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Community-Based Tourism Involvement (COMBADTRIN) as Strategy to

Face International Exposure

Ayudya Arumsari
Accounting Major, Economic Faculty, Tadulako University
Jl. Soekarno Hatta Km. 9 Kampus Bumi Tadulako Tondo Palu

Global competitiveness is growing rapidly day by days. Each country is forced to be
able to compete due to sustaining their existence. Moreover, in the era where Asean Economic
Community is now being the part of country -in some of Asean- involvement, rising up
country competitiveness is being an obligation to do. Indonesia, as the part of Asean
Economic Community should do those kind of improvement to compete to another country. By
what have been done through riil sector productivity due to economical development, which is
being threatened by global economic fluctuation, now it seems necessary for Indonesia to
proceed to another form of economical development, which is less affected by global
economic fluctuation.
Tourism is being the form of economical development that better to be concerned by
government based on such consideration. The strategic position of Indonesia where located
on equator line and in between two oceans makes it be the tropical country which rich of
natural beauty that can be explored as tourism spot. The increasing numbers of visitor or
tourist that come to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia proved by also being one of the
signal that Indonesia needs to move on to further economical development model.
Unfortunately, tourism nowadays still not being the main concern and priority by
people includes government, where people still not fully understand to tourism. Tourisms are
being left behind without any government maximal control. It seen by so many tourism spots
which still not being known by people as the result of bad publication and bad tourism
This paper aims to solve the issue occurs in tourism sector of Central Sulawesi, which
is nowadays being left behind without government control. Since the global economic
situation being unsure and affected all countries related, its being urge for country to create
another alternative in terms of economical development; and tourism is all the answer
because it cant be directly affected by economic fluctuation. Labuana Beach is the focus
tourism spot that will be being the object of this study regarding to its potency in natural

scenery beauty, local resident, and access. By implementing the model of Community-Based
Tourism Involvement (COMBADTRIN) in achieving the purpose, the local citizen will be
compiled into a community that focus on increasing the productivity of tourism through
professional tourism management training that further will be transferred into the other local
residents. The first phase of training will be about professional entrepreneurship training that
will concern on how to manage tourism sector through entrepreneurship and hospitality due
to increase tourism awareness. Another model that being proposed is also the technicality of
facilitating the Community-Based Tourism Involvement (COMBADTRIN) participants with
device to enhance program performance. As a follow up, there will be some incentives given
by fatherly training the participant about English skill, business and job skill, also budgeting
notebook skill that will be beneficial for them in terms of creating independent human
resource. This paper done under literature review and documentation method by using
descriptive qualitative analysis model.