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10 Week Challenge
nUTRITIOnal Plan

TAble oF CoNTeNTs 2
Disclaimer 3
Introduction 4
About your nutritionist Nikolett Toth 5
Note from F45 Celebrity Trainer Luke Istomin 7
F45 Rules 8
Breakfast 9
Protein 11
Protein Sources 12
Portion Sizes 13
Fats 14
Dairy & Milk Products 14
Carbohydrates 15
Fruit 17
Complex Carbohydrates Fibrous & Non-Starchy 18
Condiments & dressings 19
Soups 19
Insulin 20
Gluten 22
Organic Produce 22
Alcohol 23
Artificial Sweeteners 23
Water 24
Sleep 24
Accelerate Days 25
Fibre 26
Planning Ahead 26
Snack Options 27
Supplements 28
Important advice 30
Starting Point 31
Daily Food Journal 32
F45 Daily Checklist 33
End Point 34
Shopping list 35
DIsClAImeR 3
The information provided in this manual does not constitute as medical advice.
Consult your health care professional to ensure this plan is right for you before
commencing this program.
If you decide to not obtain the consent of a health care professional throughout
the duration of the program using these recommendations in the program, you are
agreeing to accept full responsibility for your actions.
This nutrition program is not suitable for vegetarians or individuals with diabetes.
If you have any known allergies or intolerances, please consult you health care
professional to ensure this program is suitable for you.
WelCome To The F45 10 Week ChAlleNGe
ARe you ReADy FoR ThIs?
We hope so, because at F45 we have created this challenge to help you significantly improve
your bodys composition in just 10 short weeks.

We are thrilled to launch this program that will help you achieve your fitness goals with the
support of world-class personal trainers and a dedicated nutritionist at your fingertips.

We know that losing weight is generally a simple task, but it is not always easy. The reality is
that if it were easy, we would do it on our own. The good news is that at F45 we have created
a system for you to succeed and are partnered with you to help you achieve your goals.

At F45, we have built a system that when followed properly, will not only make you look
better than ever before, but will change the way you feelevery single day.

ThIs ChAlleNGe Is FoR people Who WANT To:

lose body fat
Increase lean muscle mass
Increase definition
Improve cardiovascular fitness
Improve blood sugar control & digestion
Increase energy levels
In addition to all of these benefits, you can expect clearer skin, and feeling
healthier and more revitalised than ever before.

If you are ready to get serious about your training and nutrition this
challenge is for you!
some poINTs To NoTe:
We have created this booklet to help you achieve maximum body fat loss in just 10 weeks,
while increasing lean muscle mass and definition.
This is your own personal Fitness and Nutrition journal, which was designed to help you track
your progress over time.
To help accurately track your progress and identify the winner of this challenge, we are using a
Dexa scan, which is the most accurate tool to determine your body composition and to measure
body fat. The challenge you will be facing is to lose the most amount of body fat over a period
of 70 days.

AbouT NIkoleTT ToTh

Nikolett Toth, F45s Nutrition expert will be sending you
useful advice throughout the challenge. Information
such as what are the best foods to eat before your
workout, how to curb cravings, and how to accelerate
fat loss.

Nikolett is a nutrition therapist, personal trainer and

wellness coach. She chose the field of health &
wellness four years ago because she is passionate
about helping others become the fittest and
healthiest version of themselves. She has
competed in an INBA fitness competition, which provided her with a great
understanding about changing someones body composition in a short
period of time. She contributes to health blogs, magazines and presents
on a radio talk show weekly as the health and fitness expert. She is
available to answer any questions regarding the F45 10 week Challenge
on our Facebook page.
F45 FACebook suppoRT pAGe
Please visit and like our F45 10 week Challenge Facebook page by clicking here.

Introduce yourself and state your goals for the challenge. At F45 we love hearing
about what drives you and what motivates you to keep going. Perhaps youve got a
wedding later this year, or you want to tone up for summer? Maybe you just want
to be at your healthiest and perform confidently every single day?

We believe its important to state your goals out loud for all to hear.

What drives you? Tell us about it on our Facebook page.

Make sure to like the page so we can continue giving you motivational tips,
recipes and info to boost your progress.

In the meantime, please become familiar with this guide. Print out your daily
checklist and food journal. Then stick them on your fridge as a reminder to help
you stay on track, and away from your house mates leftover pizza.

