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JOHN WILLIAMS: MOVIE ADVENTURES Star Wary (Main Theme) + Duel OF The Fates + Theme From "Jurassic Park" * Theme From E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial) F HORN ‘Music by JOHN WILLLAMS Suu Wag Atain Theme Arranged hy MICHAEL SWEENEY Majestically 4 SF Z ee ‘Duel OF ic Tes 22] Maestaso aaa ae = pee = 2 Es fase 5 = St ‘STAR ARS (MAIN THEMES ° of Fa the team Pasta STAR WARS DUEL OF THE Fates Sone ecu Wibess Bees WILLIAMS WANNER TAMERL ANE PEMLISHINE CONT sed BONTIN MEE pam NANTHIA NSE Ha SINGER PAMEKL ANE PVDLISH ING Coteant BAN TNA AMEN his wor gems ean RN Ta MUSIC Ns Tonnened ) WARNEICL AMEKL ANE PUULSHING COR Ae aus Admsnvny WARN KelaMFKEARE RUDLISING CORP Ta Righiekinerred Used by Geum PS gh Rossel lain Pie Pesaran or Pao Siigoh THEME BROW TERASSIC PARK’ iene TROY. 0-7 CTH EX RA TERAGSTINALY oo the Unsere lotic Pte rons the uaisraal Pitre (IVb EX THA TERRESTRCAL Cooposid he foray ile we JOE WIL La sporght 190 ye MUSIC CORPORATION OF AMERICA, INC Coopers MRE LL se, COAPORATION OF AMERICA. ENC Torcavonseinint © Caps 1993 y MUSIC CORPORATION OF sgt Taiy MUSIC CORPORATION OP AMERICA, INC ay soo N a a eae Al Rights Revervial FRematrnal cupyright Siccred Al kis Rearreal FUORN ‘Theme brom “bass Par Caimly 7 mpi 75 Moderately . > 99) flor JOHN WILLIAMS: MOVIE ADVENTURES Star Wars (Main Theme) + Duel Of The Fates + ‘Theme From “Jurassic Park” + Theme From F-7. (The Extea-Terrestriali TROMBONE Music by JOHN WILLIAMS Star Wars eMain These) Arrange by MICHALL SWEENEY Majestically 7 33S E= ey Lic! QI The Fate 23] Macstoso mp Oe. ss (MAIN TEP Von the [scan 1d Prats STAI 48S Doe Gennes AMREANEPUBLIS ING CHRD sng BAS HEM ASS A SANTANA IL NL (ERLANE PUDLISIINE CORY us SITIES Thus areangumeal © FARAH LSI ME SMARNERTANIERLANT PLISHING COD At Wizats Adnan br WARE ASCERLARL PUMUSEIING COKE EghinRnurved Leeds Penis ACU iigets Resse selene Ph retire ier ROM & 5 CE EVERATEARESPRIAL) Sic fark He ‘yen he Linvensl orion ture JUL PAI Foon the Lane tae 1 THE TN SSTERRES RIAL SiS by MUSIC CORORATION OF AMERICA, INC fe Coperigh 1982 be MUSIC CORPORATION OF AMERICA ING ‘psriaht 888 by MUSIC CORPORATION CP SAKIC, FNC. Tissetungement 177 MUSIC CORPORATION OF AMFRICA, TNC Tnuctnaticrid Copeigh secaed ALI Highs tne et Feed uperigeuasused AN Kens Keser se TROMBONE, Prom “Jurassic Park™ “nn MOGeESIEY [55] wn Fun ch aati 133 Broadly JOHN WILLIAMS: MOVIE ADVENTURES Star Wars (Main Theme) * Duel Of The Fates * ‘Theme From “Jurassic Park” * Theme From E-T. (The Extra-Terrestrial) Music by JOHN WILLIAMS Arminaged ty MICHAL SWEENEY BARITONE B.C. “Shoe Wars (Maia Theme Majestically a w af ~ _ thse The Fates [22] Maestoso . cue e, Allesro . - ® 2 vee = mip From ne Epeaslumt id Cress STAR WARS (BULL Ce HE FATES Sieticte [ON WILLEARS Sy fone wiawe RNB TSE ANE ZURLSHINE CORP ond RaW EELS Mor Soon HAND MUSIC eA ogsnanguinwet ) Biv WARNER-TAMERLANE PLOLISHING CORD ane BAS 14 SILSC Ihiserraegiame'ts HO DANTE (A MUSIC (AD, A igh As nntered ie NARNERTAMCBLANT, MOBBISHIN CANT 1 Sphes Adssinconet 0 WARNER TAMBLLANE PLULSHING CU Rms Renee Canlly Hesse sabe ving Uses Poston Poi THEME PRON “JLIEASSIC LAR HME 20 ol THEY Sea tek FSTIAL rom pe Umer Rte Petane(C ASIC VAN teoundhe Waiver PichaneyPTEL Pat ACI RRIETIOAS, Compe by JON WELLLAN = Sfusicbr KINI TANES “Sayegh ed es CORPORATION OF AMERICA. INC opsngot 82 py MUSIC COMOKATION OF AMERICA, ING chs a ee eee ciaht 1999 by MLBIC CORTORA ION OE AMERICA, INL ee Len Su aE MUSIC ORCORARON GIT AMERICA. INE BARITONE