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A Comprehensive
Look at the North
American HDD


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Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide CONTENTS
Faced with boring through wetlands and
under a creek to address much needed
improvements to its sanitary sewer system,
the City of Elmhurst, Ill., turned to new large
diameter restrained-joint PVC pipe and HDD
to get the job done.
By Chris Aldred

From water and sewer work to oil and gas to the fiber optic/telecom market,
the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) market seems to be enjoying a
buoyancy it hasnt felt in a long while. People want to talk about HDD and
learn more about it. Theres a new generation of drillers pulling back the
Boring down nearly 11 m enabled a new
potable water pipeline to be installed for the
City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 14
product pipe and they are thirsty for knowledge. days without disrupting above ground
By Sharon M. Bueno construction or soils by trenching, which
could cause unwanted settlement of the
North East Anthony Henday Drive ring road.

12 30 By Steve Cooper

Drill specs from North Americas drill rig Buoyed by the phenomenal success of the
manufacturers. 2015 HDD Academy, Arizona State Universitys UNCOVERING THE BENEFITS
Del E. Webb School of Construction and OF HYDRO EXCAVATION
Benjamin Media Inc. are once again working
together to plan the 2016 Horizontal Directional
Drilling Academy (HDD Academy).
With current Canadian government regulation
prohibiting the use of mechanical means to
dig within 45 cm of buried cables or pipes,
Laney Directional Drilling tallied another By Trenchless Technology Staff hydro excavating is an ideal method to
record install and did so while handling a expose underground infrastructure, drill pile
tricky curve. Using the intersect method on a
12-in. steel propane pipeline along the
crowded ExxonMobil corridor, Laney
holes, trench slots, install signs and poles
and conduct landscaping and potholing.
By Tisyn Milne
completed an 11,653-ft installation under the Michels Pipeline Construction turned to Ditch

Houston Ship Channel. Witch All-Terrain technology for its recently
By Bradley Kramer completed a 2,350-ft-long bore under the Milk
River in Montana to install 12-in. diameter TECHNICAL PAPER: PARAMETRIC
steel gas line to replace an older segment of
pipe. The bore path was 35 ft beneath the river
bottom and parallel to an existing pipeline.
This paper reviews the design parameters for
The risks for HDD, just like every Contributed by Ditch Witch
the pullback force calculation during HDD. A
construction project, increase, as the
comparison was made between actual
projects size grows larger, highlighting the
fact that good designs are imperative to a
projects success. As the acceptance of HDD
measured pullback forces and theoretically
calculated values for more than 50 HDD
has grown, the companies that specialize in WITH LANDFILL GAS By Ashkan Faghih,
designing projects have seen a shift in a Environmental initiatives from car manufacturers Anup Ghimire and Dave Dupuis
clients knowledge base. typically focus on developing vehicles that run
By Mike Kezdi on renewable fuels. But Toyota is going beyond
that by turning to green electricity to help power
a massive Kentucky plant that makes cars,
including hybrid models.
By Gregg Hennigan


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Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
Trenchless Technology


Bernard P. Krzys

HDD Connects with Wireless Market

Editor: James W. Rush
Managing Editor: Sharon M. Bueno

he 2015 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide in your hands Assistant Editor: Mike Kezdi
marks our fifth annual publication devoted to the horizontal
directional drilling (HDD) industry. Each year we have produced Contributing Staff Editors:
this book, it has grown in size, matching the interest by both our Andrew Farr Brad Kramer
readers and advertisers. Keith Gribbins Pam Kleineke

Things are going well for the HDD industry these days. Though
some of the oil and gas work has slowed, the important thing is that Marketing Director: Kelly Dadich
there is still work to be done in these sectors. Water and sewer work
continues, even though funding, as always, is an issue. Brand Sales Manager: Dan Sisko
The healthiest HDD market today lies with the fiber and
telecommunications field.These deployments has really taken off over Conferences Sales Representative: Brittany Maurer
the last few years and doesnt show any signs of tapering off. Why
should it? Digital is everything today and the broadband and cable providers are pushing
to expand their networks to meet the increasing demand. 3G is so yesterday today and Production Manager: Chris Slogar
tomorrow are about 4G and 5G networks (for now!).
The HDD industry has seen this before but with a much different impact. The fiber boom Lead App Designer/Graphic Designer
of the late 1990s was more of a short-term boost for HDD that had devastating results when Deb McManus
the work was completed the HDD industry was at its lowest point and remained there for Web/Interactive Manager: Mark Gorman
several years. As FMI Capital Advisors president and senior managing director Chris Daum
Circulation & Fulfillment Specialist: Lillian Lopeman
told me, The fiber deployments of the late 1990s and early 2000s were highly speculative,
reflecting the early years of the Internet and dot coms.
The fiber deployments today reflect a much different projection and market position as the EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD
digital age is no longer a luxury for society but a necessity for businesses and your personal Chairman: Dr. Tom Iseley, P.E.
day-to-day activities. From watching television, to paying your bills, listening to music, to Director of the Trenchless Technology Center,
Ruston, Louisiana
running your jobsite and making construction purchases everything is done via a laptop,
Dr. Samuel Ariaratnam, P.E.
cell phone or computer. And thats not going to change. Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
As a result, equipment purchases for compact to midsize rigs are strong right now, as well as Dr. David Bennett, P.E.
ancillary equipment for these jobs, such as drill pipe.As one manufacturer told me, contractors Bennett Trenchless Engineers, Folsom, California
today are buying drill pipe but its just at a smaller diameter than in past years. ICUEE 2015 Steven R. Kramer, P.E.
is in a few short months (Sept. 29-Oct. 1) and I have no doubt that the HDD industry will be AECOM, Arlington, Virginia
rolling out some cool rigs (Ditch Witch and Vermeer already have) and other technology to Joseph Loiacono, ing.
meet the contractors needs. Montreal, Quebec
For more on the HDD market, check out my article on pg. 8. Irene McSweeney, P.E.
Boston Water and Sewer Commission,
If youre looking for a new rig and other parts for your toolbox, we can help you out a bit.As Boston, Massachusetts
with each HDD Guide, we have included our Product Showcase and Drilling Rig Specs sections.
These sections give you a glimpse as to what is available to you to make the most out of your REPRINTS
project opportunities. The response to our call for participation in these sections has grown Wrights Media
Ph: 877-652-5295 Fax: 281-419-5712
exponentially each year we have put this book together and we love it! Keep it up guys!
I also wanted to mention that in 2015 Benjamin Media and Arizona State Universitys Del E.
Webb School of Construction teamed to produce an outstanding HDD educational event
the HDD Academy. In 2016, we are once again working together to bring the HDD industry
this terrific program. The 2016 HDD Academy takes place Feb. 11-12, at the Tempe Mission
Palms Hotel in Tempe, Ariz. Last years inaugural event was sold out for attendees and we
believe the 2016 event will do the same. For more information, check out the story on pg. 30
or visit the website at for the latest information regarding sponsors, agenda
and networking opportunities.
Chief Executive Officer: Bernard P. Krzys
We have some really cool project stories in this years book we hope you enjoy them and
the entire 2015 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide.
President: Robert Krzys
Until next year!
Controller: Marianne Saykes
Sharon M. Bueno

10050 Brecksville Rd.

Brecksville, OH 44141 USA
(330) 467-7588 Fax: (330) 468-2289
Managing Editor


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Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

By Sharon M. Bueno

Long-term Effect of Fiber, Telecom Work Is Music to HDD Industrys Ears

orizontal directional drilling that through aged infrastructure or these cable providers are pushing to expand
(HDD) definitely has a positive demand-driven infrastructure spending their networks all over the country to
vibe to it these days, giving the programs around oil, gas, communica- meet this incredible demand. Where 4G
industry the proverbial bounce tions or the need to remediate gas distri- and 5G service was unheard of just a few
in its step and a good jolt of long-term bution lines, aged plants for water, sewer years ago, its the next thing today. FMI
optimism. From water and sewer work and water supply infrastructure they estimates that communications capital
to oil and gas to the fiber optic/telecom are all underground technologies, says expenditures will increase to approxi-
market, HDD seems to be enjoying a Chris Daum, president and senior man- mately $70 billion this year, with mobile
buoyancy it hasnt felt in a long while. aging director of FMI Capital Advisors. network bandwidth expanding 500 per-
People want to talk about HDD and Daum has been with FMI for 16 years, cent over the next four to five years.
learn more about it. Theres a new focusing on utility infrastructure. The ramping up of fiber-optic and
generation of drillers pulling back the All of that involves underground telecommunications line installation
product pipe and they are thirsty for construction, Daum says. All of those has been a boon for the HDD market.
knowledge. infrastructures have to be expanded, Unlike the previous big fiber push of
It is a good year to be a directional upgraded, repaired and maintained the late 1990s to early 2000s, this sub-
driller, says Vermeer senior global prod- and theres healthy growth across all of stantive increase will have a long-term
uct manager for underground Jon Kuy- those. HDD is an acceptable and eco- impact on the market as the demand
ers. Its not the manufacturers saying nomically cost-effective delivery meth- for more bandwidth and wireless com-
it. The manufacturers are seeing the re- od that is much more prevalent today munications continues to be a part of
sults of a good market. Our core trench- [than in past years], which bodes well our daily lives. From laptops to tablets
less products are very strong. All the for HDD services. to videos to cell phones to music
market dynamics are very favorable for the list goes on and on for consumers
HDD, whether its gas, telecom, water, THE DIGITAL AGE whose thirst for fast, up-to-the-minute
electric or sewer. One of the healthiest areas that HDD information and entertainment only
I have referred to this as we may is enjoying a sweet uptick is in fiber continues to grow.
be entering the Golden Age of Under- optics and telecommunications. Digital The increase in capital spending for
ground, which has to do with the fact is everything today and broadband and communications and broadband is fa-


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Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
vorable for the HDD market because it a steady, healthy demand. says.What is different this go around is
portends more new construction, more Daum agrees about the difference of that the demand is there for the prod-
fiber deployments because of Google, todays fiber/telecom market to years uct and the service, Kuyers says. Peo-
AT&T and CenturyLink, Says Daum. past.The fiber deployments of the late ple are spending the $100-plus to get
Their planned build-outs and private 1990s and early 2000s were highly spec- the service to their homes. Fifteen years
fiber network deployments all of ulative, meaning they were wholesale, ago, they might not have. Society has
that will portend to more construc- long-haul fiber buildouts because of the changed. People now watch TV on their
tion and will drive HDD where these Internet boom and dot com bump. In computers or mobile device. Fifteen
deployments are taking place, into the many respects, a lot of that dark fiber years ago, they didnt do that. Everyone
neighborhoods into the urban infra- and urban interconnects ended up be- has a smart phone today or a tablet. Its
structure that is done predominantly ing empty conduit, Daum explains. how you get your information and how
underground. Back then, HDD was somewhat in its you communicate. All of this used to be
All of this bodes well for HDD as the infancy as an acceptable technology a luxury and today its a necessity, he
trenchless delivery method has become that was unproven and had not been says.
a popular option for fiber and telecom adopted as widely. Vermeer and Ditch With all of this demand, HDD is reap-
installation. The HDD market has seen Witch pioneered a lot of that growth. ing the rewards. Contractors are spend-
this before. In the late 1990s, when Flash forward 15 years later and we ing their dollars on new HDD rigs to
the Internet was really starting to take are living in a bandwidth-rich, inter- handle the work, buying both compact
off, HDD experienced a huge influx of connected world with a more mature and midsize rigs. The speed and power
work as the networks were being con- Internet with completely mature e- of these machines are perfect for this
structed. The end of that work coincid- commerce with demand for data being market, which sees fiber being shot out
ed with the HDD market bottoming out, exponentially greater that it was before. in 600- and 700-ft lengths, experts say.
taking years to recover. Its a totally different environment than It has really helped the smaller rig
However, the tremendous upswing in beforeThe really big difference is that market focus on technologies that
communications work this time around we werent even talking about video improve efficiency, Matthesen says.
is different, as the long-term demand broadband. We werent talking about Contractors working on the jobsite
is there something that energizes mobile data and we certainly werent definitely expect increased output from
those who sell the compact to midsize talking about 5G. Thats all taken place compact and midsize machines. [The
HDD drills. It has really contributed to in the last five to seven years. fiber/telecom market] has given us the
the case for investing in the small to Whats driven the market the last ability to re-invest in those product
midsize machine market, says Seth Mat- five years and continues to drive it is the lines. New products are being devel-
thesen, senior HDD product manager at wireless mobility.Thats not going away. oped to meet these growing customer
Ditch Witch. We have seen an uptick Kuyers concurs with Daum and notes needs. Contractors want a smaller pack-
[in purchasing] through the last half how much of everyones daily lives re- age with more power that is easier to
of 2014 and this year for compact to volve around digital devices at work maneuver.
midsize directional drills like the Ditch and in their personal lives.The prolifera-
Witch JT9 and JT20 This definitely tion of bandwidth and the demand for OIL AND GAS
feels like a more healthy build than fast data has and will continue to have With the fiber and telecom market
what we saw in the late 1990s. There is a huge impact on the HDD market, he gaining more momentum and strength,

With the widespread

construction of
new and expanded
networks, HDD
is working in
which means
tighter spaces.
Equipment for a
smaller footprint is a
necessity for todays

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
it has offset the tepidness HDD manu- as some of the power plants come on- settled. Outside of the HDD industry,
facturers say they are experiencing in line that demand for gas will increase. there has always been a misconcep-
the oil and gas market. HDD saw a tre- Theyre going to have to increase the tion about the use of drilling fluids:
mendous surge in work the last several supply to those plants and to existing Are they safe? Are they harmful to
years with the emergence the Marcel- infrastructure to accommodate for that the environment? How are they dis-
lus and Utica shales plays in New York, larger demand. posed? And on and on it goes.
Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, Daum is more positive in his assess- Today, HDD leaders are fighting
as well as the Bakken shale play in ment of the oil and gas market and the same battle as the use of drilling
Montana and North Dakota. The work what it means for HDD.Its not slowing fluids has come under fire, as oppo-
involved new installations to meet the down at all. Thats a big misunderstand- nents are confusing it with as the
needs of shale gas production to repair- ing in the market, he says. Youll have same material used in the hydraulic
ing or replacing old lines. 25 percent more pipe installed in 2015 fracking operations of the oil and gas
Though the work seems to be there, vs 2014 and [FMI] projects upward to industry. Today we have regulations
the oil and gas market is getting mixed 100 percent increase in pipeline de- of all kinds as it pertains to drilling
reviews from the manufacturers on the ployments in 2016. fluid handling, disposal, cost, makeup
impact its having on HDD drillers. Drilling activity in certain noncon- water availability, disposal facilities,
American Augers director of prod- ventional shale plays has slowed be- etc., Levings says. There are a lot
uct management Richard Levings has cause of the price of oil but the mid- of people who are misled to believe
that fluid used for HDD is the same
as that used in [hydraulic fracturing]
One of the healthiest areas that HDD is in the oil and gas industry and its not
the same thing. HDD drilling fluid is
enjoying a sweet uptick is in fiber optics and basically soil mixed with water with
no chemicals and wouldnt be harm-
telecommunications. Broadband and cable providers ful in anyway.
Disposal costs is a huge issue for con-
are pushing to expand their networks all over tractors, as the costs to transport and
get rid of the used mud continue to
the country to meet the incredible demand. FMI increase. The use of mud cleaners and
recyclers has become commonplace
estimates that communications capital expenditures by contractors for projects of all sizes,
not just the larger work. Contractors are
will increase to approximately $70 billion this year, now using the systems with the com-
pact and midsize units.
with mobile network bandwidth expanding 500 Before it was easy to get rid of your
mud. Contractors would just dump it
percent over the next four to five years. in someones field, Kuyers says. Today,
people dont want you to do that. We
are working in urban areas and there is
been involved in the HDD industry stream infrastructure from gathering no space to do it and you have to find a
for more than 20 years, experienc- pipelines to mainline transmission pipe- local facility to dump it and its costing
ing the highest highs and the lowest lines to take the product that has been them an arm and leg to do it.
lows that have come and gone dur- produced away from its source and Every one of these contractors is us-
ing that time. He believes that the send it downstream is 18 to 24 months ing a vacuum system and they are suck-
lower oil and gas prices the market behind the drilling that has already ing up the mud and it costs them money
is seeing has caused some drillers taken place. A lot of that activity is just to dump it. This is not just occurring on
to take a pause in their spending for entering into the construction phase in large back reams. Its an industrywide
the time being. It has caused reserve 2015 and 2016, Daum explains. problem, he adds.
in the minds of contractors because Daum describes the construction ac- Levings wants the HDD industry to
they have plenty of work today but tivity for the gas market as fairly robust work together to educate the general
theyre not sure about tomorrow, he and has a favorable outlook because in- public, engineers, municipalities, as well
says. They are doing the work with frastructure in some areas that will be as the politicians on what HDD drill-
the equipment they already have. producing gas hasnt been built. ing fluid actually is. We have an indus-
Kuyers acknowledges the oil and gas try that needs to work together to help
slowdown from the HDD side but notes people understand the truth about HDD
that there is still a lot of work out there. TOPICAL: DRILLING FLUID drilling fluid, so they understand that
There are still pipelines that still need MISCONCEPTION HDD is a friend of the environment in
to be built and will be built and are still To those involved in the HDD in- every way, he says.
being built, he sums up. That work dustry from its inception know the
has not completely stopped. A lot of topic of drilling fluid disposal and Sharon M. Bueno is managing edi-
the markets are underserved, especially regulations have never really been tor of Trenchless Technology.


