A New College Has Landed in Seattle

Athena University, the newest addition to the Athena Education System will open its first US campus
in January of 2017. With more than 45 years of experience, the Athena Education System and its
components in China, Thailand and Taiwan have pioneered a new approach, model and perspective
to students on a global plane.
Seattle, WA, December 15, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The purpose of coming to Seattle, according to Chow
Lee, President of Athena University, “is to integrate the best attributes of both eastern and western
educational philosophies.” Although many potential students will not be able to take advantage of
Athena's study abroad and dual degree options, they will certainly be encouraged to do so. The initial
offerings for 2017, authorized by the State of Washington, will be the MBA and an MS in Animation
Game Design.
At this point, Athena University is navigating the process of earning US accreditation. Accomplishing
this requires student performance, retention, and outcome data. As a community outreach strategy and as
a way to demonstrate its commitment to the US market, Athena University is offering a total of 30, (80%
scholarships), for tuition throughout the programs for their pilot cohorts starting in January and March.
University Chancellor, Da-Yung Wang mentioned, “Athena could have offered the pilot cohorts totally
free tuition, but the end goal of retention and alumni outcomes tend to be enhanced if the students have
some skin in the game. Still, at this price point, (under 5k spread over 2 years), most students will be able
to afford the degree without the oppressive burden of student loans.”
Athena University will offer classes evenings at its conveniently located downtown campus. There are
also online options. It is notable that Athena University's admission requirements are met by many of the
British-modeled three-year bachelor degree programs often found internationally (in Europe, Canada,
Asia and Africa).
Open houses are scheduled for December 21st and January 18, (5-6:30pm), for those seeking additional
information on the programs, costs and what students can expect. For more information, visit the website:
www.athenauniversity.org or call 206-855-3812.

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