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Hombo Batu Ceremony

Nias, North Sumatra Indonesia



Mount Bromo, East Java Indonesia









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Mount Bromos eruption
Introduction East Java Indonesia

Indonesia is a nation that unites cultures and From vast jungles, breathtaking cities, numerous natives with honorable
wisdoms, the wildest adventures in different panoramas, delightful
wisdoms of more than 13,466 islands, cuisines, and traditional relaxation treatments, Indonesia offers you
a home for 200 million people, filled with endless choices of activities as you travel throughout the archipelago.

diverse cultures, wonderful landscapes, With memorable festivals, traditional ceremonies, and unique
and limitless marine beauty. performances that will take you on a trip of a lifetime, this Calendar of
Events Indonesia 2017 is intended to provide you with some of the best
attractions the country has to offer. Within the pages, a number of exciting
events hailing from different regions are shown in periodical order so you
can plan your visit accordingly.

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Map of the World

10 11
Map of Indonesia

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Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017 Page.15

January February May June

10 - 13: Neptune Regatta Pasola War Festival Harapan Island Folk Art Festival Jakarta Great Sale Festival
14 - 16: Reba Party 1 - 5: Indonesia Fashion Week International Musi Triboatton Kota Tua Festival
18 - 22: Nongsa Regatta 5 - 11: Yogyakartas Chinese Cultural Week International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen Lombok Sumbawa Pearl Festival
28: Chinese New Year Festival 8: Batam Outer Ring Jailolo Bay Festival Tongkang Burning Festival
10 - 15: Bau Nyale Festival Medan International Coffee Festival 1 - 2: Gawai Dayak Week
11: Singkawang Cap Go Meh Festival Tour de Flores 10 - Jul 13: Kemayoran Jakarta Fair
23 - 25: Jogja Air Show 5 - 7: Rinjani 100 10 - Jul 8: Bali Arts Festival
10: Vesak Day 19 - 23: Lake Sentani Festival
12 - 14: Ubud Food Festival 22: Jakarnaval
18 - 23: Isen Mulang Festival
March April 19 - Jun 19: Art Jog
20 - 21: Bintan Triathlon
21: Jogja Beach Run
27: Bali Blues Festival

Mentaram Festival Geobike Caldera Toba

North Sumatra Fair Halo Sultra
3 - 5: Java Jazz Festival International Kampoeng Jazz
3 - 5: Tour de Bintan Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival
19: ASEAN Master Golf Tournament Jogja Blues Explosion
19 - 22: BaliSpirit Festival Wonderful Mentawai Festival
27: Ogoh Ogoh Parade Wonderful Tambora Festival
1 - 3: Wonderful Cirebon Festival
22: Sungailiat Triathlon
26 - 30: Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair

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Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017 Page.17

July August September October

Bandung International Digital Arts Festival Aceh International Rapai Festival Gandrung Sewu Festival Asmat Culture Festival
Banyuwangi Beach Jazz Festival Banyuwangi International Kite and Wind Surfing Indonesia Adventure Festival Bali Vegan Festival
Bintan Golf Challenge Belitung Fair & Wonderful Archipelago Festival Kota Lama Festival (Senthiling Night Market) Bintan Moon Run
Borobudur International Festival Borobudur Masterpiece Ballet Lake Toba Festival Halo Java Rhino Festival
Padang International Dragon Boat Festival Buton Ancient Cultural Festival Makassar International Eight Festival Jakarta Fashion Week
Srivijaya Festival Cheng Ho Festival Morotai Traces of World War II Festival Karapan Sapi Grand Final
Wonderful Bunaken Festival Dieng Culture Festival The Palu Nomoni Festival Lakey Beach Dompu Festival
21 - 22: Keroncong Surakarta Festival Jember Fashion Carnaval Pasuruan Bromo Marathon Nongsa Cup XII Golf Tournament
22 - 30: Erau International Folklore Art Festival Yogyakarta Art Festival Reog National Festival Nusa Penida Festival
Jul - August: Bali Kite Festival Lake Kelimutu Festival Sandeq Race Festival Tour de Siak
Mount Bromo Jazz Seren Taun Wonderful Lembeh Strait Festival
Tomohon International Flower Festival Traditional Herbal & Culinary Festival Wonderful Raja Ampat Festival
Toraja International Festival Yaahowu Open Surfing Championship 1 - 31: Sail Sabang
Toraja Marathon 3 - 6: Wonderful Takabonerate Festival 7 - 8: Kustomfest
Tour de Singkarak 7 - 9: Solo International Performing Art 18: Ngayogjazz
4 - 6: Gotrasawala 21: Tabot Festival 23 - 26: Buleleng Bali Dive Festival
4 - 8: Buleleng Festival 25: Milangkala Bandung Festival 26 - 30: Ubud Writers & Readers Festival
8 - 10: Baliem Valley Festival 27 - 29: Asia Tri Jogja 27 - 28: Indonesia International Mask Festival
12 - 13: Ubud Village Jazz Festival 27 - Oct 1: Lovina Festival 29: Jakarta Marathon
12 - 13: Malioboro Night Festival 30: Jogja International Street Perfomance
20: IRONMAN 70.3
26 - 27: Jogja Fashion Week

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All Year
Calendar of Events Round Events
Indonesia 2017 Page.19
Lorem Ipsum Dolor Komodo National Park
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

November December

Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival Kuwung Festival

Bekudo Bono Festival 26 - 30: Lovely December
Borobudur Marathon 28: Denpasar Festival
Wakatobi Wave (Wonderful Festival & Expo) 31: Borobudur Nite: Music, Lantern, & Hope
2 - Dec 5: Biennale Jogja
18 - 19: Jogja International Heritage Week
19 - 20: Spartan Race Bintan
26: Makepung Lampit

18 Page.19
Javanese traditional dancers

Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017

Yogyakarta Indonesia

All Year Round

Bamboo Afternoon Show
Devdan Show
Jazz Mben Senen
Macapatan Malam Rabu Pon
Prambanan Ramayana Ballet
Reog Full Moon Performance
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Folklores
Uluwatu Kecak Dance
Wayang Kulit Play Shadow Puppet
All Year Round Events

Lorem Ipsum
On stage performance of the Dolor
Devdan Show
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Bali Indonesia

A set of Angklung
Bandung Indonesia

Bamboo Afternoon Show Devdan Show

Every Afternoon Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Bandung, West Java Bali

A cultural and educational venue dedicated for angklung, Devdan Treasure of the Archipelago is a thrilling high-
Bamboo Afternoon Show gives you a series of entertaining energy visual tour of Indonesias culture and diversity. The
performances. Angklung, originated from West Java and Devdan Show highlights a fusion of traditional Indonesian
is famous around Southeast Asian region, is a musical dance activities, combined with contemporary dances,
instrument made of two to four bamboo tubes that are world-class aerial acrobatic attractions, dazzling costumes
connected to a bamboo frame. The tubes are carved to and hi-tech special effects.
produce a resonant pitch when played and are tuned to
Saung Angklung Udjo octaves. Bali Nusa Dua Theatre During the 90-minute performance, you will be taken on an
Jl. Padasuka No.118, Pasirlayung, (Ex. Amphitheatre Nusa Dua) enchanting tour of the Indonesian archipelago, centering
Bandung, West Java Bamboo Afternoon Show has other performances: Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua on various traditions across Indonesia: Bali, Sumatra, Java,
Wayang Golek Demonstration, Helaran, Mask Dance, Kalimantan, and Papua. The show is performed with an
+62272 717 14 +62361 770 197
Angklung Massal Nusantara, and Angklung Orchestra. extensive array of traditional dances that are adorned by
Other than these performances, visitors will also be special effects. Be sure to grab a seat and witness one of
treated to angklung workshops. They can also participate the most amazing Bali shows available.
on playing angklung and dancing with performers. Get up
and let the music in you loose!

22 23
All Year Round Events

Javanese Ipsummusicalization
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Yogyakarta Indonesia

Playing the guitar

Yogyakarta Indonesia

Jazz Mben Senen Macapatan Malam Rebo Pon

Mondays Every night before Pon Wednesday
(A Day Cycle in the Javanease Calendar)
Yogyakarta Yogyakarta

Routinely held every Monday night, Jazz Mben Senen, Following the Javanese Calendar, Macapatan Malam Rebo
or Jazz on Mondays, is a live jazz performance routinely Pon is held on every Tuesday during a 35-day cycle. The
created by the Yogjakartas Jazz Community. In 2016, the cosmic event is a Javanese musical poetry performance;
event represented 40 different talented musicians, making the simple purpose of the event is to bring peace and
jazz the pinnacle of Yogyakartas many contemporary art serenity to the hearts of their listeners.
shows and exhibitions.
Free of charge, the show regularly starts at night from
Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta In Indonesia, Jazz is often regarded as prestigious and Tembi Rumah Budaya 8 pm to 11 pm and is open for public. If youre a fan of
Jl. Suroto 2, Kotabaru, Yogyakarta mostly enjoyed by the middle and upper class. However, Jl. Parangtritis KM 8,4, Tembi, Timbulharjo, literature or music, this event will give you a different
this event, located in Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, Bantul, Yogyakarta light to traditional Javanese poetry as the performers sing
socializes jazz music as music for everyone, bringing a melodious Javanese poems with deep emotions.
+62274 560 404 +62274 368 000
chance for the community to enjoy the heavenly music.
The event is free of charge, although there is always a
donation box if you would like to donate.

24 25
All Year Round Events

Ramayana Ballet
Yogyakarta Indonesia

A Singa Barong performer

East Java Indonesia

Prambanan Ramayana Ballet Reog Full Moon Performance

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays Every Full Moon Night

Yogyakarta Ponorogo, East Java

Prambanan Ramayana Ballet is a sensational play in As a well-known prominent cultural symbol from
Prambanan Temples open-air theatre in the summer. Ponorogo, Reog is regularly performed during full moon,
Based on an epic Hindu poem, the play is foretold based on the 15th of Javanese Calendar. Reog tells the story
on Prambanan Temples engravings, offering a fusion of of a mythical battle between the King of Ponorogo and
theatrical and musical performance you wont want to the magical lion-like creature called Singa Barong. It is
miss. a spectacular show featuring dance performance with
Reog as its main attraction. Come and witness this iconic
Trimurti Theatre In this evening performance, the tale of Ramayana Ponorogo Sport, Youth, Culture & cultural event in Ponorogo.
Jl. Raya Yogya - Solo km 16, is adapted into a traditional dance, encompassing Tourism Office
Prambanan, Yogyakarta Jl. Pamuka No. 19 A, Ponorogo, East Java
Javanese long-lived culture. With Prambanan Temple
as the backdrop and an enactment by more than 200
+62274 496 408 +62352 486 012
professional dancers, this ballet featuring the story of
King Rama comes to life, unlike anything youve ever seen

26 27
All Year Round Events

A folklore performance
Jakarta Indonesia

Kecak Dance
Bali Indonesia

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Folklores Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Sundays and National Holidays Everyday

Jakarta Bali

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a cultural theme park Aside from its beautiful beaches, Bali is also known for its
that holds many of Indonesias wonderful theater abundance of exotic cultures; one of them is Tari Kecak,
performances. On Sundays, the theme park showcases also known as the Kecak Dance. This dance, performed on
various traditional folklore performances that often a vast amphitheater, tells the story of Ramayana. Usually
encompass the moral roots of Indonesian people, performed by male dancers, Kecak Dance is intense and
bringing many of the Indonesian epics into life. unforgettable.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Not only are the tickets at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Uluwatu The temple Uluwatu sits on atop of a hill facing the Indian
Jl. Raya Taman Mini, East Jakarta very affordable, but the venue also provides many Kawasan parkir Pura Uluwatu Desa, Ocean, where the Ramayana story is presented through
delicacies that define Taman mini Indonesia Indah as a Pecatu, Badung, Bali a lively dance. If you would like to watch one of these
collection of Indonesias creative arts. If youre the one to performances, it is best to book the tickets at least three
+62218 779 2078 +62361 904 1163
enjoy our beautiful tradition and theater performances, days earlier because it is extremely popular.
you are always welcome to drop by.

28 29
All Year Round Events
A Barong perfomance
Bali Indonesia

A puppeteer of Wayang Kulit Lorem Ipsum Dolor

Yogyakarta Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Wayang Kulit Play Shadow Puppet Event Name

Every night except Sunday 00 - 00 Month 2017

Yogyakarta Area

Acknowledged by UNESCO as the Masterpiece of Oral and

Intangible Heritage of Humanity, Wayang Kulit or Shadow
Puppet is one of the most renowned performance arts.
The intriguing play combines an epic storyline with
instrumental melodies. The characters are portrayed
by leather puppets; the whole show is seen through the
shadows that are projected into the wall by light. Complex
Museum Sonobudoyo technicalities combined with traditional narratives Place Name
Jl. Trikora 6, Yogyakarta generate a mystical and spiritual feel into the stage. Place Adress Place Adress Place Adress
Place Adress Place Adress Place Adress
Wayang Kulits amazing show lies in the brilliant
+62274 418 330 +62
performance of the Dalang (puppet master). The Dalang
narrates the whole story, provides voices for all characters,
and entertains through songs and jokes. Shadow Puppet
is truly a sight to watch.

30 Page.31
Various Indonesian cuisine

Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017


Neptune Regatta
Reba Party
Nongsa Regatta
Chinese New Year Festival

Sailboats on Neptune Regatta Kids performing

Riau Islands Indonesia East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

Neptune Regatta Reba Party

January 10 - 13 January 14 - 16

Batam, Riau Islands Bajawa, East Nusa Tenggara

Come and sail in Neptune Regatta as you enjoy the beauty The Reba Party or Pesta Reba is a yearly ritual practiced
of the sea along the equatorial line. With great sailing, by the Ngada people. The ritual celebrates the coming
picturesque tropical islands, delicious food, and lots of of the typhoon, symbolizing gratefulness towards their
fun, Neptune Regatta starts from Batams Nongsa Point ancestors. Reba itself means typhoon; the rituals purpose
Marina to the Equator. is to recollect heritages wisdom, as a way to carry on
goodness and family values. Through this tradition,
The purpose of this event is to give newcomers the Ngada people educate and teach the children to become
Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal experience of Crossing the line with stopovers at Fish Ngada Informatics, Communications & individuals with manners and compassion.
Jl. Hang Lekiu, Nongsa, Batam Island Head Island during the South journey and Benan, a Tourism Relations Office
newfound destination, during the North trip. Celebrating Jl. Ade Irma Suryani No. 1, Bajawa Before the ceremony begins, there will be dancing and
East Nusa Tenggara
its seventh year, the special event is an adventure for all singing performances by the church, acculturating
+62778 761 777
classes of sailing and powerboats. +62384 215 33 tradition with Catholicism. There will also be culinary
feasts and drinks. When you come, you will be offered
traditional liquor called Tua Ara. All in all, as you embrace
the whole wisdom of the Ngada tribe, you will have an
enjoyable party with an undeniable enlightenment.

34 35

An ongoing race
Riau Islands Indonesia

A display of lanterns
Riau Islands Indonesia

Nongsa Regatta Chinese New Year Festival

January 18 - 22 January 28

Batam, Riau Islands Bintan, Riau Islands

During the peak of Northeast Monsoon, Nongsa Point Bintans Chinese New Year Festival is celebrated with
Marina & Resort hosts inaugural Nongsa Regatta great aplomb and festivity. There are traditional Chinese
dedicated for IRC yachts, sports boats, and racing song and dance performances with a colorful street
multihulls, including the Stand-Up Paddleboard and Radio parade featuring vibrantly painted dragons and lions. At
Control Sailing. the peak of the event, thousands of Chinese lanterns are
released into the sky.
Apart from competitions, participants and attendees
Nongsa Point Marina can also enjoy a host of daily social events and engaging Lagoi Bay & Bintan Culture & Tourism Office With a lot of activities and performances such as food
Jalan Hang Lekiu Nongsa, Batam, activities on the resorts shoreline. Nongsa Regattas Jalan Trikora Km. 36, Teluk Bakau, bazaar, live music, Barongsai Performance, and fireworks,
Riau Islands opening and closing ceremonies are the most anticipated Gunung Kijang, Bintan,Riau Islands Bintans Chinese New Year Festival is your gateway to a
happenings in this five-day event. joyful celebration. You can also nourish your appetite at
+62778 761 333 +62771 701 1566 Plaza Lagois Chinese New Year Dinner Celebration.

