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Your name: Marisa Ellsworth

Grade level for the activity: 3rd Grade

Content area (math, ELA, science, etc): Math

Integration model (TPACK or SAMR): SAMR

Technologies integrated: My class will be using iPads and Chrombooks for this

Activity title: Finding Equivalent Fractions

Class demographics (describe your students): My students are in 4th grade and are all
well above grade standards. I have a very diverse class with an even mix of girls and
boys. All of my students are eager learners and love helping their buddy class with their
school work.

Activity overview (describe the activity): For this activity my students will be using our
classroom set of Ipads to play Equivalent Fraction game from while they are
playing this game they will be recording the different equivalent fractions they see
throughout the game and they will also make note of how they found the different
fraction. After about 15 mins I will have the students open their GoogleDocs that we
have been using all year to record their findings. Once everyone has completed their
chart, they will then share them with the class. After everyone has shared their
GoogleDoc with the class I will then have each of the students go and look at their
classmates finding and have them comment on at least two of their peers findings and
comment on them giving them suggestions or tips on another way to find the equivalent.
Before the class starts on the game I will do a little review on finding equivalent fractions.
The very last thing for this activity is I will be connecting with another teacher from a
different country and we would share our results and comment on each others findings
to see how we each solved the same problem differently.

Activity goal (describe what the activity will accomplish): By the end of the activity, my
students should be able to find equivalent fractions and also be able to solve them in
more than one ways.

Standards covered (pick from State, CCSS, NGSS, etc):


Procedure (describe the steps students will follow): After we have a class review on
finding equivalent fractions the class will play a game on ABCya, then they will be
recording their findings on a GoogleDocs and then commenting on their classmates
Assessment (describe how you will assess student understanding): I will be assessing
my students through observation. While they are playing their game I will be walking
around checking on their work and I will also be checking the GoogleDocs to see if all of
my students understand how to find equivalent fractions.

Personal reflection (discuss how the activity you designed covers TPACK/SAMR
principles): Since I used SAMR principles, the iPads and the Chrombooks are used for
the substitution in replaced of pen and paper. The Googledocs would be for the
Augmentation principle and for the modification principle it would be when the students
share their findings and comment on their peers. The last principle for SAMR is
redefinition and for this principle I will connect with another teacher from a different
country and we would share our findings on how to find equivalent fractions and
compare how ours are different.