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Date of birth

Carrera 10 N 22 37, Pereira Colombia

+57 311 834 85 19
3th December 1955

The experience of more than 33 years of professional experience in the private sector, public sector,
in non-profit organizations, in the academy, which added to my high profile academic training, plus
my permanent training and research in various areas, mainly in Smart Cities and Territories of
Knowledge and Sustainable Development, among others, have allowed me to acquire and
accumulate the knowledge and skills necessary for a better job performance, such as:
Professional skills: Creativity and Innovation, initiative; teamwork; proactivity; Natural leadership;
Interpretation and thinking holistic, systemic and integral; Ability to plan and prioritize tasks with
analysis and effective processing of information; Excellent editing, analysis, synthesis of information
and writing of reports; Critical thinking with reasoning, logic and emotional intelligence; Expert with
excellent management of ICT and social networks; working under pressure; Skills for negotiation and
resolution of conflicts and problems with argumentation; Timely decision-making; Skills to express
and understand emotions in the work and missionary environment; Adaptability; Adequate written
and oral communication in Spanish and English; rationalization.
Social skills: Professional open to the environment and receptive, who acts empathetically in an
appropriate interrelation with others; Ability to persuasion and assertive and fluid communication,
both cross-sectional and bottom-up.
Personal attitudes: Respect, sincerity, constant optimism, punctuality and sense of responsibility.
All of the above has allowed me, from my training, professional experience in the public and private
sector, and as a researcher, to be a qualified expert in Smart Cities with Sustainable Development in
Social, Environmental and Economic, not only in Colombia but in Latin America for more than 10 years.
The multifaceted Smart Cities and Knowledge Territories makes me able to perform efficiently in
various areas of work, which has been improved in the last 10 years, with passion and dedication
through continuous research, in addition to knowledge of best practices worldwide, either participating
in international or national conferences and events, or as an international jury, as in the daily reading of
newsletters that I get. See more details in CV in Spanish online:

Researcher and expert in Intelligent Territories (Smart Cities) Knowledge Territories with Sustainable
Development in social, environmental and economic, Living Labs with emphasis on citizen participation,
Knowledge Management for modernization of the state, Open and Collaborative Innovation.
Extensive professional experience of over 33 years; I was also a public official in management positions
during nearly 10 years in the Ministry of ICT, Colciencias, Senate and Government of Risaralda, and
more than 15 years in senior management positions in the private sector in companies and
organizations such as: Innovation and Technological Development Center 'Country of Knowledge',
Observatory of Science and Technology, Tecicom, Telematics Engineering, Codinsys, Colanta and
Almacenes JJ, among others. See more in my online certifications:
Dates: 9st September 2009 - present day
Name of Organization: Center for Innovation and Technological Development
CIDT 'Country of Knowledge' (
Occupation or position held: Managing Director
Main activities: Specialized in Intelligent and Knowledge Territories, Living Labs
and Open Innovation
Responsibilities: Direct, plan, organize and control the execution of plans,
programs, projects and activities of the organization.
Dates: August - December 2010 / December 2012 - February 2013
Name of Institution: COLCIENCIAS (
Occupation or position held: Coordination ICT Strategic Plan for the National System of
Science, Technology and Innovation
Main activities: Colciencias is a Department of Science, Technology and
Innovation that promotes the policies to foster CT+I in Colombia.
Activities inherent in the fulfillment of its mission involves
agreements in promotion policies aimed at the production of
knowledge, the construction of CT+I capacities, and the
facilitation of the circulation and uses of such capacities and
knowledge for the integral development of the country, and the
welfare of Colombian people.
Responsibilities: - Propose a course of action according to the current state of
Colciencias Information System, in the context of the
restructuring of the institution.
- Develop technical and administrative concepts to the General
Directorate against existing contractual running processes and
Colciencias recruitment process in relation to ICT.
- Propose an Action Plan for ICT of the Colciencias Information
System, facing National Science, Technology and Innovation
System -SNCTI-.