TRACk youR pRoGRess AND AChIeve youR GoAls!
A NoTe FRom F45 CelebRITy TRAINeR luke IsTomIN 7
sTRIve FoR exCelleNCe, NoT peRFeCTIoN.
You may have heard the saying, You can learn more in defeat
than in victory. From my experience I believe this to hold true.

Often, our experiences that initially appear to be setbacks actually

become powerful tools that propel us forward! Recognising these
setbacks as challenges allows us to avoid wasting time and energy
that would otherwise be spent lamenting our mistakes. Instead,
view every setback as an opportunity to improve.

Aiming for perfection is a near-impossible goal. Striving for perfection

is often a trap, which can create undue pressure, setting us up for
failure from the start. We create unrealistic goals for ourselves,
potentially leaving us feeling discouraged if those ambitions arent
fully achieved. This can subsequently limit our performance.

Rather than striving for perfection, I encourage you to strive for excellence, which
simply involves doing things to the best of your ability. Set achievable goals and most
importantly, allow room to make mistakes and accept those results - whatever they may
be. This doesnt mean lowering your standards, but instead opening yourself up to be
the best that you can be.

As you embark on the journey, remember to focus on the achievable goals. Reward
yourself for small milestones, and provide yourself with room to learn from any mistakes.

ARe you ReADy AND exCITeD yeT? leTs GeT To IT!

For the next 10 weeks CHALLENGE yourself to train harder, eat cleaner, move
faster and have a specific purpose. This will enable you to be to be in the
best possible physical and mental shape of your life.

The training will push you to your physical limits.

Ensure to provide your body with the right fuel to maximise fat burning
and build lean muscle for the remaining 23 hours of each day.

You may have heard that nutrition is the key to weight loss.
Indeed, 80% of your success has to do with what goes into your
body. The choice is yours.

FooD Rules 8
For the fastest and best way to convert your body into a fat burning machine during this
challenge, F45 recommends you to:

eat every 2-4 hours to keep blood sugar levels stable, stimulating metabolism, and burning more body fat
Consume 1-1.5g protein per kilogram of body weight to maintain and build lean muscle
keep carbohydrate intake to 50-100g per day to minimize insulin production and crank up fat
eat protein with every meal to balance blood sugar levels and avoid cravings
Consume healthy fats and avoid trans fats trans fats cause inflammation in the body and increase your
risk for heart disease and stroke
plan your meals fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It is easy to make the wrong choices if you dont
have your meals planned out. Always have a small amount of nuts or a can of tuna in your bag for
emergencies, so you dont have to go hungry or grab an unhealthy option
The most important rule is to cut out the C.R.A.p. simple Carbohydrates, Refined sugar, Alcohol
and processed foods
So lets get started with the powerful foods that you should eat, shall we?
bReAkFAsT 9
sTART youR DAy by DRINkING Breakfast should be the most exciting meal of the
day. You wake up a little hungry and seek immediate
400ml oF WATeR FIRsT ThING satisfaction through food. We know the routine but
lets go over some critical points to make your mornings
IN The moRNING AFTeR you energizing before you even take your first bite of food for
the day.
WAke up, WITh A FResh
A healthy liver is the first step to successful weight loss.
lemoN squeezeD IN IT Start your day by drinking 400ml of water first thing in
the morning after you wake up, with a fresh lemon
squeezed in it. This will help cleanse your liver and kick start your digestive function,
prepping you for successful fat burning throughout the day. Wait 20 minutes before your
first meal!

Breakfast is an important meal. Since the type of breakfast you eat determines how your
body burns calories for the rest of the day, it is vital that you not only have breakfast, but
choose a savoury breakfast containing protein and healthy fats that will keep you full longer.
This ensures that your body is functioning as a fat burning machine for the rest of the day.

By eating a fat and protein-based breakfast, you can stabilize your blood sugar
levels and keep cravings at bay. This will avoid the mid afternoon slump many
people struggle with. Breakfast meals consisting of sugary cereals and processed
carbohydrates will only make you crave more carbs later in the day, because of the
blood sugar spike and the insulin response it creates.

Research shows that eating a carbohydrate-rich breakfast can decrease the

efficiency of the body when dealing with sugar for the rest of the day.

