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The Kraft Heinz Company Employee Code of Conduct

Tuesday/ 5:30pm-9:30pm

September 6, 2016


Principles and values an individual uses to govern his/ her activities and decisions
Code of conduct/ ethical code.
Sets out the company’s values, ethics, objective and responsibilities.
Should reflect the company’s ethos, values and business style.
The ethical philosophy an organization uses to conduct business can affect the reputation,
productivity and bottom line of the business.
Management tool for setting out an organization’s values, responsibilities and ethical
Provides employees with guidance for handling difficult ethical situations related to the
It is based on the business’ core values, and no two codes are the same.


It makes decision-making easier at all levels of an organization by reducing ambiguity
and considerations of individual perspectives in ethical standards.


Code of Ethics Guides all Managerial decisions, creating a common framework upon
which all decisions are founded.
Can help to create a cohesive understanding of the boundaries within an organization and
the standards set for interacting with external stakeholders.
Can help protect a company’s reputation and legal standing in the event of breach of
ethics by an individual employee.


Can cover any scope, from corporate level to the work group level.
o Corporate level - ethics standards speak in grand, idealistic terms,
communication the entire ethical vision of the organization in a single document.
o Business units/ Geographical divisions – more specific, applying to the
particular industry or region in question.
o Departmental level – highly specific, often related to experiences and trends
within the department.


Employee ethics o Ensures that employees complete work with honesty and integrity. o Accepting gifts from vendor in exchange for increased purchasing. o Solid reputation in ethics and integrity = improved company business.- - Kraft Heinz Company Employee Code of Conduct LeadershipThe ethics o Use to manage employees may have an effect on the morale and loyalty of workers. o The code of ethics leaders use determines discipline procedures and the acceptable behavior for all workers in the organization. o Ethical Leadership enhances the company’s reputation in the financial market and community. o When leaders have high ethical standards = workers meet same level. o Taking home office supplies. abuse sick time or allotted personal days. offering customer kickbacks to increase his/ her purchasing habits. o Higher levels of productivity improve theefficiency in the company. . Bending the Rules – often the result of a psychological stimulus. ADVANTAGES OF A CODE OF ETHICS IN THE ORGANIZATION - - Strategic decision-making o Having a solid code of ethics in place fron the beginning can help to guide as a company grows to a corporate size Day-to-day Decisions Company reputation Legal Considerations KINDS OF UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR IN BUSINESS - - - Theft . Benefits to the organization o Positive and healthy corporate culture = improved morale among workers in the organization = increased productivity and employee retention = financial benefits to theorganization. having other employee punch another’s time card. or not punching for lunch hours or other nonapproved time off.affects employee morale and is disheartening to those who to behave ethically. Vendor Relationships – businesses that buy from sell products to other businesses are sometimes subject to unethical behavior. use business computers for personal tasks. while increasing employee retention reduces the cost of replacing employees.

o Not paying workers a fair wage. sabotaging the work of another person and. spreading gossip or even making verbal or physical threats. having lengthy gossip during working time. Deliberate Deception o Taking credit for work done by someone else. coming to work late or leaving early. Failure to Honor Commitments o You work extra hours to finish the project before the deadline. touching inappropriately or making unwanted advances. o Bullying involves attempting to intimidate co-worker by making demeaning comments about him. you mentioned it to your boss who responds “No. o Companies releasing pollutants into the air. can affect cities. you must violate your conscience and recommend inferior products. improper maintenance of equipment or other preventable reasons is unethical. Wages and Working Conditions – any practices that are not in compliance with fair labor standards and federal working guidelines. Sexual Harassment Bullying o Sexual Harassment involve making lewd comments. and masses of people. we have to much work to do.” Unlawful Conduct . ready for your day off. falsifying time sheets.- - Kraft Heinz Company Employee Code of Conduct o If anThe employee is asked to perform an unethical task by a supervisor or manager. even though the motivation may be emphatic. Illegal Acts o Use of official duty to commit illegal actions for personal benefit. calling in sick to go anywhere else. o Turning the other way to avoid trouble for another employee is still unethical. employing children under legal working age and unsafe or unsanitary working conditions. EXAMPLE OF UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR - - - - - - Inappropriate Computer Use o unauthorized use of computer for personal reasons. Violation of Conscience o The manager threatens to fire you unless you sell inferior products. Environmental – release of harmful toxins into the environment due to lax safety guards. misrepresenting the product or service to get sales. he may do it because his allegiance to authority is greater that his need to abide by the rules. Time Misuse o extending breaks. towns. waterways. To keep your job.

- The Kraft Heinz Company Employee Code of Conductraiding the supply o Padding an expense account with non-business expenses. cabinet to take home supplies and passing around unregistered or counterfeit software. . Disregard of Company Policy o Company strive to convey an image of trustworthiness to prevent loss in profit.