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A NEW EXPERIENCE REPORT (in a addition to the class exercises)

It was cold; the big city started waking up. I walked from the hostel I was
staying in, ten blocks down the streets of cold old colonial La Candelaria
in Bogota city, to reach into an urban metro stop. People moves
constantly, sometimes smiling, some other times quiet inside their
thoughts but always up and down busy doing their daily shores. Into
one of the groups of unknown people, I stopped at this one that sale
orange juice and carrot juice. The ladies at work, very friendly. All of the
sudden, I felt reality a little bit more approachable than before. I was
touched inside by the responsibilities of an invisible new world order: the
Renaissance of a Spiritual living.

But what is the reality of this new concept? I

thought, well; lets bring the innovative model
into practice. If we are living an era of
materialism, lets start painting the air we
breathe with a new color and see what

The new concepts within myself that morning

are floating: spiritual renaissance scientific
living friendly cosmos the unification of
matter, mind and spirit not just within myself,
but the ability to see it in others the magnificent feeling of sensing the
Fathers at whole when I travel through my souls domains up to feel
His personality at unity as well within these three concepts omg, said
the quiet child inside myself and I kept on walking with a big smile in my
I got off the metro transportation; ready to face a new day at work. On
the open spaces between the metro stop and the work place, I had

enough time to absorbed myself into the realms of a new wonderful day;
exposed to the great benefits of the small things lots of air to breath,
clouds to count and discern their forms, trees to admire and talk to,
small yellow flowers coming beautifully out from the streets concrete
leaks to kiss them inside their thoughts humans moving and doing so
many different things, that one can fall into an ecstasies of fraternal love
as seeing their different personalities performing each an act of their
own love, even if that reality was really call: surviving.

causation, duty and worship; they exploited at every single frame of

the thoughts and the visual natural effects of surrounding Urantia. The
freshness of that new personality is at move again. Cycles of decisions
approach with every person I have to deal with. Is call Work now, and I
know I have to behave in a different way. The action of the conversations
and the acts at duty, moved smoothly as I faced the responsibilities. I
was outside this laboratories building, preparing the location to set an
equipment installation up next to the outside windows of the lab, when
the chief engineer comes friendly closer to where I am laboring and we
started chatting

politics, social anthropological issues progress and development

then, he gave me the chance to bring on the table, a new concept from
Jeff teachings.

the Spiritual Renaissance thing. So, I mentioned to the engineer that

all that situation (on the subject we were talking about it) of humanity
running wild after material possessions, was based in the fact that our
civilization was measuring everything from the perspective of a material
eye, and that we need as soon as we possibly can, to enter a new era of
spirituality I wait but added then -because he made a funny look in
his eye, that we could be using our material assets we have right now,
but facing them or directing them from a spiritual angle I was surprise
in how the engineer was so agree with me at that point. As I heard from
him later on conversation, when he mentioned the issue of humanity as
it lives in a materialistic option of choice.

Meanwhile, outside the buildings I am busing at; the metro buses at the
distance keep passing like they do it on schedule every day. Taxis moves
faster and sometimes in desperation searching for the best free spaces
among the huge traffic lines of the city. Pedestrian are doing their
systematic or -man can say, automatic behaviors at walk as they go into
their jobs, working spaces or study locations. The birds, insects and trees
are flowing with that day of evolution on the sphere...
The amazing thing of these sequences of significant events, is that as I
change progressively and positively inwards according with the project,
the up built experiences not just made a mark in my personality, but
also I can sense the environment outside changing in visible new small
ways I am aware now in how the friendly of the cosmos affects and
melts the surroundings and my steps in a harmonic sequence of frames.
I also feel at moments, that because of all these new events, happening
not just within myself but probably inside other persons, the progress of
cosmic mind and the Supremes grow in the sum of its own evolutionary
elements, made happier the deeper insinuation approach of the spirit in
our planet life.

None of these words can be written as if they were printed on the

Urantia book. The level of assimilation of information learned is not yet
that higher as to become an extension of a post-revelation. Decisions
faith silence receiving giving critic (self & from the outside:
constructive) observations wisdom (learned on the steps given and
that one coming through the conducts of the cosmos) respect (from
self, to others and to the immensity of the whole as it feels being all a
part of something greater) perception of the senses assimilation of
the new a mortal maturity that shows progression as it gets inputs
from the higher spheres

but the amount of disoriented minds in our primitive planet and the
immenseness of pain suffered by the many, catches an imbalance that
brings us into a non equilibrium of energies how could the Spirit
navigates among us?... and I asked to myself: what it means, all those
pictures of people sleeping on the sidewalks of a cold metropolitan urbe
already in a XXI century civilization?, and is not just Bogota, it is also
N.Y., London, Berlin, Beijing, Africa can we, or, do we need to begin
changing our perspectives towards the material assets and thoughts?,
can we be able to face that daily every day life from a spiritual
perspective?... what is missing?... its our religious need of belonging
into a group, enough?... are our philosophical perspectives in daily life,
morally and ethical clean?... is just a lack of experiences?... our
social behaviors are in Love?... is our ego experiencing spiritual
solitudes?... it is necessary the feared based assumptions towards the
differential connections between us and others ?... lack of connectivity
amid our adjutants?... wrong assimilation of input info from our cultural
society?... questions questions and more and more, questions. But
there is not really an effective answer inside my mind WWJD?...
Even an accident has its own purpose and a direction, and we are NOT
an accident!