Dates: September 2008 - July 2009

Name of Institution: Congress of Colombia (
Occupation or position held: Senior Advisor and Coordinator of the Legislative Technical Unit
of the Vice President of the Senate
Main activities: The Senate, as part of the legislative branch of government, in
fulfillment of sovereign representation that the people entrusted
to him, autonomy exercised the constituent and legislative
functions; political and public control; judicial, electoral, and
protocol relating to the administration of the institution.
Responsibilities: Support the Vice President in the study of projects that reach
plenary for discussion corresponding mainly all related to
Information Technology, the Comnicaciones, Environment,
Habitat, Education and Science, Technology and Innovation
Dates: November 2006 - August 2007
Name of Institution: Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies
of Colombia (
Occupation or position held: National Director of Access and Social Development of ICT
Main activities: The Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies is
the entity that is responsible for designing, adopting and
promoting policies, plans, programs and projects in the
information and communications technologies sector, increasing
and facilitating access for all inhabitants of the country to the ICT.
Responsibilities: - Directing policy and criteria to strengthen access, use and
social benefit of Information and Communications
Technologies for the country.
- Directing the formulation, implementation and monitoring of
projects that promote access, use and social benefit of
technology and information and communications services for
the entire Colombian population, promoting their proper use
by different sectors.
- Leading the establishment of mechanisms and instruments to
ensure compliance with the social responsibility of the media, in
order to ensure their effective contribution to social, economic,
cultural and political development of the country and the
different human groups that make up the Colombian nation.
- Design mechanisms and necessary measures to ensure the
inhabitants of the national territory the right to information and
their effective participation in the mass media.
- Orienting research process to identify and characterize the
needs of the population in terms of access, use and exploitation
of information and communications technologies, as well as the
impact of these on the living conditions of the population.
Dates: September 2005 - November 2006 / September 2007 August 2009
Name of Company: TECICOM.COM

Occupation or position held: General Manager

Main activities: Specialized in Intelligent and Knowledge Territories, Living Labs
and Open Innovation
Responsibilities: Direct, plan, organize and control the execution of plans,
programs, projects and activities of the company
Title of qualification awarded:
Principal subjects / occupational skills

June 2000 - (two months pending)

Specialization in Public Management and Fiscal Control
High training in Public Management and its interface with the
Fiscal Control, using planning systems and information
technologies and communications as a tool
Name and type of organization Universidad del Rosario, Bogot
providing education and training: (

Title of qualification awarded:
Principal subjects / occupational skills
Name and type of organization
providing education and training:

June 1995 August 1996

Specialization in Development Projects
High training in formulation, structuring, execution, control and
monitoring projects with the State
Superior School of Public Administration, ESAP

Title of qualification awarded:
Principal subjects / occupational skills

May 1994 November 1995

Specialization in Financial Management
High training in business administration with an emphasis on
systems planning and organizational development for
productivity, competitiveness and efficiency
Name and type of organization School of Business Administration, EAN
providing education and training: (

Title of qualification awarded:
Principal subjects / occupational skills

June 1980 June 1982

Master of Technical Sciences
Master of Mechanical Engineering in a high productivity
environment for designing, building machines to make
machines, and assembling a production plant machinery.
Name and type of organization Rossiyskiy Universitet Druzhby Narodov RUDN, Moscow
providing education and training: (Russia) (
About the University: The RUDN is one of the most important universities in Russia
and Europe. Is a scientific and educational complex that has ten
main faculties (including the engineering faculty), three faculties
of continuing education,three university cathedras generally,
seven institutes, 33 scientific and educational centers, more than
150 laboratories and academic research centers.
The particular feature of RUDN is its multinational character:

among undergraduate and graduate students there are

representatives and ethnic groups from more than 158 countries
around the world.
Title of qualification awarded:
Principal subjects / occupational skills

September 1976 June 1982

Mechanical Engineering
High and qualified training as an engineer, with a strong
emphasis on practice and research, accompanied by very high
profile scientists in different areas of mechanical engineering.
The Engineering faculty has more than 2600 students, 16
departments, more than 240 teachers, among them 17
corresponding members and academicians of various
academies of sciences, 46 full professors and 110 PhDs.
Name and type of organization Rossiyskiy Universitet Druzhby Narodov RUDN, Moscow
providing education and training: (Russia) (

Mother tongue: Spanish

Other languages:
English: Listening C1(European level)
Reading C1
Speaking B2
Writing C1
Russian: Listening C1
Reading C1
Speaking B2
Writing B1
Technical skills and competences: Visionary, prospectivist and predictive, have the special ability to
get ahead in trends, from which structure megaprojects. Article
very well the various spheres of influence of a territory, no matter
its size, seeking to harmonize all its components as if they were a
puzzle, that about to build. Business techniques and marketing
knowledge and skills especially for training purposes. Skills in
giving presentations, negotiating, telephoning, business meetings.
ICT skills and competences: Good ability with general office automation, PC skills, Windows,
Microsoft Office, among others utilities of ICT. Also advanced
knowledge of website, social networks, video edition. The
computer and / or my cell phone is my office wherever Iam. I
have this culture for over 10 years. I am a user zero paper.
Other skills and competences: By nature I am restless, researcher and since childhood I am
scrutinizing everything that catches my attention. I have skills for
public and business relations, I get very easily contact for
important business. I know very well procurement with the state,
I consider myself a good expert in public management, which is
very necessary to raise large projects of Smart Cities. I get that

people appreciate me very easily, I make them to want me, that

recognize and respect me, specialy of senior managers, those
who make decisions.
In the last 10 years I have attended several congresses and national and
international events that relate different areas around the Smart Cities: in
Colombia, Europe, the United States and other countries in Latin America.
Have also given conferences in universities, public officials and in
national and international congresses (all these areas, finally are
essential for structuring the Smart Cities) on the following topics:

