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'The Serpent :Fire

'The ,Aw'akening Of,XundaCini,

1Jy 1W;Y'mortcf1j'erna~c(

Co y(gllt d ma'ctia'

¥oa;G 1!!1 an ,e:x:perlmen:hil science whose aim his tOo bnfig' tn,a: hu:man body and brain to' 'the' hil)hest poa,sible 5~te ,at pmfec:tJon, and "'gen.e[~t1Qn and UM,Uyio, awaken In 'tiIm bralncerto:Ln big,beT; ~in cenlters (tbeplN:ittaq and pi~nel!il g1anda,) wh!ic,h ,iUa dormant In theqre:at maJority ,o,f human be'mg::a: ~'l,hrough dgom,ua: seU-d'scl,pllne,~ ,exerc1,ses I ilnduafnl1lg't!I'Qgis succeed in accompllshinqthb.,

Yoga iii the,h1ghest s~mt, ofa'uoccultphtlosophyand, Is thel wa,y to 1m"" Jr!OI't8!Uty ~ whlcb yogis, de600 in ., phys,iCI!I.l sensebybrtngi~ 'the, body U)sw::b a stilte ,of periect lunctkm.lqtMitone '6vaeo!IM's,the deg1e,ner:ative ,pI'OOesses that cause decay ~ d.ecUne, ,old aqel~ and dealh"tnstead mainta:tning:OVier (JI'lalonoed pet'tOOs o,f timeastateef PGrpet'I:la:l youth.

iBymea:ns ,of yogicpraeHces,the Y"'Iifree:s himseUfr:c;I'lll an diseases ~nd phys ioal Ulfir,ndUE!! S ~

'YOqi4 can ne'-ler bemasitered by mere book sUldiy.One must apply the teaCh1.ngIB of yoga 'to one'!, Ute. Only tlIrougbpr:8.(ltice .and exerolse CC!I!:l Its aim - the tra nsfc,rmat1on 0,1 man lnto a s\lperman -00 8ch1eved.

:!nth.e fOllowing pa9lE!!.6 wilt be reve~ded:thesEJ.C1Iet teach! nO' that unde!rlloes 'Ii\UcooulUsrn~ wbid:lln .tl\e. past haG, beenvaUed behind emtm!ltk:als'ym.bols tncom~preb.eti!s,I!b1e exoo!ptlO tJn:ilttates: ~ But there 1,S no longer an., rea:scn to keep ·tMs. know.1edq:1! secret and not .i.mp4l't U. to those who thirst fur i:t alld Who are dying living d.eathGforlaoik o,f 1t~. It wH1 be N'II,ealed plainly and openly

In: the peges 'thatloUaw ..

'f!heGmat Sec:ret of aUoocultteachh'lgs b , 'wi"th eli m.ystedou, force at 'the baSEl oifthe sp,lnEi and tbe ,methods or awakemng it end c;:al;!sfng'tt.

:to ascend u.p thespWal c",Ml tQt1:t.e ]Jf,i;Iin,whion it ·elec:trlfles ,~;ndl vlvlfies ~ ,el\Ck)vdng this Gi\Ilal:\,witns\rperlQr powers, and extended oons;ciQllsnes:s..'I'bla is :a fount of ~nel\g;Y pr€!;ti-ent. :tn. aUper90!fi$but ,awa,kened and brought frrom a, ]latent t.o a dynamiC;; stat"1l Qo1y ttl, 'thos~ wbo applled the pmpei' te.chRI~s.tb~t n'bIlIke, thlsposalbhh The IU'I!I\J:slng of th15secret power that Tegener:o!I.:tes ~nd rejuv'enates: the body afidrn:v:i~stha :brain: 1,5 de "lgnatedIn ths,East a,~ the l:wal<ietllng of. ~.Thee:xact :rbQthods bv whiten 'they may be ,aocC,llmp.Hshe<i w.1.11 here be described"

Copyriphted materia'


Thare lies .1ate.ntWithln of us a great reservolr of lale:nt 'enell'llY which., {:f we could. :tap and utUlze,lt. iI wou1d conven: us :l.ntidl .supeil"1tW!i:rt. '!'hole lndJlvidu:als 'Who ttlSi! up fro:m.tbemlsse:s a.n.d.beea me leaders of humanity \Y'8:I'8 b\ poss'e$$1ooofthlshmer ~. ami C(m:SciQ! wielded U. 'h.ekbz'at~ radiated thls e~ by tHhlch ilhe¥M:!f8 ~b19to lnfluel!.ClG1 ·and can: .. tf:Ql others ~ Uwe, coukl g41nma:Slary 'aler tbu inn.Br ,~I', 'cacih of us ooldd becomeleoden· too.. 11I1a, can be done hyund.ets.tandlng ana .~ pplytn; .tl1e la¥ni. be:tdndth1s ochieVlllmeD',t ..

The ,d.:Lffemn<;e, between a genius and anldlot i5 that ·the· b~1:n of thl :fcr-.

mel' is rrnore ht.gbJ,y ,charoed wIth. e1ectr1cal enerqy e:nd radlotsa more powerful btatn. -wav'8s.H.o'W' to' clm:rge' the br,mtnW£th ,el.ectr1c energy tiu'Clugh special Oil"&Ct.UUnq exarois,8s is the ·ObJect of YOGi-.. YOO" relea sasa .p:>tentialg1gian;tlc PO~rthilt Ht's wtthl! unutU!zed except when awake:na<l by yogl'c pr;acuces" T1u:ough yoga, ·\!ite.are ablem C01\'frert ourselv@;G: .intosupermen .. ~

The Bo,mce 01 all.Weandi energy .~m. earth 1.8 Cosmf:c:Radjt'rtitul:. CotWC rars .~b:'lb the atmos:pbere and then cond\ensa fmo iontKld parUcle:sOl' .electtiCIIlly-ciharvooat.oms, or tons ma,t 1m. tbeatmospbem aM! finany drop them to tI:ro soil as mtner:als woo:ntheY)oHthe~ ·charge .. These lons in the ,ek at'EI.:of two types!, p!)!d,U.voand negative" The dqbt oo:B:ttil aba,orbs: tile tong and the len. nQ$trU •. ~ neg:aUva 'one;.. When'we olol$a tM left nos,ttUand inhale t~gh the right, \\'EI·tak.e tfi positive ions which then Dow down the n.ght $YQ1PQtMUcne;r;ve 1:n:Ink~ .I.1i.nd 'Wbe.n. we In.baletbrough :the leftnosttU"a &1milor el.ectrleal ,cunent b gen.emted. wt PI-' from theolfactorynwve ,eDdk.tg8 of this nostril. down. tho ~fik ott the: left sidl;l oftbe

The PW'p:::I5e, of PMnayamtt or' yogi brNthinQi IS to ,consciously control 004 lnmnslfy these ·two op~sltely clt0tged elec::trlc 'cutf,ents that flow ,down eooh side ,of the .splne in: hun as we breathe: alternate:]., jU:rst~h OMillOStrtl

and wn. tlWrJugh the other ,~:slt:'l.g the op'plSitenostr1il With ·one~s forefinger) to the rhythm ,of 1 for 1nhaJ:atlon~4, .for ro!te.ntiC:!l ofbreafh, and 2 fot e,xMlaUonj• tho dumUonaf' thes:e interVals: be,inge:xtended as oneprogr:eS:9,es In such r9S,piratoJ'y centro4.ByG:llch rhythmJlc: alMm.8t&~.tbi:ng~a'tream. o,f ,elecU1~1 panicles abaorbEid ftom theak.t known as W'ns or Pranil, flows down to the base of tM splneW'lth e'8ch :Inhalation •. One .should imat.ine this downflcw a.nd thiflt they hUthe of·the .sptne forcibly, 1)9 wl'th fhe tap' 0'£ a ham:mer~ flmtflo.wlng down Qne$lde (If the spine i!j;nd. than the 'other.

the theory Qf Kundalt:n1ls as follows· ..When theBe Ions strike the baS'8 ,of the spine, theyrel~se e.nergy there, .J1U:S:t ·l!Isfrce electrons do when they hit the, QUlc1e1of ,a,1iom8 and~llse ~t:om:i(:; ft~.sio'flo, 'Tho imem·tc;Jodc energytb~s mlea sedia1; the Qcfthesptne 15 caUed by lO.mchl1nl. After It 1:s thus ervalikened ,throUCh, ce:r:mtn practices I thf s newly~~ned

... 1·~",~ . ....I~ .. 1: oCI.",~ i .. L.. __ -,* .k ...... , .... io .. ,""_ .4""",,"' __ ... t ............ ~ ... ~ ·L.-'-e of- .;,1.- ...... I._·~ v_ .................... -·~Il _. _~ _.......,..... ~. ~l ope~~-· ~ . ..,....:,'!'J'_ '. - ~.uu :l .. ~ .... ~

... 2-

Copyriphted materia'

ell naJ. andi then macit!, :to ascend. up ~h'tscenter to t:l1e. thln:l: cerebral ventdcle of the bratn, trr8cUating and emrgtngthe 9:nUrebreln wttb •. .:;:trlcal energy.. 'ThIs h.1, called tho AScent of' lCQ~llm .• ,

In other v.'Qtds ~ lunda11nli1.ainter·atomtc elnergythat 1a awakened by d:lI5~' S,oclatioi!l of atoms at the !> aftha ~spme thtoug'hthedte:rne,tely de.scendlng C~:nts; of elec:urcOl.lly cMrg~d'ons that now down 6i1Jcbs1(le oil thes plna dur1nq alt:~te Yoga, breathing, whLcb ~scen.ds up tiu"oughthe spinal c:I!IM1, elecitdfying the spinal nerves OM, ~ssoemtedsymPBtheUc nerve ptexusesl!!nd e~ 'giaoo9 I(POllec:t1wlyKnorwn as "'8hlmB~I', a,lthey Dow UP to 'th.e

br,ClnWh'ich they theiR e:leetr:Uy andmab radioactive.' ,

Therelatlon between Prana,or ele'c:trfcally Charg,ed.lons in me ak, l!!nd lCundoUnl.. or,cra.dtoactb/9 on.argy in the nuclei Co.f all cells o.f fhe bodY.f which rog:lc ,ppct1:ees eeuse to first concentrl!ta In the s,plnal cord fiodthen In the l:lraln;, iii a.sfolloW's.. bdlmu;::tlve dis1ntel1PitiOiR in. the stars Oluses, eml5islolu (If CA,srotc rays.., which, whanthey su:Uc:e the earth's atmosphere condense into ions. They ,also B.ri'!: d1rectlyab so.rbed by thel ,chromosomes ·of tho cells of the bodY~whlch. convert thernlntovlUl.l electddty; and in thJs Wity ~ accordlngto Pro .., Q)SflUC .radiation. constitutes the or1;g1!n of life~

The terminology Qf Y09a de~lgna:te,$ th1$ cQ.:.unJic ene.rgyvmlch UvLng cells; absorb as KIll~ .. It:is laten~ ~n~he aells~ It Is .~Iorm of .patsnUzd racUoacttvltywh!icb U t~ ,the Qb'.J{I!ct of l'og:~to N'Quse. This18 done by the·ihtaXe 0:[ e1ectrteaUy ,r:natV~bns , also are productsot CQ.O:mJ.c .~'YS' ~ after they 3trike ·tbe@!l~i:1:h:t9 atlOOsphef!8 ~nd. ccmdenSth Through. :Pranftyoimo or rhyt.b:mlc yoga .breathIng.. These ions Clfet~k.elil. into the body 1.n dtffm-en,uated {(lfln, beth posiUve andnega:Uva., and flow rjCiwn hi. a ,daftnlte rhythmelong ~y;mpatheti.c nenretti,Lhks ,(}n,saeh &id.e of the spine.. The effact Is to' ~1.l:5e ~.tQrM.Q a5S~Q!l or rad~cUv'e dlslntegtaUQD ot the bG:::;9 of t.h.e ,spine ~ wherethe:;e two nerve trunks C;:OlM' c,lo!lest tOQether,. Since thay are each. of a. dlfiel'Elnt electrical poteinUI!!J ,perhaps an electric Sp:ltk. Ol' cUrre!rl,tpClisses between thern., whioh is resp:mslblefot tbere'lease: of tnteratom:icenefQY at the base of the, knownasth:e Awakel' Qf &..ndallnl ..

