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Before the age of genetic surgery, miracle medical treatments and

life extending, cybernetic anagathics, desperate individuals nearing
death often sought extreme methods to stave off deaths grasping
hand, spending vast sums of money to save themselves.

intervening SWAT officers. Miraculously, the 85 year old Eld survived

his injuries and while awaiting trial was propositioned through his
defense lawyer for the test.

One promising area of research was Induced Temporal Stasis


After requesting a single night to reflect on the offer, Eld agreed, but
along with a full pardon for his attack on the clubhouse Eld asked for
a compensation of $5 million in gold securities and an equal amount
in stock shares should the technology pan out.

In theory being placed in metabolic stasis would bring an

organisms metabolic function down to a bare minimum whilst
maintaining bioelectrical function to ensure no loss of memory,
mind or physical state (See MoW page 67).

Thinking the old man crazy but admiring his spirit in driving a hard
bargain, Gates negotiators agreed to the terms, pulled some legal
strings and Eld was subsequently released from custody and all
charges dropped in return for his cooperation.

Although the first commercially available Stasis Caskets were

brought to market in 2180, there were in fact, earlier attempts to
produce this technology. The desperate, uber-rich patrons who
invested in this new technological salvation placed their hopes in a
discredited professor and theoretical physicist Dr. Arthur Moebius,
Father of Temporal Stasis Technology.

It was agreed that Eld would be placed in suspended animation for a

period of four weeks and then awakened. Eld would then undergo a
two week period of medical monitoring for signs of physical or
mental ailments and then released on his own accord.

Although a brilliant researcher Moebius was cast out of mainstream

scientific circles when he proposed revolutionary new mathematical
theories considered preposterous by his peers. In his hypothesis
Moebius declared he had discovered an underlying layer to reality, a
dimensional subspace of temporal anomalies where the laws of
normal physics didnt wholly apply. Moebius theorized that if this
subspace could be tapped, new schools of physics could be
unlocked which would open wide the vistas of the human mind
allowing for the unfettered expansion of mankinds potential!
When the skeptical scientific community asked Moebius how he
came to discover this new universe, he foolishly declared he had
been visited in a dream by a god-like entity of gigantic intellect who
had gifted him with the complex mathematical formulae which
formed the basis of his research.
Typically, the cynical, set in their ways, didactic elite scoffed at
Moebius statements refusing even to review his work. Mocked and
ridiculed, a disgraced Moebius was laughed out of the lecture hall
and driven from the halls of academia in shame.
Declared pariah, a despairing Moebius would likely have faded into
obscurity were it not for Arthur Gates, one of his former students
and the son of a wealthy capitalist dying from inoperable brain
tumors. Anxious to save his father, Gates brokered a deal in which
he agreed to fund Moebius experiments in return for the creation
of a device capable of preserving the life of his father until medical
research could produce a cure.
Working feverishly and given near unlimited funds and resources,
Moebius managed to create a working prototype stasis casket within
a mere five months. All that remained was to test the device.
For this purpose, an elderly man by the name of Henrik Eld, a former
police officer and ex-Marine was chosen from dozens of potential
subjects and propositioned for the test. Eld had just recently lost his
wife of 40 years in a drive-by shooting and grieving, attacked a
clubhouse of local gangers believed responsible for her death.
Reports of the incident state that Eld, armed with a K-Bar fighting
knife and 12 gauge shotgun, casually walked through the front door
of the club and began shooting anyone wearing gang colors. Eld
managed to shoot and knife 13 members of the gang, killing 9 of
them before being cut down by the remaining gangers and

