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Frank & Jacklyn

Aviation Missionaries


Merry Christmas! It has been our prayer for all of you that you
would enjoy Christ to the fullest this Christmas and that He will
draw you to Himself this year in a new and deeper way!

Arrivals & Departures

Our family arrived at NTM Aviations global headquarters in
McNeal, Arizona, this August. Frank jumped into his internship
almost right away. He has been gaining maintenance experience in the shop
as well as working through some advanced flight training. It has all been
going great! One neat aspect of working here is that we are privileged to
directly serve NTMs aviation and church planting overseas ministries
through his time in the shop.

In fact, NTM Aviation just received a new R66 helicopter that our
missionaries in the Philippines desperately need by April. Some of our
church planting families cannot remain in the tribe for health or security
reasons unless there is a helicopter available to them. If it is late, these
families will have to stop their work and come out of their tribes until the R66
arrives! Since it was delivered here in Arizona a couple weeks ago, Frank
and the guys have been working full steam ahead to paint, upgrade and ship
the helicopter in time for the April deadline.

Typhoons and Helicopters and the Gospel, Oh My!

Watching God work in the Philippines as we prepare this helicopter He
provided has been exciting! So we want to share an encouraging story of what
THERUSCIOS.WEEBLY.COM He is doing among the people there.

KEEP READING to see how God used a helicopter and

Typhoon Haiyan to wash away a 400 year old barrier to the gospel!
connect! A New Debt of Gratitude The Philippine culture strongly
Frank & Jacklyn Ruscio
[ F ] 321-947-6429 values something called a debt of gratitude. This is a permanent debt to a person or group
[ J ] 480-297-2817 to whom a huge thanks is owed. Lets travel back to the 1600s for a moment. The Muslims have reached the southern islands of the Philippines and they are headed north to the central islands. This isnt
simply a friendly mission its a convert-or-die campaign in the entire region. Before they reach their next goal,
support. however, they are intercepted by a Spanish fleet of ships and turned back in the resulting battle. Enter the
Debt of Gratitude! The tribal people on these islands now have a Debt of Gratitude toward the Spanish.
New Tribes Mission
1000 East First Street Because of this Debt of Gratitude, Catholicismthe Spanish religionbecame a part of their
Sanford, FL 32771-1487 identity. Their tribal religion was melded with Catholicism as a part of this debt and has led them to refuse any
other missionary who desired to move into their islands. Four hundred years later, this Debt of Gratitude has
Please Note: Ruscio acct# 997407 denied NTM missionaries access to these islands.
But then in 2013, along came Typhoon Haiyan. You might have heard about it it was big and nasty!
Overseas Many different groups participated in helping the Filipino people. NTM Aviation, already in the Philippines, was
Support Raised ready to help as well. As the relief support and aid came in, NTM Aviation assessed the situation and identified

% some remote central islands that were being overlooked. These tribes were devastated. Food. Water. Shelter.

Everything was gone! NTM Aviation flew in food and supplies. After the immediate relief was provided, they
stuck with them and helped them get what they needed to reestablish their livelihood rebuilding seaweed
farms that were washed away in the storm.
Well, friends, now theres a new Debt of
Gratitude on these islands. And when a NTM
missionary family asked to come to their islands
While God has provided 87% of our this time, their answer was YES! Through
stateside financial needs through you,
our overseas monthly needs will be aviation, a four hundred year old barrier to the
greater. We are at 36% funding. gospel was washed away with the storm! Praise
the Lord our God is a BIG God. This
Our family was blessed & encouraged missionary family is living there right now,
Praise and Prayer

by our time in Spokane! Thank you to working hard to learn the language and culture.
all of you who helped make it that way They should be ready to begin teaching within
for our family. the next year! But please pray for them. They
have a difficult job ahead of them in
The transition to McNeal has gone well
we are enjoying it here and we have communicating the gospel clearly. The tribal
loved the opportunity to be close to people must not become Christians just because of their Debt of Gratitude. They must not simply mix
Jacklyns family! Christianity into their own tribal religion. It is critical that they accurately understand the work God has done on
their behalf and place their trust wholly on Jesus Christ for their salvation. Isnt it so exciting to hear how God
Flight training has been difficult but a is working to save His people around the world?!
positive and beneficial experience. It is
nearly complete only one more flight
to go after Christmas!
Learning to Thrive
Pray for wisdom as we work with NTMA While Frank is working at the hangar, Jacklyn is taking a class twice a week
to determine where we will serve addressing how a wife can thrive overseas. Additionally, together we are meeting with a couple
overseas. in leadership and working through their curriculum on peacemaking. NTM is very proactive on this topic
because sadly, the lack of training/education in conflict resolution often destroys ministry and brings people
Pray for Frank and the team here to be
able to finish working on the new R66
home from the field. Conflict is a reality the question is how we deal with it.
helicopter before the April deadline so The boys have transitioned wonderfully and are doing great. We are so thankful for all your prayers for them!
that church plants in the Philippines
A more detailed family update is available on our blog at in our November post. There
will not be hindered.
youll also hear about a fun flight training trip Frank took over in New Mexico!
Pray for the church planters on the
islands with the new debt of gratitude
to NTM that the people would
accurately understand the gospel.
Blessings to you this Christmas!
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