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Lobo (TV series)

Also known as

She Wolf: The Last Sentinel


Drama, Supernatural, Horror, Action, Romance

Created by

Henry King Quitain

Developed by

Malou N. Santos

Directed by

Cathy Garcia-Molina
Jerry Lopez Sineneng
FM Reyes


Angel Locsin
Piolo Pascual

Ending theme

Ikaw Ang Pangarap

by Martin Nievera


Ogie Alcasid

Country of origin


No. of episodes

118 (Total episodes)



Metro Manila

Antipolo, Rizal
Tanay, Rizal
Camera setup

Multi-camera setup

Running time

30-45 minutes

Production company(s) Star Creatives

Original network


Picture format

NTSC (480i) SDTV

Original release

January 28 July 11, 2008


Followed by


Lobo (lit. Wolf) is a Philippine supernaturalfantasy horror TV series produced by ABS-CBN that
premiered January 28, 2008 and ran through July 11, 2008. It was topbilled by Piolo Pascual with
Angel Locsin and was the most expensive teleserye made by ABS-CBN.[2]

In 2004, Lobo was already planned as a project by ABS-CBN with the original storyline centering on
siblings who are both wolves. Robin Padilla was the rst choice of ABS-CBN for the role "Noah" with
Claudine Barreto as "Lyka". Kristine Hermosa and Bea Alonzo were also considered but these
pairings was scrapped when Padilla transferred to GMA-7. In early 2007, John Lloyd Cruz and Anne
Curtis were also offered the lead roles but turned them down due to a prior commitment to return to
their roles for the sequel to the television drama Maging Sino Ka Man. The show nally began
formal preparations, training, and lming with the transfer of Angel Locsin to ABS-CBN. The
management decided to pair her with Piolo Pascual. Heart Evangelista was also offered "Gabriella"'s
role now played by Shaina Magdayao. The choice of the dog who portrays Lyka's white wolf alterego brought about ABS-CBN's decision to buy a purebred dog named Brasca all the way from
France costing P200,000.


The plot revolves around young lovers Lyka Raymundo and Noah Ortega. Lyka is a young woman
aspiring to be a fashion designer and works as a fashion assistant in the House of Elle. Her
decision to pursue the arts is frowned upon by her Tita Clara Rivero because, according to her, it is
not a practical choice.
Noah becomes a second lieutenant of the Philippine Army. During a crucial mission, he saves Don
Manolo Sebastian and becomes involved in the battle between the Luna and the Waya.
Lyka's position as fashion assistant to Lady Elle is foreshadowed by the fact that she is believed to
be the last hope of her fellow White Werewolves (a faction/clan of Filipino werewolves): "Ang Huling
Bantay". It is through the House of Elle that Lyka crosses paths with Noah, Lady Elle's bodyguard
and driver. Little does she know that he is actually her childhood friend, "Jay-Jay" who she thought
was long dead. When Lyka and Noah nally meet and fall in love, something had to tear them apart.
Something that Noah can never accept. The blossoming romance between the two is hindered by
the presence of Gabrielle Dizon and Anton Rivero. Gabrielle is a deep-penetration agent who
attempts to distract Noah while Anton is in love with Lyka and will do anything to prove his love.
There are two opposing groups in the storythe Luna and the Waya. The members of the Luna
organization have a grudge against the werewolves while the Waya are the protectors of the Lobo
(the werewolves), and they want them to co-exist harmoniously with normal humans.

Main article: List of Lobo Episodes

Main Cast



She is strongly motivated by her dreams to become a famous fashion

Angel Locsin RaymundoOrtega

designer. But for now, she enjoys her job as a fashion assistant in the
"House of Elle". However, her zest for life will be dimmed by the harsh
truth of her real nature. On the brighter side, she will capture the
elusive heart of Noah. Is her love stronger than the decree of fate?
Working both as a Second Lieutenant in the Philippine Army also a
personal guard for Eleanora Blancaflor, Noah is known for his

Piolo Pascual Noah Ortega intelligence, skills and speed in combat. Behind his quiet and
mysterious look lies a man who is capable of loving deeply. Will he
defy everything he believes in for the sake of love?

Supporting Cast



An asset of the military who belongs in the Intelligence Division,





Gabrielle is Noah's mistah and best friend. But her dedication to her
craft will push her to ght against Noah who happens to be the man
she secretly loves. She will do anything to make Noah happy even if it
hurts her in the process.


Alec Aragon /



He's a wolf also and he came to help Lyka save their lives.
Unexpectedly, he ended up loving Lyka who can't love him back. On
the other side of the character, Remus is the god of the white wolves.
He is deeply in love with Lyka whom he grew up with as a cousin.