The:lnOa;tscholarl:y WQ!'konKl;l;ndalltd was written by Arthur .AvaJ.on (Sit John WOOdtuffie) llndls called " The: Serpent p.ower. ~I' 'The booik deals with the natlJJ1:l, of Kundalinti and how to, ",waken. ft. .Dr. V.G. Rella of wrote a smaller book, 'iTbe M1~tertoos KundalJh'li'.;" in which he idont1Uostnevattous,

.. chams iii wl:JJir;::h ku~l!:ll:nl vU_',ilJ.zes .,.ft:etbe:lnga'Wakened, 'With the!'ll4~or Sy;m~1'h.~:U~ OOFVe :pleXIJ.:J:.~., HCiW3Vgr I b1G tl1:cOf'i l:Ii; d~UH.rnwt from tM comGn"'" Lh'lU1G.! OM' held. by mQ~t 'YQ91s '. HflI' clalma. ,l(!l.I:ndnUnl 111 ~ n elocb1cf.QroQ t'1:!i!!1! "rlg:~m~t~'8 lnth.e ,bire:1n ~nd OO'WllI down Iho right. "'flB;J!l.UI m!Ilrvo tiD tb1l'vMb~UJlI i81)"mpatheUc ~;N!i!! P~IQ.. U 1,1 very JlQI81bIQthati!!![tllr X'Olndo,Um i!!!:i!lee~l!l! to' Ute bdln ~Mt U t:oon flow,!!, down Ihro'uoh tM!rlvh:t V,I!l1,9UD !:lONG to thD WrlOUMtvO pl.axu;lIo!ll t:lHt i.tcommun:leatOI w~,t~ ,a!!!l G8'trd.!iIIICJ ,rdocb1caJ O'Mtgy~

Copyriphted materia'

lCImdallnl1s gs.n.ere:lly corn::e:Ji.ved as amY:lItert.ou.!J secret energy which iii; sa1dto ms:Ld:eat the base olf ti1wl spine in the lowest of the seven cha~aGl « centers ~ the Chakra~ Uli5 a .serpe nt with thraeiflnd a ball ICQUs ~ f'8.~sent1oqlat'e'nt el!lef1JY readyrobe relea.sed; which ,occurs when the serp9nt is awakened by Pramya:mabreathinq ~rclses, when. it unG'Qills and. asceJld:$ tilu'ouq.h tbe ~8!p·1aal canal in tllecenrter of the spine. ThIs pO'wet (related. to sexual en,e:f7QY, but not iden,tl, it) is: latent in aU 'Q1 us,

1:s not amu!SEd into activity e:KCe pt bVyogtc methods. TQM'G\lSB it ~ :Pra1na" Or' mectltfled 10M ,absorbed from. the Itm.oaphere, must he d1:rectedforc:i.bly .agattnst tfills:lower' center I stri);;ittg It with an. e1ectnc: sparkln tile. manner ,,cr:t.bedi above,. 'Thl:seleo:tric:: !!i.park results f'roima difference o.felectr1cal potent1alln each sympatbUcnerve trunk on. e~ch side ·of the !lipine ~nd passes between

them when theye:p~o.ohea:ch at: tbeba~;rE!: of the spine, Which. hii: where rac;HQacUve <Us.mtQgra:tlon commences. A chain re,adUo.n lOOP. :S!tatt$ that a$iC!mlit

u· ... _·· .. h·· ""'I...~. -., .... - ·f A,"'~ ... ~. - .. :tk- to. -1- :t ....... ,,_ ......... ~"' ... _ . ..t"'1·1n1 1~dJ.o-

_p Yli&""~, w,R:!' ce·.n!&ll' ,o_' lI.n~ St""nG 'm .U.!I;lI ~ta n. _. U.a .iiWtC6.u,: 0.,: ~I~·U~_:_. ~'a ._

actl.V'i3.ener;y) ~

.As the s],eeplng se!l'p6ntofKu:n~Um. bl a:wekeneda.nd: starts llts ilSQUlt :up'WDrd I '" feeltng Of iheet fs,[opedattha baSEl Oof the Slptne,~s the lowest Qh~.k.rll beOOfllaS vlvU!ed! or a,etlve. ·Thls feelJ.1:lg of heat than pa.ssesy~~, as the idinda,UnJ.. ascends and vll.v.1fies the six upper chakra terminaJt:in9 in tOO !!~and .... pec:taled lotl.!.l:s.~ n the &l!h~maranda G:hakraa ttho toplof the h.ead, whlcbls. connected with the pln.eal gland ..When '{he. p1neal Igl.a!nd becomes a~.k.e~d aoo vlvUled. it. OOmmEUl-Ces to pe[fOfmlltsno:rmal funcUon as a'lhJ!I'd eye end QlIq8n of cla.1rvata nt.vls:lon ~ Wbent.he pituft&fy Qiand {a.ssocialed w1!th the: .Aj na Cha.1aal !become:s awakened and regenera.ted.~the pOwer' of ·elatraud'" :Lance a.ndtele.palhy develops. It: 1s the 'goalQ.f yogic practices to regenerate these higher braln centers, whk::h are the sect ofsupers,ensory powers of percepUo.n.

The ehatras" 01" oenters, which:tlie ~long tihe sp:tn& I ·ara· cona:tdMed l:I~y yogis t'O be really etMdc, vorU,CEi!ll: Ql' energif t~t are eQnfiectedwtth ~ major sy.mpa.tht;!ttc nerve plexuses 0: ,r;a.ither than being p1exusa.s tMmselv·I)!$~.

They ~ ~ni!il~v,(llr!JOOs:t people and ~te ~timulQ:ted to iiiltlt;iv.;l:tyoruy .by Pr~M'"

y.a ma, .Of' YIJ9~.bre"'th:m.g ~.e$pecmUywhena C\UT'en1: QfPm:na or nerve electriru,ty" (orlg.iMt1ngln. ionst8:kJen l.n fro:m.tbe: ~tIOOSph~) is d1mc~'ed to, the,se am.tersi :b:y mental concentration yoqlabrn~,th.t:ng ~ Another med~c!fe:ctlv"tingtbe3e CEj'niets u dwoUg'h Ma:ntras ,. 'orr:trytbmJ.o 1!!CUlC!' sspe:cJ.fio&lly attuned

to thev:!ibr~tory r~ta of €I ac:h centef~ SoIaI' color:t.nadlatfonlllso afie01:'s them. fhis i!:li the HsJ:s Oif music "M color but whicb¥slologlcal mkacles iUe in ·tM ·eme. of dh;,ease5 oU:l@[wise~!{ppare,ntl·V· incurable.

For the Ilwa:k.entngof Ku~,U:nico.mp1et~ CQn,fH:!t"Vation wUN.n me body (If Ithe'geniil:lll secretions ofe:acb sex:ltis ,absolutely filS sentJal, o1herw1.s'0 the elElCU1cal!t')oor~y oene:rated. ;a:tthe base Oil'the splne Jis d!lsslpated througb tOO gren1ta1 gl~nds and lost from. the bodyl~ their' seaetions ~nd can nevet ·asce·.nt upwind toward the bra1ln.. Not omy vollJJt1wry (lf9a:n!!Ull,s ~ but mvobm;tarylosse'.Ii! a·s well.,. as noctumale,ml&G:1:a.n:s 1n ~ and. mucus and. monstnlaJdischarg'€l6

Copyriphted materia'

tn'B~e5mu31:, beprevon,ted, which, 18 best achievedtll.touoba. .toWFOt.ehl, oon--sUmmt!ng, salt1e,ssstI'1ctl,y vegetarian, diet {~udJ.nIj :a9S~h., &iiS, a:nd &l:1rypmdUC'itS ~iI!ll ,of which cootaln sUmu.lattrlq !OnJ.mal saxhotmt)M'S} t o:ndi, by avoidance of .all sources 0,( G~~. excitation,. physical and psychic. FOf so 1'00918:5 too gonads, and as:sociated 'geni.tal glandsiUe active !!ind ,p-odu.C1ng secretions" they ([r·atn the: br:a1n and"\fe'·s of lecithin (org01l,rUcpho!8phonul! j of which nerve and btaln ,cells ,are' compo-seen ,which 1s ~ cldef conStituent of ~n genJ"tal ;sect:etlons,~ It hlfot this reason that ell sexual ;e:C1tlvlty., pettUn,g t .and le:tl~l!;nd, men;&truati.onin wo~n. 4evual~ze the, broatn a:nd weat/en the nene8i ,; ma:lc:tng one neNOU:S end 1n1table ~ KundalliU Clininot ascend unn. such COOOJtionswbe n Us ene,rgy .is ,sapped. and lost by ,gonads (testes and (,.,anes

ll; ndthelrassC!lclated ,glands).

YQg'8. adepts t~chtn!i!!It wh&nthe body becomes reQ'enaratad~md there1s perfect and complete Qonse:rvat!Gn. '0'£ gent tal s(!crettonsand muCt!.!i and :blood d:iscMl'9'es (If the, female cea,se'l the Jci.l;ndalim .Fbrce t no longerdra,tood, .bythe gen1t~.l",lands MId.runedtn <!I c:k:Iwnward cUrecUO'n~ 1:9 ,able to il'Hice:nd upthl'Ough thf!ce~ter of the$pinell CQtd. Cl!nd vlvtfy ;the v'a~dou;s cbakiiels a.r.d their' syrnpa~ thet1cnenreple:tQ!ses in lts,upworo ooW'~e' .It 1:sol~tmed. tbatthe cere,broap! fluid 1s nctn~id. bu,t "trtan e1ectrtHed. etheri.c Gtateintha body and onl!y turn:smto ~. fJ:iddon. 'eJCpclIsureto "if, wh,El'n It 19 't~ppe,d.... That 1 swihy 5 piM.l

P unc:tutEi::s so hfM"mful faa they r3taln the very &oW"Ce ofv:lito lity... When tn.s Kundalln1 rotC€!, e:nterthe s.piMl cc;mll, l!tre:ndernthe ,ethet1a fhddtherein ;more md~ct1v,e and 'c:l!ausas U toa~ oend U.p tatho third, cere:bTa,lvel:!lbic,)e l where

the cereblio-spil.:Ml fluid ls 5UP.!PCNied to be .formed,· acthtJ1t.o:Ung the, ptt\1i.taryand pineal q)ands wldcb a.djoln it.

In the .H.vlng ~ratn, 'l:heplntHIl gla nd is pho,sphore,5centa;nd g1.oW's with. ~ radiont Ught ..'I'h:ls lsthe "'brain. glow t '110 or paO's:phore.&can,t ri:u:Ul!:ticn, that the

brein, emits~, studied by the eminent physlologl~al GrHe.Wben the Kundaliru .Force ascend:!5 it:Q' the brain andelect11lfies iit.thisbraln glow~nd the phosphores oence Qfthe plnaalgl~oo oreV3 sny Increased. • The pineal ql!lUld. .hos the structure of a.vesllgdal ~~phte.d ,eye th~t wa:5O'llc:e fUllctiona:l and cOll:\lw.lns photQ-,setlsd.Uve ceU:sth:at re.spt>ndto ordinarily inv1slb1eyltra--vlclattlllys. When thep:lneal 9']'andLs v1v1tledby thea~O€lfid1ng Ku:ndaUni F(')fOe and co(mmenc8sto f:unction ,I![I:S on Inner eye". these pOOtQ-.semiil:tiV'e (H~1:l:5 oe::OIllHnenc:e to tececive vlsual hn:pz:ess:iorl5 in ;the wtr.a-v.kdet part. of thespectl"lJ.malldbe"ond:, cov~ring & b!l:nd of light radfaUoDsto whiCb tbe human eye tsoonnally insan.stttve .and blind. This is the: phY,!if:o,loglO) of cl"irvoya.nce of foutdlmenstonal vision.'VIrhent:h1s capa.cUy b IUI!!'i!!:ke!Oed~.oo:e' c<!ulloOk l:ntoth:e fu1.U'th dif:llOnHon aDd QVEl' the banier that ,s:p1)oe ordinarily impOses on the sense, Cit vision,. Dellng abl9 to V1e'W .other planets of dh:tant !8tars and to func. ... lion In onels s,tellfUbodylnbablUngst!ch plane'~s.. :Ihis Is the gQi!l.l. Qf¥oganamely~ the: dissociation cifcoinsc.1ousness from the earthly braJin so that ltrnay functioni:n. t'ne: brain of tbostellarbody ..

