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Jared Taplin

August 26, 2016

MGT 461-01

Job Analysis Mini-Project

1.) Job Title: Overnight Freight at The Home Depot

2.) When did you hold this job? January 2007-August 2010
3.) How many months/years of experience do/did you have with this job? 4 years.

Task-oriented job analysis




1.) Examine and inspect merchandise for wear or flaws and by reporting any damage to
supervisors before items are placed on the shelves to be sold to consumers.
Frequency- 3

Importance- 5

2.) Build end caps and making promotions available daily in order to provide customers with the
best deals the company has to offer for an affordable price.
Frequency -5


3.) Work with staff to determine the best locations for new items that have yet to be seen on store
Frequency -2

Importance -4

4.) Located defective merchandise and notified management immediately for further review.
Frequency -2

Importance -4

5.) Maintained a neat and clean appearance while stepping into the store at all times.
Frequency -5

Importance -5

6.) Collaborated closely with management and freight team to unload pallets in trucks using a
forklift, both securely and professionally.
Frequency- 4

Importance -5

Worker-oriented job analysis (continued)

1.) Knowledge of paying close attention to detail while focusing on objectives for an extended
period of time, catching errors before completing projects and preserving a high quality standard
for the work environment.
Frequency -4
Importance -5
2.) Knowledge of getting everyday job responsibilities completed while demonstrating the ability
to get results regardless of dealing with a large workload. Its also important to compete with
demands and work at a fast but safe pace all throughout the store.
Frequency -5

Importance -5

3.) Knowledge of acting with honesty while demonstrating responsible and courteous behaviors
within all roles of store locations while wearing the orange apron. Wearing the apron shows that
we always there to assist our customers when needed.
Frequency -5

Importance -5

1.) Ability to meet objectives given by management before the shift has ended without a lack of
understanding of what needs to be accomplished. Frequency -5 Importance -5
2.) Ability to operate a forklift carefully around the store using guidelines lectured in training
classes and web-based course to ensure safety at all times. Frequency -4 Importance -5
3.) Skills in being able to classify and thoroughly read packing slips provided by our sellers,
documents received by our shipping carriers, UPC labels and any additional receiving documents
that link to purchasing orders in order to guarantee correctness. Frequency -5 Importance -5

Other Characteristics
1.) Proficient and highly organized professional who combines strong customer service and
communications expertise. Frequency -5
Importance -5

2.) Promptly established efficiently, resolved problems and optimized productivity.

Frequency -5

Importance -5

Summary description
8.) Write at least two sentences that clearly and explicitly describe the job.
The Home Depots overnight freight is responsible of sorting and stocking merchandise on the
shelves to remain in stock and organizing the sales floor in order to create both a pleasant and
safe shopping environment. Most importantly, we are to provide excellent customer service as
required by customer demand. In order to be successful, its significant to have excellent
listening skills and attention to detail, work independently and face new obstacles throughout the
9.) If one of your coworkers with the same job did this mini-project would their answers be
similar to yours, or would they be different? Why would their answers be similar to yours
or different from yours?
I think that the job tasks would definitely be similar to my responsibilities. We all work as a team
in order to ensure that the store looks well stocked for the next business day. The Home Depot
competes with Loew's in sales, so we want to make sure that customers expectations are met and
inventory is filled for their wants and needs. After Im done completing my job tasks, Ill then
move to a different department so that we all finish on time before the store opens at 6:00 a.m. I
always appreciate supportive working environments and so does everyone else working
alongside with me.