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Rajesh Nanoo
Holistic Health Counselor & Healer at Bodhi Wellness Care & also a Film maker & writer

I am Rajesh Nanoo Author, Columnist, Director & Writer (of feature films and Advts), Creative director hailing
from Kerala/India. I have worked as a Creative Director for Mooble Technologies in Kochi and also written a
feature film in Malayalam. I have directed two short films and also into freelancing. My future plan is to work
as a creative director and continue writing scripts for English and Malayalam feature films.
My book was published by DC Books (the leading publishing company in Kerala) in their landmark collection
of the self-help book. Dc Books is going to publish two more books this year. Two English books are ready
to publish. I am active in blogs and social-networking sites, including speaking tree, they contain numerous
poems, self help stuffs and articles.
Specialties: Directing/Writing, Screenplay/Skits/Storyboards/Presentations (for films, short films, advt
and concepts), Content Writing, Motivational/Self help Books & Columns, Poem/Haiku, Visualization,
Conceptualization and Graphic Designing.
You can connect me in Email or Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber - 0091-9895-369-280

Holistic Health Counselor & Healer at Bodhi Wellness Care
June 2016 - Present (3 months)
Stress Reduction - Relaxation - Motivation - Positive Energy - Chakra Awakening & Spiritual Uplifting...
Counseling, Relaxation, Rejuvenation & Sleeplessness..
In the natural way through a Energy Enhancing Technique. For studying Reiki Healing and also for Spiritual
Guidance you can connect me.
For appointments..Mobile - 9769514250, Whatsapp - 9895369280
Director/Film Maker at Mediavibes
March 2013 - Present (3 years 6 months)
Writing and Directing short films,
Making Ads,
Story conceptualization,


Copy Writing
Creative Director at Mooble Technologies
June 2012 - April 2013 (11 months)
Content Writing
Making Advts
Scripting &
Visualizing concepts
Art Director at Swasthyam Bio Research Energy Foundation
February 2012 - June 2012 (5 months)
Write ups for patients
Update website
Content writing
Designing Flyers
Holistic Healing
Writer/Film Maker/Copy Writer at Freelance
March 2006 - January 2010 (3 years 11 months)
Making Films, short films, Documentaries, Writings, articles, Content Writing and Copywriting

Honors and Awards

Book Published
DC Book
May 2013
DC Books Leading Malayalam book publishers have published a book co-authored by me. It was a landmark
book in the motivational series genre.


(Full professional proficiency)

(Native or bilingual proficiency)
(Limited working proficiency)
(Limited working proficiency)

February 2013 to Present
Members:Dr.Rajesh Nanoo, , Subin Sudharman, Vineet Viswam, Ramdass


Transitions is a 28 min digital film shot in india/kerala. Watch the trailer -
Those who are interested to take this film for world wide distribution and also for screening in film festivals
can contact me in this
Transitions- That which you can't evade from life is 'Time'
Mediavibes maiden venture-Transitions
Concept & Conceived By Rajesh Nanoo
DOP-Subin Sudharman
Editor-Joby Thuruthel
Creative Team- Jithin K Jose, Sajin Cherukayil, Girish AD
Starring-Vineeth Vishwam UC
Each day unfolds a story to tell and learn.
Some stories are simple, soft and subtle.
Some are complicated and full of twists.
Transitions unfold a story that is nave.
Yet powerful enough to capture the moods.
In short Transitions is a film about the perception of people according to situations they face in, so your
perception is your reality than reality... the film portraits this life situation in a visual language which in turn
is the philosophical language of the mind and nature. Nature transcends moods as per the cards its playing on
the forms which are finite names in the infinite ocean..
The full story happens in a day and the incidents that happens in that day. actually the film is just a visual
narration of how time is affecting us and crushing our freedom, so the story is like a river which does not
have a start or end, it is just a flow, and in the end it give a motivational message while dealing with this
dilemma. so unlike the normal films it does not have a story, it just narrates a situation in life, in a pure visual
language without any sort of dialogues, if you analyze the Montage used in the film, then you can understand
what the story is subject to convey and the story was limited to a day because life itself is a repetition of
Time is an ocean
Both are infinite
Finite are splits
like drops of water
Each drop is valuable

