl. of drû„ . doron …†‡ ˆ Šˆ Ž. folk’. of drúadan„ . dwarves Œ WJ/388  dorn+hoth. drúin„ pl.ˆ‘‹ class pl.

oak Œ Ety/355  OS *dorono (DÓRON). n. pl.‹ . deren. drunós„ …† Š‡ —Ž.

(N-DOR) dortho inf.v. dortha.) Œ UT/385  drû+nos. to dwell.ˆ‰ Ÿ>‹ n.…†‡ ˆ Š‘’‹ v. a family of the Drû-folk (q. drúwaith„&…† Š‡ —. stay  OS *ndorth a.

drû+gwaith. the Drû-men (q.) Œ UT/385  stay Œ Ety/376. to dwell. the wilderness of dortho …†‡ ˆ Š‘ˆ‹ inf.v.‰  c’ž1‘‹ n. drafn …† Š‡ ’“Ž. of dortha-.

hewn Œ Ety/354  OS dû„&…†‡ —.‹ adj.

of axe) Œ Ety/354. nightfall. night.g.‰ ‹ n. stroke. heavy CE *dômi (DO) dúath„ coll. dram „&…† Š‡ ’ ”=‹ (dramm. a blow (e. S/430  OS *dûmè. dúath„ …†‡ —. dramb) n. dimness Œ Ety/354. late evening. *dramna (DARÁM).

1.‰ ’‘‹ (dúwath) coll. darkness.(DARÁM). Ety/354. shadow — 2. S/430  Either the collective drambor …† Š‡ ’ ”= –. of dû„ . X/MB  OS *dramb. nightshade Œ dramb • dram „ .

ˆ Š‹ n. or a compound dû+gwath also ‘blow with fist’ Œ Ety/354  "night shade" (hence dúwath). hence plural of dû. dram+paur. clenched fist. duin„&…†‡ — ž9Ž.

draug„&…† Š‡ ’ —. TC/179  OS *duine drammen pa. t.‹ n. S/430. (DUJ). of drava-. (long and large) river Œ dramm • dram „ . LotR/F.

S/430  duir„ pl. wolf Œ Ety/354.…† Š‡ ’ ™. OS *dråk.˜\‹ n.(DARÁK). drava. of dûr„ . dúlin„ƒ• dúlinn.

t.’‹ . pa. …† Š‡ ’ ”?”=šŽ. drammen dúlind • dúlinn.

‹ . to hew Œ Ety/354  OS dúlinn …†‡ —. v.

‰ ¡› ŽŽ.

n. dravo …† Š‡ ’ ™. dúlin„ ) *drama. Ety/369.(DARÁM) dravo inf. nightingale Œ Ety/354.‹ (dúlind.

ˆ‹ inf. LIN2). OS *dûmelinde (DO3/DÔ. X/ND4  dû+lind "dusk singer". of drava-. drega-„&…† Š‡ š ˜\’‹ v. Ety/354. to hew Œ S/430. to flee Only the dûn„&…†‡ —.

‰ Ž.

imperative drego is attested. Therefore. verb may also be dreg.‹ n. the LotR/E-F  OS *ndûne (NDU). dúnadan„.(*DERÉK) drego„ imp.(inf.…†‡ —. S/428. west Œ Ety/376. dregi)  OS *drek.

‰ Ž.

’†’ Ž.

pl. dúnedain„ …†‡ —.‹ .

‰ Ž.

š †’ž9Ž.

man of the west.‹ . of drega-„ . Númenórean Œ LotR/I:XII. flee! Œ UT/65. n. drego„&…† Š‡ š ˜\ˆ‹ imp. WJ/378. dring „&…† Š‡ › œ.

dringa. Ety/355  OS *driñg. dúnedain„ pl. of dúnadan„ . hammer  Glamdring H.…† Š‡ › œ.(*DIRÍG). S/390  dûn+adan.‹ n.

dúnedhel „.˜\’‹ v.…†‡ —. to beat  OS *driñga.

‰ Ž.

š ¢š ¡‹ . dúnedhil„ (*DIRÍG) dringo inf. …†‡ —Ž. pl.

elf of Beleriand dringo …† Š‡ › œ.‰ š ¢›¡‹ . n.

OS drû„&…† Š‡ —. of dringa-.˜\ˆ‹ inf. to beat Œ (including Noldor and Sindar). of the west’ Œ WJ/378  dûn+edhel. lit. ‘elf Ety/355.

‰ ‹ . pl.…† Š‡ —. drúin„.

‰ › Ž.

púkel-man Œ UT/385  MS dúnedhil„ pl. of dúnedhel „ . n. man. 34 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . wose. wild *ndûnedelo.‹ .

DÛR EDRAIN dûr£.¤¥¦ §.

duir£&¤¥¦ § «9©ª . adj. eden ¤¦ ¯ ¥¯°. dark.¨ ©ª . pl.

*dûra. of adanadar £ . CE *dôrâ. UT/434 ­ OS Ety/349 ­ OS? *etina (AT2). edenedair£ pl. begun again ¬ sombre ¬ Ety/354.ª adj. dohrâ (DO-H). dúven ¤¥¦ §. S/430. new.

¨ ®.


WJ/363-364 ­ OS *edelo (É-DEL). elf dylt pl. southern(?) ¬ Ety/376. edhelharn£. dúwath ± dúath£ . pl. ² ¬ Ety/356. of dolt II.ª adj. edhel£&¤¦ ¯ »¯ ·ª . n. S/430. edhil£&¤¦ ¯ »¶·ª . Elda.¤¯ »¦ ¯ · ¼. of adar£ . eder ± edair£ pl.

´ ©°.

¤¯ »¦ ¯ ··¯°. (*H). elf-stone ¬ e£&¤¯ ª pron.ª n. edhellen£. he ¬ SD/129-31 ­ OS *e. CE *he SD/128-129 ­ edhel+sarn.

spear ¬ Ety/355 ­ OS *ekkh o (EK). RS/463 ­ edhel+-ren. edinar ± edinor £ . of the elves ¬ LotR/II:IV.ª adj. ebœnnin£ pl. edhil£ pl. edinor £&¤¦ ¯ ¥¶ °. of abonnen£ . elvish. ech ¤¦ ¯³3ª n. of edhel£ .

X/TL.¤¦ ¯³3´¥ª n.¤¯ ¥·¦ ¯ » ©¸ °. make ¬ Ety/363. of echad-. to go into exile ­ echad£. KAT) echedi inf. X/Z ­ ad+în+aur. *ekkh at-. ¬ Ety/368. egledhi) inf. t. LotR/II:IV. echant£ pa. (ET.¤¦ ¯³3´¥ª . CE *etkati- *atînaure. OS fashion. pa. of echad-.´ ©ª (edinar) n. to fashion.(ET. go into exile echedi ¤¦ ¯³3¯ ¥¶ª inf. edledhio £&¤¯ ¥·¦ ¯ »¶½¸ª (egledhio eglehio. of edledhia-£ . anniversary echad. v. edledhia-£. edledhron £. echant£.¤¯ ¥·¦ ¯ »¶½´ª v. t. make ­ OS *ekkh ati-. to day ¬ Ety/400. camp ¬ UT/431 ­ OS OS *etledi. LED) edledhio £ inf.¤¦ ¯³3´ °µ9ª .

follower — 2.ª (egledhron) n. ext. 1. LED). human being ¬ WJ/219 ­ OS X/TL ­ OS *etledro(ndo) (ET. *ekkh ildo (ET. by (persone who is exiled) ¬ Ety/368. KHIL). edlenn £ ¤¦ ¯ ¥·¯°°. exile echil£&¤¦ ¯³3¶·ª n.

‘stirring’) ¬ LotR/D. X/TL ­ OS *etlenna. awakening ¬ sentence from WR/293 is hardly legible Ety/366. ¾ edlothiand WR/293. S/430 ­ OS *ekkh oro. WR/293 Actually. *etlednâ (ET. according to David Salo who ecthel ¤¦ ¯¹. ­ OS *etlotsja- echuir£. a season. to blossom.¤¦ ¯³\§ «9©ª n. but this word is *etkuiwê (ET. SD/129-31 ­ OS *ekkh uire.¤¦ ¯³\§ «1ª (echuiw) n. edlothiad £&¤¯ ¥·¦ ¸º¶½´¥ª ger. KUJ). LED). X/TL The echui£. of edlothia-£ . S/429 ­ OS *ekkh uiwe. a misreading. CE *etkoirê ¾ blossoming.¤¦ ¯³3¸ ©ª n. LOT) edlothiad £ ger. encircling.ª (eglenn) adj. CE *etkoro (ET. flowering edlothiand (ET. Ety/368. flower KOR). outer circle. edlothia-£&¤¯ ¥·¦ ¸º¶½´ª v. KOJ). CE outer ring ¬ LotR/V:I. however a plausible form. LotR/Index. edlothiand might be echuiw ± echui£ . the beginning (ET. CE and is not translated. exiled ¬ echor£. of spring (lit.

point (of spear) ¬ checked the original manuscript at Ety/388 ­ êg+thela "thorn-point". Marquette and reported that his reading was ed.º¯ ·ª (egthel) n. edonna. out ¬ Ety/356 ­ OS *et unmistakably edlothiad ­ OS *etlotsjata. (ET).¤¯ ¥¦ ¸ °°.¤¯ ¥ª prefix forth.

´ª v. edra-£ ¤¦ ¯ ¥ ©´ª v. edeb ± edaib £ pl. to beget ¬ Ety/379 ­ edaib £ pl. of adan£ . OS *etonth a-. of adab.(ÉT-ER) edair£ pl. edro£ imp. to open ­ OS *etra. of adar£ . of adab. ed+*onna. edrain £&¤¦ ¯ ¥ ©´«9°. edain£ pl.

border ¬ edeir ± edair£ pl. Ety/383. OS *etregna Sindarin dictionary 35 . X/EI ­ ed+rain. of adar£ .ª (edrein) n.


ÔÖÏ ÄÈ adj. elder É PM/358 Ê edraith¿&ÀÁ Â Ã ÄÅÆ1ÇÈ n. eirien¿&ÀÁ ÂØÆ9ÄÔÖÂÑ. SD/129-31 Ê OS? *etrekl-. edregol¿&ÀÁ Â Ã ÄÂ Ë\Ì Í8È adv. *anjâra. CE TI/175 Ê MS *edreiθ. an+iaur. MS *eniaur. in especial É eirch Î yrch¿ pl. saving É LotR/II:IV. OS *aniåra. of orch¿ .

SD/129-31 Ê MS *eriend. LotR/II:IV.È n. Q arien(de) edro¿&ÀÁ Â Ã ÄÏÈ imp. to prick with a sharp edwen¿&ÀÁ Â Ã ÐcÂÑ. eitha-¿&ÀÁ ÂØÆ1ÇÅÈ v. 1. Ety/357. of edra-¿ . daisy (flower) É edrein Î edrain ¿ . open! É "day-maiden" (AS1).

to treat with SD/129-31 Ê OS? *etwina (AT2). issue of eglain¿ pl. pl. thorn É Ety/355 Ê OS *ek. *ektâ.(EK). to stab — 2. well É Ety/363. scorn. S/433. eithad¿&ÀÁ ÂØÆ1ÇÅÃÈ ger. insult É WJ/365 Ê OS *ekth a-. second É point. *hektâ (EK. spring. S/430.È adj. water. num. egladhrim¿&ÀÂ Ë\ÌÁ ÅÓ ÄÔ Õ=È class pl. elves of the Falathrim É WJ/365 Ê OS *ekth ata (EK. WJ/189. of eitha-¿ . eithil¿ . eglan¿QÀÁ Â Ë\ÌÅ Ñ. HEK) eithad¿ ger. WJ/365. insult É ‘the forsaken’. HEK). of eglan¿ . of eglan¿ . eithel¿&ÀÁ ÂØÆ1ÇÂ ÌÈ . CE êg ÀÁ Â Ò Ë\È n. by ext. n. WJ/379 Ê eglan+rim.

È . pl. eglain¿QÀÁ Â Ë\ÌÅÆ9Ñ.

of eithel¿ . WJ/365. as a noun. elin¿QÀÁ Â ÌÔ Ñ. 1. WJ/379-380 Ê OS *eklana. n. ‘one (ET. CE *etkelê adj. an elf of the Falathrim É eithil¿ pl. KEL).È . TC/187 Ê OS *ekth ele. forsaken — 2. and WJ/85. pl. CE êl¿QÀÁ Â Ò ÌÈ . forsaken’.

WJ/189. little used except in verses) É WJ/363. of egol ¿ . elves of the Falathrim É *elen (EL-EN) elenath¿ coll. Letters/281 Ê OS forsaken’. n. elanor¿QÀÁ Â ÌÅ Ñ. eglath¿QÀÁ Â Ë\ÌÅÇÈ coll. WJ/344. star (archaic. ‘the MR/373. *heklanâ (HEK) egladhrim¿ class pl. RGEO/73.È .

to glorify. a kind of egledhi Î edledhio ¿ . silver flowers É LotR/VI:IX. a flower. egleria-¿QÀÂ Ë\ÌÁ ÂÄÔÖÅÈ v. enlarged pimpernel bearing golden and egledhio eglehio Î edledhio ¿ . egledhron Î edledhron ¿ . to praise Ê elenath¿&ÀÁ Â ÌÂÑ. elei pl.Ï ÄÈ n. of ôl. UT/432. eglenn Î edlenn ¿ . Letters/402 Ê êl+anor "star-sun".

of êl¿ . starry host. RGEO/73-75. fem. an elf of the ellon¿QÀÁ Â ÌÌÏ Ñ. *eldê (EL). ‘one forsaken’. CE *ek(e) å (HEK). WJ/363. OS *aklaria. of egleria-¿ . praise! É LotR/VI:IV. ego¿QÀÁ Â Ë\ÏÈ interj. Letters/308. elf-maid É WJ/148. LotR/II:I. glorify! elin¿ pl. WJ/363-364 Ê OS *elditth a. egol ¿QÀÁ Â Ë\Ì Í8È n. eglerio¿ ÀÂ Ë\ÌÁ ÂÄÔÖÏÈ imp.(Á-KAL-AR) eglerio¿ all the host of the stars of heaven É imp. of êl¿ . be off! É WJ/365 Ê OS WJ/256. elleth¿&ÀÁ Â ÌÌÂ ÇÈ n.ÅÇÈ coll.

or É SD/129-31 Ê OS? admiration. egthel Î ecthel. elo¿QÀÁ Â ÌÏÈ interj. an exclamation of wonder. OS *ekla (HEK) eglath¿ coll. CE *eldô (EL). WJ/344 Ê OS *eldo(ndo). delight É WJ/362 Ê OS *el å *ekr-. MS *egl. elu ¿QÀÁ Â Ì Ú.È n. (EL). egor¿QÀÁ Â Ë\Ï ÄÈ conj. masc. elf É WJ/363-364 Ê Falathrim × Eglath WJ/189.

lit. (pale) blue É Ety/360. n. eilian) (HEL). eilian Î eiliant . rainbow. OS *elwa. elvellon ¿ ÀÂ Ì Û. ‘sky-bridge’ É Ety/360. X/W Ê MS *elw. CE *helwâ eiliant ÀÁ ÂØÆ1ÌÔÖÅ ÑÙ9È (eilianw.È (elw) n.


elvellyn¿ Ety/400 See ianu and iant. ÀÂ Ì Û.È . pl.


36 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . ell-+mellon. elf-friend É WJ/412 Ê eilianw Î eiliant . of elvellon ¿ . elvellyn¿ pl. eilph¿ pl. of alph¿ . n.È . OS *eldameldo(ndo).

ELW ERYN elw Ý elu Þ .ßáîñ3à ë â=äòí å. erchamionÞ.

CE emlin ßà áâ=ãä å. WJ/51. one-handed ç emelin Ý emlin. WJ/231.æ adj. è OS *erkh ambiåna.

æ (emmelin. of ercha-. KAB). CE LIN2).ßà áîáõ. *erkambâjâ (ER. Ety/356. emmelin Ý emlin. bird. yellow *erkambjânâ (ER. KAB). ‘yellow hammer’ ç Ety/386 è erchamui ßà áîñ3ë â?ó ô1æ adj. Ety/361 è OS *erkh ambåina. to prick ç emuin Ý emynÞ pl. ercho ßà áîñ3íæ inf. of amonÞ . one-handed ç OS *aµµalinde. erebÞ. emynÞ pl. CE *asmalindê (S-MAL. emelin) n. of amonÞ . lit.

eribÞ&ßà áîä õ.æ . pl.

isolated.æ . adj. enÞ&ßáå.

CE *erekw â (ER). OS *ina. enedhÞ. UT/422 è OS LotR/VI:IV. Letters/308 è i+na. *erepa.ßà áå.æ n. of the (genitival article) ç lonely ç Ety/356. S/431.

á éæ n. core. of orodÞ . eneg ßà áå. Ety/376. Letters/224 eredh ßà áîá éæ n. Ety/356. middle ç eredÞ pl. UT/450. seed. *erede (E-RÉD). germ ç Ety/356 è OS è OS *enede (É-NED). centre.

num.á ê\æ adj. of anfang. pl. *eneke (ÉNEK). holly-tree ç engrinÞ pl. ennasÞ&ßà áåå. six ç Ety/356 è OS eregÞ&ßà áîá ê\æ . thorn ç Ety/356. Ety/356. Ety/379. eregdos ßáîà á ê\öíì>æ n. enfengÞ pl. erig ßà áîäê\æ . Ety/395 è ereg+toss. holly-tree. n. of angrenÞ . holly. S/431 è OS *ereka (E-RÉK).

ëì>æ adv. pa. t. enniÞ&ßà áåå.ßà áîäòëæ v. of orodÞ . in that place ç ereid Ý eredÞ pl. there. SD/129-31 è OS *enth asse (EN). to rise è OS *ori-. eria.

äæ pron. eribÞ pl. to me ç VT/41:11 See oronth e (ORO) erio inf. of erebÞ . ennin I ßà áåå. also anim è an+ni.

ä å.

OS *andîn. of eregÞ . erinÞ&ßáîä å.æ n. Valian year ç Ety/400 è erig pl. and+în "long year".

MS *œrin. ennorÞ ßà áåå.æ prep. of onnen Þ . ennin Þ II pl. on the ç SD/129-31 è or+i.

ç LotR/E. of eria-. CE ernilÞ I ßà áîå. middle-earth erio ßà áîäòíæ inf. to rise ç Ety/379. central land. X/ND2 è OS *endore.í îæ n.

äãæ . ernilÞ II. RGEO/75 è OS *arnilo (ÁR-AN). prince ç *endandôrê (É-NED. n. UT/428. N-DOR) LotR/VI:IV.ßà áåå. pl. ennorathÞ coll. ennorathÞ. Letters/308.

of ennorÞ . CE *etpeles. S/409 è OS *erth a. *epph ele. of ernilÞ I. of aphadonÞ . of arphenÞ . middle-earth ç LotR/E. LotR/II:I. RGEO/72-75.ßà áîïëöæ ger. erphinÞ pl. central lands. erthad Þ. LotR/E è et+pêl.ßà á ððá ãæ n. ennynÞ pl. ernilÞ II pl. erninÞ pl. ephelÞ. OS (ER). union. encircling uniting ÷ Aderthad S/409 è OS *erth ata fence ç S/436. of ertha-Þ .í îëïæ coll. eru ßà áîó.(ER) erthad Þ ger. of onodÞ . to unite ÷ Aderthad enydÞ pl. of arnenÞ . outer fence. of annonÞ . ephedynÞ pl. ertha-Þ ßà áîïëæ v.

first ç TI/312. erainÞ pl. desert ç Ety/356 è MS er. erydÞƒÝ eredÞ pl.æ n. num. of orchÞ . (E-RÉK). erch II Ý yrchÞ pl. prickle ç Ety/356 è OS *erkh a WR/436 è OS *eråia. erch I ßà áîñ3æ n. of aranÞ . OS *erume (ER). erynÞ&ßà áîøå. of orodÞ . CE *erâjâ (ER). waste.(ER). *eruυ.ßáîæ prefix alone. one è OS *er. eruiÞ&ßà áîó ô1æ adj.

æ n. wood ç UT/436. Sindarin dictionary 37 .ßà áîñ3ëæ v. (ÓR-ON). OS *oroni. LotR/B è ercha. used as a singular) (E-RÉK) ercho inf. to prick è OS *erkh a.(plural noun.

*ph aire (PHAJ). espalass úû ü ý . faerù&ú û ÿü  n. screen. of osgar-. to cut round. veil. spririt  MR/349  OS to amputate  Ety/379. esgeri úû ü ý>þ\ü  inf.ESGAL FARAD esgalùQúû ü ý>þ\ÿ n. X/OE  OS *ph aina (PHAJ). white  hides  S/431  OS *eskal. Ety/381.(SKAL1). cover that faen ù&úû ÿü (foen) adj. radiant.


hope. (?)fall fainùQú û ÿ (fein) adj. SD/129-31  OS *esta. a temper of falasù ú û ÿÿý. of esta-ù . mortal  Ety/381. to name  estathar fair ù I ú û ÿ  (feirù I). estelùQúû ü ý 9 ü n. esta-ùQúû ü ý 9 ÿ v.(ES) estatharù n. fœir) n. X/EI  Q 3rd pers. right (hand)  (they) will name  SD/129-31. white  Ety/387. trust. foaming. WJ/387. fîrù&ú û    . estatharù&úû ü ý 9ÿÿ  3rd pers. fair ù II ú û ÿ  (feir II. pl. X/EI  OS *sph ania (SPAN). WR/288. firya (PHIR) firiathù coll. Ety/382  OS *ph oria (PHOR). pl. n. (reading of gloss uncertain)  Ety/381. pl.

estuary  falathrimùQú ÿû ÿ  ! class pl. mind. the western coast of into despair or abandon its purpose  Beleriand  Ety/381. Ety/381. faltho ú û ÿ inf. shore — 2. the Falas  WJ/378  falas+rim. ravine ethirù II úû ü   n. of faltha-. evairùQúû ü.ú û ÿÿ v. felais ù (feles). people of LotR/II:X. of the estentù&úû ü ý 9 ü  adj. breaker  Ety/381  OS *ph alma (PHAL). encampment  UT/77. UT/418   Orfalch Echor UT/468. to foam  TUJ). shore. n. Common Speech)  Ety/381. mouth of river. foam. of athradù . 1. pl. and adj. deep cleft. S/396. to foam  OS *ph alsa- ethuilù&úû ü n. season of spring  (PHÁL-AS) faltho inf. ethraidù pl. line of surf — 2. WJ/315  OS *estinta (STINT). LotR/D. ‘Shore-language’ (one of the names for estoladùQúû ü ý ÿ n. the WJ/311. as a difficult to dissuade and unlikely to fall proper noun. . SD/129-31  OS *etth uile (ET. falathrenù&ú ÿû ÿ ü n. S/431. Ety/356  ed+sîr "outflow". faltha. PM/32.(E-STEL). steady fixed in purpose. (very?) short  UT/146. CE *etsiri. and beach. ethirù I úû ü   n. LotR/A(v). ed+tirn "out-watcher". as a noun. 1. PM/55  falas+-ren. spy  S/379. *estel. OS *etth irno. falch ù&ú û ÿ "# n. X/EI  OS WJ/318-319. OS *etth irè. falf ú û ÿ  n. MR/320  OS *ph alasse (PHÁL-AS).

of fara-.(SPAR) fael ù II ú û ÿü n. cloudy  RGEO/74  OS Ety/387. ‘having a good fëa’)  PM/352  Ety/381  OS *ph ar.(PHAR). faelù I ú û ÿü adj. CE *spanâjâ (SPAN). cloud  WJ/380 This plural name was known (applied to clouds. Q fana (SPAN). beard  Ety/387  OS *sph añga (SPÁNAG). bad  fanuiù&ú û ÿ adj. fara. faeg ùQúû ÿü þ (foeg) adj. or at the time of the Exile  OS *abaro resting on hills)  RGEO/74  OS (ABA). quite  (etym. to hunt  OS *sph ara. X/OE  OS *sph aika (SPAJ).  ÿ  n. hunting OS *ph aile (PHAJ). an elf. enough. by ext.  *sph ana.ú û ÿ ÿ v. *sph anåia. gleaming brilliance (of the faro inf. veil — 2. fair minded. floating as veils over to the loremasters. generous far ú û ÿ  adj. sufficient.  faradrim Ety/387  OS *sph arata 38 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . OS *ph aila (PHAJ). one of the Avari fânù&ú û ÿ  n. just. pl. poor. sun)  Faelivrin LB/376. 1.  farad ger. mean. but went out of daily use the blue sky or the sun or moon. fang ú û ÿ$ n. S/209-210  farad ú û ÿ ÿ ger.

fili pl. of feredir. Ety/387 / farad+rim. faras %&) '( '0. filig I pl.class pl.FARADRIM FORN (SPAR). hunters . faradrim %&'( ) '*( + . of fileg.!. analogy (PHILIK). of fela.

Ety/387 / OS . slender 4 Fimbrethil faro %&) '( 2.n. (PHÉLEG). fenn) n. fen5 %&) <1. mortals. hunters(?) 4 Taur-en-Faroth S/431. door. pl. firion5 %&) + ( +@A231.n. fenn . *ph asta (PHAS). Ety/382. (PHIR).(fend. firith5 %&) + ( +7.(firiel) n. hunter(?). fîn5 . fast %&) '0 8.!. Ety/387 / OS *sph arotth . enough . firieth5 %&) + ( +@A<7. Ety/387. X/ND1 / OS *ph enda (PHEN). WJ/387 / fair+-eth (PHIR). WR/341. adj. firen %&) + ( <1. *φilγ. Ety/387 / OS *sph aro(ndo) (SPAR). of fara-. Ety/381 / fair+-en fein . of fíreb5 . Ety/381 / OS fîr5 pl.n. masc. X/ND2 / OS *ph indele (PHIN). faroth56%&) '( 27. Ety/387.(find5 . feles . finnel. season of fading . feir5 I . Ety/381 / OS *ph ilikot. *ph arna (PHAR).n. threshold . fem.(SPAR). *φelγ. to hunt . *ph auka (PHAW). fîn5 . hunting .. of fair 5 I. fírib5 %&) +> ( + ?. WJ/387 / fair+-eb. human beings .(findel) n. WJ/387. fain5 .inf. fem. *sph åna. fim 5 %&) + . finn-5 ) n. fen5 . fair 5 I. Ety/381 / OS bird . fair 5 II. PM/361-362 / OS *ph inde (PHIN). (braided) hair .n. *ph elgi firiel . faron %&) '( 231. mortal maid . a tress .n.coll. LotR/D fennas56%&) <11'0. PM/195.adv. fela %&) <='. fíriel5 %&) + ( +@A<=.. Ety/387 / OS filig II pl. mortal man . LotR/V:IV. of falas5 . fili. thirsty . OS *ph elga. shaggy hair . finn-5 . Ety/381 / OS finnel %&) + 11<=. WJ/219. human . felais 5 pl.adj. masc. faug %&) '9:. cloud . pl. pl. firiath5 %&) + ( +@A'7.. fíreb5 %&) +> ( <?.adj. Ety/381 / MS fírib5 pl. fen5 . PM/232. of filigod. cave . Ety/381. small farn %&) '(1. LotR/Index. mortal faun %&) '91. mortal woman . WJ/387. pl. fíriel5 . n. filigod %&) +=+:2*. findel . slim.(PHILIK). filig II %&) +=+:.. felais 5 pl.n.n. hunter 4 Elfaron fîn5 %&) +> 1. of fair 5 I. feir II . of falas5 . pl.. fend .n. group of find5 . CE *spânâ (SPAN).. n. *sph arasse (SPAR).

ferin pl.n. small bird . Ety/382 / fôr+cam. fêr %&) <> ( . LotR/II:IV. dead forgam %&) 23( :'. north . of fêr. Ety/387 / floss . foeg . flaew . farad+dîr faradrim class pl. RS/463. RGEO/75 / OS firn pl. pl... *ph endasse (PHEN). ph ereni (PHÉREN). Ety/381 / OS *ph irna (PHIR).. right. faeg 5 .adj.n. skin 4 Fladrif LotR/E.. fileg %&) +=<:.. Ety/382. ferin %&) <( + 1. Ety/352. TC/169. fair 5 II. dead (of mortals) — 2. Ety/381 / OS *ph ilika. firn %&) + (1. of fern.. gateway . feredir %&) <( <*+ ( . right-handed . fliw . pl. pl.. 1. lhoss 5 . TC/173. pl. person . OS *ph orokamba. lhîw 5 . hunter . S/431 / OS *ph orna (PHOR).n. as a noun.n. filig I %&) +=+:. n. singular formed by UT/426. doorway. flâd 5 %&=) '> *. / OS *ph iritth e (PHIR). n. fœir . Ety/381 / OS *ph eren. and adj. forn5 %&) 23(1. Sindarin dictionary 39 . lhaew 5 . faen 5 . foen .!. beech-tree . fern %&) <(1. n.

galadhremminB6C[a R]R`Y H F MPbP!O NJ . north K Ety/382. of the trees". reflection (from jewels.C[F R]RJ v. OS *ph uine (PHUJ). night. polished metal. fuia.C[R]J prefix light galvorn.C[F RIJ v. elves of gad. of gîl geil.(ÑAL).FOROD GANNADA - forodBDCEF G3H GIJ n. RGEO/73. of galadhremmen B . CE *ph euja. abhor L OS galadhBDC[F R]R`J n. to feel disgust at. north K Ety/382. gail I C[F RT]J n. LB/354. to catch K Ety/358 L OS *gati. to grow L OS *gala. fuinB6CEF XTNJ n. etc. northmen K _ gal. of fuia-.(GAL) pl. Lothlórien K LotR L galadh+rim "people (GAT1) gedi inf. 1. gador C[F RIH \ J (gadr) n. forodwaith CEG3H F GIQSRTUJ (forodweith) n. to feel disgust at. seaweed LotR/E L OS *ph orotè. tree K Ety/357. forodrim CEG3H F GIH O P!J class pl. L forod+-ren (PHOR). by ext. tree-tangled K LotR/E.(PHEW) fuio inf. dungeon K galas C[F R]Rc. glittering. glass or forodweith V forodwaith. galadhremminB pl. fuio CEF XTYAGJ inf. CE *ñalatâ fôr+mên. X/EI L galadB C[F R]RIJ n. gloom. (ÑAL-AT). darkness K Ety/354. LotR/E. Ety/382. gail B II V geil gîl pl. forven CEF G3HWMNJ n. north K Ety/382 L Letters/425 L OS *ñgalata. prison. forod+gwaith. L OS Ety/392 L forod+rim. adj. Ety/398. bright light K Ety/362 L OS forodren CEG3H F GIH MNJ adj. lands of the galo inf. *ph uia-. or water) K PM/347. *ñgal.CEF XTYARJ v. pl. dead of night. Ety/396 L gaer+uil. radiance. northern K Ety/382 *ñgalia (ÑAL). (PHOR). galadhrimBDC[R]F R`H O P!J class pl. RGEO/72 L galadh+remmen. S/431 L galadhremmen B6C[a R]R`Y H F MPbP!MNJ . northmen — 2. abhor K Ety/381. Letters/426 L OS *galada (GÁL-AD).Z LotR/II:I. CE *ph oroti _ gaer PM/363. S/427. S/431. tree-woven. gaeruil BDC[F RMHXT]J (oeruil) n. gala.

(GAT2). OS *gatr. galenasBDC[F R]MNRc. gadr V gador. growth. OS *galasse (GAL).J n. plant K Ety/357 L Ety/358 L MS *gadr.

