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Honors EESMr. Dillman

The Meatrix Trilogy

Period ____________

The Meatrix I
1. What is The Meatrix?
The lies we tell ourselves about where our food comes from.

2. What is a factory farm?

Places where most egg, meat, and milk comes from.

3. What happens to the animals on a factory farm?

They are packed together as closely as possible, slaughtered, and mutated.

4. Why are the animals given antibiotics? What is the problem with this?
Just to keep the animals alive and it breeds lots of germs, making the chances of an epidemic rise
every day.

5. What is happening to family farms?

They are disappearing and being replaced by factory farms.

The Meatrix II: Revolting

1. What has happened in regards to sustainable eating in the past few years?
People have become more aware where their food comes from.

2. What happens to cows in dairy factories?

Spend entire lives there and are hooked to machines to be milked.

3. What is rBGH? Why is it given to cows?

An artificial growth hormone that makes them bigger.

4. What happens to the calves?

They are fed substitute milk from dead cows blood.

Name _________________________________________________
Date _____________
Honors EESMr. Dillman

The Meatrix Trilogy

Period ____________

5. What can be caused by this?

Mad cow disease.

The Meatrix II 1/2

1. At this factory, how many cows can be processed in single day?
5,000 cows in a single day.

2. What often happens to the workers in the processing factories?

The own workers are getting inured because of the insane speed.

3. _____________________________________________________________________ is the name of the game.


4. As a job, meat-packing is ______________________________________________________________________.

Most dangerous job in the nation.

5. Due to the speed of the processing, what gets all over the meat? What bacteria does this
substance contain? What problems can this cause?
Cows feces; E coli and causes diseases.

The Meatrix 360 Interactive Go to the following section of the site (or type/paste in this link: ). Then Click on Meatrix Interactive 360 then Roll-over and click
on the different parts of the scene. Read and describe any 10 of the words below:

Name _________________________________________________
Date _____________
Honors EESMr. Dillman

The Meatrix Trilogy

Period ____________

1. The precautionary principle- If we think an activity will cause harm, we should take measures to
protect ourselves.
2. Feed- Cows should be fed grass and silage, but they are usually fed antibiotics and unsavory
3. Policy & legislation- The corporations that bring you factory farms are not only changing the way
our food is produced; theyre changing our government as well.
4. Health- Not only is the health of workers and local communities at risk with factory farms, but public
health is also threatened.
5. Community
6. Family farms- Since the 1930s, the US has lost 5 million farmers.
7. Cows
8. Milk
9. Processing- After they can longer give milk, some dairy cows are sent to slaughter for hamburger
10. Workers
11. Downer cows
12. Pesticides- Residues accumulate in the fat and tissue of animals.
13. Antibiotics
14. rBGH
15. agribusiness- The consolidation of food production concentrates power in the hands of fewer and
fewer corporations.
16. waste recycling
17. waste- Waste is often applied to fields, causing many problems.
18. water pollution- Runoff from factory farms can cause nitrates to leach into private drinking cells.
Write: Before viewing these videos, how much did you know about agribusiness? What was some new
information you learned from these videos? What is the goal of these videos? Do you think these videos
will change how you eat? Why/why not?

I learned that factories are not only putting animals at risk, but humans as well. Not only do the
animals have poor quality of life, but they also die in harsh ways. Then, disease is also spread through the
meat of these animals, harming the public and everyone who consumes it. I think these videos will change
how I eat, because I do not want to contract diseases from mass production.