Eggs, egg whites, ham, nuts, seeds, avocado, full fat cottage cheese, Greek
yogurt, turkey, tuna and smoked salmon are all great options.
bReAkFAsT 10
bReAkFAsT meAl IDeAs:
2 eggs + 1 egg white omelette and avocado with a handful of fresh rocket
smoked salmon and vegetable frittata
Cottage cheese with cinnamon, blueberries, chia seeds and chopped walnuts
smoked salmon, avocado, grilled tomatoes, olive oil & a handful of brazil nuts
bacon & eggs with sauted spinach and mushrooms
soft boiled eggs rolled in turmeric Dukkah with baby spinach, cucumber, capsicum and a handful of
Full fat Greek yogurt with mixed berries, chia seed, flex seed & sunflower seeds, topped with cinnamon

The meAT & NuT bReAkFAsT:

Believe it or not, this is where the magic happens. This is your best option if you want to
see results FAST.

The meat and nut breakky is becoming more and more of a mainstream dish in
the fitness world, due to the many benefits it offers.

Dont let the fact that your breakfast plate looks like most peoples dinner plate
discourage you. You will start noticing the amazing results such as rapid fat
loss, decreased cravings, increased insulin sensitivity, more satiety almost
immediately. If you want to kick your carb cravings forever, I encourage you to
introduce the meat and nut breakfast into at least a couple of your mornings
per week to see how you feel afterwards.

meAl IDeAs:
Turkey burgers with brazil nuts
Grass fed steak with walnuts & pecans
kangaroo cooked with coconut oil, served with raspberries and cashews
Juicy chicken breast with hazelnuts or pistachios
pRoTeIN 11
Proteins are critical ingredients in every cell in the human body and provide building blocks
to increase muscle and repair tissue. To say that protein is important is an understatement.

Of all macronutrients, protein promotes the most satiety, making you feel fuller for longer.
It also provides the benefit of keeping your blood sugar levels stable as opposed to most
processed foods and carbohydrates.

During this program, your protein needs will be approximately 1-1.5g per kg of body weight.

For example: a 70kg male would need to eat 70-105g protein per day.

To give you an idea, 100g of chicken breast has about 23g of protein.

Bear in mind that your body can only absorb about 20g of protein per meal, so there is no
need to overdo it. More is not always better.

A great strategy with regards to healthy eating is to aim for protein sources with a higher
satiety rating during the hours that you normally feel hungry and this will differ from
individual to individual. Some tend to have a greater appetite around lunchtime, others
may feel hungrier at dinner due to differing lifestyles and hours of activity. Strategically
combat this tricky time of hunger with the right selection of protein sources. Smart
protein choices such as lean beef as opposed to chicken breast or salmon as
opposed to barramundi will allow you to feel fuller for longer.

Protein powders can complement your workout, and are an acceptable source of
protein in addition to your meals, and can occasionally replace a meal whilst on
this plan. However, most protein powders are loaded with artificial sweeteners
and additives so be mindful and read the labels of your powders. We highly
recommend using only natural brands. Watch out for my updates, as I will
be suggesting some of my favourites.
pRoTeIN souRCes 12
beef seAFooD:
Chicken (breast and Thighs) Fish
light ham Crab
Turkey lobster
veal oysters
pork Tenderloin prawns
egg White
eye fillet or sirloin steak
poRTIoN sIzes 13
To keep things simple, you should use your own hand as a guide as to how much you
should eat for each meal.

Just remember the picture below as a general guideline:

For meat/pork, use the inside of your palm. With poultry, use half of your hand. For fish/
seafood, utilize the size of your entire hand.
FATs 14
As opposed to what most is widely believed to be true, fats are not the enemy.

In fact, small amounts of healthy fats can and should be included with every meal to achieve
satiety and maintain health. Cooking with coconut oil is your best option. It is absorbed and
provides many health benefits such as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities.

If you dont enjoy the flavor of coconut, go for expeller-pressed or refined coconut oil, (both
can be purchased in health food stores) which are still healthy but dont have any taste.

For dressings only use extra virgin olive oil (EVO), almond oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil or
safflower oil. However do not heat these oils or theyll become rancid. For example, extra
virgin olive oil can lose almost all of its healthy nervous and cardiovascular system benefits
when its overheated. Thats right the process of heating oils can cause the fats to become
carcinogenic. This is why you should either cook with them using only low heat, or use them
as they were meant to be added to salads cold.

1-2 teaspoons of oil
- avocado
small handful of 10-15 nuts (30g)

DAIRy & mIlk pRoDuCTs:

We recommend keeping dairy to an absolute minimum during this challenge.
Only consume natural greek yoghurt (Jalna or Chobani are good brands)
and cottage cheese, which can be used as snack or breakfast options.

youR seRvING sIzes:

cup natural greek yoghurt
cup Cottage cheese
CARbohyDRATes 15
Despite all of the bad press, carbohydrates (carbs) play a vital role in our health, providing
energy for our bodies. Our body turns carbs into glucose and uses it for energy, or stores it
as glycogen for later use. When not used, carbs will be stored as body fat.

