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Celina Lewis

Trump Lights the Flame again
For my Rhetorical Analysis After scrolling deep , I found an article of The
New York Times, on that website I came across an Article called “Trumps
Debate Flameout” by Author Charles M.Blow. In his article, he went over
Trump's dramatic flameout late September during a televised debate. Many
people had a lot to say about this debate rather they agreed with Donald
trump or Hilary Clinton, either way, you couldn’t help but feel some type of
way when watching this heated debate. By reading this article I noticed that
the audience might’ve been for people who are interested in the debate, but
also people who are teaming Hilary. Nothing negative was really said about
Mrs. Clinton at all. Trump, on the other hand, was completely bashed. In this
New Times article, what was started was “Donald Trump’s debate
performance on Monday couldn’t possibly argue that he won that debate or
that he is the kind of person to whom we should entrust the presidency”. I
felt strong emotion while reading that which is why I want to label that
statement as pathos. Even though I feel like the whole article is full of
pathos, that statement is what stood out the most. I feel like this article was
mainly pathos because I see that there was a lot of strong emotion towards

He included Katie Pavlich. The argument will have to be that Donald trump is unfit to be the next president of the united states. It wasn’t hard to understand how the author felt . if you think he is fit for president you are completely nuts. In other words.Row Heading 2 trump such as sadness and very disgusted. The whole article talks about why Donald trump isn’t fit to be our next president by also using strong emotions in what was being said.cause pretty much the first line no one with a decent mind would really think he can be our next president. The author tried to support his argument by bringing up what different reporters said. In Pavlich Article she said that “Trumps campaign adviser Sarah Huckabee Sanders probably didn’t show up because he know what he is doing and he does what is best for him. words from text (Pavlich) saying he didn’t prepare for the debate nor did he even bother to show up to debate practice.” That one statement there was a lot of emotion just by using keywords such as “couldn’t possibly”. “ As I read more I found myself finding “Ethos” Sarah Huckabee rambles on about Donald Trump saying “ He’s not a poll-tested. I said the statement “ Donald Trump’s debate performance on Monday couldn’t possibly argue that he won that debate or that he is the kind of person to whom we should entrust the presidency. That’s a great contrast to have and one I think we . scripted robot like Hillary Clinton.

Trump went on to explain why something like that was even the issue.” She is speaking on Donald trump character cause she knows him personally and knows what he is actually about and how he prepare himself. The author targets anybody that was second guessing who to vote for. She won because she was “prepared”. I picked up “Logos” being used. “ Many other companies throughout the country were also sued”. Sarah speaks on what we should expect from this debate . She backed up her argument with a year of when Donald Trump was sued because of him not letting people rent out his apartments because of their skin tone Mr. The poll – tested scripted “robot” took on the debate. He Isn’t the biggest fan of trump and feels like he isn’t the president that our country needs. he made it seem as if it was perfectly fine to discriminate . “Donald started his career back in 1973 being sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination because he would not rent apartments in one of his developments to African -Americans” as she continued to talk about this issue that happened years ago.Donald trump brushed off the fact that he didn’t allow people of color to stay in his apartments. Donald Trump really was. Too bad what most people saw is different from what she predicted. He looks at trump to be a phony racist . Hilary brought up a shocking incident that left a lot of us second guessing who Mr.Row Heading 3 are certainly excited to see tonight.

not the only person that decided to run for president that missed practiced . This article was very basis.” The New York Times Sept.Charles M “ Trump’s Debate Flameout. He reached out to not only Hilary fans but to people who are even for trump and people who aren’t really caught up on what’s going on in the election far as who are next president can possibly be. http://nyti. Although the author made a pretty good argument and engaged his audience. Who says that he didn’t prepare? Doing deeper research and looking up the percentages of presidential candidates that actually showed up to debate practice and the ones that did. he could’ve used some logos to show us . Also. Blow. I feel this way because when the issue was brought up about the apartments.Row Heading 4 because it was the “it” thing to We then will be able to critics and see if him being there is the cause of him “losing” the debate. Accessed 29 Sept. With this article. Blow is for. I do feel like this article was one-sided. .2016. it was more so what Hilary said. and you can clearly see who Charles M. they stressed the fact that he didn’t show up to debate practice . I believe the author reached out to a few audiences. his audience if by him showing up really made a difference.2016. 29. no proof from somebody that actually sued him all she had was a date. Everybody has their own ways of preparing for things. I think that he could have used more ethos to back up his argument. I’m pretty sure that he.

Before taking my essay I got snacks and made sure I was under the cover with the tv on. . but turn down. 2.I have trouble identifying the logos. So I guess you can say I got confrontable before starting y essay.I think that I did good at identifying the argument of this article. 3.Row Heading 5 Writing Response Journal 1. I Did not visit the writing lab even though I would like to. I really didn’t find much of logos in this particular article . like I would have liked. I typed most of my essay in my common area of my dorm. The process wasn’t hard at all I just had to make sure that I was focus.

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