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Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide


2015 Horizontal Directional Drill Specs By Sharon M. Bueno

When shopping for a drill rig, there As with every Horizontal Directional need to directly touch base with the
are many, many options out there. Big Drilling Guide, we have include our an- manufacturer.
or small, the HDD industry has a rig nual HDD rig catalog. We reached out All the information comes directly
for you. Custom-made or one off the to the HDD rig manufacturers to share from the rig manufacturers. No direct
assembly line, not a problem. We want with our readers their product fleet comparisons between equipment or
to help you start your buying process that includes compact, midsize and manufacturers are implied. We also
by introducing you to what is avail- maxi rigs. The information provided asked that the manufacturers offer some
able. Many contractors have brand fa- in this section comes directly from tips on purchasing and maintenance.
vorites but we wanted to give you a the manufacturers to give you just a
well-rounded view of the rigs on the glimpse of what their rigs are capable Sharon M. Bueno is managing edi-
market. of. For more specific data, you will tor of Trenchless Technology.

135 State Route 42
West Salem, OH 44287
Ph: (800) 324-4930 | (419) 869-7107

The American Augers line of underground construction equip-
ment consists of: auger boring machines, maxi rig and mid-size
directional drills, mud pump and cleaning systems and tooling
and accessories. The products are manufactured at the compa-
nys 241,000-sq ft facility in West Salem, Ohio.Since the found-
ing of American Augers in 1970, there has never been a change
horizontal directional drills in the industry. The smallest has a
in the companys core value: having products developed by a
push/pull of 110,000 lbs and is a great size for those contractors
can-do work force that focuses on mechanical, technological
that are now progressing out of the utility installation and into
and customer-based design improvements. American Augers
gas pipeline work. The DD-110 can easily be used for both those
was the first HDD manufacturer to use a rack-and-pinion car-
applications. Off-board cabins on the mid-size DD-155T and DD-
riage design, which is now the industry standard.
220T increases the visibility for the driller, reduces fatigue due
PRODUCTS LINEUP to vibration and allows room for the steering operator. Off-board
mud pumps ensure the rigs engine power goes straight downhole
DD-110 / DD-110S
instead of to the pump.The best-selling maxi-rig in the industry is
the DD-440T. Durable, mobile and most of all, powerful enough
for the tough jobs, the DD-440T is the go-to drill rig for contrac-
tors around the world because of its versatility and strength. Rapid
Set-Up horizontal directional drills are unique to American Augers.
The DD-660RS and DD-1100RS allow the driller to pull the rig into
PRODUCTS SUMMARY position, then rapidly rises to the desired drilling angle. Both
are micro-processor controlled and have incredible torque.
American Augers produces the highest quality mid-size and maxi

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm)

DD-110 110,000 150 14,000 6 varies varies 20 260 1,100 200
DD-110S 110,000 150 14,000 6 varies varies 15 260 1,100 200
DD-155T 155,000 100 30,000 9 varies varies 20 275 1,500 450
DD-220T 220,000 95 30,000 9 varies varies 34 365 1,500 650
DD-440T 440,000 80 60,000 9 varies varies 34 600 1,500 1000
DD-660RS 660,000 90 80,000 13 varies varies 34 600 1,500 1000
DD-1100RS 1,100,000 75 100,000 13 varies varies 34 765 1,500 1000


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Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

315 Pekin Ave. SE
East Canton, Ohio 44720
Ph: (330) 488-9400

COMPANY HISTORY PRODUCT LINEUP: drills that utilize 20-ft drill stems. The
Barbco has been manufacturing di- BD40HP, BD60HP, BD80HP, BD100HP, controls are equipped with automated
rectional drills since the mid-1990s. BD120HP, BD160HP, BD200HP, BD250HP drilling modes and a unique customiz-
Since then, we have become known and BD380. able drillers interface. Other features in-
as a manufacturer that really puts the clude cabs with room for surveyors and
horsepower behind the specifications. PRODUCT SUMMARY the use of programmable controllers
Our directional drills will exceed your Barbco custom builds HDDs to suit the that provide a flexible, expandable and
expectations on how a drill should needs of its clients.This process has pro- cost-effective total machine manage-
perform. We start with quality compo- vided Barbco with a vast knowledge of ment system.
nents that have stronger duty cycles and how todays HDDs need to perform. In
couple them to a higher flywheel horse- addition to performance related issues, ADVICE TO BUYERS
power thus creating unmatched perfor- the design process involves several oth- When purchasing your next Rig, take
mance that the operator can actually er topics of discussion. The main topics the time to choose your equipment
feel when on a tough pull. Barbcos ma- are: Safety Features, Skeletal Integrity, wisely. Be sure to review the specifica-
chines are used throughout the world User-Friendly Controls, Strategic Sensor tions before the price and pay close at-
on a daily basis with a proven track re- Development and Placement, Trailering- tention to the components your Manu-
cord of long durability in the field for Transporting, System Diagnostic Report- facturer has chosen to use. It could be
performance, reliability, better quality ing , Sensor Overriding and Manual Op- that your machine was engineered for
construction and a simple design for erating Controls. Combined these topics high parts sales. BEWARE OF THIS AND
easy maintenance and operation. When of discussion are used to design the Rig BUY SMART!
service is required, Barbco once again and ultimately determine the scope of
meets or exceeds our customers ex- work for the project. Barbco has also MAINTENANCE TIP
pectations. We have a vast knowledge in created a standard line of HDDs. This Stay on top of replacing air, fuel and oil
field experience both in private, military product line is designed and built using filters. Using service indicator gauges is
and government projects and can be of the systems that Barbco has built into an easy way to know when its time to
assistance on any project that the equip- its custom rigs. These rigs are built to- change a filter. Grease all moving parts
ment is used. day to accommodate a smaller job site and change air and oil filters regularly.
footprint and as a result create maxi size

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow Fluid
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm) Tank (gal)

BD40HP 40,000 250 6,600 -- -- -- 10 201 1,000 70 --
BD60HP 60,000 220 12,500 -- -- -- 15 225 1,000 130 --
BD80HP 80,000 170 15,000 -- -- -- 20 250 1,000 200 --
BD100HP 100,000 170 15,000 -- -- -- 20 300 1,000 275 --
BD120HP 120,000 125 20,000 -- -- -- 20 440 1,000 275 --
BD160HP 160,000 135 30,000 -- -- -- 20 *540 1,200 *325 --
BD200HP 200,000 110 35,000 -- -- -- 20 *600 1,200 *450 --
BD250HP 250,000 120 45,000 -- -- -- 20 *630 1,200 *450 --
BD380 380,000 100 60,000 -- -- -- 35 (random) 700 -- -- --
*denotes OPTIONAL


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Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

1959 West Fir St.
P.O. Box 66
Perry, Okla 73077
Ph: (800) 654-6481

HISTORY PRODUCTS SUMMARY rig combines 27,000 lbs of thrust and

Since its founding in 1949, the Ditch Customers can chose from 10 different pullback with an exclusive rotational
Witch organization has grown from Ditch Witch rigs for terrains and condi- drive, which results in a smoother op-
inventing the first mechanized, com- tions ranging from sandy and soft soil eration and greater uptime on utility
pact service-line trencher to being to medium and hard soil to soft and backbone installations.The JT100 Mach
a one-stop source for underground hard rock and the industrys wid- 1 is the most powerful rig in the our
construction equipment. With a com- est range of downhole tooling options lineup, featuring 70,000 lbs of thrust
plete range of equipment for installing come from Ditch Witch to help battle and 100,000 lbs of pullback, perfect
utilities underground, the Ditch Witch HDD in rocks, mud, tree roots and for the long bores used in installations
product line includes trenchers, vibra- dense ground. Each HDD model has like river crossings. The exclusive dual-
tory plows, backhoes, horizontal direc- advanced with customer feedback. Op- pivot drill frame provides outstanding
tional drilling systems, drill pipe, down- tions range from the JT5 with 5,000 lbs stability and operator comfort.
hole tools, chain, teeth and sprockets, of pullback to the JT100 Mach 1 with
vacuum excavation systems and mini 100,000 lbs of pullback, and customers ADVICE TO BUYERS
skid steers. All of these products are can withstand some of the widest rang- When in the planning stages, jobsite
recognized around the world for their es of ground conditions with the series variability is the most important thing
advanced design, rugged construction, of Ditch Witch All Terrain drills (JT30 to consider. Factors to consider include
long-term durability, ease of use and AT, JT60 AT and JT100 AT). This patent- the size of a work area, the type of
reliability. In addition to its line of qual- ed, dual-pipe system has the industrys work being done, the size of bore need-
ity equipment, the Ditch Witch name most advanced inner-rod design, en- ed and the type of soil the crew will
is trusted for assisting with financial abling the machine to drill in the wid- encounter on the jobsite. Directional
needs. Ditch Witch Financial Services est range of ground conditions, from drills are used in various applications
(DWFS) is a full-service provider, offer- mixed hard soil to solid rock. The JT5 from burying cable from the curb to
ing a wide variety of finance and lease HDD was modified to meet the specific a house, to installing a larger-diameter
options to meet individual require- challenges of shallow installation proj- product over several thousand feet.
ments. ects deploying utility lines up to 150 ft.
Because the site is often a residential MAINTENANCE TIP
PRODUCTS LINEUP area, the compact JT5 is designed not to Maximize your jobsite uptime by per-
JT5, JT9, JT20, JT25, JT30, JT30 All Ter- disturb driveways, sensitive landscap- forming daily and scheduled mainte-
rain, JT60, JT60 All Terrain, JT100 Mach ing and other surface obstacles. Ditch nance checks because if any part of a rig
1, JT100 All Terrain Witch developed the JT25 HDD rig prematurely wears down, it will affect
with the utility contractor in mind. The the overall efficiency of your project.

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow Fluid
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm) Tank (gal)

JT5 4,100/5,000 195 550 2.5 4.5 150 49 24.8 750 5 N/A
JT9 9,000/9,000 186 1,100 3 variable -- 6 66 750 16 N/A
JT20 17,000/20,000 225 2,200 4 variable -- 10 74.5 1,500 25 N/A
JT25 27,000/27,000 220 4,000 4.02 variable -- 98 130 1,200 50 N/A
JT30 24,800/30,000 225 4,000 4.21 variable -- 98 160 1,500 50 N/A
JT30 All Terrain 24,800/30,000 400 4,000 4.75 variable -- 98 148 1,500 50 N/A
(w/Rockmaster 822),
5.5 (w/Rockmaster 86)
JT60 60,000/60,000 240 9,000 5 variable -- 15 T4i/200 - T3/190 1,300 150 N/A
JT60 All Terrain 60,000/60,000 240 9,000 6.25 variable -- 15 T4i/200 - T3/190 1,300 150 N/A
JT100 Mach 1 70,000/100,000 210 12,000 6 variable -- 148 260 1,000 230 N/A
JT100 All Terrain 70,000/100,000 210 12,000 6.25 variable -- 141 260 1,000 230 N/A


tti_12-25.indd 16 7/17/2015 1:47:25 PM

tti_12-25.indd 17 7/17/2015 1:47:26 PM
Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

Schlehenweg 2, D-77963
Schwanau, Germany
Ph: +49 7824 302-9570

HISTORY PRODUCTS SUMMARY like Pipe Thruster, High-Pressure Mud

Martin Herrenknecht founded the Her- The maxi and mega rigs developed and Pumps, Mobile Breakout Units etc., can
renknecht GmbH (limited liability com- manufactured by Herrenknecht exert be rented. This enables the client also
pany) in 1977, which became a joint pulling forces of between 120 000 and to test the equipment seriously before
stock company (AG) in 1998. Today, 1 349 000 lbs (600 and 6,000 kN) and buying. Part of the paid rental rates will
Herrenknecht delivers cutting-edge achieve a maximum torque of between be considered in the purchase price
tunnel boring machines for all ground 35,000 and 110,000 ft-lb, depending if the equipment is taken over after a
conditions and in all diameters rang- on the model. All Herrenknecht HDD rental contract.
ing from 0.10 to 19 m and technical rigs have their own diesel-powered en-
solutions to sink vertical shafts, as well ergy supply housed in sound-proofed MAINTENANCE TIP
as to excavate sloping shafts. In 2013, 20-ft containers. The capacity of these Through our worldwide service net-
the Herrenknecht Group achieved a power packs, as we call them, can vary work Herrenknecht provides service
total operating performance of 1,027 from 300 to more than 1,300 hp, de- wherever you are drilling.
million Euro. It employs approximately pending on the application. These rigs
5,000 members of staff worldwide in- are remarkable not only for their per-
cluding about 200 trainees. In the area formance capacity but also for their
of modern trenchless technology, Her- construction design. We offer frame,
renknecht can look back on almost trailer, crawler and modular rigs. Her-
30 years of experience on projects renknecht has collaborated with rec-
worldwide. In addition to HDD, Her- ognized HDD specialists to develop
renknecht is continuously developing innovative downhole tools. With these,
new technologies for the pipeline in- crossings can be carried out more
dustry, e.g. Pipe Thruster, Direct Pipe quickly and economically. We are also
and Pipe Express. specialized in manufacturing tailor
made HDD rigs according to custom-
PRODUCTS LINEUP ers specification.
Frame Rig, Trailer Rig, Crawler Rig,
Modular Rig,Toolings,Tailor-made Solu- ADVICE TO BUYERS
tions Within the Herrenknecht rental fleet,
HDD rigs and other HDD equipment,

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow Fluid
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm) Tank (gal)

HK100C 220,000 80 44,250 8 1/2 48 4,000 31.5 443 1,500 600
HK150C 330 000 72 51,650 9 7/8 48 6,000 31.5 590 1,500 760
HK150T 330,000 72 51,650 9 7/8 48 6,000 31.5 590 1,500 760
HK250C 551,000 72 66,400 12 1/4 72 8,000 31.5 644 1,500 1,000
HK250T 551,000 72 66,400 12 1/4 72 8,000 31.5 644 1,500 1,000
HK300T 661,000 72 66,400 12 1/4 72 9,000 31.5 644 1,500 1,000
HK400C 881,000 60 88,500 15 80 12,000 31.5 1,288 1,500 1,200
HK400T 881,000 60 88,500 15 80 12,000 31.5 1,288 1,500 1,200
HK400M 881,000 60 88,500 15 80 12,000 31.5 1,288 1,500 1,200
HK500T 1, 102,000 60 103,300 17 1/2 80 15,000 31.5 1,288 1,500 1,200
HK600T 1,349,000 60 109,200 20 80 15,000 31.5 1,288 1,500 1,200


tti_12-25.indd 18 7/17/2015 1:47:28 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling
Drilling Guide

1 McCloskey Road
Keene, ON, Canada
K9J 0G6
Ph: (705) 295-4925

HISTORY smaller dimensions, without sacrificing ments to ensure the safe and efficient
Since 1985, McCloskey International any of the functionality of the drill. operation of the rig. Of note, there
has been bringing durable, high pro- are three emergency stop, or E-Stop,
duction equipment to customers PRODUCTS LINEUP buttons rather than a limit switch. By
worldwide. In 2014, McCloskey en- The D15 has completed field testing moving to a stop vs. limit system, risk is
tered the trenchless market with the and has commenced shipping to deal- limited that the machine might re-start
D15 HDD drill rig as it continued to de- ers in the Middle East, Australia, Europe during rod changes. On the newest ver-
velop and deliver products that boost and North America. sion of the D15, sensors have been add-
productivity and profit for customers. ed to front and back to enhance opera-
The drilling business was a natural fit. PRODUCTS SUMMARY tor safety, and also to prevent damage.
Since 2014, the D15 has undergone ex- Currently the D15 is the latest model New guards have also been re-designed
tensive design enhancements, resulting is in production.The newly re-designed to cover the augers completely.
from field testing and has evolved into McCloskey D15 Horizontal Drill Rig
the second generation of the products. sets a new standard in HDD with the ADVICE TO BUYERS
Notable in the newest models are the most torque and horsepower in the Buyers should look at the operating
steel shrouds, replacing fiberglass for smallest footprint in its class. An ad- cost of the rig, and ensure that they
2015. Extensive testing revealed that vanced electric hydraulic system deliv- are purchasing the best equipment for
the steel shroud is more durable across ers more horsepower to the ground, their application and needs. Buying a rig
a variety of environmental and site con- better fuel efficiency and guarantees that is too large to get at small access
ditions. Also available in the new mod- 15,000 lbs of thrust/pullback while jobs drives the cost up due to improper
els are stainless steel anti-freeze tanks, simultaneously delivering 1,600 ft-lbs application. Request ongoing mainte-
which under rigorous testing were of rotation. McCloskeys Hydraulic nance information and schedules from
better suited to worldwide climate dif- Compound Cylinder delivers smoother the manufacturer to ensure that the rig
ferentials better than plastic. Extensive operational control, high performance can be kept in top operating condition.
field testing has resulted in a number and less maintenance. Featuring long This will ensure the cost of operation is
of improvements to the operators sta- life seals and brass wipers for protec- maintained at an optimal level, and the
tion, including enhanced sightlines tion from the elements, the D15 re- rig stays in the field, not in the shop.
for the control panel, joysticks angled quires less maintenance and wear part
for comfort, and the placement of the replacements than other companies MAINTENANCE TIP
grease bucket on the mast for easier rack-and-pinion design, which can be Always walk around the rig prior to
access.Understanding that particularly more at risk for drive motor breaks. start up to make sure all is in work-
in urban centers a drill with a small The D15 can be started from two loca- ing order, especially the e-stop switch.
footprint is not only preferred but nec- tions, with a key start in the back of Keeping on track with regularly sched-
essary, the D15 also has re-configured the rig, and a push button start in the uled maintenance allowa the product a
augers to allow greater maneuverabil- front. An additional feature on the D15 longer life span and less downtime. If
ity when accessing small spaces. The is the open top vise, providing excel- the machine is being operated in cold
operators station has also been stream- lent visibility to monitor connections climates, it is recommended that the
lined and re-configured to allow for the and breakouts. From a safety perspec- rig be warmed up prior to operation
tive, the D15 has a number of enhance- for enhanced performance.