Total and absolute continence ~ or- re't,Ur:Tllng to tbepre-pubeMlll stC!ite,of complete seminal COll$SifVatiofi." i!a tha precondltlo:n af m,generatlonand ... tlon OiInd 16 abst!i,llltely neoest;a:ry .ror the awake mng~oo <!i.scerrt ofKu~llrut ~

Copyr'ghtcd rneleria'

Ea:cb diop of samen represents: a concentrate oflec:lthhl:, .h~neaj mtner.ids, and.v:l;.tamins equill.l to 610 drops of blood. Mence, the loss 'of thhl fJ!.u~ <lRtins 'Cheb~ of Its best elements. Sertd,~l fluid ts; potenUa.l ne:rve ~nd .bra1n. nu'" triment",Bd when not: wasted or lo's:t through Invoh,mtary enu.5slQA~ ,it ls absotlMd: by ly.!lIphiatlc:a; 1inathe .seminal va5ic,les, end canie,dito th.a receptftcwum chylt" it as·ce~nd9via the, th1.Ol"a.elc d~ctto, the .l~ft sUbcla'vian v,em p:iOt:bJ, its e.n.tIa.nee to tlI9heart, aM, .inthis waylympha.tically mSiomed semtnal flWd, enters the c1rculaUon. The conserved 1ecith1nls then carried by the blnod to nerve end brain cells,~ whIch reqt1ire it fot ·then-nourishment aoo vital I!:ct'lvtt.y~, FOl'UUS ~ son., ~exual J.ass·ea ~ VQ.luntartly Of involuntar1l.y f rob ·the· nerve:s ll!.oobta1n 'QfnolJirl:shmenit~and p if they ,am excessive, leadto,n.erYOUS

I nd :mental dilS:eeses. Stnce fl!it'lc1ent Umes ,tt ~s known to phy.slciam:s that the gOMds '01' sex glends manufact~a vlt1il aubstancew!b.tch ... the

b cd'y', p8sse,slntothe blood. and. feeds· and ~ti:angthen.s the nerves ,emibla[n ..

The B petmatozoon and meln 'oe-.8 mSlemble ~Ch Other bot:h ~n s.hape and cihemlsUy,.E6Ch ha~e e heed and a long' O!!.ppendage (teil Q·f the s.per.matoZ08.Bnd .c!erLtrlte~ of 'tiN1 bmin cell) ~ The lQs:s Q.fmillions o~' epe~to:&Qat:J:trou;h eacb $om1nal di1scMrge ntUGtlnjure the brain. Malty case:s of death ,a,nd1ns:anJ.l~ Mve been the 1!mmedtatecon.s€l~e.nce.s o:f Ule shock ,caused :I::n a .feebJe., :Sickly Or aged.per;son. by the e:c,t oil' CO~tu5. Coffee ~te~. m,el!lit, nsh~ ,eggs" ,5~lt, pepper~ mustard,tobacco", 0800 alcoholarel a,n e.pfu:odjs;illl.cel stimulants of t:hesex

glands that: cause them to lose th.edt .p:e,~ous I leclili:in-ri'Ch. p,ospholi:Hd.

vhal se.creU:OtHii .'£0 achieve fJlndi, Jm.:l.ntal'll na,tutal physlologJ:.cQl contine:nee 'M

a U times I oliOWprotein, .strictly vegeuui"n. d1etis es,senUal ..


S1:twtth sp,lne er,ectt facing 'theoorth. Close- the dqht: nostr:U wUh tomf1 ~T of left band~. and lnhalethroogh tile left ncs:tr.J~ Mallei 'the bree:m .four times tbe lengtb 'of inhalation l then, ex:baJe d'Udng ,;:!In :lintO'Ncl twioe thtIt Qf {~ nata.tlon, this 'Umotlu'Ough tharlg:ht oosttH. Then breathe in through. the, right oosttU." leta.ln breath ,ilI.S beforel, and. e.xtlale thrr.;)ugh. the 19 ft: I andse on • inba1.1ng .2!!nd ewlt~ !1!il~tely throug.h. each nosb:'U in a r~.ytlum,clMnner..As you M-nthe In" hmu,Lne~ :U you. can ,thatth.e l!iib,S:O~Ded Prenl:lOC' ,eie.ctd,Bed mn!'!l in the au g'Gels&om (he oHac:tory lIet'11'e end:l!:n.g lnslde "thenc'sttil,1O the C!Of1e,s" po.nding sympatheUo nerve trunk on the same side of the .spine and then de ... seends lQtheMuia.dhartl Chakra, Qr' Center O!:t the [ba,se of the spine, ,aooV<etne pedneum.,B. few inches mfront a:ndabove t::he rectum .. As yOU iIilMIB~9ih the left tI.Oistrl1, lma.gioo an. E!:ktctrtc ,cmmm. bein.g sent d.!o",Tlths .sy.oo.pat.heUc nerve:fttiRk .on the left s1de afUm ·iP!n.e. ,and when 'You i:na:hel. through tli.e rtobt nosttll, .1rnag, 1t. <go:ti:lg dovm. tAe tight side, l:n ,a. Iegular~hythm...When the c~fi.treaches the bottQfI1, tmag:ine an. electrk: spark Jitrmptnq across from ,.,.. of tneS€I ne-rva ~,$tQ' the other, as the-y approach each other"whlch awabn$ ,a locked. enemy-between. t.hetn,whl,ch then becomes ralee.,sed.. This Is the mys'" ter1oU5Ku:OO!ilIl1nt. F'orae which is the underlYing ~ast 'of aU occu.lUs:m .. the yCttlo.u,s:m.ethods oiyog.a "00 de.sjqned to awaken 'Ud5 myscerloW!' power thait may be COmp1r:ed toin1tera t.cirmc e:ne~ytha:t: .18relea sed .by Ws . .,arkthat flows between both sympathetic nervetrunls where the:yoome ~ogether atma


Copyriphted materia'

Tbe psy,chl~ vlsYr:lUzaUon (If tMse~e,,"a helps ., gre"td~l1n their twtWment .. .Mtet' lma.g~ the eJectric cwrent deslt;:e:nd eacb Qf:the $pinQ and .~uce the spark. at line :base a:nd a shock, os yoo exhale 'eel t.he gene:rstfld elcctr:tci:lll eneE:gy ,d[,awn, up through. flm brab.. Then mhal:eaoo send the en.erqy onoe!Mra down the 'ym~thet1c nerve ttu'nk to the base a fthe .8 p~ne, should.s' forolllly. 1~1te 'the sharpltap af a hrDm:mer.. ThenexMle ~9h the :opP',sU.em::u;:trU and, draw the electrical energy thus genefJated u.p fN\ough the spine as Mgh ,as possible~. untU thebM1fi is re~G:hea,and t1!tlectt:1f1ed by it.

This prOceSIili is ceUed, byyC~ti.s the. bee-·pt of Ku:ndaUn!,.

Thell'Uy toieel elor.;::tdcal energy des,cendtfiOm W, bratntc' 'the bl!lsEI of the spline ,09 y<'lil.!ilnhal.e. and fhythmi:c"hy .o.s;cendba.:;:k to the :b ~itl with. eachexna.laUon. When ·ymli.thu,s5ucceetl:inawaken1ngiand contr:oWng tillS norvefOroEl at the base of the spine and !! feel'" it mov.lng n.p and! down with each eX:pjiratlon;,s p1tat1on I yOu have~tyour command" va S1:: $UPply oif :PO'W'U which you.oan d:Lrect and US0 This po'W'eris Kundalln1t a :rnag~c;ph.v:s1olog1cal e:n.etg¥ wh1chene:rg:bes: and ·electri:fie s the brain ~nd re:lQaaas: it!ll la;te:nt g:eni:u!i!i. a:ndva.sUy JlncreaG,e .its ca:pa:c:lltl9:~ ~

Copyriphted materia'

According to yogapbys.loiogy~. the", Blftl seven centers Oif' nerve e~ at~ tfw:. 5 pine I ,e!!lch ,con~ with ,I!!: dtflt!lrentsympi:'!tbE,Uc nefVC pl~ ~ ''lhf!Y us:

I. The M!.Jl.ADHARI. CH.AKRAj wh:lchcorresponds to the pe1i.vlc Of sacrroc~ygeaJiple:xius o:f the sym.patheUe ~us sY!item, .9:tt,uate(l about t"NO 1ncl1es above the perineum (:the lo¥0"8,st plU't of the ~nk betwee[n the tjenJ.tals ~nd·th.e anus). '11Us is the BO~U ·olf .iKl.mdaJ.1n1,re:preseIlited by tOO, tantras ,as ,a: coOed snake w1lth. 1.m tall .in. Itsl:nOu:th. 01' 'CO!;.ndc: energy that 1\8 in Ja.tenlt state and wbk:b can. be a:roused.and made ,d.yna.mtcby ,oert~tn ·yt)gicnet:hOOS. "'Nben It 1s a\W!ike:ned, it a.$CBndl! the spine,.awaken-l!ng eDeh efithechakr:as orn.etv8 cemers In.tum., Ca:u5'l!nqtbemtol.ullald Ul'O 10tu90a and ~u~nd oU,t'tMiIi.1:'ft$ of etWtc ene.r:gy through theN&:Us, Qt. ethericn~Cio.nd:uJ;il:s.t which rad:latefrom. them in aU d:lirooUo.os., FfnAllYt the I!I.[5;cendinq KundlllUnl te:acbes the '~'thousandpedalled'~'lg~Y3tf! tbe mln~. reochlnQlI:!nd a'N'Oi(emngthe piMa} g~nd .•

2.1'00 ,S,VAD'lS'I'HANA C8AKRA.. is sU.uated two Oit t:I:aIee inches aboy,e the Muladlmfa Chakn .. ~whe:re Ku~uru. sleeps. It is the OEINe c,enter tMt cml.ttc1s the g-e!l:Ltilllorgans ond cette:5P(){ndGtQ the iJlIfQstatlc ple)C1Js, as the Mul~ Chakl;a CQUe~ipoods to the sllu:mll pl.eXJus •

3.. The thkd c:hokro. :Its the MA'H[PUM 'CHI!!KRA, which oontroJstbo ~Ql. plexus Of ,ilbdolil'd.rud bra;i::rl;;o It Is oppooU€ the navel ond c(mtoob t:he abdominal organs.

4~ The .ANAHAT CHAKRA 16 Qn tbe level of thehean: "nd controls the cMdiac pleJCljS and the proce.s.s of :re.s.piration.

S • The tbrr::>at ceo~e~r .is, the v:tSUDD'F!A GHAXRA~ whicb controls the pbaryngoal plexus and the thymll.d!g};I,nd.

6~Bet~in·tt\e root tlf theoosea:nd:thGb;a,:se of the sku Ii, with brancbes le~dingtoche s:pacebetween the ey,abrow.!'i, 1.$ the AJNA CHAKRA. 'fhis: c-en'tw 'corms ponds to the pi.t.mtMy qland ..

7. The seventh ce·nter, the !"lhou:lilj,nld-pedal1ed lotus ON Is 81tWllted at the top, of the l:I,pd and. CQRe S ponds to the, p~a1 gla~d.

hooncUnglCwldallnt lss,e~mclatn:!oyan't~y as, a. gatd~n-yel1fW1s:"m;ia m tho!it flows up the spinal ,coed to the ~In, wl'iete Us.ptO;ds aulas a golden

ratn and vlvlfie:$i the: hrdin ,.;:au:slnome pUuJtaryan.d p.fneal. g.lands to show t:lny fla.mas as ·the et:hencenem passes· ~undt.hern and 'Oillt thl'ouqb the t(lp (If the, bead.t the BrahmaHnd.Ci: Chakra .. Befm'e tOOSfJ cnab:'as. '081'.1 be, , e:mplQyed 'IlS Qrgans af hiqher percepUGn.,the ,Serpent F:ka~. Qr Kundal.:1m.", must bea~ed am." .nowt:ng. up:wani ,must vivity the ;~n cent~ .In pa,s,&-j,c,g :Cz:um.

