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Cumulative Evidence and the Case for Gods Existence (Free

Bible Insert)

My cold cases are typically built on circumstantial evidence.
Cumulative circumstantial cases are incredibly powerful when
considered in their totality; the more diverse the forms of
evidence (and the more abundant their existence), the more
reasonable the conclusion. As jurors consider these large
collections of evidence implicating a particular suspect, they
must ask themselves a simple question: Could this guy just be
incredibly unlucky, or is he the cause of all this evidence
because he is truly guilty? The more the evidence repeatedly
points to the defendant, the less likely it is merely a matter of
coincidence. The cumulative case for Gods existence is
similarly powerful. There are a number of circumstantial lines of
evidence pointing to the existence of God, and the diverse, collective nature of this evidence is most reasonably
explained by the existence of a Creator. This month, were featuring a free downloadable Bible insert summarizing a
brief cumulative case for Gods existence, built on just five lines of circumstantial evidence:
(1) The Temporal Nature of the Cosmos (Cosmological)
(a) The Universe began to exist
(b) Anything that begins to exist must have a cause
(c) Therefore, the Universe must have a cause
(d) This cause must be eternal (uncaused), non-spatial, immaterial, atemporal, and personal (having the ability to
willfully cause the beginning of the universe)
(e) The cause fits the description we typically assign to God
(2) The Appearance of Design (Teleological)
(a) Human artifacts (like watches) are products of intelligent design
(b) Many aspects and elements of our universe resemble human artifacts
(c) Like effects typically have like causes
(d) Therefore, it is highly probable the appearance of design in the Universe is simply the reflection of an intelligent
(d) Given the complexity and expansive nature of the Universe, this designer must be incredibly intelligent and
powerful (God)
(3) The Existence of Objective Moral Truth (Axiological)
(a) There is an objective (transcendent) moral law
(b) Every law has a law giver
(c) Therefore, there is an objective (transcendent) moral law giver
(d) The best explanation for this objective (transcendent) law giver is God
(4) The Existence of Absolute Laws of Logic (Transcendent)
(a) The laws of logic exist
i. The laws of logic are conceptual laws
ii. The laws of logic are transcendent


iii. The laws of logic pre-existed humans

(b) All conceptual laws reflect the mind of a law giver
(c) The best and most reasonable explanation for the kind of mind necessary for the existence of the transcendent,
objective, conceptual laws of logic is a transcendent, objective, eternal Being (God)
(5) The Unique Nature of Our World and Universe (Anthropic)
(a) Our universe appears uniquely designed so:
i. Life can exist
ii. This same life can examine the universe
(b) This unique design cannot be the result of random chance or unguided probabilities
(c) There is, therefore, a God who designed the universe to support human life and reveal His existence as creator
of the Cosmos
This brief list is intended as a recap and reminder (squeezed into the size of a Bible insert). Fuller descriptions of
these arguments are available at and Ill be writing about this evidence more robustly here
at Cold Case Christianity in 2014. For now, however, this short summary should at least remind us of the power of
cumulative cases. Theists have many good reasons to infer rationally to the existence of God. Our case is as robust
and diverse as any successful cold case prosecution.
By the way, you can download this Bible insert by visiting the Cold Case Christianity homepage and clicking the link
on the right side of the page.
J. Warner Wallace is a Cold-Case Detective, a Christian Case Maker, and the author of Cold-Case Christianity
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