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: No, I dont. How about you?

Do you
understand the homework?
HB Lama : Jln. Lingkar Dadaha No. 46 Tasikmalaya Tlp. (0265) 345 541, (0265) 7520 289


HB Baru : Jln. Lingkar Dadaha No. 6 Tasikmalaya Tlp. (0265) 7523 291

1. Jane : Roxy, what do you think of the
cake I bake?
Roxy : It' really delicious! I love it!
Jane : yes!
From the dialogue above, Jane is...
A. Asking for an opinion
B. Asking for help
C. Requesting for attention
D. Giving an item
2. Jade : What do you think of my
Rose : It's amazing, but I think you
should erase the scribbles over here.
Jade : Thank you so much for you
opinon, Rose!
Rose: My pleasure.
From the dialogue above, Rose is...
A. Asking for attention
B. Asking a question
C. Giving an opinion
D. Giving help

3. Teacher
: Attention, please. Are you
ready to learn English now?

: Yes, Sir.

:Yes, I do.

Does Rasya understand the homework?

A. Yes, she do.
B. Yes, she does.
C. No, she dont.
D. No, she doesnt.

5. What do you think about my new

hairstyle? Am I beautiful with it?
The underline expression is the expression
A. Asking opinion

The underline word above means

B. Giving opinion

A. Perhelatan

C. Showing appreciation

B. Pelajarilah

D. Giving invitation

C. Perhatikan
D. Pastikanlah

6. I think you are beautiful with it.

The italic expression is the expression

4. Rasya
: Do you understand the

A. Asking opinion
B. Giving opinion

C. Showing appreciation
D. Giving invitation

10. Masha : Can you cook a meal to me?


: (7)..of my short story?

: Yes, I can. Can you help me?

Masha : No, I cant.

: I think it is awesome. How about
mine? Is it bad or good?

Bear : Never mind, I will cook a meal

by myself.

Does Masha help the Bear to cook?

: I think it is an excellent short story.

: (8). . I think it is bad because I
dont write it seriously.

A. Yes, she do.

B. Yes, she does.
C. No, she dont.

7. A. What do you thing

B. What do you think

D. No, she doesnt.

C. How do you thing

11. Digo : Can you (11) to my birthday

D. Who do you think

8. A. Yes, I agree.
B. Exactly right.
C. I dont think so.

: Yes, I can. I will be there for you.

A. Abstain

C. Ignore

B. Come

D. Help

D. I think so.
12. you speak can English ?
9. X : What a beautiful
The best arrangement is

: Thanks.

: Can I borrow it?

A. 3-1-2-4-5

C. 3-4-2-1-5

B. 3-2-1-4-5

D. 1-3-2-4-5

: Here it is.

The underline word is opposite with

A. Nice
B. Good

C. Awesome
D. Bad

13. Elsa : Will you help me to build a


: Yes, of course. (13) .

A. I wont.
B. I will not.

C. I will.
D. Will I?

Sofie : How beautiful you are. Where are

Lisa : To my classmates birthday. Look
at my dress. What do you think?
Sofie : Thats a nice dress. You look (14)
in red.
Lisa : Thanks. Its my favorite (15) .
Most of my dresses are red.
14. A. Bad
B. Ugly

C. Good
D. Worse

15. A. Style
B. Colour

C. Fashion
D. Mode

16. To my classmates birthday. The bold

word means
A. Sahabat sejati
B. Saudara
C. Teman bermain
D. Teman sekelas
17. Teacher : Who can answer the question?
Students: What is your question, sir?
Teacher : (17) I will read it once more.
Students : Yes, sir.
A. Write your name!
B. Open your book!
C. Look at me!
D. Listen carefully!
18. Teacher : Silent, please! (18)
Students : Yes, Mam.
A. Dont be noise!
B. Dont be naughty!
C. Dont be silent!
D. Dont be calm!
19. Amid : Can I borrow your dictionary?
Sari : (19)
Amid : Thanks. I will give it back soon.
A. Sure
C. I will use it.
B. No, you cant.
D. Im sorry.

