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How Write a Lab Report

A Lab Report needs a:

1. Title Page
2. Introduction/Purpose
3. Materials
4. Methods
5. Data
6. Results
7. Discussion or Analysis
8. Conclusions
9. Figures and Graphs
10. References

Title Page
A single page that includes:
The title of the experiment
o The title should be brief and describe the main point of the
experiment or investigation
Your name and the names of any lab partners
Teachers name
Course Code
The date the lab was performed
The date the report was submitted
The title will be centered on page in size 24 font.

Introduction is usually one paragraph that explains the objectives or purpose
of the lab. One sentence (near the end of the paragraph) should include the
hypothesis. The introduction often includes background information that
would ensure the reader will understand the rest of the report. It also briefly
summarizes how the experiment was performed, states the findings of the
experiment and lists the conclusions of the investigation.

NOTE: You will not always be required to write up an introduction. This will
vary from lab to lab. At minimum, you will need to write a purpose and
hypothesis for every lab report.

List everything needed to complete the experiment. You may reference the
lab info sheets I have provided you unless stated otherwise.
Describe steps completed. Should be detailed enough that anyone could
read this section and duplicate your experiment. Again, you may reference
the lab info sheets I have provided you unless stated otherwise.

Tables used to record observations. Includes quantitative or qualitative data.
Just observations no interpretation of the data you have collected.

Describe in words what the data means. Can sometimes be combined with
the Discussion (Results and Discussion)

Discussion or Analysis
Analysis contains any calculations you made based on the data you
collected. Data is interpreted and you determine whether the hypothesis was
correct. Attempt to provide an explanation as to why the hypothesis was
supported or not supported Discuss any mistakes that might have been
made and any improvement that could be made to the procedure.

A paragraph that sums up what happened in the experiment (Results, was
the hypothesis supported and what this means).

Figures & Graphs

Must be labelled with a descriptive title. There will be more details on
presenting figures and graphs when a lab report requires it.

If you cited facts from someone else (introduction, discussion, conclusion)
you should list these references.