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow Fluid
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm) Tank (gal)

McCloskey 15,000 lbs 130 rpm 1600 ft lb 2.5 in/ NP NP 6 59 Hp 1000 PSI / 25 GPM NP
D15 (6803 kg) (2200 Nm) 63.5 mm (44 kW) 69 Bar (95 LPM) TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 19

tti_12-25.indd 19 7/17/2015 1:47:31 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

2006 Perimeter Rd. | Greenville, S.C. 29605
Ph: (864) 277-5870 | (800) 435-9340


For more than 90 years, McLaugh- McLaughlin offers two pit launch drills:
lin has been an active leader in the 5-ft and 7-ft models. The 5-ft model is
underground construction industry. ideal for limited access jobsites and
McLaughlin has developed a reputa- smaller entry pits. This model is very
tion for designing and building de- popular in Europe and for use in
pendable, low maintenance trenchless downtown areas that cannot be ac-
construction equipment solutions for cessed with traditional surface-launch
the power, gas, telecom, water, sewer directional drills. The 7-ft model is best
and oil markets. McLaughlin is focused suited for projects with more access.
on developing innovative products This model offers enhanced produc-
that provide contractors safe and pro- tivity because there is less making and
ductive methods for the identifica- breaking of rods. Both models have
tion and installation of underground 1,030 ft-lbs of torque and 13,250 lbs of
utilities. McLaughlin offers a full line of pullback. They use a standard locator- tion, leveling and shoring procedures.
utility locators and vacuum excavators transmitter beacon, HDD drill head Because many users are non-traditional
for safely finding and exposing existing and HDD tooling. Mud mixing system HDD operators, its also important that
infrastructure, as well as a number of and hydraulic power pack accesso- they receive proper HDD training to
other trenchless installation products. ries are also available. Pit-launched di- ensure safe and productive operation.
McLaughlin manufactures Hole Ham- rectional drills are frequently used by
mer pneumatic piercing tools, Mighty non-traditional HDD contractors. They MAINTENANCE TIP
Moles and pit launch directional drills are straight-hydraulic machines that Pit-launched drills are low mainte-
for trenchless installation of conduit, are simple to operate and very reliable. nance machines. Like any drill, it is
cable and HDPE pipes. In addition, Like with any piece of equipment, its important to keep the firestick rods
McLaughlin has a full line up of auger important that operators receive prop- greased and to use proper torque pro-
boring machines and 360-degree On- er training and follow standard HDD cedures to prevent over-torqueing the
Target steering systems for installation practices and OSHA regulations for pit drill rods. Operators should rotate, or
of steel casing. Since 1921, McLaughlin set up. cycle, the rods. This prevents some of
takes pride in providing workable solu- the rods from wearing prematurely.
tions for its customers. From planning ADVICE TO BUYERS Prior to operation, check that the vise
to installation, McLaughlin offers con- Before you purchase any piece of dies are in good condition to prevent
tractors a complete package for trench- equipment, make sure it is appropri- any slipping during the rod make up or
less construction needs. ate for the application. A pit-launched break out process.
drill provides a good solution to set-
PRODUCTS LINEUP back and easement issues but can be
McL-10H pit-launched directional drills more time-consuming to set up than a
5-ft and 7-ft models traditional surface-launched drill. Make
sure you understand proper pit excava-

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow Fluid
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm) Tank (gal)

McLaughlin 17,670/ 0 to 125 RPM 1,030 ft-lb 3 12 180 ft 2.4 ft Hydraulic 1,000 psi 6 gpm 230 gal
McL-10H (5 ft.) 13,250 lbs
McLaughlin 17,670/ 0 to 125 RPM 1,030 ft-lb 3 12 180 ft 4 ft Hydraulic 1,000 psi 6 gpm 230 gal
McL-10H (7 ft.) 13,250 lbs


tti_12-25.indd 20 7/17/2015 1:47:35 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling
Drilling Guide

Ludwig Erhard Strae 4
57482 Wenden
Ph: +49 4489 935 100

HISTORY PRODUCTS LINEUP space during transport and onsite and

Prime Drilling is a global leader in the HDD rigs with pull force from 25 up to also offers greater flexibility. Another
design, development and production of 600 tons, pipe pusher, bentonite pumps, highlight is the Prime Pipe Pusher. The
advanced horizontal directional drill- mixing units, recycling units, drill rods, Prime Pipe Pusher mainly serves for ad-
ing rigs and allied equipment located reaming tools, measurement equipment ditional push or pull force with pipe
in Wenden, Germany since 1999. We and all necessary accessories. pullback, but also offers the perfect so-
understand that a successful crossing is lution for application combined with
particularly dependent on the reliabil- PRODUCTS SUMMARY tunnel boring machines.
ity of the equipment involved. For this We are not only selling standard HDD
reason, it is not enough for us to focus rigs with its components like pumping, ADVICE TO BUYERS
on superior technical characteristics. mixing or recycling units and reaming All our drilling rigs are tailor made to
We are driven to delivery robust, low- tools, drill rods or anything you need for customers specification: whatever col-
maintenance drill rigs that bring top a successful bore. For example, Prime or, equipment or size of the drill pipes
performance in the most demanding drilling offers also compact rigs. The you require any preference will be
environments. Our products and ser- special feature of our compact rig is considered. We are available for our
vices are backed by a highly qualified the on board pump. The PD-X.1.000-C customers at any time: any problems
team with decades of experience in the manufactured by our affiliated company on the jobsite, questions relating to our
field of horizontal directional drilling Prime-GPT, the specialist for pumps and products or urgent spares requirements
technologies. related spare parts, impresses with its we guarantee 24/7-service.
robust and low-wear design. This saves

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow Fluid
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm) Tank (gal)

PD 30/18 RP 67,500 43 13,000 190
PD 45/18 RP 101,000 40 13,000 246
PD 60/33 RP 135,000 57 24,000 246
PD 80/50 RP 180,000 38 37,000 326
PD 100/50 RP 225,000 59 37,000 450
PD 150/70 RP 337,000 41 52,000 450
PD 200/70 RP 450,000 41 52,000 640
PD 250/90 RP 562,000 24 66,000 640
PD 300/90 RP 674,000 39 66,000 640
PD 350/120 RP 787,000 30 89,000 775
PD 400/120 RP 899,000 30 89,000 775
PD 450/150 RP 1,012,000 46 109,000 775
PD 500/180 RP 1,125,000 30 133,000 1196
PD 600/180 RP 1,349,000 30 133,000 1196
PD 30/18 CU 67,500 13,000 300
PD 40/22 CU 88,200 16,250 300
PD 50/30 CU 110,250 22,500 300
PD 60/30 CU 135,000 22,500 300

tti_12-25.indd 21 7/17/2015 1:47:37 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide


8111 Lyndale Ave S
Bloomington, MN 55420
Tel: (952) 948-4197

HISTORY imum drilling fluid flow of 70 gpm and want to consider a machine that pro-
Celebrating our first 100 years in 2014, tool rotation speed of 225 rpm, gives vides you with the added capabilities
The Toro Co. continues to strengthen the DD4045 the versatility to perform to do larger diameter or longer bores if
its position as a leading worldwide pro- a wide range of installations projects. you expect to pursue this type of work
vider of innovative solutions for profes- Both the DD2024 and the DD4045 uti- in the future. If youre adding drills to
sional contractors, golf courses, agricul- lize a quad rack-and-pinion carriage de- your fleet, and adding new operators,
tural growers, rental companies, utility sign that spreads carriage load evenly also consider features that will help
companies, government and education and ensures smooth and efficient car- new operators become highly produc-
institutions and homeowners. Through riage travel. Additionally, the gear track tive such as the ability to operate
constant innovation and caring rela- is welded to both sides of the thrust a drill using single or dual joystick
tionships built on trust and integrity, frame for added reliability. Unique modes depending on the conditions.
Toro has built a legacy of excellence by to the DD2024 and the DD4045, the
helping customers achieve their goals. track is propelled by forward-mount- MAINTENANCE TIP
Toro continues to build upon this leg- ed track drive motors with planetary Consider a maintenance plan that in-
acy by expanding its products and ser- gears, which deliver superior trac- cludes time for cleaning and a machine
vices into new markets. In 2013, Toro tion in all types of ground conditions. inspection at the end of each day. Use
launched its new line-up of horizontal Both the DD4045 and the DD2024 are the opportunity when applying grease
directional drills and riding trenchers. equipped with a multi-function color after cleaning to take close look at vari-
Toros horizontal directional drill and LCD display that provides a clear view ous areas of the machine. This will al-
every product that carries the Toro of machine functions and performance low you to easily identify and resolve
name also carries our commitment to indicators. The operator also has the maintenance issues in order to be
quality and product excellence. Today, ability to select single- or dual- joystick ready for the next days job.
contractors around the world count on operation on either the DD2024 or the
Toro products to help them their job DD4045, and can change between the
more effectively. two versions depending on the condi-
tions. Additionally, both units have in-
PRODUCTS LINEUP corporated heavy-duty, open-top vice
DD4045 and DD2024 wrench designs, which provide excel-
lent visibility of the tool joint from the
PRODUCTS SUMMARY operators position. These features all
The Toro DD2024 horizontal direction- combine to allow the operator to be
al drill packs a powerful 20,000 lbs of more productive.
pullback force and 2,400 ft-lbs of rota-
ry torque into a compact package. The ADVICE TO BUYERS
Toro DD4045 horizontal directional When determining what size drill to
drill combines best-in-class 40,000 lbs purchase, first consider your business
of thrust and pullback, and 4,500 ft-lbs goals. Is the type of installation you ex-
of rotary torque with a small footprint pect to be doing in the future different
(only 85 in. wide).That, along with max- or similar to the installations youre do-
ing today? Plan accordingly you may

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow Fluid
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm) Tank (gal)

Toro DD2024 20,000 200 2,400 4 NA NA 400 74 1,500 30 500
Toro DD4045 40,000 225 4,500 4 NA NA 520 160 1,300 70 1,000


tti_12-25.indd 22 7/17/2015 1:47:40 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling
Drilling Guide

2020 E. New York St. | Aurora, Ill. 60502 | Ph: (630) 851-8200 | Web:

COMPANY HISTORY PRODUCT LINEUP pump system and a four-auger stake

TT Technologies Inc., Aurora, Ill., is a TT Technologies full line of trench- down system that provides greater sta-
manufacturer of trenchless technol- less equipment includes: Grundomat bility. The Grundodrill 4X also comes
ogy equipment for the installation and piercing tools, Grundodrill directional with the exclusive Smart Vice system
replacement of water, sewer, gas and drills, Grundosteer guided piercing that performs vice cycling operations
electric utilities. The equipment is field tools, Grundocrack pipe bursting tools, automatically.
proven, logging more than 45 years of Grundoram pipe ramming tools, Grun-
experience. With more than 200 pat- domudd bentonite mixing and deliv-
ents worldwide, TT Technologies is a ery systems, Grundowinch constant
leader in trenchless applications rang- tension winches and Grundopit mini-
ing from pipe pulling, pipe ramming, directional drill rigs.
pipe bursting, sliplining, and direc-
tional boring. A nationwide network of PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT
regional customer service offices and The compact Grundodrill 4X is de-
distribution locations assures products signed for residential service, small
and expertise are always nearby. Com- diameter main installations and last
prehensive hands-on training seminars mile operations, offering 9,800 lbs of
are held at the corporate offices in thrust and pullback. Using the compact
Aurora, Ill., as well as regional shows, drill is less intrusive and ideal for areas
seminars, and demonstrations through- where larger units are not an option.
out North America each year. The drill features a dual hydrostatic

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow Fluid
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm) Tank (gal)

40/60 13,200/8,800 110 662 2.1 4 200 2 23 800 10 225
4X 9,800 230 950 2.5 10 320 5 37.5 800 10 225
15XP 33,047 180 3,262 4 20 985 32.75 142 870 40 2,000
18ACS 40,465/44,961 200 7,375 6.5 24 1,000 32.75 198 870 40 2,000 TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 23

tti_12-25.indd 23 7/17/2015 1:47:42 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

1221 Flex Ct.
Lake Zurich, Ill 60047
Ph: (847) 955-0050

COMPANY HISTORY equipment. In 2015 we introduced MAINTENANCE TIP

With leading position in engineering new and upgraded line of rigs: UNI Our customers bank on our extensive
and production of custom horizontal 36x50-15, UNI 80x100, UNI 110x120, knowledge and expertise when they
directional drills and equipment, we and UNI 250x400. These drills feature ask us to build some of the toughest,
are continuing our growth strategy the most advanced technology in the custom designed machines. And they
with the new models and product lines industry, while maintaining the sim- look to us to teach them how to use
at the new state of the art facility. The ple design, high productivity and reli- the equipment, including how to op-
great demand from the global market ability. Today, more than ever, we are timize its performance in the field. We
of our equipment, our old Ohio facil- committed to using every resource, assemble a team from Universal HDD
ity has reached the limit of its capacity to provide the highest quality prod- and our valued component suppliers
with regards to the production capaci- ucts and to push industrys standards. and create a training program as cus-
ties and technological innovation. It tomized as our equipment.
was therefore clear that it would not PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT
be possible to continue expanding our Our machines have drilled all over the ADVICE TO BUYERS
product line in Ohio.A new production world and in all manner of soil and We begin with common platforms, but
site that would meet the requirements hard rock conditions. Were not afraid we engineer and construct horizontal
of the brand name Universal HDD had to get our hands dirty. Weve worked directional drilling machines that meet
to be found. For Universal HDD the alongside our customers, making cross- the specific needs of our customers.
philosophy of creating highest quality ings on nearly every continent, under Pound-for-pound, at Universal HDD we
equipment and services is not enough. the biggest, widest rivers, and under provide more value to our customers,
We must continue to push the limits of hill and dale. It is this diversity of en- both in the equipment and customer
the industry. vironments that has taught us what support.
works best in virtually every type of ge-
PRODUCT LINEUP ology. Weve taken what weve learned
Universal HDD remains to be the lead- to design and build the best equipment
er in design and manufacture of cus- we know how.
tom horizontal directional drills and

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow Fluid
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm) Tank (gal)

UNI 12x15 12,000 125/250 1,500 2.25 6 66 1,200 27 N/A
UNI 12x15L 12,000 125/250 1,500 2.25 10 66 1,200 27 N/A
UNI 22x22 22,000 160/220 2,200 3.5 10 99 1,200 27 N/A
UNI 30x40 30,000 140/280 4,000 3.5 10 140 1,000 75 N/A
UNI 36x50 36,000 100/200 5,000 3.5 10 140 1,000 75/100 N/A
UNI 36x50-15 36,000 100/200 5,000 3.5 15 140 1,000 75/100 N/A
UNI 70x90 70,000 100/200 9,000 3.5 10 200 963 188 N/A
UNI 80x100 80,000 90/180 10,000 5 15 200 963 188 N/A
UNI 110x120 110,000 70/140 12,000 5 15 275 844 228 N/A
UNI 160x240 160,000 60/120 24,000 5 20 400 844 228/250 N/A
UNI 220x240 220,000 60/120 24,000 6 20 400 844 228/250 N/A
UNI 250x400 250,000 50/100 40,000 6 20/30 450 844 228/250 N/A
UNI 320x500 320,000 50/100 50,000 6 20/30 600 1,100 250 N/A


tti_12-25.indd 24 7/17/2015 1:47:44 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling
Drilling Guide

1210 East Vermeer Rd.
Pella, IA 50219
Ph: (641) 628-3141 or 888-Vermeer

HISTORY zontal directional drill in 1991. By the end rectional drills in its product line. Eight
Founded in Pella, Iowa, with the invention of the decade, the Navigator HDD lineup are intended for utility installation contrac-
of a mechanical hoist to help farmers un- had become a market share leader world- tors and seven are manufactured for the
load grain,Vermeer today serves customers wide.Todays S3 generation of drills has en- pipeline market. They range from a 5,500-
in more than 60 countries with a full line hanced speed, simplicity and sound reduc- lb machine to a 1.36 million-lb maxi rig.
of high-quality underground construction, tion. Vermeer manufactures machines that Features like the DigiTrak Aurora screen
surface mining, landscaping, tree care, en- make a real impact in a progressing world, give operators more real-time information
vironmental and agricultural equipment. and the companys HDD line is a signifi- about their drilling activity. And common
Customers are at the core of the business, cant part of that mission. control systems across different drills help
and they can expect reliable, local service reduce the learning curve for operators
and support from dealers in more than 60 PRODUCTS SUMMARY and allows them to be proficient on mul-
nations. Vermeer introduced its first hori- Vermeer has 15 models of horizontal di- tiple machines.

