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Countable and uncountable nouns

/some/any/much/many/a lot of/ lots of

1. Complete the table with the words from the box.

cucumber, yogurt, cheese, nut, mushroom, sandwich, sausage, chicken, ham, potato, rice, caviar, pork,
banana, cauliflower, beef

2. Match the parts of the sentences.

1 Would you like

a) much is a meal for two?

2 Is there

b) any meat in this dish?

3 Do they have

c) many waiters here?

4 Are there

d) their tea with milk?

5 How

e) some nuts or a fruit?

3. Complete the questions with How much / How many.

1 ________ cheese do you need a make a pizza? A lot.
2 ________ tomatoes should we buy? Not many.
3 ________tomato sauce do we use?Lots.
4 ________ mushrooms should I cut? A lot.
5 ________ time do we need to eat it? Not much!



Match the expressions from the box with the products.

A jar of/ a glass of/ a kilo of/ a cup of/ a packet of/ a carton of
1 ____________ milk
2 ____________ ham
3 ____________ caviar
4 ____________ wine
5 ____________ coffee
6 ____________ crisps
5. Underline the correct word(s) in each sentence.
1 Would you like any / some tea?
2 There arent many / much good restaurants in my town.
3 She takes a lot of / much sugar in her coffee.
4 How much / a lot of time does it take you to get to school?
5 Are there some / any lentils in this bag?
6. Choose the correct form (A, B or C) to complete the text.
Brains, mate,
Lets organize a party! I suggest a barbecue. There are 1)___ things to do, so get down to work! First
of all we havent got 2)___ food. We need 3)___ chicken wings and 4)___ sausages. We can also buy
5)___ hamburgers. Do we need 6)___ salads? Yes, 7)___. Secondly, we must buy 8)___ cold drinks.
Everybody likes coke so lets buy 9)___ bottles. Shall we buy 10)___ mineral water? Yeah, but not
11)___. Fortunately, weve got 12)___ plates and forks after the last party so we dont have to buy
13)___. Now, time to think who we want to invite 14)___ friends, of course! Hurry up, we dont
have 15)___ time!
1 a) a lot of
b) much
c) any
2 a) many
b) a lot
c) any
3 a) any
b) some
c) much
4 a) a lots of
5 a) some
6 a) lot of
7 a) a lot
8 a) much
9 a) lots of
10 a) many
11 a) much
12 a) any
13 a) any
14 a) much
15 a) many

b) a lot of
b) much
b) much
b) any
b) any
b) a lots
b) any
b) many
b) some
b) much
b) any
b) a lots of

c) much
c) a lot
c) any
c) a lot of
c) a lot of
c) any
c) a lot
c) lots of
c) much
c) a lot of
c) a lot of
c) much

No with nouns


Complete the text using any or no.

Brains, you must help me. Ive got 1)___ idea what to do. I like a girl and I want to date her. But Jackthe-big-headed wants to date her, too. I havent got 2)___ time. Hes got 3)___ limits. He plans to buy
her flowers and take her to the cinema in his car. And me? What can I do? I havent got 4)___ money.
I havent got a car. Oh, look! There she is! But Ive got 5)___ courage

8. Complete the sentences using the correct verb form (where necessary), no and the most
suitable noun from the box.
Students / information / meat / armchairs / children / dictionaries / yogurt
Example: Theres a teacher in the classroom, but there are no students.
1 There are some chairs in the classroom but there _____________________________.
2 Weve got some milk but we _______________________.
3 Theres some news about my sister in the e-mail but there __________________ about my brother.
4 Hes got a lot of fruit and vegetables in his shopping bag but _______________________.
5 There are some books on the shelf but there _________________________.
6 Shes got a daughter but they __________________________.

9. Find and correct the mistakes.

Example: There isnt no cheese in the fridge. ___
1 There arent no trees in my garden. ___
2 There isnt no tea in my cup. ___
3 There is any cinema near here. ___
4 There are any eggs in the basket. ___
5 There is no cats in this house. ___

10. Translate the sentences into English. Use any in each sentence.
1 Czy w koszyku s czerwone papryki?
2 Na stole nie ma herbatnikw.
3 Czy w lodwce s dania wegetariaskie?
4 W mojej kawie nie ma cukru.
5 W saatce nie ma bananw.
11. Rewrite each sentence using the words in brackets. Do not change the meaning.
1 There arent any teachers in the staff room now. (no)
2 There is no time to lose. (any)
3 There isnt any juice in the bottle. (no)
4 You havent got any idea. (no)
5 There are no people here. (any)
6 There is no information about pandas in this book. (any)
7 There are no cinemas in this town. (any)
8 Theres no money in the wallet. (any)
Adapted from Monika Fronczak Matura Masters. Grammar & Vocabulary Master. Elementary. Macmillan. 2008