36 37
Pepadu war performance

Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017

Lombok Indonesia

Indonesia Fashion Week
Yogyakartas Chinese Cultural Week
Batam Outer Ring
Bau Nyale Festival
Singkawang Cap Gomeh Festival
Jogja Air Show
Pasola War Festival

Chinese lion masks

Yogyakarta Indonesia

Models showchasing traditionally inspired clothing

Jakarta Indonesia

Indonesia Fashion Week Yogyakartas Chinese Cultural Week

February 1 - 5 February 5 - 11

Jakarta Yogyakarta

First established in 2012, Indonesia Fashion Week is not Everything looks different at the Malioboro Street during
just any ordinary fashion event, but a progressive stylish Yogyakartas Chinese Cultural Week. Famous for joyful
movement. It fuses fashion, competition, and trade shows, colors and vibrant energy, people in the city could watch
featuring the latest trends in fashion, aiming to provide a diverse performances and activities of Chinese origins,
grounded direction to Indonesian fashion industry. including Liong Dragon Dance, Wushu martial arts,
and the unique Wayang Poo Tay Hee, a Chinese Glove
Indonesia Fashion Week is one of the primary vehicles puppetry merged with Javanese culture.
Indonesia Fashion Week Sekretariat with an aspiring objective: to ultimately become one of Jogjakarta Culture & Tourism Office
APPMI Office Jl Bumi no 52-54, the leading fashion centers and hub both regionally and Jl. Suroto No.11 Kotabaru, At the peak of the show, you will get to see a carnival of
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta Yogyakarta
globally. Various labels and designers showcase their Chinese Lion Dance and Dragon Dance. Also featuring a
creations for women, men, and kids. Moreover, there bazaar of Chinese cuisine, a celebration parade, magic
+62217 210 015 +62274 588 025
will be fashion shows, seminars, and talk shows. So if you show, and music performances, Yogyakartas Chinese
fancy yourself a fashionista, you wouldnt want to miss Cultural Week is an array of wonderful performances you
Indonesia Fashion Week. wont want to miss. .com

40 41
Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Participants of Batam Outer Ring Courtesy of:
Riau Islands Indonesia

Batam Outer Ring Bau Nyale Festival

February 8 February 10 - 15

Batam, Riau Islands Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Batam Outer Ring is a new international cycling challenge Bau Nyale Festival takes place every year in the tenth
of circling the outer ring road of Batam Island. Not for the month of Sasak Calendar, adjacent to full moon. Meaning
faint-hearted, the route stretches 120 km (75 miles) from to catch the sea worms in Sasak Language, Bau Nyale
start to finish, making it one of the biggest cycling route focuses on a drama about the legendary Princess
challenges in Indonesia. Mandalika. The princess ran away from home to become
a sea worm, wanting to avoid a war fueled by an arranged
Established by Batams own Real Mountain Bikers (RMB), marriage.
Batam Pos Batam Outer Ring is meant to connect those mountain Central Lombok Culture & Tourism Office
Graha Pena Batam Lt.4, Batam Center, bikes lovers from around the world. In 2016, 250 cyclists Jl. Gajah Mada No. 126 Praya, Bau Nyale Festival also showcases many attractions
Batam, Riau Islands from various regions signed up for this daring event. West Nusa Tenggara such as Presean (people fighting), Adu Pantun, a ritual
+62778 460 000
where young people does a poetry face-off similar to a
+62370 654 378
rap battle, and a worm hunting festival where the worms
are gathered to be eaten by the people. If you want to
go to this festival, it is best to book the tickets as soon
as possible as the accommodations in Kuta, Lombok are
usually already full a week before the festival starts.

42 43

A Tatung performance A display of maneuvers

West Kalalimantan Indonesia Yogyakarta Indonesia

Singkawang Cap Gomeh Festival Jogja Air Show

February 11 February 23 - 25

Kota Singkawang, West Kalimantan Bantul, Yogyakarta

Held precisely fifteen days after the Chinese New Year, Cap Jogja Air Show is an annual air acrobat event organized by
Go Meh Festival is an annual celebration that exhibits the Yogyakarta Government Office, Federation of Aero Sport
immersion between Chinese and West Kalimantan culture Indonesia, and Adisucipto Air Force. Located at an airfield
since the 18th century. There will be cultural performances of Depok Bantul Beach, this event presents more than
from various tribes of Kalimantan, a culinary exhibition, 300 athletes of various air sports from around the world,
and an art exhibition. including England, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Kota Singkawang Sports, Youth, However, the highlight of this event is as impressive Yogyakarta Tourism Office From aerospace sports, aero modeling, paragliding, to
Culture & Tourism Office as it is unbelievable. Tatung ritual is a performance of Jl. Malioboro No.56, Danurejan, acrobatic paragliding, the Jogja Air Show is a must-go
Jl. Merdeka No. 78, superstitiously trained experts piercing their bodies Yogyakarta for all air adrenaline-seekers. Jogja Air Show also holds a
Singkawang, West Kalimantan
with sharp weapons such as knives and Chinese swords, photography contest and music performances.
+62274 587 486
+62562 631 423 without dying or even bleeding. Shocking and amazing,
the objective of Tatung is to remove all evil spirits and bad
luck for the entire year.

44 45
Komodo Dragon
A warrior on the festival Komodo National Park Indonesia
East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

Pasola War Festival


West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara

The Pasola War Festival is an event to express gratuity to

the ancestral spirit of a tribe in West Sumba, East Nusa
Tenggara. This festival takes on a literal meaning of war,
where two large groups of people are divided into two
teams; they will fight each other using blunt spears while
riding a horse. The word Pasola itself is driven from the
word Pa (game) and Hola (to throw a javelin). Thus, Pasola
West Sumba Culture & Tourism Office War is translated as a war game of dexterity by throwing a
Jl. Teratai No. 1,Sumba Barat, javelin onto the opponent.
East Nusa Tenggara
The ritual is believed to be able to permanently shape the
+62852 378 29140
attitude and the judgment of people so that they can live
happily ever after. In addition, Pasola is believed to have
a close connection to agriculture; any blood spilled in this
festival from sacrificial cattle or men participating are
considered necessary as a symbol of prosperity.

46 47
Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017
Java Jazz Festival
Tour de Bintan
ASEAN Master Golf Tournament
BaliSpirit Festival
Ogoh Ogoh Parade
Mentaram Festival
North Sumatra Fair

Samosir Island
North Sumatra Indonesia

An ongoing bicycle race

Riau Islands Indonesia

Jazz performers
Jakarta Indonesia

Java Jazz Festival Tour de Bintan

March 3 - 5 March 3 - 5

Jakarta Bintan, Riau Islands

Are you a jazz enthusiast? If so, Jakarta International Bintans natural beauty undoubtedly draws various
Java Jazz Festival (JJF) is perfect for you. Recognized as international sporting events, and one of them is Tour de
one of the largest jazz festivals in the world, this yearly Bintan, a worthy challenge for passionate cyclists, both
event offers both international and local line up of jazz professional and newbies alike.
performers as well as artists from other genres, including
pop, soul, and R&B. Taking place among picturesque roads of lush forests and
traditional villages, Tour de Bintan is both a provoking
Java Festival Production Located at Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO), PRJ Bintan Culture & Tourism Office challenge and an eye-candy to cyclists. Awarded the UCI
Simprug Gallery A1, Kemayoran, North Jakarta, Java Jazz 2017s line up is even Jalan Trikora Km. 36 Teluk Bakau, label, Tour de Bintans winner will be granted a one-way
Jalan Teuku Nyak Arief No. 10, Jakarta more extraordinary than last year. Strap in and get ready Gunung Kijang, Bintan, Riau Islands ticket to the Grand Fondo World Championships. Tour de
to encounter a trance-like experience from one of the Bintan easily attracts over a thousand of cyclists from all
+62217 278 360 102 +62771 701 1566
most magnificent music festivals in the country. around Asia, and you could be a winner of this beautiful
cycling route.

50 51

A golferIpsum
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Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Riau Islands
Ipsum Indonesia
Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Courtesy of:

ASEAN Master Golf Tournament BaliSpirit Festival

March 19 March 19 - 22

Batam, Riau Islands Gianyar, Bali

Batam is an island famous for its golf courses, especially BaliSpirit Festival gathers renowned musicians, yogis, and
for avid golfers around the world. Located in the most dancers from around the world. With a cherished vision by
breathtaking places of the island, Batams golf courses its founders of creating a festival that builds and supports
are spread throughout lush landscape and nourished communities through a full spectrum of healthy activities,
greeneries with views of blue-green ocean; most of them BaliSpirit Festival celebrates Indonesias cultural richness,
are designed by the worlds most renowned golf legends. the sanctity of the environment, and the harmonious
connections between everyone.
Tering Bay Country Club ASEAN Master Golf Tournament is a pro golf tournament BaliSpirit Festival
Jl. Hang Lekiu KM. 4, Nongsa, Sambau, held in Tering Bay, north of Batam. The golf course is Jl. Hanoman, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali Reconnecting the body, soul, and mind, you can
Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Riau Islands designed by Greg Norman. With the most breathtaking experience serenity through eye-opening programs:
sights, this golf course is outstandingly a very challenging yoga and meditation, dance and martial arts, healing, +62811 393 9900
72-par course of rolling hills and wide water hazards. and breathework. Make no mistake; this festival is both
Inviting the best pro golfers from various countries, this is an energetic and a constructive reawakening for your
must-go event for all of golf lovers. holiday.

52 53

A traditional fighting game

West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

Statues of Ogoh Ogoh

Bali Indonesia

Ogoh Ogoh Parade Mentaram Festival

March 27 March

Denpasar, Bali Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara

On the day of Nyepi or Balis Day of Silence, there is a Located on the western side of Lombok Island, Mataram
parade created to cleanse the environment of spiritual is the capital of West Nusa Tenggara. In this largest city
pollutants: Ogoh Ogoh Parade. Symbolizing a mythological of the island, Mentaram Festival is celebrated annually
being of evil spirit, the parades mascot is built by villagers with a line up of activities, including culinary festival, folk
and then marched through the streets. As a symbol of games, souvenir exhibitions, as well as Lomboks native
self-purification, Ogoh Ogoh is burned to ashes at a nearby arts and cultural performances.
cemetery, the parades final destination. A mystically high
Denpasar Culture & Tourism Office tradition, Ogoh Ogoh Parade is celebrated one day before Mataram Culture & Tourism Office Only a ferry away, the island also holds Mataram Great
Jl. Majapahit No. 1 Denpasar, Bali the Saka New Year. Jl. Udayana No. 14A, Sale, showcasing hotels, malls, gastronomy, and travel
Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara exhibitions. When you visit the magnificent Lombok
Combining spirituality and appreciation of Mother Nature, Island this time of year, you already know where to go:
+62361 849 5707 +62370 640 790
Ogoh Ogoh Parade is an evening filled with eerily beautiful satisfy your five bodily senses and learn about West Nusa
celebration and magical hope that will surely transcends Tenggaras culture in this hidden haven.
you with a feeling of wonder.

54 55
Tanah Lot
Bali Indonesia

People Ipsum
Lorem dancing
Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
North Ipsum Indonesia
Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

North Sumatra Fair

March - April

Medan, North Sumatra

Pekan Raya Sumatra Utara (PRSU), or the North Sumatra

Fair, is the biggest annual event in North Sumatra,
participated by 33 regencies and cities, government,
and private owned products. The North Sumatra Fair is
held to commemorate the anniversary of North Sumatra
Province; every year, more than 250,000 visitors attend
this massive event.
North Sumatera Culture & Tourism Office
Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani No. 107, The North Sumatra Fair consists of various attractions, such
Medan, North Sumatra as attractive rides, 3D simulation ride, a park of lanterns, a
rabbit park, pet lovers community, competitions, culture
+62614 528 436
night, a carnival, band performances, and a surprise event
that changes every year. But the pinnacle of the fair is the
cultural performances, performed by every ethnic group
that resides in North Sumatra.

56 57
A diver exploring the underwaters of Banda

Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017

Banda Sea Indonesia

Wonderful Cirebon Festival
Sungailiat Triathlon
Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair
Geobike Caldera Toba
Halo Sultra
International Kampoeng Jazz
Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival
Jogja Blues Explosion
Wonderful Mentawai Festival
Wonderful Tambora Festival

An ongoing swimming race

Bangka Belitung Islands Indonesia

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Wonderful Cirebon Festival Sungailiat Triathlon

April 1 - 3 April 22

Cirebon, West Java Bangka, Bangka Belitung Islands

Festival Pesona Cirebon or The Charm of Cirebon Festival Currently gathering thousands of runners from more
introduces three key destinations of Cirebon: the historical than 65 countries, the International Sungailiat Triathlon
Keraton Kasepuhan Palace, Goa Sunyaragi Water Palace, is a triathlon race unlike any other. You will swim in the
and the coastal Cirebon. mild water of Matras Beach, and then enjoy a bike track
with a dramatically stunning environment of the capital
Showcasing Cirebons potentials of traditional arts, local of Bangka Regency. The last run back is through Matras
craftsmanship, and authentic cuisine, The Charm of Beach where the festive post-race party is located.
Cirebon Sports, Youth, Culture & Cirebon Festival also presents photography, rowboat, and Bangka Culture & Tourism Office
Tourism Office ngejala (net fishing) at Ade Irma Suryani Waterland. Jl. Jend. A. Yani Jalur Dua, Sungailiat, While Bangka Belitung is a charmingly striking backdrop
Jl. Sunan Drajat no 15, CIrebon, Bangka, Bangka Belitung Islands for this competition, the route itself is no small challenge
West Java
either, spanning a total of 113 KM. While youll have your
+62231 321 208
stamina tested through three different ways of traveling,
the appeal of this triathlon is the brand new mountain
biking race category. Bigger than it ever was, Sungaliliat
Triathlon is surely an event to be enjoyed by every
endurance-seeking athlete.

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A display of handmade puppets An ongoing race

Jakarta Indonesia North Sumatra Indonesia

Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair Geobike Caldera Toba

April 26 - 30 April

Jakarta Toba, North Sumatra

As one of the homes for the most abundant and expertly Repeating its two-time massive success, Geobike Caldera
created handicrafts, Indonesia has been exhibiting their Toba is located at the majestic Lake Toba. Crossing
finest craftsmen in several events; one of the largest is the seven districts throughout Lake Toba and going around
Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT). many local villages and natural landscapes, this cycling
Last year, the fair displays more than 500 exhibitors from competition is as fierce as it is mesmerizing.
various crafting industries.
Participants will be taken on a cultural and natural
Jakarta Tourism Office Carrying out the campaign of cultural preservation and Samosir Culture & Tourism Office diversity of North Sumatra as they ride along the beautiful
Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 2, modernization of the worlds economy, INACRAFT ensures Jl. Sisingamangaraja (Open Stage) Samosir, Toba Samosir, Humbang Hasundutan, North
South Jakarta Pangururan, North Sumatra Tapanuli, Simangun, Dairi, and Karo. With various art
the virtue, authenticity, as well as upholds prime qualities
of the products displayed in the exhibition. This fair and cultural performances after the race to refresh your
+62215 205 455 +62626 206 88
increases the business the local craftsmen and preserves energy and keep you entertained, Geobike Caldera Toba
their art alive. If you are curious about Indonesias offers you an alternative healthy getaway with insightful
excellent handicrafts and interested in taking them home, exposure of Sumatran culture.
you are welcome to visit this magnificent event.

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Coral reefs at Kolaka A trumpet performer

Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia

Halo Sultra International Kampoeng Jazz

April April

Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi Bandung, West Java

Halo Sultra, short for Hello Southeast Sulawesi, is a joyful Created by students from Padjadjaran University
event dedicated to show the commodities and attractions Faculty of Law, International Kampoeng Jazz has earned
of Southeast Sulawesi. Combining art, culture, modern quite a name for itself. Originally made to present
civilization, and the creative economy of the locals in the accomplishments from Padjajaran Universitys art
region, this show is purely made to accentuate traditional department, the musical event is centered on Dipatiukur,
values of Southeast Sulawesi through a selection of Bandung. Inviting the best artists from Indonesia and
entertainments. all over the world, International Kampoeng Jazz also
Kolaka Culture & Tourism Office Faculty of Law Padjajaran University spotlights other genres.
Jl. Pemuda No.140, Kolaka, The event will feature many amusements including Jalan Dipati Ukur No. 35, Coblong,
Southeast Sulawesi traditional dance performances from around Southeast Bandung, West Java Famous for having surprise guest stars to the stage, this
Sulawesi regions, a boat decoration tournament, a festival is a battle cry from university students to fight for
+62405 232 1083 +62224 220 696
carnival of weaving crafts and other cultural arts, a fishing the conservation of arts amongst youth. With high spirit
contest, and fireworks. Enjoy the cultural richness of the and positive energy, International Kampoeng Jazz is one
entire Southeast Sulawesi, packaged in one amazing of the best ways to spend your day in Bandung.