""·8i ... ·

Copyriphted materia'

tlHt hase of the sp.tne to the b.ratn~ Tho pItuitary a,Ad ptnealglandl1it:l:u:!n blaze with light 'l'Ifid power and contim.lOUS ~n.tera-Ctlon or li·SparJc:1ng'jojl takesplacQ bet,W'ee,nthem~ - 'TheJMli1l stream of KW'.u:IJ~nnt passes ,around tbemond out tb.rougb tnenow-a,pened BRAliAMAAANIlA CHAKM: 'of the "Thousand-Pedalled Lotus. "I The AJNA CHAK.RA" cotll'leC1:ed with ·the· pituitaIV' gland .. is now mom plamly vislb1e"al:soth.e VlSHUDDA C:HA.KRAor thyr:oldoenterw

TbeMag.nrus Opus., Of" the Great Work, Qf the ,aJl::hemJ,sts '\\'II(!IIS ·tnettan:a, .. mutaUc'll of ,ma.n~s ,oreative e~ from too animal to tbe .slJJ.per.hl,uua,n level by brtnglng i,t fm',mtM, pel:vl:sto the· ,bram ~ Thts energy l;sKufldel1n1!.Q.£'the Serpent Fite. In an 1:n;b;!oosting book" j·T~ iPf:f:l!JcUC:a .~lII'by JOPM, Gi~chelt a pUpil of Jacoo Booh:me" we ftndan lntruB,S1:in9picture $:bowSithe~ody af a mar:! "WIth thfi SE!lrpent FiM ooOed up.t the base of thesploo In the 8M pe ,of

~. dr~Cltm and the diUere:ntcentersor chakNs itldllcatie:d as the par:t:!J of the bQdy ttu:oug.h whJ!ch this :serpent Hrehedto r>i'Jss i:n US upW~rd pa:S!!J .. q,e~, Ns 'uprward and. ifi'fN'bird t~n.; (If'~ ¢::tei!liting ~netVY tn mao" whJ.chin. its ].ower manlfestaUon!i: goes 'o.'Q.twafd. and ~rd in the forni. of s~ual acUvlt,.~ 1:5 the Mft,gnJI:i8 O~:s Qf' Divine 'l'ran!Hn~tatIO'n wb:tch ~:sthEi goal of ths t:nle alchemist.

Kundai1nl 1$ rCosmlc LUs E:~y in the human. bod.y ~ which Uos latent wJJ:min the nl!JC:!e~ of aU ceUs. t.hNugh Us: slow .te,.lease, this:ene:f91 mleases

:the fire.eif life. By yogicpract1ce ::i·t this 'oos mi.c energy b; ccooentri!ited fit,t wIthin thel spinal canal and then in the min, 1,s· What hi m~m: by the C)wakentng ,and as~entof &wdau'm... VlhenYOQl.5 a:m' able tg Uve for mo:nt:hs 'I:lnder ·the ground without brea.thilng,t~is KuJda.ll:m tbatk.eepsthem ~.Uve:.. 'When the Serpent Ploo11sreleasedi, It btllfis up all tn~ dtoi5:s €If the body ~ 1:m.morl:~UzinqthelceUs asltpurtftes them~ Ku:nd!aUnl is lat€mt lntertltamic c'.nergy exist ... i:ng looked.. in. the nuclei. of all ~to,mswhich compos:s fM nuclei o! me 00111;0£

tn.1I! .body ~[tis really tnte:ffttomlc anergy, 0!Ind' ltssouroe is: cosmic radiation. Stnoethts 1::remenckn:l:s;power, onoe awakened! end plftoedundervoiunta;ry CQntto'~ whlch~t lathe obJect of Yoga to achteve. 'o~n. be used dos't:r'1J(:tlv,ely a·s

wen as constructively ~ In1tl~tias whQpI)S 5'31 S stnQwleo!)l18bow to do SO guam their ,secmtjeeloll:iislYt lest it f~U ~nKJ tile hand50f ~he unworthy woo ~ely m1:5I!1i5e it.

We oove ,al:rs:dy dl;S.c,ussed howUlRlIugh tnyU:loo.c .,ltemOle'og!ft bre6! a currant ofpO~itiveand negative electricity j or c:ballg'ed lo~s drawn from the atmospOef:a by e:achoostnlls s:entdowrII.9&ch side: of the 8Plnethrougb tihe sY.mpa.theUc newettunks on each :side o,f lit, k:nolw~lll:nyog:a.tierm1noliogy O!a the Ida and P1!ng~Ja nerves ~ 'These CUITe nustrlke tne Kt:If!daUnt ce~~er"tthe base of the Ii pIns, ltw.tth an. electron, S1:J'ieainl that causes the: dis·:;;QcfaUon olf "to'ooc :nuclEi!! there, ~ with the nlJlSUlt that l:rd:..m-atorndc energy is released, which than u~velsup ithes pinal Cllo!l),a,1 to thebt'a~n ~Th.a e,x_a'C1:methods by which. this. interalOmic fome (Kunda:nnl) at th:ebGse: ·Qf the s pine rna y be made dynamt,ctMough the action. at PTa na.or absQibedatrno's pher1c electrioity,. by rh:'{lhmlc aU~t:" bre~thlng oi com.blnadWiIth, [!lJu; 'GontraCtl.ons. !koo~. a,s Bandh~s and Mudr:as, constitute the s.pecial .studYl!oo oIyogi s •

... 9-

Copyr'ghtcd rneleria'

}.stile r:;~ CfI'. Se~ . Fm:oo is relea...~, it asC"'...m5 up the canal. as .eth.erice:ne:rgy~. ~oovita]!i'zes, tfw.!. ~ix c:e:rters or' Cl~ as it


K1.m&l:lini ri.sesfroncen:ter to cer\teruntil 1,t reec.heS the ~a1 giaI::d. It is deoocibed ,Ma cenml fire that cisesup "ttIro~. the spixW, cord to 'i;hQ bNiin, ~it to 'becaD:! e~f1ed and· to :g',lcw in1he centeT' of the b:Nin,.

'The ,~ or cent~n;; ~ibelie:~. to be .inside the!l CI,)lmn butte be e'itllerlcvor:t:::ices ,of energy mthet;' than physical,.. ~. 'They aI1ii!. ~cted ldth 'the prin::dpN. m~ ple~.

'!'he! 1i1~I!'e,thods of Prani!:yaJl'a .Ol' YOWl breathing :tI.ave ct:le. -essential ~EH to·1I!1!ke thefTwa.;, or' €lect:ricale:!1€rgl{ MsOl:'hed :frcm the a'lm:.6phen:: by yogabNathinlt" ent:er the :Sushmna or' the. spirWeanaJ." 'then. ascendingandi p~: .the. ~~, .o,r. sp:inU ~r,. and. .fina:lly maciWhg ·tne s~ ~ 00 the t~of ·tne he!.a:., ft.tddl. is c~ with the· ~ .g~d~ 'wdm .. tnen l'eco:IJ$S vivified an:i .f\Q:!'tional, alail:"V'QYance o:ff~firensicmal

:S=~J:~:~~seSby~~ "rs~he~~~~ .~~ ='

canal) fer. alilffhlet:lit .~ of ·ti:rre'to ascend ,$d, ~d:i, the~" .

F'Fanayana, .frees the. ~ .f'rcm dis~ ~ laf.e:fit and rnaniJ@st., TO, ~

Kmdaitini, by Prmla.y~(yorJl :,.... .start ~ith a ,oOO1to~ 1:1. ,foro inhM-

ati.on"lEl ,for t"e.tentioo" ~ a for 'eJ :-,.ioo,~thing ~ ead:I t:I05triLl

atte~.tely, and ~ ''lbl doom ea:n side .0£ 1M Spine,

,s~ik:ulg ,·t 1the .K~ ~tret' at iUb.!.se as it de.scems~

Tally m-.. .g up the breatb anj, the fiery ·energy tiin:r5 ~~~which then enters

,..,~~ , ...... ~""' .. " .... .-.-'" -te {~ '''~-n ar.:d ,~ .... ~~ Hn; ... ·Wl.·,.,..., "'-'e··"·"",~'1'_"';:·~·. '"n~'''''''

~1'iiii: 1iiI'~1~ "rfiiiiII!!CLi. 1iiIII. , ..... ;:, ~._ '.~ __ ~&,~~~ =r _"" _'_I u,~ ""~ ~~,~I, •. ,""'--' ~~

i:nc:rease the limgthof ~aticn. 1IlC. S, :retentiC!:i to 32'~. and e~~. to 16, • Fina~ly ~ the .~ limit ,of 16:64:32. 'logisc:laiIn that ·the· .:I.a'tte.rI OO~iO kept. '!$Pfer 100' t'iOO5 "will 'produc:eL:!Yi tatioo. ·Slildl ~c alteI:fiClte b:tel!l~ iriS: ,is d~ for an hour gt ac time, pre,~·ly OOolW~ .• ,fJc.wever~, NrNER SrPAIN andIdo hat e~ Ur"ii ... >·; ,~ci1'l." fOr, '51." . ;: .. ~. . •.. jI..,~ '-+":---:-, ..................11

.,. .. ... ... . :1-- __ '''J~ ... l;S may ~ II'Qre ~~.~!-!. IU!WU ~~

Each cbalCra is a:s:mectedi wi:tn <!. l"~iating nenrot:k at" NMis \Jhi.dl .a:te ethericOLXl,dui:ts of· electr:i.c ne:~for:ce,. omd. ic.U"e .not· 1l1,eueI'e .g.rtI:3-s physical .f:Ie~ .~a ~s .rKit. enter' ·the N~ if~, as they.are in. klet .pegple. Hor!tl:!s and ,e<n"'S nust first be .spent to purify the ~ladis !lefoR! Pralayarna: can besoocessfullypre.oti~+ 'On pel'feotiooooing.artt~ in yoga,.th~ .00dy b:!.cares, catple:;te1y l'ejUveM.tOO, lean~ QIld!i!:Ledthy~. the eye,s tJ,righ,t:ana ·tne ~ is ccrnp, 'calSe:t'Ved andcom:efi~ ~ 1'00 ,Niadi:s are ~ifiEd., and the in,wmclil f~5 irJ.m;:!:asOO,While I~ areiheard ~n .1;he e~ Me clOSEd 'With thefingen-;, md..d1beoore l~t" ·and. lOHti!l' as. ,clai:mudi.e.n:;o.edewlcpa~ .Also when the eyes a!I'e 5mJ:t, bcill.iant colors are Seet'l!,. 0\IIii.Ch is the be~ of

cl.airvQy;an:e.. .-

l<i~. is ~lat€d to tile ~~~. :f0l"'0e.~ wh!im,wtead of l:eing: cmvertOO into grw:s seminal ;fluid~w:i. by these e~. (l~~ and. t:rans ..

Copyriphted materia'

fernie". Into .I!I subtle e.nergy (Qjiuh) which "seend:::!: 1I.iPthrou~hthe, :spinal. Qan.i9.1 with iPrana. [t then. becomes ~ SOUfoe .of s;pintua.lllfe kithe braJ.n. in:ste:ad, of betnq a. cause of phY:9ioal ,Ck!, ~s la t.M, c:a:se when U Is lost .. With the ascent of tbesexfOrces to the bA:ln. the- :m:l::ndlsreleased of its! most PQW!edw bond .•

~~U.nif the SarpentPower, ~,leep$ coiled up, below ofll;.e a:pln.e, c;los~ng wiiili hs !IDCUth the en,traooet.Q t.he splnalce:rud,. I.t ll.esattl1e Mu1adhar'iS Centar,two fingers above, tn.o.ap,u:s and below the gem:talls, at the ~doou:m ~ Foomnere aprtng the 72.tO,QO Nadls.~ ,I1S is,QIi,UK!. loS ptOduced b, the ~ment5 rQJ ,l:Itr ISO' here,'to movements ofthedtal ok (p.ra;na), mi:tsm~rdl1l!nd up,ward pdSPge, e;therle QmrenU are produced in the Nadis ~ Ku:ndalimi:5 tho mightiest mamfo,i'EI,tatlono,f cosmic ,cr:eat1ve p:l'wer in the :human bod.y and me sbtc:hakr,os aboVe .. ar:e\i!'!t~l1zed by thts enetgy"s U osaends ~g!h the :9 plna.l canal,.

