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raspberry liqueur. almond syrup & a touch of lemon juice. A twist on the classic breakfast martini. Bombay Sapphire Gin orange marmalade. St. caramel and lemon. Butterscotch Schnapps. mint served in a sling glass.70 Berry Bourbon Blast 9. Served in a large popcorn cup. blackcurrant jam.70 Pearl Jam 9.70 Tea Thyme Martini 9.20 Jam Fest 9. Eristoff Vodka mixed with raspberry jam. A potent blend of Disaronno Amareto. Frangelico & Chambord shaken with double cream & strawberry puree. Think of those twisted sour sweets you had as a child… Cariel Vanilla Vodka. grapefruit juice & a sprig of thyme. Reposado Tequila.00 A blockbuster combination of Vanilla Vodka.20 Black Moonshine 9. fresh thyme.20 Jammy Dodger 9.70 Wham Bam Thank You Jam 9.Signature Drinks Netflix & Chill 9.20 Gin ‘N’ Juice 9. blood orange & lime. lime juice & muddles with mint leaves & blackberries. Bacardi Oakheart & cloudy apple juice shaken with a spoon of blackcurrant jam. topped with Ting grapefruit soda. Bombay Sapphire Gin.00 NETFLIX & CHILL This yummy recreation of the classic sweet is topped with a vanilla foam & garnished with a rhubarb & custard sweet. Prosecco. St Germain elderflower liqueur & crème de mure liqueur mixed with lime jam. strawberries. Germain Elderflower Liqueur.70 Blood Orange & Thyme Paloma 9. Rhubarb & Custard Sweet 9. Chambord & Passoa with raspberry jam & sour mix topped with popping candy. Fresh blueberries. Hendriks gin and Cointreau with muddled cucumber. limes and fresh mint. mint & Jim Beam Bourbon. The Jam Tree version of Pimm’s.00 Ménage à Trois 9. WHAM BAM THANKYOU JAM SIGNATURE DRINKS = Happy Hour Drinks . Butterscotch liqueur. A berry nice mix served long.

homemade chilli syrup. fresh lime & cranberry juice. stirred with fresh mint. Eristoff Vodka.70 The Jam Tree Classic. Eristoff Vodka. Citrus vodka shaken with Cointreau.20 Jonnys’ Margarita 9.20 Long Island Ice Tea 9. Cointreau & lemon juice. fresh passionfruit and lime juice.00 Espresso Martini 9. fresh espresso & a touch of sugar syrup. fresh lime & soda. Premium Knob Creek small batch bourbon perfectly balanced with Aperol & sweet vermouth & finished with a touch of cranberry.00 Watermelon Lynchburg Lemonade 9. lime & raspberry jam.00 Watermelon Martini 9.00 Breakfast Martini 9.20 Bellini 9.00 .70 Porn Star Martini 9. elderflower. Passoa Passion Fruit Liqueur shaken with passion fruit & lime. lime. Twist on a classic. Jack Daniel’s cocktail with fresh watermelon. 10. Orange marmalade mixed with Bombay Sapphire Gin. CHILLI & PASSION FRUIT CAIPIRINHA Peach puree & Crème De Peche topped up with Prosecco. Aged Mezcal. smoked sea salt. Bombay Sapphire Gin. Cointreau shaken with lemon juice & served over ice with a dash of coca cola. Bacardi Carta Oro Rum. Salto 37½. Le Fizz WATERMELON LYNCHBURG LEMONADE A fantastic mix of Grey Goose Vodka. Kahlua.00 Cosmopolitan 9.20 Chilli & Passion Fruit Caipirinha 9. Sauza Tequila. The classic jam cocktail. Eristoff Vodka shaken with fresh watermelon. Served with a shot of champagne on the side. Perfect for any time for the day not just breakfast. We have spiced up a classic. Bacardi Carta Oro. agave.70 Old Town Boulevard 9.CLASSIC & TWIST 4 = Happy Hour Drinks Classics & Twists Jam Mojito 9. chipotle tabasco.