PM/348. S/398 L gal-+morn. ocean K PM/363.(GAJ1). claw K Ety/357 L OS gaer B II C[F RMH J (goer) adj. CE galu BdC[F R] XJ (galw) n. K LotR/V:VIII. to play a harp L OS gaerB III C[F RMH J (oer) n. great sea. glimmering K Ety/358 by the dark elf Eöl K WJ/322-323. gandel V gannel.(GAJ1). dreadful K Ety/358 L OS galw V galu B . L OS *ñgaila (ÑIL). good fortune(?) gaearonB6C[F RMYARH G3NJ (gaeronB ) n.(ÑGÁNAD) ganno inf. pipe-weed (leaf) or gae C[F RMJ n. to play a harp L OS gaeronB^V gaearonB . S/431. copper-coloured.C[F RNNRJ v. 40 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . PM/363 L OS *gair. sea K Ety/349. hook. galo C[F R]GJ inf. gamp C[F RPbeJ n. X/W L OS *galw. of gala-. blessedness(?). *ñgandata. X/OE L OS *gaira (GAJ2). PM/363. a black metal devised gael C[F RM]J adj.(GAL). ruddy K Ety/358. *ñganda. gaer I C[F RMH J adj. dread K Ety/358 L OS *gaia ‘westmansweed’. red. pale. *gaira (GAJ1). blessings(?). gaearBDC[F RMYARH J (oear) n. RGEO/72-73 L OS *gaiarond. sea K Ety/349. ganna.C[F RNNRIRJ v. RGEO/73 L OS *gaiar-. *gamph a (GAP). to grow K Ety/357. gannada.(ÑGÁNAD) gannado inf. *gayâr (GAJ1). (meaning not entirely clear) K Ety/357.J n. a variety of Nicotiana (GAJ1). galvornBdC[F R] WG3HNJ n.

property n Ety/360 q gelydht pl. CE *geñw gw â (GEÑG). happy. OS *garna (GAR).(ÑGÁRAM). gelirt fgh opx r m n. gemb ~ gem. to play a geleidh ~ gelydht pl. merry. of gawa-. bounded or defined gell+glam (GJEL). n gerin 1st pers. joy. to hold. garo inf. harp n Ety/377. fortress n Ety/360 q OS genedia-t fgojh okxzAim v. triumphant n Ety/359 q OS *garda (GAR). of gad-. CE *gj ellô (GJEL). jubilation n Ety/359 q gardht6fgh ir um n. howling n play a harp n Ety/377. 1. gell fgh oppm n. fort. to hold. of gîl geil. sickly n Ety/358 q garo fgh ir lm inf. of gannada-. gellam fgh oppi!m n. by ext. ganno fgh ijjlm inf. to gawad fgh i|Sikm ger. geil gîl pl. of gar-. have q OS *gari. Ety/360. region — 2. gannel fgh ijjopm (gandel) n. gay person n gar.fgh ir m v. own. to catch n Ety/358. € genediad SD/129-31 q OS *wonotia- gas fgh iw. X/ND2 q OS *ñgandelle (ÑGÁNAD). Ety/377 q OS *ñgawata (ÑGAW). gem fgh o!m (gemb) adj. OS *gellåia (GJEL). of golodht . triumph n Ety/359 q OS garaf fgh ir ism n. harp n Ety/377. ‘world’ n WJ/402 q gellui fgh opp y}m adj. wolf n Ety/377 q OS *gello. of golodht . *ñgaram. garth fgh ir vm n. garn fgh irjm n. to reckon *garth a (GÁR-AT). of ganna-. gedi fgh okxm inf.GANNADO GIRITHRON gannado fgh ijjiklm inf. have n OS *gemba.(GAR) SD/129-31.

hole. genediadt fgojh okxzAikm ger. of genedia-t . gap n Ety/357 q OS *gassa (NOT) genediadt ger. gasdil fgh iw. (GAS). 1.m n.

of gar-. geil gîl (gail t II). *ñgauro (ÑGAW) gaurhotht class pl. cavern n Ety/358 q OS *gatth a n Ety/360. to shudder n Ety/358 q OS gaw fgh i|Sm n. giri fgh x r xm v. gîl+calad (GIL). CE gath+grôd (GAT(H)). Sindarin dictionary 41 . decripit (used of gathrod fgh ivr lkm n. gîl geil fgh x pm (gilt ). of stars n Ety/358. bright spark n Ety/358. (GAT2). silver spark n Ety/393 q gaurhotht fgh iyr z {lvm class pl. gîl+tinu. to howl n Ety/377. cave n Ety/358 q things only) n Ety/360 q OS *gerna.fgh i|Sim (gaw-) v. all the host UT/85. by ext. shuddering. RGEO/73. gilt ~ gîl geil. I hold. gern fgh orjm adj. I have gath fgh ivm n. device. lit. X/EI q OS *ñgile. S/431 q OS *giritth e (GIR). *gj ernâ (GJER). Ety/357 q gas+dîl. gaul fgh iypm n. been lenited to zero n Ety/354. n LotR/D.(ÑGAW) gawad girithront fgx r h xvr l3jm n. december (month) ger. machine n Ety/358 q OS *gauta (GAW). calendar n diacritic sign used to indicate that g had SD/129-31 q OS *wonotiata (NOT). UT/90 q gaur+gwaith. LotR/E. S/431. gaw. gildin fgh xpkx jm n. starlight n Ety/358 q LotR/II:IV q gaur+hoth. Ety/358. star. *giri. of gaur. group of werewolves. ‘wolf-host’ n gilgalad fgh xpzAgipikm n. of gîl geil.(GIR). gaud fgh iykm n. giritht6fgh x r xvm n. void n Ety/358 q OS *gåha. wolf-howl n Ety/377 q OS n. wolf-men n giliath fgh xpxzAivm coll. gaurwaitht fgh iyr z |Si}vm n. old. worn. CE gaur fgh iyr m n. X/Z q OS *ñgawa. pl. name of a reckoning — 2. OS *gassadil-. gerin fgh or x jm 1st pers. horror n gawa.~ gawa-.kxpm n. contrivance. CE *gâsâ (GAS). werewolf n Ety/377 q OS *ñile (ÑIL) giliath coll. *ñgaule (ÑGAW). stopgap.

CE *galatâ (G-LAM) glavro inf. glamhoth‚Dƒ„…† ‡‘!” •–—‰ class pl. Ety/364. radiance  Ety/362 ‹ OS glaew ƒ„…† ‡S‰ n. gling ƒ„…† ž Ÿ‰ n. babbling glaer ƒ„…† ‡Ž ‰ n. to sing. PM/359 ‹ OS *glada (G-LAD2). glawar ƒ„…† ‡S‡Ž ‰ n. to recite a glass ƒ„…† ‡›. trill. glavrol ƒ„…† ‡Ž –…‰ part. to laugh Š gladh. *glimd. WJ/390. in the Etymologies ‹ OS *glaire (G-LIR1). 1. border. glambr ’ glamor. echo  should evolve into glinna. elf. CE glamb‚“’ glam‚ . the golden tree Laurelin)  Ety/368 ‹ barbarous speech. EL). sunlight. CE *liñgi host of orcs. white Š Curunír ’Lân glintha-‚“’ glinna-‚ . UT/39.(G-LIR1). radiance (of glam‚ ƒ„…† ‡‘!‰ (glamm‚ . X/Z The form glintha. glînn‚“’ glîn‚ . hang. glamren ƒ„…† ‡‘bŽ ™‰ adj. Ety/377. glaw ƒ„…† ‡S‰ n. WJ/390 ‹ glam+hoth. boundary *glindelda (G-LIN2. gliri glin ƒ„…† ž Ž ž‰ v. glint be used alone of any body of orcs)  (usually of fine slender but bright shafts Ety/358. noise — 2. gleam. glinna-‚Dƒ„…† ž ™™‡‰ (glintha-‚ ) n. UT/441. glân ‚Dƒ„…† ‡š ™‰ adj. din. it glamor ƒ„…† ‡‘bŽ ˜ ‰ (glambr) n. lit. OS *glambr- CE *glimta (GLIM). confused OS *glawar. particularly applied to light of OS * theorically impossible in Sindarin. long lay. of glinnel‚ . salve  Ety/369 ‹ OS *ñglå. (G-LAM). echoing  Ety/358 glinnel‚Dƒ„…† ž ™™…‰ . *glaibe (G-LIB). poem. barbaric Ety/369 ‹ OS *gliñgè. glas ’ glass. lay  Ety/359 ‹ (ÑAL-ÁN).  glavrol part. song. lit. glinnil‚ pl. and can glamog‚dƒ„…† ‡‘!–„‰ n. an orc. the confused glî ƒ„…† žš ‰ n. Glanhír UT/264. WJ/385 ‹ glind("teleri")+el. wood Š Methed-en-Glad glavra. WJ/416 ‹ of light). ‘the dinhorde. S/431 ‹ OS *glind-. CE yelling and bellowing of beasts (so *glisi (G-LIS). to babble  gladha-‚Dƒ„…† ‡Œ‡‰ v. OS glan ‚Dƒ„…† ‡™‰ n.GLAD GLOR - glad‚Dƒ„…† ‡ˆ‰ n. UT/54. one of the Teleri  WJ/378. CE *glamrâlâ Ety/359 Written glær (with ae-ligature) (G-LAM). Ety/358 ‹ MS *glamr. honey  Ety/369 ‹ OS *glihè. of glavra-. CE? *ñalan. Š Glanduin. dangle  Ety/359. narrative poem   Ety/358 ‹ OS *glamråla. the (G-LIÑG). of glavra-. Ety/377.(G-LÁWAR). Ety/358.ƒ„…† ‡Ž ‡‰ v. to babble ‹ OS *glamra- UT/452 ‹ OS *glata. UT/390 ‹ OS *ñglan-. to glance at glamm‚“’ glam‚ . firmly associated with orcs that it could glîn‚ ƒ„…† žš ™‰ (glînn‚ ) n. glavro ƒ„…† ‡Ž –‰ inf. shouting. glamb‚ ) n. ‹ OS *glambrina (G-LAM). CE *ñalâ (ÑAL). OS *glir. understanding of the Sindarin phonology. UT/318. glinnil‚Dƒ„…† ž ™™ž…‰ . pl. uproar. (GAL-ÁT).(G-LAM). ‘a yelling only be regarded as an (earlier) Old one’  WJ/390 ‹ OS *glambuk- Sindarin form: according to our current (G-LAM). n. eyes  WJ/337.  WJ/337. yelling horde’  Ety/358. glîr ƒ„…† žš Ž ‰ n.(GLIM).‹ OS *glinth a-.


WJ/182. glor. Ety/369 ‹ OS *gliri- *glasse (GAL-ÁS). joy  Ety/357 ‹ OS poem  Ety/359. golden light (of the glithui‚Dƒ„…† ž—œ ‰ adj. UT/448. (G-LIR1). glaur ƒ„…† ‡œŽ ‰ (glor-) n.‰ (glas) n.’ glaur. WJ/186. Ety/368 ‹ OS *glaure (G-LÁWAR). (unknown meaning)  golden tree Laurelin)  Ety/358. 42 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 .

GLOSS GOVAD - gloss¡d¢£¤¥ ¦§.


of golodh¡ . gliudâ. snow-white. to entangle. gœlœidh · gelydh¡ pl.(WO). soap © Ety/369 ª OS gœlydh¡ · gelydh¡ pl.(NAT). dazzling-white © Ety/359. gonathra. WJ/367 ª © Ety/375 ª OS *wonath ra-. *wonatsra. gljûdâ.¢£¦¨ prefix together © Ety/399. CE *glibdâ (G-LIB). wise. of golodh¡ . glûdh glúdh ¢£¤¥ «¬ ­¨ n. CE MS *gwo-. RGEO/70 ª golwen ¢£¥ ¦¤ ¼S¯°¨ adj.¨ adj. gonathras ¢£¦3°¥ ±³´ ±§. gobel ¢£¥ ¦3®¯¤¨ n. walled house or village. *gwa-.¢£¦3°¥ ±³´ ±¨ v. learned in deep OS *glossa (G-LOS). enmesh go. *gludâ. OS *wo. arts © Ety/377 ª OS *ñgolwina (ÑGOL).

CE gobennas ¢£¦3®¥ ¯°°±§. Ety/375 ª OS *wonath rasse. entanglement © town © Ety/380 ª OS *wopele (PEL-ES).¨ n.

X/ND1 ª OS *gondo adj. great stone. OS gorn ¢£¥ ¦3´°¨ adj.¨ n. godrebh · godref . terror. goe¡D¢£¥ ¦¯¨ n. Ety/359 ª OS *gosta. golf ¢£¥ ¦¤ ¹¨ n. pl. of gódhel¡ . one of the gondram ¢£¥ ¦3°¸´ ±¶!¨ n. rock © gobennathren ¢£² ¦3®¯°°¥ ±³´ ¯°¨ Ety/359.(GOS). gosta. impetus. Ety/399 ª ‘deep elves’ or ‘gnomes’. to fear exceedingly © golodhrim¡D¢£¦¤¥ ¦­´ µ ¶!¨ class pl. ‘deep WJ/415 ª OS *ñgurth ipa (ÑGUR2). *ñgurth . barrow © LotR/A(iii). golodh¡6¢£¥ ¦¤¦­¨ . *ñguruka (NGUR2-UK). gollor ¢£¥ ¦¤¤¦3´ ¨ n. gorf ¢£¥ ¦3´¹¨ n. hewn stone © wise folk © WJ/364. S/431. (ÑGOL-OD) golodhrim¡ class pl. *gollr. gorthad¡6¢£¥ ¦3´ ³±¸¨ . dread © Ety/359 ª OS *gost- Ety/377.(ÑGOROTH). gobennath+-ren. gœrthaid¡ pl. Sindarin dictionary 43 . OS *gorme (GOR). reckon. gœrthaid¡ goll ¢£¥ ¦¤¤¨ adj. branch © Ety/359. horror © WJ/415 ª OS MS *goi. WJ/379 ª Ety/354 ª gond+drafn. ª go-+pennas. to walk ª golodh+rim. history © Ety/366 *wonatsrassê (NAT). gelydh¡6¢£¥ ¯¤ »­¨ gortheb¡ gorthob ¢£¥ ¦3´ ³¯®¨ adj. gondrafn ¢£¥ ¦3°¸´ ±½A°¨ n. gódhellim¡D¢£¦¬ ­¥ ¯¤¤µ ¶!¨ class pl. impetuous © Ety/359 ª OS *wotrebe. gorgor¡D¢£¥ ¦3´ £¦3´ ¨ n. Ety/354 ª gond+drafn. the wise folk OS *wonoti. (ÑGOL). go(lodh)+ódhel. WJ/264 ª OS *ñgolodo (GOS). great fear © PM/363 ª gorog¡D¢£¥ ¦3´ ¦£¨ n. horror © WJ/415 ª OS goer · gaer ¡ II.¢£¥ ¦3°¦¸¨ v. hewn stone © gódhel¡6¢£¥ ¦¬ ­¯¤¨ . WJ/323 govad-¡D¢£¥ ¦3¹±¸¨ v. n. count up. together) À mae govannen LotR/I:XII. of gódhel¡ . n. dreadful.(NOT). gœlœidh. n. of golodh¡ . horror © Ety/377 ª OS goeol¡D¢£¥ ¦¯ºA¦¤¨ adj. CE *gâjâ (GAJ1). pl. horrible © (gœlydh¡ . OS *gåia. to meet (etym. DEL) gódhellim¡ class pl. or OS *wådelo ((A)WA. historical © Ety/366 ª (GOND). CE *wo-tere-be. *gorna (GOR). gonod. © WJ/364 ª gódhel+rim. sum up © Ety/378. pl. of gwaun. gódhil¡D¢¥ £¦¬ ­µ¤¨ . OS *ñgoldro (ÑGOL). vigour © Ety/359 ª gódhil¡ pl. through WJ/415. ‘deep elf’ or ‘gnome’. S/431. one of the wise folk © gost ¢£¥ ¦§ ¿¨ n. gonn · gond¡ . terrifying © *ñgoroth . gnomes © Ety/377. to count. CE *gâjâlâ (GAJ1). deep elves. gond¡6¢£¥ ¦3°¸¨ (gonn) n. goroth ¢£¥ ¦3´ ¦³¨ n.(ÑGUR2).¢£¥ ¦§ ¿±¨ v. gorth¡ ¢£¥ ¦3´ ³¨ n. goen ¡ pl. extreme horror © godref ¢£¥ ¦¸´ ¯¹¨ (godrebh) adv. geleidh). OS *wopenth asse (KWE-T). wise © Ety/377 ª OS *ñgolda ¢£¥ ¯´ ³±¾¸¨ . of gorthad¡ . elf’ or ‘gnome’. PM/363 ª OS *gåiåla. together © TAI/150 ª go-+tre-+be. PM/194 ª gorth+-sad "place of the dead". magician © Ety/377 ª MS OS *ñgurta sata.

1. death Ì Ety/377 Á OS depart. death Ì Ety/377 Á OS *ñguru gwanath ÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÉÈÓË n. ‘long study’ (being gwain ÂDÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÕÉË . met gwachaedir ÂDÃÄ ÍSÈÙ#Ç ÈÊÒÚ Ñ Ë n. gwaew ÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÊÍSË n. *ñgûle. dead Ì possessive. Á gûr+-en. to depart. region. gull Ì WJ/418 Á OS *wail-. gwa-+hae+tirn. Ì LotR/I:XII. delving. new Ø Narwain (Narvinyë) especially such as possessed by LotR/D. by ext. 1. tale. magic. my heart Ì VT/41:11 Ety/397 Á OS *wanatth e ((A)WA-N).(BAT) Ety/399. of gwanna-. departed. not brothers by blood. gwaloth ÃÄ ÍSÇ È×ÅÓË n. See lammen for a similar form Ety/397 Á OS *wanna ((A)WA-N). govannenÂ6ÃÄÅ3ÆÇ ÈÉÉÊÉË pp. n. CE *waedê (WED). die Á OS gurthÂ6ÃÄÇ ÔÑ ÓË n. S/432. gwaeron ÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÊÑ Å3ÉË n.((A)WA-N) gwanno inf. *ñgurutth e (ÑGUR1). artificers who made wonderful things) gwaith ÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÕÓË n. Cf. treaty Ì Ety/399 Á go-+gwest. WJ/367 Á OS *wa-. march (month) Ì *gruina. of gwaun. 1. wind Á OS *waiwa guin Ð goen  pl. Ety/399 Á OS *winia (WIN). OS *grukth a. sorcery. *walotth e. counsel Ì flowers Ì Ety/370 Á gwa-+loth. by ext.(G-RUK).(TOR).(G-RUK). adj. underground dwelling Ì gwaelÂDÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÊ×Ë n. CE *wo- govannen pp. CE Ety/377. OS VT/41:11.GOVANNEN GWANU Letters/308 Á OS *wobati. troop of able-bodied — 2. gwaen  ÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÊÉË adj. OS *runda (G-RUD1). perverted or evil knowledge. club Ì Ety/384. seing-stone. large excavation — 2. but sworn groga- ÃÄ Ñ Ç ÅÄÈË v. wilderness Ì Ety/398 Á OS *wekth e. WJ/383 Á OS *wegtê (WEG). (WAJW). of govad- . pl. S/431 Á OS *grotth a (G-ROT). gowest ÃÄÇ Å3ÍSÊÎ ÏË n. UT/39. number Ì guruthos Â6ÃÄÇ ÔÑÔÓÅÎ. people — 2. CE *roinâ (G-ROJ2). CE *ñgôlê (ÑGOL). CE *wobantâ (BAT). (WO). used mostly of secret knowledge. to guruth ÃÄÇ ÔÑÔÓË n. Apparently the word gûr with a suffixed gwann ÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÉÉË adj. compact. ruddy Ì Ety/384 Á OS S/378 Á OS *wagna. CE *wahnâ (WAH). gûlÂDÃÄÇ ÔÖ ×Ë n. death (act of dying. not death as a state or abstract) Ì guren“ÃÄÇ ÔÑ ÊÉË n. MR/350. Letters/308 Á OS palantír Ø Gwahaedir PM/186 Á *wobanth ena. ‘heart’. grond ÃÄ Ñ Ç Å3ÉÒË n. to terrify Ì WJ/415 Á LotR/D. gwanno ÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÉÉÅË inf. X/ND1 Á gwaedh ÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÊÛË n.15. brother (especially used of those graug“Рraug . gruitha-Â6ÃÄ Ñ Ç ÔÕÓÈË v. UT/54 Á OS *ñgurth u (ÑGUR1). necromancy Ì men. contract. bond. masc. *wator. compact. *wanth a.ÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÉÉÈË v. to feel terror Ì WJ/415 Á brothers or associates) Ì Ety/394 Á OS OS *gruka. death Ì S/432. blossom. collection of gûr I ÃÄÇ ÔÖ Ñ Ë n. WJ/415. gwanna. gwîn ÂDÃÄ ÍSÇ ÚÖ ÉË . gwedeir. oath Ì Ety/397 Á OS *waide. gwanod ÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÉÅÒË n. (ÑGUR1). gûr II ÃÄÇ ÔÖ Ñ Ë n. grothÂ6ÃÄ Ñ Ç ÅÓË n. pl. troth. stained Ø Agarwaen gruin ÃÄ Ñ Ç ÔÕÉË adj. CE *woloth sê (LOTH). die Ì Ety/397. gwador ÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÒÅ3Ñ Ë .

gwanu ÂDÃÄ ÍSÇ ÈÉÔË (gwanw) n.Ë n. not death as a state or abstract) Ì compounds. OS *wanwe 44 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . RGEO/72. death (act of gwa-ÂDÃÄ ÍSÈË prefix together (only in old dying. X/W Á MS *gwanw. LotR/IV:X. the living form is go-) Ì Ety/397. the shadow of Ety/378 Á OS *wanot-. death-horror Ø di-nguruthos (NOT). Letters/278. CE *wonot- death.

OS *wilwa (WIL). gwenn I). a pair of twins — 2. lower air *warth o (WAR). a twin (one of a gwedhi gwedi ÝÞ ßSà îôèå . *gwelw. bond æ Ety/397 ç OS WJ/367 ç OS *wanûn-. brother or kinsman. gwedeir pl. t. pa. a pair of twins æ gwedh ÝÞ ßSà îôå n. (distinct from the ‘upper’ air of the gwass ÝÞ ßSà áì. gwedhant pair of twins) æ WJ/367 ç OS *wanûniko ÝÞ ßSà îôáâíå (gwend I. CE *wonôn. LotR/A(iv) ç OS substance) æ Ety/398. gwanw ê gwanu Ü . gwanunigÜ6ÝÞ ßSà áâãâèÞå n. gwelw ê gwelu Ü . (WED). t. air. air (as Ety/378. to ((O)NO). gwanûnÜ6ÝÞ ßSà áâãä âå n. X/ND1 ç OS *wedi- gwanur ÝÞ ßSà áâãé å n. kinswoman æ gwelu ÜDÝÞ ßSà îï ãå (gwelw) n. CE *wônor ((O)NO). X/W ç MS *wanûr-. of gwador. of gwedhi gwedi. 1. *weda (WED). gwarth ÝÞ ßSà áé ëå n. gwedhant pa. ((O)NO). betrayer æ Ety/397 ç OS gwelwen ÝÞ ßSà îï ßSîâå n.GWANÛN GWETHRIN ((A)WA-N). Ety/392. v. bind æ Ety/397.


gwethrin Ü pl. soiled. of gwesta-. to swear ç OS *westa-. n. gwathui Ü6ÝÞ ßSà áëãòå adj.ÝÞ ßSà îì íáå v. gwend I ê gwedhant pa. pl.(WAH) gwatho gweneth ÝÞ ßSà îâîëå n. sister. gwesta. or the ‘outer’) æ Ety/398 ç *wasse. gwathren ܓÝÞ ßSà áëé îâå . *watth a-. cheat æ Ety/397. virginity æ Ety/398 ç inf. stain æ Ety/397. blended with OS gwend III ÝÞ ßSà îâõå (gwenn II) n.ÝÞ ßSà áëáå v. pl. gwend II ÝÞ ßSà îâõå n. *gwath a (WAH. (GWATH). (GWATH). Wethrin S/432 ç OS *gwath rina gwerio ÝÞ ßSà îé è÷Aðå inf. by æ Ety/397. PM/365 ç OS *wanoni ((O)NO). Sindarin dictionary 45 . The CE *wedta. t. twins æ PM/353. to soil. gwenn I ê gwedhant pa. OS *wastara gwedi. (STAR). man power. 1. pl. gwaur ÝÞ ßSà áãé å n. goose gweth ÝÞ ßSà îëå n. t.å n. S/432 ç OS (WED). dunlendings or people of Dunland æ gwesto ÝÞ ßSà îì íðå inf. to betray. gwatho ÝÞ ßSà áëðå inf.(WAR) gwerio inf. men. OS *wenetth e (WEN). n. CE *wahsê (WAH). gwathuirimÜ6ÝÞ ßSáëà ãòé è ó!å class pl. gwenynÜ6ÝÞ ßSà îâöâå n. goen Ü (guin). shadowy ñ Ered *wari. of gwathel. CE *wân ext. host. gwastar ÝÞ ßSà áì íáé å n. CE *wahtê. gwathel ÝÞ ßSà áëîïå . hummock æ Ety/388. pl. of gwathren Ü . maiden æ Ety/398. to soil. manhood — 2. dirty æ Ety/397 ç gwethil pl. stain æ Ety/397. GWATH).(THEL). X/Z ç OS *wån. shadowy gwest ÝÞ ßSà îì íå n. friendship æ gwathÜ ÝÞ ßSà áëå n. Ety/397. CE *wahrâ (WAH). associate æ Ety/392 ç OS gwedi. stain æ Ety/397 ç OS stars. CE *wahta. to betray. shadow. CE *wedtâ (WED). dim Ety/397-398. regiment æ Ety/398. gwelu+men. shade. of gwedhi fem. cheat ç OS ÝÞ ßSà îëé è âå .(WED) gwesto inf. gwaun ÝÞ ßSà áãâå . *wath el. OS *wåra. gwenn II ê gwend III. of gwatha-. of gwedhi Ety/399 ç gwa-+thâr. 1. gwethil ÝÞ ßSà îëèïå . oath æ Ety/397 ç OS ñ Gwathuirim PM/330 ç OS *gwath åia *westa. to swear æ PM/330 ç gwathui+rim "shadowy people". gwethrin Ü gweria. stain ç OS *wende (WÉN-ED). X/ND1 ç OS gwatha. adj. X/ND1 ç OS *wend- light — 2. fem. of gweria-. bond.ÝÞ ßSà îé è÷Aáå v. *watth e. troop of able-bodied (WA-N).

GWÎ HARADREN   gwî øù úSû üý þ n. net. hae Dø . web ÿ Ety/398 OS *wî.

far.û  þ adj. air. as a region ÿ haered ø .  PM/186 OS *kh aia (KHAJ). remote Gwahaedir CE *wei (WEJ).   gwilith øù úSû ü ü þ n.

gwilwileth øù úSû ü úSü þ n. butterfly ÿ RGEO/72 OS *kh airet.û   þ n.  Ety/398 OS *wilwilitth a (WIL).  Ety/398 OS *wilitt  remote na-chaered LotR/II:I.(KHAJ). remote distance. haeron6 ø . the h e (WIL).

PM/273 OS *kh airåna (KHAJ). 1.û   þ adj. of gwain  .  gwingDøù úSû ü þ n. flying spray haew ø . far. spindrift. remote. distant ÿ gwîn  pl.

pl. SD/129-31. hain pl. (KHIM). custom. ‘foam’. LotR/D. OS *kh aime Ety/398. gwirith øù úSû ü  ü þ n. habit ÿ Ety/364 — 2. the dead ÿ Letters/417.û  úSþ n. april (month) ÿ haglath hadlath. properly a flying spume Written hæw (with ae-ligature) in the or spindrift blown off wavetops ÿ Etymologies MS *xaiυ. of ha. PM/392 OS *wiñge (*WIÑ). hair D ø . gyrth6øùû   þ n.

CE *khj arjâ (KHJAR). and adj. X/EI OS *kh aria. left (hand) ÿ Ety/365.û  þ (heir) n. ! ha ø .

hain6ø .þ (hana). pl.

half ø .þ (hein).

û  þ n. hall I ø . seashell ÿ Ety/389 OS pron. it ÿ Ety/385.  OS *sa(na) (S). LotR/II:IV. X/EI *çalma. CE *sjalmâ (SJAL).

high ÿ Ety/363 hab. ø .û  þ adj. exalted.

to clothe ÿ Ety/363 OS OS *kh alla.  *kh ap.û þ v.(KHAP). hall II ø . CE *kh alnâ (KHAL).

hidden.  habad ø . veiled. shadowed.û  þ adj.

û  þ . hebaid  ø . pl.

X/EI *skalnâ (SKAL1). shore ÿ Ety/386. ø . n.û þ shady ÿ Ety/386 OS *skh alla. plural of haltha.  Backformed from OS *skh apati. CE (hebeid).

habar 6ø . to screen ÿ Ety/386 OS *skh apa.û   þ v. *skh alia. *skh alth a-.(SKAL1). CE *skj apat (SKJAP).

hamnia ø . delved mine hamma.û  þ n.

mutated in hammad ger. composition.v. to clothe ÿ  Nornhabar WJ/209. WJ/419 It Ety/363 OS *kh amph a. hammad ø .û "#þ v.).(KHAP) might also be sabar (q.

ø .û "# þ ger. of hamma- had.

hant ø . pa.û  þ . t.

û  þ . v. hadhod“ø .(KHAT) hedi inf. to hurl ÿ hamnia. clothing ÿ Ety/363 OS Ety/363 OS *kh ati. *kh amph ata (KHAP).

dwarf ÿ WJ/388.û   þ n. hamp ø .

Kh khazâd *kh amph . hadhodrim6ø . hana ha. garment ÿ Ety/363 OS WJ/414 MS *xaδaud.(KHAP). hadhodrim class pl.û "$þ n.

 û  ü !þ class pl. hand ø .

dwarves.û þ (hann) adj. hann hand. WJ/388  hadhod+rim. X/ND1 OS *kh anda (KHAN). hadlath ø . as a race ÿ Ety/363. intelligent ÿ of hadhod .

sling ÿ hannas ø .û    þ (haglath) n.

û   %.

understanding. Ety/363. X/TL OS intelligence ÿ Ety/363 OS *kh andasse *kh atalatth a (KHAT.þ n. (KHAN). Ety/368. LATH). hador6ø .

t. WJ/234 MS *xadr. darts) ÿ Ety/363. of had-. harad6 ø .û    þ n. thrower (of spears and hant pa.

LotR/E OS *kh aratè.û   þ n. CE *khj arati hadron ø . OS *kh atro (KHAT). S/432. south ÿ Ety/365.

û   þ n. thrower (of (KHJAR). masc.  spears and darts) ÿ Ety/363 OS haradren ø .

southern ÿ *kh atro(ndo) (KHAT). û   þ adj. 46 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . Ety/365 OS *kh aratrina (KHJAR).

