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Article: Only Dumb
Community College




AGS Events: 2016 AGS North Regional

Conference. Light the Night Walk
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In my freshman year of high school, a teacher once
ranted to my class about how the majority of his
students were failing the tests. In the midst of his rant, he
exclaimed: Do you guys want to end up in community
As someone who had siblings attending community
college, I definitely took this statement to offense.

Celestra Acosta,
Newsletter Editor

Alisha York
Jade Sui

Theres this misconception that community colleges

arent REAL colleges and only failures end up here. Be
it a UC, CSU, or junior college, we are all still paying REAL
money for a REAL education.
In my experience in DVC, I have met numerous people
who have broken this stereotype of a washed-up high
school graduate. Students who are excelling in S.T.E.M.
classes, being active members of student government,
creating their own clubs, and more.
When it came down to why people chose to go to
community college, several reasons included: lack of

financial support, to save money, &

wanting to stay close to home.
Lastly, AGS members serve as an
example of proving this statement to
be false. Our GPAs and activeness in
this honor society is proof enough,
and if anyone tells you otherwise, just
shove your membership card in their


On November 5th, AGS members attended the 2016

Northern Regional Conference in Solano Community
College. Different chapters of AGS came together for
this event and had the opportunity to listen to speakers
on this years theme: GRIT.
Dr. Joel J. Powell shared
an inspiring speech about
this topic.
We enjoyed a nice
breakfast and lunch,
along with educational
workshops including
topics such as social
networking, the transfer
process, yoga, archery,
and more.

I really liked the conference! All

three of the workshops I attended
were very helpful, as they provided
information that I can actually use.
The workshops I went to covered
topics like networking, education
issues, and one even had a dissected
goat heart to look at! Overall it was a
fun experience and would
recommend others to attend future
conferences like this.
-Alisha York
This was the first time I participated in
Light the Night Walk. There were a lot
people holding lanterns and walking
with their families or friends. Some of
them even held pictures of their kids,
in memory of the young lives which
had left this world unfortunately
because of blood cancer. I felt
touched when they passed by me. I
strongly hope that people could
come together to help all the
patients fighting for cancer in
different ways, since every little help
could make a huge difference.
-Jade Sui