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a House L LA P 0 2 (ef) Appointment of corporate member of imited Liability Partners! (LLP) LLP name in full IT AND TELECOM CONSULTING SERVICES LLP Received for filing in Electronic Format on the:12/12/2014 X3MKUBQS New Appointment Details Date of Appointment: 01/12/2014 Name, SP SERVICES LTD Consented to Act: YES Appointment is for a Member Registered or Principal TRUST COMPANY COMPLEX AJELTAKE ROAD Office Address: AJELTAKE ISLAND MAJURO REPUBLIC OF THE MARSHAL ISLANDS Non European Economic Area (EEA) Company Legal Form: LIMITED COMPANY Law Governed: MARSHALL ISLANDS BUSINESS CORPORATIONS ACT Register Location: REPUBLIC OF THE MARSHAL ISLANDS. Registration Number: 60585 Electronically filed document for LLP number: ‘0c369823 Page: 1 | consent to act as member of the above named LLP. Authorisation Authenticated This form was authorised by one of the following: Designated member, Judicial Factor. End of Electronically filed document for LLP number: ‘0c369823 Page: 2

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