Yogapc,gturas., ratefittOR of bte'ith.t ~c:ai'tion ,eJtoen::1ses,and M~s (spectol ex.erc~1:ses ·fo.tgJlandular regsneratlon)are,i!lll used 'to aro.use KunddJnl,t .sotM't PraDA Is, wlth.~wn. fromthe~lda :a:ndPlnglalasympa:thetl.c nerv;e~, o:n botb Side,S of the spin.e ,and.~ first cOfIQEJ:i!'l'trated ,at the base (d·tl\e :s~pme where Kund.alh:d m,sides ~ is tha'"' draw.ninto the spinal oaMlaoo. a, the pine,at g-land ~ ''!hen the yeoi ~cMe\lies samadbl ,cr cosl1lle: oonsclo~snes s ,the nauMstate ~'l['o l!ichteve tMs be dev1ta11~:!J. there st. of the bod.y by .gett1n.g Prana.frorn I'd'll and P1ng'alaoorv,e:s In't€.lthE!lsplnal canal ~

Yogi.s seek to a~kenKund~lml ~ywhll~ 1>3 called f~ Meditation .. wniobmea:i:1$. :\;QsaeKYndall.n1! 08 ~.fUm.e,.,. nke ~ Cleindle, :mthe: n~v(!l or: :!iIQlar p~s.. th,Q, yogi,exhal,E!s, drawaln the plexu~ by abdo~nal ¢:ontf:Ci,cU,on., and mediUJites. ,on the heart center.. l'hlsis cl,a:~med toawa}:;!e,Jl 6. Ught therein ~nd to uall~mutese~l which pAss UP' tathe br-a;l:n,.

To 9~1n l~reased :mental control,109is.pra.ct1c& e~:elc(s·a:5 In COflcefltrai1an and m~:iltaUon {\lifter doing bree,tn1ng exercises .,first tbe mind !:ru~st

Oc(:Qrne Qnc~!POfntll'ld by c<.'lI:lce!n:tra:t1on and .ultelperiectly blank. whi:C\b 1,;5 the prerequisite lot meQi.t.atwiIiI 'or contacting O:OO'i 3'5elf and 1.n~ sp:lration therefrom. To (lioncentrat.e the :rnl:nd,~ l'09i fb':steon.cen.tra~es the vision by fixing the gaze on the Up-of tbe noeeerbetweeetbe eyebrows.. Mean:~ whne the mioo a:b.ou1d co.ntem:p~ate the ener,9'Y in the hean center: which shclUld :basensed h:l'wardly I th.ougtlthe g'aze is dtrected wlthout. This helps toooncentrate the mind and prevent,

e.y making the, mi.ooa vacuum. Itperrnits finer lmpte,s:slons to rush Jn,! th:U3 tntutUon £5 deve.lQped~ Intll.d.tio.n ises m.uchhigoo'c toon 1ntieUe,ct "05

th€. letter rs aoov'el rn.e:re. animal instinct. It means reception oO.f :llic.ughts (:omf;[ll} IT'om 5Upe.rlm: brain. ·o.f one·:5, steUar body :blhabitir'J.q .I!I. planet of , star, wh1chls theSQurce' of the cos:mJ:c JialBatlons tMit ~nlmate·:the ~hly brem. Until tbebra,inls. alltlQrM:UC aJ,CUv.ll:ty ~5stilled; truemerlitaHon.; or the e,stabUsnment o:fc:ontact between the, ean:h:ly brain end the stellai' J:mIJin;o O!!lCJ:s; hig.h€:r self,,, and cotlsc:loual,Y l:ecelvIDg Its th,cughrt. waves as en .IMerV:olclil:~ is Im-

Copyriphted materia'

'Ilo cJear a.nd strengthen. theeyesigbt. ,and dlspel1llsQ with 'gmsses,yog1.s prac,tice 4.n ,e,ye exero~se which consists in ftl!:tng thev:l5i(mo:n a .smaUobJect, without, bUnking a:n.di ho:hU:ng the 'eyelids.wliderthan ususl meanwhile. Con .. tmue ·tb19.u.n.tU tbs eyes ·water. then e:iole: the eye s and :oU ·the eyaba:lls; SEW' several time&., ftr:st c:lock.wt:se and then cQt;lnter-clocJc:wl!1e~ Tben open: the eyes w.ide~nd stare ctthemor:nirtg sun,. Practice first with the :sun "near rising and setting time ,and latetwn.en the sun is s,tronqer... SOolar; the opttc:n.erve ·and me.y thUs. vivify the! brain. "osee the· 1.ns1.deof YO •. bmln ,J in tiheWr,m of web~Ukenel'VEi' fibers 001" .P€liI" e:thEidc N·edl;s~. standibe£o:re 8.n. open window Qna dll!lrk night. ,!;Ind gaze i:_nto the black =dc:y. Tb.enho1d a li9'hited candle iii few lnobesln ft\Ofit.oif· your ;no.,:, ~nd. just below me level of the! eye:s I :GO tha't yoo loo,k ~t.the sky dght above tbetop ",{the c~lldle.. Then Ynlve It hm1zo~ny baekind fortn.whlle loo'Id.ngCl'\te:rthe fla Iil!Ie 8it the sky.. Gn1!Id~ny YOU. wW see protected ,on the .sky IS a ba.:;:kgrnund the side ot' ~~in,

lookl JIg llkea .5 pldert·wsb.

To aw;a.keR KuOOalliU" rna fo1!lowing!ing: exerc.i;se,kooW'n ,as :e:H.M'TRlKA. PRANAYAMA, or me "'Clea.nS,ln9- bte,ath,t j; soould bel ~pract1ced. Stt :iac;!ng: t.he north ~nd t~~e e~even. suoces·sive deel) ~nd rbythmJ.,c lnnal"'tiofi9 ~ 00 ahalaUons no 'pIUJi:5le :lin between. and in rapid .s/u,cce.sstoo... Baving reached the ,e.lewntn'j fEI,stnJlnyour breathing ge.nUy and send thePIana down to the· K'Ylldel1n11ntbEl, Mwadhara ChakrcaiU the, base or the !:pi:o.e a.nd 1!mag1ne U~t It aVRlke.M U:I!!IS with a light m.mme:r tap ..

All the aE:Cf!I!tYO;l')pt~.cuces have 05 ti:!elrgoBl thel awakenln.g· of Kundbi~ lin1~ ~,bllbw1ng: ·exerc:l!seis .pracUced by yogIs for ntis purpose.. Glo'se the 1e.ft nostrtl and e:x:l141e througbtl1e light 'one ~nUl the ]ungs aro emplY.lohille "aga1nthmug:r~ than9~t ODe untU the lungs !:!ire' full. .As:Iii een as the breatbls reS1A:I.ned.~ sand PraM down to ·the'KUndelbd wUh a sbarp 1:8.P. Holdtbe breath and concentzate onKUndalin1. ,at. the cen,ter in the :ba se of the s.p1ne dunng' nn interv:al·of lOO s~ndsl: or al; Ion; i;!:1'[1 you cllnwithout Urni'YIB S'traln. Then .~-. ha1ethrough then(tl:lt iI1OsttUtlO half;tiu!!, capaclty'of the lungs j anc:l.lnh.ale a,qnin imrnediatel.y through thenght nosb'il. Send Pra lila down to Kundallni. as bEd'ote aM do the 81lr!'lein. :stibsequEU'l:t. b.teaths;..Holid the breath ag.a1n for 11]10 seeonds j' e;:(haie ,and rontin,ue such alternate bre.l!!t:b:btg andsencilnq the· Pnull! dOw.n to Kuinda:Unl, after breathing: in and, out through the left nostnl!.. Con" tinue:suc.h altacrnatebreathing five m:i:J\utes.. Then fepeatas you. started ~ ,omy instead of .brea.1I:ht:ng in 11M ,om ~gh.the tight nQ$tril, do so. UJtough'~ Jfl!ft I:IOstrlJ.. s,eoo:lng: f"dilUI down. to, Kimd.IW.nt. and·fullomng by UVEa ~nmes of

:a:lte.rn4te btea:thJ::ngl!:S bel<'1re ,. '

Copyriphted materia'


ToatOuse'is s,it In sw:::ha~y thl!!t theheelpce:5~es on: tha paaneum.1 w.hl1e t bymuscu1ar CGnt:racU.OlL, tbepenJ6iSwittXlJ';awfi into the ()UbICe.fCh~ while the ear, 00 GitrilG t and lOOUth lire clo,sed wIth the flngers ..• The:" 'lhe'yog',1: draws .In. a fuUbreath, holds n f ~nd ,on the >GDI: chal<rc~ lnturn~ feeling the .KUndal!J::nt 'ilScend and. 4~ketl! each m. allCCesstCln~ MOllfitl.g the aibdo:m1n:almusdes from left to rignt and from .:right to, left" in ,I! churning: actlo:T1, helps \1.0' aro1use Kundaltn1by tMs sptral movemen.t .•

To Clwaken. ~, the yoglpracti.ces the chinlcok (pressing the dun agalnst(heba seal tho neck) ·~ftSI' I:nbaJatlon ~ ''Iheyogtl. :s.eeks: to foreeiPrana to entet the splna.l canal by such pt'lIctJ1ce.s, .leav:l:ng Idli and Pingala. $ym~·" Uletic mHVes om each:dde of the spine, which beeeme llfele:58.. '!he. eMn lock, OJ" ralandhara :B ~,' Is :practiced. by f:irstmkJ:ng a deep inhalatlon and chen oontJ:;a!cting the thotac:ic 1'8lJ1onWhUe the chin is loclciad and thepertneal region tS51mw.t~neousl:Y· contracted. Pranalsthen forced down~m.. Then vayu I(thelatont e:Mrgy in-the 'conserved ~C;llimen) is fOrcoointotheSushumna (the. spinal canal).~

A ,gOOd exerolse for &Naken1ng ~QdaJtnl cQ:nsi.~t$ h1l p,re.ss1ng: ,on too ~al reglon. with the,1Bftne(tl, the. light. foot 'bemg placed on the, ls.ft. tiligh~ 'Too breath is !.t:nsplmd. and the oMn pla'c-e<! ntmly on the root Qf too neCk on lOp of the breastbone.Afi:e-.r t.he bre~thhD:5 been :te1:iI!!;in.ed ~s .lang lis pO!S.:sdble t it iBOOiuld be ,exp:l:red 51owly. 'HJe,bre~thi~g e:~rcli5e shoWdbe t)wQugh each no,strU tntum. stoPIS the upward flow o,f Er<U:18. throl.itghantheN~dls l!)Qcepi. that In the &~ptnal 'cord.

PteM.y'am,a. m.eansw increase the absQrption of Pr~mI: I: « electri(;ru energy in the ak: It ftr:st bycaustng It 00, Bow down the Id;a aodiiP'.ilt.lg-ala nQrv,(;i.$. then by :it$I"'eD1chlng:tne bottom of the g.pinelll.nd en.t.etingi thE!: s.ptm~.l 'ca.nul, w.hi:ch w;cunw:bent.bebody ha!iS been purtil:e.d by QOlllsil:ant practice. Kumbh~ka " or remntiQn of hrea:ch~. b praoticad tm tho Prana1s felt 10 per.tadathe e:n.tke bod.yfrom bead to toes.. UJJayI, orllWomtna:l ,contra/ctlon ~.p'wW\ s;nctilood until the .breathfills me body from. t~ttQ heart. iBhostrlkn., o.r beUows~llka .breathingdcsc::.ri!bad above,. :£:5 pr:acticedi ,a,:5 ap-:epatory e.xe:ro'lsfO!.

