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1996 Ford EXPLORER

Submodel: | Engine Type: V8 | Liters: 5.0

Fuel Delivery: FI | Fuel: GAS

Section 04-05: Suspension, Computer Controlled


1996 Aerostar/Ranger/Explorer Workshop Manual

Procedure revision date: 05/18/2000

Air Compressor Relay

The air compressor relay is mounted in a relay module next to the power distribution box. The compressor relay is needed because the control module cannot directly provide the high
current needed to run the compressor motor. It operates as follows:
The control module (5A919) powers Circuit 420 to energize the relay coil.
When energized, the coil creates a magnetic field that closes the relay contacts, connecting Circuit 1053 to Circuit 417.
High current then flows from battery to the compressor motor.