As a matter of fact, the bodys preferred source of energy is glucose. It takes a conscious
effort to force the body into using its fat reserves for energy rather than glucose.

To avoid carbohydrates being stored as body fat, it is important that you stay between the
recommended carb intake of 50-100g/day during this challenge. This will ensure that your
body can tap into its fat stores and launch you on your way to effective weight loss.

Not all carbs are created equal. There are two types: simple and complex.

Simple carbs are broken down by the body very quickly, and are found in the following:

Fruit, milk, veggies and refined processed foods such as table sugar, products with white
flour, honey, milk, yoghurt, candy, chocolate, fruit, fruit juice, cakes, jam, biscuits,
molasses, soda and packaged cereals.

While fruit & veggies have vitamins, minerals and fibre, these refined foods have zero
nutritional benefits. Eating them only makes you crave more carbs later due to the
blood sugar spike and the insulin response it causes.

Complex CARbs suCh As:

Green & starchy vegetables, whole grains and legumes are rich in fibre, and are
satisfying and promote health.

The problem with todays modern Western diet is that it is very high in
carbohydrates, which doesnt allow the body to switch from burning
carbs for energy, to efficiently utilising body fat. You can switch your
body to fat-burning mode by cutting out refined carbs, and substituting
them with a small amount of fresh fruits and generous amounts of
CARbohyDRATes 16
Remember to keep full on nutritious meat, fish, nuts, seeds and eggs, which are more
satiating. To achieve this:

Consume non-starchy green veggies with every meal

limit fruit intake to 1 piece per day and consume it in the morning or even better post-training
have 1 serving of a starchy veggie during the day (sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, carrots,
beetroot or peas to help you remember veggies which grow underground are generally starchy)
Dont eat carbs after 4-5pm to avoid fat storage
If you wish to track your exact calories, I recommend the free app Myfitnesspal, which
will not only add up your daily calories, but breaks them down into macronutrients
such as fats, carbs and protein ratios.
FRuIT 17
Fruit must be limited to only one serving per day during this 10 week period. Selecting
from these fruits will give you the advantage to achieve your goals much faster.

After the challenge is over or when you have achieved your goal physique, you may
have another serving at lunchtime with a protein-based snack.

Green apple 1
Apricots (fresh)
berries (of all kinds!)
blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, Raspberries, strawberries) cup
Cherries 1 cup
Grapefruit 1
kiwi fruit 1
lemons/limes unlimited!
Nectarine 1
peach 1
pear 1
Tangerine 1
You should be eating fresh fruit only, with no dried fruit in your diet! Dried
fruit is essentially fresh fruit with all of the water removed, and sugar
added, leaving it with a much higher sugar content!
Complex CARbohyDRATes FIbRous & NoN-sTARChy: 18
Enjoy unlimited (yes, seriously) servings and sizes of these yummy veggies at lunch
and dinner during this challenge.

Alfalfa sprouts leek

Artichoke lettuce
Asparagus mushrooms
broccoli onions
brussels sprouts peppers / Capsicum (green & Red)
Cabbage Rocket
Celery salad greens
Cauliflower spinach
Cucumber squash
eggplant Tomato
endive zucchini
Green beans

Dark green vegetables are the highest in nutrients, and as discussed earlier, are
lowest in calories. It doesnt just end there. Dark green vegetables also aid
digestion. This is an important variable considering we are consuming protein
at every meal. Improved digestion equals better absorption of nutrients,
and yields REDUCED LIKELIHOOD OF FAT STORAGE! Minimize your intake
of carrots to three times per week during the challenge.
CoNDImeNTs & DRessINGs 19
Try to limit your condiments to a minimum and be sure to keep them natural. Dont
be overly worried about having a little dressing on your salad. Remember to focus on
the whole quality of your meals, rather than on the miniscule details. A bit of dressing
wont make or break your overall results (unless you plan to be in the single digit body
fat figures), but remember the 10% rule. STAY AWAY from creamy white dressings
and mayo! They can be a disaster and can sabotage all your weight loss efforts. Opt
for apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon/lime juice, 1 tsp olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, red
wine vinaigrette and mustard.