:rhe .,lm of is ttl move the abs,orbed Pram'! 1nto, the spiwll carnH by srln'1nG a. late:nt furoe at me bnse of the s.ptne: which, when lI.cteduponb¥ ~etlS~U5ed .and ent'Elrs thasplna£ ca~l. WU:h the di.sappeaJanoo of Prana imothe sp.lnal canal themst o,f the body beeomesc.s if lifele.s.s. Prana., by tt1e !!lid oif Kunda.Um, o.sce.nds ,.p1ercln; the siX chab"as I!.bO\P1BI, whlchMoek:its pBS&oge up te thebra:ln.


Copyriphted materia'

A say.s: "As .llOins ,elephants, , and tigers are gradually tamed J so also the breatih, when r1gnUy managed, comes underconuah e~se tl kllh the prtIdlttliO.!:ler. It should ootbeattem.ptoo. ib:::IweVier. wlthout lnsU'U;ctiott", Mllny have, lnluredthemselv'es j and some have diedtluo~bmi;stakes ~de in the prcu:::ease.s j whicb ahoitlMbe adapted to the needs 'of eacb pet$on ~ Hence the OOiC'(llS:r.:1ty of an ~per1:enced Guru (teached< .. 'lot

·thQwa(BingappUes to~bo'se who carry th1ngs to.; but il:here b: 00 danger In. 'yoqapra:cUca,e if common sense and.g:ood jud,gmen,t M:e u!!ed .and if .one ~ev8r proceeds. to the, point of intans:a s;tmJ!:n.~ wMch l!1the body's Q,wn danger signal f for this indicates that oertaIn 'vital. on;;a ria ,a:restrained ., nd. me, be .inJured.. Each person should '!l0(0 the Ur.nit of comfOrtable:toleranneand. stop fhere .,YOga can.not be conquered by stolm but 0011" .by patience ·~rdper.6is'tenoe ... N,o ma.tter how d1ffictil't an eX8rctss :!l,eema; t try. it a s b~ stas, you can. and. kie'ep trylln9 daD" n\.aktnq ,a ntUe Im~'ment eal;lb day 4' but!!,.eY!!L:!iiqal.9beYOlnd.·your ca pacity.. PerSOM, witbwea.k hearts should a1w}de~e.rct!S(l:s that stl'Mn the heart.. In dotflg toobJ;eatbing etero;lsas~1f it is best to ,eboo,se the .g,ady homs when ·tho ak' ~.s puNi~t",

.M1nd. andlbr,ea,th ore.intamependerr,t, s.o th8t when the lotter ls legWi:II,led I so' is the nrlnd. ''fhroiugh mythm1cbt'ea:tJ:dng ,joofiCleultt~tion i8 made easy,.

PraiWlYCtM.;b saM ito· be succes5fw o.n!y when the Nad15 'ot' etnen.c neNe 'conduits are punfied~. for until then PraM cannot enter the 5ptnal canaI~ T'h8 yogl.,sltt1ng in the'lisa:na o:rtotu9 po.stuoo j inhaleS<"lfldJ exhcde,s, alter1'!iltely through el!ch nostrtlln tum, reto1!lln1ng the breath meartwhl1,@ fiKumb~ka) :fc1' 9:raduaUy inc,renSing pedods.. The rm:nl! then enters Sg~h~.imna (spinal con!!!])'

- . -

~nd It! mtamed. i!nrfficienUy' r afterp1eflc~ngtlJe ;Cheiras ,. qOe S llP to th.e

pineal g1and~Dudn9 th.e :N:!:ten,tion (kumbhaka)the ;w:nd!6,lfni rises. and the

se min-d 6ll&l!QY qoesupwamas 'Club ~:nstead.of being elaborated tnta &emeull. Q:s po~nt1a1sem1nal eoorgyoot t~nsformedintQsernen .. bu.t canied up tfU"ough thai spinal caMI to the brain? It~:Y m£H"S be C8;:~ed COS: . .mc lUi's .E:nergy 'Whkl'h.ha:s notbecQmEI diHeM'Snt:iated toto sle.mlnal eneTgya.ndi:& trans ... formed.l.nto bral!n 'en-etVY ir!.stead..)

''nlG v,ar:i(ulS !lli€Itbodsof ~,Ql yogI! breat:hin" have one gloa], to ~.k.e PraM, ,OJ'" eleCtric:ali9MfI1il:121.blii<xbed !fn)mthe a:ir:,to enter the Sus,nu:rJ1iJ1a or sp.inal c~,n~l and to aSOC(!(fid. tip to the bralln .. there,awella;!'(dnq the pw.eal gland to clakvoy:ance and ],urninosl,ty ~ The· pU\lUory9]~nd is o.i5Q :reactio,;lillted •

'1i'be, as'Cent (lJ Kundalin;!, encoU:ll:ters. difficulties 'UI.he: "three: knots" '01 part1c:I:ila~y the al:ldQ!:rd:nal bot" wh1c::h ma,:,/ beattende,d by pain. The se I! knots, !Ii i!!Jre wherethesy.mpa:theU,c: and central rlel'\i'QU5 syst:e1l'l.'J ,. where Ida and Ptogala.otO'!j.s the splne. and.~re thapo~ntsatwhlchthe Cbakr-a:l; 'CO!lrverge., The V!.!EIMof ~uty,with the~led. two S~:9; ·c,I"Q,ss1ng e~ah ocher til 'tbepoints of the 'WInd~ 1lll'l.l'!;;~te Ws :relaUon.T:he u.nlon of KundalinJ wIlth toose Chakral is the pcath th4t ,leii;ld:s.t,o libe:retion.. Vlhe:rI. it rea.c 00 a the btain.f .IWndalln1 imparts. to it~nded IX cosmic co.Ciaclousne~8 CSa;~dU ..


Copyriphted materia'

· 1':0 awaken KundaJ1:n.i(" theyogl1ustsoeksto'qWet_ bbI, body and mJ::nd

thmUOh emaln~cdbed pOsture. or As;IMS:. The Alane.;s:araan8id to ciear and collected thought .. for ,onJi.y und~r $u,cb cond1Uons can the nttnd!b.::i&e:e ftOm the, distractions: oifth$bQd,.. n-etetltand smta,bU:lty ()~ :a postW':e: is Unls: pleasa.nt a.nd co'~le and. when there, ~ il,O' fw:thert bodUy movement to dl::!tr..act th.e: Att:en,ucul. e,y I;ORtroWng- 'the, mo,v~mefits of thabOdy, ''W'GcoRtmlthe

movemen.ts . .of'ti.._ -",.,..,;1 ,f!;-··.t~·b'll·· -' ... · r ""'"I''''' ~~ ~ ,-,· '~- .... u1,-,

_..___ ~!!I::'!~IMi!Y,. ,n s,"."l-e _~I •• n:. _ ,~~_ :t'In.~, e ... , men, :.I, e"' ........

brtU;!lil wbich:l.8 :50' ~ssen.ttolC_Qonc;:entdtIQn,llnd medJ:ta,Uon. :H:.,tho¥oga pre~ :SCf:'1b,e:s. ,~ very]:argenumbe:l' of Asanl.a ,I to each of which ill pecuUa:t elffiect is ,attrtbut'ed.. 'l:heB€I ElKerctsespro,vids a 5yst:am, of pbys1cala;dtUfle wh1,ch Su:r~5S anything: everd,e,veloped anywhere, :l:acUitl1teMnarvama. and beJp ,uou.sel{unda ..

l'ni~ -

To ,!l\'ifG1c.e..n Kundal1nl~the yogI sits 1ntneprasc:rtbed APna andsrteadles hbm1ndby conce.fitfi~ltn.g' 1:t between the eyebrows. neak Is then lnh'llled end! retained (i(:Uifllbb<l:,kaJ ~ The t:!.pper ~flt of the, body Is then cQntt,acted. by the ctun loCk ;0, that the u.pward breath: l:s checked. e.y·this ,oonua:c:t1Qn, the, au so in.haled Js prev,eflo!ed to esc~pe '" 'lb.e air .soc:n&eked tends dow.nwarOOis ,. When the, Yogi feels that th.8 aU' within him from the' throat to tbe :beUyls,tendinQ down .. waTds tJu:ough the channels ,of·tne Nadls., tJ:Ie. es~pe ·of Pranaas Apana (~pw:aMi flow.ingfoC:ce opPQsil'l9the dow'nward flow .ofPranaj 18ag~lA. checked by of th9 anal !mu.![IC 1&:8: • The a:if' (VaY1J!l thu.s sto:~ed and campros sedbEl:~wee:n thetwQ ~WOS!lng :fbrcesthat pt'eSi6 :Ill downfrom.aooue 8nd ~pfrcm below, then generates ene·rqy whicb, under Uw direction ofmindi iftnd ·wUJ. '" ,"Iwakens the lWndalWpowet: at the MUla~r:a (}bak~ o,ttheba~e Qfthes pine ..~.h.e mind Is tilen. cer~centtated on.thb;;center~ .Foll<»rn.og th:l,!~co"cantratlona.rd the impact

.of Vayu ~tbimm alit) Qnthts: 'center. through: fh.ythm1'c::a,h~te litei:t:thlng I the \l:ay.,.,(rettltned vue:lalf or :Prana) is ag~tn. AJi,sed.. .1\ tevollJUon koim,),eiftto diht~3g1ven tMe: ak, while pressure is e»erted Clofhe 'Pf;arm and. A:j'ianG: which :arelhald. .10. J!:'I:'l'mbbalGa. 'h:ten,tloR of breath), re:aultingin de:ydopllnll;m.t o;f heal:. th'U$ is the "FUe QfKamb iii, k~mUed I wlUcb encitc.le!s (!!:oo (tr'Olll.sesUie slu mbertmg serpent IWndaUnl~. ''l1betan "fblls I by .sQt;:h .mean, r ore oola to gen&rrate such i~ltense he~t that they can.dweU Mked bl,the :c.rt:t1e~JJkeWftther Qf the hiigh plateaux .of T.lhe,t,· malting; t:be snoW' around them~

to ,awaken KundalinJ:.and force t'lt into the. ,pinal c:anal." the yoglftr:st .inha.~e8 ffW 16 ·o:tunts, mn i!sti!.m u.p Kundallnl'" wUhan his strength for 48

C(',I1 n1i.s ,r and. draws the bc:X.lyu.p a. Uttkltolet .U. enta:r S:U:5,baInna I or thea ptnii:l.l o"~.1,.T:h:15 dra.wing up movement is .accompllsbed by ralstrw and &'oP\Pilng tbe :shoulder!" then enters tbe spIna]! ~nal", Compres,sed.from 8bo~aiflnd i,lXpundlng belc,w .andvi8is '·('lllroWiJh.muscular C<'.IriltIaotion)1 ~ ProlDa dses ~

1'1IInU1c texts de sCf'1be Ule""scl!:nt of K.l.utd,o.linJ,as follows; .Klilfllj.·l!Illni is led li.1pwa.rds !'o,:!) ·a rider guidea.a tr~tned l'Uilf'a bytbere:lins • Ii thMlu;ib the ·a.perture h!ltt.lieo.rtQ ,closed byl'1:e:rown. COIls ~ blJ.llt oowopen ~ :within the en,'t:ranCQ 'of~he Ch1tr1:n~ N!1dt(enttcnce of the spinal 'Cll~l).. She then pierces I' :intnct

.N adl. ~ eticnof the lotuses~. 'WJ],ich tUX'P theit h~lad:s U,PW'Arda.,ssne piI"Ji.IJSoe.S through them. AsKl:mclalln1 pas !;lI3st:hfo:ugh. ellcb of these lotuses ot' ,chakta s" s.he aboor:bs1nto ~f the relgmng T'attva:s '(planetarY ~ratJ!ons) of each olMeS's!

Copyr'ghted material

centers. Mtor Kunda.J:1:rn leave§ it, the, sa,w"l f;enler" or: the Muladhota Ch.Wqa.., by ~,SOn '00,[ 'IDevlvlfyt!1gll.nt.e-,nslty of 't'be Pra·rJ;!~ current,~ c'penl and t,tlf'nS It'S ~' 'UPWi'MS,t ,a{terwhlc:n it; c:lose'$ ~nd, bang!';, 1ts head downwards. 'then KlJ!rdallnt, ,t :&rom 'W, ,lot/us ,a~cend, the, Roy~l ,Rood O;he spinal ,c=_na 1) j!'Uli I'dng

reat at mtervals In, the :sacred places {the chakras)' and "finally reaching the 'trra:ln..

