I played a game of soccer; kicking the rotund football with
rampant frenzy; when I felt the muscles in my feet were
pertinently aching,
I played a game of cricket; swishing the cherry shaped ball
boundless feet out of the oval ground; when I felt that the
disdainful cluster of knots building up in my hands were raring
to be wholesomely released,
I played a game of basketball; levitating my feet countless inches
from the ground to find the sweet spot of the crisscrossed net;
when I felt an insatiable urge in my persona to be as tall as the
lanky building,
I played a game of cards; manipulatively dealing the resplendent
paper across the furry table; when I felt that the currency in my
pocket was rapidly diminishing; and I didn’t want to slog it
under the sweltering heat of the midday Sun,
I played a game of long tennis; articulately maneuvering my
gaudy racket all round the court; when I felt that an unrelenting
urge to defeat my horrendous adversary,
I played a game of wind sailing; dexterously steering my long
clothed boat against a battalion of turbulently tangy ocean
waves; when I felt the exhilaration evaporating at swashbuckling
speeds from my veins; an incorrigible spell of dull sleep
besieging my slender framework of bones,
I played a game of chess; ingeniously moving my pieces on the
enigmatically checkered board; when I felt that the dead cells in
my mind; the dolorous stagnancy in my demeanor needed that
captivating rejuvenation,
I played a game of hide and seek; flirtatiously camouflaging
myself behind the bushes away from the sight of my girl; when I
felt mystical pangs of naughty mischief mildly caress my soul,
I played a game of table tennis; bashing the hollow plastic with
fervent intensity virtually into my opponents face; when I felt

that my ears were dying to hear that ping pong sound which so
delectably made them oblivious to this mundane world,
I played a game of swimming; passionately waving my arms to
emulate a silver dolphin in the pool; when I felt that the skin
enveloping my body was dying a
premature death; the hair on my back had slept long ago,
I played a game of long jump; escalating my whole body to
stupendous heights over the flimsy bar; when I felt a tingling
sensation in my mind to conquer the acrimonious flurry of
I played a game of hockey; careening the round marble with my
stick right into the heart of the goal; when I felt that the food in
my stomach was rotting to hell; needed some indispensable
activity to be harmoniously digested,
I played a game of ice skating; gliding as smoothly as a white
eagle across the frozen coat of scintillating snow; when I felt
that an celestial urge to cover marathon miles without a single
walk or run,
I played a game of sword fighting; audaciously clanging
pugnacious metal with metal under the pearly rays of the full
moonlight; when I felt that my senses wanted to duplicate the
royal king; adopt his supremely oligarchic techniques to savor
the flavor of majestic life,
I played a game of crossword puzzle; meticulously synchronizing
and arranging a fleet of alphabets in chronological rows in order
to make prudent sense; when I felt that I needed to inevitably
brush up my fading vocabulary; before it entirely disappeared
with the passing clouds,
I played a game of staring; looking inexorably into my partners
eyes till God himself descended on this earth ordered them to
close; when I felt that the tenacity in vision was getting hazier by
the unfurling minute; the lazy obscurity could almost make me

I played a game of billiards; stroking the white beacon
handsomely with my rosewood stick; when I felt wanted to
uninhibitedly feast my eyes on the island of
fur coated green; make the table compassionately resonate
under the weight of
my magnificent ivory rod,
I played a game of whistling; melodiously deluging the
perpetually still ambience with a compendium of ravishing
tunes; when I intransigently felt that my lips do the talking
instead of my fat tongue,
I played a game of screaming; shouting explosively over the
contemporary mike; when I felt that my nimble voice took
decades to be heard; and people turned an
abysmally deaf ear; everytime I spoke,
I played a game of snakes and ladders; wistfully tossing the dice
to climb the perilous mountain; when I felt that I had become
overwhelmingly mature; needed
to revive my nostalgic memories; go right back into innocuous
And I played a game of love; ardently embracing my beloved;
drowning myself in mind; body; spirit and soul into the cloud of
her enchanting romance; to live
life blissfully; allow several others of my kind to do the same in
the infinite moments yet to unveil; the years still to come .