Soups are definitely allowed, but remember, they MUST contain both protein and
vegetables. For example, pumpkin soup is not an acceptable meal, but a beef and
vegetable soup is. Get creative with your spices and fresh herbs. Soups have a high
satiety rating so feel free to add it to those meal times, which tend to leave you feeling

Complex CARbohyDRATes - sTARChes

sweet potatoes 1 cup or cup (mashed)
onions 1/3 cup
beets 1 cup (sliced)
yam cup cubed
parsnips 1 cup (sliced)
pumpkin 3/4 cup (mashed)
butternut squash cup
Turnip 1 cup (sliced)
INsulIN 20
Insulin is a very important hormone that plays a key role in the regulation of blood
sugar. When blood sugar goes up after eating a meal, your pancreas secretes insulin
to bring it back down to normal. Certain foods such as processed carbohydrates and
sugar force the body to produce more insulin; hence, they should be avoided during
this program. High insulin equals higher fat storage.

When your insulin levels rise due to excessive intakes of carbohydrates, your body
is then sent a hormonal message to store fat, while even holding on to the fat that
is already there. So not only will excess carbohydrates hold back all your weight loss
efforts, but over time you become more and more insulin resistant, and will eat even
more without feeling full.

Note: It is worth mentioning that your body can only produce a certain amount of
insulin over a lifetime. When you run out, you are on your way to type 2 diabetes and
insulin injections.

To minimize your insulin production, avoid the following refined


Sugar, white flour, pasta, pastries, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, sugary

breakfast cereals, white breads, coffee, alcohol and sweetened drinks.

For those struggling with decreased insulin sensitivity, I recommend to never eat
carbohydrates alone. But how do you know you have insulin resistance? The
results will show on a simple blood glucose test ordered by your GP.

Additional signs and symptoms indicating you may have a problem with insulin

Weight gain (especially around the back and midsection)

Difficulty concentrating (foggy brain)
Again, the bad news is that this insulin resistance can develop
into prediabetes or type 2 diabetes; the good news is that it is
absolutely possible to reverse this with lifestyle change, exercise
and a suitable dietary approach.
INsulIN 21
Most importantly remember, when eating carbs, consume equal amounts of protein
with them. This way, you can ensure that the release of sugar into the blood stream
slows down and you are not triggering such an intense insulin response. Plus with the
added protein, it will satisfy and keep you feeling fuller for longer periods of time.

Cinnamon is an excellent weapon to target blood sugar imbalance. It has the powerful
ability to control and improve blood sugar levels. Aim for 1 teaspoon per day,
sprinkling it on your favourite foods or drink as a tea.

use The FolloWING TAsTy sNACk & meAl CombINATIoNs, FoR exAmple:
apple & handful of walnuts sprinkled with cinnamon
sliced pear with 1 tbsp AbC spread and cinnamon
blueberries & handful of almonds
piece of roast pumpkin and roast turkey
4 carrot sticks and 2 tbsp hummus
strawberries, cottage cheese, chia seeds and cinnamon
sweet potato and mexican shredded chicken
GluTeN 22
A FeW WoRDs oN GluTeN:
Gluten is a protein present in all sorts of wheat, and should be avoided at all times
during this program and preferably there after. It causes inflammation in the body and
damage to the intestinal wall, leading to a decrease of nutrient absorption. It disrupts
the bodys endocrine processes, which can result in weight gain and digestive issues.
Many people are gluten intolerant and dont even know it. A majority of my clients,
who stopped consuming gluten, not only ended up losing a significant amount of
weight, but also felt so much better for it. Gluten is found in most processed foods, as
it is cheap filler, so be aware! At best, stay away from processed foods altogether.

I encourage you to buy organic produce as much as possible. It is slightly more
expensive, but when you stop buying the packaged takeaways and start packing
your lunch and snacks, organic produce all of a sudden becomes pretty inexpensive

When you adopt such a healthy way of clean eating, your body will most likely start to
get rid of a lot of toxins, in which case you dont want to reintroduce more toxins such
as pesticides and chemicals used on conventional produce.