*skh ella. harad+rim. 1st pers. *hob-. VT/41:6 Because of the mutation hargam ' ). X/W 2 MS *xarw. bed 1 Ety/364 2 OS hen I < he. *kh ende (KHEN). *+650 adj. C@C- H . ending. kingfisher SD/62 2 OS *kh arth ata (*KHAR). hîn& III ' ). 1 Ety/389. Sindarin dictionary 47 . of hartha-& . 1. harno ' ). harw < haru & . henn& . *. *sjadslâ (SJAD). (SKAL2. *. she 1 Ety/385 2 OS *se(ne) (S). helf ' ). LotR/II:IX. eye 1 Ety/364. pl. bitter cold 1 Ety/364 2 OS hartha-& ' ). fur. CE *sjadtâ (SJAD).HARADRIM HEN haradrim&(' )*+ . The root KHEP listed in VT/41:6 harn II ' ). fur 1 Ety/386 2 OS *skh elma hasto ' ). to wound 1 heir < hair & . wounded 1 Ety/386 2 OS apparently implies that heb. *+ 8 * - 0 ger. of hasta-. *+6. pl. C@C340 n. WR/128. C@@0 adj. to hope 9 Harthad *kh elkh a (KHEL-EK). C@C- 0 n. *çasta-. harthad&:' ). Its Sindarin cognate would anyway h 2 OS *k auda (KHAG. to hurl 1 Ety/363. in that case. hîn I ' ). C@ FG0 the correct *skh arna (SKAR).(SJAD) hasto inf. *çasta. KHAW). *kh austa "resting" (KHAW). CE0 v. left-handed 1 Ety/365 triggered by the first person pronominal h 2 OS *k arakamba. VT/41:6 2 OS *kh epi. still be heltha. ‘southrons’ 1 LotR 2 have kept 9 ú-chebin LotR/A(v). C50 (hend & . (bird) 1 Ety/363. naked 1 Ety/386 2 OS hathel < hathol& . X/ND1 2 OS hebeid < hebaid & pl.or *kh arna. unless the *çath la. 50 1st pers. the Etymologies is 1 Ety/389. helch ' ). SD/62 2 OS *kh arth a. Ety/394 2 Irreg. (SKAR) harno inf. C@8 * 0 v. *+ 8 * 0 v. heleth ' ). word is actually meant to be Quenya (and haudh&:' ). WJ/234 2 MS *haθl. of ha. OS *skh arwe (SKAR). it is impossible to guess whether harn I ' ). CE. C@ I0 n.' ). hin &J' ). /#0 class hebin &(' ). to retain. * =?>70 inf. *+650 adj.B 0 n. pl. *+ 34*/#0 n. grave. to hack through (SKEL). *+65* 0 v. of habad. hên I). OS *skh alatirno "fish-watcher" haru &(' ). of habad.(SKEL). * -+ .2 OS *skh elth a. *xeleδ. *+6570 inf.helta ' ). Ety/386. hedi ' ). CE *sjatslâ. hên& II ' ). I pl. 50 (hîn II). .0 (harw) n. a Q is missing before the tomb 1 Ety/363-364. CE *skelnâ (SKEL). axe-stroke 1 Ety/389 2 OS (KHEL-EK). hene). * =?>0 n. (mostly used as a prefix in patronymics heb-&:' ). Ety/386. S/432. . hope 1 heledir ' ). CE *khj arnâ (KHJAR).D 50 . *hab. child pron. LotR/A(iv) entry). n. of harna-. CE *sjadta. hên I < hen& II. ice 1 Ety/364 2 OS *kh elek- hast ' ). heledirn < heledir. keep hold of 9 *khep (KHIN). hebaid & pl. wound 1 Ety/386. haust ' ).D 50 . hell ' ). axe The form helta. form. * =?>* 0 v.(KHEP) hebin & hen& II ' ). hein < hain& pl. TIR). C- . heleg ' ). Kh kheled. axe-blade — 2. do not give or metronymics) 1 WJ/403 2 OS *kh ina away or release. he ' )C0 (hen I. to hack through 2 OS OS *skh eletth e (SKEL). OS either a misprint or a misreading.(*KHAR) heledh&:' ).' ).=?>0 n. southerners. (burial) mound. glass 1 S/433 2 MS harthad& ger. CD 50 . I keep. to strip 1 Ety/386 broadsword-blade. C@C8 0 n. of heb-& . + 0 (heledirn) n. * 8 @ A?0 (hathel) n. harna. hathol&(' ). keep. of had-. to wound 2 OS *skh arna. heltha.0 inf. fur-coat 1 Ety/386 2 hasta. southern 1 Ety/365 2 OS the stem of this should be heb-.

hîw N OP Wd hiT adj. kh erû *kh ania. lady [ Ety/364 V OS [ Ety/363. to understand hiril N OP W ] WeT n.N OP QRWX Y T v. host N OP Z`?jT n. hîl KJN OP Wd eT n. troop under a — 2. wife [ ho N OZT (hon. X/Z V OS *so(no) (S). fem. master. OS *kh îma (KHIM). *kh imbè (*KHIB). as a noun. household. *kh endetth e (KHEN). CE *kh oth tâ (KHOTH). of henK II. hmael L mael I. abiding — 2. 48 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . the month of november [ ‘hîr’ (master. steadfast. hithw L hithu K . driven under compulsion. of he. X/W V MS *xeθw. a U i-Cherdir SD/129-31 V hîr+dîr. lady U Roheryn OS *kh opasse (KHOP). hethw L hethu K . harbourage [ Ety/364 V heryn K(N OP Q]6b RT n. heneb K:N OP QRQST adj. CE of heria-. *kh ith wa (KHITH). eyes U maecheneb ‘sharp-eyed’. OS mutated in adjectival position. henio N OP QRWX ZT inf. 1. LotR/V:IV It might also be sollen (q. S/432 V OS *kh îth è. OS vigorously V MS *xœria-. hobas N OP ZSY `aT n. vigorously [ Ety/364. speed [ himK II N OP W f#T adj. obscure. 1. *kh erubesse. OS *kh ith we. him I N OP W f#T adj. herven L hervenn. hervess N OP Q]6_Q`aT (herves) n. horn N OP Z]6RT adj. viscous [ Ety/364 V hervenn N OP Q]6_QRT (herven) n. herves L hervess. X/ND4 V hîr+benn. hith L hîthK . hennethK:N OP QR RQ\ T n.HEND HOST hend KML henK II. hene L he. husband [ Ety/352. window [ S/428 V OS hîthK(N OP Wd \ T (hith) n. misty herth N OP Q] \ T n. CE *kh îth i (KHITH). having hînK III pl. *kh ilo (KHIL). (KHER). (KHOR) herio heno inf. pl. eyed. vague [ Ety/364. he [ Ety/385. *kh imbè (KHIM). fog [ Ety/364. Ety/364 V hîr+bess. fog [ Ety/364. mist. masc.(KHAN) henio inf. hortha. *kh îrille (KHER). master hithlainKJN OP W\ eYgRT n. lord) [ Ety/364 V OS LotR/D V OS *kh ith åia (KHITH). OS *kh oria. OS pron. hniof L nˆyw K . *kh eru. hennKML henK II. of eye. hithuiK(N OP W\cgT n. Lothlórien to make strong ropes [ heria. fem. hyn K (huin).). foggy. to begin suddenly and LotR/II:VIII.(KHOR). *kh osta. Ety/352. of henK II. to urge on. Letters/382. hono). masc. hithu K N OP W\cT (hithw) n. *kh îth ilania. of hênK II. hîn I pl. lord [ Ety/364. S/436 V hîr+dî. to understand V OS V OS *kh îr.(KHER). foggy. cool [ S/432 V OS Ety/364 V OS *kh orth a. masc. WJ/337 V OS *kh enipa (KHEN). hollen KJN OP ZeeQRT pp. to begin suddenly and *kh ith mê (KHITH). OS substance used by the elves of h *k erundîro. herdir K(N OP Q] ^ W ] T n. closed U Fen Hollen hethu K(N OP Q\cT (hethw) adj. SD/129-31. sticky. hîrK(N OP Wd ] T n. of henia-. MS *xiυ. *kh erth . and adj. LB/354 henia. herio heno N OP Q] WX ZT (hœrio hœno) inf. X/W V MS *xiθw. mist-thread. OS *kh eruni. CE *kh êr. hmaes L maw. LotR/Index V hîth+lain. OS *kh erubenno. hîn II L hin K pl. impelled [ Ety/364 V OS *kh orna as an adverb.N OP Q] WX Y T v. heir U Eluchíl PM/369 V OS hœrio hœno L herio heno.v.N OP Z] \ Y T v. fem. continually [ Ety/364 V OS (KHOR). S/432. Ety/364. hono L ho. gross (144) [ Ety/364 V OS hin K pl. hon L ho.

SD/129-31. fantastic r idher x idhor k . MS *jaγw. sanctuary r (SWIN). CE *jâbê (JAB). but was apparently switched fiery spirit r Ety/364 s OS *kh ûre. S/432 Letters/417 s OS *i. CE *swinjâlâ idhor k(l6n ‰{ Š?q (idher) n. hwinio k inf. twirling. puff. ia I x iâk . *jåbe. season of autumn r of hwinia-k . vigour. dog r Ety/364 s OS *kh ugo iâkJl „n } u q (ia I) n. former r Ety/358. ink . X/HW s OS *ωin. CE *swandâ iarwainkJl „n }{6…i}„zq adj. CE *siulê (SIW). iathrimkJl „n } p{  †#q class pl. iaur+-wain (JA). faintness r Ety/388. CE *kh ôrê (KHOR). S/432. OS *kh ûn. readiness for action. ikJl6q . sponge. blood r Ety/400 s OS *jar (JAR). 1. Sindarin dictionary 49 . thoughtful r Ety/361 s OS *inrina (IN). host. îdhk(l6n u ‰ q n. neck r Ety/400 s OS *jakth a hûd l mn tu w q n. whirl. whirling. assembly r Ety/364 s OS (JAK). wise.HOTH IDHRIND hothk(l mn op q n. *kh ût. cleft. 1. thoughtfulness r (SWIN). *jatmâ (JAT). iaeth l „n } ~p q n. of ho. the — 2. rest. elves of Doriath s hwîn k(l |in u zq (chwîn) n. ia II x io. r hwiniol k part. Ety/361. always in a bad sense) r Ety/364. ancient. small OS *jaga (JAG). of ho. fane. CE *swinja. void r (KHUG). *janth a (JAT). older. repose r WJ/403 s OS hwiniol kJl |in  z‚ oyq (chwiniol) part. fence r S/433. X/ND1. *îde. r WJ/378 iâth+rim. and pron. of hwinia-k . scorn r Ety/400 s huin x hyn k pl. Letters/308. pl. Ety/399. fungus r Ety/388. Ety/388. holy place. pl. CE *kh ôpâ (KHOP). abyss. hûl l mn tu yq n. hwinia-k l |in  z‚ } q v. who r idhrind x idhrinn k . Ety/400 s Q yána ((A)JAN). Ety/400. hwind k l |in  zw q (chwind. giddiness. Etymologies. haven. eddy r LotR/D s OS *jabasse (JAB). CE *jârâ (JA). Ety/388 s OS *ωiniåla. bridge r Ety/400. to twirl. hû l mn tu q n. OS *jaiwe (JAJ). CE s with iant MS *janw. gulf — 2. giddy. CE *ezdê. CE *swestâ (SWES). X/HW s OS *ωanda. iâthk(l „n } u p q n. UT/384 s OS *jåra. hûb l mn tu vq n. oldest r LotR/II:II s (SWAD).(JATH). gulf r Ety/400 s adj. eddy s iaurk(l „n }t { q adj. 1. OS (SWIN). n. iau I l „n }tq n. idhrin x idhrinn k . WJ/369 s OS breeze r Ety/388. harbour. original — OS *ωinia-. CE *kh ôn (KHO-N). hûn l mn tu zq n. X/ND1. pondering. X/HW s OS *ωesta. OS *janwe. OS *inre (IN). *esdê (É-SED). chwand II) ianw x ianu k . S/432 s OS s r Ety/386 OS *çûle. iavask‡l „n }ˆ} aq n. cry of encouragement in battle iantk(l „n }z €q n. OS *jagwe (JAG).(SWIN) 2. iaew l „n } ~…iq n. corn r Ety/399 s MS *jauβ. horde (nearly Ety/361. ravine. hyn k pl. whirl. CE *kh ôth (KHOTH). CE *kh oth sê (KHOTH). breath. whirling r Ety/388. old. ƒ idhren l6n ‰{ ~zq adj. X/W It originally meant ‘bridge’ in the hûr l mn tu { q n. hwinio kJl |in  z‚ oq (chwinio) inf. Letters/383 s MS *jaγ. chwinn) iau II l „n }tq n. X/HW s OS *ωindè. hwand l |in }zw q (chwand I. mocking. heart (physical) r Ety/364 s ianu k l „n }z tq (ianw) n. CE *swindi iaun l „n }t zq n. yoke(?) r Ety/400. iâr l „n } u { q n. hwest k:l |in ~?€q (chwest) n. *jath . art. landlocked bay r Ety/364 s OS *kh ûpa. S/433. s OS *kh otth e. *in (I). to twirl. crowd. *eide. X/Z s MS *iδr.

female “ Ety/361. inner though. ithron‹ Œ6 Ž  Ÿ‘’ . “ Ety/385. New word coined by the elves after iuith Œ • ¦•  ’ n. LotR/Index iôr š yˆ r ‹ . *jondo (JON) ionnath‹ coll.Œ6 Ž˜?™ ’ v. pl. Ety/361. which ‘mirrors only starlight ind Œ6 Ž ‘ž ’ (inn) n. all the sons “ imlad‹JŒ6 Ž ›#— ž ’ n. masc. ithil‹JŒ6 Ž  Ž—’ n. *ist-. long narrow valley with ista. of i‹ . countryside where roses grew ” im+-loth. ingem Œ6 Ž £¤4–›#’ adj. X/ND1. daughter — 2.(ITH) isto inf. im-‹JŒ6Ž ›#’ prefix between. of ion‹ . CE *ith trô (ITH). iest Œ • –˜?™’ n. learned “ Ety/361 ” OS în‹ I Œ6 Ž¡ ‘’ adj. meaning. CE *iñgwi. X/ND2 ” OS ifant š iphant ‹ . SD/129-31 ” OS *în. ago “ Ety/399 ” OS *jå. Compare with Q imbe in Galadriel’s (JON). ” im-+lad. suffering from *istro(ndo). Ety/400 Stated to be an X/W ” MS *inw (reformed after CS anu.(IÑK). Ety/399. MR/373. iell Œ • –——’ n. to have knowledge “ *imbiratth -. Letters/448 ” OS mortal sense: decripit.IDHRINN IUITH idhrinn ‹(Œ6 Ž Ž ‘ ‘’ (idhrind. use “ Ety/400 ” OS *jukth - meeting with men ” în+gem "year-sick". iolf š ylf ‹ I. year “ Ety/400 ” OS *jîn. deep valley “ S/433. Ety/385. Ety/400. NI).(ITH). knowledge “ Ety/361 ” OS OS *imbilotth e. the untranslated place name Imloth Melui. ionnath‹(Œ • Ÿ‘ ‘   ’ coll. I “ LotR/II:IV.(*H). in n. assisted by the loss of s in compounds and io Œ •Ÿ’ (ia II) adv. LB/354 ” OS *ith îl (I-THÍL). Ety/392. 1. OS isto Œ6 Ž˜?™Ÿ’ inf. several feminine words ” OS *jelle (JEL). aged. 50 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . his (referring to the subject) “ *iståia. of ithron‹ . narrow valley with steep SD/129-31. maid inu ‹JŒ6 Ž ‘ ¦’ (inw) adj. substance. Ety/400 ithryn‹ pl. and moonlight’ “ LotR/II:IV ” ithil+tinu heart “ Ety/361. OS *imbilat-. CE *iñkj. *jînie (JEN). lore. OS *jîrinde. CE *imbi (IMBI). Ety/400. (IN-ID). *imbè. patronymics". CE *hên. X/ND4 ” în+rind. of ista-. notion “ Ety/361 ” ithildin‹ Œ6Ž   Ž—ž Ž ‘’ n. idhrin) n. a road or watercourse running through CE *ith ta. hence the ending -iel in CE *jâ. lament ” OS *imbè. ithryn‹ Œ6 Ž 6© ‘’ . ja (JA). son “ WJ/337 ” OS *jono etc. istui Œ6 Ž˜?™¦•’ adj. X/ND1 ” OS *indo "moon-star". long-lived. LotR/E. *jên (JEN). (JUK). CE *ith t. old age) “ Ety/358. idea. girl. annals “ Ety/400 ” OS “ Ety/383. *jîniasse. year ínias Œ6 Ž¡ ‘Ž¥  ˜a’ n. in‹ pl. ionn) n. ‘The Sheen’ “ în II Œ6 Ž¡ ‘’ n. old (with no connotation of imloth‹ Œ6 Ž ›#—Ÿ  ’ n. OS *inia (INI). imrath‹(Œ6 Ž ›"    ’ n. fem. son “ (JES). wish “ Ety/400 ” OS *jesta ion‹JŒ • Ÿ‘’ (iond ‹ . ist Œ6 Ž˜?™’ n. within œ imlad iôn‹JŒ • Ÿ¡ ‘’ n. remodelled after ion MS *anw). sides. inn š ind. It was "a change inw š inu ‹ . inc Œ6 Ž ‘ ¢’ n. CE *ith tâjâ (ITH). the moon. a ir‹ Œ6 Ž  ’ adv. wizard “ UT/448. *ja. LB/354 ” OS ionn š ion‹ . old (of person. lit. Ety/399. iond ‹§š ion‹ . OS *jînph anta. it lengthwise “ UT/465 ” im-+rath. alteration of sell. CE Ety/361. iphant ‹ Œ6 Ž¨6¨6‘ ™’ (ifant) adj. im‹ Œ6 Ž ›#’ pron. a silver-colored OS *iñkh i-. "son" (OS *jondo). to have knowledge ” OS *ista-. flowering(?) valley “ weakness) “ Ety/358. guess. *iñwi (*I-ÑWI. X/PH ” LotR/V:VIII This word only occurs in în+pant "year-full". when(?) “ LB/354.

*laxs. lalaith¶ ª6µ¬ ¯ µ¯«® ° n.(JUK) iuitho inf. valley ³ S/433 ± OS *lat- enjoy’ but the meaning ‘to employ’ is much (LAT). perhaps ‘of (LÁJ-AK). LotR/Index ± OS *lania lachenn ¶ ª6µ¬ ¯ÀGº¹Â ° (lachend¶ ). cleared ³ Ety/368. perhaps ³ Ety/368. X/LH ± OS *legna. sources: ‘crystal fountains’ (Lay of Húrin. lâf ¶ ª6µ¬ ¯ ´ ¸° (lhâf) 3rd pers. Noldorin ± OS *jûla (JUL2). X/LH ± MS *lagr. Sindarin dictionary 51 . open. (ibid.(*LAKH). classed as Old Noldorin (ON) in the X/LH ± OS *latina (LAT). the people of the green elves from the description of this place in various ³ WJ/385 ± laegel+rim. ³ LotR/D.(LAP2). Labadal. ‘viridis’ fresh and green *iυr. to employ. more probable (cf. X/LH. ‘crystal’) ½ Ivorwen LotR/A(v) ± MS laeg¶ II ª6µ¬ ¯ ºÃ4° adj. ³ Letters/282. OS *imre (*Í-MIR). LALAITH iuitha. verse 2177). lechenn ¶ ª6µ¬ ºÀG· ¹Â ° (lechind¶ ). Letters/382 Seldom ivren ¶(ª6¬ · ¸ » º¹° . babe ³ Ety/367. swift. crystalline’) ³ S/392. OS *lapse (LAP1). laeg ¶ I ª6µ¬ ¯ ºÃ4° (lhaeg) adj. rapid ³ nickname. of lacha-¶ . september (month) (LÁJ-AK). to employ. laer¶ I ª6µ¬ ¯ º» ° n. WJ/85 laegel¶ ª6µ¬ ¯ ºÃ4ºµ° . of laegel¶ . lhain I) adj. pl. Christopher Tolkien reads ‘to lad¶ ª6µ¬ ¯  ° n. ¾ X/LH ± MS *lais. to use ± OS Ñoldor) ³ WJ/384. Etymologies.IUITHA . embers ³ Ety/400 The word is (lhedin). crystal. to lacho¶ ª6µ¬ ¯ÀG²° imp. Q lala."laugh" (G-LAD2). X/OE. thread ½ hithlain lachend¶MÁ lachenn ¶ . into the plural Eithil Ivrin as in WJ/85. (unknown meaning. leaping flame ³ lain ¶ I ª6µ¬ ¯«¹° (lhein. X/LH ± OS *laika (LAJK). LotR/II:VIII. deep elf (Sindarin name for the *laleiθ. a The reading Eithel Ivrin in S/392 seems green elf ³ WJ/385 ± laeg+-el. but rather seems to be laeb ¶ ª6µ¬ ¯ º¿° (lhoeb) adj. song ½ Laer Cú Beleg Leithian. ivrin¶ pl. which is rendered as Ety/367. iuith). "flame-eyed". This entry is interpolated from Sador’s lagor ¶ ª6µ¬ ¯ à » ¼?° (lhagr) adj. ivrin¶Jª6¬ · ¸ » · ¹° . to flame ± OS *lakkh a. keen. lach ¶ ª6µ¬ ¯ÀG° (lhach) n. ledin ¶ ª6µ¬ ºÂ · ¹° iûl ª «¬ ­´ µ° n. X/ND4 ± lach+hend *jukth a.ª «¬ ­«® ¯ ° v. OS *lakra "Hopafoot" in the text ± OS *lapa. free. (LAK). laegrim¶ ª6µ¬ ¯ ºÃ » · Ä#° (laegeldrim¶ ) class pl. laden ¶ ª6µ¬ ¯  º¹° (lhaden). verses 1932-1940) ± OS *imrinè S/406 ± OS *lair. laegeldrim¶:Á laegrim¶ . flame! ³ use ³ Ety/400 The gloss was hardly UT/65. CE *laikw â ivanneth¶:ª6· ¸¬ ¯¹ ¹º® ° n. (LAN). (unknown meaning. X/LH ± OS *lakkh . The meaning is interpolated of laegel¶ . season of summer ³ LotR/D verse 1526). sharp. unless Ivrin is actually a proper noun laegil¶ pl. (LEK). ³ Ety/368. (Eithil Ivrin is rendered as "Ivrin’s Well". iuitho ª «¬ ­«® ²° inf. laegil¶ ª6µ¬ ¯ ºÃ4·µ° . freed S/433. CE *leknâ lacha-¶(ª6µ¬ ¯ÀG¯ ° v. fresh ³ Ety/368. (*Í-MIR).(LIR1). X/LH ± OS *laipa. OS erroneous and should probably be corrected *laikelda laegrim¶ class pl. adj. of ivren ¶ . ‘glassy pools’ ( Lay of laer¶ II ª6µ¬ ¯ º» ° n. pl. lain ¶ II ª6µ¬ ¯«¹° n.. pl. to hop ½ Labadal UT/60 ª6µ¬ ¯¿¯ ° licks ³ Ety/367. n. see WJ/139). (*LAKH) lacho¶ imp. acute ivor ¶ ª6¬ · ¸ » ¼?° n. plain. (he) laba-¶ v. used (replaced by calen) ± OS *laika adj. laes ¶ ª6µ¬ ¯ ºÅa° (lhaes) n. pl. laughter ³ S/406 ± MS n. ‘reflecting their pallid faces’ ± OS *laire (LAJ). of iuitha-. of lav-¶ . legible.

CE *lasrô (LAS2). LotR/II:IV There was a long lathro ÏJÆ6ÇÈ É ÖÑ ÐË (lhathro) inf. lâf Ï 3rd pers. lebed ÏJÆ6ÇÈ ÌÝÌÙ Ë (lhebed) n. to lick Î OS *labi. and never to reptiles or birds Í *land. X/LH. X/LH Î OS *lepene PM/349 Î lant+sîr "falling stream". of lamÏ I. X/LH. LotR/II:IV.(LAB) lanc Ï II Æ6ÇÈ ÉÒ ØË (lhanc) n. TAI/150. lalwen Ï Æ6ÇÈ É Ç ÔiÌÒË (lhalwen). See guren for a similar form. to controverse between linguists. n. PM/349 Î Q lanta. eavesdrop Í Ety/368. voices Í PM/349. WJ/394. lavanχÆ6ÇÈ ÉÊÉÒË . X/LH Î lalf+orn. num. listen! Í Æ6ÇÈ ÌÇ ÔiÓ ÒË . throat Í Ety/367. X/LH Î MS *lous.(LÉP-ET). of lathrada-Ï . lathra-ÏJÆ6ÇÈ É ÖÑ É Ë v. WJ/393. 52 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . leÏJÆ6ÇÌË pron. X/LH Î OS *lepet. lelwin lastoÏ Æ6ÇÈ É ×?ÜÐË imp. Í Ety/366-367. fall Ú Lanthir S/406. n. to listen in. landÏ II Æ6ÇÈ ÉÒÙ Ë (lhand II. (LÉP-EN). lathrado ÏJÆ6ÇÈ É ÖÑ É Ù ÐË (lhathrado) inf. *lañkh a. clearing in forest Í *(e)de. leben Ï(Æ6ÇÈ ÌÝÌÒË (lheben) adj. wide. eavesdrop Í lammenÏJÆ6ÇÈ ÉÕ"Õ#ÌÒË n. pl. to listen Î OS *lasta- *lalmina (LÁLAM). (LAS1).or lasta-ÏJÆ6ÇÈ É ×?ÜÉ Ë v. language Í WJ/394 Î OS OS *laρρa-. CE lant Ï I Æ6ÇÈ ÉÒ ÜË (lhant) n. *lalυorn. X/ND1 Î OS beasts. lamathÏJÆ6ÇÈ ÉÕ#É Ö Ë coll. lelvin Æ6ÇÈ ÌÇ ÊÓ ÒË . Í levi Ï inf. echoing lathrada-Ï(Æ6ÇÈ É ÖÑ É Ù É Ë v. TC/169. RGEO/72-73. whether this form was and adjective ("of lathron Ï(Æ6ÇÈ É ÖÑ ÐÒË (lhathron) n. inf. X/LH Î OS *lambasse (LAB). warm Í Ety/368. lamÏ I Æ6ÇÈ ÉÕ#Ë (lhamb. LB/354 Î Q *(e)lje. WJ/388. X/LH Î OS *lanth a (LAT). *(e)dje (DE). elm-tree Í Ety/348 Î OS *lalmen. lant Ï II Æ6ÇÈ ÉÒ ÜË n. MS *lalworn. pl. leaf Í Ety/367. X/LH Î OS *lañkh o (LAÑK). X/LH Î lass+pelin. lelf Æ6ÇÈ ÌÇ ÊË .(LAS2) lammasχÆ6ÇÈ ÉÕ"Õ#É ×aË (lhammas) n. X/LH Î OS *latth a (LAT). pl. eavesdrop Î lamÏ II Æ6ÇÈ ÉÕ#Ë n.(LAS2) lathro Ï *lambe (LAB). ("my"). X/LH. as to know listen in. lassχÆ6ÇÈ É ×a×aË (lhass) n. open space. X/LH Î OS *lasse lalven Æ6ÇÈ É Ç ÊÌÒË . cutlass. autumn Ety/348 Î OS *lalme (LÁLAM). WJ/206. X/LH. hair ringlet Í broad Ú Landroval LotR/VI:IV. Ety/367. LB/354. OS *lokse Ety/367. elm-tree Í *lassepelîn "leaf withering". laws χÆ6ÇÈ ÉÔi×aË (lhaws) n. Ety/368. to thee (reverential) Í lang Ï Æ6ÇÈ ÉÛË (lhang) n. X/LH Î OS Ety/368. of lathra-Ï . Letters/282. X/ND1 Î OS *landa (LOKH). (LAD1). X/LH Î OS *lañgo (LAÑG). pl. eavesdrop Î OS *laρρata. lham) n. elm-tree Í Ety/367. finger Í Ety/368. WJ/416 Î OS *lamana (LAM). related to the tongue") or the listener. n. throng of leather(?) Í tongue Í Ety/367. X/LH. LotR/IV:X. sword Í LotR/II:I. Ety/370. to listen in. (LAS2) lastoÏ imp. land Ï I Æ6ÇÈ ÉÒÙ Ë (lhand I) adj. usually applied to four-footed level Í Ety/368. n. animal. physical lath Ï Æ6ÇÈ É Ö Ë (lhath) n. of lasta-Ï . elm-tree Í lasbelin ÏJÆ6ÇÈ É ×?ÝÌÇÓ ÒË (lhasbelin) n. the tongue. lancÏ I Æ6ÇÈ ÉÒ ØË n. X/LH word lam with a suffixed possessive Î OS *laρρo(ndo). my tongue Í Ety/368. CE *lasra. RS/463. of tongues Í LR/167.LALF LEBEN lalf Æ6ÇÈ É Ç ÊË . Ety/367. OS *lalmorne (). eavesdropper Í Ety/368. lhann) adj. hearer. lav-χÆ6ÇÈ ÉÊË v. OS lalorn χÆ6ÇÈ É ÇÐÑ6ÒË (lhalorn) n. to listen in. *lamba (LAB) lamathÏ coll. account lathrado Ï inf. waterfall Í S/406. Letters/278. laug Ï Æ6ÇÈ ÉÞß4Ë (lhaug) adj. levainÏJÆ6ÇÈ ÌÊÉàÒË . naked Í UT/418 Î OS X/LH Î OS *lauka (LAW). five Í lanthirÏ(Æ6ÇÈ ÉÒÖ Ó Ñ Ë n.(LAT).

â6ãæ äòðç óô õ ë (lheitho) v. lhagr í lagor á . lhâf í lâf á . lhend í lend á II. lelf pl. Ety/368. X/LH ñ OS *lekth ia. ears (referring to one by the elves ì PM/404. lefnuiá(â6ãæ äî ê ïðë (lhefneg) adj. ñ lhaw+-ig. pl. of lav-á . sweet ì filament ì Ety/386. of lhain á II. lhimmid í limmida-á . lhammas í lammasá . ù lenn-mbas PM/404.(LEK). lhedin í ledin á pl. TI/312 ñ OS *lemnåia. lechenn á pl. WJ/228 ñ OS *lesta (*LES).LEBETHRON LHÎN lebethroná:â6ãäåæ äçè éêë n. to release ì lhann í landá II. release. journey (S-LAS2). of lachenn á . lembasá(â6ãæ äö"åõ ÷aë n. lhefi í levi á . release from bondage ì lhass í lassá . lhimp í limp á . ill ì Ety/386.its black Ety/386. freeing. adj. (thlîn). lhaew á â6üã æ õ äýië (thlaew. X/OE. of lachenn á . levainá pl. of lalf. t. lhaden í laden á . of lalven. LotR/II:IX ñ OS *λåhu. ‘journey bread’ made lhawáJâ6ü ã æ õýië n. LotR/II:IX lhaes í laes á . CE *slâsû (dual) lend á I â6ãæ äêø ë (lenn-á ) n. X/LH ñ OS *λiga Ety/369. leithianá(â6ãæ äòðç óô õêë (lheithian) n. LotR/VI:V. WR/436. lhimb í lim á III. of lalwen á . of lavaná . adj. spider lend á II â6ãæ äêø ë (lhend) adj. lheithian í leithianá . sickly. WJ/225. of laden á . lhathrado í lathrado á . lenn-áMí lend á I. lhê áJâ6üã æ äþ ë (thlê) n. levi áJâ6ãæ äûóë (lhefi) inf. lhathro í lathro á . ear ì Ety/368. X/LH ñ OS *lekth ian-. X/LH ñ OS *λinia (SLIN). *lende (LED). to lick ì lhein í lain á I. X/ND1 ñ OS lhaws í laws á . thin. wood was used by the woodwrights of lhalorn í lalorn á . meagre ì lhîn á II pl. S/406. (LIND). ledin á pl. fine thread. lechindáMí lechenn á pl. tuneful. Sindarin dictionary 53 . lhimmint í limmint á pa. lelvin pl. lelwin pl. girdle ì WJ/333. lhath í lath á . a tree . lheitho í leithia-. X/ND1 ñ OS *linda (SLIG). lhach í lach á . lhasbelin í lasbelin á . lham í lamá I. lhanc í lanc á II. LotR/II:VIII ñ person’s pair of ears only) ì Ety/368. CE *lektjan. sick. pl. Gondor ì LotR/IV:VII. Ety/367. lhain I í lain á I. lhain á II â6üã æ õðêë (thlein). lhefneg í lefnuiá . lhathron í lathron á . of laden á . lend+bass. lhaug í laug á . X/LH.(LEK). *lepnâjâ (LÉP-EN). WR/176. flaew) lhim í lim á III. lhamb í lamá I. lhang í lang á . X/LH. lheben í leben á . CE lhand II í landá II. thloew. lhant í lant á I. lhewig â6üã æ äýióÿ4ë n. Ety/368. lhebed í lebed á . of limmida-á . lhaeg í laeg á I. num. leithia. lean. lestáJâ6ãæ ä÷?úë n. fifth ì lhand I í land á I. lhalwen í lalwen á . lhîn á II â6üã æ óþ êë lhîn I í lîn á . X/LH ñ OS *λaiwa (SLIW). lhimlug í limlug á .

t.. of limmida.     lhind II   . limmint pa.LHIND LONN    lhind I lind .

fine. thlinn) adj. limp    $ . (thlind.

(lhimp) adj. CE *liñkw i (LIÑK). CE *slindi (SLIN). wet  Ety/369. X/ND1  OS X/LH  OS *limph è.   *λindè. slender  Ety/386. lîn   . X/LH.

(lhîn I) n. pool  Ety/369. X/LH    lhing    .

(LIN1) liniath coll.   cobweb  Ety/386. spider. OS *lini. X/LH  OS *λiñge lind   . (thling) n. spider’s web.

Ety/369. air. X/LH. tune  (SLIG). lhinn) n. (lhind I. X/ND1  OS *linde    lhingril     .

spider  (LIN2). (thlingril) n.   Ety/386. liniath   %&! ' . X/LH  OS *λiñgrille (SLIG).

pools  lhinn lind  .   lhîr lîr . linna. coll. of lîn .  Hithliniath WJ/194.  ! .

v. to sing  linnathon   lhîw   .

sickness  LotR/II:I  OS  *linda. X/LH   OS *λîwe (SLIW).(LIN2)  Ety/386. linnathon 1st pers.  linnon 1st lhoch loch  . pers. linnathon   ! ' ( . thliw) n.    lhoda loda- . (fliw.

  lhonn  lond . RGEO/72. I will chant  LotR/II:I.  lhong long  .. will sing. of linna. 1st pers. I lhoeb laeb . linnod    .

n. a single verse used as a lhoss  .

 linnon   ( . X/LH  OS (LIN2). thloss) n.    *λussa (SLUS). whisper or maxim(?)  LotR/A(iv)  OS? *lindot- rustling sound  Ety/386. (floss.

of linna.. 1st pers.  LB/354.  lîr   .   lhoth loth . I sing lhost lost  .

range  Ety/369.    lhûg    . X/LH  OS *lîre (LIR2). lhû  lû . row. (lhîr) n.

n. snake. serpent  Ety/370. lith  ' .

n. S/434. (LIT). CE *litsê  lhum lum . lithui  '))*+. CE *slôki (S-LOK). dust  Ety/369. S/434  OS *λûkè.    lhumren lumren . TC/178  OS *litth e. sand. ash.

ashen. adj.  lhûn    . ashy  S/434.

adj. UT/435. *litth åia.  lô   .   lhûth lûth . RGEO/74. blue  Ety/370. CE *litsâjâ (LIT). TC/178  OS  lhunt lunt  .

n. fenland  UT/263  lhútha. lútha.     lim I   . OS *loga (LOG). shallow lake..

adv.-. on(?)  noro lim loch  (.

ringlet  Ety/370. (lhoch) n. RS/196.     lim II   . LotR/I:XII. X/LH  OS *lokkh o (LOKH).

clear.  ! . sparkling. light  loda. adj.