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow Fluid
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm) Tank (gal)

Vermeer 5,500/5,500 180 550 N/A N/A -- 6 25 500 5 N/A

Vermeer 9,000/9,000 190 1,300 N/A N/A -- 6 44 750 15 N/A
D9x13 S3
Vermeer 19,550/19,550 257 2,250 N/A N/A -- 10 74 1,000 25 N/A
D20x22 S3
Vermeer 24,000/24,000 219 3,000 w/ 2.38, N/A N/A -- 10 100 1,300 35 N/A
D23x30 S3 2600 w/ 2.06
Vermeer 28,000/28,000 253 4,200 N/A N/A -- 10 125 1,050 50 N/A
D24x40 S3
Vermeer 38,000/38,000 210 5,500 N/A N/A -- 10 140 1,100 70 N/A
D36x50DR Series II
Vermeer 40,000/40,000 227 5,500 w/ 2.63, N/A N/A -- 10 140 1,300 w/ 70, 70 or 50 N/A
D40x55 S3 10 rod 5,000 w/ 2.38 1050 w/ 50
Vermeer 28,000 with 2.63, 13,000 227 5,500 w/ 2.63, N/A N/A -- 15 140 1,300 w/ 70, 70 or 50 N/A
D40x55 S3 15 rod with 2.38/40,000 5,000 w/ 2.38 1050 w/ 50
D60x90 60,000/60,000 200 9,000 N/A N/A -- 15 185 1,200 150 N/A
D100x140 S3 15 rod 100,000/100,000 203 14,000 N/A N/A -- 15 275 1,100/1,000 230/200 N/A
D100x140 S3 20 rod 100,000/100,000 203 14,000 N/A N/A -- 20 275 1,100/1,000 230/200 N/A
D220x300 242,100/242,100 164 30,200 N/A N/A -- 20 415 1,200 330 N/A
D330x500 330,000/330,000 88 50,000 N/A N/A -- 32 486 3,000 -- N/A
D500x500 500,000/500,000 36 50,000 N/A N/A -- 32 800 -- -- N/A
D750x900 784,000/784,000 36; 54 102,500 N/A N/A -- 32 800 -- -- N/A
D1000x900 1,000,000/1,000,000 36;54 102,500 N/A N/A -- 32 800 -- -- N/A
D1320x900 1,360,000/1,360,000 36; 54 102,500 N/A N/A -- 32 800 -- -- N/A TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 25

tti_12-25.indd 25 7/17/2015 1:47:49 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide


8111 Lyndale Ave S
Bloomington, MN 55420
Tel: (952) 948-4197

HISTORY imum drilling fluid flow of 70 gpm and want to consider a machine that pro-
Celebrating our first 100 years in 2014, tool rotation speed of 225 rpm, gives vides you with the added capabilities
The Toro Co. continues to strengthen the DD4045 the versatility to perform to do larger diameter or longer bores if
its position as a leading worldwide pro- a wide range of installations projects. you expect to pursue this type of work
vider of innovative solutions for profes- Both the DD2024 and the DD4045 uti- in the future. If youre adding drills to
sional contractors, golf courses, agricul- lize a quad rack-and-pinion carriage de- your fleet, and adding new operators,
tural growers, rental companies, utility sign that spreads carriage load evenly also consider features that will help
companies, government and education and ensures smooth and efficient car- new operators become highly produc-
institutions and homeowners. Through riage travel. Additionally, the gear track tive such as the ability to operate
constant innovation and caring rela- is welded to both sides of the thrust a drill using single or dual joystick
tionships built on trust and integrity, frame for added reliability. Unique modes depending on the conditions.
Toro has built a legacy of excellence by to the DD2024 and the DD4045, the
helping customers achieve their goals. track is propelled by forward-mount- MAINTENANCE TIP
Toro continues to build upon this leg- ed track drive motors with planetary Consider a maintenance plan that in-
acy by expanding its products and ser- gears, which deliver superior trac- cludes time for cleaning and a machine
vices into new markets. In 2013, Toro tion in all types of ground conditions. inspection at the end of each day. Use
launched its new line-up of horizontal Both the DD4045 and the DD2024 are the opportunity when applying grease
directional drills and riding trenchers. equipped with a multi-function color after cleaning to take close look at vari-
Toros horizontal directional drill and LCD display that provides a clear view ous areas of the machine. This will al-
every product that carries the Toro of machine functions and performance low you to easily identify and resolve
name also carries our commitment to indicators. The operator also has the maintenance issues in order to be
quality and product excellence. Today, ability to select single- or dual- joystick ready for the next days job.
contractors around the world count on operation on either the DD2024 or the
Toro products to help them their job DD4045, and can change between the
more effectively. two versions depending on the condi-
tions. Additionally, both units have in-
PRODUCTS LINEUP corporated heavy-duty, open-top vice
DD4045 and DD2024 wrench designs, which provide excel-
lent visibility of the tool joint from the
PRODUCTS SUMMARY operators position. These features all
The Toro DD2024 horizontal direction- combine to allow the operator to be
al drill packs a powerful 20,000 lbs of more productive.
pullback force and 2,400 ft-lbs of rota-
ry torque into a compact package. The ADVICE TO BUYERS
Toro DD4045 horizontal directional When determining what size drill to
drill combines best-in-class 40,000 lbs purchase, first consider your business
of thrust and pullback, and 4,500 ft-lbs goals. Is the type of installation you ex-
of rotary torque with a small footprint pect to be doing in the future different
(only 85 in. wide).That, along with max- or similar to the installations youre do-
ing today? Plan accordingly you may

Co/ Thrust/ Spindle Torque Pilot Maximum Maximum Drill Engine Maximum Fluid Flow Fluid
Model Pullback (lbs) Speed (rpm) (ft-lb) Bore OD Backream (in.) Bore (ft) Pipe (ft) HP Pressure (psi) Rate (gpm) Tank (gal)

Toro DD2024 20,000 200 2,400 4 NA NA 400 74 1,500 30 500
Toro DD4045 40,000 225 4,500 4 NA NA 520 160 1,300 70 1,000


tti_12-25.indd 22 7/17/2015 2:37:09 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

No Trouble
with the
Laney Hits Record HDD
Run on Houston Ship
Channel Install

aney Directional Drilling tallied
another record install and did
so while handling a tricky curve.
Using the intersect method on a
12-in. steel propane pipeline along the
crowded ExxonMobil corridor, Laney
completed an 11,653-ft installation un-
der the Houston Ship Channel.
Although the horizontal directional
drilling operation was a North Ameri-
can record for length using 12-in. pipe,
according to CEO Kevin Fox, the bigger
challenge was overcoming a 28-degree
side bend in the middle of the intersect.
The project was completed in just 23
days by acquiring a rare waiver from Exx-
onMobil for permission drill 24 hours per
day along the right of way, says project
manager Kent Lawler. Laney began rig-up
operations on Sept. 25, 2014, and com-
pleted product pullback on Oct. 17.
NuStar Energy LP contracted Laney
as a prime contractor for the HDD
operations alone, while WHC Energy
Services was the prime contractor for
the mainline work. This arrangement is
that risk, Fox explains. As these more
complex projects come about, owners
Expanding Capacity in Texas
The project was part of NuStars ef-
becoming more common in complex are moving to prime contracting for the forts to reactivate a 200-mile, 12-in.
HDD projects like this one, Fox says. drill, as was the case with this project. pipeline between Mont Belvieu and
Typically, HDD contractors are subcon- The mainline contractor had a separate Corpus Christi, Texas. In the first quar-
tracted by the mainline contractor to prime contract for pipe work. ter of 2014, the San Antonio-based com-
perform drilling work. Fox says there are potential chal- pany signed a long-term agreement to
When the challenges are as com- lenges in terms of communication with allow Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) to
plex as projects like this, the trend this type of arrangement, as the owner ship natural gas liquids (NGLs) on the
used to be from the owners perspec- must serve as the interface for the two pipeline.
tive to have the HDDs performed by a prime contractors to work together in Throughout the last year, NuStar has
subcontractor who is subcontracted to tandem. However, he adds that All the been working to prepare the line for
the mainline contractor, who then as- projects Ive seen done like this have service, including reversing its flow
sumes the risks of the subcontractor been seamless, and no one is delaying and converting it from refined products
and charges some kind of premium for the other company.


tti_26-31.indd 26 7/17/2015 1:53:03 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
service to NGL service. The pipeline While none of the challenges the ing and had to rely on other methods,
has a capacity to move approximately length, the curve, the intersect including magnetic locating and a gy-
110,000 barrels per day (bpd). were particularly notable on their roscope.
Oxy will use a majority of the lines own, it was the combination of all
capacity to transport NGLs via an inter- three that led to the project being Pushing the Envelope
connect with an Oxy pipeline to the such a challenge. As environmental restrictions tight-
Ingleside Energy Center export facility With a drill this long, Fox says Laney en, Fox says completing these ever
located in Ingleside, Texas, at the site of had to use the intercept method, drill- more challenging projects helps the in-
the former naval base purchased by the ing from both sides and then bump dustry evolve.
company in 2012. bits to complete the pilot hole. How- This technology has only been
NuStar has continued to market any ever, the side bend limited the ability around since the early 1970s and only
remaining capacity on the pipeline, to push the drill pipe, increasing the became widely used in late 1980s and
which is expected to generate approxi- push load. early 1990s, Fox says. Even 10 years
mately $23 million per year of incre- Although the drilling operation itself ago, the technology didnt really exist to
mental revenue (EBITDA). was tricky, Lawler says the biggest ob- take on a project of this length. The old
Our Mont Belvieu-to-Corpus Chris- stacle was working in the highly con- way was to complete two shorter drills
ti pipeline is one of the key pipelines gested right of way. with some sort of tie-in in the middle of
in our South Texas system, and we It required substantial engineering bay.You would have to use a lay barge in
are very pleased to have reached an work, as there is a lot of infrastructure the channel or bay. With environmental
agreement with Oxy to reactivate and eating up corridor space, Lawler says. regulations ever increasing, we have to
utilize the line, said NuStar president Our engineers came up with a good continue to push the envelope.
and CEO Brad Barron in a Feb. 5, 2014, route that involved a bend in the chan- As HDD projects get longer and lon-
statement. The agreement will begin nel. ExxonMobil usually requires con- ger, Fox says contractors like Laney
generating distributable cash flow for tractors to be off the right of way by 5 have nearly eliminated the need to dis-
NuStar in April of this year [2014], and p.m., but we obtained a waiver to work rupt the body of water companies are
we look forward to exploring oppor- 24 hours. They granted the request due working under. These newer methods
tunities with Oxy and other compa- to the magnitude of the project. are more environmentally friendly and
nies to meet their NGL transportation Laney received permission to extend more economical, as installing a pipe-
needs. its drilling operations to work non-stop line in one shot like this project elimi-
Laneys portion of the project in- thanks to the companys strong work- nates some of the construction costs
volved installing a section of pipeline ing relationship with ExxonMobil, associated with the earlier methods.
through the ExxonMobil corridor, un- Lawler says. Laney deployed two of its Completing these challenging projects
der the Houston Ship Channel and into in-house 750,000-lb HDD rigs for the also sets precedent in the industry.
port of Baytown. The only trouble was project, using both rigs during the pi- As the industry evolves and cross-
finding space underground for the pipe, lot bore and one rig to pull the product ings get longer, it demonstrates that
according to Alan Snider, Senior Vice pipe into place. The project involved weve done it before, Fox adds. Some-
President Project Management and drilling at a total depth of 160 ft and times when an owner contemplates
Engineering. There were more than 15 90 ft below the Houston Ship Channel, a project like this, it doesnt want to
pipelines in the area where Laney was through fat clay, lean clay and silty sand. be the guinea pig. We can show them
working. Employing a design-build approach, thats its already been done and make
Oh it was crazy crowded, Snider Laney got involved with the project ear- them more comfortable with the risk
says, referring to the challenges Laney ly on, performing engineering work for because they know we can execute the
faced in designing the project. The en- NuStar on the crossing, conducting con- project in a safe manner.
gineering team had to sort through the structability reviews and performing Fox believes that HDD crossings
existing pipelines to come up with a de- geotechnical work to reduce the risk of will continue to push the current
sign to allow the drilling crew enough hydraulic fracturing. The company also boundaries.
footprint to set up equipment. brought in a drilling mud engineer to The technology exists today to go as
Getting accurate as-built records on ensure the integrity of the drilling hole. long as 15,000 ft. It hasnt been done
all the existing lines was a chore, Snider We planned for 24 hours a day drill- yet, but I believe the technology already
adds.We went through seven iterations ing so that the drill pipe was always exists to do so, Fox says, adding that
of getting information and then revising turning, Lawler says.If you let the hole smaller diameter pipe will likely be the
the design as we found new or better sit too long while not working, the hole first, but larger diameters will soon fol-
as-builts. Thats what forced us into the degrades over time. If you are continu- low.Sometime in the not too distant fu-
28-degree side bend. ously drilling, its better for the hole be- ture, well see larger diameter, 30 in. and
While its not the longest project cause it stays open and stays lubricated. above, installed at those lengths with
weve ever done, its definitely the lon- And ultimately youre reducing the the technology that exists right now.
gest with that kind of geometry. torque on the drill string.
Another challenge was with steering Bradley Kramer is managing editor
Getting Bent the pilot bore, Lawler says. Because of of North American Oil & Gas Pipe-
Laney has performed a number the heavy ship traffic, Laney was re- lines, a sister publication to Trench-
of challenging projects in its past. stricted in its use of coil wire for steer- less Technology. TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 27

tti_26-31.indd 27 7/17/2015 1:53:04 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

Specialized Benefits
Proper HDD Design Is Key to Successful Completion By Mike Kezdi

he risks for horizontal di- Scholl, P.E. engineering manager for approach in trying to minimize the
rectional drilling, just like J.D. Hair & Associates Inc. environmental impact associated
every construction project, With our firm, not only do we with HDD. A hydraulic fracture evalu-
increase, as the projects have extensive practical experience ation is one method that can be used
size grows larger, highlight the fact with typical engineering design tasks to demonstrate due diligence on the
that good designs are imperative to a such as laying out HDD designs, eval- part of the HDD designer. It shows
projects success. uating pipe stress, etc., but we also that the project team is using all
As the acceptance of horizontal bring extensive field experience to available tools from a design stand-
directional drilling (HDD) has grown the table. The advantage of field ex- point to minimize the risk of drilling
to the point where HDD is man- perience is that you develop a greater fluid impact to the environment.
dated on some pipeline crossings vs. understanding of the types of things Back in the day, frac-outs were
open-cut methods the companies that can occur, or go wrong, during seen as an acceptable, or at least
that specialize in designing HDD HDD construction. This knowledge tolerable, consequence of using the
projects have seen a shift in a clients forms the backbone of the engineer- technology. Scholl says. If a frac-out
knowledge base. Where consultants ing judgement we use when design- occurred, you contained it, if pos-
once had to spend time explaining ing a crossing. sible, or in some cases, let it flow
the very basic of the HDD construc- One of the areas that design engi- freely and continued drilling. Now,
tion process to a client, many now neers who specialize in HDD have with increasing environmental sensi-
have been involved with numerous focused more attention is in the area tivity, greater efforts are taken both
HDD projects throughout their ca- of hydraulic fractures and inadvertent by engineers and contractors in an
reer and have a general understand- drilling fluid returns. The goal of this attempt to avoid their occurrence.
ing of HDD. It is also more common increased focus is to identify areas One of the ways this is done is by
to find an engineer who can design where inadvertent returns are likely going with deeper HDD designs. In
a crossing, but there are benefits to so that design modifications or other the last 10 years, Scholl has watched
going with a specialist. precautions can be taken to minimize as the industry slowly shift from a
An engineer who specializes in the overall environmental impact. minimum design depth of 25 ft or
HDD will have a better understand- According to Scholl, part of that in- less for a maxi-rig project to 40 ft
ing of what can and cannot be ac- creased focus is due in part to more or more. Adjusting the depth to soils
complished using HDD. He will have rigid requirements and scrutiny from with greater confining capacity is
a better understanding of the limits state and federal regulatory agencies. one of the benefits of drilling deeper.
of the technology and the capabili- The agencies, Scholl says, like to see Another way in which we are at-
ties of HDD contractors, says Jeff the design team taking a proactive tempting to reduce the risk of drill-


tti_26-31.indd 28 7/17/2015 1:53:06 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

Photo above and left: Hydrofracture evaluation are typically summarized in graphical format. The
graphs display the formation limit pressure along the HDD segment vs. the estimated annular pres-
sure necessary for HDD operations. Since the crossing involved a pilot hole intersect, annular pres-
sure curves in two directions are shown.