On December 21, 2050 Eld was encased within one of Moebius

prototype stasis capsules along with a few personal mementos, a
photograph of his wife and a titanium case handcuffed to his wrist
containing a copy of his contract, stock shares and gold security
bonds. After it was sealed, Moebius activated the caskets controls
and with a flash of bright, green light Eld was subjected to the
anomalous energies of Moebius subspace.
Three weeks into the test with everything going well Moebius began
making preparations to complete the testing of his invention. The
stasis casket containing Eld was prepared for travel, placed on a
private transport plane and shipped to the medical facility where
Gates dying father was waiting.
The plane never arrived.
Several hours later, when agents of Gates arrived to investigate, Dr.
Moebius was nowhere to be found and all traces of the project
including lab equipment, research notes and project discretionary
funds were missing.
Two months after the disappearances, Gates father slipped into a
coma and died a few hours later. The next day when Gates
chauffeur arrived to pick him up at his manor, Gates was found dead
from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
To this day it is unknown what became of Dr. Moebius and the plane
carrying Eld and the prototype stasis casket. Investigations into the
matter produced no leads on the case and within a few months it
was placed in the cold files and forgotten.
Years later, amidst rumors of impending war between the emerging
corporate states, media reporting began circulating unconfirmed
stories of elderly celebrities, government officials and business
magnates dropping off the public radar. Most of the missing
individuals had already stepped out of the public spotlight but there
was no explanation as to their current whereabouts and no deaths
had been reported. After a few subtle hints and veiled threats made
their way to the proprietors of the media venues running the stories,
all inquiries involving the matter were dropped and original news
prints destroyed.
Concurrent to the news stories a small, but well-funded biomedical
company, BioFutures Incorporated, made itself known on the
corporate scene. Promising a glimpse of the future, it advertized the
possibility of Temporal Stasis in which patrons could sequester

themselves safely away in dreamless sleep inside their flagship

product, the Moebius Capsule. Many, facing the specter of war and
hoping for future medical cures for their ailments, chose to retreat
from humanity, hopefully to awaken in a better world. Within weeks
of their emergence, BioFutures stock increased a hundred-fold as
wealthy patrons sought their business, eager to artificially prolong
their lives by ensconcing themselves in the new technological
During the early years of the Corporate Wars, BioFutures Inc.
maintained several Sleeper Dromes; facilities placed in prominent
cities around the world where multiple patrons lay in temporal
stasis. These complexes were maintained by specially trained
technicians who oversaw the automated systems monitoring the
sleepers. The richest and more paranoid customers, not trusting the
public facilities, arranged to have their stasis capsules maintained at
private residences or at hidden locations, insurance against enemy
retribution and unworthy heirs.
As the war dragged on, collateral damage within the cities mounted
and in the ensuing chaos nearly all BioFutures installations were
destroyed or buried under tons of rubble. Making matters worse
enemy cyber-attacks targeting commercial and economic assets on
the now defunct Internet eradicated banking records and
corporate data wells. With their financial records scrambled and
corporate infrastructure in ruins, BioFutures was forced to sell the
all remaining assets and patent rights to the Medical Division of
Eurasian Incorporated. Fighting on multiple fronts with most
resources shifted to the war effort, E. I. abandoned the few
remaining sleeper dromes to the wreckage that were the Old Cities
and even the locations of the facilities were soon forgotten.
In 2480 scavengers plumbing the depths of a long buried medical
facility in London Old City discovered nine intact and functioning
Moebius Capsules. Later, the treasure seekers were caught and
depersonalised after trying to sell the relics on the black market and
the capsules ended up in UIG hands.
UIG researchers studying the strange capsules discovered they
integrated a self-sustaining subspace tap that when activated
exposed the contents of the capsule to a type of temporal anomaly
similar to that produced by a translating FarDrive. This process was
drastically dissimilar from contemporary stasis devices which use
drugs, nanotechnology and advanced medical techniques to induce
metabolic stasis. With some trepidation, the UIG researchers made
plans to awaken the sleepers, eager to see the results of such a
radical practice.
When the sleepers were awakened, the screams began
immediately! Bellowing incoherently, several of the sleepers
attacked the attending physicians and were only sedated when the
room was flooded with Hexacal gas. Later six of the sleepers were
diagnosed with multiple forms of insanity ranging from severe sleep
disorders to homicidal tendencies and megalomania. Of the six, only
two responded to the psychotherapy sessions provided by the UIG.
The other four subjects were classified as incurable and
The three remaining sleepers awoke calm and seemingly welladjusted considering the problems exhibited by their fellow
sleepers. These subjects were placed in a UIG medical facility for
monitoring until it could be decided what to do with them. For lack
of a better term, the UIG doctors dubbed the subjects the

