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LIFE is CRICKET (Similarities between Human Life and Game

of Cricket)
Dear Cricket Lovers & Non-lovers,

Most of us & our relatives love cricket and enjoy watching it.

It has become a part of our life/society so much that even non-

cricket watchers has to keep himself updated about Cricket so that
he is not looked as outsider in social gatherings/meetings where
Cricket topic suddenly gets started.

And for some persons (like True Cricketers and Die hard Cricket
Fans) Cricket is Life.
But, today I want to share something interesting that concludes
that Life is Cricket.

Yes, there are so many common things/similarities between

Life and Cricket that proves my Subject Line (Life is Cricket).

One of the Biggest Similarity we all know is-

Cricket is called Game of Uncertainty, it is so uncertain that no
cricket expert can predict what will happen next moment (next ball
Just like Life which is also very uncertain-unpredictable in terms of
outcomes the life offers.

Now, Lets know what the other similarities are (Courtesy:

GITA SAAR-Amrit Kalash-A little Book on The Bhagavad Gita,
the world most spiritual scripture)
(Shocked na Cricket being mentioned in spiritual books as well..
True...Cricket is everywhere now-a-days...)

Cricket-The main character is Cricketer
Life-The main character is human being.

Cricket-Wicket consists of 3 stumps on which 2 Bails are placed on
top of these stumps.

Life-Human body is made of 3 Virtues/merits (Guna) (Sattva,

Rajas, Tamas) on which Prana and Apan Vayu (2 Life forces) are

Cricket-Cricketer plays his role (batting) with the Bat.
Life-Human being plays his role (behaves) with his
Mind/Conscience (Vivek) [as Mind is the most powerful tool gifted to
human being by God].

Cricket-Cricketer faces Bowler.
Life-Human being faces (struggles with) Time (Kaal) [as Time is
the most powerful force in the Universe].

Cricket-There are 6 Balls in every over of a Bowler.
Life-There are 6 seasons in every year of human being
[Spring (Vasant)-Summer (Grishma)-Monsoon (Varsha)-
Autumn(Sharad)-Fall /Late Autumn/Early Winter (Hemanta)-

Cricket-Cricketer (Batsman) has to keep in mind about 10 Fielders
also besides Bowler
Life-Human being has to keep in mind (control over) about 10
Senses (Indriyas) [5 Karmendriyas and 5 Jnanendriyas]also
besides Time (Kaal)

Karmendriyan (Active Senses)-Eliminating; Reproducing; Moving;

Grasping; Speaking

Jnanendriyan (Cognitive Senses)-Smelling; Tasting; Seeing;

Touching; Hearing

Cricket-Cricketer (Batsman)s object should be to hit the ball in
proper direction, keeping his wickets safe.
Life-Human beings object should be to live a decent life by doing
his life duties without having attachments by controlling
on Man (Mind) and Indriyas (Senses) through Vivek (Mental

8)(By me)
Cricket-A Batsman accumulates Runs for his TEAM by putting best
efforts and running hard between the Wickets.
Life- A person accumulates material things (money, luxuries etc)
for his FAMILY by working hard and giving every possible efforts.

9)(By me)
Cricket-To assist the Cricketer to play his best, there are many
support staff (Batting Coach, Fielding Coach, Trainer etc)
Life-To assist the human being to live his life in the best manner,
there are many persons in supportive roles for him (Parents,
Friends, Teacher, Mentor etc)

Cricket-When a Bowlers ball hits the stumps and bails get off, that
ends the play of batsman.
Life-When Kaal (Time) gets his death hand on the human
being, Pran-Apan Vayu get off ending the play (life) of human

Cricket-Even a better than best batsman loses his wicket by
getting Run out while running between the wickets.
Life-Similarly, A mindful human being having good behavioural
skills and intelligence loses his life by meeting with unfortunate

Cricket-When a Batsmans bat hits his own wickets by
mistake/negligence/lack of presence of mind, it is called Hit Wicket
Life-Similarly, when a human being kills himself due to his non-
sense behaviour/lack of mind, it is called Suicide.

Cricket-Every batsman wish to make a Century (100 runs)
Life-Every human being wish to live for a Century (100 years)

14) (By Internet)

Problems in Life are sometimes very fast (unexpected) or
sometimes spin (complicated), but we must hit (face the problems)
it with the same bat (mental strength/Vivek).

LaSt BuT nOt ThE LeAsT

Cricket-In the game of Cricket, there is one person who observes
every action of Cricketer in Crystal-Clear manner; plays very
important role in the play but doesnt participate in the play;
Cricketer has to bound by his decisions whether right or wrong.
He is called the UMPIRE

Life-In life, there is one person who observes each & every
behavior/act of the human being; plays very important role in all
acts of every human being but is not responsible for these acts,
Human being has to accept HIS wishes (whether good or not so
good for the human being)
He is called the GOD.

Hope you enjoyed the post related to Indias Unofficial National

Game and Unrecognized but most Connecting Religion i.e. CRICKET.

Enjoy NOW!

Pawan Kabra