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A model
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Jakarta Indonesia
Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum

Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival Jogja Blues Explosion


The magnificent opening of Jakartas Anniversary is at As one of the most important cities in Indonesia for the
Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Obviously, Jakarta Fashion creative development of all art platforms, Yogyakarta has
& Food Festival (JFFF) brings you the best of both worlds: never run out of activities and artists. Providing spaces
fashion and culinary. Last year, there are more than 100 for musical performers and artists from Yogyakarta
culinary business owners that participated at the Food and Indonesia to express their inspirations, Jogja Blues
Festival, bringing more than 200 menus for you to taste. Explosion is an event for blues and rock enthusiasts.

Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival This event proceeds to expand each year as it brings
Jogjakarta Culture & Tourism Office With two stages filled with harmonious performances of
Mal Kelapa Gading 3 Lt. 1s
you more than just a fashion and food event. With
Jl. Suroto No.11, Kotabaru, Yogyakarta melodious songs from more than 50 world-class blues
Jl. Bulevar Kelapa Gading Blok M,
contemporary art performances and a pyrotechnics artists from Indonesia, Jogja Blues Explosion is also
North Jakarta enlivened with art exhibition. This is the perfect place for
display, the enthusiasm of the festival is significantly +62274 588 025
+62214 531 101
growing over the years. JFFF is definitely an event that you you to freely listen to good music with great companions. have to visit if you seek an all-around enjoyment for you
and your loved ones.

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A Mentawai
Lorem Ipsumnative
West Sumatra
Ipsum Indonesia

Mount Tambora
West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

Wonderful Mentawai Festival Wonderful Tambora Festival

April April

Mentawai, West Sumatra Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara

Centered on Mapadegat Beach, Mentawai Islands The third annual Wonderful Tambora Festival is originally
Regency, Wonderful Mentawai Festival challenges all made to commemorate the day of The Great Mount
world-class surfers to take on the unforgiving waves of the Tambora Eruption that happened 200 years ago.
beautiful Mentawai. As one of the favorite places to surf in However, the main emphasis of Wonderful Tambora
the entire archipelago, Mentawai is a fine place to hold an Festival is to expose the hidden beauty of Mount Tambora
international surfing tournament. and for everyone to enjoy traditional delights of Dompu
and Bima districts.
Mentawai Culture & Tourism Office With several art and cultural attractions of Mentawai Dompu Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. Raya Tua Pejat Km. 9 native as well as mesmerizing mystical rituals to keep Jl. Soekarno-Hatta No. 19, Various programs are included in this festival, including
Sipora Utara, West Sumatra bad spirits away, you are guaranteed to have a perfect Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara the inspiring Tambora Ultra Run with subcategories,
resonance of original hospitality and safety for all surfers. unique art performances, and sporting events such
+62759 320 656 +62373 211 77
This is your chance to catch a wave at the ultimate beach as horse racing, biking, and trail biking. Located in the
spot in Indonesia. savannah of Tambora Mountain foot, youll be able to
explore the archipelago and experience the traditional

68 69
A traditional Javanese dance

Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017

Jakarta Indonesia

Rinjani 100
Vesak Day
Ubud Food Festival
Isen Mulang Festival
Art Jog
Bintan Triathlon
Jogja Beach Run
Bali Blues Festival
Harapan Island Folk Art Festival
International Musi Triboatton
International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen
Jailolo Bay Festival
Medan International Coffee Festival
Tour de Flores
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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
A hiker Ipsum
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of Mount Rinjani Lorem Ipsum
Dolor Temple
West NusaIpsum
Indonesia Lorem,

Rinjani 100 Vesak Day

May 5 - 7 May 10

Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Magelang, Central Java

Formerly named as Rinjani Ultra, Rinjani 100 is one of Every year, thousands of Buddhist monks gather in
the hardest races on the trail program. In extension to Borobudur Temple to perform a blissful ceremony
the old route and the famously unmerciful trail from called Praksadina. As a tribute to birth, death, and the
Senaru to Segara Anak Lake before finally crowning enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama (known to most
the sumptuous Mount Rinjani, the A-race is now a full of us as Buddha), Vesak Day is one of the most popular
100 KM with 9,166 meters of altitude gain. Scaling the rituals in Indonesia. Visitors are more than welcome to
Sembalun Hills, traversing ridges and valleys, as well as an watch and observe this ceremony. immense heath, this trail unquestionably fuses together a PT. Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur,
breathtaking sight with an extra-brutal race for seasoned Prambanan & Ratu Boko The first ritual is Pindapta, and continues on with a mountain runners. Jalan Raya Jogya Solo Km 16 cavalcade from Mendut Temple to Borobudur Temple.
Prambanan Sleman, Yogyakarta With a momentous release of gorgeous lanterns into the
There are shorter distances on the program, although +62274 496 402 sky as a symbol of letting go as the closing ceremony,
you still have to keep a good pace to beat the cut-off this event gives you a chance to witness tranquility at
time. In any case, your struggles will be greatly paid its best. As Buddha has taught once: the highest form of
by the staggering views of the volcano and the ocean happiness will only come when humans let go of their
surrounding Lombok Island. longings and desires.

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Courtesy of: Dayak women Central Kalimantan Indonesia

Ubud Food Festival Isen Mulang Festival

May 12 - 14 May 18 - 23

Gianyar, Bali Central Kalimantan

One of the most celebrated new three-day gastronomic Derived from Isen (Abstinence) and Mulang (Surrender),
events, Ubud Food Festival will spice up your culinary Isen Mulang means to never give up and strive to
adventure. It does not stop at outstanding chefs and achieve. The festival contains a series of competitions
innovative cuisine. Ubud Food Festival dishes up on a in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, displaying distinct
variety of delicious events, including workshops by food Dayak Cultures through a ride down the river with
professionals, food tours around the areas beautiful whimsically decorated boats. Nourishing the spirits of
landscape, cooking demonstrations by culinary icons, and Dayak people, the tradition is to unite, build together,
Ubud Food Festival food forums by restaurateurs. Central Kalimantan Culture & tolerate, and maintain human dignity.
Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Ubud Tourism Office
Gianyar, Bali As their third year in the gastronomy globe, fresh local Jl. Tjilik Riwut Km. 5, Palangkaraya, With a series of programs such as races and games,
produce is always one of the highlights of Ubud Food Central Kalimantan
+62361 977 408
dancing contests, music performances, and sport events,
Festival. Explore endless possibilities with Indonesian +62536 323 1110 Isen Mulang Festival gathers thousands of Dayak people
ingredients, culinary experts, and naturally, Indonesian from the woodlands and hinterland villages to take part in
traditional dishes. Create your culinary journey with well- a National Carnival Parade held in the center of this town.
known chef celebrities and diverse food specialists! This is a perfect opportunity for you to exchange cultural
wisdom with Dayak natives.

74 75
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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor An ongoing
Ipsum Triathlon
Dolor race
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem,

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Art Jog Bintan Triathlon

May 19 - June 19 May 20 - 21

Yogyakarta Bintan, Riau Islands

Since 2008, the many artists of Jogjakarta have contributed Ranging from new runners to professionals, Bintan
to Jogjakarta Art Fair. Although in 2010 the name changed Triathlon is one of the most awaited annual triathlon
to Art Jog, the festival remains to be an outstanding festivals in Asia, presented in six different categories.
exhibit with remarkable artworks from numerous local Entering its twelfth year as it continues to draw more
artists. Art Jog defines the creative movement and culture participants every year, the event is always a good
initiated by both young and old artists of Jogjakarta. Art challenge for sport lovers with its endurance test.
Jog will take you into the infinite cosmos of art through
PT. Heri Pemad Art Management various mediums. Bintan Culture & Tourism Office The location itself, a port island only 45-minute ferry ride
Soboman no. 234 RT 06 DK.X Jalan Trikora Km. 36 Teluk Bakau, from Singapore, feels like a world away. It is filled with
Ngestiharjo Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta Showing the work of more than 80 Indonesian and Gunung Kijang, Bintan, Riau Islands pure white sand that turns gold from the shining tropical
international artists, Art Jog is undoubtedly one of the sun and pristine waters to dive yourself in, an absolute +62771 701 1566
must-see events for art enthusiasts around the world who heaven on earth. Are you ready to test your stamina with
are looking only for the best source of artistic inspirations. some of the worlds best athletes on one of Indonesias
astounding islands?

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Runners competing Lorem Ipsum Dolor

Yogyakarta Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Indonesian music legends

Bali Indonesia

Jogja Beach Run Bali Blues Festival

May 21 May 27

Bantul, Yogyakarta Nusa Dua, Bali

Passionate runners from around the world are Sweet melodies and smooth sound continues on as
encouraged to roam around the gorgeous landscape of Bali Blues Festival celebrates its third successful year.
Yogyakarta and Parang Tritis, including the magnificent Featuring Indonesias most talented musicians, Bali Blues
beach of Depok, Yogyakarta. Prepare yourself to run Festival will boost your romantic mood, adding colors
around on one of the most beautiful coasts throughout to your stay in the romantic island. With a remarkable
Java and its most pleasant view before sunset. lineup, youll hear wonderful live sessions of world-class
Bantul Culture & Tourism Office Along with its legendary sea cuisines, you are guaranteed Pregina Art & Showbiz Bali & ITDC
Jl. Lingkar Timur Trirenggo Bantul, a good time. No matter if youre a professional runner (Indonesia Tourism Development)
Yogyakarta or a newbie, this competitive event is your gateway to a Nusa Dua Resort, Bali
culturally rich and healthy exercise.
+62274 646 0222 +62361 771 010

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A danceIpsum
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Jakarta Indonesia
Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Musi River boat racers

Palembang, South Sumatra Indonesia

Harapan Island Folk Art Festival International Musi Triboatton

May May

Pulau Seribu, Jakarta Palembang, South Sumatra

Harapan Island, literally translated as the island of International Musi Triboatton is an extremely thrilling
hope, is an island surrounded by stunning blue sea boat race that takes place along more than 500-kilometer
with breathtaking coral reefs. Filled with hopeful small stretch of the Musi River, one of the largest rivers in
settlements and resorts, as well as a beach full of palm Sumatra. The race is broken down into five stages,
trees, the citizens of Harapan Island celebrate the featuring three water sports such as rafting, canoeing,
modesty of their culture by holding the Harapan Island and traditional dragon boat racing.
Folk Art Festival.
Jakarta Tourism Office South Sumatra, Culture & Tourism Office Situated in a wonderful route through several districts
JL. Kuningan Barat No. 1, Stop by for an array of art performances and exhibitions, Jl. Demang Lebar Daun Kav. IX, Palembang, starting from Musi Banyuasin, Musi Bawas, Banyuasin,
South Jakarta along with displays of local cuisine that will keep you South Sumatra Mepat Lawang, and the City of Palembang itself, the race
both full and entertained while you bask in the wonderful passes beautiful villages and natural landscapes along the
+62215 278 305 +62711 356 661
nature of Thousand Islands, or known as Pulau Seribu. Musi River. This river adventure is one daring competition
with strong currents and encouraging obstacles. It will
all be worth it once you take a glance at the most scenic
sights from one spot to the next.

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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Lorem Ipsum Dolor LoremDolor
Lorem Ipsum Ipsum Dolor
Courtesy of:
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem,
Lorem, Ipsum
Ipsum Indonesia

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An ongoing race
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
East Java Indonesia

International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen Jailolo Bay Festival

May May

Banyuwangi, East Java West Halmahera, North Maluku

Recognized by Union Cysliste Internationale, International The Islands of Maluku hold many of the most exotic
Banyuwangi Tour de Ijen is a fine race with more than 99 beauty that defines Indonesia as a destination, including
participants from 21 countries. The route begins and ends natural landscapes and cultural delights. Perfectly
in Banyuwangi, where the sun rises firsthand. Immersing bundled at Jailolo Bay Festival, this celebration is a tribute
culture with sports, the opening ceremony of the event to the sea as it is the source of peoples livelihood and
has a selection of art performances such as jedor drum an approach to raise peoples awareness of the beautiful
concert and a release of hundreds of birds into the sky. West Halmahera.
Banyuwangi Culture & Tourism Office West Halmahera Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. Ahmad Yani 78, Banyuwangi, The race covers 171.4 KM through powerfully enchanting Jl. Ir. Soekarno, Acango, Jailolo, This exquisite festival holds unique competitions, both
East Java routes: shores, rural areas, and mountains; the main Halmahera Barat, North Maluku inland and underwater: diving and swimming, fishing,
spot is none other than the beautiful Ijen Crater. It is the traditional dance, landscape photography, along with
+62333 424 172 +62823 111 861 86
only crater in the world that emits blue fire. Experience a rowing race and fish eating challenge. To liven up the
daring cycling challenge along enthusiastic athletes from festival, there are also musical performances. Jailolo
around the world. Bay Festival is your gateway to an incredible journey at
eastern part of Indonesia.

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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
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Various Indonesian cofee beans Lorem Ipsum Dolor An ongoing race

Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

Medan International Coffee Festival Tour de Flores

May May

Medan, North Sumatra Larantuka, East Nusa Tenggara

As the third largest coffee producer in the world, Indonesia Tour de Flores 2017 comprises of a massive cycling tour
holds many delicious coffee beans to satisfy all coffee around the island of Flores, broken down into five stages
lovers. A few of them can be found in the most popular with a total distance of approximately 743 kilometers. As
coffee shops all over the world, including the original a part of the UCI Asia Tour, Tour de Flores is anticipated
North Sumatran coffee beans such as Sumatra Arabika, to be the focal event of a wider cycling festival that will
Sidikalang, Mandailing, Tarutung, and Lintang. attract the attention of various avid cyclists globally.

North Sumatera, Culture & Tourism Office Introducing the produce, quality products, and the natural Alsemat Organizing Committee The tour also holds other stimulating activities, opening
Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani No. 107, process of North Sumatran coffee, the three-day festival Jln Sunter Jaya I, Komp. DKI Sarana Jaya with a visit to the majestic Kelimutu Lake, a tour via fun
Medan, North Sumatra is created especially for you so you can enjoy the delights Blok B No 5, Kel. Sunter Jaya, North Jakarta cycling as a supporting event, and ending with a stopover
of freshly grinded coffee. Medan International Coffee at Komodo Islands Pink Beach. Get your bikes tuned for
+62614 528 436
Festival features coffee exhibition, experts talk shows, one of the most exciting tours in Indonesia.
buyer and seller meeting, cupping sessions, and manual
brewing demo.

84 85
Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017
Gawai Dayak Week
Kemayoran Jakarta Fair
Bali Arts Festival
Lake Sentani Festival
Jakarta Great Sale Festival
Kota Tua Festival
Lombok Sumbawa Pearl Festival
Tongkang Burning Festival

Lok Baintan Floating Market

South Kalimantan Indonesia
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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Lorem people
Dayak Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Courtesy of:
West Kalimantan
Ipsum Indonesia
Indonesia Lorem,
Ipsum Indonesia

Gawai Dayak Week Kemayoran Jakarta Fair

June 1 - 2 June 10 - July 13

Pontianak, West Kalimantan Jakarta

Gawai Dayak Week is an annual festival celebrated by Kemayoran Jakarta Fair is the largest annual exhibition
the Dayak people around Kalimantan, a festival that is made to celebrate the anniversary of Jakarta. Going way
both a spiritual and a social occasion acknowledged since back from 1968 when the first fair opened in Monas with
the 1950s. Gawai Dayak originates from the word Gawai about 1.4 million visitors, the exhibition has changed from
(festival) and Dayak, a shared name for native people the humble traditional market into a fresh exhibition of
around Kalimantan consisting of four million people in unique product exhibitions, trade promotions, shopping
total. galore, music performances, amusement rides, and food
Pontianak Culture & Tourism Office PT Jakarta International Expo festival. Spending your June in Jakarta is a remarkable
jl. Rahadi OSMAN Komp. Walikota, Centered at Rumah Radaking, a traditional Dayak long- Arena JIEXPO Kemayoran, time to check out all the great festivity of the Jakarta Fair.
Pontianak, West Kalimantan house, in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Gawai Dayak Central Jakarta
Week emphasizes the diverse cultures of the Dayak
+62813 453 231 41 +62212 664 500
people. Presenting authentic traditional rituals, exclusive
ceremonies, and colorful cultural parade, the celebration
features traditional games and competitions, tattoo
painting, woodcarving, and shield painting.

