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Master Class Basics

Practice Guide

Dr. Pillai gives techniques which helps to create timelessness within yourself.
When you are timeless, you achieve soul Intelligence. This practice can help you
Jump your existing timeline and get into another timeline. Lets get an
experience of timelessness.

Meditation Practice
Close your eyes.
Im going to give you some words, better sounds than words. These sounds will
put you in a domain of thoughtlessness. Youll become thought free, word free.
Just close your eyes.
Put a bright Light in your Right eye.
Piercing through your Right eye. Theres a reason why I do this Light on the
Right eye.
Put a Light in the Left eye.
Put a Light in the 3rd eye, in between the two eyebrows and a little above.
Visualize the whole body becoming Light.
This is preparation for listening to the sounds. These are sounds that have come
from a Divine Source, to stop the mind and remain in the Timeless Domain and
to perform Miracles from that level. The sounds will put you in a domain where

you become thoughtless, beyond Time, and in a domain where you can do
Miracles. The sounds are important, not the meaning as much although Ill give
the meaning too.

Chumma Iru Chollara

Just Listen. Chumma Iru.
On the Right eye. Chumma Iru. Receive the sounds there.
Chollara. On the Left eye.
Chumma Iru Chollara
In between the two eyebrows. Chumma Iru Chollara.
I picked up these sounds because the guy who received it, instantaneously
became enlightened receiving this from this Divine Being and was able to
perform Miracles. These words are very creative. What do they mean, the words,
or the sounds? Chumma means be quiet. Iru, be quiet. Chumma Iru is be quiet,
doing nothing. Thats a rough translation. Chollara, without words. So be quiet,
or be still without words I the meaning. Thats for the mind.
Again on the Right eye. Chumma Iru Chollara
Left eye. Chumma Iru Chollara.
In between the two eyebrows. Chumma Iru Chollara.
Now focus on the entire brain. Chumma Iru Chollara. Be still without words, Be
still without words, Be still without words. There are no words coming from the
mind, from the brain. No words are coming. No thoughts are coming.
Chumma Iru Chollara, Chumma Iru Chollara. The sounds will go into your
cerebellum, pituitary, pineal, the Left brain, the Broca area, and the Wernicke
area thats the frontal lobe.
Chumma Iru Chollara. Be still without words. The whole brain, focus.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,
Shanti Shanti Shanti

Peace, Peace, Peace

Peace to the Body, Peace to the Mind, Peace to the Soul, Peace to the
Peace, Peace, Peace
Now, slowly, slowly come back to yourself and open your eyes.
I have just given you a vision of possibilities of how you can change your
destiny, your life, your money, your health, your intelligence, by being in

Dr. Pillai shares a new way of practicing Patanjili that was revealed to him. This
practice can take you into Miracle Consciousness, Particle Consciousness, or a
Nano Consciousness, a very, very refined state of consciousness by stopping the

Meditation Practice
Close your eyes and listen because the sounds that Patanjali uses will create
experience within you and take you to the domain from where you can manifest.
The key is understanding the Sanskrit sounds.
I have been talking a lot about Sanskrit sounds with the Hebrew sounds Raba
Bara GaBhRA.
If you just go and look at some of my Jewish and Yogic Power Sounds, I talk
about them and I have been immensely benefited by combining the Hebrew with
the Sanskrit Tradition.

Well anyway, just listen to what Patanjali says about how to stop the mind.
Chitta Vritti Nirodah , Chitta Vritti Nirodah.
What it means is: Stop the Mind Expansion. Chitta is the mind. Vritti is the
Nirodha is stop. Stop the expansion of the mind. Thats the English meaning.
Dont worry about that because the Sutra itself will give you the experience. The
key is to understand where the secret is.
The secret is in the sound itt. You can take the sound by itself, Chitta.
Chit ta Vrit ti Nirodah. The itt sound will raise the kundalini up.
If you put your attention there in your Muladhara, Chit, Chit ta, Vrit ti Niro
dah. Chit ta Vrit ti Niro dah.
If you do it as a meditation, the kundalini will raise from the bottom of the spinal
column at the Muladhara, and momentarily your breath will also stop.
Chit itt ta Vrit Vrit ti Niro dah. It ends at dha is important.
itt is the most important. It will raise the kundalini and when kundalini goes
into the sushumna, the brain will stop functioning by practice, but even
momentarily you will have that experience.
Chit ta Vrit ti Niro dah
Now to just to give you another dimension. You are not just listening with your
mind, your soul is also listening.
Chitt and Chitta will give you two different states of consciousness. Chitt will
give you the Divine Consciousness of Omniscience, Omnipotence, and
From Chitt we have the Chitta which is the mind consciousness. Look at the
complications, the complexities involved in it.
Chit ta Vrit ti Niro dah
itt Just take the itt alone and practice.
itt Kundalini will raise and the breath will stop. The lung breathing will stop and
the midbrain breathing will start at that point.