ing fluid impact is by evaluating Just because there has been some A good example would be discov-
annular pressure and assessing the success with crossings of this mag- ering previously unknown utilities
risk of hydraulic fracture of the sub- nitude, does that mean other similar or other obstructions right after the
surface. This allows us to identify ar- crossings should be attempted? What contractor mobilizes to the site. This
eas along the drilled segment where is the risk of failure? Should a cross- is particularly true in urban areas,
there is an increased risk of drilling ing be attempted if there is a 1-in-5 Scholl says. The field engineer can
fluid impact, Scholl says. You cant chance of failure on the first attempt? put together a workable design on
always prevent an inadvertent drill- What is the clients tolerance for risk? the spot or review any changes that
ing fluid return. If there are naturally Does the project schedule allow for are requested by the HDD contractor,
occurring fractures in the soil, the the significant delays that may result thereby avoiding costly standby time.
fluid will travel in the path of least if the crossing is attempted? These A second example Scholl offers is
resistance, so there is not always a are the challenging questions we daily monitoring of the position and
way to prevent them. However, by face, Scholl says. The risk events or curvature of the pilot hole. The field
looking at soil types and looking at operational problems themselves are engineer can review and analyze the
the annular pressures, there are cal- not all together very different from contractors downhole survey data
culation methods that can be used to those encountered during shorter after each shift and verify that the
predict the risk of a frac-out. crossings, but the length of the bores pilot hole is within specification. If
The Delft Method is the most magnifies those risks. a radius of curvature violation is dis-
commonly used technique to evalu- Scholl offers this example: With covered, it can be brought to the con-
ate the allowable drilling fluid pres- an 8,000-ft pilot hole, even a simple tractors attention the next day, mini-
sure. It was developed by Delft Geo- wire line short when 6,000 ft out mizing the amount of re-drilling that
technics and presented in an Army from the rig, can involve the better may be necessary.
Corps of Engineers publication, titled part of a week to trip out, repair the Thanks to increased knowledge,
Installation of Pipelines Beneath Le- wire line, and trip back to the hole improved geotechnical data and bet-
vees Using Horizontal Directional face. When compounded on a very ter design software, rare are the days
Drilling and is widely accepted long crossing, even small problems where a contractor receives an un-
across the HDD design world, accord- like this can significantly increase drillable design. Scholl offers one fi-
ing to Scholl. These calculations also the duration of a crossing. In the nal suggestion. Often overlooked in
highlight one of the biggest challeng- end, the originally estimated dura- the design, but crucial to a successful
es any HDD design engineer faces: tion of a crossing may end up in- project, is providing the HDD con-
Properly quantifying the risk of a dif- creasing by 100 percent or more. A tractor with reasonable pilot hole
ficult crossing. good design engineer will make the tolerances. This gives the contrac-
As the technology in the HDD indus- client aware of risks like this during tor flexibility to adjust the bore on
try continues to expand, the lengths the planning phase. the fly. Unnecessarily holding the
and complexity of the bores become This is also where an engineer who contractor to strict line and grade
longer. Though Scholl has no problem specializes in HDD can prove to be requirements or strict radius require-
with that, he says there is concern an advantage to a client. J.D. Hair & ments can increase construction du-
when these record lengths are com- Associates, prefers to have an engi- ration, cost and public impact.
pleted and heralded but with little neer onsite during construction to
discussion of the numerous complica- handle any design issues that may Mike Kezdi is an assistant editor
tions, delays and disputes that resulted. arise. for Trenchless Technology. TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 29

tti_26-31.indd 29 7/17/2015 1:53:08 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide


Planning Under
Way for 2016
HDD Academy
Arizona State University,
Benjamin Media Partner
for Two-Day Program

uoyed by the phenomenal suc-
cess of the 2015 HDD Academy,
Arizona State Universitys Del E.
Webb School of Construction and
Benjamin Media Inc. (BMI) are once again
working together to plan the 2016 Hori-
zontal Directional Drilling Academy (HDD
Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is
rapidly emerging as the primary choice for
owners when confronted with river, road
and railway crossings or situations requir-
ing minimal disruption to surface activities.
The technique provides a less-disruptive
method and, oftentimes, a lower-cost op-
portunity for utility pipeline installations.
The goal of the HDD Academy is to estab-
lish an annual learning platform for own-
ers, regulators, contractors and engineers
focusing on the options and opportunities
for future utility pipeline projects.
The 2016 HDD Academy will take
place Feb. 11-12, at the Tempe Mission
Palms Hotel, located across from the
conference hotel, the Marriott Residence cific industry education, says BMI presi- sociation (PLCA), Pipeline Contractors
Inn Tempe Downtown. Arizona State dent Robert Krzys. Drillers want good Association of Canada (PLCAC), Interna-
University will award 1.8 Continuing information from experts in the field.They tional Pipeline and Offshore Contractors
Education Units (CEUs) upon successful dont want a sales pitch. The HDD Acad- Association (IPLOCA) and Association of
completion of the course. Registration is emy is exactly what they are looking for. Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). Event
limited in order to provide quality net- HDD Academy program instructors are sponsors to date include Herrenknecht
working with HDD industry leaders and all industry leaders who will cover numer- Tunneling Systems, Underground Solu-
maintain a low student-instructor ratio. ous topics including HDD contracts and tions Inc.,Vermeer and Derrick.
Last years inaugural event sold out specifications; estimating; designing proj- Benjamin Media Inc is a multi-faceted
and brought together more than 100 ects for specific pipe materials; drilling business-to-business media company in
HDD experts and contractors to Tempe, fluids; locating; damage prevention; and markets ranging from construction to wa-
all of whom were interested in gaining case studies covering HDD installations for ter infrastructure. It is dedicated to meet-
knowledge about HDD and networking several pipe materials, Direct Pipe installa- ing the expectations of its readers, adver-
with HDD professionals. tions and installations for specific utilities. tisers, vendors and all stakeholders in the
The success of the 2015 HDD Acad- To date, supporting associations in- markets it serves. BMI has found success
emy is a testament to the growing strength clude the Distribution Contractors Asso- identifying and promoting emerging mar-
of the HDD market and thirst for very spe- ciation (DCA), Pipeline Contractors As- kets through quality publications and in-


tti_26-31.indd 30 7/17/2015 1:53:10 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
novative exhibitions and conference pro-
grams. BMI currently publishes eight trade
magazines: Compact Equipment, NASTTs
Trenchless Today, North American Oil and
Gas Pipelines, Solar Builder, TBM: Tunnel
Business Magazine,Trenchless Technology,
UIM: Water Utility Infrastructure Manage-
ment and Utility Contractor.
The Del E. Webb School of Construc-
tion (DEWSC) is housed within the Ira A.
Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona
State University and is one of the top
Construction programs in the country.
Established in 1957, the DEWSC is home
to Construction Management and Con-
struction Engineering degree programs.
Currently, there are 17 full-time faculty
members and over 400 undergraduate
and graduate students in the School.This
past July, the DEWSC moved into a new
$55 Million, 130,000 sq. ft. state-of-the art
facility in Tempe,Ariz.

For more information, visit hddacad- For sponsorship oppor- The 2015 HDD Academy sold out and brought together more than 100 HDD
tunities, contact Brittany Maurer at experts and contractors, allof whom were interested in gaining knowledge about HDD and networking with other HDD professionals. TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 31

tti_26-31.indd 31 7/17/2015 1:53:12 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

HDD in
orizontal directional drilling (HDD)
technology has advanced dramati-
cally in the past two decades. Proj-
ects once considered impossible are
completed routinely, and acceptance of HDD
by design engineers and project owners has
reached levels where HDD often is the pre-
ferred method of construction, even in condi-
tions where excavation is an option.
Horizontal directional drilling may have be-
come commonplace, but some projects stand
out from the hundreds being done each year
those that generate special note includes those
that are long, deep bores to pull back large-
diameter product. Long water crossings are
among the most interesting, attention-getting
and talked about projects that are done in the


tti_32-35.indd 32 7/17/2015 1:54:20 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
Michels Pipeline Construction re- A Ditch Witch
cently completed a 2,350-ft-long bore JT100 All Terrain
under the Milk River in Montana to (AT) model drill
install 12-in. diameter steel gas line rig was used
to replace an older segment of pipe. to complete a
The bore path was 35 ft beneath the 2,350-ft-long
river bottom and parallel to an exist- bore under the
ing pipeline. Milk River in
There was ample room to set up the Montana. A 12-in.
drill rig to launch the pilot bore, weld diameter steel
the pipe and plenty of work space at gas line was in-
the exit end, also, said Rob Healy, Mi- stalled to replace
chels senior project manager. Width an older segment
of the river at the crossing was 80 ft. of pipe.
The length of the bore was determined
by distance needed to achieve the re-
quired depth to go under the river and tracking equipment, said Healy. We ered by a 268-hp diesel engine. In
come up to the exit point. Minimum ra- did not need a boat for tracking addition to 100,000 lbs of pullback,
dius of the bore path was 1,200 ft. we were able to locate by wading the machine develops 12,000 ft-lbs of
into the river. rotary torque.
Project Challenges The first pass was made with a 16-in. Ditch Witch AT equipment uses a me-
Healy described subsurface condi- tri-cone reamer and the second pass chanical, dual-pipe drilling system with
tions as difficult, composed of sand- was made with a 20-inch hole opener. an inner rod to drive a rock bit and an
stone and clay stone. Pullback was complete in one day. outer pipe to steer the downhole hous-
We used a 6-3/4-in. tri-cone bit A Ditch Witch JT100 All Terrain ing and to provide rotary torque for the
for the pilot hole and used walkover (AT) model drill rig was used, pow- hole opener during backreaming. The TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 33

tti_32-35.indd 33 7/17/2015 1:54:22 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
system delivers maximum available Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine
power to the downhole tool for drill- Works Co., invented the underground
ing through solid rock, fractured rock, utility construction industry, and to-
and mixed soil conditions. Because the day it designs, manufactures and mar-
drilling system is mechanical,AT equip- kets a complete line of directional
ment requires no more drilling fluid drills, drill pipe, HDD tooling, vacuum
than conventional equipment. excavators, trenchers, chain, teeth
The primary challenge to this cross- and sprockets, mini-skid steers and
ing was the tough soil conditions, con- vibratory plows. Handcrafted in the
cluded Healy. From set up to demobi- United States, its products are sup-
lization, the project was completed in ported by the Ditch Witch dealer net-
26 days. work with more than 175 locations
Michels Pipeline Construction is a worldwide.
diversified pipeline construction con- Established in 1902, Charles Machine
tractor with the experience, expertise, Works, an employee-owned company,
personnel, and equipment to perform founded in Perry, Oklahoma, is the only
every phase of pipeline construction. It manufacturer and global distributor
is a division of the Michels Corp. which that solely exists to make underground
provides construction, engineering and utility construction profitable. Its fam-
procurement services for the energy, ily of brands includes Ditch Witch,
transportation, telecommunications and Subsite Electronics, DW/TXS, Hammer-
utility construction industries. Michels Head, Radius HDD, American Augers,
is based in Brownsville, Wis. Michels of- Trencor and MTI Equipment.
fers a wide range of HDD services with
an industry leading fleet of equipment This article was provided by Ditch
and experienced personnel. Witch.


tti_32-35.indd 34 7/17/2015 1:54:26 PM


tti_32-35.indd 35 7/17/2015 1:54:27 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

Powering Car Production

with Landfill Gas

Contractor Installs Transmission Lines for Toyota Green Energy Project


nvironmental initiatives from car be working on a green project where energy, reduces air pollution and cre-
manufacturers typically focus on you know that this energy is not just ates jobs.
developing vehicles that run on burnt off and wasted but is going to be The Central Kentucky Landfill in
renewable fuels. But Toyota is used to create electricity. Georgetown, which is just outside Lex-
going beyond that by turning to green ington, is one of the latest operations
electricity to help power a massive Ken- Gas Becomes Electricity to accept that win-win premise. Toyota
tucky plant that makes cars, including As solid waste decomposes, a gas that teamed up with landfill owner Waste
hybrid models. is roughly half methane and half carbon Services of the Bluegrass on the landfill
The project by Toyota Motor Mfg., dioxide is produced. The gas often is gas-to-energy project.
Kentucky Inc., will convert landfill gas, flared off at landfills. The Georgetown facility is Toyotas
which is normally burned off as waste, Landfill gas can lead to smog, harms largest vehicle manufacturing plant
to electricity and transfer it to its assem- the atmosphere and contributes to cli- in North America. It is 7.5 million sq
bly plant in the town of Georgetown. mate change. In many cases, however, ft (696,773 sq m), sits on 1,300 acres
To get the electricity from the land- it does not have to be flared and can (526.1 ha) and employs more than
fill to the plant nearly seven miles (11.3 instead be captured and converted to 7,500 people. Last year, it produced its
km) away, Toyota turned to G&W Con- energy. 10 millionth vehicle since opening in
struction to install transmission lines. As of March, there were 645 opera- 1988.
The utility contractor had to drill and tional landfill-gas energy projects in the Toyota reports that the landfill gas
trench through hard Kentucky lime- United States, according to the U.S. En- system will generate 1 megawatt of
stone to get the job done, but owner vironmental Protection Agency, adding electricity an hour, which is about what
Darrell Alderman says it was well worth that another 440 landfills were candi- it takes to power 800 homes. In actual
the effort in order to be part of a proj- dates and would produce enough elec- use, the electricity will power the pro-
ect with a major company that will help tricity to power nearly 512,000 homes. duction of 10,000 vehicles a year. Also,
the community and the environment. The agency calls using landfill gas for greenhouse gas emissions from the
That makes it that much more excit- energy a win/win opportunity that landfill will be cut by as much as 90
ing to work on it, he says. Its great to destroys methane, generates renewable percent, the company says.


tti_36-39.indd 36 7/17/2015 1:58:10 PM

tti_36-39.indd 37 7/17/2015 1:58:11 PM
Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
As a corporate citizen of central
Kentucky, we are committed to smarter
and better ways of doing business to
enhance our community and environ-
ment, says Todd Skaggs, CEO of Waste
Services of the Bluegrass, in a news re-
lease. We look forward to being a part-
ner in Toyotas sustainability efforts.
Once finished, a network of wells at
the landfill will collect and prepare the
gas, which will be used to fuel genera-
tors to produce electricity, according to
the news release. Underground trans-
mission lines will then carry the elec-
tricity to the Toyota plant to the south.

Heavy Artillery
Installs Conduit
G&W Construction was tasked with
installing those lines over 35,000 ft
(10,668 m).The company, located about THE CREWS WERE PULLING THREE 2.87-IN. (7.3-CM) CONDUITS WITH THE ELECTRIC
the town of Morehead, started work in OF 7.5 IN. (19.1 CM) RANGING FROM 1,000 TO 1,500 FT (304.8 TO 457.2 M) IN LENGTH,
December and finished the following AND A MINIMUM COVER OF 48 IN. (121.9 CM).
The specs from Toyota called for the
use of horizontal directional drilling on
about 23,000 feet (7,010.4 m) of the in-
stallation, most of it in residential neigh-
borhoods. The rest was installed by a
track trencher in a rural setting.
The crews were pulling three 2.87-
other as they completed bores.
They were able to bore 2,000 to
Meeting Industry
in. (7.3-cm) conduits with the electric 3,000 ft (609.6 to 914.4 m) per week Challenges
transmission line in them. The HDD during the winter. Alderman says the project was an ex-
work called for bores with a diameter Because of the limestone, they used ample of how important equipment is in
of 7.5 in. (19.1 cm) ranging from 1,000 a 5.75-in. (14.6-cm) diameter hammer todays underground industry. G&W Con-
to 1,500 ft (304.8 to 457.2 m) in length, drilling system for the pilot bores and struction has been in business for half a
and a minimum cover of 48 in. (121.9 did not need to backream. The ham- century, since Aldermans father started
cm). With the track trencher, they were mer system can fracture rock and made the company to construct commercial
cutting 48 in. (121.9 cm) deep and 14 a large enough hole that backreaming buildings. These days, it specializes in un-
in. (35.6 cm) wide. was not required. derground utility installation, and Alder-
Georgetown is in north-central Ken- The limestone is layered, and in lay- man says increased competition is shap-
tucky, which is notorious for its lime- ered rock the steering is a little more of ing the industry. That makes bidding on
stone. The rock is hard and takes more a challenge, Alderman says. So we just jobs a bigger challenge than ever, and Al-
time to cut through, and it can be rough drilled it and hooked to the conduit and derman says a successful company must
on equipment. Alderman says there was pulled it back, which really saved time. have the right equipment to work as ef-
a relatively thin layer of clay on top and For its drilling fluid needs, the compa- ficiently and as productively as possible.
then the crews had to work through ny used a Vermeer MX240 drilling fluid The Toyota job had tough ground condi-
limestone of around 12,000 psi (827.4 system and a Vermeer by McLaughlin tions with the limestone and a tight dead-
bar). vacuum excavator. line, and G&W Construction worked for a
It was pretty much a no-brainer that On the open-cut portion of the job, major company on a cutting-edge project
we were going to have to have some the trenching crew installed an average that will turn landfill gas into energy.
pretty heavy artillery to get this in, Al- of about 500 ft (152.4 m) of conduit a We were proud to be selected by Toyota
derman says. day. They used a chevron formation for to do this job,Alderman says.Then the pro-
G&W Construction used two Ver- the trencher teeth to cut through the duction we were getting made it that much
meer D100x140 Navigator horizontal limestone. Its a more versatile pattern sweeter. It was just a real neat challenge.
directional drills and a Vermeer T655 in solid or chunky layers and one G&W
Commander 3 tractor with a trencher Construction previously had success Gregg Hennigan is a features writ-
attachment. Two HDD crews operated with in similar conditions, according to er for Two Rivers Marketing, Des
simultaneously and leapfrogged each Alderman. Moines, Iowa.


tti_36-39.indd 38 7/17/2015 1:58:12 PM

tti_36-39.indd 39 7/17/2015 1:58:12 PM
Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