00 Bloody Mare 6. rosemary.No3 Gin 10.00 Grapefruit wedge . Gin Mare brings notes of olives.00 8. Blackberries – Bitter Lemon.Tonic.00 Michelada 5.50 Sipsmith Sloe Gin 8.00 Gin Mare 9. We have decided to showcase some of our best Gins served with carefully selected garnishes and only using premium FeverTree Tonics. thyme and basil. MAPLE BACON BLOODY MARY GIN+BLOODY MARY Gin MENU We are very proud of our gin collection here at the Jam Tree.00 Smoking Hot Mary 7. We infuse bacon into Jim Beam Maple Bourbon. Orange Wedge – Mediterranean Tonic. Thyme – Mediterranean Tonic. chipotle tabasco and a top of beer. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE GIN Bloody Mary Menu All our bloody Mary’s are made with our secret recipe mix Single Double Bloody Mary 5. Lime – Tonic. fresh lime.00 8.00 Little Bird Gin 8. 5 .00 9. This Latin twist has tequila. Strawberries .Elderflower Tonic.00 Maple Bacon Bloody Mary 6. Lemon Peel – Elderflower Tonic.00 9.50 9.00 SW4 Gin 7. Chase Smoked Vodka.00 Bombay Sapphire Gin 7.00 Chase Saville Orange Gin 9.50 Eristoff Vodka.

70 A classic mix of Pimm’s.50 .50 JAM MOJITO PORNSTAR MARTINI 6 Jug of Pimms Lime jam shaken with vodka 4. cucumber. strawberries and other fruit topped with Bombay Sapphire gin and Ginger beer for an extra kick! French Connection 25. strawberry puree.50 Marmalade jam shaken with vodka 4.50 Raspberry jam shaken with vodka 4. mint. strawberry liqueur.50 Strawberry jam shaken with vodka 4.70 Turbo Pimms 19. JAM SHOTS Blackcurrant jam shaken with vodka 4. mint and prosecco. Quintessentially English! A classic mix of Pimm’s.00 St. strawberries and other fruit topped with lemonade. mint. Serves 4. Germain Elderflower.JUGS + SHOT JUGS 18. cucumber.

70 2.60 4.0% 4.1% 4.50 2.70 2.0% Jam Tree Indian Pale Ale 5.50 SOFT DRINKS Coca Cola Diet Coca Cola Schwepps Lemonade Schwepps Ginger Ale Ting 200ml 200ml 125ml 125ml 330ml 2.50 2.80 4.5% Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime 4.90 4.50 2.00 3.1% 5.90 bottleD BEERS 4.6% Samuel Adams 4.80 4.5% 5.80 4.00 JUICE Eager Orange Juice Eager Cranberry Juice Eager Apple Juice Pineapple Juice 125ml Tomato Juice 2.10 Jam Tree American Pale Ale 5.20 Premium Indian Tonic Water Elderflower Tonic Water Mediterranean Tonic Water Naturally Light Tonic Water Lemon Tonic 3.80 4.00 3.10 5.00 3.5% Bulmers Pear Cider 4.5% Bira Moretti 4.7% Sol 4.60 5.5% 4.00 3.20 2.5% Kopparberg Mixed Fruits 4.5% Becks Blue Alcohol-Free 0% 4.Organic Apple Juice Organic Carrot & Apple Juice Organic Pear & Raspberry Juice Organic Pear Juice BEERS ON TAP 3.80 4.0% 5.70 4.00 3.70 SOFT DRINKS + BEER ORGANIC JUICE 7 .50 2.70 2.8% Crabbies Alcoholic 4.0% 4.90 4.00 3.00 Fevertree Amstel Guinness Extra Cold Heineken Kronenbourg 1664 Symonds Cider Coast To Coast Tiger Half pints are also available 4.90 4.70 5.00 3.00 5.00 3.0% Ginger Beer Bulmers Cider 4.