K~Malini,. when. arou.s:edi,., Is lelt as lntense head 11.1, the sp,tne' .. As it a,soo'Msth-e ,lower 1Ii1~lb6 beQome 1:nert ~:nd as cold .c:1,;f!,il corple,~ so' does every part, of tho body when Kuil1tCllUm leave,s .it., This 18 beoa'U:S'8 Kundalln:iis the ,oo5;mh;:; po;we:r whicill ;s:I)Pf)O'rts thoe body,,, On the ·other handi" the 'upper part of ·the bodiy'beoomes lUI,trollS;, warm, and ammated. When 'theproceS9 1,500mplet€!d al\d cosme consciOUsness (SamJla.dU i:satt.alned. ,the yogi sLts rigid in hi,s selecUld,pcstur:e ana, 'the onlym.ce ofwarmth~nthe whole body :19 to be! fo'und :Ii.Eli the ~w:n o:f the head. 'fbebody becomes ,oold. aJnd. lim}esa.~but. a,s Kundlillini. mov,e:s dQwnag~ml v'lt:aUtyand ilOfimll] COilS,CiOU,s:oo,$,$ return. to the nil st of the bod.,'.

When g~lin1, I.s lntbe :b:ratn,.ltheyogii m.ust usa aUlUs ,poWlE!r'S to RltQ. it 'thua., uthe natw-ali tendenQY' ls, to' n3:twn, totbepoi:nt:of its ,Qrigin. C!!!t ~he:

bel se 0.( 'the ~piM '. TM io.nger thJ:., b: do,ne: t the· nure:l' dee's he· come 10 the perfect, :state in wh1Ch it ca,n .be permanently thel br'ain,. Ubera.tLan 19 Mtau.a;j.Re(I by,st1:l::r1ng upKUnd,iI.Hnl,andfudngi1l: in any of the lowest centers. .Uben.tion, b cttaiBed onl.y when KundaJ1nl lakes up Its ~:nem; tesM,ence 10 the bruin,. Aft'ef f:elM!lnfpg' there (!. time .. some yOgis lead .KundaltlltJ1 down to the 'he~rt center. 'Great ~f" is gained by ,a yog'l who cap re·tailn Kundf!:.l1ni 1n the brain 'three day:s;and Ulree :ni'gh1ts.,.

T.he s'ecretof awakenring iKundftllni :tiS to o:pen the: en·tr~n.c:e of ,too s:pt:na1 can",], t which is, ord!na.rUy e~os:ed:l!lt, ·tlle' bas:e ~ 'This ls an. internal o~.tion w:hlc;h ,irs: Il!Ich1evedi .by-yoga methods. U:s\udly'lhe co11ed Serpe,n,t close·1S tM

,Gate of. Bfai:l:ma, whUe: slee'ping In li coiled loondition. at ·the! base of the .. To ~wak:en Kiundalim." uul.S Serpent mu!S!'t be aI'Ous,ed fro In its slu.mber·. In.o:tfter' wo:cda; this foroe 'must be "ai,sed 6'0'111, its Ill,teflt" potential, lnactiva state' to·one of ac:t!;vity aoo then bmughtu.p to the :plneU gla.!!1d which :i.t ca.IJI&8&: t0l110w by' eieettlfytng 1t. Wh11e.KundaJ1ni sloo!ps lit the base of tile s;pine ,. one Uvea; 1n

ai, world, of ,Illusion. but 'whe!1!iI aW~ldi:e,ned aM B:Bee:nded~.and ",H,er ab~ ~U the T'attva:, ({ery 'vibrations:) ()If tile Chabas .. ,one: mliche.s a .htghm- 3:1am of c:oo.s:oloo.s:ne~& (Sanmadl,'. whicb ()C(;:W"S 'w,hen KUfidalhili I'il',sceoo:s to the .brain .•

:K:I.!.ndaJinl 1,9 the .lndlV1.d'U,a.J..qed, .bodiJ!y exp:ro:s,skln of Cosmic Ufo Energy, which; w.hen ,&VIIa.kenedi aDCiunlted with the: pima 1 !illand" .su.pmmEll' (CQS-' mic:) ,co:ruU::1ou8'oe'ss a:nd. llli'Ell"at1on.,. ''l!''l:mroos,Uig ,and sttrr1pg UP ,of ,!(undaUnl, 50 tillat .it miay brin,g about ill ·mervlng 'of the. 1ndtvid, !llinl\"eI"Ml C'm1i$ck:JuG,ne, is "lsi. the end. ,of ,every ,sy,ste m. 'Of Indian Y og·!I, • To aw,a~en J;:U.fldaUm ,r 'the brellith must be mgu1at~ iiUld held f« ,8. 'cedi~n-pertgdot time •. ru.SO'f· tbrough Mam:rras~. ,$O~nd: vlliraUons. ca,iIiI awa.l:ie~ .t.he rC'habCl~.. 'WbQnlt is ,I'!ll"O'Il,sed, it dS8;S from cent.e:r to C,E!tn'ter untU it re8:cne.s the bra1fi., .At each canter one g.s OO:nsc::laIU:Ma.8 of CIi, d.lfhl'erm: eDsmic Plene of pl"net.aryv!bRiUon(IilUtvas) ~ When in the brMn;l :KundaUnt ~ 'to ~, but,. .by repeated e~15, may be

-,16 ...

Copyr'ghted materia

'e, .... ' Hatha Y"~ t.;,-_ •• ~ 'q4~~'" .......... 4 ...... &0 ... '"b-''''' -.,.. ... , •• L., O! -fe· ..... ;,.....,. ~ ...

_'~ . -_' , , '~j""J ~,~~ ~~,.~ _Y;I,y, ¥¥,,"~,~I , __ , _~ _~, a.ilil~ ~" iIi'~L, I;_~~ ~

the uMcn of poslUveand neg.atlve ,e1eddc c~:nts abiS!Orbecl: by 'bRat;hinq thm\!.q,h op'posite DOIStrilS) the yog1,lchiev'BS, CI body as strong ~s 5tool", health., free

from dlsease and suffe!1Jlg and long-Uv:sd.,. Master 01 the, body t oo,ismaster of me mind .. end, of both Ufe Bnd, death~IUs .)Lustre'us :fQrm en,Joys the vJta,l1.ty of Y'OI!l:t.b .. He lives as 10'00 ,cshe: has the wUl to' Uve 1100 enloythe·forms of the 1l1usdTy' world. His de~th is !!I. i!idea1lh at will',j,'M'when. after mak..h'IQ: the q;B8ture

clf dls solution ~ he departs. - --

Theuna1ded and IJinsu:ccesswlpracUc:e olBatMY. 00Q1~ " un.wi8,elyperfornJed, mayreswt in dis;ease or death ~ ,He who seeks to ,conquer the l.o.rd of D~thma:ylncW'the risk o,f ff!:Uum of a :more speedy conquest by h1m:~All wbo 4tte mpt ¥09a do not I Of course:, succeed, or meet with anymeasur~ ,of 3UCCeS&., Thos,e wOOfaH ~ not oNly incur the infirn:itle s of or.d1:nary men ,r but others brou~ht on by paC1::I1ces that '!:1h!i U.lpur.sued. Of for wMcih theyarano,tf111: .. 'ihos·e :&qatn wI:losuc.oo.ed do ,so,~n.varytng degrees. 'One may prolong his nfe tio SO.i anot.twn to 100 and sUll othet'sWrt:l:1ie.r.. It: Is sl!!!id to be Baster to o;oln. Uberaoon t.b:an !';In'l!9~,. 'n!~·f~ 1My:be had by,.m5elfbhne,~$. ae'tacbmentfrom the WOf.1d., ,andlnOl'al !@:nd men:;talcU~c1.pUne. B,ut to, cooqUE!:t d<eatb 16 harder than this:fo.r thaSQ' qualities alone wIll not ftv8.U..He who does C('j{nquetbclds l!if.e: :In onehG:nd. ~nd d,e"thleSSMsstnthe other., if he Is a ;9llecea.:g.futyogl.. He is itJle, ~8tar (If the worldllSnd poGge:9::I!·es; blias whioh. fr:iU'ICeooG aU w«lds.

'l'he: H~;th~ Yogi who ~n:n~s,es KUnda-11m galns v(!l,do~s QC(:ull.t ~re~nd enJ'oymants thereby~ At every centertnwbich he le'ids lWnd)alinl t be ,exper:'" len.ce i5 a. ,spe.clal fonn 'ofbl1sSi and. a.pactal ,pQ'\I¥IISItB.. C~og .1W:ndalir!1 'to the pine,al C(I!ntar I he enjoys, Siupreme bUss, wn:lc;:b" when perl:'M.n6nt .. ,gives oomDlete 1.Iberati.oili'l.. She who "i5ihi:nes Ulte 4 cM:ln of lights" .~ b lightning Dash - Iii! !i1r~thecenter of ihf.s body,U 15 the "Inner Womaniilo wbo, li8fete:nce is mad.e' when itWl'ssaidt "What needhav,e I of a,nY' outer 'WOma.n. 11 h~ye: iIIi:n Inner Woman lnmy,salt~ OI, 'I'he Yi0911lben 'unites hlmseli:f wU:b hls own fem!!lle prll1!clple ... nis higher self.,

COsrn1cEnar:gy (Shakt!) polarizes itself tn ;tl!'!o'!t) fc:rc:e'5 - cne static Of; potenU"l ~fidaUn1)· ~nd the dyn,amlc (Pfona). Behind, aU a.cdrity there is", static bac;k.g:ro.und. This static center In. the body Is the central Serpent Power' ,at thai baso of the spine:~ It tsme statiesupportof the wbola body ~n.d a.Utts moving Pr'anlc forces.", TbJspof1entlal.po.J.e ,ef e~ to. U)(I humoMt bod.y

i!ii st1n'ed in,to 6!ctlvlty by "'l ogt!.~ Tnemovi:rlgiforoes (Pr.l!'!na) are then drawn th.erertc,,, and the whole dynamllc which isenqBooeredi the'll moves unt.te wLth the qI.l!es.eent consclQ~;!nle ss;1nth.e hl!ghe:st ,ehakta in thebrai!O ~As, 'the nucieus ·0'£ tbe atom l!octs the atomic force s , so Ktl:nd!alln~ contelnsthe pOlentilll e:fi@il'9Y of th.ebodyas &stattc OO:ckground. oJ its dynamicproc::eut'!s ..

Kunda1i:nJl. situated at the Mu1adhara Cha.kra.~ may be cons1.demd as the ~t'8.tb::: pole .of' the. body Bind! ·'tb.erest O'.f .t:he.bQdy' the di~ ro:lc .po,lB. which centers ~n.the braln • ThllS yogis can. remain bu:ried, 'wi tli.OlIt ,brealhJn.g, fbr' lOO'nths a:t

Copyriphted materia'

a. U:me ~.show1:ng that llfeenetgy l:{i .$Uppol1ed. by a .~ superi01' toPrana.nomel.y. Ktuld~.l1n:( ~ whtcih 1:s. lite: the cree. tive f.ot:Cla In the egg f wnlc:h.caulies iiC~ developln;: by gr4d\H!i]~ymlMsingi ts POt'el1liU!lllenergy •.

