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Unit 1 Grammar practice

Present and past tenses;

future forms
1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the

bold verbs. Use the present simple, present continuous,

present perfect simple or present perfect continuous.
Ive got twin sisters. They are (be) the same age.

helmet when Mary (9)
crying. When I (10)
(ask) her
what was wrong, she said that she was too scared. So we
(not jump) in the end!

4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the

verbs in the list. Use suitable future forms.





1 She cant go out. She

(not finish) her homework yet.

Look! That dog is going to bite the man on the bike!

2 Bill and Nancy were away on holiday. They

(just return).

1 I
Would you like to join us?

3 Most children
vegetables, but my son
(love) them.

2 Do you think your brother

us an email when he arrives at the hotel?



(feel) OK?

You look a bit pale.

3 We
end of next month.

5 Tony
hes tired now.

(go) to the lecture now.

2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of

around Europe by the

your essay later?

(paint) all morning, so

6 We

Jason for lunch at 2 oclock.

5 Write sentences. Use will, be going to or the present


I / open / the door / for / you

the bold verbs. Use the past simple or past perfect


I will open the door for you.

My parents saw (saw) many fascinating places while they

were visiting (visit) China last year.

2 I / think / it / be / cold / tonight

1 We
while we
yesterday evening.

(hear) a loud noise

(have) dinner

3 While my dad
grass, I
4 They
5 I

(rain) when
(leave) the house this
(cut) the
(plant) flowers.
(sleep) when the
(fall over) when I
(walk) the dog last week.

3 Complete the text with the correct form of the bold

verbs. Use the past simple, past continuous, past
perfect or past perfect continuous.

Last weekend, I wanted (want) to go bungee jumping

with my friend, Mary. We (1)
(never do) it before, so we were very excited. Mary
(plan) everything for
weeks. On the day, we (3)
(arrive) at the bungee jumping site, which was a
tall bridge, early in the morning. The sun
(rise) and the sky
(look) beautiful. Mary
(stare) down at the river
below the bridge while I (7)
(get) ready. I (8)
(put on) my

1 Brent / probably / not pass / his exams

3 They / cook / dinner / for / us / tomorrow

4 Look! That little boy / fall!

5 What / you / do / during the holidays?

6 We / go / to the cinema / tonight

6 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the

bold verbs. Use the future continuous or future perfect.

I will send these emails tomorrow. (send)
By the end of tomorrow, I will have sent these emails.
1 Francis is leaving the company in September. (leave)

By October, Francis

2 Their plane arrives in Madrid at 6 oclock. (arrive)

At 7 oclock, their plane

3 My father will collect you from the airport. (wait)

When you get to the airport, my father


4 I wont finish my work by 9 oclock. (finish)

By 9 oclock, I

5 Between 1 oclock and 3 oclock tomorrow, we have a

meeting. (have)

At 2 oclock tomorrow, we


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