Medium bodied with a crisp acidity. Bouza do Rei.20 5. France) 39.70 6..WHITE WINE 125ml Glass 175ml Glass 250ml Glass Airén Campo Azafran (La Mancha. ripe melon & quince. Italy) 4. Clean crisp finish. made from organically grown grapes.60 24. Spain) Vivacious.30 5. mineral & simply perfect with simple seafood. Blanco Organic (Campo Flores. balanced palate with a good acidity on the finish.00 4.50 18. Austria) Delicate herbal notes.00 34. Spain) Aromas of crushed orange blossom. Pouilly Fumé 750ml Bottle . peaches & a hint of orange peel on the palate.80 6. Domäne Wachau. Gavi (DOCG. Deliciously dry & fragrant with citrus notes on finish. Sherwood Estate. Albariño (Lagar de Bouza.. acidity & minerality. vibrant white to be appreciated for its zesty.30 7.00 6. Un Oaked Chardonnay Elegant white floral notes combine with rich butter & ripe white fruit flavours. tropical fruits & hints of ripe yellow apple.10 7.50 (IGT.70 6. New Zealand) Abundant aromas of gooseberries & tropical fruit. crisp gooseberry & blackcurrant leaf fruit overlaid with hints of citrus & minera. Spain) 4. Loire. Galicia.90 8.50 (Pouilly Fumé. citrus character & refreshing acidity.20 7.90 6. Western Cape. Grüner Veltliner Federspiel (Terrassen.80 9. Languedoc & South West.50 The Courtesan has a voluptuous palate hinting at grapefruit. Chenin Blanc (Aloe Tree. France) 37. Well balanced. fruity Chardonnay in the Burgundian style with a perfect balance of concentration. . WHITE Pinot Grigio (IGP Umbria. Bella Modella. Delicate exotic fruit on the nose & fresh salty finish. lively fresh palate with rich concentration & long finish. Domaine Pierre Marchland. South Africa) Off dry with ripe apples. Piedmont. ‘Les Loges’.50 Bright citrus & green apple fruit combined with a touch of grapefruit.20 31.20 27.00 4. Italy) A beautifully light.00 (Domaine Fichet. Tenuta Olim Bauda.50 (IGP Pays d’Oc.00 (Domaine de Montredon.50 23.90 6.70 26. 8 33.00 4.50 5. France) 5. Catarratto Tropical peach & pineapple aromas. Picpoul de Pinet Crisp.60 8. Italy) Simple & elegant Gavi with floral & citrus fruit on the palate with hints of underlying minerality. Palazzo del Mare. tangy & ripe. La Mancha.80 20. citrus fruit with strong underlying minerality & zesty lime on the finish. Veneto.20 11. La Farfalla.60 6.90 29. France) 4. Sicily.90 21.00 5.50 Mâcon-Villages A light. Burgundy.50 4. Languedoc & South West. Riesling The Courtesan (South Australia. Australia) 36.40 7. Sauvignon Blanc (Stoney Range.

