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Seton Hill University

Learning Objectives Attainment Grid



Communication and Problem Solving

Use the expressive arts as a mode of inquiry or expression

Demonstrate leadership, negotiation, relational, and consensus skills

Use technological skills to access information, organize knowledge, and


Propose new solutions to current issues

Express arguments or main points clearly, in written and oral


Transfer knowledge and values into sound decision-making

Historical, Cultural, and Global Awareness

Communicate in a second language at the introductory college level

Analyze the impact of history, geography, and socio-cultural dynamics on

global interactions from a variety of disciplinary perspectives


Fully Achieved

How? Created a news broadcast to meet a final

project requirement.
When? American culture 1915-now, spring 14.
How? Assuming captaincy of the Seton Hill
soccer team and delegating on numerous
When? Seton Hill soccer, 2014-2017.
How? Using Ebsco host to search and obtain
relevant peer reviewed articles.
When? Various classes.
How? Identified that aniline has toxic
properties towards cells, which is a chemical
found in cigarette smoke.
When? Cell bio lab, fall 16.
How? Oral presentations for the midterm and
final in Does God Exist class.
When? Does God Exist, spring 15.
How? Using patient history in order to create
sound Patient diagnostic reports.
When? Medical microbiology lab, fall 16.
How? Can communicate competently in
Spanish and a little Japanese
When? Spanish II or Elementary Japanese,
spring 16 and spring 14.
How? Using knowledge from my Islam
Cultures class in order to understand the
implications of contemporary politics.
When? Islam Cultures, spring 14.

Seton Hill University

Learning Objectives Attainment Grid



Analyze current and historical events through the lens of spirituality and

Assess privilege and oppression from the perspective of culture, race, class,
and gender

Multiple Modes of Inquiry

Generate and analyze numerical and scientific data

Locate and analyze expressive media to gain information or comprehend

the significance of an issue or an event

Organize and manage resources in a creative way to achieve impact

Find, evaluate, and apply information

Interpret quantitative information to present a logical argument based on

supporting data

Self Reflection and Assessment

Demonstrate ethical decision-making grounded in philosophical inquiry

How? Looking at the history of Islam and how

it is similar to that of Christianity and Judaism
and the religious significance today.
When? Islam Cultures, spring 14.
How? Identifying the gender struggle on the
subject of sexual violence and victimization.
When? Senior seminar, J term 17.
How? Any of the lab reports I submitted during
my time at Seton Hill from chemistry and
biology experiments.
When? Various classes.
How? Identify relevant articles from Ebsco
Host in order to write informative research
When? Various classes.
How? Making a news story in order to
demonstrate a small town mayors perspective
on Shale gas.
When? Organismal biology, fall 15.
How? Information obtained from cells being
treated with aniline on behalf of our
independent research project.
When? Cell bio lab, fall 16.
How? Using values obtained from experiments
in order to make insightful conclusions.
When? Various classes.
How? Engaging in ethical discussion and
coming to conclusions based on philosophical
When? Intro to Ethics, spring 17.

Seton Hill University

Learning Objectives Attainment Grid

Apply Catholic social teaching to the analysis of contemporary social issues

Recognize the value of diverse spiritual and religious perspectives

Integrate the practice of charity with the skill of justice

Exercise responsible freedom and civic engagement based on an informed

value system

How? Writing a paper on abortion with

relevance to a Catholic Social Teaching.
When? Faith, Religion and Society, fall 13.
How? Being part of the social justice project
targeting sexual violence on college campuses.
When? Senior seminar, J term 17.
How? I walked a Mile in Her Shoes for the
Blackburn Center.
When? Spring 2015 and 2016.
How? Went to the Mosque and wrote a paper of
When? Islam Cultures, spring 14.