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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Courtesy of:
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem,
Ipsum Indonesia

Young Balinese people

Denpasar, Bali Indonesia

Bali Arts Festival Lake Sentani Festival

June 10 - July 8 June 19 - 23

Denpasar, Bali East Sentani, Papua

Started in 1979, Bali Arts Festival has established its Initiated in 2008, the Lake Sentani Festival is held annually
credibility in preserving and showcasing authentic in Khalkote, East Sentani District, Papua. The festival has
Balinese arts. For one whole month, the festival is become one of the three major festivals in Papua. Aside
filled with incredible dance performances, from the from Lake Sentanis world-class beauty, the lake also
forgotten classical dances, unique offering dances, to the hosts powerful natural landscape along with the regions
contemporary choreographed royal dances. multicultural traditions and wisdom.

Bali Tourism Office Recognized as one of the time-honored cultural events Papua Culture & Tourism Office This year, the ninth Lake Sentani Festival offers numerous
Jl. S. Parman, Niti Mandala, of Indonesia, Bali Arts Festival support both emerging Gedung A Dinas Otonom Daerah, Jl. Raya artistic performances, local handicrafts workshops, and
Denpasar, Bali international artists and talented local performers. Abepura-Kota Rajaw, Jayapura, Papua various exhibitions: tree bark paintings, wood sculptures,
Celebrating the island pride, Bali Arts Festival is one of the gemstones, and culinary. The highlight of the festival is a
+62361 222 387 +62967 583 001
most anticipated festivals of the year. Be a part of Balis tour of Lake Sentani, the provinces biggest lake, hence
national identity and celebrate with your loved ones! the name. We invite you to attend and immerse with East
Sentanis refinement.

90 91

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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Models wearing indigenous costumes Handbags on display

Jakarta Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarnaval Jakarta Great Sale Festival

June 22 June

Jakarta Jakarta

The most joyful thing about Jakartas Anniversary is The great thing about Jakartas anniversary is that it will
its extraordinary parade, Jakarnaval. Starting from the never settle on just one amazing event, for instance:
Monumen Nasional (Monas) to the heart of Central the Jakarta Great Sale Festival. As its name suggests, the
Jakarta City, Hotel Indonesias roundabout, and ends on Jakarta Great Sale Festival unites multiple merchants
Semanggi area, the parade outlines Indonesias diverse from around the city toward a huge price break, ranging
cultures from Sumatra to Papua. Involving numerous from international well-known brands, the greatest
cultural communities and art performers, this is your time local brands, to traditional sellers, available at different
Jakarta Tourism Office to explore every aspect of Jakarta. Festival Jakarta Great Sale (FJGS) locations all over Jakarta. These stores have discounts so
Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 2, South Jakarta Kalibata City Tower Rafles Lantai 1 KL/6. ridiculous, its mind-blowing.
This unique parade is unlike any other city parades, Jl. Kalibata Raya No. 1, South Jakarta
focusing on the art, musical, and dance performances. Jakarta Great Sale Festival is a 30-day event, spread
+62215 205 455 +62212 931 7026
Decorated vehicles, colorful indigenous costumes, and around more than 70 malls and 20 traditional markets
entertaining tunes are certain to entertain the visitors in around the city. All in all, when looking for a massive
honoring the 490th Jakartas Anniversary. Be sure to see shopping spree, Jakarta Great Sale Festival is one of the
the colorful performances of this magnificent parade. best events for it. This is your chance to get good quality
things with unreasonably cheap price.

92 93

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem

on display
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia WestLorem,
Nusa Tenggara
Ipsum Indonesia

Vintage-style bicycles
Jakarta Indonesia

Kota Tua Festival Lombok Sumbawa Pearl Festival

June June

Jakarta West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Jakartas Kota Tua, or Old Town, is a historical place Carrying Indonesias name as the biggest South Sea Pearl
established during the Dutch colonization. Originally distributor, Nusa Tenggaras Culture and Tourism Office
meant to be the downtown and the central of the city is bringing the annual Lombok Sumbawa Pearl Festival
government, Kota Tua is beautifully crafted by 20th century once again. With the objective of attracting local and
deco-style of architecture. As a ripe spot for tourism, Kota international buyers, this event exhibits and auctions the
Tua was recently revitalized by the government and is most stunning and authentic South Sea Pearls of Lombok
more beautiful than ever. native.
Jakarta Tourism Office West Lombok Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 2, South Jakarta The Kota Tua Festival is an annual event held in the Taman Jl. Soekarno Hatta Giri Menang, However, the event does not end there; Lombok Sumbawa
Fatahillah (Fatahillah Park) on Old Town district with a Gerung, West Nusa Tenggara Pearl Festival also treats you to countless entertainments
theme of Jakarta Old Town Reborn. In this event, you can such as community art performances, book review,
+62215 205 455 +62370 681 343
watch various art and culture entertainments, fashion creative exhibition, literary events, traditional toy
show and enjoy a culinary festival. While youre there, exhibitions, cultural seminars, and Miss Pearl Pageant.
dont forget to roam around several places, including Check out the most beautiful pearl exhibition surrounded
a gallery of the Indonesian creative industry, diverse by the exotic Lombok Island.
cultural attractions, and a prime local bazaar.

94 95
Balinese kids dressed as warriors
Bali Indonesia
Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Lorem Ipsum
of : Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Siska Maria
Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Courtesy of:

Tongkang Burning Festival Event Name

June 00 - 00 Month 2017

Bagan Siapi-Api, Riau Area

Bakar Tongkang literally translates to burning the (last)

ship. The burning of tongkang, a traditional ship, is a
celebrated occasion and a culture of Bagansiapi-api
people around the Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau Province.
As a symbol to honor the Sea God, this ritual tells a story
about the arrival of the first settlers of Chinese migrants
to Indonesia. At the peak of the show, the people hold a
praying procession before carrying the tongkang to the
Rokan Hilir Sports, Youth, Culture & Place Name
Tourism Office bonfire. Place Adress Place Adress Place Adress
Jl. Gedung Depag Kawasan Purna MTQ Place Adress Place Adress Place Adress
Batu 6 Bagan Punak Meranti, There are numerous attractions and cultural
Bagan Siapi-api, Riau performances to liven up the festival, including Tan +62
Ki. Tan Ki demonstrates a number of people with their
extraordinary physical abilities, such as stabbing their
own bodies with sharp weapons. Witness the appreciation
of Chinese culture to their God and ancestors in Tongkang
Burning Festival.

96 97
Madakaripura Waterfall

Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017

East Java Indonesia

Keroncong Surakarta Festival
Erau International Folklore Art Festival
Bali Kite Festival
Bandung International Digital Art Festival
Banyuwangi Beach Jazz Festival
Bintan Golf Challenge
Borobudur International Festival
Padang International Dragon Boat Festival
Srivijaya Festival
Wonderful Bunaken Festival
Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Lorem Ipsum
Courtesy of: Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Courtesy of:
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem,
Ipsum Indonesia

Keroncong Surakarta Festival Erau International Folklore Art Festival

July 21 - 22 July 22 - 30

Solo, Central Java Tenggarong Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan

Would you like to hear uplifting melodies combined with The fascinating cultures of East Kalimantan are one of the
powerful uproarious tune at the same time? The answer most preserved treasures in Indonesia. This includes the
is always yes. Within the performances of Keroncong enchanting ceremony of Kutai Sultanate. Highlighting this
Surakarta Festival, youll listen to Portuguese-inspired tradition, Erau International Folklore and Art Festival also
traditional music played by an ukulele-like instrument. showcases global creative and art performances.
The keroncong ensemble, called a keroncong orchestra,
consists of flute, violin, melody guitar, cello in pizzicato More than 260 artists from around the world, including
Surakarta Culture & Tourism Office style, string bass in pizzicato style, and a female or male International Council of Organizations of Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, United States, and Poland,
Jl. Brigjen Slamet Riyadi No. 275, singer. Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts participate in this lovely festival. The eight-day celebration
Surakarta, Central Java Jalan Tomang utara III No. 270,
includes folk feast and traditional costumes, as well as
West Jakarta
Annually, the renowned Keroncong Surakarta Festival features an international cultural parade. If you would like
+62271 711 435
hopes to preserve traditional keroncong as Indonesias +62215 657 882 to see the elegance of East Kalimantan, be prepared to be
identity and heritage. The two-day festival features many astonished by this festival.
keroncong subgenres, including pure keroncong, and
keroncong rock.

100 101

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem

A digital
Dolor image
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem,West

Kite players at the festival

Bali Indonesia

Bali Kite Festival Bandung International Digital Art Festival

July - August July

Badung, Bali Bandung, West Java

Bali Kite Festival showcases traditional kites with various Once again, Bandung International Digital Arts Festival
shapes, such as bebean (fish), langgan (bird), and pecukan (BIDAF) carries some of the best digital arts throughout
(leaves). With lines of four to eight meter long kites up for the world. Bringing more than 50 distinguished artists,
competition, you can enjoy creative designs while chilling the three-day festival is guaranteed to be an amazing
on the beach. As hundreds of gigantic competing kites psychedelic experience.
gather from all over the island, you wont want to miss the
event highlight at the end of October. From the contemporary, the rebellious, the pop to
Bali Tourism Office West Java Culture & Tourism Office the avant-garde, BIDAF features the most recent and
Jl. S. Parman, Niti Mandala, Denpasar, Bali Kite Festival is more than just any kite festival, as it Jl. L.L.R.E. Martadinata No. 209, advanced development in digital arts and technology in
Bali is also a benediction for the paddy fields fertility. The Bandung, West Java terms of artistic, economic, and technical influences. Lose
kite usually carries a blessing of coins and palm leaflets, yourself in the world of video arts, animations, digital
+62361 222 387 +62227 273 209
acting on Balinese idealism for the ultimate harmony of game, digital imaging, sonic arts, and a whole lot more.
the universe.

102 103

A trumpeteer
Lorem Ipsum Dolor
performing Lorem Ipsum A Dolor
golfer playing
East Java
Indonesia Lorem,

Banyuwangi Beach Jazz Festival Bintan Golf Challenge

July July

Banyuwangi, East Java Bintan, Riau Islands

Banyuwangi Beach Jazz Festival displays harmonious Bintan Island has a lot of hidden gems within; it is not
music in one exquisitely decorated stage, refined only limited to its natural and adventure attractions.
with magnificent view of the beach where Javas sun Every year, hundreds of golfers are adding Bintan on
rises firsthand. This show is created as a showcase to their must-play lists. Bintan has several magnificent golf
appreciate both young and professional music artists. courses throughout the island, offering a breathtaking
panoramic landscape with a challenging course designed
Providing a space for unrestricted creativity, Banyuwangi by numerous golf legends.
Banyuwangi Art, Culture & Beach Jazz Festival uniquely combines traditional music Bintan Culture & Tourism Office
Tourism Office with a touch of contemporary jazz. With a line up of Jalan Trikora Km. 36 Teluk Bakau, Bintan Golf Challenge is a daring event for avid golfers,
Jl. Ahmad Yani 78, Banyuwangi, East Java greatest local artists, you will surely enjoy the jaw- Gunung Kijang, Bintan, Riau Islands held around Bintan Island. The tournament will have the
dropping environments of Boom Beach while listening to 36 strokes system where each course will have its own
+62333 424 172 +62771 701 1566
the melodious tunes from best local artists in this summer winner. Bintan Golf Challenge features alluring natural
festival. ambiance, combined with mesmerizing beaches and a
complete facility of spa treatments. Get ready for one
wondrous experience, as this event will definitely take
your breath away.

104 105

Lorem Ipsum Temple
Dolor Lorem Ipsum
boat racers
East Java
Indonesia Lorem,
West Sumatra
Ipsum Indonesia

Borobudur International Festival Padang International Dragon Boat Festival

July July

Magelang, Central Java Padang, West Sumatra

The Government of Central Java has prepped several Located on the vast Banjir Kanal River by the City
programs as a part of the program Visit Central Java Government of Padang, Padang International Dragon
2017. With this, visitors can enjoy the majestic Borobudur Boat Festival is a fiercely competitive traditional boat-
Temple and engage in several wonderful activities at racing tournament. Implemented as a celebration of
the same time. One of the most notoriously prominent Padang City anniversary, the competition serves to bring
programs is the Borobudur International Festival. a more entertainingly challenging contest than last year.

Magelang Tourism Office Centered at Lumbini Park, Borobudur Temple, this festival West Sumatra Culture & Tourism Office If you are among the participants, you dont need to worry
Jl. Soekarno Hatta Kota Mungkid, presents many intriguing activities from early morning, Jl. Khatib Sulaiman No. 7, because all of the international teams will be hosted with
Magelang, Central Java ranging from creative arts and culture performances, Padang, West Sumatra free accommodation, airport transfers, liaison officers,
orchestras, music performances, to local handicrafts guide, and local transportation. Amazing to watch, you
+62293 789 799 +62751 705 5183
exhibition. Be sure to enjoy this epic concert and cultural will surely be amused whether you are a participant or
display on your visit to the great Borobudur Temple. a supporter.

106 107

Musi Bridge
Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum
in Bunaken
South Ipsum Indonesia
Indonesia Lorem,
Ipsum Indonesia

Srivijaya Festival Wonderful Bunaken Festival

July July

Palembang, South Sumatra Bunaken, North Sulawesi

Palembang, the second largest city on Sumatra, was As one of the most iconic islands that possess the greatest
once a capital city ruled by the wealthy and the powerful wonders nature has to offer, Bunaken Island of Manado,
Srivijaya Kingdom. The Srivijaya Kingdom was known as North Sulawesi is undoubtedly filled with some of the
a prosperous trade hub as well as the center of Buddhist best events of the entire archipelago. One of them is none
education center. Many monks from China, India, and Java other than the Wonderful Bunaken Festival.
migrate to Srivijaya to seek enlightenments from Buddha,
making Palembang one of the most historical cities of the Enjoy several breathtaking activities that last for a week
South Sumatra Culture & Tourism Office entire archipelago. Manado Culture & Tourism Office while you visit this enchanting island, such as fishing
Jl. Demang Lebar Daun Kav. IX, Kelurahan Bahu Lingkungan I, competition, underwater photography competition,
Palembang, South Sumatra Bringing wisdom back from a kingdom that once ruled Manado, North Sulawesi Maengket traditional dancing competition, Bamboo
Southeast Asia, the 26th edition of the Srivijaya Festival music, and Miss Bunaken Pageant. The highlight of this
+62711 356 661 +62431 334 5517
once again aims to inspire the current generation of festival is a music stage set above the beautiful Bunaken
Srivijayas cultural and historic heritage. Enjoy a selection water. Bring yourself and your loved ones to the perfectly
of activities in this festival such as a culinary festival, packaged celebration of Wonderful Bunaken Festival.
cultural performances and parade, along with dance and
folklore theatrical competition.

108 109
Saman Dance

Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017

Aceh Indonesia

Buleleng Festival
Baliem Valley Festival
Ubud Village Jazz Festival
Malioboro Night Festival
Jogja Fashion Week
Aceh International Rapai Festival
Banyuwangi International Kite and Wind Surfing
Belitung Fair & Wonderful Archipelago Festival
Borobudur Masterpiece Ballet
Buton Ancient Cultural Festival
Cheng Ho Festival
Dieng Culture Festival
Jember Fashion Carnaval
Yogyakarta Art Festival
Lake Kelimutu Festival
Mount Bromo Jazz
Tomohon International Flower Festival
Toraja International Festival
Toraja Marathon
Tour de Singkarak

A dance performance Bali traditional dance

West Java Indonesia Bali Indonesia

Gotrasawala Buleleng Festival

August 4 - 6 August 4 - 8

Cirebon, West Java Buleleng,Bali

Taking place in the city of Cirebon, Gotrasawala introduces Not to be taken for granted, north Bali has a robust
various high-quality West Javanese art performances. heritage to preserve and celebrate. Buleleng Festival, as
This international festival is known for regularly inviting a gateway to a fun fiesta, appreciates the local arts and
both critically acclaimed and highly prestigious bands, cultures.
ensembles, speakers, and craftsmen from various parts
of the country and the world in one epic set list. By integrating education, social, and environmental
aspects, Buleleng Festival combines them and makes an
Cirebon Sports, Youth, Culture & Gotrasawala itself is actually an ancient symposium dating Buleleng Culture & Tourism Office exciting cultural promotion dedicated for vacationers.
Tourism Office back to the 1600s, made to communicate the history of Kabupaten Buleleng The four-day festival is filled with colorful parade, special
Jl. Sunan Drajat no 15, Cirebon, Jalan Kartini No. 6, Buleleng, Bali
West Java
ancient kingdoms across the archipelago. Remade in a exhibitions, and book launches for the community.
contemporary spirit, Gotrasawala continues to spread
+62362 213 42
+62231 321 208 West Javanese culture to the whole world. Make sure to
check out the whole new concept of Gotrasawala this
year. Be one of the messengers for this ageless art.

