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Write an article for a social affairs magazine about the personal

values of young people. Explain which personal values you think

young people consider to be most important, reporting the views of
some young people you know and saying if you think these
personal values will remain the same in adult life.
Are young people losing their values?
The existence or not of values among our youth is an issue that is having a
great importance today. Fights with teachers, graffiti on the walls, lack of
respect for older people and a large number of examples seem to lead to
think that young people have lost their values completamentes, but that
statement is really true ?.
We want to think that not all young people are the same and therefore
decided to make a encuenta young people between 15 and 18 years of
various institutes of Jaen to know which values they consider most
important. Solidarity, respect for others, responsibility, work and honesty
were the highlights.
Also, to not stay alone with mathematical data, ask anyone who was willing
to participate, that would tell us what was your view about having values
and most concurred say they are a very important aspect in life that helps
grow as a person.
In conclusion, all this leads us to think that, although there are exceptions,
young people if you have respect for the values and would be very
interesting that their development be strengthened, because it is very
important that these remain in adulthood. A young man who has grown up
with one good values, become a responsible adult who will be able to live
well in society.

A childhood friend who you have not seem for a long time has
become a politician. Recently you met him/her by chance. Write a
diary entry describing your feelings when you met, saying what
your friend told you about life as a politician and saying whether
you would like to change places with him/her.
Today while I was on my way home I met by chance in July around the
corner of my street. I was very excited to see him again as it had been my
best friend from childhood and made nearly six years since we met, so I
invited him home to catch up after so long without knowing the other.
Julio was telling me that he was after finishing law school, he got into the
world of politics, which surprised me because I had always told me that
politics seemed very boring. He told me about the projects he was working
now, the bills being developed and how much I liked everything except the
large number of long meetings that had to go and mostly found quite boring
I'm glad to see him so excited about his job because he is a great person
and no doubt will become a good politician, but the truth is that I learned
not half the things she told me about the laws. Luckily I chose a health
policy career because as I think it would have been nil; is only to recall the
subject of legislation that estdiar tube me when I did the race and gives me
a headache, I do not want to learn me tubiera imagine if all that is known.