X/LH  OS *luta. WJ/337. (lhoda) v.(LUT). to float  Ety/370.     lim III   .

lhimb) n. (lhim. fish  loeg  .).

*logika or *logek.    *liñwi (LIW). pool  S/407  MS *loγeg. X/LH  OS *limbè. n. CE *liñgwi.(LOG). OS Ety/369. lond  ( .

1. (lonn . narrow    limlug     . lhonn) n.

Ety/370. by ext. lim+lhûg.  X/ND1   limmida.    !  . entrance to sea-serpent  Ety/370. X/LH. fish-dragon. (lhimlug) n. X/LH  harbour. S/434. UT/450. land-locked haven  Ety/348. OS *limbiλλûke. path or strait — 2.

pa. t.  OS *londe (LON)   lonnath coll. (lhimmid). limmint     "#.

(lhimmint). long  ( .

to moisten  Ety/369. heavy  Ety/370. lonn lond .(LIÑK). CE *linkw it. v. (lhong) adj. X/LH  OS X/LH  OS *luñga (LUG). 54 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 .   *limph it-.

maed/ I 0&I3 6 =)H 8 adj. general host but of two or a few) 9 lum /:023 B I8 (lhum) n. Ety/370.47 8 class pl. of luithia-/ .. maidh 0&I3 6>D+T 8 (meidh) adj. warrior 9 Ety/371 < lunt /J023 B 5 ?#8 (lhunt) n. magl S magol. battle. going deep in something 9 Lossoth/1023 4. *µalui.. *maikakh enipa. of mâl. mâl 0&I3 6 C 28 . X/LH < OS *lumbrina (LUM). may (month) 9 Ety/373. OS OS *losse (LOS). Ety/371 < OS *makth a (MAK). and adj. WJ/337 < OS *maika (MIK). stain — lost /1023 4. OS *makro (MAK). lust 9 Ety/373. lustful 9 lothron/1023 47)A4(5 8 n. spell. useful. X/OE < OS *mailåia. snow 9 S/434. to fight 9 Ety/371 < OS lumren /J023 B I A=>5 8 (lhumren) adj. LB/354. OS *makla (MAK). piercing. 1. to enchant 9 magol 0&I3 6 L2 Q@8 (magl) n. sharp-eyed 9 mail / pl. Sindarin dictionary 55 . things) 9 Ety/371 < OS *magra (MAG). n. X/EI < OS *madia Letters/308 < MS *mai (MAJ). mely). WR/294.0&I3 6 H 8 v. X/OE < MS *maid. well 9 LotR/I:XII. X/LH < OS *lûme (LU). to eat < OS *mati. MS *maiθr. charm 9 *maiwe (MIW). WJ/337 < maeg+heneb. fight (not of *lukth iata (LUK).. maelui /10&I3 6 =)2 B)D+8 (moelui) adj. luithia-/ 023 B)D+7 EF&6 8 v. CE LotR/D. craft 9 Ety/371 < OS SD/62 < OS *lukth ia. OS *lossena (LOS). mael I 0&I3 6 =)28 (hmael) n. flower 9 Ety/370. yellow powder 9 Ety/386. swordsman G Menelvagor LotR/E. skilled.=>5 8 adj. CE *leukâ (*LEW). X/LH. MS *magl. (LOTH). to quench G uluithiad maenas 0&I3 6 =>5 6 . shapely 9 PM/366. of lond/ . The word megil (q. medi inf. lû /:023 B C 8 (lhû) n. pl. LotR/A. < OS *magna (MAG). maer 0&I3 6 =>A8 adj. X/LH < OS *lotth e. fawn 9 Ety/371. M magor/:0&I3 6 LA Q@8 n. maew 0&I3 6 =>R8 n. the Snowmen 9 S/434. fit.(MAK). OS *maikh enipa. loth/1023 47 8 (lhoth) n. (SMAG). lútha-/1023 B C 7 6 8 (lhútha-) v.8 n. shade 9 Ety/370. *maxθr. WJ/234 < MS mad. X/LH < OS *lunth e (LUT). X/LH. clever 9 Ety/371 Ety/370. maethor 0&I3 6 =)7)A Q@8 n. penetrating. *maitè. probably lˆyg/ lyg 023 K C L8 n. havens 9 *magiti (MAG). RGEO/70 < 9 Ety/371. ger.0&I3 6 =)7 6 8 v. quenching G uiluithiad SD/62 < OS maeth 0&I3 6 =)7 8 n. occasion 9 maen 0&I3 6 =>5 8 adj. Ety/370.(LUK) luithiad / *magnasse (MAG). X/EI < OS *µalò pl. boat 9 Ety/370. OS *magitè. lossen/:023 4. snowy 9 RGEO/70 < maeg/:0&I3 6 =)L8 adj. CE (S-MAL). good (of luithiad /1023 B)D+7 EF&6 H 8 ger.). pale. mail / 0&I3 6>D+28 (meil.8 n. handy. CE *loth sê X/OE < OS *maile (MIL). X/LH < OS *lumbe (LUM).(MAT) *magr. fallow. stained 9 Ety/386 < OS *µagla X/LH < OS *lusta (LUS).v. maetha. CE *smalu VT/41:10 < OS *maγid. *mailâjâ (MIL). OS *makth ro (MAK). maed / II 0&I3 6 =)H 8 (moed) adj. CE *mahiti (MAH). snake 9 LotR/E < OS introduced by the Ñoldor. skilled loss/:023 4.@?#8 (lhost) adj. shady 9 *makth a. RGEO/70 < loss+hoth. WR/370. 2. sword 9 Ety/371 Ety/370. empty 9 Ety/370. maecheneb/N0&I3 6 =>O-=>5 =>P 8 adj.LONNATH MÂL lonnath/1023 4(5 5 6 7 8 coll. mae/10&I3 6 =)8 adv. gull 9 Ety/373 < OS lûth /1023 B C 7 8 (lhûth) n. pollen. sharp. (MAD). a time. mael / II 0&I3 6 =)28 (moel) n. was also used < *liuka.

56 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . It is conceivably the mallen U&VW X YYZ>[ \ adj. dear ^ Ety/372 _ OS *melda matho U&VW X h c\ inf. meldis U&VW Z)Ym ]f\ n. final bliss ^ _ OS *meleth rille (MEL). lover ^ matha. *metåia. a countryside where medlin `:U&VW Z)nY] [ \ (meglin) roses grew _ OS *melåia. lover ^ Ety/372 fate. malt g mall ` . CE *meldô (MEL). LotR/II:IV. soil. meidh g maidh. OS meglin g medlin ` . OS *µalwa mell+dîr. doom. LotR/A(iv) _ OS LotR/II:IV. maur U&VW X)i d\ n. by ext. OS *matth a-. of matha-. U&VW Z)YY e d[ \ . pale ^ meldir U&VW Z)Ym ] d\ n. melethril U&VZ)YW Z)h)d]Y\ n. of malen. pl. coexisting with magol (see tegil and tegol mallorn`bU&VW X YYc(d[ \ . gloom ^ Ety/373 _ OS n. pl. love ^ Ety/372 _ OS OS *manu (MAN). stain ^ *meldo(ndo). CE *smaldâ Mormegil or Arvegil (with regular (S-MAL). us p ammen Arvedui LotR/I:XII. of mâl. *smâgâ (SMAG). of mad-. CE *smaldinâ (S-MAL). of mallorn` . OS word only occurs in the untranslated place *madiglihe "honey-eater". melin U&VW Z)Y] [ \ . of mellon` . handle _ Ety/372 _ OS *meleth ro(ndo) (MEL). LB/354 _ OS *men (ME). perhaps ‘lovely’) ^ LotR/V:VIII This Ety/371. sharp-pointed mallos`bU&VW X YYcf\ n. (MEL). fem. bear-like ^ Ety/369. bear ^ Ety/369. 1. to stroke. n. (unknown meaning. meil g mail ` pl. manadh U&VW X)[ X k \ n. mely g mail ` pl. feel. CE *maor. fallow. CE *mahta. matho inf. golden tree of Lothlórien megli g medli ` . name Imloth Melui. medli `1U&VW Z)nY]\ (megli) n. CE *melâjâ adj. greedy ^ Ety/373 _ OS Ety/386 _ OS *malth ina (MÁL-AT). Ety/371 _ OS *manad. X/W _ MS *malw. medui `1U&VW Z)m)i)o+\ adj. X/DL _ mad-+glî. fortune — 2. *milkh a (MÍL-IK). CE *metâjâ (MET). to eat ^ Ety/371. departed spirit ^ Ety/371 _ meleth U&VW Z)YZ)h \ n. friend ^ Ety/372 _ malw g malu ` . feel. OS UT/451. of mâl. of gold ^ Ety/386 _ Sindarinized form of Quenya makil. melui`:U&VW Z)Y i)o+\ adj. (MEL). friend ^ Ety/372. mân U&VW X j [ \ n. golden ^ melch U&VW Z)Y r-\ adj. mell U&VW Z)YY\ adj. final end. OS *µaldalosse.MALEN MEN malen U&VW X YZ>[ \ . Letters/424 _ OS maw U&VW X)l\ (hmaes) n. sword ^ Ety/371 The (S-MAL). OS *µåga. last p na vedui. medi U&VW Z)m ]\ inf. (S-MAL). mell+dîs. fem. masc.U&VW X h X \ v. mellyrn` pl. handle ^ Ety/371. mellyrn` for a similar case) _ OS *makil. but mall `:U&VW X Y a#\ (malt) n. megor `:U&VW Z)nd q@\ adj. *meletth e (MEL). malthen U&VW X Yh Z>[ \ adj. ^ S/435. Ety/386 _ MS *mauγ. mutation). mellyn`:U&VW Z)YY e [ \ . CE mellyn` pl. yellow ^ Ety/386 _ OS *µalina megil`:U&VW Z)n]Y\ n. friend ^ Ety/372 _ Ety/386. Letters/248 _ mall+los "flower *mikra (MIK). of gold. of gold". to stroke. melethron U&VZ)YW Z)h)dc([ \ n. word was struck out in the Etymologies. honey-eater.(MAN-AD). adj. men ` I U&VW Z>[ \ pron. OS *µaldina. gold (as metal) ^ is well attested in late compounds such as Ety/386. SD/129-31. mellon`:U&VW Z)YYc([ \ .(MAH) melin pl. a golden flower ^ p *megr WJ/337 _ MS *megr. LotR/II:IV _ mall+orn. malu `:U&VW X Y i \ (malw) adj. pl. X/LD _ OS *µalda.(MOR). *µaldorne "tree of gold".(MAK). *maur-. masc. X/DL.

1. OS *mist.t&uv ‚…@#‹ y v. road z UT/281 { OS suffixed article (MI). beren in the Etymologies. the merilin t&uv w>€‚~ƒ ‚ x y (mœrilind) time near dawn. but meren would be restored together with mereth { OS mínils pl. mírdan s1t&uv ‚‡ €† ‹)x y .(MI-N) minnos imp. OS *meneke (MENEK). thousand unique z Ety/373. LotR/II:I { OS *mîriela Ety/372 { OS *mîlåia. num. n. miniels:t&uv ‚ x ‚&w)~y . to enter { OS *minth a- changed in the texts (cf. LotR/E. LotR/II:I. error. SD/129-31. way.(MEL). to stray { OS *mista- } Minhiriath LotR/Map { OS *mi. enter! merils:t&uv w>€‚~y n. used in Gondor. OS *mîretano (MIR. isolated hill. one z Ety/373 { OS mist t&uv ‚…@#y n. feast. single. to the inside!) z LotR/II:IV. mesg t&uv w)…|y (mesc) adj. OS *miska (MÍS2-IK). coin *mîde.(MIR). an meren t&uv w>€w>x y adj. between the mista. to bereth in the Etymologies. EL). ‘morrowdim’. of miniels . minai s:t&uv ‚ x ‹>Š+y (minei) adj. 2. point z Ety/373 { OS minei „ minai s . mírielsbt&uv ‚‡ €‚&w)~y part. (MET). LB/354. mínils:t&uv ‚‡ x ‚~y . and the compound Merethrond) { OS minnas „ minass . LotR/IV:X. one of the Vanyar z WJ/383 { Ety/372 The word was changed to min+-el "first elf". merethsJt&uv w>€w) y n. mîdh mídh t&uv ‚‡ ˆ y n. end z UT/452 { OS *metth ete (MET). TAN). kind z z RGEO/64.(MET). dew z Ety/373 { OS mirians:t&uv ‚ €‚&‹)x y n. love. Ety/373. *merina (MER). see also ‘canath’ z mîl t&uv ‚‡ ~y n. minuials:t&u‚ x v ‰)Š+&‹ ~y n. festive. CE *mizdê (MÍS2-ID). *meretth e (MER). distinct.(MIS1). n. OS *minielda. sparkling like a jewel milui t&uv ‚~ ‰)Š+y adj. nightingale (bird) z Ety/394. num. mesc „ mesg. mîrs:t&uv ‚‡ €y n. end z Ety/373 { OS? mîr+tân. ment t&uv w>x #y n. jewel. affection z Ety/372 { OS PM/45 { OS *mîrian. CE *mêl. *menth e (MET). Mereth Aderthad or *minna. but was never minna-s1t&uv ‚ x x ‹ y v. pl. Sindarin dictionary 57 . pl. piece of money. S/434. with (MIS1) misto inf. metheds t&uv w) w)† y n. jewel-smith z S/401 { methen t&uv w) w>x y n. sky. gay. RGEO/73 { OS *mîre meth t&uv w) y n. tower z menels1t&uv w>x w)~y n.MEN MISTA - mens II t&uv w>x y n. especially a hill with a watch tower — RGEO/72 { Q menel (MEN. *minuiañala. when the star fade z n. irreg. (MIR). LB/354. wet z Ety/373 { treasure z Ety/373. Ety/395. min s II t&u‚ x y prep. mírdains pl. OS *morilinde. minnos t&uv ‚ x x Œy imp. OS { môr+lind. *mîl-. of mírdan s . meneg s1t&uv w>x w)|y adj. CE *mêlâjâ (MEL). minass:t&uv ‚ x ‹ …y (minnas) n. firmament. the region of the stars z mindon t&uv ‚ x † Œ(x y n. ‘first voiced’. wandering z Ety/373 { *minè. *metth en. WJ/315. PM/348. precious things. X/ND4 LotR/D { min+uial "first twilight". rose (flower) z (lit. end z Ety/373 { OS *metth a (MIR). mírdains t&uv ‚‡ €† ‹>Š#x y . festival z verse mode (minlamad thent/estent) z Ety/372. high heaven. WJ/311. of minna-s . joyous z elf. X/EI { MS *minei. friendly. CE *mini (MIN). OS } Menegroth ‘thousand caves’ S/409 { *miniia (MIN). S/434 { OS *minasse (MIN). tower z Ety/373. *men (MEN). minlamads:t&uv ‚ x ~‹)u‹ † y n. min I t&uv ‚ x y adj. by ext. S/434 The word was changed UT/146. loving.

WJ/418 Easterlings in Beleriand ˜ WJ/376-377 ™ OS *miule (MIW). straying. WJ/380 ™ morn+edhel. to.&‘ § – • — v. MR/350 ™ morn+gûl "dark magic". pasture ˜ Ety/374 ™ mœrilind › merilin. at ˜ &‘ š(¤-•>¥#Ÿ ”#— . (pale) grey ˜ Ety/373. OS (MIS1). wet mist ˜ The Etymologies list this word as the past Ety/373 ™ OS *mith .(MITH). but adj. white fog. pl. bull ˜ Letters/422-423 ™ morbenŽ1&‘ š(£ ž>Ÿ — . thrall ˜ Ety/373 ™ OS Ety/373. pl. Letters/382. muindyr pl. mornedhelŽ1&‘ š(Ÿ ž)© ž) — n. (mœrbinŽ ). S/434. of morchant Ž . masc. slave. *naδr. n. pain ˜ Ety/375 ™ OS *naike OS *morna (MOR). of mithren Ž . labour. CE *moinâ (MOJ). mithrilŽ:&‘ ’œ)’ — n. UT/65 ™ naeg &Ÿ ‘ • ž)¦— n. soft ˜ Ety/371. CE *mûl. (NAJ).(MO). of morbenŽ . OS *morchanth a. (NA). mundŽ1&‘ § Ÿ – — n. moe &‘ šž)— adj. dark. toil ˜ Ety/373 mith I &‘ ’œ — n. toil (MITH). tense of the verb mudo.(MO) mudo inf. morchaintŽ genitive sign) — 2. dark ˜ Ety/373. with. X/Z ™ OS *mistata WJ/377. "labour. alas ˜ Ety/375 ™ OS *nai adj. *muina. pl. black. by (also used as a morchant ŽJ&‘ š(¤-•)Ÿ ”#— . fem. night ˜ mûl &‘ § ¢  — n. muin+thêl. to labour. mithrinŽ1&‘ ’œ)’ Ÿ — . moelui › maelui Ž . sorcery. OS *mith irilde (MITH). of morbenŽ . ™ morn+pen. true-silver. muinthil moed › maed Ž II. dear ˜ Ety/374 ™ OS metal ˜ LotR ™ mith+rill "grey brilliance". morbinŽ1&‘ š(£ ’ Ÿ — OS *mundo (*MUND). n. nadhras &Ÿ ‘ • ©)• “— n. nae &Ÿ ‘ • ž)— interj. morgulŽ:&‘ š(¦§  — n. pasture ˜ Ety/374 ™ MS necromancy ˜ Ety/377. mistrad › mistad Ž . toil". naŽ &Ÿ • — prep. (NÁJAK). a silver-like muin &‘ §)¥#Ÿ — adj. dark-elf ˜ error ˜ Ety/373. ˜ Ety/373 The Etymologies list mudas mithren Ž1&‘ ’œ)ž>Ÿ — . morchaintŽ pl. *mornedelo. to labour. nadhor &Ÿ ‘ • ©) «@— n. toil ™ OS Ety/373. ª morbinŽ pl. to stray ˜ muda. gull ˜ WJ/379-380. *mori (MOR). muin+tôr. muindyr &‘ §)¥#Ÿ –)¨ — . &‘ §)¥#Ÿ œ ’ — . LotR/I:XII ™ OS *na ((A)NA). myrnŽ pl. n. muinthil pl. sister ˜ Ety/392 ™ moel › mael Ž II. muindor &‘ §)¥#Ÿ – š(— . S/432. of muindor. darkness. 1. dough ˜ Ety/371. as the past tense of this this verb. black arts. looks more like a noun. of muinthel. Letters/382 ™ OS *morè. altered from OS *moripende. CE *mith i mudo &‘ § – š— inf. one of the Avari or mˆylŽ:&‘ ¨ ¢  — n. of muda-. towards. TC/187 ™ OS *mith è. CE *môta. n. pl. WJ/383. OS *nadr. misto &‘ ’“@”#š— inf. môrŽ:&‘ š¢ — n. thing ˜ Ety/374 ™ OS *nata shape". 58 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . pl. WR/113. mornŽ &‘ š(Ÿ — . muinthel &‘ §)¥#Ÿ œ ž) — . shadow (of objects. mudas &‘ § – • “— n. grey ˜ UT/436 ™ OS *mith rina actually this form looks more like a noun (MITH).(NAD). mœrbinŽN› morbinŽ pl. pl. Letters/427. OS *nadrasse (NAD). but actually it mithŽ II &‘ ’œ — adj. of mista-. by light) ˜ S/432 ™ morn+cant "dark nad &Ÿ ‘ • – — n. cast Ety/374.MISTAD NAEG mistad Ž:&‘ ’“@”#• – — (mistrad) n. moeas &‘ šž)¡&• “— n. CE *môl. myrnŽ &‘ ¨ Ÿ — . brother ˜ Ety/394 ™ mithrinŽ pl. *mûta-. WJ/368. of mornŽ .

point. pl.) or *nauko (n. naur¬1­&® ¯ °)Å ³´ n. *nande (NAD). naith¬1­&® ¯ °>»+¸ ´ . *nouth e (NOW). of nalla-¬ . naug¬1­&® ¯ °)Å ²´ n. a saga. µ OS *nekth e (NEK).(NOW). point. noe ¬ (nui). *nana (NAN). X/OE µ OS *naira (NAJ). dwarf · Ety/375. of naith¬ . (NAS). of naug¬ . red · Ety/374. OS *nadro. weaver. S/435. *nowa.(*NAL) nallon¬ 1st pers. wide (NUK) naugrim¬ class pl. Letters/278. mother (hypocoristic. to rend · Ety/374 µ OS Ety/378. biting — 2. dwarf nallon¬:­&® ¯ ° ¾¾¶(® ´ 1st pers. (SNAR). *nowâ (NOW). webster · promontory. CE *natsrô (NAT). narw ¿ naru. CE *narkh a. october (month) · OS *nouth a. nardh ­&® ¯ °)³Ä ´ n. to prick. naergon¬1­&® ¯ ° ±>³²¶(® ´ n. pl. Ety/374-375 µ OS *nakth a (NAK). OS *narwinia "new ¹ sun". I cry · — 2. to pain · Ety/375. lamentable · "told" (NJAR). woeful lament · X/W µ MS *narw. CE *nj arnâ naer ¬1­&® ¯ ° ±>³´ (noer) adj. thrust · Ety/375 µ OS *nasta. triangle · Ety/387. CE *nj adrô (NJAD). Sindarin dictionary 59 . jaw · Ety/374 µ OS angle or corner · Ety/375 µ OS *nasse *nagma. naw ­&® ¯ °)º´ . mummy) · Ety/348. to pain µ OS *naikra.­&® ¯ ° ²´ v. Ety/374 µ OS naugrim¬1­&® ¯ °)Å ²³È É´ class pl. MR/373. naru ­&® ¯ °)³Å ´ (narw) adj. X/Z. RGEO/72. WJ/388 µ OS *nauka (adj. to conceive · Ety/378 µ narbeleth¬ ­&® ¯ °)³ ±)¾±)¸ ´ n. neweg (neweig). n. nauth ­&® ¯ °)Å ¸ ´ n. pl. n. of naegra-¬ . 1. nann ¿ nan¬ . 1. ¹ natsai pl. naew ­&® ¯ ° ±>º´ n. narrow nathron ­&® ¯ ° ¸)³¶(® ´ n. fire · naneth ­&® ¯ °)® ±)¸ ´ n. n. nasta. KAN). dwarves · WJ/388 µ naug+rim. naeth¬ ­&® ¯ ° ±)¸ ´ n. MS naδr. Letters/308. that is told in verse to be spoken naegro ¬1­&® ¯ ° ±)²³¶´ (negro) inf.(NAS). *nåre. S/435. to bite · Ety/374 µ OS *nak. Ety/374. Elu-naeth WJ/258. january (month) · (gets senses of gnashing teeth in grief) LotR/D µ naur+gwain. dwarf · Ety/375 *nanda. UT/282 Ety/375 µ OS *nath ro(ndo). LotR/IV:X.­&® ¯ ° ½@¼#° ´ v. pl. sad. nag. OS *narwa (NAR). by ext.) nan¬1­&® ¯ °)® ´ (nand¬ .NAEGRA . sharp end — 2. nana ­&® ¯ °)® ° ´ n. CE *nâr. bound · Ety/378 µ OS LotR/IV:X. and adj. web · Ety/375 µ OS *natth e. *nâre (NAR). 1. X/ND1 µ OS naugol ­&® ¯ °)Å ²¾ Ç@´ (naugl) n. WJ/313. grassland — 2. CE *nakmâ (NAK). Diminutive form of naug µ MS *naugl. Ety/375. *now. X/Z µ OS *nou. to cry nallon naud ­&® ¯ °)Å Æ ´ adj. a tale or (NÁJAK) naegro ¬ inf. formation or projection tapering to a point: a spearhead.­&® ¯ °)³Ã-° ´ v. nand¬À¿ nan¬ . idea · narcha. naugl ¿ naugol. Ety/374 µ OS *nanitth a (NAN). narn¬1­&® ¯ °)³® ´ . 1. as a noun. any nath ­&® ¯ ° ¸ ´ n. OS *nauklo (NUK).­&® ¯ °)Å ¸ ° ´ v. valley · Ety/374. flame — 2. 1. LotR/II:IV µ OS *når. nann) n. wedge. knot · Ety/387 µ OS *νarda nawag ­&® ¯ °)º° ²´ . and not sung · Ety/374. gore. thought · Ety/378 µ OS nâr ­&® ¯ ° Á ³´ n. stunted. nautha. Letters/278 µ OS *nauta (NUT). n. NAWAG naegra-¬1­&® ¯ ° ±)²³° ´ v. CE *natsê (NAT). stick. by ext. mother · Ety/348. woe narwain¬1­&® ¯ °)³º°>»#® ´ n. LotR/D µ naur+peleth "sun-waning".(NÁRAK). *nalla. rat · Ety/379 µ Irreg. (NAK). nalla-¬:­&® ¯ ° ¾¾° ´ v. nass ­&® ¯ ° ½½´ n. PM/362 µ OS *nairakåna (NAJ. *nar-. nern¬1­&® ¯ ±>³® ´ . natsai ­&® ¯ °)¼#½°>»+´ . a dwarf · Ety/375. S/412 µ OS *narna. RGEO/72.

(NOT). CE *nedstaki. WJ/388. *neleki (NEL2-EK). tearful Ð Ety/376 neligÊ pl. X/W Ñ MS *neδw. e. OS *neth ra (NETH). (NJEL). 2. ‘petty’ Ð S/435. pool or lesser river) — RGEO/72. nenÊ1Ë&Ì Ò Í>Ì Ï . young Ð Ety/377 Ñ Irreg. adj. of (time. WR/379-380 Ñ OS *nesta. thirtieth nestadren Ë&Ì Í)ä@å#Ò Ù Î)ÓÍ>Ì Ï . apparently understand this word as a stick in Ð Ety/388.Ë&Ì Ò Í)ààÙ Ï v. nestegi inf. healing Ð KÁJ2-AN). TAI/150. OS *notia. neledhia. WR/380 Ñ nestad+-ren. (used of a lake.NED NÎD nedÊ1Ë&Ì Í)Î Ï prep. CE *neiti (NEJ).Ë&Ì Ò Í)ä@å#Ù áÏ . (NED). neleg Ö nêl. neithanÊ1Ë&Ì Ò ÍÜÛ+Ý Ù)Ì Ï adj. WR/379-80 Ñ OS *nestata (*NES). STAK) neledh Ö neled. pp. to deprive Þ nenn Ö nend. CE *neñgwi. OS *nidwa. num. CE date) Ð SD/129-31 Ñ MS *neδ.(*NES) nêl Ë&Ì Ò Í)ß àÏ (neleg). Ety/376. small. neitha-Ê1Ë&Ì Ò ÍÜÛ+Ý Ù Ï v. healing Ð pl. *nembè. hence their neth Ë&Ì Ò Í)Ý Ï adj. nedia-Ê1Ë&Ì Ò Í)Î ×Ø&Ù Ï (nœdia-) v. ‘waterland’ Ð Ety/376. nestanc pa. tooth nestad ger. MS translation <EM>neledh neledhi</I> "three *neθr. to wrong. neñwi (NEÑ). nestedrin Ð SD/129-31 Ñ OS *nelkh ainina (NEL1. wronged Ð Þ nesta. bell Ð Ety/379 Ñ OS *nelle. nella. wet. of nawag. t. The prefix ne. damp. derivative of neledh "three". CE *nj ella. nîd Ë&Ì Ò ×ß Î Ï adj. LED "to go".(NED. Ety/378 Ñ MS *nœdia-. ringing of bells Ð nedh Ë&Ì Í)Ô Ï prefix in. TAI150 Ñ OS *nelede v. *nestaki-. Ñ OS *nîtè. pa. n. CE *nedledi. pl. num. deprived. of nestag-. stick in" Ñ OS *neledi-.Ë&Ì Í)àÒ Í)Ô ×Ø&Ù Ï (neledhi) v. to insert. 74-78) that this neweig Ö neweg pl. three Ð nestag. inside. neledhi Ö neledhia-. *neleke. WR/113 Ñ OS *nele. neligÊbË&Ì Ò Í)à×áÏ . nestanc Ë&Ì Ò Í)ä@å#Ù)Ì æ Ï .Ë&Ì Ò Í)ä@å#Ù Ï v. num. of nawag. nibinÊ Ë&Ì Ò × ç × Ì Ï . Ð Ety/376. watery Ð Ety/376. nelladel Ë&Ì Ò Í)ààÙ Î Í)àÏ n. LED). *netere (NÉTER). 1. bolster. 60 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . mid.also occurs in adj. pl. in. to count Ð nemb Ö nem. HL/77 Hammond and Scull nestegi Ë&Ì Ò Í)ä@å#Í)á×Ï inf. to insert. Neithan UT/456 Ñ OS *nekth a-. nînÊ I Ë&Ì Ò ×ß Ì Ï . nine Ð Ety/376 Ñ OS OS *nella-. negro Ö naegro Ê . of narnÊ . giving a nell Ë&Ì Ò Í)ààÏ n. to enter Ð nestedrin nestedriu pl. water nefÊ1Ë&Ì Í>Ú Ï prep. n. on this side of Ð LotR/II:I. X/ND1 Ñ OS *nenda (NEN). nend Ë&Ì Ò Í>Ì Î Ï (nenn) adj. neled Ë&Ì Ò Í)àÍ)Î Ï (neledh) adj. nernÊ pl. negythÊ pl.Ð Ety/376 Ety/379 Ñ nellad+-el. Ety/393 Ñ nel-+till. nose Ð Ety/376 Ñ OS nedhw Ö nedhu Ê . by ext. cushion nelthil Ë&Ì Ò Í)àÝ ×àÏ n. we have shown in neweg pl. of nestadren . WJ/408 Ñ OS *nipina (*NIP). to sound bells Ð Ety/379 Ñ neder Ë&Ì Ò Í)Î Í>ÓÏ adj. Hiswelókë (third issue.g.(NJEL). OS *ned. OS *nelth ilde.(NEN). nedhu Ê Ë&Ì Ò Í)Ô)Õ Ï (nedhw) n. to heal nestad UT/456 Ñ OS *nekth ana. of nestag-. OS *nellatelle Ñ OS *ned (NED). However. nestad Ë&Ì Ò Í)ä@å#Ù Î Ï ger. CE *nidwô (NID). of nogothÊ . of nibenÊ . t. *nj ellê (NJEL). triangle Ð Ety/376. nelchaenenÊJË&Ì Í)à â-Ò Ù Í>Ì Í>Ì Ï adj. S/435. pl. stick in Ð Ety/388 Ñ OS (NEL1-ED). of nêl. nestedriu Ë&Ì Í)ä@å#Ò Í)Î)Ó× Ì Ï . of nesta-. UT/457 Ñ OS *nen."to go into" (NED. by three". nestegi "to insert. nem Ë&Ì Ò Í>ãÏ (nemb) n. nibinÊ pl. Ð Ety/378. pl. word is conceivably a verb derived from nibenÊ Ë&Ì Ò × ç Í>Ì Ï .

front. then this word would probably be enclitic. other attested personal adjectives all have a UT/318. CE *nêth ê (NETH). circumflex accent. nimmint. nogothò è&é ê ûùû  î . nyrnò . noer ñ naer ò . knotted. nimmida. to whiten ï Ety/378. CE *neirê (NEJ). weeping ï Ety/376 ð OS nifredil ñ niphredilò . crabbed.  nínim è&é ê ëì é ë óî n. youth ï Ety/377 ð OS *nîth e. bind ï Ety/378. folk’ ï S/435. wet. 1. nîr è&é ê ëì üî n. etym. dwarf. of nogothò . CE *snurnâ nîn+glaur "water gold". me ï LotR/IV:X. X/PH (NIB). contorted — 2. nînò I pl. nînò III è&é ê ëì é î adj. tearful ï Ety/376 noroò1è&é ê û(üûî imp. nimmint pa. ninglorò è&é ê ë ø ùúû(üî n.(NUT). CE *neinielâ (NEJ).ñ nimp. ð niphred+-il "little pallor". CE *niñkw i nœdia. of naw.è&é ê ë ó óëô õ î (nimmid). to tie. watery ÷ Nindalf WJ/408. *nîre. see HL/73. pl. ninò è&é ë é î pron. nod-ò è&é ê ûô î (nud-) v. golden water-flower. of nimmida-. tear. WJ/338. ride! ÷ noro lim LotR/I:XII. nim. nîth è&é ê ëì  î n. lamentation ï nimmid ñ nimmida-. nírnaeth è&é ê ëì üé õ þ  î n. cord ï Ety/387 ð OS *νurda. Letters/402. acute accent in nín is probably an error for nogothrimò è&é ûùê û) üë óî class pl. v. ‘dwarflet’. negythò è&é ê þ)ù   î nîn II è&é ê ëì é î n. nifred ñ niphredò . noe ò pl. twisted. nind ò è&é ê ë é ô î (ninn) adj. pale. RGEO/72. white ï X/Z ð OS *nuti. norn è&é ê û(üé î . The of nogothò . CE *nênâ nogothrimò class pl. dwarf-folk ï RGEO/75. OS *nînaglaure. LotR/II:VI. UT/450 ð Ety/387 ð OS *νurna. a name nînò IV nín è&é ê ëì é î adj.NÎF NUI nîf è&é ê ëì í î n. WJ/388. slender ï Ety/378. RS/196. CE *snurdâ (SNUR). confirmed. nogothegò è&é ê ûùû  þ)ùî n. nordh è&é ê û(ü î n. X/ND1 ð OS *nindè. WJ/388 ð nogoth+rim. tear ï ETY/376 ð OS *nîne. hard ï gladden ï UT/280-81. X/Z ð OS *nimph it. Ety/378 ð OS *nimph è. snowdrop (flower) ï nóruiò1è&é ê ûì ü. face ï Ety/378 ð OS *nîbe Ety/378. ‘the stunted CE *neinê (NEJ). pl. my ï UT/40 The of the petty-dwarves ï WJ/388. adj. t. pa. níniel niniel è&é ê ëì é ëý&þ)úî adj.(NIKW). (nœgythò ). If the acute accent is nœgythò ñ negythò pl. of nenò . (NEN). CE *nindi (NIN). Ety/376 ð nîr+naeth "tear-gnashing".ñ nedia-ò . S/435 ð OS *nîna. (NIKW). nimp è&é ê ë ó ö î (nim-) adj. n. ð OS *nîniela. t. WJ/413 ð OS *nukotth o (NUK) TC/195. (SNUR). a slanted macron in the manuscript. no ñ nuò .

nínuiò è&é ê ëì é î n.ñ nod-ò . CE *nênâjâ (NEN). niphredòNè&é ê ë& üþ)ô î (nifred) n. snowdrop ï Ety/376. fiery — Ety/367 ð nîn+nimp "white tear". 1. 2. etc. as a noun. PM/320 ð OS *nosse ð OS *nînåia. î n. and adj. clan ï a noun. fear ï nuò è&é î (no) prep. of naw. and adj. *nu (NU). the month of february ï LotR/D Ety/378. S/435. watery — 2. rainbow ï S/387. With suffixed article. a pale nud. pallor. Ety/378. nui ñ noe ò pl. see also nuin ð OS (NIKW). LotR/D ð OS *nåråia. niphredilò è&é ê ë& üþ)ô ëúî (nifredil) n. winter flower. ninniachò è&é ê  ë é é ëý&õ)ÿ-î n. the month of june ï ninn ñ nind ò . 1. sunny. nos ñ nossò . CE *nârâjâ (NAR). kindred. ((O)NO-S). family. X/PH ð OS *nimph ret. as nossò è&é ê û  î (nos) n. under ï Ety/378. Sindarin dictionary 61 .

to stunt. the wise folk  nu+i. etc. not odhril .NUIN ONOD nuin  prep. coming to completion. under the  Ety/378. nuitha-   v.  WJ/364  ódhel+rim. stop short. ‘deep elves’ or ‘gnomes’. of ódhel . to prevent from ódhil pl.