besT plACes To buy oRGANIC pRoDuCe:

bondi Farmers market every saturday 9am-1pm
bu organics 40 ebley st, bondi Junction NsW
AlDI cheap grass fed/organic beef and green tea
The suveran - 244 oxford st, bondi Junction NsW
health Nuts - shop Tg04 82-94 Darlinghurst Rd. kings Cross Centre, sydney
About life (bondi Junction & Rozelle) - 31-37 oxford st, bondi Junction NsW
GRub organic grass fed meat 101 New south head Rd, vaucluse NsW
health emporium - 263-265 bondi Rd, bondi NsW
Doorstep organics - delivery option
AlCohol 23
For this challenge, F45 strongly encourages you to give up the booze. If the point of
this whole challenge is to see just how great you can feel and how much body fat you
can lose, then removing alcohol will get you there much faster. If you choose to have
it occasionally, just try to keep it to a minimum, especially with the glutinous alcohols
such as beer. Substituting beer for clear spirits would be a somewhat better choice. Or
a small amount of dry red wine after a meal (eg. a Cab-Sav), which does contain some
antioxidants, would suffice. When your liver isnt busy dealing with alcohol, it does a
much better job of eliminating the toxins and aiding metabolism.

It only makes sense to take advantage of every meal to bring you closer to your goal.
The quality of the nutrients you take in will ultimately determine not only how good
you look, but how great you feel and how fast you get results.

Alcohol as mentioned above, not only increases, but skyrockets insulin production and
leads to increased fat storage.

Food production companies created these sweet tasting chemical compounds to
market to people exactly like you, who want to lose weight. Our bodies cannot detect
these sweeteners as sugar, so they fly under the radar of the bodys calorie counter.
Since artificial sweeteners, due to being artificial, cannot be absorbed by the body,
they can end up accumulating inside of us and cause all sorts of issues. They have
a negative impact on our neurotransmitters and some of them have even been
linked to causing metabolic damage and weight gain. If you have ever tried
them, you have probably noticed that it did not satisfy your sweet tooth, and
in some cases made you crave sugar even more. They hide under the names
of Equal, Splenda, Sugarine and Nutrasweet to name a few. You are best off
avoiding them altogether.

The only sweetener I recommend is Stevia, which is a safe natural plant

derivative. It comes in both liquid and powder form.
WATeR 24
If you want to get results fast, the standard 8 glasses of water per day is not enough.
Each individual needs about 30ml of water per kg of body weight. To calculate your
water needs multiply 30 times your body weight in kilograms.

FoR exAmple:
A 50kg female would need at least 1.5L of water. Thats the bare minimum!

If you exercise then you need to add at least another litre, as even minor dehydration
can cause significant loss of strength and cramping.

So aim for 2-2.5L of water per day at minimum; excluding coffee and tea, as they are
diuretics, meaning they will remove water from your body.

8 hours of quality sleep is not only important, but also essential if your goal is to
maximize your weight loss results. Sleep chemically rebalances your brain, controls
your appetite hormones and has a direct effect on your metabolism. Sleepless nights
can lead to increased appetite due to the disruption of your hunger hormones. 10pm-
6am is an ideal sleep cycle, which allows you to rebalance your body and energize
you for the next day.
ACCeleRATe DAys 25
For 1-2 consecutive days, consume protein & veggies only if you wish to accelerate
your fat loss. This will allow your bodys glycogen levels to be significantly reduced.
Why is this so important? Because the bodys preferred fuel source is glycogen, not
fat. We have to make a conscious effort to force the body into burning fat. How? By
keeping our carbohydrates to a minimum and being consistent with meal times.

Sides that you can eat with proteins in each meal on these accelerate days could be:

A generous portion of dark leafy green vegetables such as spinach, rocket, lettuce, kale, silver
beet or watercress
And any non-starchy vegetables such as asparagus, green beans, cucumber, peppers or broccoli
They contain high levels of nutrients and are low in calories. The calories required to
digest dark green vegetables often exceeds the amount of calories they contain! We
call these negative calorie foods. Youre burning calories by eating! No complaints
there right?

During this phase there will be rapid weight loss, but this will be partially due to the
fact that for every gram of carb you eat, your body stores 3g of water. When you eat
protein and vegetables for only 1-2 days during this challenge, you will lose a few
kilograms. This is not so much fat loss, but more so fluid loss due to the reduction of
carb intake.

From experience, this is a great motivational tool that really fires people up!
Watching your skin tighten onto your muscles, almost instantly giving you a
leaner appearance is enough to motivate anyone to continue their efforts in the

You may notice a greater need to urinate because of the subsequent fluid
loss, due to the drop in carbohydrates. This is perfectly normal; just make
sure you are drinking an absolute minimum of 2-2.5 Litres of water per
day to stay hydrated and to help with elimination.
FIbRe 26
Fibre is very important when you increase your protein intake to avoid constipation.
Lets face it; nothing will make you feel lighter than excreting waste products (going
to the bathroom). Successful elimination is a vital for weight loss and overall health.
If you are having trouble expressing pellet-like stools, it means you are not drinking
enough water AND/OR not having enough fibre. I cant articulate this enough: aim for
at least 2.5L of fluid and at least 25-30g of fibre per day.

