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Unit V. Marine systems.

Ships power generation system.
Get in pairs and answer these questions.
How is power generated on board ships?
What do you know about the ships electric power?
Reading and writing.
Read these statements about marine power generation and order them to form a wellorganized paragraph. Write numbers 1-3.

The generator works on the principle that when a magnetic field

around a conductor varies, a current is induced in the conductor.
Shipboard power is generated using a prime mover and an
alternator working together.
Thus, an alternating current generator is used on board.

Check your answer with the rest of the group. Now, write the whole paragraph in the
box provided below.

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A diesel powered boat will, therefore, ordinarily carry
a diesel generator, a gasoline powered boat, a
gasoline generator. The power generator on a boat will
typically be tied into the vessels engine fuel line, thus it
doesnt need a separate, space-consuming fuel tank.

Language in context!
Complete the following text using the appropriate word given in the box. Some words
are extra.
electric boat switch cooling generator corrosion spaces alternator pumps
A marine ________________ is designed and constructed to withstand the
humidity and _______________ problems associated with the marine
environment. Additionally, the most of the marine generators doesnt need a
self-contained _______________ system, being cooled instead by hydraulic
______________ constantly circulating seawater through the generator core.
Thus, a marine generator will take less space in the usually cramped engine
______________ of the typical recreational or work ________________.

Power distribution on board

Since the distribution of power needs to be
supplied efficiently throughout the ship, the
power distribution system of the ship is used.

A shipboard distribution system consists of different components for distribution

and safe operation of the system. They are:
Ship Generator consisting of prime mover and alternator.
Main switch board which is a metal enclosure taking power from the diesel
generator and supplying it to different machinery
Bus Bars which act as a carrier and allow transfer of load from one point to
another. Circuit breakers which act as a switch and in unsafe condition can
be tripped to avoid breakdown and accidents. Fuses serve as safety device
for machinery
Transformers are used to step up or step down the voltage. When supply is
to be given to the lighting system a step down transformer is used in the
distribution system.
In a power distribution system, the voltage at which the system works is
usually 440v.
There are some large installations where the voltage is as high as 6600v.
Power is supplied through circuit breakers to large auxiliary machinery at
high voltage.
For smaller supply fuse and miniature circuit breakers are used.
The distribution system is three wires and can be neutrally insulated or
Insulated system is more preferred as compare to earthed system because
during an earth fault essential machinery such as steering gear can be lost.


Complete these sentences with the correct term(s).

1. The ________________________ consists of a prime mover and an alternator.
2. The ________________________ takes power from the diesel generator and
supplies it to different machinery.
3. ________________________ work as a switch that can be used to avoid
breakdown and accidents in dangerous conditions.
4. _______________ acts as a safety device for machinery.
5. _______________ is supplied by means of circuit breakers.
Search word puzzle

Reading and speaking

Emergency Power
In case of the failure of the main power generation system on the
ship, an emergency power system or a standby system is also present.
The emergency power supply ensures that the essential machinery and
system continues to operate the ship.
Emergency power can be supplied by batteries or an emergency
generator or even both systems can be used.
Rating of the emergency power supply should be made in such a
way that it provides supply to the essential systems of the ship such as:
a. Steering gear system
b. Emergency bilge and fire p/p
c. Watertight doors.
d. Firefighting system.
e. Ship navigation lights and emergency lights.
f. Communication and alarm system.
Emergency generator is normally located outside the machinery
space of the ship. This is done mainly to avoid those emergency
situations wherein access to the engine room is not possible. A switch
board in the emergency generator room supplies power to different
essential machinery.

1. Why should an emergency power generation be on board?
2. Where is the emergency generator normally located?
Meaning in context
Select and circle the correct option.
1. Standby refers to
a. essential

b. back up

c. alert

b. satisfy

c. to be able

b. seaman

c. evaluation

b. waterproof

c. entrance

2. Ensures refers to
a. guarantee
3. Rating refers to
a. special
4. Watertight refers to
a. permeable

Ships steering gear system

Reading and speaking
Read these statements and write True or False.
1. The rudder is used to direct the ship.


2. The propeller is one part of the steering system.


3. The steering system of a ship provides a response to the signal from

the bridge by moving the rudder in the desired direction.


Steering gear system

The steering gear system has three main parts:
control equipment
power unit
transmission to the rudder stock
In brief, the operation of the steering gear can be explained as follows:
With the help of the control system, a signal of desired rudder angle is
sent from the bridge. This signal activates the power unit with which the
rudder is attached. The rudder moves with the help of the power unit till the
right angle is reached.


According to an international legislation, all

the ships must have two independent power
units, one as the main power unit and the other
as auxiliary. In case the ship has two identical
power units, then there is no need for an
auxiliary unit.
Reading, speaking and writing
Read the following information. In pairs, discuss and answer the questions below.
Steering gear arrangement
The whole steering gear arrangement should be kept in a separate
compartment, known as the steering gear compartment/room. Both steering
gear systems should be connected to the bridge and operated from the same.
The system should be such designed that in case of failure of one, the
changeover to the other system should be automatic and within 45 seconds.
Proper audible and visual alarms should be provided in case of failure of any
Most of the steering gears found on ships have hydraulically operated
equipment known as telemotor. This telemotor can also be electrically
operated. The system is also provided with pumps to quickly supply hydraulic
fluid to the rudder. All the pumps are quick-response pumps, and as the signal
from the bridge does not allow enough time for the pump to switch on and
off, a continuously running pump is required. Variable displacement pumps
are usually used for this purpose.

1. Where is the steering gear arrangement kept?
2. Should the auxiliary and main steering systems be connected to the bridge?
3. How should the changeover of the systems be?
4. How are steering gears operated?
5. What does the power unit include?
6. What type of pumps are required to switch on and off quickly?