(NUK). odhron . parent  Ety/379  OS allow to continue  WJ/413  OS *onrille (ONO). fem. &) . *nukth a.+ n.

masc. odog . &) &/  n. CE *onrô (ONO). (NU or NU-R). deep  Ety/378  OS *nûra OS *onro(ndo). parent  Ety/379  nûr I       adj.

seven  Ety/379  OS nûr II       n. odothui. race  Ety/378  OS *nûre. &0&12 adj. *otoko (OT-OK). CE *nôrê ((O)NO). num.

oear ' gaear . of norn. nyrn pl. % oeges ' aegais  pl. oegas ' aegas  . oeglir ' aeglir . (OT-OTH). X/IU  OS *νiuma. &0& adj. num. o I . sad Núrnen UT/458  TI/312. CE *sneumâ (SNEW). nˆyw !  "  #$ (hniof) n. noose  Ety/387. seventh  nûr  III       adj. WR/436  OS *ototh åia OS *nûra (NU-R). of aegas  .

oelin ' aelin pl. WJ/369-70. the preposition "is ôl . WJ/366. of ael  . According to WJ/366. a proclitic) used in either direction. LotR/II:IV. preposition (as oel ' ael  . RGEO/72 ofr ' ovor.& (od ) prep. from. from or to the point of view of the oer ' gaer III. of. SD/129-31. oeruil ' gaeruil  . speaker  Ety/360.

elei. dream  Ety/370. & + . CE *olos pl. With a suffixed  old ' oll. *olosî appears occasionally before vowels. pl. especially before o-". oll . Ety/379 normally o in all positions. (ÓL-OS). n. see also uin OS *aud ((A)WA. *olohi. article. though od  OS *olo pl.

o II . blended with HO). &+0 (old) n. torrent. mountain-stream  Ety/396  OS *ulda (UL1).

& prep.. concerning  Ety/378 oltha. about.

when it begins in a vowel: o Hedhil ónen. CE *olosa.(Ó-LOS).is prefixed  OS *olsa-. to the word following this preposition. Ety/379 The Etymologies state that h. to dream  Ety/370. &+ v.

 &  *3  1st pers. of anna-. but that the preposition would oneth  . in Sindarin. Some LotR/A(v) Written onen in some scholars consider that this rule is not valid editions of LotR. I gave  "concerning the elves (Edhil)".

fem.  onna-. giver besoneth perhaps become oh in such a case (hence PM/404-05  OS *ånitth a. &/ * n. to be compared with ah in (AN). Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth OS *o. CE *ânittâ oh Edhil. *oh.

CE *os (OS). to beget Abonnen. &/  v. onnen  pp. Eboennin WJ/387  OS *onth a.(ONO) od(' o I. ódhel .

pl. ódhil . & )*+ .

 & ). ‘deep onnen . n.+ .

 &/ *3  . ennin  II . pl.

one of the wise folk  of onna- . Eboennin WJ/364. pp.   . WJ/378-379  OS WJ/387  OS *onth ena (ONO). *audelo ((A)WA. WJ/366. DEL) ódhellim class onod. born Abonnen. *3 . elf’ or ‘gnome’.

enyd. pl. &/ &0 .

ent  pl. n. *3" 0 . LotR/F. Letters/224  OS *onoto ódhellim!.

 class pl. (*ONOT) onodrim class pl. of ódhel .& ) *++. 62 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . -.

ONODRIM PÂD onodrim45.

of onod4 .6/7 8 69: . orthor.5.= class pl. <.

conquer ? OS ents. > onod+rim. orthor 3rd pers. TC/165 ? *orth uri.5. TUR) ortheri inf. or.(ORO. as a race > Letters/224. to master.8 6/: H6/: = v.

over > Ety/379 ? OS orthor 5.6/: = prefix above.

masters. or 5.8 6/: H6/: = 3rd pers. conquers > Ety/395. of orthor-. (he) *or (ORO).

5. over > Ety/379 ? OS *or œrydbin4 pl.6/: = prep. (ORO). of orodben4 . above. os.

around > Ety/379 ? OS orch4 5.6N= prefix about.

8 6/:.

@A= . pl. yrch4 5.

8 B:.

(OS). n. goblin.5. *os. orc > Ety/379. LR/406. erch II).@A= (eirch. osgar.

to cut round. to amputate ? WJ/390. *urkh a (Ú-RUK) osgar 3rd pers. > Letters/178 ? OS *urkh o.8 6NO2K: = v. LotR/F. LotR/II:VI. osgar 5. OS *osskari. SKAR) esgeri inf.(OS. orchoth4 class pl.

(he) cuts.8 6NO2K: = 3rd pers. orchal45. of osgar-.

8 6/:.

eminent — 2. amputates > Ety/379. 1.@AC DE= (orchall. lofty. tall > osp 5. orchel) adj. superior.

CE *usukw ê (ÚSUK).8 6NEP = n. smoke > Ety/396 ? OS Ety/363. reek. *orkh alla. Ety/379. WJ/305 ? or+hall. ost4!5. OS *uspe.

1.8 6NEL= n. made or orchel F orchal4 . S/435. fortress or stronghold. town with wall round — orchall F orchal4 . strenghtened by art > Ety/379. orchoth4G5. 2. city.

8 6/:.

CE *osotô (Ó-SOT). as WJ/414 ? OS *osto. orn45. orcs.@A6H= class pl. ostrad F othrad . a race > WJ/390 ? orch+hoth. of orch4 .

8 6/:.

7 = . pl. yrn 5.

8 B:.

7 = . othlonn 45. Letters/426 ? OS othlond F othlonn 4 . *orne (ÓR-ON). S/435. n. (any large) tree othlon F othlonn 4 . > Ety/379.

othlon) orod45.8 6HC6/77 = (othlond.

8 6/: 69= . ered45. pl.

n. othrad 5. mountain > Ety/379. S/435.8 I3: I9= (eryd4 . X/ND4 ? ereid). OS *ostolonde. ost+lond. n. Letters/263. paved way > Ety/370. TC/178 ? OS *oroto pl.

X/Z ? ost+râd. CE *orot (ÓR-OT). OS *ostorata.8 6H: K9= (ostrad) n. orodben4 5. Ety/383. street > *oroti.

5. pl. œrydbin4 othrond4QF othronn 4 .6/: 8 69J I37 = .

I3: 8 B 9J . n. 7 = . mountaineer. one living in othronn 4G5.

or city in underground caves.8 6H: 6/77 = (othrond4 ) n. orodrim 5. fortress the mountains > WJ/376 ? orod+pen.

<. range of mountains > underground stronghold > Ety/379.5. WJ/414.6/: 8 69: . Ety/384. ortha.= n. X/ND4 ? ost+rond. Ety/379 ? orod+rim.

t.8 6/: HK= . orthant 5. pa.

8 6/: HK7L= . to OS *ostrondo. raise > Ety/379 ? OS *orth a. v.(ORO) ovor 5.

Ety/396 ? MS *ovr. orthad45. abundant > orthad4 ger. ofr) adj. > ortho inf.8 6/R: DE= (ovr. OS *ubra (UB).

of ortha-. MR/373 ? OS *orth ata (ORO).5. ovra.8 6/: HK9= ger. rising > ovr F ovor.

8 6/R: K= v. to abound ? OS *ubra. t. ovro inf. of ortha-. ortheli 5.(UB) orthant pa.

= inf. to roof.8 6/: HIC. screen above > ovras 5.

crowd. heap. TEL).(ORO. > Ety/396 ? Ety/391 ? OS *orth eli.8 6/R: KN= n. OS *ubrasse (UB). orthelian 5.

MK7 = n. canopy > Ety/391 ? ovro 5.6/: H8 IC.

(ORO. Ety/396. TEL). to abound > OS *orth elian. of ovra-. S ortheri 5.8 6/R: 6= inf.

conquer > Ety/395. of orthor-.= inf.8 6/: HI3: . to master. ortho 5.

8 6/: H6= inf. to raise > pâd 45P 8 KT 9= n. Ety/379. S/438 Sindarin dictionary 63 . way U Aphadon (*ap-pata). Tharbad (*thara-pata) WJ/387. of ortha-.

to enlarge V LotR/II:IV. (PIS). OS *panth a. English tún) a Ety/380 V OS *pele pl. pain W II pl.I. surface a Ety/380 V OS *path wa. *pelesî (PEL-ES). X/W V MS *paθw. CE *peles pl. CE *pisjâ *kw antra. adj. ped-WXY Z l\] . syrup a pathra. X/ND1 V OS *panda (PAD). S/438 V OS *pata. pann I g pand W . pân I XY Z [e c ] . pathred XY Z [dj l\] n. of ped-W . arphent *panasse (PAN). of pân I. juice. pain W II XY Z [3_c ] . pl. ^ Narbeleth LotR/D V OS *peletth e. to say ^ pedo. to open. peich g paich W . CE *kw anâ (KWA-N). abroad. v. a Ety/380. far and Ety/366. to open. *pelehi. all. Tharbad (*thara-pata) path XY Z [d] adj.(KWE-T) pêd W 3rd pers. wide a LotR/II:I. smooth a Ety/380 V OS WJ/387. of pân I. *patth a.(KWA-T) pathro inf. paurWXY Z [mj ] n. paich WXY Z [3_`A] (peich) n. afar. rather than to in totality ^ mhellyn în phain the fist used in punching) a Ety/366. PM/179. sward a Ety/380. t. to fill a *pika (PIK). (KWA-T). pathro XY Z [dj h] inf. pl. pedoW imp. fading. enclosed grassland a pada-WXY Z [\[] v. of panna. fenced field (Old enlarge a Ety/380. implement or a craft-tool.(KWA-T). pêd WXY Z le \] 3rd pers. of pathra-. pa. field. CE *kw anta. fixed board. of pân W II. CE *kw âmê (KWAM). RGEO/72-74 V Q palan (PAL). (he) says pann II XY Z [cc ] adj. PM/318 V OS *påra. OS *påme. to fill V OS *panth ra-. pent W I XY Z l3ci] . small spot. full a Ety/366. fullness a Ety/366 V pain W I pl.I XY Z [cc [] v. floor a Ety/380 V OS speak. speak! say! a panna. CE *path nâ (PATH). wide a Ety/380 V OS ^ guren bêd enni VT/41:11. CE *kw antret. OS *panth ret-. CE Ety/382. CE *path mâ (PATH). pein g pain W I pl. peg XY Z lo2] n. fist (often used to mean n. *palatth e (PAL). its chief use was in reference of a Ety/380. LotR/IV:X. pain W I XY Z [3_c ] (pein). peli XY Z lbp] . SD/129-31 As no other word beginning S/429.PADA . mutation is triggered by the pronoun în. Ety/366. CE parch XY Z [j. pathu WXY Z [dm ] (pathw) n.II XY Z [cc [] (pannod) v. parthWXY Z [j d] n. withering V OS *panth a. as in using an pân W II XY Z [e c ] . pannod g panna. Letters/424. SD/129-31 peleth W XY Z lbld] n. pl. X/EI V OS *pihia. pathw g pathu W . pedoWXY Z l\h] imp. sickness a Ety/366 V MS hence the form observed in the "King’s *pauυ. LotR/II:IV. dot a Ety/382 V OS panna.II.(PAT1) panno inf. panno XY Z [cc h] inf. CE in ph. TL/21:09 V OS * attested. X/EI V OS *pano (PAN). pantWXY Z [ci] adj. to walk ^ Aphadon UT/260. of ped-W . to pel XY Z lb] . plank. CE *patnâ (PAT1). V Letter" OS *pana. PM/330 V OS *parth -. *panna. the tighly closed hand.XY Z [dj [] v. especially in floor ‘hand’. CE *kw antâ (KWA-T). to fill a palan-WXY Z [b[c ] adv. X/Z V OS *panth a-. (*ap-pata). to panas XY Z [c [f] n. PELIA - V OS *pata (PAT2). n. OS palath XY Z [b[d] n.(PAT2). courtyard a *kw et. it is assumed that a nasal *kwârâ (KWAR). level space. paw XY Z [n$] n. CE pand W XY Z [c \] (pann I) n.

*parkh a (PÁRAK). peli pl. dry a Ety/380 V OS *kw elettê (KWEL).`A] adj. parf XY Z [j. of pel.

k ] . pl. perf XY Z l3j.

k ] . 64 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . to spread V OS *palia- Ety/380 V OS *parma (PAR). n.XY Z lbpq[] v. book a pelia. (PAL) pelio inf.

to fix. to affect. of parf. (KWE-T).rs t u3x w|€y v. stairway ~ Ety/380. hobbit. CE *kw entrô (KWE-T).rs… t uE‡€y v. Ety/380. n. LotR/A(i) *piuja. trouble. Letters/308. { per-+edhel.(KWES). Ety/380 { OS *prestanth ena (PÉRES). LotR/E. divided in middle { OS presto rs… t uE‡}y inf. perin rs t u3… w x y adj. TAK). WJ/192. CE *pisinâ penio rs t u3x w|}y inf.PELIN PUIG pelin rs t uvw x y n. halt. to affect. pillow ~ Ety/366 { OS ben { OS *pen. passage pethron rs t u… }/x y n. to spread ~ n. z Lhasbelin Ety/366 { OS *pelîne. RGEO/75. CE rs t u3… uˆwvy . pl. tale ~ Ety/366 { OS *penth a. of perian‚ . X/ND4 pelthaes rs t uv€uy n. of peredhel ‚ . account ~ Ety/366. RGEO/72 { OS *penda. ~ Ety/382 { OS *poto (POT). tiny ~ Ety/382 { OS { OS *piñga. to set { OS *pania. CE *poikâ (POJ). of the year ~ Ety/400. Ety/380. trouble. pl. OS *panth înaure. cessation. { OS *presta. LotR/Index { OS *pinnatth e or *pindatth e. *pessek. to slant down ~ pôd rs t } ƒy . { OS * t ‰|€y v. pend rs t u3x ƒy (penn) n. of presta-. OS periannath‚Grs Š u3… w|t €xx €y coll. penia. lacking. divided in middle ~ pen‚ II rs u3x y pron. CE *perini (PER). RS/463 { OS *petth a. of penia-. Sindarin dictionary 65 . rest. LotR/II:IV. pendrath rs t u3x ƒ… €y (pendrad) n. CE *kw en (KWE-N). to fix. pend+râd. pivot ~ Ety/380. pl. of perian‚ . pennas rs t u3xx €y n. halflings (as a race) ~ pen ‚ I rs u3x y prep. affection of pent II rs t u3x‡y n. pp. LotR/E-F. *pen (PEN). -less LotR/VI:IV. z Iarwain ben-adar LotR/II:II { OS Letters/308. to spit { OS *puia-. Ety/390 { MS *pelθais. without. pihen rs t w Œ u3x y (pichen) adj. X/ND1 { OS *pende (PED). pent ‚ I pa. X/Z { OS *pihina. { per+-ian (PER) periannath‚ coll. t. word ~ Ety/366. RGEO/75. post rs t }E‡y n.(PIW) puio inf. X/ND3 { pend+rath. peredhel ‚(rs t u3… uˆuvy . pause. ~ WJ/376 Usually enclitic. bow (for shooting) ~ Ety/366 pigen rs t w‹2u3x y adj. WJ/206 { presta. pinnath‚ rs t w xx €y coll. of ped-‚ . lenition ~ Ety/380 { OS CE *kw entâ (KWE-T). lenited ~ pant+în+aur. pˆyd rs t Ž  ƒy . last day prestannen rs… uE‡t €xx u3x y pp. n. periain‚ rs t u3… w|€3‰x y . CE *kw ettâ pendrad „ pendrath. withering perf pl. vowels. prestanneth rs… uE‡t €xx uy n. pelio rs t uvw|}y inf. *pikina (PIK). half-elf ~ S/430. *per (PER). X/Z { affected (of a mutated vowel). CE periain‚ pl. narrator ~ Ety/366 { up or down slope. Ety/382. declivity ~ Ety/380. ~ presto inf. peredhil‚ puia. fading. somebody. clean. animal’s foot LotR/II:I.(PÉRES) prestannen penninar „ penninor . penninor rs t u3xx w x }/… y (penninar) n. disturb ~ Ety/380. the hobbits. CE *kw iñgâ (KWIG). of presta-. of pelia-. *kw elêne (KWEL). penna-‚Grs t u3xx €y v. *pelth aksa (PEL. mutated as pesseg rs t uu‹2y n. *pelθaxs. to set ~ (PIS). halfling ~ LotR/VI:IV. anybody Ety/380 { OS *perinè. history. peth‚Grs t uy n. perian‚ rs t u3… w|€x y . ridges ~ penn „ pend. historical respite ~ Ety/382 { OS *pusta (PUS). tidy. OS *penth ro. peng rs t u3† y n. (PED). u3… y prefix half. puig rs t ‰‹2y adj. *prestanth etth e (PÉRES). pichen „ pihen . neat ~ Ety/382 peredhil‚ pl. disturb OS *penth asse (KWE-T). one. juicy ~ (PAN) penio inf. OS *peredelo. half.

(RED).œ©— n. (RAWT).— (rhem. WJ/415. arm ˜ Ety/382. X/RH ¡ MS *rauβ. S/436. netted. X/RH ¡ OS râd › ’ œŸ  — n. n. Ety/383. X/RH ¡ MS (RAB). X/RH ¡ OS *rasse (RAS). powerful.« ¤ — .(RAT) rado inf. *ratth a (RAT). extended point at side. pl.PUIO REND puio ‘ ’ “”•–— inf. rhœin) n. OS *runia (RUN1).— (rham. › ’ ¢3§¨§.¢3¤ — . of rach š . rhaug) n. of ranc š . pl. CE *râu pl. pl. X/RH ¡ OS *ragna (RAG). CE *râbâ (RAB). rainc š pl. rhein I) n. bent. remminš rantš› ’ œ¤¬— n. wain living animal. X/RH ¡ OS *ranandîro (RAN. rasg š › ’ œ©£2— (rhasg) n. (RIM). n. CE *rañku (RAK). CE *raoda (ROD). S/436. course. OS *råba. spoor. to sow ˜ (RAB). 1. rhamb) n. a X/RH ¡ OS *ragme. râwi (RAW). wanderer. *rata (RAT). raw š I › ’ œ¥$— (rhaw I) n. X/RH ¡ OS *rembe (*REM). X/RH ¡ OS *råna. X/RH ¡ OS *rimba masc. randir š› ’ œ¤  « › — (rhandir) n. raun š › ’ œ“¤ — (rhaun) adj. n. RGEO/72 ¡ OS *rembina (*REM). rathš› ’ œ­— n. raud š› ’ œ“  — (rhaud) n. bank (especially of rain š › ’ œ3”¤ — (rhain. pilgrim ˜ Ety/383. mountains) ˜ Ety/383. ˜ Ety/382. rainc š› ’ œ3”¤ª — remš I › ’ ¢3§. path. raich š› ’ œ3”A— . roe š (rhui I). numerous ˜ Ety/383. but also applied to ž Gondraich UT/465. rada. ž raph š› ’ œ¦. crooked. *rœin. lode. net ˜ LotR/E ¡ OS (rhenc). riverbed ˜ Ety/383. errant ˜ Ety/383. X/RH ¡ OS *rå pl. CE *rakmê (RAK). mesh. pˆyd pl. ™ LotR/E. pl. to make a way. ‘copper’) ˜ Ety/383. to spit ˜ Ety/382. NDER). wrong ˜ Ety/383. demon ˜ Ety/384. LotR/II:I. footprint ˜ Ety/384. wall ˜ *råwi. of rasš . of rada-. raugš!› ’ œ“ £2— (graugš . remmen š› ’ ¢3§¨§. LotR/Index ¡ OS OS *rata. LotR/Index ¡ OS *rambasse track. rhemb) adj. Ety/382. border ˜ a river) ˜ Ety/382. vein — 2. S/436 ¡ OS *ranth - (RAT).(RAS). X/RH ¡ OS *rauko (RUK). crooked ˜ *rauda. course. (great) wall ˜ rein š › ’ ¢¯”¤ — (rhein II. X/OE. X/RH ¡ OS *regna (REG).— n. raisš pl. hostile and terrible creature. to make a way. S/436. cavernous ˜ Ety/384. pp. wing (horn). find a way ¡ street ˜ Ety/383. raich š pl.› ’ œ œ— v. frequent. lion ˜ Ety/383. horn (especially on rach š› ’ œA— . rammasš!› ’ œ§¨§. slot. *raika (RÁJAK). tangled ž galadhremmin LotR/E. ramš › ’ œ§. Ety/382. X/RH ¡ OS raudh šG› ’ œ“ ®— (rhaudh) adj. X/RH ¡ OS *rauta raeg š!› ’ œ¢£2— (rhoeg) adj. rem š II › ’ ¢3§. track ˜ Ety/383 ¡ OS *rask. find a way ˜ Ety/383. fathom ˜ Ety/382. rado › ’ œ –— inf. 1. also applied to mountains) ˜ Ety/383. *rañkh o. Ety/383. raw š II › ’ œ¥$— (rhaw IV). X/RH ¡ OS *ramba redhi šG› ’ ¢®«— (rhedhi) inf. of pôd. etc. riverbed — 2. X/RH ¡ OS *ramna (RAM). of puia-. metal (etym. ranc š› ’ œ¤ª — (rhanc). CE *rânâ (RAN). X/RH ¡ OS *redi. LotR/V:I. woven. hollow. a raew š › ’ œ¢3¥$— (rhaew) n. X/RH ¡ OS raen š› ’ œ¢3¤ — (rhaen) adj. rafn š › ’ œ¦¤ — (rhafn) n.

X/ND1 ¡ OS *rindè. OS *rapph -.— n. raisš!› ’ œ3”©— . but *rindi (RIN). of remmen š . 66 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . pl. rope Udalraph UT/424 ¡ remminš pl.(*RAP). horn (especially on living animal. rend šG› ’ ¢3¤  — (rhinn II rhenn) adj. Ety/383. X/RH. circular ˜ rasš!› ’ œ©— (rhass I rhaes). CE *rapp. CE n.

rhavan °!±² À³ ¸¿ ¸µ ¹ . rhim I à rim° I. OS *ρîwe. CE *srâbâ rhom à rom° . rhafn à rafn ° . X/RH. rhasg à rasg ° . rhind à rind ° . rhain à rain ° . whisper or rhemb à rem ° II. cut ¼ Ety/384. to rhest à rest ° . rhass II ±² À³ ¸½½¹ n. body ¼ MR/350 º rhond à rond° . CE rhofal à roval ° . rhaw° III ±² À³ ¸Å$¹ n. brown ¼ rhedhi à redhi ° . of ranc ° . rhess à riss ° . CE *srawâ. X/RH º OS rhenc à rainc ° pl. rhanc à ranc ° . flesh. X/RH. rhaew à raew ° . rhîw°±² À³ ¶Ç Å$¹ n. to stray º OS *rania. winter season ¼ LotR/D º rhaun à raun ° . X/Z º OS *ρuska. wilderness ¼ Ety/382. of roval ° . pl. to fly. rhinn II rhenn à rend ° . precipice ¼ Ety/363 º MS rhis à riss ° . *srâwê (SRAW). OS *ρawa. (SRAB). of renia-° . rhaw IV à raw ° II. 1. rhaud à raud ° . stray ¼ Ety/383. *ρussa (SRUS). wild man ¼ WJ/219 º OS *ρabano. rhofel à rovail ° pl. rhî à rî° . Ety/387. rhitho à ritho ° . rhandir à randir ° . sail — 2. sail — 2. rhosg ° ±² À³ »½È2¹ (rhosc) adj. rhaudh à raudh ° . *ρåwe. revio °!±² ³ ´3¿ ¶·»¹ (rhevio rhenio) inf. rhamb à ram° . to fly. rhinn I à rind ° . rhisto à risto° . rhoeg à raeg ° . RHOSS renia-°±² ³ ´3µ ¶·¸¹ v. (S-RUS-ÚK). rhîn à rîn ° I. rhaen à raen ° . revia-°!±² ³ ´3¿ ¶·¸¹ v. wander º OS *ramia. rhaw I à raw ° I. rhien à rîn ° I.à rib-° . OS *ρåba. rhach °G±² À³ ¸ÁA¹ n. rhinc à rinc ° . rhîs à rîs ° . rhomru à romru ° . X/RH º OS *ρipi. X/RH rhevio rhenio à revio ° . rhaw II ±² À³ ¸Å$¹ n. rhonn à rond° . ¼ Ety/382. rhass I rhaes à ras° . renio °±² ³ ´3µ ¶·»¹ (rhenio) inf. rhein II à rein ° . n.RENIA . CE *sruskâ rhein I à rain ° . rhimb I à rim° I.(SRIP). curse  e-’Rach MR/373. rest °G±² ³ ´½E¾¹ (rhest) n. CE *srîwê (SRIW). rhoss I à ross ° I. rhing à ring° . rhenio à renio ° . to wander rhîf à rîw ° . MS *ρau. rhaug à raug° . Ety/385. rhingorn à ringorn ° . *xrass. to scratch ¼ inf. rhevain°±² À³ ´3¿ ¸3ĵ ¹ . *srabanô (SRAB). rhœin à rein ° . rhevain° pl. rhem à rem ° II. º OS *rista (RIS). (RAN) renio ° inf. rhimb II à rim ° II. rham à ram° . 1. rhosc à rhosg ° . Sindarin dictionary 67 .(RAM) revio ° rhibi °±² À³ ¶ Æ ¶¹ (thribi) v. rhoss ° II ±² À³ »½½¹ (thross) n. of revia-° . rhim II à rim ° II. OS *kh rasse (KHARÁS). of rhavan ° . rustling sound ¼ Ety/386. to rhib. X/RH º MS *ρauβ.

CE *srâbanâ ringorn É!ÊË Í Ú ß à2Î/Ë. wild Ó Rhovanion (RIÑG). LotR/Map Ô OS *ρåbana.RHOVAN ROM rhovan ÉÊË ÌÍ Î/Ï ÐÑ Ò adj.

Ety/383. X/RH. *rokkh okh îro rochirrimÉ class pl. X/RH Ô OS *rîge. rista-É!ÊË Í ÚáEãÐÒ v. crowd. to Ety/384. Ety/384. host. of rista-É . rœchbinÉ Õ rochbinÉ pl. to ((O)S-RO). PM/347. snarch Ø Ety/383. rochÉ!ÊË Í Î/æAÒ n. Letters/178. horse.Ñ Ò (rhingorn) n. rhess) n. snarch Ô OS Rhúnen S/420 Ô OS ρûnina ((O)S-RO). garland Ø Ety/383. S/436. X/RH Ô OS *rimbe. Ety/365. n. to cut — 2. rhˆyn Õ rˆyn É . *riñgwê rochirrimÉ ÊË Î/æAÍ Ú Ë.Ò (rhim II. crown. riss ÉâÊË Í ÚááÒ (rhis. rhû Õ rû É . rhúnenÉGÊË ÌÍ Ö × Ñ Ù3Ñ Ò adj. CE *riñw gw ê. hem. to flow like a (torrent Letters/282. wreath. OS *rokkh îro. LotR/E Ô OS *ρûna. X/RH. CE *(s)rôna ristoÉ!ÊË Í ÚáEãÎÒ (rhisto) inf. OS *rista. Letters/178. rip Ô rhûnÉGÊË ÌÍ Ö × Ñ Ò n. Ety/384. of raw É II. cold Letters/282 Ô roch+hîr. (horse) rider Ø WJ/376 Ô TC/169. of rochbenÉ . edge. pl. roch+pen.(*RIB). border Ø rîÉ!ÊË Í Ú× Ò (rhî) n. X/RH Ô OS *risse (RIS). rip Ø Ety/384. rîw É!ÊË Í Ú× å$Ò (rhîf) n. gloss is uncertain Ô OS *rip. X/RH Ô OS *rimbe (RIM). rochirÉ ÊË Í Î/æAÚ Ë Ò n. Ô OS *rîgisse (RIG). X/RH Ô MS *riυ.(RIP). to rend. rhimb II) n. circle Ø (SRAB). rochbinÉ pl. X/RH Ô OS *ρûmen. 1. rhuiw Õ rui É . (rœchbinÉ ). east Ø Ety/384. rhui I Õ roe É pl. east Ø ritho É!ÊË Í ÚäÎÒ (rhitho) inf. TC/173 Ô OS *rib. horse-lord Ø Letters/178. rib-ÉÊË Í Ú Û Ò (rhib-) n. Letters/382. rochbinÉ ÊË Í Î/æ2Û Ú Ñ Ò rîf ÉÊË Í Ú× Ï Ò n. OS *rîma (RI). X/RH rhufen Õ rhuven É . queen Ø Ety/383. S/436. Letters/382 Ô OS *rokkh o ?) Ø Ety/384. jerk. of ritha-É .(RIKH) ritho É inf.(RIS) ristoÉ inf. rim É II ÊË Í Ú Ü. bark Ó Fladrif LotR/E. swift horse for riding Ø *rîga (RIG). twitch. S/436. rhuven É ÊË ÌÍ ÖÏ Ù3Ñ Ò (rhufen) n. to jerk. cut — 2. rhimb I) n. *rikth a. great number Ø Ety/383. twitch. X/RH The reading of the (ROK). rochbenÉ ÊË Í Î/æ2Û Ù3Ñ Ò . to rend. X/RH Ô rind+corn. rîs É!ÊË Í Ú× áÒ (rhîs) n.Ò (rhim I. eastern Ó Talath ritha-ÉÊË Í ÚäÐÒ v. ravine Ø rhui II Õ rui É . pool or lake (in mountains) Ø Ety/384. rimÉ I ÊË Í Ú Ü. 1. of rochbenÉ .