Much to the detriment of attending UIG personnel, it was soon

discovered when any of the awakened experienced extremes of
emotion, such as anger, joy or fear, powerful, unexplained psychic
manifestations would sometimes occur. Despite efforts by the UIG
to keep this bit of information under wraps, the news was leaked by
an inside informant and Corporate agents were soon about seeking
additional information.
Within months after the leak, private and corporate efforts managed
to unearth seven more BioFutures facilities releasing dozens of
sleepers as a result. All of the awakened subjects exhibited the same
traits, a predisposition for insanity and uncontrollable telepathic
effects when emotionally stimulated. Corporate response to this
phenomenon saw many awakened either drugged or lobotomized to
prevent the worst psychic effects while others were dissected and
Not long after, many of the facilities holding the awakened or
conducting related experiments were being raided and bombed by
unknown parties. UIG Investigations into the attacks discovered that
all Moebius Capsules onsite and related data were taken before the
facility was destroyed. UIG investigators suspect the Al-Jinn and
Comoros Corporations are responsible for the majority of the strikes
due to the technologies relationship both FarDrive and Telepathy
In practice the mechanics of the early prototype stasis caskets were
peculiar and the physics involved in their functioning was little
understood by their attending technicians. Built according to
blueprints of the original prototype created by Dr. Moebius, little
regard was given to any potential consequences of inadequate
testing procedures on human test subjects. The live animal tests that
were conducted showed no adverse physical problems in any of
the animals tested.
This lack of controls often resulted in human subjects placed within
Moebius Capsules experiencing long periods of unwanted
consciousness and bizarre cycles of somnolence. Unknowingly by
attending technicians, their sequestered wards were screaming
madly for release, locked into an near endless state of wakeful
Some sleepers retained their sanity by learning to adjust to their
dilemma; creating vividly imagined fantasy worlds to entertain
themselves. A few set themselves up as virtual gods in their created
domains; meting out life and death as they saw fit. Others focused
on various mental exercises; attempting to work out complex
mathematical equations or solving abstract, philosophical puzzles to
pass the time, whiling away the long decades and centuries.
A few individuals, despairing, succumbed to madness; hopelessly
lost in a never-ending nightmare of their own making (e.g. - Vanilla
Sky). When finally awakened these hapless individuals often react
poorly to their new reality, believing they are still trapped in stasis,
enduring yet another aspect of the eternal nightmare.
Invariably individuals awakened from this extended dream state are
changed! The manner of change varies between individuals and
often takes subtle forms. These subjects have come to be known as
the Awakened.
In all cases, medical reports and post mortem autopsies of afflicted
subjects show that 100% of all individuals who specifically spent
time in a Moebius Capsule were diagnosed with neural

abnormalities within the limbic system, the area of the brain

controlling emotions and dreams.
Later advances in neural research also discovered a direct medical
correlation between Awakened brain mutations and the "psionic
plexus" or Advani Apparatus, the portion of the brain controlling
telepathics. In fact, it was through research of Awakened subjects
that aided the Indian neurologist Dr. Chanda Advani, in her discovery
of the Advani Apparatus. In Awakened subjects the psionic plexus
has undergone mutations which facilitate the learning and use of
telepathic abilities which are often uncontrolled and dangerous.
Although frowned upon by the UIG, current studies by corporate
researchers seek to discover the long-term effects of temporal stasis
disorder as well as potential market applications. Comoros Scientists
are eager to expand their telepathics knowledge base while Al-Jinn
subspace engineers seek to improve technologies related to the
FarDrive program.