Institutional Modernization
Information Systems
Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)
Configuration and implementation of computer networks
Forming and supporting citizen oversight
State structure and the role of the citizen
Systemic approach to public administration
Organizational development
Planning Systems
Participatory planning
Evaluation of Management and Results and methodological
development, from a Development Plan of the territory
Government Online
Digital Cities
Intelligent Territories with Sustainable Development in social,
environmental and economic
Colombia towards a Knowledge Country
Antioquia, Department of Knowledge as a Living Lab
Medellin, International City of Knowledge
Pereira, City of Knowledge, as a Living Lab
Specialization in Knowledge Management - Uniminuto 2012,
among others.

Research work highlights:
- Evaluation of the Strategic Plan of ICT for Colciencias, Bogot 2013
- Living Lab 'Pereira, City of Knowledge', Pereira 2012

- Technology Transfer Unit - UTT, from the Colombian Polytechnic

'Jaime Isaza Cadavid', Medelln 2011 (
- Methodological design of a process from Technological Surveillance
for the Polytechnic 'Jaime Isaza Cadavid', Medelln 2011
- Living Lab 'Antioquia, Department of Knowledge', Medellin 2011
- Creating a Telematic Network in the Department of Risaralda, Pereira 1995
- Joint Venture for the Bank of Machinery from Department of
Risaralda; Pereira 1994.
Some publications:
1. Model Management from Automotive Park in the State, December
1996 (
2. Evaluation Model of Management and Results from the Municipal
Development Plans, September 1998 (
3. How to fight the corruption in the State in Colombia, Sept. 2002
4. Telecommunications in Colombia and the Free Trade Agreement FTA with the United States, June 2004 (
5. National Policy from Digital Territories, May 2007 (,
among others.
Some articles published:
- Plans Development of new mayors and governors and Intelligent
Territories with Sustainable Development - April 2016
- The Intelligent Territories and Open Innovation in Colombia November 2013 (;
- Smart Cities or Smart Territories - Cities of the Future - May 2013
- What are the Living Labs? - June 2011 (;
- What are the Knowledge Territories? - May 2011 (;
- Institutional Network of the Department of Antioquia - December 2010
- State of the Art in Innovation for Productivity and Competitiveness of
Antioquia - December 2010 (;
- State Policy: 'Colombia, Land of Knowledge' - August 2010
- Open and Collaborative Innovation - June 2010 (;
- Colombia, toward a country of Knowledge - June 2009
- Colombia is itself changing. Are we prepared to positively guide these
changes? - May 2009 (;
- Education in Colombia and Interactive Boards - June 2008

- The National Plan of Information and Communications Technologies ICT - June 2008 (;
- Digital Cities and Departments in Territorial Development Plans,
2008-2011 - April 2008 (;
- Digital Territory - January 2008 (;
- Education as the essence of Colombia, toward a Country of
Knowledge - November 2007 (;
- Digital Territories and Education in the National Development Plan November 2007 (;
- Colombia, Country of Knowledge - July 2007 (
- Member and International Jury of the Intelligent Community Forum
- Member of the European Network of Living Lab - ENoLL since 2009,
organization that is born at the request of the European Commission:;
- Evaluator and Jury internacioanl of ENoLL for 7a and 8a Calls
(waves) for Living Labs;
- Member of the Iberoamerican Community for Knowledge Systems
- Creator and promoter of Network of Living Labs and Innovation
Spaces of Colombia - LAVICOL:;
Under my leadership and coordination, it is achieved certify by the
European Network of Living Labs - ENoLL, seven (7) main projects as
Living Labs in the years 2011 ( and 2012
( These are the projects:
In the year 2011:
1. Antioquia, Department of Knowledge (,
presented by the Knowledge Country Foundation
2. Digital Medellin tovard Smart City, presented by Digital Medellin
3. Digital City 'Ciudad Bolivar' from Bogota, presented by the District
University of Bogota (
4. ICT Cluster Bogot, presented by ESICenter Sinertic Andino
5. Red Lifeguard, presented by RedSalvavidas (
6. Collective Intelligence, presented by Knowledge Factory
In the year 2012:
7. Pereira, City of Knowledge, presented by the Knowledge Country
Foundation (

Luis Felipe Mutis Camargo
General Manager
Cell Phone: +57 310 301 75 24
- Universidad Tecnolgica de Pereira (
Osiel Arbelez Salazar
Director of Program from Faculty of Mechatronics Engineering
Cell Phone: +57 300 673 61 16
Dated: 22 December 2016