1. 68 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . X/RH Ô OS *riñge. rhien) n. jerk. pl. horse-lords. rînÉ II ÊË Í Ú× Ñ Ò n. romÉ!ÊË Í Î/Ü. of raw É II. CE *rênê (REN). rhinn I) n. LotR. rochonÉ!ÊË Í Î/æAÎ/Ñ Ò n. X/RH Ô OS *romba S/436. ((A)R1-AT). and adj. OS *rokkh ondo (ROK). CE *riñgi (ROM). *(a)råto(ndo) "noble one". high virgin noble Ø *riñkh è. Ety/384. of rochirÉ . of rodon É . horn. X/RH. CE *arâtô rinc ÉÊË Í Ú ÑÝ Ò (rhinc) n. X/ND1 Ô OS *rinde roe É pl. CE *riñkh i (RIKH). the people of Rohan Ø rîn É I ÊË Í Ú× Ñ Ò (rhîn. X/RH Ô OS rodwenÉÊË Í ÎÞå$Ù3Ñ Ò n. divinity Ø LotR/D Ô OS OS *rîne. Ety/389. rodon ÉÊË Í ÎÞÎ/Ñ Ò . (horse) rider Ø UT/463 Ô whence ‘queen’ Ø Ety/393. remembrance Ø PM/372 Ô n. sudden move Ø Ety/383. WJ/400. OS *rigna (RIG). circle Ø rodynÉ pl. rind ÉÊË Í Ú Ñ ÞÒ (rhind.Ë Ú Ü.Ò class pl. crowned — 2. (RIÑG). (RIN). trumpet Ø ringÉ!ÊË Í Ú ß Ò (rhing) adj. by ext. rodynÉÊË Í ÎÞçÑ Ò . trick. Vala. etc. Ô rochir+rim. crowned lady. Ety/383. cold Ø Ety/383. twitch.Ò (rhom) n. X/RH Ô MS *riγn. WJ/317.

ROMRU SAUTHA - romru èéê ë ì/í¨ê.

MS second word is mutated in composition. However habar as the regular form might rondèGéê ë ì/ò óï (rhond. as seen from sadè!é. cave — be possible as well. *rommruυ. assuming that the horns ð Ety/384. 1. vaulted or arched roof. X/RH ñ rom+rû. OS *rombarûma. sound of place name Nornhabar. rhonn) n.î ï (rhomru) n. 2.

(SAT1). place. or a (large) hall of chamber so sador è!é.ôë öóï n. spot ð UT/425 ñ OS below (and usually not visible from *sat.  outside).

as (*SAT2). red deer. servant. assuming that these X/RH ñ OS *rosse (ROS). red-haired. rain ð Ety/384. (name) Sador was Túrin’s faithful X/RH. etc. copper hador and hadron ñ MS *sadr. OS *satro coloured. S/437. X/ND1 ñ OS *rondo (RON). deduced from sadron. The meaning of this noun is ross è I éê ë ìôôï (rhoss I) n. faithful one Sador roofed ð Ety/384. words are in the same kind of relation as rossè II éê ë ìôôï adj. especially used of animals. WJ/414.ôë öóê E ï n. fox. ð VT/41:10 ñ OS sadron è é.

pl. sedrynè é.ôë öóê ì/ò ï .

ôë  óê.

éê ë ìôEõöï v. saelè!é.þò ï . *russa (RUS).(ROD) rosto inf. n. excavate ñ sador ñ OS *satro(ndo) (*SAT2). to hollow out.  OS *rosta-. CE *rodta. faithful one ð UT/431 See also rosta.

MR/305.ôë ö øï adj. rosto éê ë ìôEõìï inf. wise Saelon WJ/233. saer é. excavate ð Ety/384. of rosta-. SD/129-31 ñ OS *saila (SAJ). to hollow out.

ôë ö3 ê ï adj. of roval è . pl. roval è!éê ë ì/÷ öøï (rhofal). (SAG). rovail è!éê ë ì/÷ ö3ùøï saew é. bitter ð Ety/385 ñ OS *sagra rovail è pl.

pinion. sain è é. great wing (of *sagma (SAG). poison ð Ety/385 ñ OS (rhofel). X/RH ñ OS *råmale. n.ôë ö$  ï n. eagle) ð Ety/382.

pl.ôë ö3ùò ï (sein). sîn é.

X/EI ñ OS *sinia (SI-N).ôë  ú ò ï . new ð CE *râmalê (RAM). rû èéê ë î ú ï (rhû) n. Ety/385. salab é. adj. loud-sound.

rûdhèGéê ë î ú ûï adj. X/EI ñ OS *salape. selaib è (seleb). bald ð S/379. herb ð trumpet-sound ð Ety/384. X/RH ñ OS Ety/385.ôë öøö ï . CE *salakw ê *rûma. n. CE *rômê (ROM). (SALÁK). WJ/187 ñ salf salph è . OS *rûda (RUD2). salph èé. pl.

ôë öø .

rhuiw) n. X/RH ñ OS *ruime. X/PH ñ OS *salph a ð Ety/384.  *roimê (ROJ1). rui èéê ë îùï (rhui II. ï (salf) n. liquid food. CE (SÁLAP). broth. sam è é. hunt. hunting soup ð Ety/385.

S/435 ñ Q sambe (STAB) *rûnia (RUN2).ôë öí. chamber Sammath ruinèéê ë îùò ï adj. ‘fiery’ red ð PM/366 ñ OS LotR/VI:III. sammathè coll. fox ð VT/41:10.ï n. sammathè!é. ruscè éê ë î ôEü ï n.

rustuiè éê ë î ôEõîùï adj. S/435.ôë öí¨í. copper ð VT/41:10.öýï coll. of copper ð VT/41:10. chambers ð LotR/VI:III. rustè éê ë î ôEõï n. sarchèé. of sam è .

ôë ö ê .

‘chaser’. rˆyn è éê ë þ ú ò ï (rhˆyn) n.Aï n. *sarkh -. anger ð S/436. hound of sarnè!é. grave ð UT/463 ñ OS rûthè éê ë î ú ýï n.

ôë öê.

1. ÿ *sarn. stone as a material — 2. S/437 ñ OS (ROJ1).(SAR).ò ï n. sarnas é. X/RH ñ OS *ronio small stone ð Ety/385. chase ð Ety/384.

ôë öê.

sabar è!é. cairn.ò öôï n. pile of stones ð LR/406 ñ OS *sarnasse (SAR).

é. delved mine sautha.ôë ö öê ï n.

WJ/419 The *souθa-. Sindarin dictionary 69 . OS *sukth a- unmutated form is reconstructed from the (SUK).). *soxθa.ôë öî ýöï v.(irreg. to drain ð Ety/388 ñ MS  Nornhabar WJ/209.

to flow  OS *siria. LB/354  OS reconstructed from the place name Fen *si (SI). is mutated. drunk  Ety/388. possible as well: it could be expected to be CE *sêdê (SED). see suilad  OS *suil. of saw. of sen  . sellath     coll. lover  PM/348  OS sollen   *1   pp. tîw on the Doors of Durin is thiw instead of soe  pl. but on the sigil I   ()   n.(SUK) sereg  &'() n. juice  silivren    . blood  S/437  OS *sereke sôg 3rd pers. hin LotR/II:IV This demonstrative sirion   &' /0*+ n. Q sina (SI). adj. v.(*SUJ). pebble  solch   *1 23 n.  sogannen sogennen (SEREK). (white) glittering  Ety/385. sin  pl. suil    #$%  n. () 3rd pers. *sini. assuming that the word. *sîrè. of soga-. seems to show that words beginning with sigil II   ()   n. sîn pl. on Amon Rûdh  S/437  sereg+gond. sein  sain  . sennui"  #$% adj. all the siria. Ety/385  OS *siniatth e (SI-N). seleb  selaib  pl. sin    . flowing  S/437  OS perhaps explain why the mutated form of *siritth e (SIR). of síla-. news. síla   .  sogo inf. (child)  Ety/385  OS *selde (SEL) sîr  . sinnarn   &  n. pa. white  LB/354. RGEO/72  silif+-ren (SIL). It has been Ety/385  OS *siriondo (SIR). sogo   *1()*1 inf. soe  (sui). Ety/388  OS *sulkh a (SÚLUK). *sâbâ (SAB). However OS *sî. ‘Blood of Stone’. 1. rather. great river ! Sirion adjective is probably enclitic. seregon"  &'()*+ n. WJ/258. of salab. instead (used soga. this ! i thiw sirio   &' /0*1 inf. sui  soe  pl. t. S/437  OS sellath coll. pl. CE *sis(e)? (SI). CE *sîri (SIR). small stone. CE LotR/II:I.  adv. of salab.&' adj. river  Ety/385. mutated likewise (into *chollen). (he) shines conceivably aran+suil. X/Z  MS *sauβ. n. necklace ! Sigil Elu-naeth an h may resist to the lenition. sen   .  . pl. knife  Ety/385  Q other hand the example of Nen Hithoel sicil (SIK). maid sain+narn. síla. Hollen. novel tale  Ety/385  sell      n. - n. RGEO/72  adjectival position.  &' /0 v. of siria-. closed ! Fen Hollen *sero(ndo) (SER). of saw. dagger. fem. For the meaning. the expected thîw. root (especially as edible)  UT/463  Q sarnie (SAR). to drink  Ety/388. of sain  . a sogannen sogennen  *1()  pp.  *1() . sirio inf. of soga-. daughter — 2. seron"  &'*+ n. of sell. &' n.(SIR) daughters  SD/129-31. to flow  Ety/385. Ety/388. LotR/V:IV The unmutated form is si   adv. see HL/69  OS *sina sôg   *1. pp. sedryn pl. to shine white  OS *sîla.   v. asogant (sunc). suggested that this possibility could sirith  &'  n. here  LotR/II:I. hollen as the regular form might be sîdh   . siniath    /0 coll. OS *såba.   3rd pers. drink  Ety/388  OS *suka. cf. of sadron  . OS *sinianarna (SI). to as an adverb?)  SD/129-31. girl. now  LotR/IV:X. (he) drinks  pl. sern  &  n. 70 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . LotR/A(ii) Deduced from Arassuil. peace  Ety/385  OS *sîde.SAW SUIL saw    . tidings  selaib  pl. plant with deep red flowers that grew of soga-. used in sí  . greeting ! Arassuil (SIL) síla 3rd pers.

*tj alañgandô (TJAL. X/EI > OS *tal (TAL1). of taetha-. UT/424 > tâl+raph "foot-rope". talad 50GH7 . ground. taeg4"50GH7 . tie > OS *takth a. tachl E tachol. taith 4"50GH7 . X/Z > OS *sukth o (SUK). pl. tad-dail4 pl. X/ND4 > OS *talañgando. floor @ Ety/390. greeting @ staple @ Ety/390 > OS *tagma. LotR/II:VI > OS *talan- *tatla or *tatåla (AT2-AT). S/429.: S< n. have rectified this word to tafnen (instead suilannad4"5 6A89%: 7 . an incline.S< .< v. to give tafnen 4"50GH7 . Ety/391. to fasten. plain.?L0?.N6< n. clasp. tâd 50GH7 . wooden platform (in the trees of (AT2-AT).(TAL1-AM).: . biped. line @ WJ/309 > O *taika (TAJ2-AK).< v. tafr E tavor. t. nail @ Ety/390 > OS *takse talraph 4"50GH7 .?< ger. MAH).9HB< . S/437 > OS *talatth e (TAL2). foot sunc E asogant pa. talaf 50GH7 . Sindarin dictionary 71 . pl. holder. flat land. of suilanna-4 . tad-dail4 50GH7 . tad-4KE tâd. pin. limit. talagand E talagan 4 .(*SUJ) @ Ety/389. tâl 50GH7 .R0BNB< adj. to greet = suilad taetho 50GH7 . closed. OS *tamnina. Lothlórien where the Galadhrim dwelt) tadol 50GH7 .BB. = tad-dail WJ/388.: . telaif 4"50GH7 N: . palm of hand @ taen II 50GH7 . 1. of tâl. n. CE *atata n.NCM1< inf. to fasten. > OS *taina (TAJ1). stirrup = Udalraph (TAK).: < . straight @ Ety/392 Written = Nindalf TC/195.D ?< (tad-4 ) adj.B< .NQ< n. talan450GH7 .: S< (dalf) n.NB< adj.?< n. boundary.< v. CE *tapnâ (TAP). *tahnâ (TAH). Ety/390 > OS *talth a (TALÁT). slipping. falling.NO)< n. tail4 pl.: GH< adj. pl. tachol 50GH7 . draught @ Ety/388. harper @ Ety/377. sûl4 I 5 67 8D : < n. LotR/Map > OS tær (with ae-ligature) in the Etymologies.: P'. tie SD/129-31 > OS *suila.R < n.NC. assuming that it is conceivably greeting.D : < .50GH7 .NP'< adj. X/EI > OS *tekth a (TEK). of soga-. slope @ Ety/390 > OS *talata (TALÁT). *talam. talf 4 I 50GH7 . socket. plane — 2. *takmâ (TAK).BB. wind @ S/437 > Q súlë (THU). summit of high valley = Talath Dirnen UT/465. num. talf4 II 50GH7 . sûl II 5 67 8D : < n. n.9%: < (teil). to greet. long (and thin) @ Ety/391 Ety/353 > OS *talma (TAL2.(*SUJ) suilannad4 ger. ÑGÁNAD). tail450GH7 . Ety/390. brooch @ n. F S/437. boundary talath4"50GH7 . and adj.9%: < . CE *suglu (SUG).: . TALT suila-45 67 89%: . *talma (TAL2). flat field.C< (dalath) n. suilad45 67 89%: .9HS< (teleif). taew 50GH7 .: 7 . taetha. of *tavnen). of tad-dal 4 . X/EI > OS Ety/389 > OS *tañkh la (TAK).B< (talagand) n. of suila-4 . hasp.I3: JA< (tachl) n. mark @ Ety/391. greetings = suilannad SD/129-31 > OS stopped = uidavnen WR/341 We *suilanth a. CE tad-dal 4 50GH7 . sûth E suith 4 .?L0?. talt 50GH7 . two-legged animal @ WJ/388 > tâd+tâl.?< ger. flat land taer 50GH7 . suilanna-4"5 6A89%: 7 .9%C< (teith) n. talagan 450GH. two @ Ety/349.?M1: < adj. double @ Ety/391 > OS @ UT/465.: . (wide) taen I 50GH7 . insecure @ (TAK) taetho inf. goblet @ Ety/388 > OS *suglò. pl. CE SD/129-31 > OS *suilata (*SUJ). mountain @ Ety/389 > OS *tagna.O). WJ/388 > OS *tata. height. taes 50GH7 . blocked. flat surface.SUILA .NB< n. suilad4 ger. giving of greetings @ derived from the stem TAP in Ety/390 > SD/129-31 > OS *suilanth ata (*SUJ). telain450GH7 N: . (TAL2). CE Ety/353. suith 4"5 67 89%C< (sûth) n.

Sindarized form conceivably coexist. great wood. establish \ Ety/389. thatch \ Ety/395 ] MS *tous knock \ Ety/390. king (only used of the Sindarized form of Quenya tekil ‘pen’. mighty. to make firm. awful. OS *tath re variant) Q tekil (TEK). to 2. wood — tangado U0VHW Xde)Xfa1[ inf. S/438 ] OS *taure dialectal variant. or that taurT II U0VHW XZh'[ n. huge. bring \ *targalañkh o. OS *towa (TOW). great wood. 1. stiffness. tafr) n. 1. CE *tupse (TUP). wooden \ Ety/391 OS *tawarina tarag U0VHW Xh'Xe)[ n. MS *tarγ. toughness. tar. as a material. high. tawarTU0VHW XqXh'[ n. Ety/395. S/438 ] OS *tath rina tegol U0VHW oe)Y mA[ (tegl) n. vast. forester \ S/421.(TAK) MS *tau. not legitimate kings of whole tribes) \ known to the Sindar until the coming of the Ety/389. forest make firm. having tegl g tegol. tauronT"U0VHW XZh'a+b[ n. Ety/395 ] OS *tåro. both a true Sindarin/Noldorin word and a taur III U0VHW XZh'[ adj. OS *talwa (TAL2). horn — 2. OS tegi U0VHW oe)i [ inf. way \ Ety/391 ] OS *te. blended with TUR). r Tawar-in-Drúedain UT/467. confirm. tewerin U0VHW oqoh'i b[ . CE *tehe (TEH). tangado inf. see overwhelming. OS *tamro tang U0VHW Xd[ n. (irreg. to lead. of wool. not known to the MS *tass. bowstring \ Ety/394 ] OS "knocker" (TAM).U0VHW Xde)XfX[ v. (TÁTHAR). CE *târâ. willow-tree \ see however tegol for a possible dialectal ] Ety/391. steep mountain path \ Ety/391 ] OS *tarak- (TÁWAR). of tog-. *tañg. X/W sublime \ Ety/395 ] OS *tåra. elves \ UT/256 ] tawar+gwaith difficulty \ Ety/390 ] MS *tarγass. tara U0VHW Xh'X[ (tar-) adj. ] MS *talw. obstinate \ Ety/390 ] tara+lanc. by ext. Sindar until the coming of the Ñoldor (but tatharT"U0VHW Xlh mA[ (tathor) n. tough. (TARÁK). tathrenTnU0VHW Xlh'ob[ adj. forest \ it may perhaps have been considered as a Ety/391. establish ] OS *tañkh ata. pen \ PM/318 Sindarized tass U0VHW Xkk[ (tars) n. pen \ Ety/391 It is (TÁTHAR). tanc U0VHW Xbc[ adj. labour. For a similar case where (TÁWAR). magol and megil "sword" (it is unlikely 72 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . tarlanc U0VHW Xh'Y Xbc[ adj. willows \ Ety/391. tegilborT U0VHoe)W i Y ua+h'[ n.TALU TEGOL talu TU0VHW XY Z[ (dalw) adj. tegilT U0VHW oe)i Y [ n. flat \ Ety/353. OS "forest-elves". one skilled in tathor g tatharT . to taus U0VHW XZk[ n. line. S/420. *tou. tawarwaithTU0VHXqW Xh qXs%l[ class pl. OS *tarsa (TÁRAS). of tangada-. tê U0VHW ot [ n. CE *târô Ñoldor". ] adj. tars g tass.). silvan tarias U0VHW Xh'i j0Xk[ n. It must be assumed therefore that (TAR). woodpecker (TAK). calligraphy \ PM/318 ] tegil+paur. *tars. stiff-necked. (TAM) tammo tamno inf. stiff \ Ety/390 ] tawaren U0VHW XqXh'ob[ . PM/258 ] OS *tauro(ndo) (TÁWAR). task \ Ety/391 ] form of Quenya tekil. by ext. stated in PM/318 that "tegil was a taur I U0VHW XZh'[ n. taw U0VHW Xq[ adj. tavr g tavor. *targasse (TÁRAG). tegol was either rejected by Tolkien. to knock ] OS *tamba. of willow. OS *targa (TÁRAG). woollen \ Ety/394 ] confirm.g tara. tangada.(TAÑG).U0VHW X^_^`X[ v. (bird) \ Ety/390 ] MS *taυr. tamma. of tamma-. tammo tamno U0VHW X^_^`a1[ inf. pl. and OS *taura (TAR. *tee. firm \ Ety/389 ] OS *tañkh a tavor U0VHW Xph mA[ (tavr. S/438 ] MS *taθr. Ety/391 ] OS *taware (TÁWAR).

teithant y0zH{ |~}%€‚zH . CE *tj alja. teli y0zH{ |… ‡  inf. sapless. dome. n. S/438 v OS *th ara- Ety/395. *th andakegle. letter. telu y0zH{ |… ‹ n. (THAR). telch y0zH{ |… †3 . thafn y { €Ž0‚ n. shield “ thangail (TEL) telerrimx class pl. of tawaren. sign ƒ Ety/391. sport. teitho y0zH{ |~}%„1 inf. stem ƒ tham y { €‰` (thamb) n. thambas w thamas. of tâl. pa. of teitha-. Ety/387 v OS *sth ambasse (STAB). OS *telume (TEL). of tôr. OS *talien. Ety/390 v tâl+rein. dauntless man (‘especially as telaif x pl. thangailxy { €”•)€}%…  n. tharbadx y { €ˆ –€’ n. post.(TJAL) telio inf. telia. athwart. teilien w telien. of telia-. CE teilia. telio y0zH{ |… ‡ Š0„1 (teilio) inf. to play ƒ beyond ƒ Ety/388. stiff grass ƒ Ety/388 v OS tellein w tellen. t. of telerx . over. CE *stabnê teitha. tele y0zH{ |… | . (STÁL-AG). thamas y { €‰`€ (thambas) n. forked ƒ telerx y0zH{ |… |ˆ' . pl. of teitha-. great hall ƒ hindmost part ƒ Ety/392 v OS *telehe. LotR/E. *sth ara (STAR). tîwxy0zH{ ‡ Œ  . telirx y0zH{ |… ‡ ˆ' . MS *teluυ. pl. rigid. oppression ƒ Ety/388. of talaf. thaun w thônx . tewerin pl.w telia-. S/438 v OS *sth algo(ndo) (STÁL-AG). teler+rim. S/438 v OS *sth añga (STAG). end. hassock. steady. shield-fence. n. OS *sth ambe (STAB). a tribe of elves ƒ PM/385 v thangx"y { €” n. tellen y0zH{ |… … |‚ (tellein. duress. stiff. Ety/391. Letters/427 v OS *teñwe. thamb w tham. pl. OS Ety/388 v OS *sth arasse (STAR). OS *th arapata.y0zH{ |… ‡ Š0€ (teilia-) v. compulsion.y0zH{ |~}%€ .TEIL THAUN that weapons were not known to the Sindar) têwx"y0zH{ |Œ  . footstool ƒ foot ƒ Ety/384. wooden pillar ƒ teith w taith x . *teñmê (TEÑ). written v MS *tegl. of telerx . hero. telei y0zH{ |… |~}% . to write ƒ thalionxy { €… ‡ Š0„+‚ . to write ƒ LotR/II:IV OS *tekth a. teil w tailx pl. split. an elf. LotR/II:IV. teleif w telaif x pl. surname of Húrin Thalion’) ƒ Ety/388. thâr y { €Œ ˆ' n. tellœin) n. n. *telehi (TÉL-ES). pl. play ƒ UT/281-282 v thand+cail. (STAB). OS Ety/395 v MS *telien-. firm ƒ (TEK) teitho inf. of tele. pl. thar-+pâd. thanc y { €‚‘ adj. *talrunia. one Ety/388 v OS *sth añkh a (STAK). telerrimx"y0zH|… { |ˆ ˆ'‡ ‰` class pl. of talaf. Ety/388 v MS *θalγ. OS *sth alga teithant pa. n. to play v MS *telia-. need. to come ƒ Ety/395. n. v v. thar-xny €ˆ' prefix across. (STAR). cross-way ƒ S/438 v tellœin w tellen. t. telirx pl. (TJAL). withered ƒ Ety/388 v OS *sth arna terein w teryn x pl. cleft. a battle OS *talia-. thelyn y { |… ‚ . the Teleri. teilio w telio. Sindarin dictionary 73 . Ety/387 v OS *sth amne. formation of the Dúnedain ƒ telien y0zH{ |… ‡ Š0|‚ (teilien) n. teryn x pl. of tôr. thala y { €… € adj. UT/281-282 v OS *th anda. telei pl. pl. tilch y0zH{ ‡ … †3 . of the Teleri ƒ PM/385 v OS *telero thand xny { €‚’ n. hall ƒ Ety/387 v Ety/391 v OS *telkh o (TÉLEK). WJ/396. of tol-. of talanx . high roof ƒ Ety/391 v tharn y { €ˆ ‚ adj. sole of tharas y { €ˆ'€ n. rear. OS *tekla (TEK). stalwart. telainx pl.

OS *sth elga (STÉLEG).(STIR). torrent Ÿ Ety/393   OS thinn ­ thind— . thond—"˜ ™š ¢+£«ž n. true. swooping. VT/41:10   OS thêl ˜ ™š ¥§ ¦ ž . thinnas ˜ ™š ¨ ££›®ž n. thlîn ­ lhîn — II pl. fem. thlaew ­ lhaew — . countenance Ÿ Ety/392. expression. thoren ˜ ™š ¢+'¥£ž pp. of thêl. to intend. carpenter. wright. short Ÿ Ety/388. pl. Ety/388   OS *sth anitè. LotR/IV:X. (STAN). (THIN). thenid ˜ ™š ¥£¨ «ž adj. *th orot. pine-tree Ÿ Ety/392. grey. look. thel-—"˜ ™š ¥¦ ž v. of thoron— . Ety/393   OS *th ora (THOR).(THOR). Ÿ thio inf. pale Ÿ thoro. theryn — (therein). to glister Ÿ thora. (STEL). of thora-. fem. to fence   OS *th ura- Ety/392 The Etymologies erroneously (THUR) thoren pp. to fade.˜ ™š ¢+'›ž v. abiding Ÿ thliw ­ lhîw — . ‘it appears’ Ÿ thôr I ˜ ™š ¢1§ 'ž n. abiding Ÿ thôl—˜ ™š ¢1§ ¦ ž n. of thia-. theryn — pl. therein ­ theryn — pl. WJ/311. thôr II ˜ ™š ¢1§ 'ž adj. evening Ÿ Ety/392 The punctuation in n. n. MS *θelγ. thlinn ­ lhind — II. *th elehi (THEL-ES). thôn—"˜ ™š ¢1§ £ž (thaun) n. thórod ˜ ™š ¢1§ '¢1«ž n. Ety/388   OS *sth aninè (STAN). *th eia. S/438. thoniel —"˜ ™š ¢+£¨ ©0¥¦ ž n. mean. pl. thlingril ­ lhingril — . thind— ˜ ™š ¨ £«ž (thinn) adj. to grow towards thoron—"˜ ™š ¢+'¢+£ž . (THOR-ON). pl. thent—n˜ ™š ¥£¬Hž adj. CE *th aurênâ (THIN). CE *staniti thloew ­ lhaew — . S/438   OS *th indè. seem   OS *th îa-. thloss ­ lhoss — . leaping down Ÿ (THIL) thilio inf. to fence Ÿ Ety/392. root Ÿ LotR/E. *th ânjellê (THAN).˜ ™š ¨ ££›ž v.(THE) thia 3rd RGEO/72-74   OS *th ånielle. kindler thia. true. thelei. CE *th ausâ (THU-S). point (of spear) Ÿ Ety/388   thlê ­ lhê — . X/Z   74 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . abominable. name of thaw ˜ ™š ›¤ž adj. rotten Ÿ Ety/393   mark indicating short quality of vowel Ÿ OS *th auha.˜ ™š ¨ ¦ ¨ ©0›ž v. thinna. corrupt. helm Ÿ S/438. CE *th indi Ety/393. to appear. thelei pl. of thilia-. CE *stir. (THUR). of thalion— . class this word as Quenya. eagle Ÿ Ety/392   OS *th oron Ety/392. fenced Ÿ thin ˜ ™š ¨ £ž n. thio ˜ ™š ¨ ©0¢1ž inf. conceivably be a comma)   OS *th inth a- builder Ÿ Ety/388   OS *sth abro(ndo) (THIN). evening Ÿ Ety/392   OS *th inie Ety/393   OS *th aurena. thelion —˜ ™š ¥¦ ¨ ©0¢+£ž n. WJ/315   OS *sth inta (STINT). OS *sth elio(ndo) (STEL). (the full dot after this word should thavron ˜ ™š ›¡'¢+£ž n. sister Ÿ Ety/392 *sth ir-.(THON). ‘shortness’. Ÿ thoro. to glister   OS *th ilia. to seem Ÿ Ety/392.˜ ™š ¨ ©0›ž v. purpose. thîr—"˜ ™š ¨ § 'ž n. one who remains firm thlind ­ lhind — II. S/438   OS *th on. ª Gilthoniel LotR/II:I. CE *th eja. thelyn pl. thilio ˜ ™š ¨ ¦ ¨ ©0¢1ž inf.˜ ™š ¢+'¢1ž inf. Letters/178   OS *th unda (THUD). Ety/388   OS *sth inth asse (STINT). face. thela ˜ ™š ¥¦ ›ž n. in his purpose ª Aegthelion WJ/318   thling ­ lhing — .   OS *th ele. firm. of lhain — II. firm. thenin ˜ ™š ¥£¨ £ž adj. will Ÿ WJ/318-319   OS *sth eli. resolve. of thia-. abhorrent Ÿ The Etymologies is considered incorrect S/438   OS *th aura (THAW). of thora-. thilia. thia ˜ ™š ¨ ©0›ž 3rd pers. (STAB).inf. eagle Ÿ Ety/392.THAUR THORON thaur—"˜ ™š ›œ'ž adj. thlein ­ lhain — II. of thoron— . CE pers. UT/146.

tiriel¯°0ÁH² À ´'À ¾0Å¿ · part. tilch pl. of toba-. his  bess dîn SD/129-31 ¼ OS *tirno (TIR). MS *tinnûυ. tírad¯"°0ÁH² À » ´'¶Ä· ger. starry tîw¯ pl. thûl ° ±² º» ¿ · n.(THU-S). breath ¸ Ety/393 ¼ OS *th ûle tiriant pa. tiri °0ÁH² À ´'À · inf. Ety/394 ¼ OS *tumna. ¸ tôg 3rd pers. tobo °0ÁH² ³+Ƴ1· inf. of thoron¯ . tirith¯"°0ÁH² À ´'À ±· n. *tîra.°0ÁH² ³1É)· v.°0ÁH² ³+ƶ· v. twilight. noun). watch. lowlying. to lead. tíra-¯"°0ÁH² À » ´'¶· v. of tithen. OS *tîra. v. look CE *th ûs. straight. row ¸ Ety/392 ¼ OS *tîe. Letters/427. watcher  heledirn Ety/394 ¼ tîn ¯"°0ÁH² À » µ· adj. brings tirnen ¯ pp. to watch. CE tirio °0ÁH² À ´'À ¾0³1· inf. to *th ûja. (he) leads. low ¸ CE *tinmê (TIN). right ¸ Ety/391 ¼ OS (THOR-ON) thoronath¯ coll. to watch. *têhe (TEH).(TIN) RGEO/72. tinno inf. to gaze. Ety/394. OS *tîn-. LotR/II:I. twilight ¸ Ety/355. little. of tiria-. having gazed (THUR). horn. thribi ¹ rhibi ¯ . tirnen ¯"°0ÁH² À ´ µÅµ· pp. S/437. (TIN). 1. Ety/393. LotR/IV:X. (TIÑK). *tehrâ (TEH). ¸ tôg °0ÁH² ³1» É)· 3rd pers. look at ¸ Ety/394. to glint ¼ OS *tinth a. deep. line. spark ¸ Ety/393 ¼ OS *tinth . to gaze. to watch. *tiri.°0ÁH² À ´'À ¾0¶· . ¸ tíriel¯ perf. dusk. roof over ¼ OS tinu+dû. LotR/IV:X.(TIR) tiri inf. CE *têra. watch. tiriant °0ÁH² À ´'À ¾0¶µÁH· . OS *tindûmè. early night (without moon) — 2. of tíra-¯ . X/W ¼ MS *tinw. to cover. of tiria-. tithen °0ÁH² À ±Åµ· . CE *tubnâ (TUB). till °0ÁH² À ¿ ¿ · (tild) n. ¸ tiro¯ imp. of thuia-. look! ¸ LotR/IV:X. CE *th ûrini tíriel¯°0ÁH² À » ´'À ¾0Å¿ · perf. (THU).(TUK) tir. spark. X/ND2 ¼ toba. t. of tog-. adj. OS *tinwe. thuia. tiro¯"°0ÁH² À ´'³1· imp. to see  tírad SD/129-31 ¼ eagles ¸ S/387. CE *tên. tindômi.° ±² º½%¾0¶· v. *tilde (TIL). to gaze. ¸ LotR/II:I. Ety/393. tinw ¹ tinu ¯ . to cover. tirn °0ÁH² À ´ µ· n. vigilance ¸ Ety/394. tinna. tithin °0ÁH² À ±À µ· . tinnu °0ÁH² À µµº· (tindu) n. thû ° ±² º» · n. guarded tinc °0ÁH² À µÃ· n.°0ÁH² À ´'· v.(T). Ety/394 ¼ OS *th ûrinè. to gaze. tindu ¹ tinnu. seing ¸ SD/129-31. tî °0ÁH² À » · n. CE tiria.(THU) thuio inf. bring ¼ OS *tuki. small star ¸ ¸ Ety/394. of tir-. tinno °0ÁH² À µµ³1· inf. metal ¸ Ety/394 ¼ OS *tiñkh o  Talath Dirnen UT/465. tofn °0ÁH² ³1È0µ· adj. Sindarin dictionary 75 . of telch. t. to breathe ¼ OS *th uia-. thoronath¯n° ±² ³+´'³+µ¶±· coll. *tupasse (TUP).THORONATH TÔG Back-formed from the plural. see thôr tîr °0ÁH² À » ´'· adj. S/437. look at ¼ OS tegi inf. pa.(TIR) tírad¯ ger. S/438. guard (abstract tild ¹ till.°0ÁH² À µµ¶· v. stench ¸ Ety/393 ¼ OS *th ûh-. pl. gazing ¸ thurin ° ±² º´'À µ· adj. to see. RGEO/72-74. Ety/393. of tiria-. for the thross ¹ rhoss ¯ II. tithin pl. at ¸ Ety/394. CE* *tupa (TUP) tobo inf. ¸ tiriel¯ Ety/393. roofing ¸ Ety/394 ¼ OS tint °0ÁH² À µÁH· n. of tinna-. tiri.(TIR) tirio inf. to glint ¸ tiny ¸ Ety/394 ¼ OS *titth ina (TIT). look at ¸ Ety/394 ¼ OS thuio ° ±² º½%¾0³1· inf. part. hidden ¸ LB/304. tobas °0ÁH² ³+ƶǷ n. secret. tog. of tir-. of tiria-. point ¸ Ety/393 ¼ OS Letters/158 ¼ OS *tiritth e (TIR). of têw¯ . of tir-. ¸ Ety/395. Letters/278-79. to breathe ¸ *tiria-. RGEO/72-74. roof over tinu ¯"°0ÁH² À µº· (tinw) n.