Hence, he will hinder the romance between Noah and her. Using his
Anton Rivero intelligence as a chemist and his innate ferociousness, Anton will do
everything in his power to have Lyka even if one of the choices is to
kill Noah.
Her fabulous contribution in the fashion insdustry is famed across

Pilar Pilapil

a.k.a. Lady

Asia. She works as the president of the "House of Elle" as well as the
leader of an organization called "Waya". angd was tagged as the
strongest Waya next to Lyka. Hidden beneath her glamorous image
and lifestyle is her ultimate secret known to a selected few. Lady Elle
is also the stern protector of Lyka. She will discover that Lyka has her
own secret.

Agot Isidro


Her dangerous nature forces Nessa to abandon her only child (Lyka)


for the sake of the latter's safety.

He is known for raising his kids with an iron hand. He takes his

Dante Rivero

Gen. Leon

responsibility at work more seriously though, to the point that his


mysterious mission comes rst than his duty as a father to Noah and





Owner of the "House of Elle" and a former member of an organization

called "Luna". He is willing to risk everything he owns in the name of
Works as a costume mistress in the "House of Elle". She is the



closest friend of Lyka and is hiding a secret that she doesn't know but
is haunting her. This secret is something that'll change the plot of the
She acts as surrogate mother to both Lyka and Anton. Clara's world
mainly revolves around Anton since she sees him like a real son while

Irma Adlawan Clara Rivero

Lyka suffers from her callousness. In one point of the story, she has
to decide if she will kill Lyka for Anton while revealing who will save
the lobo species.

Extended Cast
Lauren Young as Zoe Cristobal
AJ Perez as Bayani "Yani" Mendoza
Spanky Manikan as General Crisostoco Silva / Alberto de la Rama
Nash Aguas as Tikboy Kabigting
Gio Alvarez as Elton
Maritoni Fernandez as Dr. Vivian Lee
Simon Ibarra as Father Ben
Cris Villanueva as Minyong
Ahron Villena as Andrew
Archie Adamos as Leo
Evelyn Buenaventura as "Mananangal"
Janus del Prado as Choy
Eric Fructuoso as Rodolfo
Dionne Monsanto as Clarrise
Eri Neeman as Dan
Crispin Pineda
KC Aboloc as Annie
Timmy Cruz as Ylvana Zaragoza

Guest Cast
Kier Legaspi as Nicholas Raymundo
Liza Lorena as Mrs. Blancaflor
Susan Africa as older Savannah
Bobby Andrews as Emilio "Emil" Ortega

Angel Aquino as young Savannah

Sheryl Cruz as young Elle Blancaflor
Diether Ocampo as Lorenzo Blancaflor
Christian Vasquez as young Leon Cristobal
Chinggoy Alonzo as Mr. Blancaflor
Alexander Romano as young Anton
Beatriz Saw as young Trixie
Jacob Dionisio as young Noah Ortega / Jay-Jay
Sharlene San Pedro as young Lyka Raymundo / Ulay

The show premiered on January 28, 2008 with a rating of 26.4%. This registered a higher pilot
reception compared to Palos and Kung Fu Kids in Mega Manila ratings.[3] The series nale got the
high ratings of 33.4% (together with The Singing Bee, which garnered 33.2% in the nationwide
ratings game according to the NUTAM (Nationwide Urban TV Audience Measurement) conducted
by AGB Nielsen.[4]

Theme Song
Lobo's theme song, Ikaw Ang Aking Pangarap, (Literal English translation: "You Are My Dream" or
"You Are My Desire") was composed by Ogie Alcasid and was originally sung by Martin Nievera.
Halfway through the season, a duet version of the song, performed by Martin Nievera and Raki
Vega, was introduced.

Awards and Recognitions

Year Organization



2008 22nd PMPC Star Awards for Television

Best Primetime Drama Series


2008 22nd PMPC Star Awards for Television

Best Drama Actor (Piolo Pascual)


Best Drama Actress (Angel

2008 22nd PMPC Star Awards for Television



2008 7th Gawad Tanglaw

Best Primetime Drama Series


2008 Anak TV Seal Awards

Most Well-Liked TV Program


2009 BANFF World Television Festival

Best Telenovela Program


Best Performance by an Actress

2009 37th International Emmy Awards


(Angel Locsin)

National Commission for Culture and the Arts

of the Philippines[5]


Recognition (Angel Locsin)


International release
According to ABS-CBN International Sales & Distribution, the series will soon be shown in different
countries in Asia with the English title of She Wolf: The Last Sentinel.[6] ABS-CBN Teleseryes
penetrate TV landscape in other countries as it was also set to be aired in Thailand television. The
series re-aired again on Jeepney TV starting March 11, 2013.

International Broadcast
Country Alternate title/translation TV network(s)
Nigeria She Wolf

Mytv promo


Weekly schedule

January - May 2013 Daily at 22:00

Main article: Imortal

In 2010, ABS-CBN decided to produce a sequel of the series entitled, Imortal. According to, Lia, also played by Angel Locsin, is the daughter of Noah and Lyka Ortega.[1]

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