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1. Did you go to a party last night? Was it good?

2. How was the weather yesterday?
3. Did you travel last summer? How was your
4. How was the mid term exam?
5. Where were you last night?
6. Were you in class or at work this morning?
7. Where do people buy food?
8. Do people go to the bank on Sundays? Why
9. What does the word delivery mean?
10. What can you buy in a department store?
11. If you want to buy a present for someone.
Where do you go?
12. How much did you pay for your mobile
13. Do you save money?
14. What does a store manager do?
15. Name 5 countable nouns.
16. Name 5 uncountable nouns.
17. Do you usually get a lot of mails?
18. How much homework do you have to do
19. Do you eat healthy or junk food?
20. How often do you go to the supermarket?
21. How much water do you drink a day?
22. What kind of water do you drink?
23. How much coffee do you drink?
24. How often do you eat meat?
25. Do you smoke? How often do you smoke?
26. Whats your favorite meal?

27. How much housework do you have to do

this weekend?
28. How m8any hours do you sleep at night?
29. How much time do you usually spend with
your family?
30. What kind of food do you prefer?
31. How many books do you read a year?
32. Do you like shopping?
33. What do you like buying?
34. How many hours do you work /study a day?
35. Can you bake?
36. How well can you cook?
37. What do you usually have for breakfast?
38. How often do you do exercises?
39. Do you like dogs? Why?
40. Do you usually forget important dates?
41. Do you like spicy food?
42. Do you usually work late?
43. Is there a bank near your house?
44. Is your mom as tall as your dad?
45. Are men as talkative as women?
46. Do you like watching sports?
47. Is the earth hotter than mars?
48. Are tigers better swimmers than cats?
49. Whats the safest capital city in the world?
50. Whats the highest place in the world?
51. What is your favorite restaurant? What do
you like to eat there?
52. What is your favorite women drinking?
53. What is light food?
54. What is your favorite supermarket in your
city? What do you usually buy at this

55. Do you always eat dinner with your family?

What do you usually eat?
56. What do you have for breakfast?
57. What do you have for lunch?
58. Do you eat fruit every day? Can you
recommend 5 fruits we can eat?
59. Can you recommend 5 vegetables we can
60. Can you recommend 3 types of meat we
can buy at the supermarket?
61. Can you recommend 4 things we can buy
for a new house?
62. How much rice do you eat every day?
63. How much water do you drink every day?
64. What is a countable noun? Give me 5
65. What is an uncountable noun? Give me 5
66. Give me 5 examples of regular verbs.
67. Give me 5 examples of irregular verbs.
68. What did you do yesterday?
69. What is the opposite of weak and ugly?
70. What is the o0pposite of calm and worst?
71. What is the opposite of terrible and slow?
72. What is the opposite of beautiful and quick?
73. Can you describe your city?
74. What can you do in a family picnic?
75. Can you describe your family?
76. Can you describe a family reunion that you
usually have?
77. What can you do? What cant you do?
78. Teachers dont earn much money, do they?
79. You buy a lot of clothes, dont you?


Can you play a musical instrument?

Tell me 5 things we can find in an office.
Did you cook yesterday? Why? Why not?
Who is your best friend? What did your best

friend do yesterday?
84. Where did you go on vacation last year?
What did you do?
85. Did you travel last year? Where did you go?
86. What do you have to do if you are sick?
87. What are you doing now?
88. What is your favorite city in Peru? Can you
describe it?
89. Can you recommend a diet for a person
that wants to lose weight?
90. Do you eat fast food? Why? Why not?
91. What do you study? .. What does a/an
do at work? (Describe your job)
92. Did you study English yesterday? Why?
Why not?
93. Who is your favorite singer? Describe
94. Describe your best friend and tell why you
like him/her?
95. Can you describe yourself?
96. What is the past tense of the following
verbs: swim, break, bring, eat and have?
97. What is the past tense of the following
verbs: enjoy, live, invite, wait and repair?
98. What do you do in the summer?
99. Can you describe a bad day that you had
last month?


Whats your favorite TV program?

Whats your opinion about it?