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38 Language-Learning Experts Reveal Their

Favorite Methods for Learning Vocabulary

Ask The Experts
Expert Summary of Method Website
Aaron Knight Never learn a single word by PhraseMix
itself. Learn groups of words
that travel together.
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Albert Wolfe Put the words where youll see Laowai Chinese
them as often as possible.
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Andr Klein Reading engaging stories. Learn Out Live

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Anne Merritt Studying vocabulary in context.
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Anthony Metivier Memory Palaces
Magnetic Memory Method
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Ben Whately Using Mems is my best Memrise
recommendation to learning
lots of vocab, fast!
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Benny Lewis Real-life conversations. The Fluent in 3 Months

embarrassment of not knowing
a word will burn it into your
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Camille Chevalier-Karfis Use "smart" flashcards with short French Today

sentences that feature real
people/facts in your life.
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Catherine Wentworth Reading, writing, and repeating Women Learn Thai
words out loud until they are
set in memory is a simple but
powerful way to learn new
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Corinne McKay Learning vocabulary through TranslateWrite
audio materials.
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David Mansaray Try to describe the world Language is Culture
around you in the language
you're learning. This exposes
gaps in your vocabulary.
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Donovan Lee Mcgrath Make the target language
relevant (e.g. tag familiar
things around your home using
the target language, which
should also include such things
as shopping lists, etc.).
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Flora Petersen Embed your new language into

your life and your daily
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Idahosa Ness Make sure you can recognize the Mimic Method
the sounds (of your new
language) and are able to
produce them yourself. This
helps greatly with vocabulary
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James Heisig Read, read, READ. Nanzan Institute for Religion

Read more and Culture
John Fotheringham The key is to focus on learning Language Mastery
vocabulary in context.
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Kerstin Hammes Ask, check, find out Fluent Language
whenever you dont know a
word and it keeps appearing,
look it up because its probably
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Kevin Chen My favorite vocabulary italki
building technique is
storing new words that I
encounter from chatting with
friends into an SRS program.
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Lizzie Fane 1. Language Immersion for

2.Listen while you read.
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Lucas Kern I think a good vocabulary-

building method is a method
that keeps you motivated.
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Lutz Marten I dont think there is one right SOAS University of London
method. I think it varies from
learner to learner. And indeed
for the same learner over time.
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Lynn McBride A great way to improve Southern Fried French
vocabulary is by reading and
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Mark Thomson Step 1: Listen and repeat Russian Accelerator
Step 2: Determine meaning
from context.
Step 3: Create a mnemonic
Step 4: Write the word onto a
Step 5: Use the new word right
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Martin Benjamin My favorite method is Kamusi Project
language exchange.
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Olle Linge I think reading and listening in Hacking Chinese

combination with Spaced
Repetition Software is the best
way to expand vocabulary.
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Learning words through Unlimited Spanish
scar Pellus stories.
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Pat Wyman The best way to recall

vocabulary is via pictures with
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Professor Jabba If we could only recommend Jabbalab

one vocabulary building
method, it would be
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Samuel Gendreau Learning through context. Lingholic

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Simon Ager I tend to pick up a lot of my
vocabulary from extensive
listening and reading.
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Stuart Jay Raj I personally use association,
colors / emotions and the
Major Method.
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Susana Wald Constantly reading, very rarely
going to a dictionary (in dead-
end streets, so to speak) and
listening to others talk.
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Susanna Zaraysky Find music that you like and Create Your World Book
that you can easily decipher
and learn the lyrics of the
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Tim Bewer I write all my new vocabulary
words on a piece of paper that
I always keep in my pocket. I
pull it out when I have any free
time and use it to practice.
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Tomasz P. Szynalski 1. Natural input Anti Moon
2. Spaced Repetition Software
(if youre an introvert)
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Wiktor Kostrzewski The only system worth 16Kinds
recommending is one that
works ahead of you, not
against you. For learning
vocabulary, it helps to create a
rich context for the items
youre learning.
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William E. Linney I feel that the best way to Getting Started with Latin
memorize new vocabulary is to
use the word in spoken
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Yangyang I think remembering words Lang-8
with sentences or paragraphs
is good way to learn
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