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The Real News:

Barack Hussein Obama II Is a Fake

By Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS
Friday, November 18, 2016

Barack Hussein Obama II denounced the

Fake News on Facebook and suggested that they
undermine the U.S. political process during his
press conference in Germany yesterday.
The real news is that Obama is a fake, a
graduate of the School of Fakism who skinned the
truth of his identity to sell himself as a lab subject
to the Robber Barons of Wall Street so that their
think tankers could make him up into a
marketable, fake product of the fake political
values of the thieves who stole the country that
they rent to their real tax slaves as a fake
He is the real underminer of the U.S.
political process as a part of the Robber Barons
Democrat and Republican propaganda machine
whose function is to produce fake news to obscure the truth and cover up the
corruption that is their creed and modus operandi.
The U.S. political process that Obama defends, as if it was a moral
monument of humanity, is the result of the Robber Barons constant war of
conquest and pillage in the U.S. and around the world. Its base is made of the
blood and the bones of the magnificent Indians and African slaves that they killed
to build their power and impose their immorality on the nation as patriotism.
Obama is a fake brand of democracy who, like a Big Brother, preached the
Fake News of Hope to the flock of his admirers to seduce them, get their vote, and
then lead them to their ruin.
A fake product cannot criticize another. Brand Obama and the propaganda
machine of which he is a part cannot tell the truth for truth cannot sustain