Affected regions of the brain (In red)

amount of Telepathic Energy available. The Awakened

receives the Telepath training for free and +1 bonus TE for
every decade spent in stasis.
Physical Condition
Physical characteristics, Strength, Agility, Reflexes and
Endurance, do not change but due to lack of actual use they
are considered to be D2 points lower than they really are. This
condition, more a mental block than physical deterioration,
recedes over time and the impaired stats return to normal after
a period of regular exercise.


A condition resulting from repeated exposure to the temporal
aspects of subspace. This condition affects the human minds
ability to reason and ability to control emotional response.
Positive aspects include increased mental characteristics e.g.
heightened intelligence, perception and presence and an
increased ability to comprehend abstract psychological and
telepathic concepts on an instinctual level.
Negative aspects include a somewhat complex neural
structure which prevents easy fitting of neural and sensory
based cybernetic augmentations. Sufferers of TSD are known
to sleep heavily while resting and may be difficult to awaken.
Some subjects exhibit uncontrolled manifestations of psychic
activity and a predilection to cruelty and predatory tendencies
towards their fellow human beings.
There are two species of TSD characterized by the somewhat
dramatic terms, the Awakened and the Dreamers. The
Awakened are typically sleepers who somehow learned to
adjust to their dilemma and retained their sanity throughout
their time in stasis. Independent loners of strong character with
resilient wills typically become an Awakened.
Dreamers are sleepers who were either unable to cope with
the nightmare of unending entrapment or were forced to
develop a co-dependency with the other sleepers around them.
Dreamer cells usually form when large numbers of individuals
were placed into stasis together (i. e. Prison Populations).
Many Dreamers have quite literally lost their minds and find it
difficult to differentiate between reality and fantasy.
When released from stasis, sleepers present divergent
aftereffects from their ordeal. The differences are detailed
Mental Changes
Having lived within their own minds for years on end has
increased an Awakeneds mental characteristics providing
heightened awareness, greater intellectual flexibility and a
powerful will. As a result, natural ability maximums for
Intelligence, Perception and Presence are increased to 11 and
the awakened gain a +1 to these scores as well.
The expansion of mental faculties and the time spent exposed
to subspace energies has awakened sections of the brain that
govern the development of telepathy and increased the
capacity of the Awakeneds personal psionic field, boosting the

Expanded Insight
Awakened gain a keen insight into the inner workings of the
mind and are adept at extending their perceptions outside
normal human range. Any training with a Telepathic or
Psychology skill as a prerequisite costs only 6 XP instead of
the usual 10 XP. Awakened also pay 1 XP less when
increasing telepathic Powers or the Psychology skill to a
minimum of 1 point.
Because of their forced adaptability and mental fortitude the
Awakened receive the Meditation, Mental Block Techniques
and Weaponized Psyche (Level Two) trainings for free.
Unconscious Comprehension
The Awakened are natural lucid dreamers, able to control their
actions during sleep with the capacity to learn from their
dreamtime experiences. They receive the Dreamwalker (See
Mind Unbound) training for free with the following changes:
1. Does not require the Contact training as a prerequisite.
2. Only works for the Awakened; he cannot bring others with
Also, through the all-pervasive nature of the subspace
continuum they are able to tap into the thoughts and
experiences of the sleeping minds around them, absorbing
pertinent thoughts and memories.
Because of their ability to comprehend the world around them
and translate their experiences into useful information, they
effectively have earned XP for the time spent in stasis.
Duration of Stasis
1-10 years
11-85 years
86-175 years
176-325 years
326-425 Years

XP Accrual Rate
Adjustment Period

Accrued XP
+15 for this period
+30 for this period
+150 for this period
+300 for this period

These XP may only be spent on telepathic powers, general

skills and trainings and the improvement of Stats.
Example 1: Arnult has been in stasis for 100 years. He has earned
20 XP to spend on skills, trainings and improving his STATs.
Example 1: Hammond has been in stasis for 350 years. He has
earned 270XP to spend.