tre. CE *tere comes" was later changed to tûl acharn by (TER). tale Ñ Ety/374 OS *toloth o (TOL1-OTH). to sprout. X/ND1 Ð OS *tunda (TUN). Tolkien. of a shire inf. X/ND4 Ð OS *tuilindo. isle rising trasta. to harass. pl. t. treneri inf.Ê0ËHÌ Í1Î Ï v. low-growing tree (as swell Ð OS *tuia-. to recount. BAT) trevedi inf.Ê0ËHÌ Í1Î ÖÚÏ v. tôr Ê0ËHÌ Í1Ó Ý'Ï . (TOL2). slender Ñ Ety/392 Ð *toron. pl. LIN2). to toss Ê0ËHÌ Í1ßßÏ n. fine. trevant Ê0Ë Ý'Ì ×âÚØËHÏ . 76 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . of trenar-. spring — 2. tortha. toltho Ê0ËHÌ Í1Î ÖÍ1Ï inf. t. toloth Ê0ËHÌ Í1Î Í1ÖÏ adj. OS *trîwa. to wield. v. holly. num.Ê0ËHÌ äà%å0ÚÏ v.(TIW. Ety/395 Ð OS *tussa tuilin Ô tuilinn. to come Ð OS *tuli. physical torogÒ Ê0ËHÌ Í+Ý'Í1Õ)Ï n. lair.Ê0Ë Ý'Ì ×âÚÛÏ .(TUL) toltho inf. cf. muscle. tonn Ô tond. CE *tuja. stalwart. trevedi Ê0Ë Ý'Ì ×â×Ûá Ï inf. t. brother Ñ Ety/394. fat Ñ Ety/394 Ð OS *turth a. to wield.Ê0Ë Ý'Ì ×ØÚÝ'Ï . S/438 Ð OS *tollo (TÁRAS). tû Ê0ËHÌ äÓ Ï n. trenar. to tell to end Ñ Ety/374. resonant Ñ Ety/395 Ð OS *tuñga (TUG). 1. hole Ñ WR/202. torech Ê0ËHÌ Í+Ý'×Þ3Ï n. trevant pa.Ê0Ë Ý'Ì ÚßAËHÚÏ v. hawthorn. n. swallow district. to traverse Ñ Ety/352 Ð OS *trebati- summon.and maple. Ety/395. (TUS).Ê0Ë Ý'×Ï (tri) prefix ‘through’. OS *trenari- Ð OS *tuluka (TULUK). t. vigour. tui Ô tuiw. (he) comes Ñ completeness when prefixed to verbs.) Ñ Ety/379. bush. blackthorn.(TUR) tortho inf. Ð tre-+narn. tond Ê0ËHÌ Í+ØÛÏ (tonn) adj. (TOL1-OTH). trenor Ê0Ë Ý'Ì ×ØÍ+Ý'Ï toll Ô tolÒ . tuia. tall Ñ Ety/395. account. sinew. pa. administrative tuilinn Ê0ËHÌ äà%Î á ØØÏ (tuilind. Ñ Ety/352. dolothen SD/129-31 Ð OS *toloth ina treneri Ê0Ë Ý'Ì ×Ø×Ý'á Ï inf.Ê0ËHÌ Í+Ý'ÖÚÏ v. tuilin) n. troll Ñ LotR/F Ð OS *turuka strength Ñ Ety/394 Ð OS *tûgò. CE *terê (TER). thick. tight (of strings). OS *trenarna. make come Ñ Ety/395.(TUL) teli trannail Ò Ê0Ë Ý'Ì ÚØØÚà%Î Ï adj. *tuilelindo "spring-singer" (TUJ. to traverse tong Ê0ËHÌ Í+ÜÏ adj. tuilind Ô tuilinn. but denoting tôlÒ Ê0ËHÌ Í1Ó Î Ï 3rd pers. control Ñ Ety/395. trevad. eight Ñ Ety/394 Ð trenarn Ê0Ë Ý'Ì ×ØÚÝ ØÏ n. masc. trouble Ñ with sheer sides from the sea or from a Ety/391 Ð OS *trasta-. n. of toltha-. of trenar-. of trevad-. t. (TRE. WJ/254 According to WJ/301. English idioms like ‘talk something the expression tôl acharn "vengeance through’ Ñ Ety/392 Ð OS *tre. taut. TUILINN tol. eighth Ù erin trener Ô trenor pa. teryn Ò (terein). to fetch. shire. tyll. division of a realm Ù i-Drann (bird) Ñ Ety/395. trann Ò Ê0Ë Ý'Ì ÚØØÏ n. TUJ) tuio inf. tri Ô tre-. control Ð OS tûg Ê0ËHÌ äÓ Õ)Ï adj. of tol-. to summon. (trener). of trevad-. to fetch. pa. trî Ê0Ë Ý'Ì á Ó Ï prep. tolothenÒ Ê0ËHÌ Í1Î Í1Ö×ØÏ adj. to tell to end Ñ tolog Ê0ËHÌ Í1Î Í1Õ)Ï adj. tolÒ Ê0ËHÌ Í1Î Ï (toll). num. Ù genediad Drannail SD/129-31. to recount. etc. toltha. CE *tiukâ (TIW). *tûka. blend of CE *tiuja. CE *tûgu (TUR-UK). island. tortho Ê0ËHÌ Í+Ý'ÖÍ1Ï inf. X/Z The word is muindor is more usual Ð OS trîw Ê0Ë Ý'Ì á Ó ãÏ adj. make trenor pa. CE *terêwâ (TER). through Ñ Ety/392 Ð OS *trî. of tortha-. trusty Ñ Ety/395 Ety/374 Ð tre-+nara-. to v. come Ð OS *tulth a. *tj ûkâ. of trenar-.TOL . *toroni (TOR-ON). Ñ tôlÒ 3rd pers. (TUG). SD/129-31. pl. CE *tarasta- river Ñ Ety/394.

bad. as a noun. OS *tulugme. hill. CE *ûrâjâ (UR1). ûn æ è éú ÷í n. of tuia-. ulunn ônæ è éñ é÷÷í (ulund. always white. Letters/278. evil î Ety/396 ð OS *umb. ûr I æ è éú û'í n. OS *ûråia. WR/202. see ‘orch’) ð ui æ è éê%í n. Ety/395. eternal î Ety/379 ð OS *tumph ò. ever-closed î WR/341 We have rectified this word to uidafnen. ulund ù ulunn ô . orc (rarely used. tylys pl. spider î Ety/366. "ever-blocked".). 1. 1. not) î WJ/369. X/ND1 ð OS *tundò. tuiw æ0çHè éêHïí (tui) n. the month of august î LotR/D LotR/D ð ui-+gal. envelope. CE uir æ è éêHû'í n. ü (ÚL2-UG). *ûβan.TUIO YLF ð tuio æ0çHè éê%ë0ì1í inf. Ety/351 ð OS *ûbanåia (U. CE *tumpu (TUMP). BAN). fire. small white everlasting flower also ð n. pl. úan æ è éú ë0ý÷í n. OS *uiañala. brand î Ety/400. mastery. ð OS *tuima (TUJ). of tulus. support. pl. of tolô . denial î WR/132. *ugu CE *ôno (ONO). WR/137-138 ð OS *ûpet. S/438 ð OS *tumbò. X/IU that it is conceivably derived from the stem The word is classed as Old Noldorin Sindarin dictionary 77 . tump æ0çHè éõ_öí n. deformed and hideous creature î PM/194 Tyrn Gorthad "the Ety/396. ungolôæ è é)  ñ A í n. X/ND4 ð OS *ulgundo Barrow-downs". unquenchable. CE *tulukmê uilosôæ è éê%ñ ì1òí n. a sprout. K-WET). tumô"æ0çHè éõ`í n. CE *tundu CE *ñôle (ÑOL). urugô"æ è éû é)  í n. especially of the Outer î WJ/390 OS *urukò. monstrous. OS *ûbano (U. OS *uñgl. tylys æ è ç óñ óòí . bud î Ety/395 uidavnen ù uidafnen ô . S/439. and adj. tyrnô"æ0çHè óû ÷í n. the Ilurambar or world-walls î Ety/397. BAN). CE *uruku Sea or Air enfolding the world within (Ú-RUK). urui æ è éû éê%í n. hump î Ety/395 ð OS uireb æ è éêHû'ÿþí adj. wide î Ety/396 ð OS *ûra ubed æ è éþÿøí n. odour î Ety/378 ð OS *ûle (irreg. ‘evermind’ CE *tj ulussê (TJUL). called simbelmynë. uluithiadô"æ0éñ è éê  ë0ýøí adj. a tulus æ0çHè éñ éòí . alfirin.(UÑG). creature î Ety/379 ð OS *ûno. seaweed î Ety/396 ð OS *uile tulu æ0çHè éñ éí n. noun. to sprout. twilight î Ety/400. (TULUK). 1. of the î SD/129-31 ð o+i. deep valley. î RGEO/74. as a ð uialô æ è éê%ë0ýñ í n. ûr II æ è éú û'í n. *uiripa. LotR/A(v) ð OS *û. uil æ è éê%ñ í n. tund æ0çHè é÷øí (tunn) n. poplar-tree î Ety/395 OS *tulusse. um æ è éõ`í adj. CE *tumbu (TUB). UT/55.(U. úô"æ è éú í prefix negative prefix or particle (no. victory î Ety/395 ð OS OS *ûlukth iata. under or among uinô"æ0éêH÷í prep. CE *oirikw â (OJ).(UM). (UR2). eternity î Ety/379 ð OS *uire. ulun ù ulunn ô . without quenching î SD/62 ð ú+luithia-. *tûre (TUR). *tulûυ. (U). tyll pl. ever white as snow — 2. uidafnen ô æ0éê%øè ý0÷ÿ÷í (uidavnen) adj. prop î Ety/395 ð MS (UJ). spring TAP (from Ety/390) ui+tafnen — 2. mound î ûl æ è éú ñ í n. (TUN). assuming ylf ô I æ è óñ í (iolf) n. tûr æ0çHè éú û'í n. heat î Ety/396 ð OS *ûre uanui æ è éë0ý÷éê%í adj. hot — 2. tunn ù tund. monster. *oirê (OJ). hills î Ety/394. hideous î (UR1). and adj. ulun) n. to swell î Ety/394-395. monster î Ety/351 ð MS LotR ð MS *uñgl. downs î LotR/A(iii).

ylf.YLF YRN (ON) in the Etymologies. but rather seems to be Noldorin OS *julma (JUL2).

II    n. yˆ r . drinking-vessel  WJ/416 OS *julma (JUL1).

    (iôr) n. course  Ety/400. yrch. X/IU OS *jura (JUR).

of orch. pl.

of orn. yrn pl. .

. 78 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 .

babe n. ai . air n. affection n. ashy adj. fuio. bed n. blab-. ínias. abhor v. v. nass. awe n. around prefix os-. n. coron . age n. palan- . iavas . anniversary n. echui . n. n. ago adv. dringa-. cuina-. en . laes  . gwilith. again adv. appear v. mîl. n. inf. hûb. caul . maeth. back adv. ranc  . hûd. n. dagnir . deleb. bearer n. brôg. ah interj. glavra-. angle n. approach v. hast. assembly n. alas interj. anybody pron. gwirith . n. thenid. gwathel. inf. athwart prefix thar- . adj. prefix thar- . pân  II. thenin. gorthad . awartha-. certhas . associate n. ball n. answer n. v. urui. abhorrence n. bear n. falas . abundant adj. inf. barrow n. ovro. blebi. rûth . arm n. pen II. pennas. adj. arch n. lavan . abiding adj. anglenna- . auth. prestanneth. after prefix ab- . animal n. n. tad-dal  . inf. and adj. hathol . anger n. ovor. afar adv. cû . alive adj. presta-. thia-. rûdh . rîf  . edinor  . above prefix or-. inf. bark n. about prep. faeg  . blebi. thaur . abyss n. bank n. blab-. axe n. haust. awarth. autumn n. and conj. raw  I. n. adj. at prep. awful adj. abhorrent adj. battle n. ashen adj. io. buio. fang. andrann  . n. iphant  . dagro. inf. august n. aged adj. taur III. gwelu  . dambeth . presto. annals n. cordof . dangweth . trenarn. awakening n. lithui . affliction n. inf. alphabet n. across prefix ath-. affect v. prep. beard n. lithui . fuia-. lind  . bad adj. batter v. palan- . um. thaur . nae. abandonment n. beach n. dan . acute adj. gwelwen. lasbelin  . bald adj. prefix os-. v. dagor . beautiful adj. laeg  I. esgeri. cuino. allegiance v. affected pp. bach. abound v. anwar . bay n. lith . adj. a I. babbling part. inf. iâ . bennas. alone prefix er-. buia-. him I. cyll  . ad. prefix athra- . agile adj. all adj. glavrol. inf. april n. Sindarin dictionary 79 . ancient adj. abominable adj. ash n. babble v. glavro. dagra-. apple n. medli  . medlin  . n. n. prep. celeg . prestannen. and adj. against prep. bain  . amputate v. dan .ABANDON BED abandon v. delos. fem. article n. cuin. dringo. iaur . n. ovra-. ad. n. bane n. n. or. o II. osgar-. inf. account n. abroad adv. na . adj. inf. beat v.

salph  . pân I. sereg . tegi. car. masc. canopy n. gwaloth. gwarth. cram . n. bessain  . edlothiad  . adj. tuiw. n. dîs. tôr. tuilinn. dram  . naeth . toss. inf. raeg  . board n. n. sarnas. cû . blocked adj. blood n. boat n. bind v. bird n. aewen  . lunt  . 80 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . bond n. daedelu. glam . edonna-. thuia-. agarwaen . v. betrayer n. n. galu  . breitho. inf. hwest  . orthelian. adj. parf. rîw  . beneath prefix di- . n. hathol . heledir. breathe v. manadh. iant . blackthorn n. adel. beyond prep. brooch n. bud n. fael  II. blossoming ger. n. fem. prep. born pp. bow n. n. brilliant adj. birds adj. thuio. n. beech n. n. bolster n. n. n. n. boundary n. onna- . aglar . prep. brown n. birch n. nell. masc. thavron. bite v.BEDRIDDEN CANOPY bedridden adj. black adj. blessedness n. n. brother n. n. tang. caul . between prefix im- . n. border n. peng. blow n. baran . bull n. golf. taeg . elu  . brilliance n. bride n. brethil I. n. breeze n. rain  . bowed adj. gwador. n. agar  . bold adj. adj. bent adj. bread n. aew . n. tachol. bass  . lhûn. biting n. nelladel. caeleb. tavor. nedhu  . calendar ger. bast. cake n. n. dineth. filigod. builder n. brand n. behind prep. n. merilin. burden n. glan  . inf. n. blessings n. tafnen  . prefix thar- . adj. bitter adj. heria-. can- . morn . tog-. thûl. n. n. broadsword n. fêr. bloodstained adj. daer  II. n. breitha-. hathol . brethil I. n. by prefix an-. n. emlin. nod- . blossom v. naud. fem. gwedh. rhaw III. rhosg  . bowstring n. and adj. na . bush n. cand  . book n. athan . cûn. toss. drambor. edlothia- . bring v. onnen  . echad . tad-dal  . n. land II. broad adj. muindor. biped n. edrain  . alae . boss n. camp n. dolt II. tegilbor . gwanur. bliss n. genediad . bells n. n. v. saer. inf. n. cûn. beget v. breath n. blue n. fileg. cairn n. bridegroom n. herio heno. masc. gwedhi gwedi. fem. celair  . gwilwileth. n. min  II. ylf  I. bridge n. branch n. basgorn. inf. gwaedh. mund . gwerio. iâr. behold interj. broth n. blade n. glan  . gwend II. bell n. bound adj. butterfly n. n. nag-. break v. beren I. hwest  . adab. lembas . betray v. gweria-. begin v. bellowing n. building n. galu  . n. bassoneth  . body n. calligraphy n. call v.

confirm v. n. norn. tobo. countenance n. ulunn  . iau II. lant  I. othronn  . can- . fela. n. nautha-. crist. cleaver n. gaud. n. nedia- . rîn  I. tortha-. inf. baug. maen. raud  . hên II. echor . n. rath . cry v. v. n. child n. inf. n. gweria-. clever adj. chambers coll. hammad. caun I. n. ovras. rî . rant . adj. orthor-. corch. nallon . fem. crabbed adj. count v. conquer v. hoth . raug . contract n. sammath . clear adj. fân . tangada-. clothing ger. club n. crest n. cavernous adj. adj. noss . city n. n. thaw. puig. athrad . delio. ortheri. gwerio. helch. lim II. rustui . him II. bennas. contorted adj. gad-. yˆ r  . control v. inf. inf. fanui . n. n. adj. pp. clamor n. cleft n. laden  . cirith . gûr I. charm n. concerning prep. n. teli. thang . conui  . maenas. chain n. amloth . gath. corn n. courtyard n. uidafnen  .hamnia. corrupt adj. thanc. cave n. o II. tortho. cúron  . compulsion n. clasp n. tafnen  . hollen  . clearing n. post. daen. gonod-. doltha-. crowd n. converse n. rim I. corner n. criss. n. cleared adj. gamp. nedhu  . iau I. closed pp. nordh. curse n. linnathon . coll  III.CAPE CUSHION cape n. clean adj. corpse n. raen  . cool adj. delia-. tol-. rˆyn  . raeg  . mirian . carpenter n. conceal v. concealed pp. n. coin n. curu. cloud n. chaser n. heleth. faun. inf. n. n. core n. cheat v. cloudy adj. chamber n. clan n. raudh  . cover n. enedh . n. adj. cobweb n. inf. athrabeth . v. n. falch  . rond . cessation n. centre n. catch v. n. rhach  . 1st cold n. bund. thavron. cîl. gathrod. thîr . adj. cloak n. hab-. crowned n. norn. circular adj. n. dolen. athrado. compact n. inf. lhing  . craban  . adj. aronoded. canath . gaer  II. nass. gwaedh. copper adj. countless adj. v. angwedh. crooked adj. course n. balch. cunning adj. cushion n. v. n. n. cruel adj. chant 1st pers. sell. cord n. n. conceive v. ringorn  . lûth  . coru  . nalla- . ring . counsel n. ost . rust . Sindarin dictionary 81 . n. coat n. clothe v. athrada-. toba-. pand  . n. gowest. and adj. ûn. sam  . grond. hamma. adj. caras . rind  . sollen  . pers. contrivance n. claw n. adj. gedi. hûl. rend  . craft n. inf. enedh . crow n. circle n. crossing n. commanding adj. arnediad. ross II. come v. taew. n. adj. crown n. n. inf. esgal . tangado. cavern n. cû . cross v. creature n. gowest. crescent n. n. v.

sautha-. n. cardh II. gwathuirim . deprive v. nîd. dough n. môr . n. môr . district n. dear adj. limlug  . guruthos  . trann  . dog n. din n. fuia-. drain v. gador. december n. downwards adv. aníra- . dinhorde class pl. n. daddy n. guruth. gwanu  . band . gwanna-. arad. haew. n. gwanno. n. drink v. bartho. departed adj. n. doom n. amarth . v. rista- . diacritic n. esgeri. inf. dare v. delving n. goeol . disgust n. cugu. thang . gling. dusk n. inf. ôl. dirty n. v. adj. dusky adj. ada. achas  . fern. dry adj. disturb v. ceredir. soga-. daughter n. osgar-. draught n. denial n. gwann. mell. minai  . dauntless n. muin. adj. tofn. fuio. defile n. doomed adj. die v. n. penninor . doorway n. bartha-. doing ger. inf. demon n. 82 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . dû . dad. door n. dûr . dimness n. tyrn . gwann. glamhoth . deadly adj. dew n. tinnu. fuin . neitha- . deed n. adj. dark adj. dúath . divinity n. sellath . n. declivity n. distinct adj. risto . athrabeth . adj. delu  . n. aur . gwanno. detestation n. nûr I. dot n. custom n. girithron . device n. sogannen sogennen. aras . sigil I. gost. doll. darts n. gae. dangle n. inf. groth . v. telu. peg. masc. minuial . oltha-. n. hû. dungeon n. decripit adj. rest  . deprived adj. band . gwanna-. inf. dome n. moeas. raug . inf. inf. gaud. distant adj. dreadful adj. inf. dunlendings class pl. manadh. inf. parch. gasdil. n. darkness coll. n. deep adj. death n. pend. amlug. dadbenn. car- . duress n. rodon  . gwaur. presto. gaer I. dead n. bertho. do v. sogo. n. cycle n. dream n. distance n. depart v. daughters coll. ubed. n. delos. fem.CUSTODY DUSKY custody n. dawn n. adj. lang  . eirien . debate n. gûr II. fen . tadol. n. desert n. dragon n. cut v. mîdh mídh. dagger n. haered . balan . double adj. downs n. deer n. andrann  . thalion . n. adj. fennas . dread n. hador . dove n. sell. drunk pp. glam . pl. bertha-. damp adj. v. iell. desire v. fem. aglonn  . doer n. n. gwanath. eru. n. daytime n. neithan . hadron. dad. gurth . annon . down adv. presta-. barad I. day n. suith  . del. arad. morn . cared . gern. adj. n. cutlass n. n. doll. haeron . and adj. daisy n. ingem. downhill adv.

golodh . encircling n. onodrim . elleth . endurance n. n. iuitho. bara. pl. eternity n. edregol . entangle v. adj. edledhio  . inf. rhúnen . n. lathrada- . encampment n. gonathra-. class eminent adj. n. laegrim . aronoded. exclamation interj. class pl. arth  . inf. pl. aduial . inf. elephant n. methed . endure v. elvellon  . endless adj. n. meth. enter v. n. excavate v. lalorn  . n. estolad . ui. egol  . excavation n. lachenn  . amar. n. and evening n. onod . eighth adj. rhûn . n. edhellen . bronia-. panno. enemy n. hwinia- . laegel . elo . inf. adj. eight adj. lalf. ears n. n. lathra- . galadhrim . inf. n. n. n. thin. empty adj. ódhel . ellon . n. dwelling n. v. thoron . tangada-. panna. eyed adj. orchal . rosto. employ v. lith . echoing adj. class pl. inf. tawarwaith . n. nogothrim . embers n. v. calben . hadhodrim . num. thîr . pl. ethir I. dû . eddy v. envelope n. class exiled adj. edledhia- . minna- . heneb  . naug . dornhoth . exalted adj. eavesdropper n. adv. dartha-. pl. bronwe . adj. elder adj. edledhron  . einior . rosta-. dwell v. iuitha-. encouragement n. entanglement n. egladhrim . edhel . mad-. golodhrim . class pl. n. tolothen . dúnedhel  . n. eavesdrop v. eagle n. v. eglan . enlarge v. earth n. n. class exile v. inf. tangado. n. elf n. n. inf. telerrim . cerin . imp. elves n. fem. miniel . naugol. class pl. n. gonathras. coth. dwarf n. elvish adj. glamor. n. dwarves n. eternal adj. neledhia-. glamren. rîw  . tele. toloth. arnediad. nogotheg . class pl. lútha- . mistad  . class eye n.I. iathrim . cefn . hûl. cae  . groth . class pl. n. ear n. gódhel . lalven. hwinio  . minno . dortho. n. enmesh v. n. nogoth . ennorath . echor . n. mornedhel . ents class pl. far. medi. teler . n. annabon. n. end n. glinnel . farn. especial adv. class enchant v. n. n. coll. lathro  . edhelharn . errant adj. n. lalwen  . uireb. gonathra-. adj. dwarflet n. bar . pl. amrûn . bronadui. error n. groth . masc. estuary n. class expression n. nawag. raun  . thôr I. anfangrim . pl. east n. ast. eagles coll. lhewig. class pl. n. gódhellim . enclosure n. n. edlenn  . rhuven  . thoronath . dortha-. denwaith . n. pl. bronio. ent n. ódhellim . inf. lathron  . um. hall I. methen. elm n. iûl. earthen adj. lathrado  . n. ennor . coth. eager adj. heneb  . num. evair . v. n. class pl. echo n. hen II. inf. n. inf. eat v. enough adj. eastern adj. anfang. adj. establish v. evil adj.DUST EYED dust n. n. enmity n. uir. cofn. Sindarin dictionary 83 . mist. lhaw . n. pl. enduring adj. edge n. n. lost  . thinna-. and adj. naugrim . n. hadhod . danwaith .

paur . fine adj. tanc. tangado. talt. bain  . manadh. raew  . thenid. n. n. adj. lefnui . tauron . adj. iâth . sador  . nórui . v. 84 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . thinna-. fierceness n. siria-. an . lhê  . n. toltha-. adar . hithu  . thenin. february n. fear n. inu  . num. bˆyr  I. pathro. follow v. first adj. v. fate n. noss . adj. rein  . float v. n. eirien . faintness n. fane n. thora-. n. fantastic part. filament n. inf. haeron . parth . loth . v. firmament n. talf II. tharas. n. echil . imp. v. flowing adj. maidh. achas  . foam n. inf. fly v. hae  . finger n. footstool n. meril . festival n. ada. amarth . cail . edlothia- . foot n. mith I. flesh n. alfirin . meren. n. delu  . num. elanor . inf. n. n. forked adj. mallos . for prep. n. nîf. drambor. maetha-. fading n. panna. fight n. inf. n. v. lhind  II. bara. and adj. thanc. maidh. v. tellen. fiery adj. adv. fix v. fetch v. hwîn  . falf. forest n. maer. and adj. n. dannen. n. nínim. father n. fall n. penio. faithful n.FACE FORKED face n. flame n. aphad- . inf. inf. footprint n. loda- . goe . n. five adj. fierce adj. pel. nínui . tawar . adj. brêg brerg. tûg. taetho. lacho . firm adj. adj. and adj.II. faith n. danna- . thîr . revio  . n. fasten v. seregon . fang n. n. flow n. flowers n. thala. n. fence n. hethu  . avorn  . del. mereth . panas. tâl. gosta-. drego . hwiniol  . flap v. fair adj. niphredil . pathra-. talaf. v. flat adj. revia- . fathom n. menel . faltho. fael I. fenced pp. fade v. talu  . fish n. malu  . edlothiad  . lebed  . n. imp. echedi. naur . taur II. sirio. num. fifth adj. pelin . rhaw III. lim  III. ûr I. fallen pp. inf. n. dant I. peleth  . fawn adj. leben  . ninglor . niphred . inf. thoren. fist n. fallow adj. pôd. feast n. sadron  . faltha-. espalass. palan- . adj. ephel . blab-. trîw. flee v. n. n. drega- . n. n. tangada-. inf. feat n. amloth . food n. n. v. aphadon . female adj. flowering ger. fire n. maeth. n. ford n. fast adj. blebi. fenland n. far adj. cell  . flower n. brand. naur . taetha-. iaun. fashion v. n. inf. lacha- . echad-. lant  II. forester n. n. adj. fit adj. thoro-. festive adj. carch . field n. n. toltho. n. foggy adj. aphadrim . rib- . n. erui . athrad . mereth . gwaloth. cardh II. and adj. foaming n. n. aes. adj. followers class pl. fell adj. floor n. falling adj. bronwe . inf. n. family n. n. pân I. lô . follower n. bregol. n. hîth . fog n. v. v. fill v. adj. n. penia-. n. lach  . n. uilos . bregolas. fat adj.

dírnaith . calen . daer I. grass n. garth. garth. n. v. lain  I. free adj. fresh adj. talaf. glory n. glint n. green adj. n. glinna- . galu  . forsake v. former adj.FORMATION GULL formation n. fortune n. n. frog n. heledh . friendly adj. adj. glorify v. num. fur n. nan . suilannad . n. othronn  . cabed . from prep. galas. laeg II. gap n. giddiness n. garment n. cadu  . adj. dem. parth . full adj. iâ . grave n. glorious adj. aglar . annon . glîn . gelir . freeing n. fullness n. adj. n. gwael . daw. iaur . gold n. beleg . iau II. ger. leithian . gay n. ger. barad II. laeb  . gwaun. fox n. galad . imp. brith. n. gull n. fortress n. fort n. host. thâr. giddy part. n. suil  . germ n. heleth. girl n. eglerio . rem  II. goose n. orch . claur. tirio. fael I. gwend II. garland n. hwîn  . maew. helf. fem. inf. ant. awartha-. adj. tirnen  . good adj. giver n. meldir. v. friendship n. inf. glittering n. mˆyl . manadh. n. nîf. coron . hamp. mallen. gnomes class pl. gate n. ninglor . golden adj. gaze v. mith II. gleam n. egol  . suilad . silivren . aglareb . inc. n. inf. meldis. suila- . fem. n. grassland n. mellon . friend n. tinno. glîn . goblet n. gross n. naith . formed adj. thilia-. maer. great adj. inf. haudh . glass n. gorge ger. n. tiri. oneth  . forth prefix ed-. iell. tíriel . n. corn. gala-. forsaken n. gazing part. cabor. globed adj. milui. pant . gift n. globe n. inf. n. n. meren. n. golodhrim . rî . guess n. gateway n. goblin n. guarded pp. malthen. melch. eglan . n. hwand. generous adj. growth n. gloomy adj. ground n. canad. gael. o I. grey adj. sûl II. girdle n. dofn. glimmering adj. dîn II. greet v. n. gravel n. gore n. frequent adj. suilanna- . maur. adj. mithren  . tiria-. fennas . front n. n. laeg II. anno. fem. hwiniol  . grow v. tinna-. fungus n. thind . rusc . tirith . tiriel . and adj. pathred. sarch . four adj. anna-. adj. adj. n. thilio. inf. give v. masc. adj. elvellon  . n. egleria- . gulf n. guard n. gladden n. tir-. cîl. v. gazed perf. adj. mall  . gas. sell. ost . Sindarin dictionary 85 . greeting n. lest . gloom n. freed adj. fuin . côl. adj. greedy adj. glister v. malthen. n. n. eredh. galo. fem. cenedril. lain  I. glance n.