Large-Diameter Restrained-Joint PVC

Pipe Helps Chicago Suburb Get Relief
From Sewer Backups
By Chris Aldred

aced with boring through wet- ty interceptor. A new 18-in. wet-weather 18-in. force main and the above-ground
lands and under a creek to ad- force main is also being constructed storage facility will enable the station to
dress much needed improve- that zigzags beneath the City toward a pump higher flows without overload-
ments to its sanitary sewer new, 2 million-gal storage tank at the ing the Water Reclamation Facility and
system, the City of Elmhurst, Ill., turned to citys Water Reclamation Facility. downstream sewers.
new large diameter restrained-joint PVC The main goal of the City and its Morley says it took a good deal of
pipe and horizontal directional drilling engineers was to divert excess sewage planning to figure out how to essen-
(HDD) to get the job done. generated by extreme weather from tially divert large volumes of excess
After area homes were plagued with entering and overwhelming the Water flow from the Citys residential area
sanitary sewer backups following a se- Reclamation Facility and causing sewer to the treatment plant and storage fa-
vere storm in 2010, the Chicago suburb backups in area homes. They knew they cility. To get there was tricky because
launched the $10 million Southwest needed the larger diameter pipe, but we would be working in residential
Elmhurst Wet Weather Control Facility also had to contend with the challenges areas and having to cross a creek to
project. This was not the first time the of working in a residential area and bor- reach the treatment plant, we had
City had faced storm-related backflow ing in difficult ground conditions. limited routes with which we could
problems, and the new project aimed Catherine Morley, P.E., senior project work, she said.
to alleviate sewer backups in as many manager with RJN Group of Wheaton, The City needed 5,000 ft of 18-in.
as 2,300 homes in the southwest cor- Ill., explained that in order to address force main; however, a good portion
ner of the City, the area hit hardest by the problematic sanitary overflows, the of this line would have to run be-
sewer backups. City needed to approach its sewer sys- neath flood plain, under levees and
The initiative included the installa- tem in a new way. cross under a creek and wetlands. For
tion of a deeper, 24-in. gravity sewer Essentially, we redefined the pump these more sensitive areas, RJN speci-
line that can accommodate higher flow station by making it both a dry weather fied nearly 2,000 ft of 18-in. Certa-Lok
rates delivered to an upgraded lift sta- and wet weather station, she said. We C905 restrained-joint specialty PVC
tion, which includes larger pumps, en- will still pump the sewage to the inter- pipe from North American Pipe Corp.
hanced controls and an expanded wet ceptor during small rain events via the (NAPCO) to be installed via horizontal
well. From the station, sewage is cur- dry-weather force main, but when that directional drilling.
rently pumped by way of a 10-in. dry- interceptor is overloaded during ex- We were required to bore through
weather force main to the existing gravi- treme conditions the addition of the wetlands because the open-cut method
is not feasible in these areas. Part of the
project also required the pipe to go un-
der Salt Creek, and the county required
we bore that part of the project, as
well, explained Garry Sementa, project
manager with Archon Construction Co.
Inc., of Addison, Ill.
Morley said they chose Certa-Lok PVC
pipe for its ability to hold up in the un-
stable ground of the wetlands. Its easy-
to-assemble restrained joints would
also prove useful because the crew had
limited space in which to assemble the
pipe when working near the creek. For-
tunately NAPCO had recently begun
manufacturing the time-tested Certa-
Lok pipe in an 18-in. size, which was a
perfect solution for this project.
Certa-Lok C905 RJ is the industrys
original non-metallic, mechanically re-


tti_40-41.indd 40 7/17/2015 1:59:12 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
strained-joint piping system designed chines, drilled the hole, treated it with The limited amount of space we had
for use in force main sewer systems, bentonite drilling fluid, reamed it, then to work on the west side of the creek
water and other applications. It uti- pulled the pipe through. Vacuum trucks to get the pipe back to elevation was
lizes precision-machined grooves on were nearby to extract sludge and slurry. interesting, Sementa said. Certa-Loks
the pipe and in the coupling which, The creek, however, was a little different. ability to bend was a huge benefit in this
when aligned, allow a spline to be in- This phase of the project totaled case, and everything held together.
serted, locking the pipes together. A more than 1,000 ft. The crew initially Morley agreed. It is a great pipe.
flexible elastomeric seal, or O-ring, in installed 165 ft of 30-in. steel casing be- This is the fourth project in which weve
the coupling provides a hydraulic seal. neath the creek for protection, which used Certa-Lok. In this project, especial-
This is the first time Elmhursts superin- is a county requirement. To bore the ly where we needed shorter lengths, it
tendent of water and wastewater distri- pipe, the crew dug pits on either side was ideal. The standard length is 40 ft
bution Christopher Dufort has worked of the creek, with the access pit about but for some of the installs the manu-
with Certa-Lok. 800 ft away on the east side, outside facturer provided 20-ft pipe sections.
Its been a learning experience for of the flood berm. The crew bored the We had limited space in which to work
me. Seeing how it works. I was pretty initial hole, then during pullback it in- so we needed a pipe that we wouldnt
amazed at how well it operates and how stalled the casing spacers onto the last need to be fused together, she said.
much force you can use to pull those 170 ft of the Certa-Lok. This work was This phase of the Southwest Elmhurst
pipes together with their spline. Im im- done while the crew was 15 ft deep in Wet Weather Control Facility project was
pressed so far. We did three bores with the entry pit with only 40 ft available expected to be completed in June. The
it and it worked out great, he said. to prepare the final sections of pipe for City expects the entire project to be up
The drills that ran the Certa-Lok force insertion into the casing. During this and running in 2016, when the team com-
main beneath the berms, the creek and final phase, the crew pushed the Certa- pletes the pump station and storage tank.
the wetland were undertaken in typical Lok joints close to their maximum tol-
fashion. At each of those sites, Archon erance, reaching 67,500 lbs pull pres- Chris Aldred is with North
Construction set up the boring ma- sure at times. American Pipe Corp. TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 41

tti_40-41.indd 41 7/17/2015 1:59:14 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

By Steve Cooper

oring down nearly 11 m The 549-m (1,800-ft) pipeline need- to that wet, silky material and was hard
(36 ft) enabled a new po- ed to be monolithic and joint free to to hold it on the path. Different kinds
table water pipeline to be reduce the risk of any issues such as of drilling mud were used to solve the
installed in 14 days with- leaks, joint separation or other prob- problem.
out disrupting above ground construc- lems that can be found with tradition- The crew made several passes until
tion or soils by trenching, which could al products and materials. Operating the final 450-mm (18-in.) HDPE pipe
cause unwanted settlement of the new pressure is 200 psi. was pulled. The first was 6.5 in. fol-
ring of multi-lane roadway. The decision was made to use hori- lowed by 18 in. and ending with 28 in.
To serve the City of Edmonton, Al- zontal directional drilling (HDD) for the on the last bore.
berta, Canada, an existing potable water pipeline using 450-mm (18-in.) diame- Four milestone inspections were es-
service line had to be connected under ter DR 11 PE4710 high density polyeth- tablished for the construction process
the North East Anthony Henday Drive ylene (HDPE) pipe from WL Plastics, of in order to raise confidence in line con-
(NEAHD) ring road.When completed in Fort Worth,Texas.The drill was through struction to help ensure a problem free
late 2016, the $1.8 billion ($818.8 mil- clay and gravel substrates, which posed system.They were categorized as:
lion U.S.) highway project will connect a challenge but was successfully com-
1. Inspection of the pipe during and af-
the northwest and southeast parts of pleted. Each end of the drill involved
ter the delivery and unloading at the
Anthony Henday Drive from Manning reconnecting the HDPE to existing duc-
work site.
Drive to Whitemud Drive East. Work in- tile iron and PVC bell and spigot water
cludes the construction of 27 km (16.7 mains. Because of the soil conditions, 2. Monitoring and recording of all fu-
miles) of six- and eight-lane divided overall length and depth of the installa- sion conditions, fusion processes
roadway, nine interchanges, two road tion, it was decided that there would be (including pipe staging area) and as-
flyovers, eight rail crossing (flyovers) inspections and monitoring milestones sembled storage.
and two bridges across the North Sas- throughout the course of the project. 3. Monitoring of the pipe pulling pro-
katchewan River, for a total of 46 bridge This was a deep bore that hit a few cess once pilot holes where complet-
structures. Using the Public-Private voids along the way. The soil is mostly ed via HDD.
Partnership (P3) process, it is anticipat- clay but the HDD crew would hit pock-
ed that the road will be finished three ets of sand that would cause the head to 4. 
Monitoring of the pressure testing
years earlier than through conventional drop. The reamer head weighed about and disinfection process.
methods. 1,600 lb and would drop when it got


tti_42-45.indd 42 7/17/2015 2:01:18 PM

tti_42-45.indd 43 7/17/2015 2:01:19 PM
Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
Safety aspects and milestones expec-
tations were reviewed, communicated
and responsibilities assigned prior to
starting any process for handling, assem- The HDD crew made
bly, installation and testing.This provided several passes until the
clarity for individual responsibilities, tim- final 450-mm (18-in.)
ing, accountabilities and what to do if HDPE pipe was pulled.
unusual circumstances occurred.
WL Plastics was asked to assist in
monitoring all these milestones. When
the aspects of design, manufacturing,
handling and installation are conduct-
ed in accordance to specified industry
design and procedures, the life cycle
of HDPE installations, according to WL
Plastics, will meet or exceed expected
service lives, which reduces costs for
generations to come.
The 18-in. diameter (450-mm) IPS
DR 11 PE4710 line required product
approval in accordance with the local
utilitys construction standards.The pipe
was produced at the WL Plastics Calgary,
Alberta plant in accordance with ASTM
F714, AWWA C906 and Factory Mutual
requirements. The WL Plastics pressure-
rated PE4710 pipe is manufactured from inspected one last time, the drill was line was approved for operation.
engineered polyethylene compounds pulled back. The benefits of this installation is
(WL106B) that provide a balance of Once installed, a minimum period of that HDPE piping is considered leak free
short-term and long-term properties for 24 hours was provided to allow for any and corrosion resistant, explained Rich-
pressure-pipe applications. The PE4710 pull back or shrinkage of the pipe ard Kolasa of WL Plastics and a certified
pipe resists pressure surges, handling prior to reconnecting to existing ends. engineering technologist, plastics and
and installation, soil subsidence, frost The higher performance of this polymer engineering. For the NEAHD
heave and seismic displacement. PE4710 pipe provides a very durable millions of infrastructure dollars were
The 549-m (1,800-ft) PE4710 pipeline system due to its improved properties, spent on the ring road highway, there-
had no lateral connections but needed said Camille Rubeiz, P. E., director of fore digging open trenches and ripping
to be connected to both existing steel engineering for the Plastics Pipe Insti- up the road was impossible. Plus the
and bell and spigot PVC at either ends. tute Inc.s Municipal Division. PPI is the project required a pipeline with high
For the PE4710 pipe sections, there major trade association representing all integrity that would last for many years.
were 36 fusions, which where all data segments of the plastic pipe industry. The other benefit was the installa-
logged, monitored and inspected for It is designed for water and wastewa- tion itself. Cost reductions were real-
consistency. Each fusion included ter applications meeting AWWA C906 ized because the open trench would
proper cleaning of the pipe, properly and ASTM F714 standards and because it have been close to 20 m (65 ft) in depth
aligning pipe in fusion machine, closely is strong and durable, it is the material of and wide. Using HDD there was hardly
checking the pipe after facing, clean- choice for trenchless applications such as any evidence that the new pipeline was
ing and measuring both sides of heater HDD, sliplining and also for pipe bursting. installed. In addition to the labor, back-
plate, monitoring heat soak and heat Once stabilization of the pipe length hoes, trucks and use of trench boxes,
bead formation, visually inspecting ev- was finished, the pipe was connected to excavating a deep trench caused con-
ery heated fusion interface once the the existing ends and filled with water. cern of settling soils under the roadway.
heater plate was removed, bead forma- The final stage of the installation was the The last real benefit for PE4710 pipe is
tion once interfacial pressure was ap- pressure testing of the newly installed the resistance to surge events and freez-
plied and cooling times with consider- HDPE section. Hydrostatic pressure test- ing resistance. We are extremely confi-
ation for warm ambient conditions. ing was conducted once the line was dent that the new PE4710 water trans-
Once the pipe was properly cooled filled with water and all air was removed mission line section under the North
and removed from the fusion machine from the system. It was pressure tested East Anthony Henday Drive will provide
the length of pipe was pushed out and to ensure no leakage or pipe separation reliable flows and a maintenance-free
placed on rollers to protect against had occurred during installation. Once system for many years to come.
scouring or gouging and also to re- stabilized the pressure was held for an
duce friction forces when pulling the hour to ensure no leaking occurred. Steve Cooper has been reporting
pipe through the boarded hole. After None occurred over the entire 1,800 ft on the water and pipe industries for
the entire line was fused together and or in any of the 36 fused joints, and the several decades.

tti_42-45.indd 44 7/17/2015 2:01:23 PM

tti_42-45.indd 45 7/17/2015 2:01:24 PM
Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

Uncovering the Benefits of Hydro Excavation
By Tisyn Milne

ith millions of kilome- comes to large scale infrastructure
ters of buried utilities projects taking place across Canada.
beneath Canadas surface In a 2011/2012 report by Statistics
and records inaccurate Canada it was revealed that 40 per-
or incomplete, it is surprising that cent of all damages to underground
there is not more property damage infrastructure occur due to a failure
and personal injury occurring every to notify, a frightening 84 percent
time somebody puts a shovel in the of damages cause a service interrup-
ground. Even backyard landscaping tion, and 75 percent of all damages
can cause millions of dollars in dam- are due to outside force through us-
age when utility lines get hit, service age of a backhoe or mechanical ex- While the One Call System is a good starting
is interrupted and expensive repairs cavation. point to identify a utilitys location, properly
have to be undertaken. In recent years, many initiatives exposing the infrastructure is the only sure way
One can only imagine the ten-fold have focused on mandating safer to know where it truly lies, and how the pipe or
risk and additional expense when it installation, exposure, maintenance wire has been run.


tti_46-48.indd 46 7/17/2015 2:04:37 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
and repair of buried utilities. While pipes and other utility lines. Cold
the One Call System is a good starting weather, and even permafrost, would
point to identify a utilitys location, only allow year-round excavation
properly exposing the infrastructure by using heated water, which made
is the only sure way to know where Hydro Excavators all the more popu-
it truly lies, and how the pipe or wire lar.
has been run. This is where hydro ex- When customers began modify-
cavation comes in as an essential tool ing vacuum trucks and sewer clean-
of visually locating utilities to miti- ers for hydro excavation use in the
gate the risk of striking underground 1970s and 1980s, and even mounted
infrastructure. vacuum components on all-terrain
With current government regula- vehicles to get into remote locations
tion prohibiting the use of mechani- the demand was recognized and the
cal means to dig within 45 cm of manufacturing of dedicated truck-
buried cables or pipes, hydro exca- and-trailer-mounted hydro excava-
vating is an ideal method to expose tion units began in the 1990s due to
underground infrastructure, drill pile the growing demand.
holes, trench slots, install signs and The millennium hit, and hydro ex-
poles and conduct landscaping and cavation was already widely accepted
potholing. and used by utility contractors across
Canada for locating and non-destruc-
A Vital Industry tive digging. It was around that time,
g What is standard practice in Can- that Illinois-based Vactor Mfg. intro-
ada today, began more than 50 years duced its first dedicated HXX Hydro
way ago in the Alberta oil and gas fields Excavator as a purpose-built unit and
e or where hydro excavation machines became a leading manufacturer for
were used to daylight buried gas this ever-growing market. TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 47

tti_46-48.indd 47 7/17/2015 2:04:39 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
Today, hydro excavation is consid- built hydro excavators appeared. The conduct daylighting of underground
ered to be a best practice by munici- associations estimate that there are gas pipes. And once you see a hydro
palities, contractors and public utility between 450 and 500 units in opera- excavator in action, you will never
organizations alike. As the HydroVac tion across Ontario responsible for a forget the efficiency and power this
Alliance of Ontario (HVAO) together total annual revenue of $180 million unit demonstrates while completing
with the Ontario Regional Common to $200 million. a job. A recent study by the City of
Ground Alliance (ORCGA) indicate Extremely versatile, hydro excava- London says it best: The hydrovac
in a recent report, the size of On- tors can be seen virtually on every unit effectively replaced the hand
tarios hydrovac market has grown street corner where they drill holes digging requirement being complet-
significantly since the first custom- for fence posts, poles and signs or ed in 1/3 of the time and with 1/2 of
the crew. The cost of using a shovel
and backhoe compared to a hydroc-
vac unit on the identical job is 4.1
times greater.

Born To Run
As hydro excavation becomes
more and more popular, the impor-
tance of zero downtime applies to
most hydrovac companies to ensure
they can keep up with the day-to-day
demand for their services. Industry
veterans such as the Toronto-based
PGC Services Inc. (PGC), a member
of the Powell Group of Companies,
trust a full service shop of the likes of
Joe Johnson Equipment for new pur-
chases, rental units, used equipment
and to regularly service and maintain
their hydro excavating equipment.
Regular inspections do not only
benefit operators and customers, in-
crease safety and are better for the
environment, but they also lead to
higher resale and trade-in values
based on the service history.
In search of a safe, cost-effective
and non-disturbing option to expose
underground infrastructure when
performing an excavation project,
the past 30 years have seen a ma-
jor shift to move from backhoe dig-
ging to hydro excavating. Associa-
tions such as the Canadian Common
Ground Alliance (CCGA), the Centre
for Advancement of Trenchless Tech-
nologies (CATT) and the members
of the HVAO have become important
advocates in promoting safe digging
procedures, and with the increas-
ing use of hydro excavation, Canada
leads the pack as a nation that knows
how to safely deal with its under-
ground infrastructure.