112 113

Baliem Valley war performance Coutesy of:

Papua Indonesia

Baliem Valley Festival Ubud Village Jazz Festival

August 8 - 10 August 12 - 13

Jayawijaya, Papua Gianyar, Bali

Situated at an altitude of 1,600 meters, the great Baliem Situated in the serene surroundings of Ubud, Ubud Village
Valley holds Dani, Yali, and Lani Tribes. These tribes are Jazz Festival has tune up the community since 2010. With
direct survivors from the Stone Age. Every year, the three a different theme annually, the festival collaborates
tribes held a ritual in the form of a small-scale war called with the artist community, keeping it close to everyones
the Baliem Valley Festival where warriors of the tribes passions and hearts.
throw spears to each other, accompanied by distinctive
war cries of Dani people. The two-day festival has three stages; although considered
Jayawijaya Culture & Tourism Office Ubud Village Jazz Festival small, Ubud Village Jazz Festival thrives on its intimacy.
Kantor Otonom Gedung Wenehulehuby By attending the Baliem Valley Festival, visitors will be Jl. Waribang 32, Kesiman, Denpasar, Working together with underground Jazz Movement and
lantai 4, Jl. Yos Sudarso, Papua treated with a chance to learn prominent traditions of Bali antina Music productions, your ears will surely listen to
the three tribes in Baliem Valley and experience the smooth quality melodies played by internationally known
+62212 985 9746 +62812 363 719 82
generosity of the indigenous people through a carnival performers. Your palate is never to be forgotten, as the
by the Wamena Town. Completed with a feast of Papuan festival also provides you with the best food in Ubud.
culinary traditions, dont forget to check out the Dani
Market in Wamena and visit the traditional Wauma
Village, along with other spots around the Baliem Valley.

114 115

Lorem Ipsum Dolor

Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Festival parade Courtesy of:

Yogyakarta Indonesia

Malioboro Night Festival IRONMAN 70.3

August 12 - 13 August 20

Yogyakarta Bintan, Riau Islands

Renowned for its iconic art and culture movement by The IRONMAN 70.3 Bintan is steadily rising to become
countless artists from all over Indonesia, Jogjakarta has an one of the most iconic triathlon races in all Southeast
iconic movement called Malioboro Night Festival. Located Asia, drawing participants from several countries.
at Malioboro Street of Jogjakarta, the most influential Bintan Ironman has been said to have one of the most
headquarters of Indonesian art movement since the picturesque race routes in the world with its pure white
1970s, the festival is created to appreciate the local artists sandy shores, verdant green forest, and polished gardens
of Jogjakarta and Indonesia. skirting the tropical rainforest.
Yogyakarta Tourism Office Bintan Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. Malioboro No. 56, Yogyakarta The streets along Malioboro are adorned by colorful Jalan Trikora Km. 36, Teluk Bakau, The course of IRONMAN 70.3 Bintan begins with
Gunung Kijang, Bintan, Riau Islands swimming in the beautiful Bintan Ocean and continues on
lanterns and creative trinkets. Held in one building named
Senisono, the festival features some of the most creative with a scenic one-lap bike route. Topping this spectacular
+62274 587 486 +62771 701 1566
local musicians, performers, and artists. Not to mention event, racers will run three laps on a spectator-friendly
that there will be culinary delights and a carnival of track.
dancers, your creative crave will surely be satisfied.

116 117

Saman Dance
Aceh Indonesia

Models walking on a catwalk

Yogyakarta Indonesia

Jogja Fashion Week Aceh International Rapai Festival

August 26 - 27 August

Yogyakarta Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

As the largest fashion event in Jogjakarta, Jogja Fashion After being declared as the best halal destination in the
Week exhibits the works of many talented fashion world, Aceh is treating their guests with some of the most
designers. Since its first exhibition in 2006, this event has intriguing cultural events. Aceh International Rapai Festival
attracted many garment innovators. Although this one- is situated in three regions of Aceh: Ratu Safiatuddin Park,
week celebration has different themes each year, the goal Arts and Culture Park, and the wonderfully made Aceh
remains the same: to consistently show the abundance of Museum of the Tsunami.
art and culture from throughout the archipelago.
Yogyakarta Tourism Office Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Tourism Office The most intriguing element of this festival is the
Jl. Malioboro No.56, Yogyakarta Presenting the works of more than 100 designers with Jalan Tengku Chik Kuta Karang No. 3, percussion groups performing Acehs Rapai traditional
about 1,500 clothing displays, the Jogja Fashion Week is Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam music, melodies from Sumatra, Makassar, Surabaya, along
putting Jogjakarta as a trendsetter of Indonesias style. with international traditional music from China, Thailand,
+62274 587 486 +62065 126 206
With design competition and craft seminars, Jogja Fashion Malaysia, Iran, and Japan. With music seminars and
Week certainly showcases current spectacular trends and workshops, Aceh International Rapai Festival undeniably
entertains many creative enthusiasts. features some of the best local and international music

118 119

Laskar Pelangi Festival

Bangka Belitung Island Indonesia

A kite surfer
East Java Indonesia

Banyuwangi International Kite and Belitung Fair & Wonderful

Wind Surfing Archipelago Festival
August August
Banyuwangi, East Java Tanjung Pandan, Bangka Belitung Island

Tabuhan Island has plenty of hidden gems, untouched Initiated in 2010, Belitung Fair & Wonderful Archipelago
by many people. From soft white sands, crystal clear Festival is participated by abundant local shop owners
water, to the rich underwater marine life, the most that exhibit a variety of products: from souvenirs, cuisines,
enthusiastic surfers from around the world have gathered to travel services. The purpose of this event is to support
to participate in the challenging waves that Banyuwangi local crafts and products and share them with the people.
has to offer.
Collaborating with Laskar Pelangi Festival, the renowned
Banyuwangi Art, Culture & Tourism Office Banyuwangi International Kite and Wind Surfing, located Bangka Belitung Creative Economy & festival celebrates exceptional art and culture of
Jl. Ahmad Yani 78, Banyuwangi, East Java on Tabuhan Island of North Banyuwangi, is a competition Tourism Office Indonesia. Laskar Pelangi Festival contains a mixture of
Jl. Depati Gegedek No. 17, Bangka Belitung Island
made especially for dedicated kite surfers and windsurfers traditional and modern performing arts, a bazaar, and a
in the world. Many participants from Australia, Austria, carnival. Featuring painting exhibition, musical concert,
+62333 424 172 +62719 210 35
German, France, Thailand, and Hongkong have been and creative workshops such as photography, music, and
looking forward to this event. Bring your board and try dance, this festival is both educative and inspirational for
the waves at Tabuhan, or you can simply witness the art supporters.
daredevils who do.

120 121

Borobudur Masterpiece Ballet performance Buton dancers

Central Java Indonesia Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia

Borobudur Masterpiece Ballet Buton Ancient Cultural Festival

August August

Magelang, Central Java Buton, Southeast Sulawesi

A traditional performance acted by 250 dancers in a temple Initiated in 2013, Festival Budaya Tua Buton, or Buton
regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, what Ancient Culture Festival, is once again celebrated to
more can you ask? The Borobudur Masterpiece Ballet is preserve history as a lesson for the future. Located at
a phenomenal show that takes you on a sensory odyssey Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi, the festival is your
through a magnificent performance of lights and sounds. door to authentic cultures and unique traditions.
The ballet performance is located at the southeast foot of
Borobudur Temple, a historical site that has become one Buton Ancient Culture Festival showcases the colossal
PT. Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, of the worlds true heritages. southeast sulawesi Creative Economy & dance of performances of Buton performed by 10,000
Prambanan & Ratu Boko Tourism Office dancers. The festival also holds Tandaki, a traditional
Jalan Raya Jogya Solo Km 16, Jalan Tebau Nungu, Kendari,
Involving local artists around Borobudur Temple and circumcision ceremony and Pekane Kandea, a feast for
Prambanan Sleman, Yogyakarta Southeast Sulawesi
collaborating with performance art communities around honored guests. Become one of the lucky visitors who get
+62274 496 402 Indonesia, Borobudur Masterpiece reflects the original +62234 567 890 the pleasure to witness the wisdom of Butons cultural
interpretation of Buddhist teachings and values embodied history.
in one event.

122 123

Sam Poo Kong Temple A dance peformance

Central Java Indonesia Central Java Indonesia

Cheng Ho Festival Dieng Culture Festival

August August

Semarang, Central Java Mount Dieng, Central Java

The history of Admiral Cheng Ho is quite popular in Located on the eastern side of the Arjuna Temple, Dieng,
Semarang, the capital of Central Java. In the 1400s, Dieng Culture Festival is a yearly celebration presenting
Admiral Cheng Ho commenced several expeditions, some of the best arts and cultures from Central Java.
planted the Chinese culture, and fused them with noble
values. Reviving the historic voyages of Admiral Cheng Starting at noon, the festival reveals wonderful
Ho from China to Indonesia, the community of Semarang performances ranging from sunset jazz, stand-up
creates this epic historical reenactment. comedians, traditional wayang puppet theatre, village
Central Java Culture & Tourism Office Sekretariat Pokdarwis Dieng Pandawa walks, traditional art shows, acoustic concerts, to lanterns
Jl. Pemuda No. 136, Semarang, Bringing amazing art performances, virtuous rituals, and Desa Dieng Kulon, Kec. Batur release at the peak at the festival. Come and enjoy the
Central Java Chinese acculturated traditions of Central Java, the long- Banjarnegara, Central Java wisdom of Central Javanese people bundled in one
awaited pinnacle of this festival is the cultural parade. festival.
+62243 546 001 +62811 250 4160
Starting from the Tay Kak Sie Temple to the Sam Poo Kong
Temple, the parade symbolizes the voyage of Admiral
Cheng Ho and his fleet as they made their way to reach

124 125

A model wearing costume Courtesy of:

East Java Indonesia

Jember Fashion Carnaval Yogyakarta Art Festival

August August

Jember, East Java Yogyakarta

Launched in 2003, Jember Fashion Carnival has established Jogja Art Festival is a space for performance artists
itself as one of the most impressive street fashion events around the world to express their creativity. Centered in
in Indonesia. The mission of Jember Fashion Carnival is Yogyakarta, one of the most important cities in Indonesia
to serve the development of education, art, culture, and that exposes original arts, this festival aims to unite both
economy in Indonesia and build Jembers image as a city local and international artists together and expand the
of fashion. understanding of global cultures and wisdom.

Jember Fashion Carnaval Centre Presenting more than 600 models walking on the worlds Sekretariat Fky If youre a performance art enthusiast, you will surely be
Gunung Batu Permai A 1.B, Jember, longest catwalk of 3.6 KM at the center of Jember City, Jl. Anggajaya III, Gejayan,Sleman, taken for quite a ride. Expect plenty of Indonesian dance
East Java every one of them wears the most extravagant and often Yogyakarta performances: from traditional, ceremonial, recital, to an
theatrical apparels. With different themes each year, endless of innovative entertainment.
+62331 321 000 +62821 365 340 04
fashion-savvy individuals gather and enjoy these lines of
amazingly trendy parade.

126 127

Lio Tribe Lorem Ipsum Dolor

Courtesy of:
East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia Lorem,
Ipsum Indonesia

Lake Kelimutu Festival Mount Bromo Jazz

August August

Ende, East Nusa Tenggara Probolinggo, East Java

Started in 2014, Lake Kelimutu Festival was initiated to Mount Bromo Jazz is a yearly international musical concert
honor Lio Tribes ancestors of East Nusa Tenggara. The that displays various ethnic jazz compositions. Located
three-colored Lake Kelimutu is believed to be a final on the site of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park,
resting place where souls can live in peace in the afterlife. the musicians of Mount Bromo Jazz perform in an open
The Lio Tribe honors their ancestors by giving them amphitheater.
food offerings. Additionally, they pray to their ancestors,
expressing gratuity and blessings for health, prosperity, With an epic view of the Mount Bromo sky as the ceiling,
Ende Culture & Tourism Office and a happy life. Probolinggo Sports, Youth, Culture & combining harmony between music and nature, the
Jl. Soekarno No. 4, Ende, Tourism Office festival brings numerous high-quality jazz musicians.
East Nusa Tenggara Other than the ritual itself, the visitors can enjoy Lake Jl. Soekarno-Hatta No. 273, East Java Aspiring to become one of the leaders of Indonesias art
Kelimutu Festival by taking part in various activities and culture festivals, you wont want to miss this soothing
+62381 213 03 +62335 429 996
such as a culinary exhibition, local handicrafts, cultural concert located at Mount Bromos backyard.
exhibition, and a parade of Indonesias diverse cultures.
Be sure to be a part of this festival when you visit Lake

128 129

Courtesy of:

Courtesy of:

Tomohon International Flower Festival Toraja International Festival

August August

Tomohon, North Sulawesi Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi

As the largest producer of flowers throughout the Toraja International Festival (TIF) is an event that
archipelago, Tomohon proudly presents Tomohon celebrates the ancient and sacred megalithic root of
International Festival. The purpose of this festival is to Toraja people, as both a phenomenon and an example
promote the vast fertile grounds that inhabit many flower to the world. This festival highlights world-famous Toraja
species. arts and culture, along with an opera, craft fair, traditional
music performances, and choir.
Celebrating its tenth year, the highlight of Tomohon
North Sulawesi Tourism Office International Flower Festival is a parade of flower- Toraja Destination Management Additionally, TIF also displays the worlds creative crafts
Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 103A, decorated cars and floating balloons represented by Organisation in its art and cultural performances as a magnificent
Manado, North Sulawesi various nations, expressing beauty and love of Mother Jl. Veteran No. 1 Makale, Tana Toraja supporting event. Enlighten yourself with ancient
South Sulawesi
Nature. The festival is also filled with various activities, wisdoms of Toraja; surround yourself with a part of earth
+62431 851 723
such as tournament of flowers, flower queen contest, +62423 264 62 that you never knew existed.
floriculture exhibition, and arts and culture festival.

130 131

Racers of TourDolor
Lorem Ipsum de Singkarak
West Sumatra
Lorem, Indonesia
Ipsum Indonesia

Runners of Toraja Marathon

South Sulawesi Indonesia

Toraja Marathon Tour de Singkarak

August August

Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi Bukittinggi, West Sumatra

More than 650 people fly to Toraja every year for the The Tour de Singkarak (TDS) is a yearly professional
Toraja Marathon. In this event, you will be exposed to bicycle-racing tournament in West Sumatra. First started
Torajan ancient culture while running on an astonishing in 2009, the event is named after the beautiful Lake
course. The track is a significant challenge for avid Singkarak. The 900-kilometer race is considered one of
runners, starting from paved and concrete roads, to uphill the finest world-class bicycle-racing events in the world.
and downhill trails. Recognized as a part of the UCI Asia Tour, the tour starts
from Padang City, passes around Lake Singkarak, and
Wisma Maulu However, the challenge is certainly worth it, as the routes West Sumatra Culture & Tourism Office runs through the inlands of West Sumatran cities.
Jl. Pongtiku No.12, Rantepao, are colored with some of the most magnificent eye- Jl. Khatib Sulaiman No. 7, Padang,
South Sulawesi candies. Dont forget to bring your camera and stop for a West Sumatra Highly regarded by the Union Cycliste Internationale, the
second to take pictures. week-long race is a challenging race and should be more
+62821 886 382 64 +62751 705 5183
than enough to make avid cyclists feel inspired. Come and
witness a sport history in the making, situated at one of
the beautiful landscapes in Indonesia.

