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Language Register

There are 5 different language registers and they all vary a lot in the way that they
are worded. It is the level of formality in the way that something is spoken or written.
Certain registers could be used for a certain situation that an individual is placed in.
For example, a classroom conversation between friends would be very informal
whereas a consultation between a Doctor and a Patient would be very formal based
on how serious the conversation is. By following the registers, it can also create the
atmosphere as it would be more relaxed in the classroom environment yet more
serious and tense in a consultation room. Due to this, the audience depends on
where the conversation is being held and who is involved in the conversation. There
are also factors such as when the conversation takes place and why. This would also
influence the language register and could potentially change how a conversation
would be spoken.
The 5 language registers are:
Static Register
This is a language that has been created and has never been changed through the
time that it has been around. It rarely changes and if it does, it isnt a significant
change and it would be hardly recognised. An example of this type of register would
be: Bible verses, Prayers and The Pledge of Allegiance.
Formal Register
This type of register always follows a particular format and is used in very
professional settings. No slang is used, only complete sentences. Technical
vocabulary is also a necessity when using this particular register. An example would
be using the words have not instead of havent. This is the most academic way of
speaking so would therefore be used when in a school or work environment. By
using this register, individuals are taken more seriously and everything is
Consultative Register
This is the title that is used when speaking to a professional. The terms Doctor Mr
and Mrs are used. This would also be used in a work environment and in any
professional environment. It is another formal way of communicating with someone.
It is a way of starting a conversation and the word would be used throughout the
conversation to show respect. These conversations can be between: A lawyer and a
client, a doctor and a patient and a works boss and one of their employees.
Casual Register
This is the conversational tone. This is the language that would be used amongst
friends as there is a lot of slang that is used and it is an easier way to talk to friends
and this means a conversation flows a lot easier, informally, between friends. These
can also be used within a group conversation such as: on Social media
conversation, verbal chats and in a team game.
Intimate Register

This language is used by lovers. These can simply be: Boyfriends and Girlfriends,
Partners and married couples. It is avoided most in public and professional situations
and is used a lot more in private time between couples. It is a language used by
couples that they may only understand.
My Chosen Register
My chosen language for my magazine would be the casual register. This is because
it is the language that suits my target audience the most as I am going to create a
pop magazine. This is the language that most teenagers use and would therefore be
the language that this audience would understand the most and relate with. By using
informal language, I could also go ahead and use more informal fonts and colours to
portray the theme more but arrange it so that my magazine still looks professional.
All of these colours, fonts and language would contribute to each other and make my
magazine more exciting.