Neural Complexity
Because of the Awakeneds complex neural network any
cybernetic augmentations affecting the brain adversely affect
the limbic system and Advani Apparatus. Any such
improvements must be rerouted around these sensitive areas
and require an additional 20% cost to fit.
Example: If you wanted a Datanetica Neural Jack (new cost 25,000)
it would cost you an additional 5,000 for a total of 30,000.

Metabolic Torpor
When sleeping, an Awakened sinks into a coma-like state for
D6+4 hours. During this time, only a determined effort to wake
them will be successful and even then they will suffer a -1
penalty to all actions for every hour they were awakened early.
This means an intruder can enter the room where the
Awakened is sleeping and they will remain so unless the
intruder makes a concerted effort to wake them. Stealth checks
succeed automatically without a roll. Should the Awakened
want to awaken prematurely they must roll under their
Presence on 2D10. Failure indicates they remain asleep.

Neural & Physiological Changes
Due to their exposure to subspace energies and prolonged
mental duress the Dreamers mental characteristics have
The natural ability maximum for Perception has increased to
12. The Dreamer gains a +2 to Perception as well.
As with the Awakened, Physical characteristics, Strength,
Agility, Reflexes and Endurance, do not change but due to lack
of use they are considered to be D3 points lower than they
actually are. This condition, more a mental ailment than
physical, recedes over time, returning the impaired stats to
normal after a period of regular exercise (1 week per reduced
stat point).
Mental Afflictions
Because of their damaged minds Dreamers suffer from an
array of mental illnesses. To determine their particular
afflictions roll D3 times on the chart below (Modified from Cities
of Gold page 21):

Phobia - an irrational fear - i. e. spiders, Agents,
swords, etc.
Paranoia - The Shi Yukiro, loaded weapons, adverts,
Schizophrenia - strong personality switches.
Depression - apathy, ill temper, lack of motivation.
Mental Degradation - poor memory or cognition.
Psychopathy - remorseless, no empathy, disregard
for others.
Detachment - cold, distant, uncaring, humorless.
Hopelessness - negativity, suicidal, pointlessness.
Hallucinations - see things that aren't there, variants
of reality.
Tourette's - vocal tics, inappropriate outbursts.
Autophagia - eating ones own body parts.
Echolalia - repeating other peoples words.
Identity Disorder - discontent with ones sense of self.
Impulse Control Disorder - act w/o considering
Body Integrity Identity Disorder - desire to remove
ones' anatomy.
Kleptomania - cannot resist stealing things.
Narcolepsy - keep falling asleep regardless of how
tired you are.
Cybermania - a desire to replace ones body parts
with cybernetics.
Agoraphobia - fear of hard to escape situations, open
areas & crowds.
Encopresis - involuntary defecation in adults.

Because of their forced adaptability and mutated Advani
Apparatus Dreamers receive the Weaponized Psyche (Level
Two) and Mental Block Techniques trainings for free as well
as the Uncontrolled Psychic Manifestation trait providing this
doesnt conflict with their particular mental afflictions (See the
table above).
Dreamers, once taken out of stasis, are strangely drawn to one
another and once met exhibit what can only be called a type of
communal hive mind in only a few days time. In effect this