You can achieve this by snacking on fibrous fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables (celery
is a great one) throughout the day or by adding a couple tablespoons of chia or flax
seeds to your smoothie, juice, breakfast or soup.

The key to your success in this challenge is to prepare your meals in advance. The old
saying if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail has never rang so true when it comes
to your nutrition and getting results. A strong, fit healthy body doesnt happen by
mistake, so ensure that you are adequately planned and prepared.

Delegating an hour (4%) of your day, morning or evening, to ensure that you are
eating right 100% of the time makes sense dont you think?

Being time-poor cant be an excuse when it comes to your health. Taking five
minutes to boil some eggs and chop some veggies will ensure that you have a
proper breakfast to start your day with good nutrition.

Your meal plan should generally look like the following meal guideline. See on
page 7-11 for the protein, carbohydrate, vegetable and fruit selections we

meAl #1
Breakfast: 1 serving of protein, 1 serving healthy fats, 1 serving of fruit

meAl #2
Snack: 1 serving of protein or one AM snack option

meAl #3
Lunch: 1 serving of protein + generous portion of salad &/or
vegetables, 1 serving complex carbs (starchy veggies/quinoa)
meAl #4
Snack: 1 serving of protein or one PM snack option

meAl #5
Dinner: 1 serving of protein + generous portion of salad &/or vegetables

meAl #6
Snack (optional - only if hungry): 1 serving of Protein or one of the PM snack options

Am sNACk opTIoNs
1 serving of fruit & small handful of raw nuts
1 serving of veggie sticks & hummus
1 serving of raw nuts (approximately 30g)
1 serving of natural Greek yoghurt (ex. Jalna organic or Chobani, approximately 150g)
Any pm option you desire is also applicable here

pm sNACk opTIoNs
1 serving of vegetables
80g protein (tuna in spring water, smoked salmon, turkey, chicken breast)
1 serving of raw nuts (approximately 30g)
1-2 hard-boiled eggs
Any vegetable juice
Any green smoothie (vegetables only)
sNACk opTIoNs 28
Fruit is recommended to have in the morning as youll have all day to burn it off, or as an
alternate option straight after your workout as your body will use it to repair, rather than
store it as fat.

ANyTIme sNACks
Air popped organic popcorn (3 cups or 24g) - low in calories, filling and high in antioxidants choose
organic (brand) only as most corn products are genetically modified (Gmo).
Celery - Its filling, low in calories and aids metabolism.
A handful of raw nuts - preferably almonds, cashews or walnuts. These are worth the calories they
contain due to their nutritional value.
Green tea Full of antioxidants, increases fat burn, and gives you that extra kick you might need in
the afternoon.
herbal tea- Aids digestion, filling and helps preoccupy your mind from snacking unnecessarily. Choose
from a variety such as a ginger, cinnamon, licorice, dandelion, lemongrass or peppermint.

ReCommeNDeD supplemeNTs
When it comes to supplements, quality over quantity is a no brainer. Many
people are not aware that most over-the-counter vitamins are made with the
cheapest quality ingredients and loaded with fillers & binders not listed on the
labels. Some even contain gluten!

For safety and effectiveness I recommend using high quality practitioner-

only supplements that can be purchased from health food stores. These
might be slightly more expensive, but contain minimal amounts of safe
binding agents, and usually contain a higher concentration, meaning
youll have to take less.

Sometimes, less is more indeed.
ReCommeNDeD supplemeNTs 29
DoWN To busINess:
Multivitamin - A good quality Multivitamin is enough to compensate for any deficiencies
that may exist in your diet. Being able to obtain all vitamins and minerals from our diet
sounds great, but unfortunately due to our depleted soils, there is a lack of these essential
minerals, which we need to be sufficiently healthy. This is one more reason to go organic!

High quality Fish oil Fish oil helps with reducing inflammation in the body, keeping
blood sugar levels stable and to help eliminate those nasty sweet cravings, all while
promoting heart health.