Tisyn Milne is a product sales

manager at Joe Johnson Equip-


tti_46-48.indd 48 7/17/2015 2:04:40 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide


By Ashkan Faghih, Anup Ghimire and Dave Dupuis

his paper reviews the design designed to have adequate strength ther investigate the significance of
parameters for the pullback to avoid damages during installation design input variables, a paramet-
force calculation during Hori- while the HDD rig should be capable ric study was completed. Design of
zontal Directional Drilling of successfully pulling the pipeline. Experiment (DOE) was also used to
(HDD) method. A comparison was Pullback force estimation can be study the dependency of the calcu-
made between actual measured pull- relatively complicated due to the nu- lated pullback force on the design
back forces and theoretically calcu- merous factors affecting the pullback. variables.
lated values for more than 50 HDD Pipe properties, borehole geometry,
projects. The study showed that the existence of a buoyancy control, soil THEORETICAL VS. MEASURED
measured pullback forces were higher properties, drilling fluid properties, PULLBACK FORCES
than the theoretically calculated forc- pipe handling on surface and rate of Fifty-four HDD projects located
es for small HDD installations, while pullback are some of the many fac- throughout Alberta and Northern Brit-
the results were reversed in the case tors that are significant in pullback ish Columbia were selected to com-
of medium and particularly large HDD force estimation. Most of the required pare estimated theoretical pullback
projects. Among many factors affect- information for force analysis is site forces vs. actual measured forces.
ing pullback force, the design values specific, vary from one job to the oth- These projects were designed, in-
for soil coefficient of friction, fluidic er and some is unknown or hard to spected and monitored during their
drag coefficient, drilling mud density determine. Therefore, implementing construction by CCI Inc. between
and roller coefficient of friction are simplifications and assumptions into 2012 to 2014. The projects involved
often assumed the same in the calcu- calculations for engineering design installation of single steel pipe rang-
lation for all different HDD projects. purposes are an inevitable fact. The ing in diameter from 114 mm (NPS
A parametric study was carried key to a good design of HDD cross- 4) to 1,067 mm (NPS 42). The subsur-
out to show the significance of these ings is to select the right parameters face geological materials encountered
design input values in the pullback for each specific project using rational during the projects comprised clay,
force estimation. Comparison of the assumptions, despite the many uncer- silt, sand, gravel overburden soils and
results with the actual recorded pull- tainties associated with each project. clay shale, sandstone, siltstone and
back forces suggested modifying the Pullback force calculation method coal bedrock. The HDD rigs ranged
design values based on the specific based on the Pipeline Research Coun- in size from 80,000 lbs (push/pull)
design case in order to enhance the cil International (PRCI) (J.D. Hair & to 110,000 lbs for small HDD instal-
accuracy of theoretical calculations. Associates, 2008) has been widely ac- lations, 140,000 lbs to 220,000 lbs
Design of Experiment (DOE) method- cepted in the industry as it incorpo- for medium HDD installations, and
ology was also used to further study rates well-known static and dynamic 330,000 to 1,100,000 lbs for large
the significance of design parameters concepts and applies them for use HDD installations.
on pullback force. The study showed in HDD design. The total pull force Actual rig load during pullback
that the order of significance of the required for pipe installation is calcu- operations was recorded in the field
design parameters varied for different lated by summing forces resisting the for each project. In a majority of the
case studies and the impact of one pipe movement in straight and curved cases, the maximum rig force was re-
factor on pullback force is relatively segments of the borehole. PRCI has corded near the pullback completion.
independent of the level of the other proposed equations for different sec- Assuming that the forces required to
factors. tions of drill path as the pipe is pulled pull the drill pipes and the reamer as-
through each of them. sembly are negligible at the end of the
INTRODUCTION Design of HDD projects is impor- installation, the actual rig force can be
The HDD methodology has three tant particularly for the larger scale compared with the theoretical force
essential stages: pilot bore, pre-ream projects where any delay in project required to pull the product pipe. In
and pullback. During the pullback execution could create an economic general, it is a conservative approach
stage, the pipe being installed is sub- nightmare and an efficient design to compare the maximum theoreti-
jected to a complex combination of could result in considerable savings cal pullback force calculated based
various forces. Accurate estimation of while delivering the project on time. on PRCI with the actual maximum
pullback force is necessary during the This paper presents the results of a rig load. However, due to the lack of
design stage of HDD projects to se- comparison between the predicted reliable data to quantify the amount
lect the appropriate product pipe and and actual measured pullback forces of force required to pull the reamer
rig size. The product pipe should be for more than 50 projects. To fur- assembly, there are currently no de- TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 49

tti_49-57.indd 49 7/17/2015 2:38:38 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
sign methods available to estimate the
actual HDD rig pull force. HDD engi-
neers estimate the total rig load by
adding safety factors to their pullback
force calculations.
The theoretical and measured pull-
back forces for all 54projects were
summarized in Figure 1, which illus-
trates pullback forces based on the
HDD rig size used on each project.
The projects were categorized into
three groups: small HDD, medium
HDD and large HDD installations. The
average variation observed between
theoretical and actual forces was dif-
ferent for each group. For small HDD
installations, actual forces were 35 Figure 1. Comparison of theoretical vs. actual pullback forces for fifty-four HDD projects.
percent underestimated by the theo-
retical calculations while theoretical
forces were higher than actual loads of workmanship, better equipment, tions eliminate excessive mechanical
by 26 percent and 54 percent for me- and better execution of the job work required for pulling the pipe-
dium and large HDD installations, re- are implemented for large HDD in- line. On the other hand, poor bore-
spectively. stallations to account for the higher hole cleaning in small HDD projects
It should be noted that the execu- risks and costs associated with each leads to additional forces required
tion of the HDD construction is a ma- project. Proper conditioning of the to displace soil cuttings during pull-
jor factor affecting the pullback force. borehole, multiple reaming passes back. The over conservatism in PRCI
Generally speaking, better quality and slow pull rate in large HDD opera- equations is another factor that con-


tti_49-57.indd 50 7/17/2015 2:38:40 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
tributes to overestimation of pullback
forces in longer and larger diameter
HDD crossings.
Accuracy of pullback force estima-
tion can be improved by modifying
the design input values and safety fac-
tors. The type of project, subsurface
conditions and quality of project ex-
ecution can all be taken into account
during the design stages of HDD op-
erations. Careful selection of design
input values are necessary in order to
properly estimate the actual pullback
process. The next section presents a
parametric sensitivity analysis to in- Table 1. Parameters of the HDD projects
vestigate the changes of design input
values on pullback force and com-
pares the estimated forces with actual (1078kg/m3) to 11 ppg (1318 kg/ ometry, and rate of pull. The PRCI
measurements. m3), considering clean bentonite recommends the value of 0.025
content to higher solid content. psi for the fluidic drag factor. A
PARAMETRIC STUDY A conservative value of 14 ppg range of 0.0025 psi to 0.0475 psi
The HDD pullback force calcula- (1678kg/m3) is used in this study was selected for this study. Fur-
tion depends on various parameters. as the upper limit. ther details on the fluidic drag co-
Some of these parameters depend efficient can be found in Faghih
on site specific conditions such as iii) 
Fluidic Drag Coefficient, et al. (2015).
borehole geometry, subsurface con- mud The fluidic drag coeffi-
ditions and pipe properties, and cient depends on the drilling flu- iv) R
oller Coefficient of Fric-
their input values vary according to id rheology, flow rate, annular ge- tion, roller The PRCI calcula-
the case requirements. However, cer-
tain parameters such as soil coeffi-
cient of friction, drilling mud densi-
ty, fluidic drag coefficient, and roller
coefficient of friction are usually as-
sumed the same for all the cases. In
this parametric study, significance of
these parameters on pullback force
calculation is investigated. The sen-
sitivity analysis was conducted for
two case studies; representing small
and large HDD installations. Table 1
presents the parameters of the case
Typical values and ranges for the
selected design parameters are dis-
cussed below:

i) S
oil Coefficient of Friction,
soil - This parameter depends on
the soil conditions along the bore
path, which the pipeline is pulled
through. PRCI suggested a value of
0.3 for HDD installations where the
pipe is pulled through a hole filled
with drilling fluid. For this study, a
range of values from 0.2 to 0.4 is
defined for this parameter.

ii) D
 rilling Mud Density, Wmud
- Typically, the range for drilling
mud density in HDD application
varies from approximately 9 ppg TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 51

tti_49-57.indd 51 7/17/2015 2:38:41 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
tion does not typically consider Wmud=1400 kg/m3, mud=0.025 The pullback estimation based on
the friction between the pipeline psi and roller=0.1. These values are the average values of the parameters
and the roller on the surface. commonly used by engineers to de- suggested maximum pullback forces
Hence, a range of 0.0 to 0.2 was sign HDD projects. of 17,000 lbs for case 1 and 246,000
selected for this parameter. Figures 2 and 3 show the results lbs for case 2. These graphs show the
of the sensitivity analysis for small ranges of design input values that
Pullback force was calculated HDD and large HDD installations, re- bring the pullback force estimation
as each parameter deviated from spectively. Ranges of actual rig loads in the actual load zone. For the case
its mean value. The mean values recorded near the pullback comple- of small HDD as shown in Figure 2,
of the parameters are soil=0.3, tion are also shown on the graphs. higher values of the defined range
for mud density, soil coefficient of
friction and fluidic drag coefficient
would result in realistic pullback
force estimation. For large HDD as
shown in Figure 3, lower range of
mud and soil would lead to bet-
ter accuracy in pullback force estima-
tion. In both cases, changes in mud
resulted in higher amount of varia-
tion in pullback force. This is due the
wide range of possible input values
for this parameter. Roller coefficient
of friction had the least impact on
pullback force for both case studies.

DOE is a systematic approach to the
investigation of a system or process,
where the planned changes are made
to the input parameters to identify
their effects upon the response or
the output. The parameters of inter-
est are first identified, and then the
experiment or analysis is carried out
at certain ranges of the value, known
as high and low representing the
maximum and minimum magnitudes
of the parameters. DOE results can
be used to understand the effect of
each parameter and their interaction
(if any) with other parameters upon
the output.
One change at a time testing al-
ways carries the risk that the experi-
menter may find one input variable
to have a significant effect on the
response (output) while failing to
discover that changing another vari-
able may alter the effect of the first
(i.e. interaction between parameters).
This is because the temptation is to
stop the test when this first significant
effect has been found. However, DOE
plans for all possible dependencies in
the first place, and then prescribes ex-
actly what data are needed to assess
them, whether input variables change
the response on their own, when
combined, or not at all.
For the case study described in this
paper, the identified parameters were


tti_49-57.indd 52 7/17/2015 2:38:43 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
set at two different levels (low and
high) and then the pullback force was
calculated. 2k combinations were con-
sidered that represents the full factori-
al design where 2 represents the level
of ranges, which is low and high, and
represents the number of parameters
chosen which is 4 in this study. So, a
total of 16 runs of pullback force cal-
culations were measured at different
combinations of defined parameters
at different levels. The parameters and
their ranges are presented in Table 2.
Table 3 shows different combina-
tions used in the analysis where -
refers to the low range of the param-
eter while + represents the high
range. The effects of terms A, B, C and
D on the response are called main
(single) effect and different combina-
tions of the main factors such as AB,
AC, , ABCD are called interactions
of factors.
Design-Expert software (Design-
Expert, 2015) was used to carry out Figure 2. Sensitivity analysis on pullback force and the actual load zone for case 1,
the parametric study. Different geom- small HDD. TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 53

tti_49-57.indd 53 7/17/2015 2:38:45 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
etries, pipe sizes, and drill lengths
were tested in the analysis for small,
medium and large HDDs to repre-
sent all possible design scenarios.
The pullback force was calculated
for different combinations of these
parameters (as shown in Table 3)
for each case. Then, the results were
analyzed using the factorial analysis
and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).
Table 4 summarizes the significance
of the parameters for different HDD
The analysis showed that the main
effects of factors A, B and C were
more significant than the interaction
of the parameters as shown in Table
4. It simply means that the impact of
the parameters on pullback force is
relatively independent of the level of
the other factors. Fluidic drag coef-
ficient (parameter C) had the highest
impact on pullback force for small
and medium HDD while drilling
mud density (parameter B) had the
Figure 3. Sensitivity analysis on pullback force and the actual load zone for case 2, highest contribution for large HDD.
large HDD. Therefore, the order of significance


tti_49-57.indd 54 7/17/2015 2:38:47 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

Table 2. Ranges of the parameters

of design parameters varied for dif- cient of friction from low to high. CONCLUSIONS
ferent case studies The same agreement was obtained Accurate pullback force estimation
Table 4 also shows that there is for small and large HDD installa- is complicated due to the existence
a small interaction between factors tions. of many factors, which some are site
A and B. In the analysis for the me- It is also can be seen from Table 4 specific and some are unknown or
dium HDD installation, the pullback that the effect of roller coefficient of hard to determine. Therefore, imple-
force was increased by 78 percent friction (parameter D) was negligible menting simplifications and assump-
when the soil coefficient of fric- on pullback force. Table 4 also shows tions into calculations are necessary
tion changed from 0.2 to 0.4 while that the percentage for contribution for engineering design purposes. As a
drilling mud density was set at high of curvature is very low indicating result, design practice recommended
value. By setting the mud density that the relationship between the by PRCI is widely used in the indus-
at low value, 55 percent increase pullback force and the parameters are try. However, there is a wide range
in pullback force was resulted by linear. of acceptable design inputs that can
changing the values of soil coeffi- be used in the pullback force calcula- TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 55

tti_49-57.indd 55 7/17/2015 2:38:48 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
tions. In practice, the design values of param-
eters such as of soil, mud, Wmud, and roller
are often kept the same regardless of the proj-
ect types. Comparisons between measured and
predicted pullback forces proved that larger
pipe installation in longer crossings may require
less pullback force in practice compared to the
one calculated theoretically. Reverse statement
is valid for the case of small pipes and shorter
crossings. Other factors such as proper bore-
hole cleaning, quality of work execution, and
pullback rate are among the many parameters
that can change the amount of pullback force
during pipeline installation.
A parametric study showed how pullback
force changes as values of design inputs vary. For
the case of small HDD installations, higher range
of values for soil, mud, and Wmud led to close
estimation of actual loads. The study for large
HDD installations suggested using the low values
of mud and soil for design purposes. Further
analysis by DOE proved that main (single) effect
of factors is major in pullback force while impact
of one factor on pullback force is relatively inde-
Table 3. Matrix of the parameters pendent of the level of the other factors.


tti_49-57.indd 56 7/17/2015 2:38:50 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

Table 4. Summary of effects of main factors and interaction of factors

Ashkan Faghih, and Anup Ghimire Faghih, A., Yi, Y., Bayat, A., Osbak, M. (2015). This paper is copyrighted by the North Ameri-
are with CCI Inc. Edmonton, Al- Fluidic Drag Estimation in Horizontal Directional can Society for Trenchless Technology. Original
berta, Canada and Dave Dupuis Drilling Based on Flow Equations. Journal of Presentation given at NASTTs 2015 No-Dig
Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice, Show. All rights reserved.
is with CCI Inc., Calgary, Alberta,
ASCE, ISSN 1949-1190/04015006(8).
J.D. Hair & Associates (2008) Installation of
REFERENCES Pipeline by Horizontal Directional Drilling an
Engineering Design Guide. Technical Toolboxes
Design-Expert Version (2015). Stat- Inc., USA.
Ease, Inc., Minneapolis, USA.

Horizontal Directional
Drilling Good Practices
2008 3rd Edition
The latest version includes a new
chapter on design, and other
sections have been updated to
include new developments in

Topics Covered Include:

* Introduction and Background
* HDD Applications and
* Equipment and Materials
* Design
* Bore Planning
* Jobsite Safety
* Troubleshooting and Mitigation

Publisher: HDD Consortium

Softbound/279 pages

*Shipping and handling not included.

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(Survey While Boring) Technology that directly improves your ability to control the has introduced a new bits direction by locating the sonde housing
line of high pressure Jet Nozzle Assemblies into the bearing housing just three feet
for the HDD, Oil and Gas, and Well Servicing behind the bit. This provides the operator
industries. These assemblies are highly more accurate tracking information than any
adaptable and designed to be incorporated other mud motor in the industry. And with
into a wide range of in-hole tools, while being Hunting, our mud motors come with a unique
designed for maximum performance and sealed oil bath bearing design eliminating
durability. These Jet Nozzle assemblies are a the problem of mud flushing through the KEMTRON Technologies
central part of building in-hole tools, e.g. hole- system. Call (855) 367-9296 for more KEMTRON Technologies has become a
openers, fly-cutters, barrel reamers, hole information or visit leading manufacturer of effective mud recy-
cleaning swabs, jet bits, Oil Well servicing, cling systems in North America. Designed
cleaning and fracking tools etc. In addition to for todays HDD drilling contractor with
our popular Series 65 nozzle assemblies, 80,000 to 150,000 lb pullback rigs in the
HDD Jet Nozzle has recently introduced the trenchless, water-well or geothermal indus-
new Series 45 high pressure tungsten carbide try; capable of processing up to 600 gpm of
nozzle for applications requiring a smaller, drilling fluid. Featuring an industry-first touch
more compact nozzle size, e.g. HDD utility screen control panel with Wi-Fi capabilities,
market, as well as high pressure well servicing the Tango 600HD2 allows the operator to
tools. The Series 45 also offers smaller orifices INROCK run the system from a smart phone, tablet or
to accommodate HDD rigs having smaller INROCK has introduced a new tool specifi- laptop. In addition, the Tango 600HD2 fea-
pumping units. Visit us at cally designed for HDD crossings. INROCKs tures the new Hyper-G six-panel linear
ABIA mud motors provide contractors bit incli- motion shaker and single-point leveling
nation in real-time by taking critical steering jack, Firestone single-piece vibration isola-
readings directly behind the bit. Traditional tion system, independent centrifugal pump
wireline steering technology measures 30 to 40 pockets for direct maintenance access and
ft behind the bit, often times too late to make eight 4-in. desilter hydrocyclone manifold.
critical decisions. This information is essential Trailer-mounted systems feature a heavy-
on tight radius bores, large diameter pipe, or duty dual-axel configuration with hydraulic
when the chance of deflections is high, for leveling jacks for efficient unit placement at


tti_58-63.indd 60 7/17/2015 2:06:42 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
rig site. The Tango 600HD2 tank has been keeping maintenance costs low. An appropriate. The air motor/hammer with the
significantly increased from 3,000 gals to an improved external hydraulic door opens at use of aerated fluids is the ideal tool when
impressive 4,000-gal capacity with new fold an 85-degree angle, allowing for easier and you have extremely porous sub-normally
out/walk up ladder and increased working more rapid dumping and cleaning of the pressured and cavernous formations or just
deck space. spoils tank. A patented mechanical cam- hard rock. Theres no need for large recyclers
over locking system provides a 360-degree and/or auxillary mud pumps while building
positive door seal, even under reverse the pilot hole. The air motor/hammer is for
pressure, without additional clamping wireline only at this time.
requirements. The VX 50-500 vacuum exca-
vator also features a low profile design,
allowing access to areas previously limited
by height restrictions. For more information
visit or email
M-I SWACO McLaughlin at
M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company,
offers Drilplex HDD inorganic viscosifier,
specially engineered for water-base ben-
tonite drilling fluids to accommodate both
maxi, as well as compact HDD rigs. The
viscosifier improves solids suspension,
enables a higher rate of penetration, opti-
mizes cuttings transport, and creates bore- Premier Drill Pipe Ltd.
hole stability, thereby lowering drilling costs. Premier Drill Pipe LTD manufactures and
Drilplex HDD viscosifier allows the formula- distributes the most complete line of hori-
tion of fluids with shear-thinning properties, zontal drilling (HDD) tubulars in the world.
resulting in a drilling fluid with both dynamic We set the standard for forged-end inertia-
and static carrying capabilities that does Melfred Borzall welded rods and have yet to have a single
not shear degrade at a high shear rate. A small, mud-filled pit is the last place inertia weld failure. Premier is so confident in
When mud is not circulating, it instantly you want to be fighting to change out a drill our inertia-weld that we offer an uncondi-
reverts to a gelled state, resulting in a high head after a pilot bore. With Melfred tional guarantee on the weld irrespective of
suspending capacity indicated by high, Borzalls new (patent pending) Eagle Eye operating conditions. Premier provides vir-
non-progressive but fragile gel strength FastBack you dont have to. With just a hex tually all sizes of Vermeer, Jet Trac and Case
readings. For more information, visit miswa- wrench you can be pulling back product compatible rods, as well as rods for other within minutes of completing the pilot bore. rigs. We also design and manufacture spe-
The Eagle Eye connects to the Eagle Claw cialty strings for any number of unique
hard soil bit, allowing you to pullback with- projects. HDD projects can be unpredict-
out ever having to take the drill head off. able and the need for drill rods may be
Rear facing carbides and MudBoost fluid immediate, that is why Premier maintains a
ports make sure your pullback is fast and qualified network of distributors and stock
successful. This economical, compact points in Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta and
reamer is perfect for jobs with limited Minneapolis. Our experienced staff and
space. To learn more, call 800-833-1252 or advanced manufacturing technology is the
visit basis for our superior product quality.