132 133
A Phinisi boat

Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017

Komodo Island Indonesia

Wonderful Takabonerate Festival
Solo International Performing Art
Tabot Festival
Milangkala Bandung Festival
Asia Tri Jogja
Lovina Festival
Jogja International Street Perfomance
Gandrung Sewu Festival
Indonesia Adventure Festival
Kota Lama Festival (Senthiling Night Market)
Lake Toba Festival
Makassar International Eight Festival
Morotai Traces of World War II Festival
The Palu Nomoni Festival
Pasuruan Bromo Marathon
Reog National Festival
Sandeq Race Festival
Seren Taun
Traditional Herbal & Culinary Festival
Yaahowu Open Surfing Championship

Lorem Ipsum
Dolor underwater Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Courtesy of :
South Ipsum Indonesia
Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum

Wonderful Takabonerate Festival Solo International Performing Art

September 3 - 6 September 7 - 9

Selayar Island, South Sulawesi Solo, Central Java

Resonating the charm of Indonesian maritime, A series of shows that radiate the spirit of Solos
Takabonerate National Park creates Takabonerate togetherness, Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) is
Festival to give a chance for sea explorers to discover considered a never-ending movement to preserve Solos
the regions infinitely picturesque ocean. With a set of local cultures and immerse them with the world. SIPA is
activities, including a ship expedition of Selayar Islands, manifested through a festive celebration of traditional
you will have endless fun. and contemporary performance arts.

South Sulawesi Culture & Tourism Office As the third largest marine park in the world, the festival Surakarta Culture & Tourism Office SIPA has been a meeting point for many performance
Jl. Urip Sumoharjo,Makassar, doesnt offer a mere sea adventure. Takabonerate Festival Jl. Brigjen Slamet Riyadi No. 275, artists going hand in hand to spread Solos heritage.
South Sulawesi also holds an international photography competition, Central Java Gathering on the same stage, the three-day festival gives a
cultural performances, culinary tour, and a trip through chance for performance artists, including dancers, theater
+62411 449 718 +62271 711 435
the Takabonerate National Park. Lose yourself in this folks, and musicians, to give you a magical time.
amazing landscape.

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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Sate Building
West Java Indonesia

Tabot Festival Milangkala Bandung Festival

September 21 September 25

Bengkulu Bandung, West Java

Islam has embedded its beliefs and daily practices in Known nationally as Paris Van Java, Bandung has been a
Indonesia for centuries, creating a culture and a way of melting pot of fashion trends, arts, and subcultures from
life that is diversified with local wisdom; these ways of life around the world since the 20th century. To commemorate
are also deeply rooted in the city of Bengkulu. The Tabot the anniversary of the city, the Culture and Tourism Office
ceremony in Bengkulu is a mourning commemoration for of Bandung presents Milangkala Bandung Festival, a
the death of Prophet Muhammads grandson. Although it festival that parceled Bandung as the city of modern
is a part of acculturation with India, the Bengkulu people culture.
Bengkulu Tourism Office proudly carry it as one of their own beloved ceremonies. West Java Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. P. Tendean No. 17, Bengkulu Jl. L.L.R.E. Martadinata No. 209, Enjoy the modesty of Bandung city with the greatest
The festival is not only a remembrance to commemorate Bandung, West Java price slash in more than twenty malls, 200 retail stores,
the noble figure, but also to discover and appreciate and thousands of merchants for one whole month. In
+62736 212 72 +62227 273 209
Islamic values and its application in todays society. Take addition of significantly reduced prices, the great sale
a glimpse through the history of Islam in Indonesia by are accompanied by contemporary art exhibitions, local
coming down to Tabot Festival. youth indie music performances, photo competitions, and
culinary night celebrations.

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of: Dolor Balinese
Lorem Ipsum
Dolor dancers
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, IpsumBali

Asia Tri Jogja Lovina Festival

September 27 - 29 September 27 - October 1

Sleman, Yogyakarta Buleleng, Bali

Originally, the Asia Tri Jogja featured three prominent Lovina Festival takes place by the beach in the surrounding
artists only from three different countries: South Korea, villages of Kalibukbuk and Kaliasem. With its sparkling
Japan, and Indonesia; today, the Asia Tri Jogja is showing black sand and magical sunset, the festival blends north
renowned artists from various parts of the world. The Asia Balis natural beauty with creative entertainment.
Tri Jogja offers several activities that vary year by year;
these activities include an art space, dance performances, Balinese Marching Band, Gong Kebyar performance, Ki
as well as batik and dance workshops. Barak Panji Sakit Dance, and other entertainments are
Jogja Art Festival Bali Tourism Office ready to bring out the best in you. At night, one can enjoy
Jl. Ringroad Utara No. 4, Sawitsari, Every day during Asia Tri Jogja, there will be multiple Jl. S. Parman, Denpasar, Bali vibrant and colorful fireworks, celebrating Balis future
Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta performances starting at 7 PM without any entry fee. Rest generations.
assured, Asia Tri Jogja is definitely an excellent way of
+62274 885 001 +62361 222 387
spending your evening in Jogjakarta.

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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

A performance from JISP Gandrung performance

Yogyakarta Indonesia East Java Indonesia

Jogja International Street Perfomance Gandrung Sewu Festival

September 30 September

Yogyakarta Banyuwangi, East Java

The Jogja International Street Performance (JISP) Gandrung Sewu Festival is a mass display of Banyuwangis
combines in-concert performance with public space very own traditional dance, bringing a hypnotic
show, highlighting street carnivals and art exhibitions. performance of more than a thousand dancers right
As the name suggests, the show takes place heavily on before your very eyes. Located in Banyuwangis Boom
the streets of Jogjakarta and ends on a remarkable stage. Beach, this festival exposes outstanding cultural
Last year, the peak of the event concludes at Jogjakarta performances combined with exceptional landscape of
Cultural Parks Concert Hall. natural beauty.
Jogja Art Festival Banyuwangi Art, Culture &
Jl. Ringroad Utara No. 4, Sawitsari, With varying themes every year, the show will be livened Tourism Office The festival surrounds its focus with many Banyuwangis
Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta Jl. Ahmad Yani 78, Banyuwangi,
by a vast selection of artists, humanists, choreographers, artistic recitals, but the highlight of the festival is
East Java
performance artists, and other creative workers. unquestionably the Gandrung Sewu dance. The dance
+62274 885 001 +62333 424 172
Check out the incredible festivity by local artists on the symbolizes Banyuwangi peoples values and philosophies
phenomenal streets of Jogjakarta. through a set of beautiful formations. It will positively
awaken your creativity and enlighten your soul.

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Dolor underwater Lorem
DolorKota Lama
East Nusa
Indonesia Lorem,
Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Indonesia Adventure Festival Kota Lama Festival (Senthiling Night Market)

September September

Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara Semarang, Central Java

For adventurous individuals who are intrigued by Semarangs Kota Lama (Old Town) is fully adorned
explorations of the untouched Indonesia, Indonesia by Dutch colonial-era architecture. As the Mayor of
Adventure Festival is here for you. Immerse in a series of Semarang revitalized the area, Semarang Old Town of
daring adventures such as trekking, diving, cycling, and Semarang is remarkably improved, now packed with
horse riding. This fourth annual festival will be kicking in enjoyable activities and events.
with more action and wonderful natural landscape.
Senthiling Night Market, or known as Kota Lama Festival,
East Nusa Tenggara Creative Economy & Starting from eastern island of Sumba, you will then be Central Java Culture & Tourism Office gives you music collaborations, culinary exhibitions, to
Tourism Office ignited with the beauty of Puru Kambera Beach and a Jl. Pemuda No. 136, Semarang, photography exhibit. With its floating stage, the festival
Jalan Frans Seda No. 72, Kupang, Central Java
picturesque sunset ending at Walakiri Beach. There will offers assorted entertainments that transform annually.
East Nusa Tenggara
be various other activities that you can enjoy such as This is the place to get to know Semarang, as this festival
+62243 546 001
+62380 826 384 photo hunting, filmmaking, culinary, and cultural events. will surely give you a glimpse of the culture.
Indonesia Adventure Festival is an event that nature
travelers would not want to miss.

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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Samosir cultural dance A band performing

North Sumatra Indonesia South Sulawesi Indonesia

Lake Toba Festival Makassar International Eight Festival

September September

Medan, North Sumatra Makassar, South Sulawesi

Created over the course of centuries by a massive volcano Where can you get eight artfully amazing things in one
blast, Lake Toba is known as the largest volcanic lake on place? Think of fashion, film, food, flora, folk, fine arts,
earth and one of natural wonders in the world with a size fusion jazz, and fiction writers. Makassar International
of 1,145 square kilometers and 450 meters in depth. The Eight Festival, known as the Makassar F8, is a renowned
lake constructs a captivating hole right around the middle festival that showcases the creative aspects of Makassar.
of North Sumatra.
Blending the arts and crafts of Sulawesis treasured
Samosir Art, Culture & Tourism Office Lake Toba Festival is the biggest festival in North Sumatra. Makassar Creative Economy & resources in one colossal event, Makassar F8 exposes
Jl. Sisingamangaraja (Open Stage), Previously called The Lake Toba Party, this one-day Tourism Office these talents and shares it with the whole wide world.
Pangururan, North Sumatra celebration has attracted interests of both local and Jl. Urip Sumohardjo, Makassar, With workshops, film screenings, traditional games, talk
international tourists since it was first held in the 1980s. South Sulawesi shows, and a fashion show, Makassar International Eight
+62626 206 8
With some of the fascinating cultures of Batak Native and +62411 449 718 Festival is surely an all-in-one event you wont want to
entertainments such as Tortor Dance, ulos weaving, and miss.
traditional sports competitions, you will be exposed to
authentic cultures of Batak.

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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Divers exploring Ponulele Bridge

North Maluku Indonesia Central Sulawesi Indonesia

Morotai Traces of World War II Festival The Palu Nomoni Festival

September September

Morotai, North Maluku Palu, Central Sulawesi

On September 15th, 1944, the Allied Forces led by General This September, people will turn their spotlight to Palu,
Douglas MacArthur arrived in Morotai Island, North the capital city of Central Sulawesi. Initially called the
Maluku. The Morotai Island was in the hands of the Palu Bay Festival, the Palu Nomoni Festival is illustrating
Japanese troops, but that didnt stop MacArthur from the magnificence of Palu through festivities and vibrant
taking the land and winning the Allied Forces strategic attractions, including a marathon with a tracking of
position in Southeast Asia. This historical invasion still left magnificent spots in Palu.
its mark on Morotai Island; Morotai Traces of World War II
North Maluku Culture & Tourism Office Festival is initiated to honor this remembrance. Palu Mayor Office The three-day festival features diverse creative arts
Jl. Kamboja No. 14A, Ternate, Jl. Balaikota No. 1, Palu, and cultural attractions, including a colossal music
North Maluku Gaze upon the very evidence of the war right before your Central Sulawesi performance of more than 500 Lalove, a traditional flute,
eyes in the 1,800-kilometer wide island: bullets, bottles, and more than 1,000 Gimba, a traditional percussion, set
+62921 327 396 +62811 848 289
to tanks, planes, cannons, mortars, and sunken ships. on a spectacular stage made of bamboos and enhanced
Morotai Traces of World War II Festival will give you a by lights of Sulo, a traditional torch.
memorable experience, as you reflect deep into the
history of World War II.

148 149

Mount Ipsum
Lorem BromoDolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
East Java
Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Courtesy of:

Pasuruan Bromo Marathon Reog National Festival

September September

Pasuruan, East Java Ponorogo, East Java

The Pasuruan Bromo Marathon is the most awaited Reog Ponorogo is a kind of dance that requires physical
festival for uphill race contenders around the archipelago strength and is often associated with supernatural powers.
and the world, providing participants with both gorgeous Reog Ponorogo is performed with an intricate lion-like
and challenging course. Crossing the cultural scenery of mask derived from a magical creature called Singa Barong
villages, tranquil temples, and the unique community combined with an elaborate costume, unexpectedly
of Tengger along the way, the marathon promises a carried only by teeth. The mask and costume are both
breathtaking view combined with an adrenaline pumping notoriously heavy, totaling of 30-40 kilograms.
Pasuruan Sports, Youth, Culture & challenge. Ponorogo Sports, Youth, Culture &
Tourism Office Tourism Office The Reog Dance tells a story about the exertion of a
Jl. Sultan Agung No.36, Pasuruan, East Java Jl. Pramuka 19A, Ponorogo, East Java
Divided into two types of tracks of paved road amongst prince who is about to propose to a beautiful princess.
local villages and a mountain trail, you will be fulfilled The climax of the story is a mythical battle between the
+62343 422 135 +62352 486 012
by this route. Prep your equipment and get ready to King of Ponorogo and Singa Barong. Reog National Festival
take on the colossal Mountain Bromo. Feast your eyes is bathed in mythical wonders; you are guaranteed to be
in astonishment and witness one of the most beautiful astounded by this performance.
mountains in Java.

150 151
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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Courtesy of: Courtesy of:

Sandeq Race Festival Seren Taun

September September

Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi Lebak, Banten

Sandeq is a traditional boat from the Mandar people, one Seren Taun Ritual is a yearly ritual practiced by the people
of the oldest ethnic groups throughout Austronesia. As of Cisungsang to pay their gratuity during harvesting
proud icon of West Sulawesi and regarded as the worlds season. This ritual starts with a parade of farmers carrying
fastest boat with no machine, sandeq can sail for 20 to 30 harvested rice, while a group of musicians play Indonesian
knots (50 km/hour). It is originally used for trading and traditional instruments, kacapi and tabuhan lesung, in the
exploring the archipelago. background. The rice will be carried into a granary in front
of a traditional house named Imah Gede.
West Sulawesi Sports, Youth, Culture & Sandeq Race Festival celebrates this prideful notion; it is Banten Culture & Tourism Office
Tourism Office a tribute to the high spirits of Mandar peoples ancestors. Jl. Syeh Nawawi Al-Bantani - Palima, Seren Taun will also have a lot of entertainments and
Jl. Abdul Malik Pattana Endeng, Mamuju, The race is truly unique, as you will witness barefoot Serang, Banten attractions as well as art performances, and the visitors
West Sulawesi
fishermen on bamboo outrigger canoes, without any are welcome without having to spend a penny. Join the
+62426 232 1817 +62254 267 060
technology, engine, or navigation radar, try to outrun each Seren Taun celebration and get in Sundanese tradition of
other. Prepare to be blown away by the craziest regatta gratefulness.
in Indonesia.

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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Herbal drinks Catching Nias wave

Central Java Indonesia North Sumatra Indonesia

Traditional Herbal & Culinary Festival Yaahowu Open Surfing Championship

September September

Semarang, Central Java Nias, North Sumatra

Entering its sixth year, the Traditional Herbal & Culinary Well-known for its unmerciful rolling barrel waves, Nias
Festival is held in Central Java, exhibiting the best of is a natural habitat for avid surfers. This September, the
Central Javas traditional herbal medicines and delicious people of Nias have joined hands to present their guests
cuisines. As the center of traditional herbal drinks of with Yaahowu Open Surfing Championship. The event
Indonesia, Central Java and its determined community has been one sensational stage for professional surfers
aims to provide awareness towards the benefits, positive from all corners of the world.
health, and wisdoms as a way of life through this festival.
Central Java Culture & Tourism Office North Sumatra Culture & Tourism Office A cultural carnival called Yaahowu, and other uniquely
Jl. Pemuda No. 136, Semarang, With more than 65 local herbal medicine stands and plenty Jl. Diponegoro No. 30, Medan, colorful traditional ceremonies of Nias will also
Central Java of culinary delights, this festival also presents talk show, North Sumatra be celebrated, accompanying this exciting surfing
herbal medicines demonstration, cultural performances, championship for your pleasure.
+62243 546 001 +62614 535 508
as well as a trip to traditional markets and villages.

