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English Lesson Plan

Grade 7

I Objectives:
A. Identify the different seasons.
B. Relate the season to real life experiences.
C. Enhance their skills in making a play, songs, slogan
and poster.
II Subject Matter
A. Topic: Different seasons
B. Reference:
C. Materials: Projector ,laptop.
Infuse values: Theres a right time for everything.
III Suggested Activities

1. Daily Routine
-Arranging of chairs
-Checking of attendance
2. Review of the past lesson
The teacher will make a concise summary of their
previous topic about the natural calamities.

3. Motivation
The teacher will ask some motive questions
1. how many seasons do we have in the
2. What is your favorite season?
4. Presentation of the lesson
The teacher will show different pictures of different
seasons and ask some follow up questions and she
will present the topic.

5. Discussion
The teacher will discuss the different seasons and
ask some follow up questions.
6. Students Activity

Activity I (Group Activity)

The class will be divided into four groups, the first
group will make a play about the season they want
to perform, good for 3-5 minutes.
Second group will compose a song about the
different seasons, good for 2-3 minutes.
Third group will make a slogan about the
earthly seasons and they leader of their group will
explain their slogan.

Fourth group will make a poster about the

topic and the leader will explain the message or
meaning of their slogan.

Activity II ( Individual activity)

The students will reflect their life in the different
seasons ,they will write it on one half sheet of paper

7. Generalization
The students will summarize the different seasons
and the teacher will add some moral lesson came
from their song, play, slogan, poster they
8. Assignment:
What is climate change?
What is the major cause of climate change?