£\rery na.t.u.ral a~t Qfrespira.Uon reacts on the cQ.iledsetpent ,at the base ,of the s; but Lta.oes not. ,o.rdbl.8dly pr·oduce I:fiucheffect .'l'hrougb PraMPO'W'8rf~ll:y re.!!:cts em UtD suoh an exte:nt that: U. ~wokieRs the dorn'l!ant p!O'W!'ef and. sends tt UP. pien::lng:the cnakt~5 Q:r' spinal Clfimter~ e:bove. HC1W8V@.f., not an of Kundal.1n1 changes from a statlcto a dynamic state, but (lru.ypart of li1:.V'Il'mn acted. on by Pra:na. Kunda,Uni s(!'[ms forth an. emanatk:ln or ,8:Jectlon of itself jo whLch a.sceioo.s UP the sP,lnal c;~1~. but 11:00 coUed~wer doe s not :S1i:k' :&om. its place.... U:. b:l!.ike & :sJ;lMtg:tvenc:ffby a:n ove.rc:h&ged electfO&tatic :Il18ch~ne ex like· the Ell:'I]ana.tions:o·f radb.l.m which do not :!I.ensf:b1y detrcu;:t biom

the· E!nef"gf cocn.ta~ned in :U. It mel" 'be .1llcien.M :to a :radl0aeU:ve eenar in ;the

b ,ooy, a QE)I['jioo:r of ,ato;m1,c di5soclaUon where atomic: ,enez:oy is relea sed by the aotloin ofth.e elec:tronsabsomedfmm the air, whith. strikea:totm:l!c n,uo1el and release their loc.k.ed e(fiElrgy.. Deep rhyth:m£C Ut~te l\feath1DJ ,ci:I; pcl'sitJlve a:ndnegauva al~~tJ1i,.c currents to ron u,paoo ,down both symp.,\theUc net'\le

t.n:.Iinks 'on each side Qf the :s pJ:ne twh1ch. u:n1~e attbe I where aneleotd.Q

d :l!ac.harge between the m. d15:5QC:,iot8;s atom5!!!!.oo awnk:e.ns; lWinda;llm 'or .in.teratOq~ energy I which enters the s.pinal canal and a.scendsas ethericfo:rce .. t:hJs 1:IlVOWe6, the cOillyerskmotst~litlc(poteinti.a~) dyna.mtc (ktneUo) e:r1.eif9y.wnicb oscends, ·tbe sptnl3l.l. caMI, tboughth,e gr"8'~UII'plI:n QflUmddnl rema:tns a9; stm-eQPQten,ti.l"Jil energy in.Ui!:I original 5,ei!t. !By Pranayamal the Mul:.adhara Cbaba, whets KundaUn1 I'fJsideB.,bac:ornes ovet'(l.hl1lJ'gedwlth elec-

tricity .twhilcb C!1!.U58S.thestat:tiC 'Blnergy of .Kund~linJl to become dyruun~c ond. to '9iveo.ff an electric csar'gewblch p!liues, up the· spine ~

'I'be thetlifY d; .lWndaUn.i presented. by .Avalon In'''he Serpe.nt .Power ~ " h~ e~, ,dUws· from the o.bove ooncep.t1o!!1 ! the author assumes ~t. Kllndallnl entlrely ascends, ~lnee theibody of theyOgl become $. ooldaoo

oorp;sle .. lLke, d~a to ,CIQooentrntion. 'of h:ana from the re st of the .body to' the

spine where it ooncentroltel:s,a.cUng: .aBUlS bi\lSQofth.e apli:ne, (:6:,~.cral ,e:bakr.a) which becomes, overoh~:rved.. P'fana the:n is oQI'!.ven.ed intQ an. electrlc::~l energy that :flaw:! Iil.pthe .spinal ce.nal.. this l:swha~ the of the Se.r:pentPoV!l'8,r really means, ~KUndahmreany gathers. the diffused Pran.a.ln. the cells .of the body and: conca'Rt1'ite.S: 1t upon the spine,. ,cau.s1nq it to ent@taoo I!!iSOE!:rdthe SpiMI canal .. To the eye", the escent o:fth:1silOwetis like that of CQn"" densed l1g'.nUltnq d;s;tng fi;om; the Mli.I:ladhara C~, whicb" o·athetill9'mL')men,Nm UCHR chauato cbakra, its · keepsilnc:reas:ing as ~.t Siscsnd:& to the pineal q18nd~n the brMn~ Whe~lhls p;t<llnt i:Sfle~,c:hed, ecstasy '($a.madtdJ ami lO'l.lfdt.m.ens:tonalor ,oosmLc: co·n~ciQ~:5.:s;ness reswt.l'be p~nei;!il g.l~nd !1llwokensand s·tarts to fu:ncUQ!!l as a th~ eye., ~,ndc;bdz:voy,a.noe becomes iO nQrt'Il!)! slensa. \iYiti.on.lWndaUn:li :s1.eeps a.:\" the base of'the sp.1ne '000' lives :in a.~hadow woddQf ~u:ages aM l,s dead to' t.he te~l w()tld ~ Whei!:l KYnd~1in1 awakens~. one 1:$ ~s:leep in Ud.swor~d and i;~~w8k.e and llv,es in the rea:lor astral world in one's· adler WdYIQ~~s astral body. Tilen the .highest happtnesst:s ,attl!lined.

Copyriphted materia'

only conden:&BS into' a, UqW.d.for:m on e,xpOsur:eto a,uP·or tbi; reason s:p1Ml pund:wss consUtut.e a stab at the someeof Vltl!lUty ~ ,Slneo, ancient 'Urnes there has~n abellat :u.noflgpliy.s;fologlsts there ·wa.~ a,n'OR between the spIna] fb.dd and the i~ax tlwd.,,,,'Y>ihose liou causes less o,{ .spinal

- . -

and M-JVeene.rgy for 't:hUreaaon, ,a.nd when. excel ssive I If!iad~ totabeSi dOl"Salls

and to ,splMI weak:nsssand ,dtse6&e .. Tbere does, looeed. seomto be 81ft 1m-ponant reblit10n between the spinal ,CQJd and the gCIRlJds.. In c~fidtt:li('j\ns of spe:rmatoR"h.ea, o.r co!n~tafitlo's5 of semen", the :$pbal cord, degenerates. Dr • Beard haG .$h,Q/'lffltnl';11;se.xu,;@Iln9ur:a:Sthenl,,;'wts tram the"S!EI e:fiect of,s1ons OR the !Unc:tlorung of the s.pll'1!11 cord. co,nfirmlng: the old medil.c.olbelief c::anoor:ning too relat.loo :bet'W'een.seminaJ fl,li1tdand thespi!nal fluid. Ac:oord1nqto Y'OA;Ia phys.lology, U.appea.t"5 'th~tt'b.e (l1ectri:eal Of etbilric: enafrgiyln the saxu,al secreUona(Prana) is the :sa.roo force :M,fttfests tn

the spInal canal as ether1c energy and toot whenthts toKiO 19 dissl,p}ted ~gb sexullllndulgence, it 15 wtUlmw-nfro m the .s,pine ~ Yogis methods of ol, Kundel!J:nl cons:ist in directly con.centJia,dng dlls e'neli'QiY f taking it, ,from the ~",~xY!al center to tha base aithe 5> pine and, thenool into the :a,pinal where it

Il see ndSi to the bf'l!lln. This: t1nshoft. 16 the Great Wo.rk of ,aln occl,.dUI!'! m ~ 'ft gives, onacornplete :ma,stery and leadstQ the nwakem.:ng of higher brain centers ofsu,pel'senlOry perception, which occursw,hen the &~Hnt rises up, tome pineal glill nd.

Thele 18 no to,val road t'O YOViBJ ~ which is, {n fact.~, a comple:terever,Q,al of the natuta:l Older of thing,s1n theaspirel'~Round after around, the ,a,s,p:trer mU:s,t ascend.fiot:!:1'tyinq hi; body and Drai.n mt.benergy and vitality.. TIle chronic dIs" eases of the body mus:tfirstoo overcome hy' rna,ans ·of ¥a .. rna ,(oontliOl) ,a ad!

:tHy-am.a ~a:tKi·n.). Conttnencels re,q_1o;11red D!ii thef:us·t essentiDl for !U1CC'e;Si9. When the mlrn:l'is full of faith ,~ndthe body b~oyant4' due toc::om~e:rvaUOin of v:LrU.e energy" tt Is then when the as.ptrer must perfect his post/me&: (asanas) which h:elphbn Iml;Jtenl"lil1y In. re.gulaUnq h1:5 bre~th (pr.anay.;uno), wM~h Me the two prel!imlnary essent~lste psinYc-g11!i ~

The :six c:nams ara!vltaol cente:rs too, spJ:na.l oord in the: white and! qrey IMtteriliere:in.. They 1nfiuana.e,the part.s 'oof the body lat.ef""l mthe :Slec~'1on of thes ptoo whe:re the~lc,lJjler cenier is ;ij,ittiated ~ The c.Mkrasare atnedo Cf3:ntO.rS, ,of vi,tal! tQ:fC~ not phy.dcaU.y pep;:~p~ibJe. The NiI!idiSi are et:her!c condul,is tMt em.a.nat:efrom the chaba·s·as patcds Qf a. latus. The, are oot nerve s .~ but subtle channels thrQugh a~nt 50 flow.

'the dlvJl6iQiIl of the vertebral column :into, five -pi:l:l'tS c:on-espOO.ds tlO :the -c'Mi1;;fo!i·S that exl:s;iC. tbere. !nEu:e are fi.v,e chaJ(~s in t'tte5p1ne and twol~ the heMl ~ Grey .!nll,tter ~.s pf!e,s;e:n:t In the highly sen !id,tive fil.u.mterrninalbnt the bottom. of th.e ,spj,ne,whicnmpt'e![ien,t:s thai :po,sitiOn of Muladhara. Ohakta,. ''I'li@ four a'bov-eU:us .1.iI)west ,ohal'.ra!~u:e fe,latoo to Um cge:nJ:tQ-e:x;cretolit, t!l.gesUve " caM.tac~ a:nd resPUa,tonr mncUor!s.Above the~e are the P~hUt.ary and pineo1 'oonoo~i. In the cenwr of the ,pine is the ;Su:Ei,hlJmn~.f ,or spinal ¢:anal, and at Its base: th€l G~te of Bra-ma (Brabnabadv.ara:) .•

Copyr'ghted materia'

Theoo~ ~nk$, Ide aitd,Ping. ,[left, and :right$ympa:theUc CQ.fdS) Wlltoin.·the meduDa\Qth '~6ptm itseU. '!'hey both t~ethek rise in the, penneum, betv.oeen the anusaoo ge.niti!l,lsi. Ida st~rt5ff~m the :root of the le~ft ~8SU:S ~nd .P1:ngala,m"m, the :dght ofthei rigibt, ene , They e,a:cb wlnd u.p~pb'ally,.

-.-: - -.~, - .-~ .... - ·~·u·si'h··'mna nerve ·{·s, }! atf""""'" ron":nt· ,'", ':J?- -.,. t~~ VI""Ii"'i· t~-

.mee ...... ng UK:: oOlI., ... .. _. __ .. _ .. , '_,. ,_V"" _1 .. "", •. ;I,.UIii=S ... _, _~H;: iI ... , •• _·~,UG

root ofilbel gemta:l 0Jga ns, the nlwl, the hoatt:, and tho thrc'at~. Fro,m·the thtoa:il"Plngasmal':!es .e:. of the, fOOt ot the no,se between the .:two eye-Drow5.aOOJenter.$ the riqi:1t nostrll ,t 'while: the Id~ ncrvemill:kes a ::d,rnU.' ,cfrc:t&.it and ell,ters,the laf;t:nosttil. A ,center i:s 1I:hl:]5 formed at the root of tho nese wheret'hey meet.. Th1:s1s·tlla cental' coosenbyyogls fen: concankaUOn. The five poln.ts of contact of Ida and Plngala.with ilhespl,ne consUtut19lthe fiVt8 chakrliS 01" ce:nters .. I:nd 1the center at the fOCIt of :the nos,e :maJc;es the sIXth .. ,Above thesbcth. ,center and below the thoUSl'nll-pe.daUed lotus at the top of the bud I!ll'e' two Icorre,s:r)OOOlng 'to the'pltu:it!lry and pineal 'O].a:oos ~A11 cbakras ate located, w1th1n. or :above the eerebms.pfna.l axis,.


Copyriphted materia'

Secret Yosimedtod:s oirejuveMuo!l1 tmough. a.wakenJng a,m-ysteriOUS povre:1': at the bass ef the sp~ne:~ known as KundaJini or the Se:rpenm F~l>I=~ ,and clWnusing ~t to ascend tome b.ra~n"w.hicb i~ ,e:nergiziesandvltamIZles" Dr; Bernard an ov'er the world and. elaimed that m[g~sdDJefinest course of yoga ever devIsed. by mortal man.


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