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Richie Scarlet: The demand to come to

Argentina has made this that more

Check out our new interview with Richie Scarlet, before
coming to Argentina.

Kiss Army Argentina: Hi Richie, we are very thankful for this moment
with Kiss Army Argentina. AceFrehley is visiting South America with his
own band, after years waiting. Also, it will be your first time on this part of
the world. What are your expectations?
RichieScarlet: Hello, and thank you to the KISS Army Argentina and all
my fans for reaching out to me. My expectations are wild rock n rollers,
great crowds, and anoverall fun experience performing in your beautiful

Kiss Army Argentina:You have been close to Ace for over 3 decades.
You have been with him since the begining of FrehleysComet, later on
during the90 and 3 years ago, with the Spaceman again. How would you
describe each of those phases?
RichieScarlet: Each phase has been very special. Although, phase 3 is
probably my favorite, with Ace being sober now for over 10 years. I enjoy
his guitar playing now more than ever!

Kiss Army Argentina: A Kiss Expo had been celebrated at Los Angeles
recently, which you had attended to. There you met with Bruce Kulick and
Peter Criss.What is your relationship with them? Do you have plans
RichieScarlet: Its always nice seeing Bruce, but to see the Catman is
always something special. Peter Criss and I have been dear friends for
over 30 years. No plans at this time. I just wanted to take the opportunity
to share my love and support for the Catman.

Kiss Army Argentina:You always dedicate the song Breakout to Eric

Carrs memory in your shows. What memories do you keep of Eric? Is
there any anecdote you want to remember?
RichieScarlet: Eric was a super sweet guy. Always had a smile on his
face, and was a down to earth human being. Also, he was a

Kiss Army Argentina: Eddie Trunk has been a great friend of Ace since
the days of the Comet. He was a determining factor in order Megaforce to
give him the possibility of signing a recording contract. In fact, Trunk has
always been present and knows you two quite well. The point is that he
recently said you are the perfect partner for his solo career. What can you
tell us about Eddie?
RichieScarlet: Eddie has always been a true blue AceFrehley fan, who
always supported him through every part of his career. He has always
been a loyal and great friend to Ace and I.

Kiss Army Argentina: Lets talk about your solo career. Do you have any
plans to work in a new album? Your last work, I PleadtheFifth has
probably been your best production, not only because your rocker style in
songs such as LipsLikeMorphine, but also because some intense pieces
like IndianSouls and the sentimental Lost in myWorld. Tell us about
that work.
RichieScarlet: I Plead the Fifth was a perfect combination of having the
right producer, Tarik Solangi, who also engineered and mixed the record,
as well as having guest players such as former Comet member John
Regan, Alice Cooper member Dennis Dunaway, Louie Spag, the great
Arno Hecht, Ron Thal and Dez Cadena. It also featured my great band
members Peter Gallinari, who wrote and sang Lost in myWorld, and
Russage Wilson. It also featured a cover photo shot by legendary
photographer Len Delessio, who photographed KISS in the 70s amongst
many other greats. All this talent combined made I plead theFifth I best
selling record. I am currently starting on my new album in March.

Kiss Army Argentina: How would you describe AceFrehleys actual

band? They seem very well assembled and the base provided by Scoot
and Chris makes one feel you have a wall behind you.
RichieScarlet: Absolutely! They are one hell of a rhythm section. Chris
Wyses bass solo is completely off the charts, and Scoty
Coogansdrumming and lead vocals are phonominal!

Kiss Army Argentina: What are the plans when the South American tour
finish? Ace commented he was working on a new album. Are you part of
RichieScarlet: Well see what the future holds.

Kiss Army Argentina: What is the best part of going on tour with
AceFrehley and what makes this tour in particular so special?
RichieScarlet: It comes down to the fans, Aces fans and KISS fans. The
demand to come to Argentina has made this that more special.

Kiss Army Argentina: Can you tell us something about the set list you
have prepared for the shows in Argentina? Is there any song you would
like to perform and you hadnt played live yet?

RichieScarlet: I dont wanna spoil the show. Youll just have to wait and

Kiss Army Argentina: How is a tipical day of work with Ace?

RichieScarlet: It sure be at shaving to punch in the clock at a day job, lol.

Kiss Army Argentina: Richie, thanks again for your time and amiability.
Could you leave a messaje for the argentine fans?
RichieScarlet: Im looking forward to coming to your country and meeting
and performing for all the fans there with the SpaceMan. See you there.
Be ready to ROCK or BE ROCKED! All my best,

The Emperor.

Interview: Diego Ferreyra and Marcelo Garca (Kiss Army Argentina)

Translation: Mara Sol Garca
February 2017.