Pioneer One Prime Horizontal

McLaughlin Mfg. Pioneer One (P1) the HDD steerable air The Prime Horizontal MudVis System is an
The Vermeer VX 50-500 vacuum excava- hammer leader has added another rock tool automated system that measures and logs
tor by McLaughlin features Tier 4 Final to its arsenal. P1 coupled an air motor with its the Viscosity and Specific Gravity of your drill-
engine technology and a new engine enclo- hammer attached to the bit box. This combi- ing fluids. Designed specifically for the HDD
sure to help reduce engine noise levels and nation will allow a HDD contractor to go past industry, MudVis continually samples your
vibration. Operator-friendly enhancements 2000 ft in rock. The ROP (rate of penetration) stock or mixing tank bentonite at regular inter-
include a large access door to the engine is up to 55 percent faster than a mud motor vals. The Viscosity and Specific Gravity values
enclosure to provide improved accessibili- with tricone bit even in extreme hard rock. are stored internally and are displayed on a
ty. The units three-stage cyclonic filtration Additional benefits are the use of aerated sunlight viewable LCD screen for easy viewing
system allows for wet and dry vacuum fluids and environmentally friendly oil, in situ- at a glance. With the units enhanced wireless
excavation while prolonging filter life and ations where normal drilling fluids are not capabilities it is possible to monitor live fluid TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 61

tti_58-63.indd 61 7/17/2015 2:06:45 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
data from around the drill site using a wireless Reamers are built with an API pin and box with formations. The HydraMaxs simple yet rugged
display, laptop or standard mobile device. It a removable pulling eye at the back of the body design allows for both push and pull
also allows for wireless downloading of stored reamer. This allows the user to quickly hook up reaming operations and easy refurbishing for
data. MudVis enables you to react quickly to many configurations. For more information, increased cost savings. Benefits: bi-directional
changing fluid characteristics, reducing your 817-594-6663 or visit cutting capability; reduced torque self-centraliz-
operational risk. It saves time for your onsite ing design; better penetration rates in all forma-
personnel improving their efficiency and tions; capable of handling rock and cobble;
allows detailed post project analyses using easily repairable to new standard; and available
the recorded data. MudVis requires minimal in sizes from 10 to 24 in.
setup and maintenance as it is self-calibrating
and self-spooling.

The RIDGID SeekTech SR-24 Line Locator
streamlines the creation of accurate maps of
underground utilities in order to protect criti-
cal assets. Using integrated Bluetooth com- StraightLine HDD
munications, it transmits locating data to a The Crusher is the latest in a series of cus-
third-party survey grade GPS or a mobile tomer-generated reamer designs from
device. Data logging capabilities allow StraightLine HDD. In this case, conventional
recording GPS and locating data to an thinking in rock formations dictate a hole
Radius Tools onboard micro SD card. In addition to opener for back-reaming. But a growing num-
Contractors continue to count on Radius OmniSeek passive locating capabilities, the ber of todays HDD contracts call for small-
Tools as their Go to source for all HDD tool- SR-24 can be programmed to detect any diameter bores, which eliminate hole openers
ing. In an effort to support their customers, active frequency from 10 Hz-35 kHz. The free as a viable option. The Crusher fills the gap. A
Radius continues to expand its HDD Custom RIDGIDtrax app, for use on iPhone, iPad or one-piece body and shaft design, the Crusher
Sub Service. Contractors can still log on to Android, provides basic utility mapping. With can be configured with short-bodied radius and design virtually any con- the SR-24, the app will display GPS position carbide buttons for hard rock up to 25,000 psi
nection they require and how fast they need it. and depth of the target utility on a real-time or chisel-top carbide buttons for softer forma-
Now Radius has expanded its capacity in map. A user can identify the type of utility tions. Carbide buttons are located on inde-
order to offer even faster service. For critical (water, gas electric, etc.) and display multiple pendent cutting paths to insure maximum
situations where rigs are down or jobs are on utilities on the same map. A completed map contact. Replaceable fluid ports deliver fluids
hold, Radius offers Custom subs made can be saved and viewed inside the app or exactly where needed to insure smooth and
and shipped the same day. Radius keeps a exported to a universal file format for use with efficient cutting action. A tapered solid-body,
massive inventory of common cross-over and popular GIS programs such as Google Earth. which transitions into full diameter in the back
connection subs, but even if you need an odd of the tool, promotes stabilization in the hole
connection rest assured, Radius can deliver. and superior cuttings control. Available in
Call today for more information and a catalog diameters from 4 to 10 in., the Crusher thrives
on its complete line of HDD tools. in harsh conditions, such as hardpan, cobble
and solid rock.

The Toro Co.

Sharewell HDD When productivity counts, the new Toro
Railhead Underground Precise Drilling Components and Sharewell DD4045 horizontal directional drill delivers.
Products LLC HDD are pleased to announce the newest Combining 40,000 lbs of best-in-class
Weve made a good thing even better. The innovation in reaming technology for the small thrust and pullback, along with 4,500 ft-lbs
success of the 8-, 12- and 16-in. EXTReam has and mid-sized rig market. Utilizing Pro-Cut of rotational torque and drilling fluid pump
led us to the 6- and 10-in. EXTReam reamers. cutter modelling software and the highest stan- infinitely variable up to 70 gpm, the DD4045
Now available in five sizes from 6- to 16 in. in dard of American carbide, PDC has developed has what it takes to perform a variety of dif-
diameter. Connections for virtually every drill. this unique self-centralizing reamer capable of ferent bores. Operators will appreciate the
The newly designed 6-, 8- and 10-in. EXTReam outperforming the competition in a variety of flexibility to use either single or dual joystick


tti_58-63.indd 62 7/17/2015 2:06:48 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
controls while drilling, the large multi-func- TuffRod Vermeer Mfg.
tion LCD display, and the clear visibility of TuffRod offers the most comprehensive The new D20x22 S3 Navigator HDD is a
the tool joint that comes from having open- lineup of one-piece forged drill pipe in the small footprint machine yet one that is able
top vice wrenches. The DD4045 comes United States. Forged drill pipe is available to increase productivity when working in
equipped with 52 pieces of 10-ft, one- for virtually every Vermeer and Ditch Witch urban or tight jobsites. A 74-hp, Deutz
piece-forged pipe for durability in a variety drill on the market, as well as several other engine powers the machine and is capable
of conditions, and an easily removable pipe manufacturers drills. TuffRod drill pipe is of 12 percent greater power compared to
rack for bores longer than 520 ft. This unit made from only the finest quality materials. its predecessor, the D16x20 Series II. The
boasts a powerful 160-hp Cummins Every joint of pipe produced is subject to D20x22 S3 features 19,550 lbs of thrust/
QSB4.5 diesel engine, and an optional rigorous quality assurance procedures, pullback with 2,250 ft-lb of torque. The
enclosed operator cabin. Please contact which begin at the point of material selec- D20x22 S3 has a faster carriage speed,
Global Machinery ( tion and continue through final inspection. which can lead to an increase in the
for more information or to schedule your Processes such as upsetting, machining, amount of product installed per minute.
next demo. heat treating are inspected and recorded The 167 ft per minute now exceeds com-
by certified operators. These measures petitive models in the same class. The
ensure that customers receive only the D20x22 S3 features the common control
best quality drill pipe. TuffRod also offers system currently used on larger Vermeer
both new and premium used range 2 drill drills. The system features a digital display
pipe for maxi drills. We also provide engi- and improved onboard diagnostics, which
neering services and can design custom allow operators to customize the available
pipe or connections for any application. drill information. The noise level output
For more information call TuffRod at 844- from the drill has been reduced to enhance
586-9354 or visit operator comfort.
Torquato Drilling
Accessories Inc.
Torquato Drilling Accessories Inc. of Old
Forge, Pa., designs and manufactures a wide
range of high speed Silver Bullet PDC Bits and
Reamers for horizontal directional drilling.
Silver Bullet PDC Bits drill 5-1/2- and 6-1/2-in.
pilot holes considerably faster than roller cone
bits in consolidated rock such as sandstone, Underground Tools Inc.
limestone and shale. Our HDD PDC Reamers Other than our swivels, the only thing
are available in sizes up to 26 in. in diameter for spinning will be your head when you realize
smooth and efficient reaming. Contact us how strong and affordable UTIs HDD Vivax-Metrotech
today for more information at (800) 500-2487. Pullback Swivels are. Several unique As more utilities are being buried under-
design features incorporated in our swivels ground the importance of accurate locates
combine to make them the strongest on is more significant than ever. The vLocPro2
the market. Four bearings and a larger series of buried utility locators from Vivax-
shaft constructed from tool steel provide Metrotech is the right tool to execute
added strength you wont find with com- locates with speed, accuracy and confi-
petitors swivels. Full diameter shouldered dence. With a range of frequencies low
pins, recessed into the smooth and dura- enough for telecom and power, and high
ble outer casing creates a tremendously enough for gas and water the vLocPro2
strong connection and also allows for snag series gives you one tool for various appli-
free pullbacks. These swivels also have cations. The bold left/right direction arrows
TT Technologies side-mounted, recessed grease fittings will increase the speed at which you can
The compact Grundodrill 4X is designed for which protect the fittings and also make for locate and our SD and CM features will
residential service, small diameter water main easy access when performing swivel main- allow you to pinpoint your target line in
installations, last mile operations, and gas tenance. UTI offers a complete lineup of congested areas. Our vLocPro2 is light-
pipeline applications, offering 9,800 lbs. of premium quality clevis x clevis swivels weight and balanced and uses recharge-
thrust and pullback. Using the compact drill is ranging from 8,500- to 120,000-lb working able or alkaline batteries. Please visit us on
less intrusive and ideal for areas where larger loads. Higher rated swivels with API box x the web at or give us
units are not an option. The drill features a dual clevis connections are also available. For a call so we can schedule a no obligation
hydrostatic pump system and a four-auger more information call UTI 866-488-3478. in field demonstration. (800) 446-3392.
stake down system that provides greater sta-
bility. The Grundodrill 4X also comes with the
exclusive Smart Vice system that performs
vice cycling operations automatically. TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT 63

tti_58-63.indd 63 7/17/2015 2:07:00 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide
Trenchless Technology Supplement



tti_64-68.indd 64 7/17/2015 2:40:34 PM

Pre-Construction, Design,
and Material Selection
Designing an HDD Project for HDPE Pipe
HDPE, Fusible PVC, and Steel Pipe
Installation Case Studies
Design an HDD Project for Steel Pipe

FEBRUARY 11-12, 2016 TEMPE, ARIZONA Calculating Frac-Outs

Productivity Tools for HDD
Vacuum Excavating Best Practices
Properties of Fusible PVC Pipe
Properties of Restrained Joint Ductile
Iron Pipe
Estimating an HDD Project
Construction and Operations
Drill Fluid Selection
Testing of Drilling Fluid Properties
Environmental Considerations of Drilling Fluids
Recycling of Drilling Fluids
Direct Pipe HDD Installations
Tooling Efficiency
Walkover Locating and Real-time
Fluid Pressure Monitoring
Non-Walkover Locating and Intercept Bores
HDD in an Urban Environment
- Lessons Learned
Damage Prevention Measures
Installation Case Studies: Water Pipelines,
Gas Distribution Systems,
On-Grade Sewer Pipelines,
Telecommunication/Electrical Cables

This program is for all levels of


stakeholders within the utility pipeline
industry including owners, regulators,
contractors, and engineers.

or call 330-467-7588
for more information.


Limited Seating


tti_64-68.indd 65 7/17/2015 2:40:34 PM

Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

Pipeline Planning and Horizontal Directional Drilling -

Construction Field Manual Good Practices Guidelines
This in-depth resource provides (2004 Edition)
techniques for formulating
Experts in HDD wrote this
plans, designs, cost estimates
book to provide contractors,
and specifications for pipeline
engineers and owners
construction and field maintenance.
with a set of guidelines
Packed with easy to read and
that will assist and allow
understand tables, pipeline
your personnel to produce
schematics and what to do next
successful HDD installations.
checklists, this book helps readers
acquire the knowledge and skills
to design, construct, operate, Topics Covered Include:
commission, pressure test, and * HDD Applications
start up an onshore pipeline system. and Process
Design and simulation problems are * Equipment and Materials
an integral part of this book.
Price: * Planning and Jobsite Price:
$99.99* Safety $39.99*
* Risk Reduction, Mitigation
and Troubleshooting

Author: E. Shashi Menon, Ph.D., P.E. Publisher: HDD Consortium

576 pages | Softbound Softbound/98 Pages

*Shipping and handling not included | Selling price subject to change without notice. | 330-467-7588

Trenchless Technology Supplement

ADVERTISER..................................................................................... PAGE # ADVERTISER..................................................................................... PAGE #
American Augers................................................................... 11 MTI...................................................................................... 43
Armadrillco LLC.................................................................... 50 NASTTs 2016 No-Dig Show.................................................. 67
Benjamin Media Resource Center . . ......................................57,66 Oz Directional Drilling............................................................ 50
Bit Brokers International. . ....................................................... 64 PowerStream Technology....................................................... 64
BlueArc HDD LLC.................................................................. 37 Prime Drilling GmbH.............................................................. 57
Carson Corporation............................................................... 34 Radius HDD Tools.. .................................................................. 7
Derrick Equipment Co.............................................................. 3 Railhead Underground Products LLC....................................... 39
Ditch Witch. . ......................................................................... 13 Southeast Directional Drilling . . ................................................ 32
E & M Specialty Co. Inc......................................................... 56 Superior Drillpipe.. ................................................................. 34
Ellingson Companies............................................................. 31 Torquato Drilling Accessories................................................. 64
HDD Broker Inc....................................................................... 2 Trechnless Technology Road Show BC.................................... 45
Horizontal Directional Drilling Academy................................... 65 Trinity Pumpworks LLC.......................................................... 17
Horizontal Technology Inc...................................................... 41 Tuff Rod LLC. . ....................................................................... 48
Hunting Trenchless................................................................ 15 Tulsa Rig Iron.. ...................................................................... 51
KEMTRON Technologies Inc................................................... 46 Underground Tools Inc........................................................... 52
Laney Directional Drilling....................................................... 54 Universal HDD. . .................................................................47,64
Lee Supply Company Inc... ..................................................... 33 Vac-Tron Equipment LLC............................................Back Cover
McElroy Manufacturing Co..................................................... 64 Vacuworx.. ............................................................................ 55
Mears Group Inc................................................................... 53 Vermeer. . ................................................................................ 5
Melfred Borzall. . .................................................................... 35 Wyo-Ben.............................................................................. 54


tti_64-68.indd 66 7/17/2015 2:40:37 PM

NASTTs 2016
No-Dig Show March 20-24, 2016
Gaylord Texan Convention Center
Dallas, Texas

Need to get your pipe from HERE to THERE?

Attend NASTTs 2016 No-Dig Show and learn how horizontal directional drilling
(HDD) may provide the solution for pipe installation under major highways, rivers
and other project obstacles.

For more information visit



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tti_64-68.indd 68 7/17/2015 2:40:38 PM