dring . hedge n. hobbits coll. thurin. rim I. healing ger. hem n. v. hasp n. hot adj. urui. hero n. hew v. gobennas. haven n. heaven n. tund. ganna-. hollow adj. thôl . n. hoth . toss. lond . gar-. menel . n. thalion . n. n. drava-. hair . nestadren . bar . hasta-. hall n. n. raudh . brand. romru . gorth . gannada-. ganno. lathron . n. n. inf. high prefix ara. ereg . hindmost n. fast. here adv. cum. inf. inf. havens coll. dam. hartha. halt imp. height n. n. n. toss. adj. gawa-. v. he pron. talf I. v. hair n. n. harp n. taen I. talagan . and adj. paur . hîl . adj. adj. drafn. thamas. dath. harass v.damna. n. adj. till. laba. perian . rosta-. halfling n. horn n. hard adj. n. hûn. dôl. n. n. gaul. inf.HABIT HOWLING habit n. adab. crum. hasto. gûr I. n. hope n. half prefix per-. laws . hole n. erchamui. gerin. honey n. car. horns n. halflings coll. handy adj. n. heir n. have v. deleb. hidden pp. hoth . and adj. gobel. gling. inf. norn. tarag. maed II. gweth. hill n. 1st pers. horde class pl. lond . ho. howling ger. harbour n. hewn adj. garo. harbourage n. în I. heap n. rosto. cam . howl n. n. gerin. v. n. delu . eregdos. n. holder n. damma. heart n. hateful adj. happy n. n. hideous adj. his adj. n. horror n. n. n. heal v. gorog . herth. post. 1st pers. home n. hook n. n. rasg . salab. taur III. forgam. gelir . gawad. tham. household n. n. hound n. helm n. inf. tharas. harthad . perian . gannel. eregdos. gas. n. ovras. heat n. n. dôl. n. n. celeg . n. hack v.. n. n. gannado. pennas. adj. periannath . rˆyn . rafn . adj. hawthorn n. athelas . garo. adj. crumui. camlann . n. hall II. nestad. amdir . adj. gar-. tîn . hammer n. glamhoth . n. v. dolen. dravo. hearer n. haew. n. cai . n. holly n. roch . erchamion . horse n. n. v. carab . ind. hassock n. ras . n. hang n. taew. historical adj. handed adj. del. adj. círbann . lonnath . n.. torech. hobbit n. adj. house n. brass. hat n. ûr I. n. goroth. hobas. periannath . gorgor . amon . adj. taew.. trasta-. host n. 86 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . harper n. n. horrible adj. gortheb gorthob. adj. n. hûb. heavy adj. nesta-. glî. gobennathren. pron. hand n. e . coll II. n. inf. girith . tele. estel . head n. n. gamp. sí . mindon. long . hûb. uanui. rîw . born . rom . hargam. hasty adj. n. perin. finnel. hop v. hold v. n. n. ger. history n. callon. medlin . daro . adj. fair II. herb n.

intelligence n. lampwright n. horn. n. lamentable adj. heb-! . language n. juicy adj. heryn ! . brona-. knot n. knob n. n. inf. talt. husband n. heleg. ice n. gell. n. brono. and adj. it pron. narwain! . n. intend v. n. nestag-. lhain ! II. last v. lake n. jaw n. n. fem. labour v. taur III. masc. farad . naer ! . lamentation coll. n. lay n. brennil. hummock n. isolated adj. keen adj. thoniel ! . ritha-! . v. n. paich ! . muda-. hiril. league n. adj. aeglos! . joyous adj. bronwe! . gwanur. in prep. saw. dadbenn. lasting adj. medui ! . faras. calar ! . rui ! . n. noss! . n. lend ! I. firen. ereb! . hebin ! . n. just adj. ha. pen ! I. had-. inf. n. fara-. impetuous adj. n. lass! . naw. insecure adj. idea n. isto. n. intelligent adj. ist. n. judge n. dolt II. icicle n. inf. laughter n. january n. inf. cerveth! . v. inf. n. tamma-. joy n. asgar. ger. nen! . june n. kinsman n. laugh v. hedi. lô! . iron n. naew. talath! . n. nírnaeth. ger. inf. jubilation n. hunters class pl. n. adj. n. lacking prep. and adj. badhor. knock v. rîn ! I. tog-. hunt v. insert v. talf! II. anc. and adj. tump. mírdan ! . athelas! . and adj. inclined adv. gûl! . faroth! . galenas! . n. caew. daur! . heledir. nardh. ritho ! . aran! . im! . hervenn. rui ! . adj. impetus n. adj. n. faron . prefix nedh. lamp n. fem. rim ! II. naergon! . july n. adj. taur I. baudh. jewel n. knife n. tammo tamno.HUGE LEAN huge adj. instead adj. adj. n. isle n. later prefix ab-! . ang! . bronadui. land n. jerk n. eithad! . king n. ill adj. milui. dartha-. masc. glaer. inf. n. kingsfoil n. alfirin! . nestegi. glass. lalaith! . carach! . kingfisher n. inside prefix nedh. fael! I. insult v. talad. journey n. hurl v. mudo. lean adj. lam! II. tol! . hannas. faro. lair n. n. I pron. alag. meren. kindred n. hunting n. lament n. kind adj. v. aronoded. Sindarin dictionary 87 . juice n. dôr! . feredir. 1st pers. ista-. judgement n. tol! . hump n. glîr. eitha-! . n. n. ael ! . hand. badhron. angren! . gellam. gwastar. thel-! . impelled adj. knotted adj. gorf. kinswoman n. island n. sigil I. faradrim. n. leaf n. n. echil! . fem. calardan ! . kindler n. lhaew ! . gorn. mîr! . fem. inf. arnediad. n. gwanur. n. keep v. immortal n. innumerable adj. tegi. laeg ! I. inc. knowledge n. gladha-! . sennui! . falathren! . conath! . ned! . âr. norn. lead v. pihen . tass. inf. mudas. torech. lady n. human n. nórui! . hunter n. rinc ! . incline n.

v. masc. n. gail I. golwen. meaning n. mirror n. mayor n. military n. n. tofn. n. n. mantle n. tiro" . prestannen. condir" . ael " .LEAP MONTH leap v. listen v. abonnen" . levi " . pl. adj. milui. adj. n. iaew. n. left n. cared . basgorn. brannon. n. ereb" . sabar " . cuil. lore n. glaur. crumui. n. v. monster n. mîl. and adj. tirio. letter n. lathro " . ceredir. enni" . elleth" . gwirith" . taen II. úan. imp. fem. mesh n. loud adj. orthor-. govannen" . may n. look n. n. class pl. maker n. me pron. uanui. learned adj. n. anu " . lothron" . mark n. n. men coll. ulunn " . adj. mocking n. n. lim" II. n. and adj. tithen. n. meleth. life n. making ger. make v. lovely adj. rem" I. n. thîr" . beleg" . masc. n. n. masc. male adj. hargam. n. live 3rd pers. raud " . adanath" . benn. tiri. n. n. prefix per-. hair " . adj. low adj. raw " II. lav-" . drû" . adan" . and 88 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . n. machine n. lasto" . masc. n. orchal" . aphadrim" . aphadon" . and magician n. prestanneth. adj. ist. n. lathrada-" . tofn. mastery n. cerveth" . mean adj. n. lofty adj. magic n. love n. anann" . lenited pp. taeg" . inf. lathron " . lust n. n. cenedril. taur III. met pp. crom. lowlying adj. govad-" . tinc. listener n. middle n. melethron. toss. gelir" . lathrado " . tûr. long adv. maple n. n. dîr. nin" . hîth" . hithui" . n. adj. masc. ger. lasta-" . coll " III. côl. gwaeron" . lover n. inf. mith I. imp. n. gûl" . moisten v. tiria-. inf. n. narwain" . hithlain" . habar " . v. land " I. melui" . n. adj. deleb. lath " . month n. echedi. faeg " . enedh" . n. delos. lode n. mist n. del. limmida-" . v. istui. angol II. masc. maelui " . mighty adj. tir-. mirian" . cuinar " . ortheri. dúnadan" . limit n. prefix gal-. meet v. lonely adj. pathu " . mere n. angol II. arth " . lathra-" . inf. gweth. n. tî. march n. n. inf. n. têw" . taeg" . taith " . gaud. and" . n. maid n. level adj. fem. drúadan" . adj. crum. master n. mine n. inf. leather n. cabed" . n. perin. adj. loaf n. inf. masc. n. monstrous adj. gollor. lion n. thel-" . girithron" . lord n. calad" . line n. seron" . little adj. light ger. herdir " . sell. man n. loving adj. loathsome adj. mael " II. n. lick v. hîr" . n. aes. echad-. v. andaith" . narbeleth" . gwaeron" . hîr" . dírnaith" . melethril. masc. fem. brand. loathing n. n. n. lhain " II. tê. manhood n. brui " . ivanneth" . rant" . pron. lenition n. meat n. ind. fem. cab-" . adj. money n. meagre adj. iell. lustful adj. v. metal n. lothron" . merry n.

n. need n. lû # . opening n. tû. esta-# . adj. amrûn# . forod# . v. older adj. fuin# . adj. mountaineer n. fem. taes. coron# . Sindarin dictionary 89 . glam# . narrator n. n. uin# . occasion n. and adj. narbeleth# . fem. out prefix ed-. adj. boe # . doll. mother n. noise n. adlant # . ûl. urug# . hithui# . n. new adj. tarag. novel n. môr# . n. numberless adj. n. n. gaearon# . oppress v.I. doron. adj. n. iphant # . and adj. n. north n. n. adv. n. caun# I. taen I. n. n. orodrim. thang# . thang# . bauglo. inf. arod# . imp. prefix ú# . mountain n. siniath. firieth# . nana. brûn. and noose n. n. adj. moon n. sain # . adj. eden. gwest. off interj. dúlinn. adj. nínui# . hell. n. mountains n. forodwaith. n. dôl. n. nˆyw # . impers. n. laden # . erin# . iarwain# . amon# . necklace n. n. pron. n. noble prefix ara-# . notion n. adj. cum. gûl# . nine adj. neder. n. mount n. gwî. gern. baugla-. nose n. pl. cant. night n. orc n. dîn II. nail n. n. sinnarn. adj. prep. ocean n. n. bauglir. class pl. class no prefix al-. brand. n. orient n. adj. november n. si# . myself pron. fair # I. orodben# . sigil II. rim # II. nightingale n. fíreb# . nem. aur# . northmen class pl. on prep. forodrim. adj. panno. odour n. brui # . oldest adj. oblique adj. rem # II. num. rem# I. glamhoth# . daw. tarlanc. muscle n. forn# . urui. n. n. mound n. ithil# . october n. egor# . ethir# I. n. move n. mortals coll.MOON OUTLINE adj. o# I. rinc # . lanc# I. iaeth. forodren. adj. forven. oppressor n. fíriel# . mouth n. n. my adj. n. one prefix er-. oppressive adj. gwain # . baur. n. nîn# IV nín. nórui# . news coll. noisy adj. now adv. number n. dû# . rodwen# . arth # . net n. n. iaur# . morning n. cúron # . orod# . nightfall n. aeglir# . baug. narrow adj. prep. dû# . n. orchoth# . adj. netted pp. panna. n. gwaedh. or conj. firion# . pl. naneth. gwanod. pethron. tund. not prefix al-. edra-# . iaur# . outcry n. merilin. nana. name v. bund. n. arphen# . n. masc. numerous adj. orcs n. obstinate adj. edro# . old adj. obscure adj. firiath# . neck n. outline n. naked adj. v. lim# I. adj. oak n. haudh# . hethu # . cerin# . remmen # . oppression n. of prep. min I. ingem. tinnu. mummy n. inf. arnediad. necromancy n. negative prefix ú# . ego# . neat adj. prefix ú# . agor I. morgul# . glamog# . n. inc. aegas # . oath n. mortal n. anim# . northern adj. orch# . puig. num. ned# . open v. pen# II. glam# .

plane n. cordof$ . tulu. thafn. telio. n. pain n. pin n. ecthel. adj. n. purpose v. elanor$ . pathway n. till. galas. pivot n. rîn $ I. gwaith$ . gannado. range n. queen n. both. ganno. raise v. eglerio$ . telia-. glawar. niben$ . pedlar n. peak n. pesseg. n. faeg $ . pale adj. n. n. nûr II. tarag. pillar n. v. aegas $ . n. quarter n. petty adj. pillow n. n. quench v. ael $ . thôn$ . galad$ . path n. erch I. berio. camlann $ . dîn II. lad$ . penetrating adj. pass n. post n. gannada-. poplar n. parent n. tegil$ . cail$ . n. masc. cirith$ . odhron. platform n. prop n. n. pippin n. pebble n. inf. pilgrim n. promontory n. property n. palm n. pondering adj. tachol. precipice n. eitha-$ . bereth$ . puddle n. naegra-$ . nasta-. n. n. dôr$ . pool n. n. rîs $ . rhass II. v. sern$ . sîdh. n. nimp. pen n. masc. v. eiliant . inf. or. powder n. far. cîl. maeg$ . glaw. bachor. v. peaks n. own n. egleria-$ . prince n. nen$ . radiance n. danwedh$ . ross $ I. ment. roval $ . cost. n. piercing adj. place n. pine n. adj. bâd. poem n. province n. tegol. inf. naegro $ . liniath . garn. pools coll. luithia-$ . poor adj. beria-. uluithiad$ . plant n. n. pimpernel n. talath$ . ortha-. peace n. randir $ . aglonn $ . thafn. seregon$ . plank n. odhril. pân I. inf. n. talf $ I. pit n. thind$ . ransom n. gael. pipe n. maidh. prefix thar-$ . ercho. inf. niphred$ . quite adj. people n. pelthaes. taur III. radiant adj. n. ercha-. post. fem. naith$ . glaer. quarrel n. maeg$ . n. talan$ . lond$ . n. prick v. ganna-. palisade n. permission n. pasture n. idhren. prison n. n. prone adv. luithiad $ . adj. n. tulus. cund $ . nasta-. dâf. n. lîr $ . plain n. n. pendrath. ortho.OVER RANSOM over prefix or-. puff n. race n. quenching ger. v. canath$ . sad$ . point n. naeg. n. pallor n. prickle n. daur$ . and adj. megor $ . nass. gador. inf. telien. passage n. protect v. 90 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . inf. mâl. ernil$ I. saew. n. faen $ . râd. nadhras. n. thel-$ . garn. imp. n. dadbenn. n. play v. caun $ IV. thela. glîr. adj. galenas$ . band$ . potter n. adj. overwhelming adj. n. mâl. rain n. nadhor. talath$ . hwest $ . prep. ninniach$ . lîn $ . both. poison n. cennan. pollen n. dath. aeglir$ . praise v. loeg$ . v. rainbow n. malu $ . pause n. rim $ II. n. pointed adj. n. balan$ . n. pinion n. power n. ardhon$ .

caun % IV. post. ravine n. adj. dar-. reunion ger. roofing n. refusal ger. sad adj. gweth. reap v. dôr% . rigid adj. n. inf. haeron% . v. n. half. ceber% . echuir% . rope n. ped-% . n. reek n. retain v. adj. n. n. adel. adj. critho. n. dambeth% . hûr. n. sennui% . rista-% . resolve v. leithian% . saving n. n. pedo% . gond% . leithia-. response n. reckon v. root n. rune n. tharn. n. rotten adj. telu. right n. rant% . adj. falch % . n. release n. recount v. gardh% . naru. solch. readiness n. hithlain% . adj. n. river n. certhas% . n. toba-. ruling adj. safe n. cell % . rise v. gaear% . rustling n. imp. tî. sîr% . adj. avad% . rushing adj. n. genedia-% . tele. n. glaew. iaew. îdh% . tobo. hae % . aer% . say v. reply n. adj. ortheli. resonant adj. inf. inf. certh% . gaer% III. gwaith% . narcha-. craban % . adj. gonod-. inf. n. gaer % II. n. band% . scratch v. sand n. rose n. respite n. n. raven n. scorn v. v. sanctuary n. haltha-. row n. v. reuniting ger. ruler n. tobas. gruin. coll I. v. ruddy adj. rath% . angerthas% . forgam. inf. inf. ringlet n. rock n. gaer % II. rond% . inf. gliri glin. raph % . n. n. round adj. men% II. laer% I. n. edraith% . deri. lhoss % . revio % . galad% . aearon% . seaweed n. thond% . remain v. aderthad% . rat n. asgar. lîr % . nen% . thel-% . narn% . iaun. ruin% . heb-% . n. osp. v. season n. dangweth% . n. adj. corn. conui % . repose n. post. n. îdh% . ridge n.RAPID SEAWEED rapid adj. noro% . sapless adj. inf. reunite v. celon. adj. n. nâr. naer % . reckoning ger. firith% . n. aear% . forn% . crann. loch % . n. sail v. rista-% . trenar-. arn % . ardh. ethuil% . n. adj. rhoss % II. caran% . ride imp. tong. meril% . adj. n. rip v. rear prep. inf. rochon% . orthad% . reflection n. iau II. thaw. rather adj. ardh. masc. risto% . rising ger. gaeruil % . sea n. region n. fair % II. red adj. saga n. riverbed n. rhibi % . eria-. n. pinnath% . riss % . royal prefix ara-% . rest n. ridges coll. ropes n. dem. n. screen n. revia-% . nûr % III. aderthad% . critha-. gaearon% . n. ortheli. haered% . iavas% . rider n. rîn% II. adj. regiment n. genediad% . sirion. ardhon% . seashell n. lith% . reluctance ger. roof inf. esgal% . born% . tîr. remote adj. adj. Sindarin dictionary 91 . adertha-% . rhîw% . alag. laws % . ethir% I. erio. uil. lagor % . n. sailor n. road n. recite v. running adj. salve n. remembrance n. duin% . eitha-% . risto% . realm n. rend v. n. n. tharn. cirion % . avad% . n. n. treneri.

lossen& . snowdrop n. simbelmyn n. snake n. secret adj. n. curu. dangen. inf. smith n. sing v. sister n. he. maed& I. shore n. n. adj. tírad& . penna-& . adj. silent adj. seem v. sinew n. six adj. v. lhind & II. caeleb. gwatho. shady adj. mûl. glûdh glúdh. adj. gwath& . ship n. slant v. inf. dae& . adj. shapely adj. slain pp. sky n. n. taew. lumren & . seing ger. num. slipping adj. hall II. slope v. adj. single adj. falas& . v. nínim. cordof& . muinthel. shipbuilder n. thangail& . n. hadlath. cened . shine v. dag-. path. fem. thurin. small adj. cant. num. skilled adj. shape n. maw. cen-. soil n. maed & II. laeg & I. shade n. aeglos& . paw. limlug & . cened . n. num. skin n. gwathren & . linnathon& . cadwor. odog. cirion & . giri. trîw. shortness n. adlanna-& . thand & . lum & . serpent n. thinnas. shaping n. nind & . slave n. gwathui & . inf. shire n. megor & . n. adj. shipman n. v. ritho & . 1st september n. linna-& . adj. shadow n. and adj. buio. flâd & . fem. n. silence n. moe. inf. slim adj. buia-. adj. shield n. adj. 92 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . dínen& . see v. slender adj. coll. fim & . adj. n. sight ger. n. snout n. thia-. lhaew & . edwen& . ithildin& . slay v. adj. inf. têw& . sickle n. masc. serve v. tírad& . gem. snarch v. shadowed adj. falathren& . and adj. gasdil. maen. seven adj. inf. num. niben& . cannas . n. mírdan & . thent& . sickly adj. adlann & .SECOND SOIL second adj. thêl. seventh adj. gliri glin. penia-. inf. odothui& . cerch. seeing ger. skill n. ger. adlanno & . silver n. cadu & . cef. lˆyg& lyg. nef& . shuddering n. linnon& . 1st pers. talt. n. cael. n. trannail & . n. sick adj. n. n. celebren. ivanneth& . lhîw & . estent& . talad. adj. hall II. trann & . n. niphredil& . sling n. can-& . set v. adj. maeg& . sickness n. mithril& . slayer n. fim & . ritha-& . círdan& . socket n. sign n. side prep. menel& . snowthorn n. dúath& . soap n. snowy adj. bund. gwath& . soft adj. penio. she pron. dîn& I. celeb& . shadowy adj. glam& . shouting n. slot n. inf. n. adj. shaped adj. n. shudder v. lhûg& . adlanno & . sharp adj. n. dagnir& . degi. smoke n. smooth adj. loss& . lhûg& . snow adj. slanting adj. thio. adj. v. lhaew & . minai & . n. eneg. guruthos & . pers. gwathel. celevon. osp. habad. short adj. gloss& . cair& . síla-. tû. girith& . tíra-& . rein & . adlant & . sloping adj. n. fem. uilos& . morchant & . seed n. eredh. adlanna-& . shout v. gwatha-.

gasdil. glîr. v. n. street n. giliath. sarn' . dorn' . tuio. morgul' . dûr' . naith' . split adj. stain n. haradren. misto. puio. adj. v. tara. spearhead n. tinu ' . n. v. n. n. tint. dîl. spider n. mista-. pelio. staple n. inf. gwath' . aerlinn' . dar-. speak v. spring n. sponge n. elenath' . stay v. laer' II. thanc. ionnath' . n. elenath' . puia-. gwaur. haradrim' . southrons class pl. celu ' . south n. sound v. adj. stiffness n. sprout v. n. dilio. splendour n. n. stench n. storm n. taer. haradrim' . n. tarias. stone n. deri. hadron. gildin. imp. n. stem n. spindrift n. ceber' . ethuil' . bereth' . v. gwatha-. gondram. n. adj. renia-' . starry coll. celu ' . pedo' . rein ' . renio ' . tuia-. dartha-. v. stirrup n. dîl. n. iôn' . sole n. eithel' . stopper n. glam' . n. adj. baradh. salph ' .SOILED STRENGTH soiled n. n. soldier n. nella-. sombre adj. spark n. inf. tû. ecthel. straying n. v. adj. n. othrad . speed v. daug. mael I. spell n. spirit n. pendrath. hortha-. eitha-' . somebody pron. faer' . masc. space adj. pelia-. land ' I. n. v. peg. gwaen ' . n. stars coll. spot n. n. maw. pen' II. stained adj. gond' . tuia-. thala. telien. stairway n. romru ' . dúven. staying adj. ethir' II. n. gwing' . rath' . straight adj. lond' . nasta-. n. hador' . v. lim' II. speech n. n. n. claur. nestegi. him I. coll. ped-' . steady adj. sons coll. stirring n. inf. caraes . gîl geil. spike n. stop imp. daro' . gilgalad. stopping n. taew. lhing ' . stiff adj. harn I. stopgap n. harad' . tellen. soup n. inf. inf. inf. edhelharn' . spray n. n. spit v. spread v. masc. sad' . spearpoint n. alagos. n. ceber' . song n. n. rû ' . spouse n. angol I. mistad ' . source n. tharn. êl' . steadfast adj. sticky adj. hwand. n. thû. sow inf. lhingril ' . n. mael I. lûth ' . tinu ' . ungol' . mân. ech. n. thala. redhi ' . n. inf. stick v. pathu ' . son n. echuir' . inf. deri. gwatho. inf. ion' . stab v. n. and adj. n. inf. spririt n. sparkling adj. steep adj. spikes n. hîw. stake n. n. spy n. inf. spear n. stalwart adj. tuiw. southerners class pl. gwing' . adj. starlight n. gwass. dortha-. n. aith. nestag-. sport n. n. tolog. tafnen ' . avorn ' . carag. stray v. sern' . spoor n. tîr. gûl' . and adj. n. strength n. dortho. gîl geil. n. dilia-. sorcery n. daur' . thela. gondrafn. inf. spears n. stopped adj. echuir' . n. tuio. southern adj. Sindarin dictionary 93 . bellas. part. telch. star n. talraph ' . dar-. strait n. míriel' .

n. throat n. strong adj. thick adj. thousand adj. breged. an( . swallow n. adlann ( . trenar-. inf. study n. nauth. prep. n. talath( . num. trî. magor( . êg. support n. alph( . pent II. crist. mûl. syrup n. summer n. v. inf. n. n. sweet adj. neled. nórui( . bronad . goeol( . le( . thought n. bach. lath ( . gwesto. tie v. tearful adj. tulu. superior adj. sunny n. thee pron. paich ( . adj. taetha-. pigen. survival ger. stuffing n. threshold n. dram ( . sufficient adj. thatch n. brona-. swell v. tell v. adj. task n. stunt v. hador( . lhain ( II. tear n. adj. tong. tuilinn. tass. tidy adj. n. survive v. adj. n. heltha. bragol( . adj. v. megil( . inf. tithen. torment n. n. ind. n. sword n. sudden adj. groga-( . taus. tuio. godref . donn. n. idhor ( . nad. surface n. there adv. thôr II. mudo. tooth n. nêl. stronghold n. adj. nîr. three adj. thin adj. nîd. teeth n. thrower n. prep. terrifying adj. lanc ( II. swan n. remmen ( . meneg ( . sunlight n. carag. fen( . baran( . to prep. thoughtfulness n. hithlain( . tong. treneri. tuia-. nîn II. n. swooping adj.STROKE TORRENT stroke n. swear v. bell ( . gûl( . oll. idhren. brono. prep. torrent n. caw. orchal( . and adj. mudas. dîl. 94 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . through adv. and pron. n. terror n. swarthy adj. gwanod. godref . taur III. ereg( . magol. puig. baul. summon v. adj. thing n. hast. palath. tale n. ten adj. annûn( . n. n. tight adj. lam( I. inf. prefix gwa-( . thorn n. aur( . othronn ( . tond. n. goe( . n. thirtieth adj. tomb n. i( . top n. swift adj. masc. n. num. sen ( . anann( . the art. num. muda-. lang ( . sinnarn. thoughtful adj. pathu ( . sward n. sunset n. celeg( . ennas( . inf. n. n. trenarn. far. tûg. siniath. toltho. nelchaenen( . carch( . faug. swart n. anc. gwesta-. thirsty n. tidings coll. together prefix go-. Anor( . glawar. v. tall adj.helta. thórod. gonod-. inf. thread n. nasta-. tongue n. toltha-. num. inf. hadron. suddenness n. prefix tre-. lend ( II. tilted adj. throng n. n. na( . time adv. lû ( . lain ( II. laer( I. donn. o( I. ost( . nod-( . n. swordsman n. taen II. thrall n. taen I. tangled pp. this adj. sum v. lagor ( . n. sun n. taut adj. haudh( . sublime adj. tiny adj. orchal( . though n. níniel niniel. adv. summit n. caer. toil v. narn( . terrify v. n. bregol. lhê ( . thrust v. gruitha-( . taetho. nuitha-( .

wander v. hannas. ann-thennath) . gorf. mallorn) . uphill adv. dar-. wall n. adv. lind ) . veil n. true adj. n. balan) . erthad ) . hwinio ) . dartha-. rein ) . batho. fêr. vein n. tyrannous adj. uial) . us pron. lalf. urge v. masc. tû. brethil) I. pron. troop n. tûr. gwanunig) . dorn) . tuneful adj. n. trust n. rom) . triumphant adj. randir ) . twisted adj. athrado. n. uproar n. trevedi. mindon. traverse v. under prefix di-) . naith) . mîr) . revia-) . n. n. virginity n. gowest. trevad-. n. tyrant n. n. inf. twins n. tress n. vigilance n. iâ) . inf. trade v. caun II. adj. lend ) II. inf. fân) . useful adj. nu) . prep. bˆyr ) I. iuitho. inf. twitch n. inf. asgar. n. orn) . tree n. n. Sindarin dictionary 95 . union ger. unite v. n. n. trick n. v. n. taur III. lalwen ) . acharn) . râd. minai ) . trouble v. iuitha-. torog) . vast adj. tathar) . inf. n. herth. nuin) . Vala n. bregol. gell. n. nelthil. n. adj. twilight n. glam) . inf. victory n. n. tara. triangle n. gwanûn) . tulus. vassal n. v. viscous adj. tinnu. n. gaw. rant) . n. n. ram) . deri. v. norn. hîw. gellui. revio ) . v. ambenn. presto. ertha-) . unique adj. gweneth. trumpet n. veiled adj. rû ) . am. n. wain n. n. imrath) . n. violent adj. mist. lalven. adj. n. trusty adj. gwanunig) . ambenn. hwind ) . rodon ) . n. twirling adj. understanding n. prep. cofn. troll n. ammen) . breged. hethu ) . thenid. athrada-. troth n. upon prep. hall II. imlad) . v. gwaedh. uniting ger. valour n. tower n. twin n. tolog. two adj.TOUGH WANDERING tough adj. n. inf. na) . n. rach ) . unquenchable adj. town n. treaty n. gobel. thôn) . num. track n. vessel n. rodwen) . hortha-. am. ereg) . thenin. n. gweth. vague adj. n. tarias. understand v. treasure n. triumph n. lamath) . tum) . iuith. n. trill v. tune n. vigour n. an) . uluithiad) . henia-. baug. wandering n. batha-. eregdos. ylf) II. calph ) . void adj. maer. n. hwinia-) . bôr bór. inf. henio. gobel. toughness n. men ) I. tâd. pada-) . n. bâd. linnod) . ritho ) . hûr. use n. lebethron) . walk v. trasta-. up prep. galadh) . minas) . n. bauglir. n. n. towards prep. toss. n. virgin n. fîn) . wanderer n. lad) . voices coll. n. verse n. am. n. wait v. rinc ) . lalorn ) . presta-. esgal) . erthad ) . inf. nan) . gwaith) . n. tirith) . rinc ) . banga-. ost) . twirl v. ritha-) . imloth) . pl. upwards prep. violence n. n. vengeance n. gliri glin. village n. trample v. n. estel) . barad) II. gwanur. prep. valley n. n.

west n. woe n. adj. neth. dess. na* . n. roval * . fain* . lhing * . inf. tharn. adj. n. fem.WAR YOUTH war n. taw. ah* . wolf n. tawar* . westmansweed n. peth* . n. iest. n. rhaw II. bess* . gaurwaith* . wife n. gern. n. wet adj. wrong v. adj. wedge n. hervess. maethor. n. rhoss * II. n. galenas* . adj. brassen. wield v. n. adj. yoke n. v. wound v. n. adj. youth n. galenas* . waterfall n. tharbad* . prefix an-. adv. rado. window n. fem. without prefix ar. tathren* . drúadan* . pen * I. withered adj. fem. n. brêg brerg. n. eryn* . adj. rhovan * . haru * . faen * . n. men* II. hwinio * . pl. well n. nîth. wish n. hwiniol * . warrior n. n. warm adj. lhoss * . dûn* . nimmida-. winter n. gaurhoth* . nath. rafn * . fem. tawaren. drû* . raeg * . mae* . gwaith* . rhîw* . hwinia-* . tavor. harna-. prep. gwî. watery adj. bess* . part. tathar* . wild adj. wounded adj. nínui* . tirn . young adj. n. wooden adj. idhren. gaurhoth* . glân * . naeth* . laug * . nen* . goll. n. draug* . pelin . nimp. world n. whisper n. ithron* . lanthir* . watch v. harno. ware n. tiria-.I. glam* . n. wright n. malen. adj. inf. wily adj. tê. n. adj. curunír* . auth. ennin I. n. n. dî. hwind * . taw. n. eru. mesg. tiri. inf. wose n. nîn* III. drúath* . pâd * . year n. n. wide adj. gloss* . fem. n. n. wise adj. woven pp. waste n. daug. nîd. golwen. willow n. prep. gaur. henneth* . watcher n. nen* . silivren* . webster n. word n. adj. wool adj. ir* . bach. tortha-. whirl v. limp * . tirio. n. werewolves class pl. annúnaid* . inf. annûn* . fem. neitha-* . wreath n. web n. adj. adj. tirith* . werewolf n. wind n. ardhon* . whirling adj. water n. worn adj. wilderness n. othlonn * . adj. adj. n. n. woman n. n. wood n. nîn* III. adj. western adj. idhrinn * . remmen * . nend. athrad* . n. 96 Hiswelókë – Special issue no 1 . adaneth* . westron n. masc. penninor . arwen * . în II. white adj. naith* . withering n. waterland n. woodpecker n. ûr II. woses coll. nîr. uilos* . n. gaul. adj. nathron. teitha-. with prep. land* II. coru * . neithan* . n. yellow adj. tir-. teitho. n. fem. harn II. whiten v. taur* II. and within prefix im-* . adj. rî* . adj. wronged adj. inf. tortho. rada-. nathron. wing n. ianu * . pann II. eithel* . weeping n. wizard n. when adv. rhavan * . inf. and adj. sûl* I. inf. weed n. garaf. n. n. thavron. way n. n. annui* . glad* . n. yelling n. gardh* . peleth * . v. gwaew. n. woollen adj. write v. class weaver n. n. sael* .

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