mental collective resembles the Sense telepathic skill in that

all members empathically share sensory information - sight,
hearing, taste, etc. Within this area, each member shares
sensory information with all other members without suffering
detrimental effects.
This communal empathy provides its members with a +2 bonus
to initiative, defense and action checks.
Communion is psychologically addictive and induces acute
emotional dependence between individual hive members. This
profound, emotive link compels individuals to seek out their
brothers and sisters at any cost.
The range of the Hive Mind equals the number of members in
the commune x 10 metres (in diameter).
Neural Complexity
Like the Awakened, Dreamers must also pay an additional
20% cost when fitting neural augmentations.
Metabolic Torpor
When sleeping the Dreamer, like their Awaken cousins, sink
into a coma-like state for D6+4 hours. When slumbering, only
determined effort will wake the Dreamer and even then they
suffer a -1 penalty to all actions for every hour they were
awakened early. Additionally, enemy Stealth checks succeed
automatically without a roll.
Should the Awakened wish to awaken early they must roll
under their Presence on 2D10. Failure indicates they remain
Disconcerting Manner
Dreamers often appear distracted, looking away into space as
if seeing or hearing things that no one else can. This seemingly
distracted demeanor does not impair the Dreamers ability to
react to external stimuli.
In fact, some Dreamers have been observed engaged in onesided, spirited conversation in the midst of combat, complete
with emphatic hand gesturing, nods and passionate tte--tte.
Some observers state this behavior is representative of the
communal link between individual Dreamers. Others speculate
Dreamers suffer from madness induced by their ordeal in
Uncontrolled Psychic Manifestations
Because of their mutated psionic plexus and limbic system
Dreamers run the risk of uncontrollable psionic manifestations.
When emotions run high, from anger, fear or when stressed or
in danger, the Dreamer must roll under their Presence on
2D10. Success means they keep their emotions under control
and nothing untoward occurs. A failure indicates a psychic
anomaly occurs with effects being instantaneous or lasting for
the current scene (See below).
In certain combat situations, Dreamers welcome these psychic
manifestations and in some cases actually induce them in
members to gain an unpredictable, tactical advantage over
their enemies.

Roll a D10
1. Random Telepathic Effect A random, but generally
appropriate for the situation, telepathic power goes off affecting
a random target or targets within range. The Dreamer is also a
valid target.






A level D10 Psi Storm manifests for D4 rounds
targeting everyone within range.
If damaged, subject regenerates 5 HP per round.
A level D10 Cloak effect manifests in a 10 metre
radius (includes all sensory variants).
When the subject tries to walk a level D10 Jump
effect occurs.
A level D10 Nullify effect manifests in a 10 metre
radius (affects all telepathic powers).
Subject gains a D10 bonus to surprise, combat action
totals and initiative.
Subject gains a natural armor value of D10/2 (AV 1 to
Subject's touch inflicts D8 + D10 damage.
Subject has omniscience in a D10 x 10 metre radius
(i. e. Enemies using stealth are automatically
Subject surrounded by a level D10 close form shield
effect that regenerates 5 HP per turn.
Subject emanates an uncontrollable level D10
Telekinetic Blastwave effect.
Subject acquires the Telepathic Void training (No
other powers are known).
Emanates an aura (Presence x 10 metres) of
negative resonance (See Eastern Bank page 82).
Subject acquires the Biokine Training and Biokinesis
level 10 for the current scene.
Listening to the Failed Telepath has a 1% cumulative
chance each round of driving listeners insane (Roll on
above chart).
Subject becomes immune to kinetic damage.
Anyone approaching within close (melee) range is
automatically teleported in a random direction D10 x
10 Metres.
Subject acts as a TE Battery, recharging the TE pools
of nearby telepaths (D10 x 10 metre radius) at 5
points per turn.
Subject acts as a TE Vampire, leeching 5 TE points
per round from all telepaths in a D10 x 10 metre
Subject becomes immune to energy damage.