Precious and useful

Make sure not to waste it..
Promo cut
August 2013 to Present
Members:Dr.Rajesh Nanoo
Writer and Director of the project

Skills & Expertise

Feature Films
Independent Film
Creative Writing
Video Production
Video Editing
Public Speaking
Short Films
Film Production
Voice Over
Music Videos
Media Production
Post Production

Thus Spake The Heart

Holisticvibrations January 19, 2011

Authors: Dr.Rajesh Nanoo
It is published in amazon kindle and this book is a collection of 100 short philosophical sonnets written over
the last two years (2009-2010). The poems are a mixture of Zen, Sufi and Kabbalistic wisdom baptized in
vedanthic doctrines. They are instant musings when my mind meditated on words which lay in a sublime
realm. Words flowed freely from the Upanishad Ganges by the Grace of my Masters who imbibed me
in Spiritual Ocean from their Merciful Heart. The sonnets were widely appreciated by Facebook friends
worldwide. Due to this inspiration, I chose to compile them all into a consice book and and put forth
appropriate images to enhance the quality of concepts.
Health or Wealth
Life positive Magazine June 1, 2013
Authors: Dr.Rajesh Nanoo
If you ignore health and go after money then one day you have to end up with spending the money so as to
regain health
Your Life Depends Upon Your Hope
Life Positive August 1, 2012
Authors: Dr.Rajesh Nanoo
If wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost then something is lost, but if you lose hope then everything
is lost. The life of a person is over once he lost his hopes. Human beings live on hopes. Their mind from
childhood onwards in built upon hope and they continue to live their rest of life with more and more hopes.
So that is why it is said that when hope is lost everything is lost.
Handling Stress Effortlessly
Spiritual Lounge June 1, 2014
Authors: Dr.Rajesh Nanoo
Thoughts are like tides and mind is the ocean.Let thoughts rise and come to end naturally.It's like a tide in the
ocean,when there is eclipse it comes high; you cannot control the tide,sometimes our mind gets eclipsed that
time thought come heavily like a big tide. It will be hard to conquer that tide. So what you have to do is keep
silent, then after some time the ocean will become calm once the eclipses are over. for this you have to learn
Chinta Sarit Sagaram
DC Books May 21, 2013
Authors: Dr.Rajesh Nanoo
This book has 12 volumes of motivational writings from different authors. I have written 75 articles for one
volume, which comes under the title Humor motivational stories.
Cave Of Wisdom
Mrknowable January 14, 2015
Authors: Dr.Rajesh Nanoo
The Book written and designed by Rajesh Nanoo contains the gist of mystical teachings from Upanishads,
Zen, Sufism, Kabbala, Buddhism and Taoism. Along with this, it covers the very essence of Semitic

philosophy that is spread through Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The book has extensive quotes and stories
said by various masters. In the end segment, every mystic concepts are arranged and explained by a story
said by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi, Wandering monk, Zen and
Tao Masters. The principal ideologies said by Upanishad Saints are comprehensively presented in the book.
The link to get the book Outside India -
In India -
The book will be soon available ###Amazon#, ###Barnes# & Noble, ###flipkart#, ###google# play,
###kobo#. It will be soon available in ###Ingram#, ###ibooks#, ###Bowker# and ###baker#&tayler.

Indian Board Of Alternative Medicine
Masters, Alternative Medicine, 2006 - 2007

Film making,
Script writing
Writing articles
Give workshops
Holistic healing


Dr.Rajesh Nanoo
Holistic Health Counselor & Healer at Bodhi Wellness Care & also a Film maker & writer

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