154 155
Jakartas main road

Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017

Jakarta Indonesia

Sail Sabang
Buleleng Bali Dive Festival
 bud Writers & Readers Festival
Indonesia International Mask Festival
Jakarta Marathon
Asmat Culture Festival
Bali Vegan Festival
Bintan Moon Run
Halo Javan Rhino Festival
Jakarta Fashion Week
Karapan Sapi Grand Final
Lakey Beach Dompu Festival
Nongsa Cup XII Golf Tournament
Nusa Penida Festival
Tour de Siak
Wonderful Lembeh Strait Festival
Wonderful Raja Ampat Festival
Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Sailing Ipsum
Lorem the Sabang
DolorSea Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Aceh Indonesia
Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Lines of custom motorbikes

Yogyakarta Indonesia

Sail Sabang Kustomfest

October 1 - 31 October 7 - 8

Sabang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Yogyakarta

Celebrating the technology community of Sabang, Sail Indonesian Kustom Kulture Festival or Kustomfest is an
Sabang 2017 is not only a marine and cultural event, but exhibition of customized vintage vehicles. Exhibiting
also a technology event. Created for the first time in 2017, everything from customized helmet paint, bikes, cars,
Sail Sabang event has been planned to hold a selection bicycles, BMXs, and hot rods, you can even see a body art
of delightful activities: yacht rally, tech seminars and show and join the contest where you can get your very
exhibitions, Aceh cultural week, parade, and Sail Sabang own tattoo.
Sabang Goverment Retro Classic Cycles This exhibition highlights the hot rod subculture in
Jl. Diponegoro No. 20, Kuta Ateuh, Additionally, Sail Sabang will feature many competitions Jl. Melati Wetan No.4, Baciro, Indonesia. Every hot rod and automobile community
Sabang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam such as parachuting, aerobatic, diving, and cruise ship. Yogyakarta will gather from all around the archipelago, enjoying the
Familiar yourself with Acehnese culture and Sabangs exhibition and mingling with one another. If youre lucky,
+62652 220 20 +62274 542 666
many wonderful potentials, ranging from nature to you can even win the lottery and get a car as the final prize.
technology. For those of you who enjoy the finest and loudest moving
machinery, buckle yourself up and head to Yogyakarta.

158 159

A jazz performer
Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Lorem, Ipsum
Yogyakarta Indonesia
Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Discovering Buleleng biodiversity

Bali Indonesia

Ngayogjazz Buleleng Bali Dive Festival

October 18 October 23 - 26

Yogyakarta Buleleng, Bali

Inviting jazz performers from all over the world, Staged at pemuteran village, the peaceful Buleleng comes
Ngayogjazz is an annual Jazz festival that combines alive during Buleleng Bali Dive Festival. Pemuteran is
natural atmosphere with pure psychedelic tunes. With known for its richest diversity of coral reef, underwater
serene traditional villages and picturesque surroundings temple, and transformed underwater ocean landscape.
as their venue, Ngayogjazz adds an extra vivacity to the What was once a destructive site due to fishing, bleaching,
festival with a unique jazz market that displays several and sedimentation, the reefs are now glowing with
local products. colorful corals and vibrant fishes.
Yogyakarta Culture & Tourism Office Buleleng Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. Suroto No.11, Kotabaru, Yogyakarta Ngayogjazz is one of the most notable jazz festivals in the Jl. Kartini No. 6, Buleleng, Bali Due to community effort and cooperation with Karang
entire archipelago. Imagine listening to amazing melodies Lestari Foundation, the focus of Buleleng Bali Dive
in lush greenery; this is a chance for you to experience Festival is around eco-friendly activities, including beach
+62745 880 25 +62362 213 42
jazz unlike any other. cleaning, Biorock workshop, and live painting by local
artists. Stimulating global awareness without forgetting
to provide pleasant time for everyone, Buleleng Bali Dive
Festival celebrates healthy ways to live for everyone.

160 161
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Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

Courtesy of: A mask dance performance Central Java Indonesia

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival Indonesia International Mask Festival

October 26 - 30 October 27 - 28

Gianyar, Bali Solo, Central Java

Exploring bright new ideas, the Ubud Writers & Readers Located at the Vastenburg Fort, City of Solo, Central Java,
Festival is the Southeast Asias leading festival. Bringing Indonesia International Mask Festival (IIMF) showcases
together Indonesian and international writers, artists, unique traditional mask dance performances from every
activists, filmmakers, and other creative workers, Ubud corner of the world, including the iconic mask dances of
Writers & Readers Festival is a space to cultivate global Indonesia. This event aims to develop Javanese creative
voices, raising awareness on large-scale issues. industry and to feature the worlds most attractive
performance arts for everyone.
Ubud Writers & Readers Festival The festival has continued for more than twelve years, Surakarta Culture & Tourism Office
Taman Baca, Jl. Raya Sanggingan, uniting people from all around the world. This four-day Jl. Brigjen Slamet Riyadi No. 275, The IIMF programs will be as colorful as it is distinct:
Ubud, Bali festival is one of the most anticipated festivals in Bali. This Surakarta, Central Java mask exhibition, film screenings, and craft workshops.
is the place to be to make connections and create new The highlight of the festival is mask dance performances
+62361 977 408 +62271 711 435
ideas together. As the festivity grows bigger and bigger, by six different countries, followed by Indonesias own
the activities and events always complements your traditional dances from Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara,
creative needs, celebrating diversity along the way. Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Papua. Come and attend the
most transcendental performances in Solo.

162 163

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for ceremony
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum

Runners of Jakarta Marathon

Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarta Marathon Asmat Culture Festival

October 29 October

Jakarta Asmat, Papua

Jakarta Marathon is the biggest city marathon in Situated in the easternmost province of Papua, Asmat
Indonesia, recognized internationally as a world-class Tribe has been known for its capacity to make the work of
marathon throughout Southeast Asia. Every year, the carvings without any sketch. These carvings are reflected
marathon is participated by about 15,000 runners. With to be connected with the spirit world. The annual Asmat
a growing number each year, Jakarta Marathon is divided Cultural festival highlights the fine carvings of Asmat
into four categories: 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full People, starring hundreds of engraver artists and also
marathon. The full marathon offers runners to comb the traditional dancers of Asmat Native.
Jakarta Culture & Tourism Office streets, landmarks, and architecture of Jakarta. Papua Tourism Office
Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 2, South Jakarta Jl. Raya Kota RajaPim. Abepura, Papua Additionally, the festival gathers weavers and traditional
After the marathon, both visitors and runners will be musicians. With an energetic rowing race along the Syirets
treated to all kinds of fun entertainments of culinary River, Asmat Cultural Festival offers more than just a craft
+6221 520 9677 +62967 583 001
festival, art and cultural performances, and music exhibition. Always packed with thousands of guests and
concerts. Put on your running shoes and run in the visitors from around the world, this lively festival ensures
breathtakingly modest city views of Jakarta. you a good quality time especially if youre interested in
anthropology, arts, and culture.

164 165
Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Lorem Ipsumof
the festival Lorem IpsumPreparing
Dolor to run
Bali Indonesia
Ipsum Indonesia Lorem,

Bali Vegan Festival Bintan Moon Run

October October

Gianyar, Bali Bintan, Riau Islands

Once again, Bali Vegan Festival welcomes Mother Bintan Moon Run is a night fun run festival, where you
Nature lovers to enjoy and celebrate all things organic, will be running alongside Asias largest man-made lake
macrobiotic, raw, and vegan produce. This community located in Lagoi Bay, Bintan. This festival is suitable for
gathering is calling out all vegans and healthy enthusiasts runners of all ages and experiences with two different
to be together and share their experiences their unique categories: 500-meter kids dash fun run and a significantly
and raw food lifestyle. longer track of 10K run alongside the lake.

Paradiso Ubud Celebrating its third year, Bali Vegan Festival contains Bintan Culture & Tourism Office In collaboration with Singapore, Bintan Moon Run will
Jl. Goutama Selatan, Ubud, Gianyar, assorted activities, including yoga, cooking classes, Jl. Trikora Km. 36, Teluk Bakau, be a competitively challenging race for runners from all
Bali workshops, seminars, and movie screenings. Above all, Gunung Kijang, Bintan, Riau Islands over the region. As the race ends, you can also enjoy a
this earth-loving event is committed to raise awareness of wonderful music concert, Soundscape, with rewarding
+62857 376 140 50 +62771 701 1566
non-violent nutrition, wise decision-making, and universal artists, providing you with a relaxing breather after your
love. Join in, share the joy, and spread peace between all work out.
of the earths creatures in this blissful festival.

166 167
Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
A JavanIpsum
Lorem RhinoDolor Lorem Ipsum
Lorem, Ipsum
Banten Indonesia
Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum

Halo Javan Rhino Festival Jakarta Fashion Week

October October

Ujung Kulon, Banten Jakarta

The Javan Rhino is an endangered single-horned rhino. Initiated in 2008, Jakarta Fashion Week is the largest
Protecting the species, Indonesian government in annual fashion show in Southeast Asia. This event is the
collaboration with the national community creates an primary vehicle to the industry and all fashionistas who
event to introduce the Javan Rhino as an icon of World are looking for the newest fashion design, style, and
Heritage. With an estimate of 58 rhinos left, they are trends. Jakarta Fashion Week also serves to demonstrate
inhabited at Ujung Kulon National Park, located at the the finest talents and creativity from regions across
westernmost tip of Java. Indonesian archipelago.
Banten Culture & Tourism Office Jakarta Tourism Office
Jl. Syeh Nawawi Al-Bantani, Serang, Made to promote Banten as a highly potential tourism Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 2, South Jakarta Various Indonesias leading fashion designers will
Banten destination of ecotourism, Halo Javan Rhino Festival is showcase their works in this event, presenting collections
held along the charming coast of Sunda Strait. If you are that are inspired by the countrys heritage while
+62254 267 060 +62215 205 455
an animal lover, you should check out Javan Rhinos safe incorporating contemporary styles and trends into their
refuge and support the national efforts to transform them work. Come and be a part of Indonesias biggest fashion
into an icon in this commendable festival. movement and get to know the latest fashion trends.

168 169

Lorem Ipsum
race Dolor Lorem
Dolorthe wave
East Java
Indonesia WestLorem,
Nusa Tenggara
Ipsum Indonesia

Karapan Sapi Grand Final Lakey Beach Dompu Festival

October October

Madura, East Java Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara

The island of Madura holds Karapan Sapi, translated Lakey Beach of West Nusa Tenggara is a palm tree haven
as Water Buffalo Racing, as one of their most iconic with paper-white sand beach and clear-blue ocean filled
attractions. Annually, local water buffaloes are attached with amazing reefs. One of the most intriguing things
to wooden skids and they race throughout a 130-meter about Lakey Beach is its waves, as it appears to sweep to
course, similar to a chariot race. the left direction instead of right. This is a challenge and a
sensation even for the most expert surfers.
Heed the peak of this exceptional event in its full glory at
East Java Tourism Office the Karapan Sapi Grand Final. There will also be Gamelan Dompu Culture & Tourism Office For the first time in 2017, West Nusa Tenggara houses
Jl. Wisata Mananggal, Surabaya, musical performance, culinary wonders, and dance Jl. Soekarno-Hatta No. 19, Dompu, Lakey Beach Dompu Festival. Located on Dompu
East Java shows. This remarkable race is a full on package you need West Nusa Tenggara Regency, it is one of the most prestigious surfing events
to see at least once in your life. in Indonesia. Both local and international surfers will be
+62318 531 815 +62373 211 77
challenged to surf at the most unforgiving waves of Lakey
Beach. Get your board and catch the phenomenal waves
of Lakey Beach.

170 171

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem Ipsum Dolor

Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia

A golfer in action The coast of Nusa Penida

Riau Islands Indonesia Bali Indonesia

Nongsa Cup XII Golf Tournament Nusa Penida Festival

October October

Batam, Riau Islands Klungkung, Bali

Nongsa Cup XII Golf Tournament is a world-class event The fourth annual Nusa Penida Festival has evolved to a
for all avid golfers, initiated by four biggest golf tourism wonderful celebration of coral reef conservation. Centered
corporations in Batam. A great success for eleven years, to engage and be one with nature, the heartwarming
Nongsa Cup XII Golf Tournament is drawing more golfers events are aimed for you to experience many watersport
each year from all of Southeast Asia. activities, such as sailing and snorkeling.

This enjoyable event always takes place in the Batams best Nusa Penida Festival is located in Banjar Nyuh Beach.
Tering Bay Country Club resorts, located on the beachfront facing Batam Sea. With Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation Featured in the opening is a gigantic dance of Baris
Jl. Hang Lekiu KM 4, Nongsa, Sambau wonderful suites, spas, delicious cuisines, and luxurious Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua, Jangkang Dance where 1,000 dancers perform this
Batam, Riau Islands facilities at the resorts, the delightful tournament provides South Kuta,Bali exceptional dance. With authentic stunning Balinese
you with more than just a golf tournamentit can be your performances, youll immerse and be one with the culture
+62778 761 818
delightful getaway from your busy lives. in this festival!

172 173
Lorem Ipsum Dolor
Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia
Racers Ipsum
Lorem of TourDolor
de Siak Lorem Ipsum Dolor Lorem
Dolorcoral reefs
Riau Indonesia
Ipsum Indonesia Lorem, Ipsum Indonesia Lorem,
North Sulawesi
Ipsum Indonesia

Tour de Siak Wonderful Lembeh Strait Festival

October October

Siak, Riau Manado, North Sulawesi

The Siak Regency of Riau holds an array of amazing Festival Pesona Selat Lembeh or Wonderful Lembeh Strait
tourism potentials, boasting on natural and cultural Festival is an event that represents the five wonders of
amazingness. Tour de Siak elevates the beauty of Siaks Bitung, North Sulawesi: marine, flora, fauna, industrial,
landscape and provokes the best cyclists to a formidable and cultural-historical-spiritual wonders.
challenge around them.
At least 200 dancers from Bitung illustrate all of
This year, the Government of Riau is planning to extend these wonders through traditional art and cultural
Siak Sports, Youth, Culture & Tourism Office the route to alluring Malaka, expanding the original tour of North Sulawesi Tourism Office performances, twisting them in contemporary styles. Get
Komp. Perkantoran Pemda Sungai Betung, five stages with a total distance of 540 KM long. Be among Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 103A, Manado, to know the wonders of Bitung and also the whole South
Siak Sri Indrapura, Riau the most skillful cyclists to tour around the remarkable North Sulawesi Sulawesis culture through mesmerizing performances.
Siak, or just sit back and observe the race while basking in
+62764 320 898 +62431 851 723
the exquisite nature of Riau.

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Asmat people rowing
Papua Indonesia

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Raja Ampat Islands

West Papua Indonesia

Wonderful Raja Ampat Festival


Raja Ampat, West Papua

At the tip of northwest Papua sits a set of islands that look

as if it fell from heaven. Called the Raja Ampat Islands,
translated as The Four Kings, the four beautiful islands is
80% surrounded by endless ocean with enchanting coral
reefs and unique habitants of tropical underworld. These
islands are certainly Indonesian rare jewels within the
Papua Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. Raya Abepura-Kota Raja , Abepura, Taking place at the WTC (Waisai Torang Cinta) Beach,
Jayapura, West Papua Wonderful Raja Ampat Festival attracts thousands of
visitors as they witness the cultural humility of Raja
+62967 583 001
Ampat native. Welcoming you with a colossal dance of 150
people, the festival depicts harmony between the people
of the four islands of Raja Ampat.

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Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017
Biennale Jogja
Jogja International Heritage Week
Spartan Race Bintan
Makepung Lampit
Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival
Bekudo Bono Festival
Borobudur Marathon
Wakatobi Wave (Wonderful Festival & Expo)

Rice terraces
Bali Indonesia
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Courtesy of:

Biennale Jogja Jogja International Heritage Week

November 2 - December 10 November 18 - 19

Yogyakarta Yogyakarta

Initiated as an exhibition that represents the dynamic art The Jogja International Heritage Walk (JJHW) is an on-foot
practice in Jogjakarta in 1988, Biennale Jogja immediately marching event held by the Jogja Walking Association.
became one of the most powerful and faithful visual This event highlights plenty of messages, such as the well
arts events in Indonesia. Widely known as a flagship of being of oneself, green-friendly environment, healthy
contemporary exhibitions, Biennale Jogja has shown a tourism, and creative economy. Implemented through an
great deal of contribution to the local and regional art array of activities, including planting a thousand trees on
scene in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Karang Tengah Slope, JJHW invites everyone to participate
Taman Budaya Yogyakarta Jogja Walking Association on this marching.
JL. Sri Wedani, No. 1, Yogyakarta Inviting artists and art communities from all over the Jl. Kompleks Colombo No. 39, Yogyakarta
equatorial line, Biennale Jogja has been exhibiting, Globally recognized by International Marching League,
collaborating, creating, and working with several artists, JJHW is about preserving Mother Earth. As the name
+6274 587 712 +62274 566 728
collectives, organizations and cultural communities. One suggest, the event will be set on the complex of
thing is for sure, the Biennale Jogja shows the finest Prambanan Temple and Imogiri Village. The marchs route
artworks to spoil your eyes and awaken your inspirations. varies between five, ten, and twenty kilometers. JJHW also
empowers local business owners by visiting their shops in
Prambanan and Imogiri area.