B.C. home Fron “Jurassic Pak Gir a7] Cali, (Fs Moderately [99] “theme From E:7. (The Exus-Teneswiait 2 mf . mp 133 Broadly reac ral f Iotyn S¥aThams: hove Adventures «2 JOHN WILLIAMS: MOVIE ADVENTURES Star Wars (Main Theme) + Duel Of Thy Fates = ress Theme From “Jurassic Park » Theme From E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial) Music by JOHN WILLIAMS. Arranged by MICHATS, SWEENEY ‘Sar Wars «Mann themsy Majestically “Duel OF The Fates" [22] Macstoso Allegro Sf me op robe i aaa STAR WS bun oF ae tates Rrasenrnneey es vehi TAME SEMEEERTIN CRE og ANH uaa ay SS RASS Gide tar sea oI AR NES loss HoRasie 198 TWarursnese TESTA ARIAL) ti aramaifin Camenge otebe MUSE’ COMO Ure AMAIA NG. Samet shee CURATION AMET IN Coppin Tes by MURIC CORPORATION OF wcemenl fe or MURIE CORTORATION OF AMER] JOHN WILLIAMS: MOVIE ADVENTURES Star Wars (M. Theine) + Duel Of The Fates * ‘Theme From “Jurassic Park” * Theme From E.T, (The Extra-Terrestrial) PERCUSSION 1 Sane TorumBas6 Bram, Toms) ay Main Themes tically ‘Music by JOHN WILLIAMS Arnitiged by BAICHATL SWEENEY _\ STR aaa = rat Allenna 2 pees we “Pel OF The Fates” 33] Maestoso snares off HEME, reduction STAR WARS SSeS (DAN IN GANS NTT WARNER-TAMHFID ASE PURLISTING COD snd SANTA USC Alf Achinustered By WARNER TAMPRLANE POLISHING COK INV Rights Recneal Use by Permsst THEME POM CRASSIC TK om tee Lnnersa Soon (fie ILRASSIC PARR CSimpone by JUIN PULLIN e-Copynght WOSoy MUSIC CORTORATION OF IMERICA, INC ‘This orianseient Consent 19 by MUSIC CORPORATION OF AMTIECA.INC a Soe ot aperncht Setasd. All Hahes Rene rot un). Nar FATES TOUS Willa ANTHEA Nis cane “ve by WARNER: 1A MEKLANE [BL T5) JIN: COG! Reseed mais, be Parton or Pea THEME MoM e Ute XTRA TECTIA) 1 eine Ese OAL pean 50 SHITE RCRA TIONDE AMERICA INE Se ee eee a ie 7etang iavey MEIC CORPOIAEON OF AMER ies PERCUSSION 1 AG .2. « oeenaly foo) _. _) =, aes SS ¥ ae ae ee Tae Fae “dacasse Bach” - moe ‘ ‘ 8: sony 1) Moderately pom [99] rome Pom (Te Be tes Tay] Energeticaily Py JOHN WILLIAMS Star Wars (Mail MOVIE ADVENTURES Theme) # Duel QF The Fates + Theme From “Jurassic Park” * Theme From E.T. (The Extra-Torrestrial) PERCUSSION 2 Wt Cyv, Trangle, Ses, Cyr, Geng, Wind Chintes} “Star War Maia Thames Majestically Music hy JOHN WILLIAMS: Asrasged by MICHAFL SWEENEY els - p= mee gt — 12) 3 3 Su C ye pe Maestoso. 4 Allegro 3 4 2 [60] oF 2 AL mf 10 Triangle 2 f 67 Thine Brom “urasie Pack” Calm STAR WARS (MAIN THEME) From the Lucasfilm Li. Prococton SIAR WATS. Shunt ty [ORGIES 1 smn oa (Cesare Leal by Perms THEME FROM “JURASSIC ARK. From the Lnierea! Motion Petre IRASSIC Compo Pe SPIN L805 1 by MUSIC CORDUHAL CABNPR-TAMERI,ANTPOMLSHING COR? sre! BANTHIA MUS Den WARNER -JAMERLANE I UULISHING CORD nt IRA HA SIL be WARNE IASLRLAM, FLLonHINU Cue! Copveight i by MUSIC CORPORATION OF AMERIC, 1S. DN OF AMELIA INC Sus Cyan, mp DUELOF WHE RATES ly [Oh ma witsasa oH ANTHIA MUSIC R94 cago) JOY DAS THIA SUEIC 0) Score clancding Poble Pesoersae oe Frome Un Who CHE USC YERRESI RIAL) feo cre J (RA TERRESTRIAL) ‘mpc be 101 CU WILLA: py 14s2by MUBIE CORPORATION OF AMERIE. 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Ue THEME FROM "JURASSIC 1 Allegro, 2 oe Ty JUIN WICLIAMS 200 HANTS MUSIC HHMI 19 HASTEN MUSIC (BAIN All Kighse Admimictnat hy WA(NEL-TAMERLARE PUBLISHING CL TAL Rigs Racewud eluding Pubic Peclornare fee rol CHEM PREM 11 (THE EXTKA-TERRESTRIAL wou te Conivevesl Picauae E THC EXTRATERRESTRIAL MALLET PERCUSSION Thoms brane “Jurasaie Bat [é7] Caimy 6 7 mip eves Broadly 2 131] Energetically t va J i