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Effectiveness Of Advertising Event In Social Media

We lived in millennial era where are almost people used social media to
get and share a lot of information in virtual way. One of kinds of information
social media users often to share are big events. Such as K-Pop festival in Seoul,
free trip to Bali for foreigner who stayed in Indonesia, economic essay
competition for international scale, and many others. Based on Eurostat statistic
about social media users, there are 1.545 billion monthly active user of Facebook
in 2015, it followed by YouTube with 1.000 billion (Jokinen, 2016). This is a
fantastic data that we should consider about it. So that, Social media is very useful
to advertises big event in wide-scale. Why it can be useful? We can obtain the
facts of the favorable effect of the social media advertising though users,
advertising message, and advertising producer.
One of the positive effects is for social media users. Based on research,
there is correlation between users and advertising in social media, not only for the
follower but also for non-follower (Nikolova, 2012). The reason why there is
correlation is they can get a lot of information from various sources immediately
without disruption. This situation makes them easy to get the information they
need, especially the big event they expected. Not only get but also give the
opinion about the advertising event, whether they are interested to join it or not.
Korean Tourism Organization advertising in Facebook and website is the good
proof of social media advertising. The users find many amazing places in Korea
though the Facebook whether paid or free. The users comment bellow the posting
freely. This is reasonable because of the users refer to costumers; they have a right
to choose what they needs because they are the king, like a phrase from unknown
said the costumer are king, king never bargain.
Another positive effect is observed from the message or content

(Nikolova, 2012). The creative designer of advertising can cover the content using
combination between audio, visual, and textual, then the content spread to the
wide social media users without spend a lot money. Because that is only need of
creativity. Many apps to create advertising forms such as video and graphic
design, among them are: Adobe premiere, Corel draw, Camtasia, and many others.
YouTube and Facebook are the example of social media platform that used the
combination. To show this reality is the advertising of Christmas 2015 created by
John Levis. That is aimed to ask the Christians to show and share their love in the
Christmas. This video used combination of textual, voice of song, and story line.
Did the message reach the YouTube users? Of course, there were more than 26
billion peoples watched the Christmas 2015 advertising in YouTube.
Producers, people who work to manage the advertising also get the
positive effect from their advertising in social media. They had opportunity to
create a map of social media users demography that visited the content
advertising, such as range of age, gender, location, and others (Perrin, 2015). So
that, the producer can arrange the advertising strategy of their big event in social
media base on the users target. If the event is about sport or music festival for
adult, the content should adjust with their style, so do the event for the young
segmentation. Moreover, the producers are able to set up and manage the content
if there are some mistake such as writing or coloring (Itoga, 2013). This is very
necessary for the producer to targeting the right people with the right message
(Wright, 2010).
As a summary, social media is effective to advertise big event. The
positive effect is not only for the social media users and producer of advertising,
but also for the content of advertising. The promotion strategy entered the new
era, we called new media era. People who are care about the changed method will
get more opportunities to reach the target of promoting. Thus, lets take a look at
the effectiveness of using new media to advertise the big event.

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