4. Tulpa Manifests The Dreamers intense emotions draw

forth a realized figment of their imagination, a Tulpa
Thoughtform.* This entity reacts according to its nature and
the desires of its Dreamer host lasting for the current scene or
until destroyed.
Roll a D20
1 - Angrol Slave BIO (DA 155)
2 - Carvax, Metamorphic Stage (MoW 148)
3 - Cult of Machina Chimera (CR 228)
4 - Cymian AU2-Version 2 (CR 245)
5 - Dead Soldier (MoW 151)
6 - Devoted (CR 233)
7 - Feral Spawn (IV)
8 - Feral Uuhdul (IV 115)
9 - Gemini Class 2 (EB 114)
10 - Gigatherian Rat (EB 116)
11 - Malenbrach Street Sweeper (CR 232)
12 - Mantis Combat BIO (MoW 154)
13 - Marauder Combat Replicant (MoW 152)
14 - Mark II Cybercat (MoW 152)
15 - Mark IV Cyberwolf (CR 246)
16 - Mark IX Prototype Geneshifted Cyberwolf (EB 118)
17 - Mutated Human (CR 220)
18 - Yard Bull (EB 119)
19 - Yilepsid Slave BIO (DA 154)
20 - Zaliv Refinery Worker (EB 105)
*A sentient thoughtform will not manifest with firearms or
support weaponry but can and will use them if available.
5. Empathic Biokinetic Resonance Through an empathic
biokinetic link, everyone within the Dreamers Presence x 5
meters experiences the physical sensations that the Dreamer
is currently feeling (pain, pleasure, etc.). I. C. E. will not negate
these sensations.
6. Sympathetic Biokinetic Resonance Through a sympathetic
biokinetic link, The Dreamer experiences the physical
sensations of everyone within the Dreamers Presence x 5
meters (pain, pleasure, etc.). I. C. E. will not negate these
sensations. Effects are cumulative and often debilitating.
7. Psi Weapon One of the Dreamers hands inflict damage as
a Psi Weapon (Roll D8+2 for level). This counts as a melee
weapon allowing the Dreamer to keep his defense in Close
Combat. The effect lasts for the current scene and manifests
as a:

2. Mind Scan The Dreamer experiences a Mind Scan effect

on every mind within the Dreamers Presence x 5 meters,
enabling them to read the current surface thoughts of every
target. The Dreamer must make an Intelligence + Perception
action check to identify where a given thought originates.


3. Uncontrolled Mind Share Everyone within the Dreamers

Presence x 5 meters experiences a reversed Mind Scan
effect, enabling them to read the Dreamers current surface
thoughts. This does not physically identify who the Awakened

8. Psychic Vampire The Dreamer assaults the confidence

and resolve of everyone within the Dreamers Presence x 5
meters leeching away D3 points of Presence and D3 points of
Conviction each round. Effects last the current scene after
which the victims Presence score returns to normal. Lost
Conviction must be regained normally.

Note This could possibly lead UIG authorities to believe the

Dreamer is a psychogenic and deserving of a Telepathic
Enforcement Officers attentions.

Short Sword
Long Sword

D4 + STR + Level
D6 + STR + Level
D8 + STR + Level
2D4 + STR + Level

9. Bio-Hunger This affliction is a form of biokinetic

cannibalism in which the Dreamer experiences an allconsuming desire to feed on the life-force of others to sate
their hunger. Manifests as a Biokinetic touch attack in which
glowing, reddish-black tendrils extend from the hands and
mouth of the Dreamer latching onto victims to leech away their
life-force. This effect drains 2D6 HP and 2D6 TE
(if applicable) per round from the victim transmitting their
vitality to the Dreamer. Excess HP and TE are retained as a
reserve pool which lasts for the current scene.
10. Multiple Effects Roll for D3 effects, ignoring further roll of
Final Note
Should a Dreamer later acquire the Telepath training she may
attempt to control the nature of an oncoming psychic anomaly
by spending a Conviction Point and rolling an Attitude +
Presence check with a -2 penalty. If successful she may
choose the nature of the manifestation, choosing from the
powers in the list above. The Dreamer may also attempt to
control the psychic anomalies of others in her hive mind taking
a -4 penalty to the check.
Note this does not permit the Dreamer to learn telepathic skills
or trainings, it merely afford the opportunity to channel her
psychic anomalies somewhat.