: Alika

Please come to my sisters wedding

21st October
Regrets only to 08080808.
From : Vika

20. Who celebrate the wedding anniversary?

A. Vika
C. Vikas sister
B. Alika
D. Alikas sister
Virginia Parker is turning 80,
though it may seem absurd!
Were having a party, but dont breathe
a word!
Please join us for
a Surprise Birthday Party
Sunday, June 20th
2.00 pm
Deering Bay Estates Club House
13600 Old Cutler Road
RSVP by June 10th
To Danielle Stevens

21. What kind of party is it?

A. Wedding Party
B. Birthday Party
C. Wedding anniversary
D. New Years Eve Party
22. When will the party be held?
A. On the twenty seventh of June
B. On the sixteenth of June
C. On the twentieth of June
D. On the tenth of June
23. Where will the party be held?
A. At Deering Bay Estates Club House
B. On Deering Bay Street
C. At Danielle Stevens house
D. At Virginia house
24. RSVP stands for Respondez Sil Vous
Plait which means ...
A. Make sure you come
B. Please Reply
C. I want you to come
D. Don't forget
25. The sun flowers _________ round and
A. is
B. are

C. am
D. do

26. Kathy usually __________ in front of the

window during the class.
A. sits
B. sitting

C. sit
D. is sit

27. How often __________ you play tennis?

A. do
B. are

C. is
D. have

28. My grandfather _________ the bird into

the cage.
A. take
B. is taken

C. taken
D. takes

29. The two little dogs ____________ loudly.

A. bark


B. barks

D. silent

30. Vegetarians __________ meat.

A. Ate
C. don't eat
B. eat
D. doesn't eat
To: Ahmad Fikri
For Being a bright and enthusiastic student in 1/2J.
Your bright smile lights up our classroom everyday.
Great work this year Fikri.

31. What is the text about?

A. A letter from a teacher
B. A student report
C. A greeting card
D. An email
32. Joanne is Fikris
A. mom
B. friend
C. headmaster
D. teacher

33. From the text we can say that the receiver

have just a new house
A. sold
B. built
C. bought
D. moved into
34. What is senders purpose for sending the
A. To congratulate someone for moving
into a new house
B. To give warmth and happiness for
someones house
C. To invite someone to come to the new
D. To help someone to buy a new house
Please come and celebrate with us at a
Surprise Graduation Party
in honour of our Son's hard work and effort!
Mathew has gained a BA
(Hoes Graphic Design from Glasgow School of Art)
Join us on
Saturday March 25"', 2012 at 7.30 pm
The Castle Rooms, Uddingston.
See you there!
Tony and Louise Gates
Please R.S. V.P. by Monday March 13"', Proud Mum Louise Gates, Orchardlton Cottage, Main Street,
Rothesay, Isle of Bute.

35. Where is the party?

A. Mathew Orchadlton Cottage
B. Glasgow School of Art
C. Uddingston
D. The Castle Rooms
36. From the text we can say that
A. the party will be held in Orchardlton

B. Tony and Louise Gates are Mathew's

C. Mathew must work hard to pass the
D. you should confirm to Mathew before
coming to the party
37. Aji
: The weather is very cold.
Jeni : Ok, thanks.
A. Wear jacket
B. You must wear thin clothes
C. Dont use your jacket
D. Bring an umbrella
38. Sisil : dont open the door!
Agung : OK.
The underline sentence above expresses
A. Command
B. Prohibition
C. Apologize
D. Permission

39. Mr. Reza

: it is very hot here this
afternoon. .
: Yes, Dad.
A. Close the door, please!
B. Mop the floor, please!
C. Lock the door, please!
D. Open the window, please!
40. Teacher
: All right, students. Lets
start the quiz.
: Excuse me, Sir. Can we
open our books?
: No! .. are you ready?
: Yes, Sir.
A. Stand up, please!
B. Close your book!
C. Explain to me!
D. Open your book!