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Participant of the Spartan Race

Riau Islands Indonesia

Spartan Race Bintan Makepung Lampit

November 19 - 20 November 26

Bintan, Riau Islands Jembrana, Bali

The Spartan Race is an internationally known event for Derived from Balinese word kepung, meaning chase,
both first timers and seasoned racers with over 240 races Makepung Lampit reveals another exciting race before
held 25 countries around the world. One of the locations the highlight of Makepung Festival. Situated in wetlands,
is held in the wonderful Bintan Island. The race includes the muddy terrestrial is another experience you wont find
not only running, but also climbing, pushing, pulling, anywhere else.
throwing, crawling walls, hills, trees, muds, and barbed
wires. Signifying the gotong royong culture where everyone
Bintan Culture & Tourism Office Jembrana Culture & Tourism Office is helping each other for the same purpose, Makepung
Jl. Trikora Km. 36 Teluk Bakau, Overlooking the beautiful South China Sea, this immense Jl. Surapati No. 1, Jembrana, Bali Lampit symbolizes the communitys process in preparing
Gunung Kijang, Bintan, Riau Islands physical challenge is set on Lagoi Bay. Several categories the harvest season together.
are made to be enjoyed by amateurs and avid runners.
+62771 701 1566 +62365 412 10
Spartan Race has a prideful prize: World Championship
Entry. Dare yourself and participate in this famous race.

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A model wearing costume Courtesy of:

East Java Indonesia

Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival Bekudo Bono Festival

November November

Banyuwangi, East Java Pelalawan, Riau

If you want to experience a different kind of a fashion Kampar is a long river that rushes down from the hills
festival, particularly one that focuses on ethnic and of Barisan. Caused by the funnel shape of the river and
traditional contemporary costumes, then the Banyuwangi the convergence of two strong currents, the phenomenal
Ethno Carnival (BEC) is your kind of event. Bringing Kampar Rivers tidal bores, locally called Bono, emerges
hundreds of models on a two-kilometer stage, BEC shows with a magnificent energy of 40 kilometers per hour.
the most creatively attractive costumes from various Discovered only a few years ago by the International
origins. Tidal River Surfing Community, the Kampar River of Riau
Banyuwangi Art, Culture & Tourism Office Riau Creative Economy & Tourism Office Province draws surfers from around the world to take on
Jl. Ahmad Yani 78, Banyuwangi, East Java Moreover, many interesting local street foods and treats Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Komplek Bandar its unmerciful tidal waves.
also gather along the streets to fulfill your hunger. Be Serai, Riau
amongst the astonished audience and catch a glimpse of Get ready to conquer the most phenomenal tidal bore
+62333 424 172 +62761 403 56
these wonderful and extravagant costumes displayed in that nature has created with your favorite surfing board.
Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival. Prepare yourself to surf along the Kampar River where the
waves seem to go on forever at the thrilling Bekudo Bono

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Courtesy of: Tamburu Liya parade Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia

Borobudur Marathon Wakatobi Wave (Wonderful Festival & Expo)

November November

Magelang, Central Java Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi

Introducing Central Java to travelers and maximizing Prepare yourself to take part in a festival set in one of the
potentials of young marathon runners, the Government most beautiful places in the world: Wakatobi Islands. Famous
of Central Java presents Borobudur Marathon 2017. for its largest barrier reef in Indonesia, Wakatobi Islands are
With distance categories of 3K, 10K, half-marathon, and inhabited by 942 fish species and 750 coral reef species.
full marathon, Borobudur Marathon is an amazing race With colorful reefs, diverse aquatic species, Wakatobi Wave
highlights Indonesias underwater beauty.
around the panoramic Borobudur Temple.
Wakatobi Wave exhibits several marine and cultural
PT. Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Other than the usual challenge of a full marathon, the Creative Economy & Tourism Office
attractions, including Kariaa Parade, a ritual of traditional
Prambanan & Ratu Boko Borobudur marathon will challenge you even further Jl. La Ruku No. 11, Kompleks Perkantoran
mass circumcision, as well as Tamburu Liya, a heroic sacred
Jl. Raya Jogya Solo KM 16, with the ultrathon, an ultramarathon of 116 KM. Be Motika, Wangi-Wangi Selatan, Wakatobi,
Southeast Sulawesi parade performed by fifteen respected elders using spears
Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta mesmerized by the lush greeneries as you run through and drums. The expo also features traditional boat racing,
+62274 496 402 captivating sights of Central Javas mountains along boat-mast climbing competition, inland and underwater
the way. Prepare your shoes and sign up for the ultra photography competitions, and a beachside triathlon. challenge of Borobudur Marathon.

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Calendar of Events Indonesia 2017

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Central Java Indonesia

Lovely December
Denpasar Festival
Borobudur Nite: Music, Lantern, & Hope
Kuwung Festival
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A girl smiling
South Sulawesi Indonesia

Lovely December Denpasar Festival

December 26 - 30 December 28

Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi Denpasar, Bali

The Government of Toraja Regency once again celebrates Generating innovative activities and maintaining high
a truly lovely festival called Lovely December, presenting quality events are the simple purposes of Denpasar
many of the wonderful Toraja cultures. This festival brings Festival. Focusing on happiness and sustainability, it is the
you various entertainments that are both eye-opening event of the year in Bali.
and enchanting.
Variety of food stalls serving Balinese traditional festive
A night run around the beautiful Toraja, dance dishes will not only be the highlight of the festival. The
Toraja Destination Management Organisation performances, selfie contests, DJ and band performances, Bali Tourism Office silver lining of this merriment is the performances,
Jl. Veteran No. 1 Makale, Tana Toraja a motocross tournament, biking journey, and a colossal Jl. S. Parman, Niti Mandala, including Dadong Rerod opera, dance parade, and musical
South Sulawesi coffee drinking consisting more than 7,000 people in one Denpasar, Bali concerts.
table are only some of the activities at Lovely December.
+62423 264 62 +62361 222 387
For those of you who are looking for an array of
entertainments while being introduced to one fascinating www.disparda.baliprov.go.idt
culture, this event is unmistakably for you.

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The release of lanterns A model wearing costume

Central Java Indonesia East Java Indonesia

Borobudur Nite: Music, Lantern, & Hope Kuwung Festival

December 31 December

Magelang, Central Java Banyuwangi, East Java

As the largest Buddhist temple and one of the wonders Kuwung Festival is an annual parade that has become
of the world, the Borobudur Temple provides a majestic a window for the cultural authenticity of Banyuwangi,
backdrop for many activities, be it spiritual or festive. showcasing everything from its cultural richness to
But as far as these events go, this merry event acts as a superior potentials exhibited by locals from 24 districts of
symbol of gratitude for the present and the past, as well Banyuwangi Regency. During this notable festival, more
as hope for a positive future. than a thousand locals parades through the main roads
of two-kilometer distance by foot or with decorated cars.
PT. Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Celebrated at midnight of the upcoming year, Borobudur Banyuwangi Art, Culture & Tourism Office
Prambanan & Ratu Boko Nite releases thousands of beautiful lanterns around Jl. Ahmad Yani 78, Banyuwangi, East Java Aside from the parade, Kuwung Festival is also filled
Jl. Raya Jogya Solo KM 16, Yogyakarta the temples complex. With live music, remarkable art with local arts and crafts, Hadrah, Kundaran, and Jaranan
performances, and a prayer for the upcoming year, traditional music, theatrical performances, and a cultural
+62274 496 402 +62333 424 172
travelers from all around the archipelago and the world show from every ethnic group of Banyuwangi. Be the one
are welcomed to celebrate New Year at the majestic to witness this massive parade and uplift your spirit while Borobudur Temple. youre at the charming Banyuwangi.

192 193
Page.194 Page.195

Introduction Problems Time Numbers

Hello Halo Can you help me? Bisa tolong bantu saya? Today Hari ini One Satu

Welcome Selamat datang I dont understand Saya tidak mengerti Yesterday Kemarin Two Dua

How are you? Apa kabar? Do you speak english? Apakah Anda (ber)bicara Tomorrow Besok Three Tiga
bahasa Inggris?/Apakah
Im fine Baik This week Minggu ini Four Empat
Anda bisa bahasa Inggris?
Yes/No Iya/Tidak Next week Minggu depan Five Lima

Please Tolong I dont know Saya tidak tahu Tonight Malam ini Six Enam

Excuse me Permisi Please speak slower Tolong bicara lebih pelan Yesterday afternoon Kemarin siang Seven Tujuh

Sorry Maaf I am lost Saya tersesat Tomorrow morning Besok pagi Eight Delapan

Thank you Terima kasih Wait a minute Tunggu sebentar Half an hour Setengah jam Nine Sembilan

Youre welcome Sama-sama Second Detik Ten Sepuluh

Goodbye Sampai jumpa Minute Menit Eleven Sebelas

Question Hour Jam Twelve Dua belas

Whats your name? Nama anda/kamu siapa?
Day Hari Thirteen Tiga belas
My name is... Nama saya/aku... What is this? Apa ini?
Week Minggu Fourteen Empat belas
Whats his/her name? Siapa nama dia? What is that? Apa itu?
Month Bulan Fifteen Lima belas
Where is that? Dimana itu?
Year Tahun Sixteen Enam belas
Good morning Selamat pagi
How much is it? Berapa harganya?
Seventeen Tujuh belas
Good afternoon Selamat siang
Can I have one more? Boleh minta satu lagi?
Eighteen Delapan belas
Good evening Selamat sore
What time is it? Pukul berapa sekarang?
Nineteen Sembilan belas
Good night Selamat malam Month
Twenty Dua puluh
Enjoy your meal Selamat makan
January Januari 100 Seratus
Good night (before bed) Selamat tidur
Days February Februari 110 Seratus sepuluh
March Maret 1,000 Seribu
Monday Senin
April April 10,000 Sepuluh ribu
About Oneself Tuesday Selasa
May Mei 100,000 Seratus ribu
Wednesday Rabu
Im from... Saya/aku dari June Juni 1,000,000 Satu juta
Thursday Kamis
Im ... years old Umur saya/aku ... July Juli
Friday Jumat
Im a ... Saya/aku adalah ... August Agustus
Saturday Sabtu
I like ... Saya/aku suka ... September September
Sunday Minggu
I dont like ... Saya/aku tidak suka ... October Oktober

November November

December Desember

194 195
Visa Information Page.197

Wonderful Indonesia Without a Visa Italy Namibia Solomon Islands

The government of Indonesia has extended a visa-free facility to 169 countries and territories. Ivory Coast Nauru South Africa
Jamaica Nepal South Korea
The policy to grant visa-free facility to a much larger number of countries and territories was made Japan Netherlands Spain
as part of the governments efforts to boost the countrys economy through tourism. Announcing the Jordan New Zealand Sri Lanka
Presidential Decree no. 21 of 2016 signed by President Joko Widodo, the visa-free facility is granted for
the purpose of leisure or tourism, family, social, art and cultural, governmental, educational, business Kazakhstan Nicaragua Suriname
meetings and transit visits, is valid for up to 30 days. It is non-extendable and non-convertible. Kenya Norway Swaziland
Visitors from enlisted 169 countries and territories are required to have their passports with minimum
Kiribati Oman Sweden
validity of six months and a return ticket upon entry. There are designated points of entry and Kuwait Palau Switzerland
departure with a total of 124 immigration checkpoints composing of 29 airports, 88 harbors and seven Kyrgyzstan Palestine Taiwan
land borders. Visitors may enter and depart through all of the listed checkpoints. The full list, along
with the list of countries, is available on the Directorate General of Immigrations website. Lao Peoples Democratic Panama Tajikistan
Republic Papua New Guinea Tanzania
Countries granted Visa Free Facilities: Latvia Paraguay Thailand
Lebanon Peru Timor Leste
Albania Brazil Egypt Lesotho Philippines Togo
Algeria Brunei Darussalam El Salvador Liechtenstein Poland Tonga
Andorra Bulgaria Estonia Lithuania Portugal Trinidad and Tobago
Angola Burkina Faso Fiji Luxemburg Puerto Rico Tunisia
Antigua & Barbuda Burundi Finland Macao Qatar Turkey
Argentina Cambodia France Macedonia Romania Turkmenistan
Armenia Canada Gabon Madagascar Russian Federation Tuvalu
Australia Cape Verde Gambia Malawi Rwanda Uganda
Austria Chad Georgia Malaysia Saint Kitts and Nevis Ukraine
Azerbaijan Chile Germany Maldives Saint Lucia United Arab Emirates
Bahamas China Ghana Mali Saint Vincent and the United Kingdom
Bahrain Comoros Greece Malta Grenadines United States
Bangladesh Costa Rica Grenada Marshall Islands Samoa Uruguay
Barbados Croatia Guatemala Mauritania San Marino Uzbekistan
Belarus Cuba Guyana Mauritius So Tom and Prncipe Vanuatu
Belgium Cyprus Haiti Mexico Saudi Arabia Vatican City State
Belize Czech Republic Honduras Moldova Senegal Venezuela
Benin Denmark Hong Kong Monaco Serbia Vietnam
Bhutan Dominica Hungary Mongolia Seychelles Zambia
Bolivia (Commonwealth) Iceland Morocco Singapore Zimbabwe
Bosnia & Herzegovina Dominican Republic India Mozambique Slovakia
Botswana Ecuador Ireland Myanmar Slovenia

196 197
Page.198 Page.199


Pangkal Pinang Transportation & Riau Art, Culture & Tourism Office Banten Culture & Tourism Office West Java Culture & Tourism Office
Tourism Office
Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 200 Jl. Tripjaraksa No. 1 Jl. RE Martadinata No. 209
Jl. Merdeka No. 4 Pekanbaru Kaligandu Serang Bandung
Pangkal Pinang +62761 314 52 +62254 219836 +62227 234 654
BENGKULU Central Java Culture & Tourism Office
BENGKULU Riau Islands Culture & Tourism Office Yogyakarta Tourism Office
Jl. Pemuda 136
Bengkulu Tourism Office Jl. D.I. Panjaitan Km. 8 No. 12 Semarang Jl. Malioboro No. 56
Tanjung Pinang +62243 546 001 Yogyakarta
Jl. P. Tendean No. 17 +62761 314 52 +622745 874 86
+62736 212 72
East Java Tourism Office
Naggroe Aceh Darussalam Tourism Office South Sumatra Culture & Tourism Office Bali Tourism Office
Jl. Wisata Mananggal
Jl. Tgk. Chik Kuta Karang No . 3 Jl. Denang Lebar Daun Kav IX Tanjung Pinang Jl. S. Parman, Niti Mandala
Banda Aceh Palembang +62318 531 815 Denpasar
+62651 262 06 +62711 356 661 +62361 222 387
West Sumatra Culture & Tourism Office
North Sumatra Culture & Tourism Office Jakarta Tourism Office
Jl. Khatib Sulaiman No. 7
Jl. Diponegoro No. 30 Padang Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 2
Medan +62751 705 5183 Jakarta Selatan
+62614 535 508 +62215 205 455

198 199
Directories All Year Round Events Page.201



East Nusa Tenggara West Kalimantan Culture & Tourism Office South East Sulawesi Papua Tourism Office
Culture & Tourism Office Art, Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. Letjen Sutoyo No. 17 Jl. Raya Kota Raja Pim
Jl. Raya El Tari II No. 72 Pontianak Jl. Tebau Nunggu No. 2 Abepura
Kupang +62561 742 838 Kendari +62967 583 001
+62380 821 540 +62401 326 634 WEST PAPUA MANOKWARI


MAMUJU West Papua Culture & Tourism Office
West Sulawesi Sports, Youth, Jl. Merdeka No. 13
West Nusa Tenggara Culture & Tourism Office Manokwari
Culture and Tourism Office +62986 212 646
Central Sulawesi
Jl. Pongtiku No. 33
Culture & Tourism Office
Jl. Lengko 70 Mamuju
Mataram +62426 210 92
Jl. Dewi Sartika No. 91
+62364 218 66
+62451 483 942
Central Kalimantan North Maluku Culture & Tourism Office
Culture & Tourism Office North Sulawesi Tourism Office
Jl. Kamboja No. 14 A
Jl. Cilik Riwut Km 5,5 Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 103A Ternate
Palangkaraya Manado +62921 327 396
+62536 31496 +62431 851 723 SOUTH SULAWESI
SAMARINDA South Sulawesi Culture & Tourism Office

East Kalimantan Tourism Office Gedung Mulo, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 23
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 22 +62411 878 912
+62541 736 850

200 201
All Year Round Events