L-Carnitine is a natural amino acid that supports fat and carbohydrate metabolism.
Think of it as the bus that transports fat into the powerhouse of the cells where the fat
can be converted into ATP and used as energy. The key is to take it at least 30 minutes
prior to your workout and then do intense cardio for at least 45 minutes. It is a perfect
complement for the F45 classes!

BCAAs - This is a super important part of your new lifestyle during this challenge!
Branch Chain Amino Acids taken before and during your workout can help you
prevent muscle breakdown during your workout and support protein synthesis. If
you want to grow, this is for you!

Whey Protein - A low carb Whey Protein Isolate powder provides a very
convenient way of meeting your daily protein requirements. Make sure to
only use a natural brand that is free of artificial sweeteners, additives and
preferably comes from NZ cows.

Glucosupport - with the combination of Chromium, ALA, Fenugreek

and Gymnema this all-in-one capsule supports carbohydrate
metabolism -ensuring stable blood sugar levels - and reduces

If you feel that you have specific supplement needs, please dont
hesitate to contact me at
Dont drink while you are eating. This dilutes your digestive enzymes leading to
heartburn, indigestion and potential fat storage.

Dont wait until you are hungry before you eat. If you are peckish, bring your meal
forward. With that being said, if you are not quite hungry then delay your meal. This will
also aid digestion and allow you to enjoy food on your own terms.

Earn at least one meal a day by either training first thing in the morning, or by waiting
two hours after a meal before you train. This will allow you to tap into your fat reserves.

Remember, this food plan is for a 10 week challenge for rapid weight loss.

After you achieve your goals, you can resume eating a more varied diet. You can
reintroduce certain foods if you wish. But as you start looking and feeling more amazing
each day, you wont want to!

This gives you an insight into what clean and healthy eating is like. The idea is to eat
natural foods from the Earth, steer away from the refined foods and sugars, and enjoy a
bit of everything in moderation.

Stop experimenting with fad diets, by maintaining a sustainable sensible plan will
promote long term health. If healthy nutrition is a new concept for you, be patient,
invest the time and effort to learn more about it. Practice correct nutrition by
incorporating the fundamental principles mentioned throughout this booklet daily.
If you are struggling, just take one step at a time; make one small change each
and every day. Remember to strive for excellence, not perfection!

We are here to support you and answer any questions you may have.

Best of Luck,


F45 Nutritionist, Fitness and Wellness Advisor
my sTARTING poINT 31
My start date: ________________

My start weight: ________________

My goal weight: ________________

My start Bodyfat %: ________________

My goal Bodyfat %: ________________

My start muscle mass %: ________________

My goal muscle mass %: ________________

1 ___________________________________________________

2 ___________________________________________________

3 ___________________________________________________

4 ___________________________________________________

5 ___________________________________________________
DAIly FooD JouRNAl exAmple 32
Day 1 Week ______________ Date ______________



Protein Snack

Protein Snack

Protein Snack


Notes __________________________________________
F45 DAIly CheCklIsT 33
8 houRs oF sleep

lemoN-WATeR beFoRe bReAkFAsT

heAlThy pRoTeIN & FAT bAseD bReAkFAsT

supplemeNTs & vITAmINs

meAls & sNACks pRepAReD FoR The DAy

CoNGRATulATIoNs! youR 10 Week eND poINT 34
Todays date: ________________

My current weight: ________________

My goal weight: ________________

My current Bodyfat %: ________________

My goal Bodyfat %: ________________

My current muscle mass %:________________

My goal muscle mass %: ________________

Please share how you felt you did?

Did you accomplish your goals or get close to them?

What did you learn about yourself over these past few weeks? Are you
satisfied that you pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone? Write some
notes down and be honest with yourself about your own appraisal.

1 _______________________________________________________

2 _____________________________________________________

3 ___________________________________________________

4 __________________________________________________

5 ________________________________________________
shoppING lIsT To GeT you sTARTeD 35
coconut oil (virgin or refined) ABC spread or natural peanut
blueberries (frozen or fresh)
rocket / spinach / mixed salad
avocado greens
EVo (extra virgin olive oil) bacon (short cut)
green apples fresh salmon/ocean trout
tomatoes cinnamon
apple cider vinegar (Braggs) beetroot
mixed raw nuts smoked salmon
celery lemons
organic eggs sweet potato
chia seeds stevia (liquid organic)
broccoli herbal tea of choice
free range chicken (free of raw cacao nibs
organic air-popped popcorn
flax seed meal (Stoney
tuna in springwater or brine
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