Chile) 4. Casablanca. this wine is deliciously supple & juicy. Argentina) Classy Malbec with great concentration of ripe fruits.80 6.90 29.20 27. with soft & supple tannins. 33. South Australia) Elegant & poised yet rugged & strong.50 7. The epitome of the iron fist in the silken glove. Dark cherries. Spain) A silky smooth red with plump ripe dark fruits.20 11. liquorice. Mabis.60 6.60 19.50 5. DOCG. Primitivo Gorgeous aromas of blackberry and chocolate on the palate. Palazzo del Mare.20 7. Malbec (Vida Orgánica.10 7. ripe & finishes with impressive forest floor sweetness.80 26. Mendoza. South Africa) 36. Indomita.40 7.00 (IGT. Soft.00 An explosion of dark fruit. well balanced. Italy) 5. Rhône. violets & smokey flavours. laced with vanilla. from red fruits to blackcurrant. This wine offers a spectrum of aromas. Sicily.80 6. Well structured. It’s velvety smooth with generous fruit. Pinot Noir Soft. France) 39. Geggiano. Tuscany.20 5. prunes & ripe dark fruits. Stellenbosch. ripe plummy fruit with a long full flavoured finish.125ml Glass 175ml Glass 250ml Glass 4.20 31. medium bodied. Casato di Melzi.10 5. 750ml Bottle Côtes du Rhône (Guillaume Gonnet. Indómita. Elegant with light tannins & a good acidity. figs & prunes. Bursting with dark berry flavours of blackberry.00 6. Chile) 4.60 8. Rioja. Bold aromas of raspberry & cherry intermingled with violet & tea leaves. Spain) Hints of spice & red berry fruit on the nose & palate.50 Cabernet Franc (Raats Family Wines. Western Cape.00 4.80 20. Le Chiantigiane.00 5.. plummy fruit.50 23. smoky spices & a succulent finish.70 26.60 9.70 6. light red full of bright fruit. mocha & liquorice.00 Merlot (Central Valley. Costa Vera. dark cherry & plums.30 5.50 (IGT..50 The wine is fleshy.00 Chianti (Classico. Salento.90 6. with a very pleasant fruity sweetness. Cabernet Sauvignon (The Pugilist .90 8. RED WINE RED WINE 9 .. Veneto.90 21. spice & herbs linger on the velvet soft palate. Beaujolais. Rioja (DeAlto.60 6. sweet tannins & well balanced acidity. super juicy.50 Tempranillo Campo Azafran (La Mancha.50 Shiraz (Aloe Tree.50 Fleurie (Domaine Berrod.00 (Nostros Reserva. France) Château Du Bos (Graves. hints of spice & liquorice. Nero d’Avola Ample ripe. Bordeaux. Italy) 4. rounded out by peppery tannins. South Africa) 4. France) 34. Italy) 37.

5% 150. A stylish Champagne that is ideal to drink now.50 Crémant de Loire Sparkling Rosé NV 12. The style is friendly and open.00 Krug Grande Cuveé NV Crisp. Supremely quaffable and likely to arouse romantic notions.60 6. lively. A non-vintage Brut Champagne reflecting the Mercier house style. La Farfalla.. Its biscuit nose is endowed with hints of white fruit and the rich. very easy drinker for all seasons.00 . creamy fruit.50 Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut NV 12% 65. France) A light. Dom has a strong character and a powerful presence.00 7. sprinkled with notes of black pepper on the palate. Côtes de Provence. Pinot Grigio Rosé (IGT Delle Venezie.00 4.5% 85.00 Mercier NV 12% 11. Veneto.ROSÉ+BUBBLY ROSÉ WINE 125ml Glass 175ml Glass 250ml Glass IGP Pays D’Hérault 4. There is even something physical about it.00 22.00 (Pierre et Papa.00 Bollinger Special Cuveé NV 12% 75.00 Veuve Clicquot Rosé NV 12. appley fruit and a zesty mousse. deliciously frothy and filled with ripe apple & citrus fruit character. intense & fresh. Delicious.50 29.00 Dom Pérignon NV 12.20 7. but still fruity. with rich and tangy flavours of lemon & grapefruit enhanced by the subtlety of its elegant bubbles. refreshing rosé bursting with red fruits.00 750ml Bottle Prosecco NV 11% 7. Delicious hints of strawberry and cream. red fruit-flavoured fizz from a legendary house.00 49. with a refreshing ripeness to the soft. 10 Vintage 750ml Bottle 12% 175.40 6. BUBBLY ABV 125ml Glass 32. this is the model of a perfect prosecco. You may notice exceptional freshness. Côtes de Provence Rosé (Cuvée Des Lices. juicy. France) A fresh & balanced rosé that captures the spirit of the Côte d’Azur with its strawberry & white peach flavours.5% 35. Languedoc & South West.50 24. Bella Modella. Italy) Delicate rosé with strawberry laced aromas followed by a seductive palate of crisp.

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