Now I want you to open your eyes.

This is a whole new way of practicing Patanjali and this was revealed to me. So
we cannot translate Patanjalis Yoga Sutras, particularly his section on SuperNormal Powers where you do a special meditation called Samyama.
- Samyama is a technique that he teaches for manifesting anything you want to
- Siddhi Powers. If you want to fly in the air, or if you want to know the future, if
you want to know somebody elses mind, if you want to stop hunger, whatever
you want to do. Theres a whole chapter on Mystic Powers, Vibhuti Pada, by
Patanjali where he talks about all of these Miracles that you can do provided you
can go into these states of mind. What are these states of mind? And thats the
most important thing. One is you have to tie the mind. Its completely mind
training or consciousness training. Desa Bandas Chittasya Dharana.
- Dharana means concentration. You have to go on concentrating and tying the
mind to one particular part and then saying it over, and over, and over, and
over, and over, and over again.
When I used to teach in the beginning I said this is the Japa- like thing. You
continuously go on saying: I want a Mercedes, I want a Mercedes, I want a
Mercedes, - - -. Go on saying that and this will give you concentration.
Now Vayasa goes and gives a good understanding about it. Youve got to put in
the naval, the heart, and the tongue. Then there are other commentators who
understand Dharana, Desa Bandas Chittasya Dharana, as visualizing a God.
Youve just got to get into that domain. Its very powerful to do that. So thats
only the first step. The first step is just called Dharana, which is concentration.
This is the first step to go into the domain from where you can manifest.
What is the second step? The second step is called Dhyana. Dhyana means
meditation. That is the English translation. So when you talk about this concept
in English, we lose Dhyana.
Dhyana, the sound itself is a very powerful sound, deep. It can give you a very
powerful thinking. Dhyana Tatra Pratyaya Ekatanata Dhyanam That is
Sanskrit. So if you repeat this and understand the secret, you will be in Dhyana

Just meditation is not just battling with thoughts. You have to concentrate on the
Pratyaya. You should not be in the domain of sounds, domain of words, or
domain of meaning, but you go to a much deeper level of holding the idea, the
concept. Thats Pratyaya.
Then you have the third step which is Samadhi. Samadhi is perfect
concentration. Artha Matra Nirbhasam Svarupa Shunyam Iva Samadhi .
Again you have to take every sound and look into it and how they can produce
this super concentration. Only the object remains. Artha Matra. Artha means
object. Matra means only.
Nirbhasam : only that sign is in your mind, you are so absorbed in the object:
Svarupa Shunyam. Even the meditator disappears.
The meditator disappears. The meditation disappears. Only the object remains. If
you have that, then you manifest. Svarupa Shunyam Iva Samadhih. This is

In this section, Dr. Pillai teaches how we can stop the old pattern of pain,
suffering, disease, aging and death. This is a very important meditation. Not only
a meditation that you will do with closed eyes, you should have this
consciousness all of the time because this is all Maya. The truth is we are Light,
not matter.

Meditation Practice
Close your eyes.

You feel the body. You have legs, hands, and internal organs within the body, the
brain, and the different parts. This is experiencing the 3-Dimensional Reality. The
mind is fully functioning and giving you access only to this 3-Dimensional Reality.
Now how to get into the Astral Plane, or the Astral Consciousness within your
own soul.
Just imagine this body doesnt exist. This body doesnt exist. This body is a
mirage. Not real.
Say to yourself: Im not a body. Im not the body. Im not the body.
Now visualize the Astral Body separating as a Lightbody and walking out of you.
You identify with that Lightbody that is able to go and pierce through the wall
because you dont have flesh and blood body. So the Lightbody, the Astral body,
can go anywhere it wants to.
Your identity is not with the flesh and blood body, it is only with that Light, Astral
body of Light.
What you are doing is the Bhavana. Bhavana means its an imagination, but that
imagination is real. Thats why Einstein said: Imagination is better than
So dont think imagination is fooling you. You fool yourself only when you think
this physical body is everything.
Imagination is better than the intellect.
Let the Astral body come back to yourself and merge with your physical body.
Now feel within the body, both the Astral body, and the physical body. Feel
within this body, the physical body, and the vibrations of the Astral body. Yes, it
is imagination, but imagination is better than intellect.
Now again, send this Astral body out of you. It goes wherever it wants to go. It
has no duality.
It can have Thought Manifestation. It has all of the Siddhi Powers.
Now the body comes back to you. Feel the body within the body, Astral body
within the physical body.
Now, open your eyes.