Celebrate USA Layout

A Purple Cows Designer Project
by Jing-Jing Nickel http://thislittleartofmine.blogspot.com/


Purple Cows 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer #1040 Purple Cows Freestyle Mouse Kit #6045


Cosmo Cricket Snorkel Patterned Papers and sticker Bazzill Basics Cardstock GlueArts GlueGlider Pro Perma Tac adhesive Helmar Premium Craft Glue Other: chipboard stars, Jenni Bowlin sticker star, white rubon, machine stitching.

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Celebrate USA Layout

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Step by Step:
Designer tip: always be on the look-out for unusual ways to interpret the paper line. I saw the backside of a sheet of snorkel paper with red and white stripes and therefore saw its potential beyond swimming, sand, and beaches. I can use it for a patriotic layout. 1. Use the freestyle mouse to cut out squares. They don't have to be completely straight squares. The idea is to layer the squares on top of each other. Cut out about 16 2x2 inch squares. 2. Layer the squares onto the blue Bazzill cardstock. Stagger them to form a quasi-rectangle as shown. 3. Machine stitch a big circle around the squares. This circle doesn't have to be round either. It adds to the whimsical touch. (also because the designer is unable to stitch a round circle :) ) 4. Use three photos: one 5x7, two 3x2. Mat all photos onto white cardstock. Layer them onto the paper as shown. Cover up parts of the big 5x7 photo. 5. Sprinkle the stars around the layout in a random but controlled fashion. 6. Add the sticker of "celebrate" and the sticker star and rubon letters USA.

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